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tv   8 News Now at 6 PM  CBS  November 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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exactly what to expect with meteorologist katie boer... who looks to be having a lot more fun than us here in the studio. katie? ((katie boer)) good evening...i'm tracking some of the coldest temperatures of the season with our first widespread freeze arriving overnight and early tomorrow morning across portions of clark county. ................. that freeze warning remains wednesday with widespread minimum temperatures 28-32 degrees expected for the first time this season across portions of central and northeast clark counties in nevada and the high desert zones of san bernardino county. temperatures are expected to remain slightly above freezing
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henderson...sum merlin...mountai ns edge...and nellis air force base will likely see temperatures at or below freezing for a few hours late tonight. this will not be a hard freeze...but a 3-6 hour window of freezing temperatures may damage or kill sensitive plants and crops. .................. looking ahead at the next couple of hours we'll be dropping into the upper 40s as early as 7pm with temps down to 43 by 9. around 11pm 41 degrees and 38 degrees by early tomorrow . morning around 8am. look for our coldest temps. in the low the mid 30s between 5-7am. ................... ((dave courvoisier)) when cold weather like this hits ... can end upostinyou a bundle in household repairs. things like burst pipes ...pool problems ... and plant loss can hit the budget hard. and no one wants that this time of year. so our 8 on your side consumer advocate michelle mortensen is here to remind us of the simple ways to protect our homes from
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>> this is not the time of year to be make unexpected purchases or to spend a bunch of cash on costly repairs. so tonight ... take a little time to do a few simple tricks to keep your home and landscaping safe from the freeze. first ... if you have exposed pipes or faucets on the outside of your home ... wrap them. home improvement stores sell covers for about 5 to 10 bucks. if you're already home and don't want to run out to the store ... you can use a towel or an old t-shirt to do the same thing. you'll also need a plastic bag and some duct tape. that can give you step by step instructions on how to wrap it that way .. if you've never done it before. with your plants ... if their in pots .. bring them in the house. if they're not in pots ... wrap them with burlap, sheets or towels. just don't wrap them in plastic. that can do more harm than good. again .. lots of great tutorials online.. finally ... your pool is the easiest item to protect ... and the most important item to protect ... because if it freezes ... the fix
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and jets throughout the night and make sure your pool is filled with enough water. you do not want it to freeze at all. (michelle mortensen) >> now, we talked about the 3 p's.. pipes, plants and pools.. don't forget the fourth "p"... pets.. in general if it's too cold for you, it's probably too cold for household pets to be kept outdoors for long periods of time, especially if they are used to being indoors./// ((denise valdez)) an emotional day for the family of a girl killed at a house party in 2012. a judge sentenced years in prison for the shooting death of 18-year-old betty jean pinkney. 8 news now reporter karen castro was inside the courtroom as the victim's loved ones begged the judge for a harsh punishment. ((karen castro)) visibly distraught, the family of the victim, betty jean pinkney, prepared for a difficult day in court. meanwhile, her killer, demetrius black appeared calm... even chatty at times. ((joseph pinkney victim's father: only thing i can say to you is. may the lord have mercy on your soul.))
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ones asked the judge for the maximum time in prison for the man who killed the 18-year-old high school student. and despite taking a plea deal for voluntary manslaughter with a deadly weapon... demetrius black proclaimed his innocence. ((demetrius black sentenced in girl's death: just sending my condolences and sympathy to the family. i just want to let them know, even though i took this deal i'm not guilty of this crime.)) ((karen castro)) police say the teenage girl was gunned down at house party near craig road and lamb boulevard back in 2012. they say she was not e ((victim's mother: it was unnecessary what he done. matthew pinkney victim's brother: i'm devastated.)) ((karen castro)) at one point, the victim's brother abruptly ended his testimony after becoming overwhelmed with emotions. the judge sentenced black to 5 to 15 years in prison. he addressed the victim's family... and even got choked up talking about the loss of a child. ((judge douglas herndon - district court, clark county: you want betty back. you want to hug her again.... you wanna do all those things you can't do.))
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pinkney, tells 8 news now, he forgives black... but he can never forget what he did. ((joseph pinkney victim's father: i really love and i miss her. i miss her a lot. )) ((karen castro)) karen castro, 8 news now. ((denise valdez)) >> black is already serving 37 years to life for unrelated crimes. he'll be serving his sentence for manslaughter at the same time./// ((dave courvoisier)) meantime derrick andrews... the alleged getaway driver for a man accused of gunning down 44-year-old tammy meyers in front of her children last a will not get bail. today a judge denied andrews' request. andrews is facing several charges, including accessory to murder./// ((dave courvoisier)) and metro police are still looking for a man they say sexually assaulted an eight year old girl at an apartment complex near lake mead and buffalo on thanksgiving day. take a look at this composite sketch. the suspect is described as a thin white man with light colored or salt and pepper hair. if you have any information... call police or crime stoppers.///
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looking into whether yesterday's attack at ohio state university... was an act of terrorism. they say the somali-born student who rammed into a group of people with his car... then slashed at others with a butcher knife... may have warned about his intentions beforehand on facebook. we'll have much more on this tonight at 6:30./// ((denise valdez)) the school bus driver accused of causing last weeks' fatal bus crash in chattanooga that killed 6 children made his first appearance in court today. johnthony walker's attorney asked the judge to delay his hearing. december 15th. walker faces 6 charges of vehicular homicide... as well as reckless endangerment and reckless driving./// ((denise valdez)) and 71 people are dead after an overnight plane crash in columbia... that, miraculously... at least five people survived. the charter plane was traveling from brazil, with a stop in bolivia, then to colombia... carrying a brazilian soccer team and more than 20 journalists to a tournament. for more on that, we send it to hena daniels. (track/tue0092 new
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crews worked in the dark - using flashlights in the heavy rain and mountainous terrain. (nats tue0093 stretcher still) the few survivors pulled from last's night wreckage were rushed to nearby hospitals... (track-ap stills of wreckage) as daylight came... scenes from the crash show the damaged fuselage...debris... and workers carrying bodies of victims up the hillside. (tue0115 emergency officials at scene) more than 80 people were on board the charter plane ... including a first division brazilian soccer team. (nats tue0116 - jugadores en sao paulo) ... the players recorded a video in sao paulo before the flight took off... (tue0129 - file jugadores chapecoense) scheduled to play tomorrow after reaching the finals of a major south american soccer competition for the first time. (track -- ctm) journalist carl worswick covers south american soccer: (ctm/worswick sot) "to be pulled down from that perch after all that they've done...digest." (track ctm grfx) the plane was just five minutes away from its final destination when the crew declared an electrical emergency... (enex-ctm pkg)
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central colombia before disappearing. (track tue0119 chapeco, santa catarina state) the tragedy is hitting people in brazil especially hard - the team from the small city of chapeco was in the middle of a fairytale season. (flags half staff tue0102) the brazilian government has declared three days of mourning. hena daniels, cbs news. ((denise valdez)) >> colombia's civil aviation agency says (at 9 am et--check wires) at least three players, two plane crew members and one journalist survived thea federation has suspended all games until further notice./// ((dave courvoisier)) workers at o'hare international airport walked off the job today.. demanding better pay. but it's not just chicago, where these demands are being made. we're checking in at a protest happening right now in vegas, next on the valley's news leader./// news music voice over: "you're watching the valley's news
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six." ((denise valdez)) across the country today... workers walked off the job... demanding better pay. ((dave courvoisier)) you're looking at some of the protests in chicago... where fast food workers are demanding the minimum wage be raised to 15- dollars- an - hour. employees at chicago's o'hare airport are also going on strike. they're also protesting here locally... ((denise valdez)) 8 news now reporter brittany walk- out of the day... near las vegas boulevard and st. louis avenue ((brittany edney)) protesters right now are marching down paradise and will finish their rally at the mcdonalds near sahara. since about 4 this afternoon, people have been rallying together in support of the hike. chanting, holding signs, banners--trying to bring
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homecare workers---and uber drivers--- they're all coming together to push for that minimum wage hike. i spoke to one gentleman--neal maynard-- who says he's here in support of his caretaker who he says has been instrumental in life for the past two years. describing how she helps him with every day tasks--from getting ready to household chores... and she deserves to receive better compensation for the work she does. ((neal maynard, protester "my caretaker only gets $10 an hour, and this is the person that takes care of me. the company she works for charges $40 an hour, and she only makes $10, can't they shara would help her out quite a bit.")) >> those against the minimum wage hike say it adds extra costs to business owners... and argue that it could push restaurants like mcdonald's to phase out hourly employees. ((brittany edney)) >> organizers and protesters i spoke with today say they
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protests and say they hope things improve for workers in nevada. reporting live, brittany edney, 8news now/// ((denise valdez)) we may live in the desert... but las vegas is starting to look like a winter wonderland. and there are plenty of places around town you can catch a glimpse of the transformation for yourself. here are just a few: first, the linq promenade has debuted its "winter parq"... where you can catch live entertainment every night... a light show... ((dave courvoisier)) >> glittering lights is going on nightly at las vegas motor speedway. it's the city's largest holiday drive-thru light show. ((denise valdez)) >> the magical forest at opportunity village is las vegas' longest running holiday tradition. you can roam the tiny, decroated forest and take part in all the activities, rides, and treats offered there. ((dave courvoisier)) >> of course we've got the las vegas great santa run coming up this saturday.. where more than nine thousand santas are expected to take fremont street for a good cause. and so, so much more. for more details and a full list
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on about town, we've set up a link for you at lasvegasnow dot com./// ((denise valdez)) and it's beginning to look a lot like christmas at the boulevard pool... which has been transformed into an ice rink as it does this time of year. ((dave courvoisier)) >> meteorologist katie boer is braving the cold at the cosmopolitan for us tonight. katie?/// ((katie boer)) good evening...i'm tracking some of the coldest temperatures of the season with our first overnight and early tomorrow morning across portions of clark county. ................. that freeze warning remains in effect from 2 am to 8 am wednesday with widespread minimum temperatures 28-32 degrees expected for the first time this season across portions of central and northeast clark counties in
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temperatures are expected to remain slightly above freezing near downtown las vegas and the strip...but areas near henderson...sum merlin...mountai ns edge...and nellis air force base will likely see temperatures at or below freezing for a few hours late tonight. this will not be a hard freeze...but a 3-6 hour window of freezing sensitive plants and crops. .................. looking ahead at the next couple of hours we'll be dropping into the upper 40s as early as 7pm with temps down to 43 by 9. around 11pm 41 degrees and 38 degrees by early tomorrow morning around 8am. look for our coldest temps. in the low the mid 30s between 5-7am. ................... your weather healines show our coldest temps lingering during about a 3-6 hour window.
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this week. by sunday and monday look for a slight warmup back to the low 60s--which is about where we should be temp. wise this time of year. .................. satellite radar shows a lack of cloud cover for the most part with will promote radiational cooling... that means...with no clouds to blanket us in temps. wilav ................... tonight and tomorrow... look for lows tonight down to 34 at mccarran...but some spots as low as 28-32 degrees...a very cold night expected. tomorrow mid 50s with sunny skies. .................. your 7-day forecast shows temps remaining below average through saturday with a slight warmup to the low 60s for
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fall again abruptly by tuesday. >> thank you, katie./// the runnin' rebels have played in some final fours. ((denise valdez)) >> could the university be in line for another kind of final four. chris? ((chris maathuis)) >> talking about the frozen four... the unlv hockey club team has moved a step closer to ncaa division one status. tell ya what good news reached
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hockey assn. plus... some mountain west awards handed out and unlv wasn't all but forgotten. details next here on channel 8.
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unlv has a hockey team... but they do and they're pretty good. the rebels goal is acheiving ncaa divsion one status and to compete against the very best college players. they're a club team, but today's announcement places the program closer to that ultimate goal. nats ((chris maathuis)) it might not seem like much today...
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granted unlv division one status... cheers cracked the ice. zee khan/unlv gm; "from an exposure standpoint with playing against bigger schools team that we're going to be competing against next season it draw more visibility from a fan perspective as well." ((chris maathuis)) the reason acha division one status draws out attention is because unlv is now one step away from ncaa division one status... and could become a full fledged scholorship awarding and money generating sport. tristan mayer/unlv freshman; "for me at least fee process forward.. even if i dont' do it myself." dion antisin/unlv soph; "hopefully this becomes a d-1 team and wins a national championshipone day at the divsion one level that would be great to see everything that we've built." ((chris maathuis)) unlv will join next season and be one of 60 acha d 1 teams competing for a championship. the last two successful programs at that level moved to up ncaa d-1 status. but money talks and that's whats is holding unlv back. zee khan/gml; "we need about 10 million for a five year
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can do that.. we also needs women's lacrosse and we've been working together." ((chris maathuis)) the golden knights have been supportive... even granting unlv use of its practice facility. that will become their new home.. complete with a locker room. zee khan/gm; "going to be great, first classs exctiing for everybody." dion antisin/forward; "to have our own rink with our own room it's going to be unreal. ((chris maathuis)) couldn't come at a better time. nats; ' vegas golden " ((chris maathuis)) the unlv team plays twice this weekend against northern arizona at the las vegas ice center... face off set for 8:30. only one unlv rebel made first team all mountain west and he's a good one.. might see some time on sunday someday. tau lotulelei was named first team linebacker... he had a career best and team leading 117 tackles.. he was among the top 20 in the
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few were named to the honorable mention list. how about this... for the second straight year... former canyon spring grad and san diego state running back donnell pumphrey was named the league's best offensive player. can't aruge that that call... he's all time third in rushing numbers.. and has a chance to crack into the top 2 when his aztecs play at wyoming this weekend., he's already passed marshall faulk at san diego state. the rebels are coming off a disappointing 4 win season... year. unlv plays at ohio state in september... and then home against byu in november. the conf. home games are interesting... rebs are home with hawaii, san diego state, san jose state and utah state. it's never too early to look ahead. ((dave courvoisier)) 8 news now at 6:30 starts in about three minutes. ((denise valdez)) >> let's check in with christianne kleinto see what
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((christianne klein)) as donald trump continues to transition into his role as commander and chief... politics now anchor patrick walker examines his plans for immigration. >> plus... breaking some records back here at home. find out just how much nevadans spent over the busiest shopping weekend of the entire year -- and where they spent it./// news music ((paul joncich)) if you did a bit of
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and she gets what she wants! don't wait! call now! weekend,u we'll show you how nevadans alone spent nearly half a billion dollars from thanksgiving day to cyber monday. ((christianne klein)) investigators reveal new details into yesterday's attack at a university campus... indicating there may have been warning signs. ((paul joncich)) and president elect donald trump has laid out his plan for his first hundred days in office... following a campaign of many promises. but just how much of that can he actually follow through on? we're looking into it.///
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throughout the campaign season... donald trump made promises about what he would do his first 100 days in office. thanks for joining us at 6:30... i'm christianne klein. ((paul joncich)) >> and i'm paul joncich. we wanted to know what the president elect can actually do as soon as he takes office. politics now anchor patrick walker walks us through executive orders. ((patrick walker)) donald trump has proposed to do a lot of things on the campaign trail. among the most controversial -- the wall between mexico and the united states. ((donald trump/(r) presit a great wall along the southern border//and mexico will pay for the wall )) ((patrick walker)) that one would take the approval of congress... because it would require tens of billions of dollars to accomplish. but trump can do things like suspend immigration from terror-prone regions... freeze federal hiring... or approve the keystone x-l oil pipeline. and... he can undo a lot of what president obama has done with the power of his pen. ((dan lee/unlv political science professor: "anything that obama passed as an executive order, trump can overturn with an executive order.")) ((patrick walker)) unlv political science professor dan lee says that puts the current president in the


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