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tv   8 News Now at Noon  CBS  November 30, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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her man got involved and used a type of assault rifle...shooting the ex-boyfriend involved in the argument at least once. he was sent to the hospital where he died around 11:15. the suspect drove away from the scene....detectiv es describe him as a black male with a goatee, 30's around 5'10 and a a black male with a goatee, 30's around 5'10 and a 180 pounds. drove away in dark sports car dodge challenger. right now they can't say how or if this shooter even knew the two people arguing . for now metro is calling this a ran dan mcgrath/metro homicide "he came upon these people right in the middle of this parking lot arguing and put himself in the middle of it and then whatever was said ...he retreived a firearm and shot this man, who was not armed." )) >> the child this argument was centered around was in a car at the time of the shooting. detectives say the child was not harmed. ((nia wong)) >> they ask anyone with more information to call crimestoppers. reporting live. nia wong 8 news now./// ((kirsten joyce)) a few hours before that murder...
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said he shot and killed his son. police identified the man as 49-year-old michael gardenhire. he has been booked one count of murder with a deadly weapon. it happened at an apartment near rainbow and windmill. police were already at the complex for another call when they hear gunshots. gardenhire came outside and told them he was responsible. the victim was in his 20's. police have not said what led up to the shooting./// ((kirsten joyce)) a 37-year old middle school teacher who had an affair with a sentence today. michael stevens is down at the courthouse with an update on what she is expected to get... ((michael stevens)) (( )) ((michael stevens)) ((kirsten joyce)) the city of oakland is
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raiders there. the city council and the mayor say they have a combination of 600 million in private money from an investment group led by former raider ronnie lott. they are discussing kikcing in
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at this point that is just a frame work and they have not approved any offer for a new stadium there. nevada has already offered 750 million in public funding. the biggest road-block for keeping the team in oakland may be owner mark davis.. who has made it clear.. he wants his team to move to vegas./// ((kirsten joyce)) colder weather is starting to grip the valley. and we could see some of our lowest temperatures yet... sherry swensk is in the weather center to tell us about it.. sherry... it was a cold night and there were neighborhoods that definitely dropped below freezing for a couple of hours. .................. the freeze warning expired right on time at 8 a.m. and the sun started warming us back up.... after dropping to freezing and below in a few neighborhoods. but it will be a slow warm-up through the day and temps will stay below normal again today. ............ northerly winds calmed down through the evening and that
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............. temps with sunshine will stay below normal... just climbing to mid 50s today. then more winds, a warm-up and another cool down all in the 7-day forecast coming up! ((kirsten joyce)) caesar's entertainment is doing away with most of its free parking. most of its free parking. 8 of the groups 9 hotels will start charging next month. rio will be their only property to remain free. linq and harrah's will start charging for valet next month.. and later self parking. the other properties will start charging in 2017. this comes after mgm resorts started a similar paid parking
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((kirsten joyce)) the announcement caused some backlash on our 8 news now facebook page. chris said the only thing vegas cares about is how much money they can suck out of u and deejay said: next thing will be a charge to use the bathrooms! money hungry!! bean counters./// ((kirsten joyce)) a presidential election recount will happen in nevada. who is asking for it.. next on 8 news now, the valley's news leader. ((you're watching the valley's news leader with brian loftus, kirsten joyce and sherri swensk.
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if an aarp medicarecomplete plan is right for you. ?? ((kirsten joyce)) nevada will be getting a presidential race. the petition was filed by an independent candidate named rocky de la fuente... who received less than 1 percent of the vote. it will be a sample recount... meaning not every ballot will be recounted... and cost him 15-thousand dollars. de la fuente told us it is not about changing the results... instead he wants to make sure every vote is counted as it was cast. he also said he is zeroing in on the silver state because he himself has experienced quote "manipulative behavior" in the
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president elect donald trump tweest abo8ut the future of his business empire and announces two more cabinet picks. marlie hall has more on the changing face of the white house in new york:
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them in a blind trust. but transition officials tell cbs news, the plan will not involve a release of his full tax returns. mr. trump had dinner last night with mitt romney and future white house chief of staff reince priebus. romney one of mr. trump's harshest critics during the campaign -- said they had a wonderful evening. ( romney) these discussions i've had with him have been interesting, enlightening, engaging." sources tell cbs news mr. trump's considering romney, retired giuliani for secretary of state. marlie hall cbs news, new york. ((kirsten joyce)) on the democratic side of the aisle.. congresswoman nancy pelosi held onto the minority leader role in the house of representatives. she had been challenged by younger members of the party who said they needed fresh leadership./// ((kirsten joyce)) a wildfire tears through towns in tennessee. next at noon.. the weather conditions that may help get the inferno under control... and our colder weather is going to continue. sherry has your full forecast
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news leader... ((you're watching 8 news now at noon.)) ((kirsten joyce))
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century has destroyed hundreds of homes and buildings. four people were killed in the fire near gatlinburg in the great smokey mountains. 14 others were hurt. and 14-thousand people fled the flames. gatlinburg looks likes a scorched ghost town.. with smoldering homes burnt to the ground: ((greg mill still having because of the wind, trees that are falling. they are taking down power lines, that's limiting our access into some of these areas. )) ((kirsten joyce)) >> strong storms and heavy rain moved in through the night, possibly helping firefighters and more rain is expected today. /// ((kirsten joyce)) and a tornado tore through alabama.. and killed several people. it hit in winston county. a community center... church...
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in addition 25 homes and six poultry operations were destroyed in delkab county. many hid in shelters that were built after the tornado outbreak in 2011./// ((sherry swensk)) sunny skies and mostly light winds today... and the cold air in place allowed temps to drop to freezing and even some upper 20s and teens in the mountains. .............. sunshine and some high clouds into the south end of the valley right now... temps are thawing out to the low 50s and upper 40s. ............. big rain across the south and southeast dropped more than two inches of rain and caused and
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tennesee. ................. the drought will ease slightly with the rain... but forecasters say they need an inch of rain a month for a year to really help. ............. another round of wind for us late thursday night and friday. temps dip a bit again friday... a warmer weekend is on the way with temps getting back up to 60 by sunday. .............. week.... and lows below freezing.
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a warmer weekend is on the way with temps getting back up to 60 by sunday. .............. and then even cooler 40s next week....
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((weather toss)) ((kirsten joyce)) homeowners are losing options. keep their homes will be ending very soon. next at noon in our now you know segment... the new choices for people facing foreclosure... ((kirsten joyce))
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coming to an end. and that means many people will be losing options. in today's now you know segment... judah zakalik with peters and associates is here to explain it for us. -- which programs are ending? -- so what does that mean for homeowners? -- what will the options be when the programs end? -- can you
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((you're watching 8 news now at noon.))
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the white house is stepping in to help families on a tight diaper budget. how they are helping provide this everyday essential to families in need across the country./// ((kirsten joyce)) a got in new jersey wears
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this is polly. her owner says that for whatever reason.. she calms down when she puts on this costume. polly lives at an animal sanctuary in new jersey. the photos and video have gone viral../// ((kirsten joyce)) live at noon.. the valley's news leader. remember that 8 news now is always available at las vegas
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? >> brooke: [ sighs ] ridge. what have you done? >> ridge: you're not leaving me. i'm not gonna let that happen again. >> brooke: [ chuckles ] >> bill: it's a done deal, steffy. as soon as brooke walks through that door, we'll be headed for the stella maris and a lifetime of wedded bliss. >> steffy: you're not married yet. brooke is still with my dad. and she's been with him for a while. >> bill: she's saying a final goodbye. leave it to mr. drama to drag out his final curtain call. >> nicole: i can't do this anymore.


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