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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  December 1, 2016 3:37am-4:00am PST

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walter scott. the case went to the jury last night. slagr hit scott with five bullets in the back during a traffic stop last year. he is charged for murder but the jury could convict him of a lesser charge, manslaughter. the pilot of a plane with brazilian soccer team on board told reporters he had run out of fuel. tributes were held for the victims of the crash. 71 people were killed. survivors. in a desperate exchange right before the crash, the pilot pleaded for permission to land. the plane had a maximum range of 1,600 nautical miles. that is just under the distance between the destination medellin and its starting point santa cruz, bolivia. france is giving peace another chance. its congress ended the agreement
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it gives the revolutionary armed forces a role in the government. the agreement is a revised version of the one voters rejected two months ago. this deal does not need voter approval. coming up on the "morning news." wrong fit. an iconic genes company has a request for shoppers with firearms. and a big sister rescues her newborn sibling, thanks to something she learned in school! this is the "cbs morning news." . turn things around? what if you could... love your numbers? discover once-daily invokana?. it's the #1 prescribed sglt2 inhibitor that works to lower a1c. a pill taken just once in the morning, invokana? is used along with diet and exercise to significantly lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. in fact, it's been proven to be more effective at lowering
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take. using invokana? with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. it's time to turn things around. lower your blood sugar with invokana?. imagine loving your numbers. there's only one invokana?. ask your doctor about it by name. a newborn girl in massachusetts owes her life to her big sister. in a crucial lesson she learned in school. little miranda was just two days old last weekend when she started to choke. her 11-year-old sister knew exactly what to do. >> i told my mom to turn her around at an angle and pat her back, that way the spit -up could come out. and i also called the nurse. >> elise had just learned cpr and the heimlich maneuver in her sixth grade health class. miranda checked out at the
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a nurse gave elise a stethoscope to award her quick thinking. maybe even inspire a future career. who knows, right? levi's jeans customers are asked to leave their guns at home. new details in the case of the california jogger. those are some of the headlines on the morning newsstand. sf gate says police have no reason to disbelieve a northern california mom's kidnapping store. sherri papini said two hispanic women abducted her on november 2nd when she w she was found on thanksgiving day with a bag over her head and her wrists chained. police say papini is now working with detectives to find her captors. "the washington post" reports on new lawsuits. challenge of abortion restrictions in alaska, missouri, and north carolina. the cases were filed yesterday by planned parenthood and the american civil liberties union. the suit says the laws limiting when and where women may get abortions are unconstitutional. the "los angeles times"
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compromise over improper bonuses paid by california's national guard. the soldiers were ordered to repay the money. lawmakers now say that they may keep it unless they knew or should have known it was wrong. fortune reports that levi strauss is asking customers not to bring guns into its stores. in a letter posted online, the company's ceo said you don't need a gun to try on a pair of jeans. it's not an outright ban. a customer accidentally shot himself nt billboard says kanye west was released yesterday from the los angeles hospital where he was treated for exhaustion. the rapper was checked in ten days ago. he had been acting erratically, cutting a concert short, and then he cancelled his tour. "the new york times" says police are looking for a man with a pot of gold. he's not a leprechaun. he is a thief. surveillance video from laid
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when the driver wasn't looking. it contained 86 pound of gold plates worth $1.6 million. still to come, another way to binge watch. netflix now lets you enjoy your favorite shows without an internet connection. >> announcer: this portion of the "cbs morning news" sponsored by seabond. stronger hold all day. stronger hold all day. all day. just switch from denture paste to sea-bond denture adhesive seals. holds stronger than the leading paste all day... without the ooze. feel secure. be yourself.
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forecast in some cities around
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? it was a year of wildest dreams for taylor swift. she pulled in 171 million dollars this year from album sales and seven-figure endorsements and a record setting floor and that put her at the top of "forbes" list of 2016's highest paid musicians. on the cbs "moneywatch" now. one direction was second $110 million and adele and madonna made the top five. on the cbs "moneywatch" now. google accounts are hit by malware and netflix finally adds offline viewing. jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. >> reporter: opec reached a historic agreement to cut its oil output and that will likely mean higher prices for oil, gas,
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for the first time since 2008 by 1.2 million barrels a day. the news sparked an 8% jump in the price of international benchmark crude to over $50 a barrel. nonopec producers are also expected to cut back but analysts don't expect that oil will return to the highs of $100 a barrel we saw about two years ago. on wall street. gains by energy losses. the s&p lost five. the nasdaq finished 56 points lower. the obama administration says it wants to keep strict gas mileage standards for cars and trucks in place. automakers vigorously protested that proposal. the decision means that automakers would have to meet strict fuel economy requirements of about 50 miles per gallon by 2025. the proposal is open to public comment until the end of the year. more than a million google
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android phones according to a cyber security firm. the malware was traced back to dozens of legitimate looking apps. it steals e-mail addresses and can access user's data from g-mail, google photos and google docx. video streaming service netflix is adding an option that allows subscribers to watch shows offline. netflix subscribers can download shows from their mobile devices at no additional cost and watch without an internet connection. favorite shows during a plane flight, car trip or just about any time you want. i'm thinking the subway. >> i was thinking the train when i go through the tunnel! i lose my connection. and those two minutes of just sitting there with my thoughts, they could be rough! i need to be distracted! >> this is life changing! >> indeed. jill wagner at the new york stock exchange, thanks a lot, jill. still to come, cycling for longevity. we will show you the specific exercises you should be doing to
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. with just three and a half hours left in a crucial deal, agreed last night on a tentative five-year contract that will extend baseball's strike-free stretch to 26 years. so far, fans are certainly going to enjoy this. remember, spring training starts in 73 days. "wall street journal" says the nfl plans to get rid of its brunch time games. the report says starting next year, games played in london will kickoff at 1:00 p.m. eastern.
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ratings have been poor. no one wants to get up that early. so what is your game? couch surfing does not count as a sport, just so you know. doctors say the type of sport you play could make a difference in your longevity. riley carlson explains. >> reporter: when barbara karay heads out on our bicycle she knows she is getting more than fresh air. >> i know it's good for my heart. i can tell after i stop cycling, >> reporter: new research reveals cycling might pay off big in the long run. researchers studied the exercise habits of more than 80,000 adults for over a decade. they found people who took part in certain sports didn't just lower their risk of dying from cardiovascular disease, but lowered their chance of dying from any health problem. those who cycled routinely cut their risk by 15%.
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sports and clearly show that certain sports have a proven benefit. >> reporter: when it came to cardiovascular disease, people who played racket sports cut their risk of death by more than half. swimming by more than 1% and aerobics by 36%. experts aren't ready to prescribe a specific sport just yet. they say consistent exercise is key. >> it's to find a sport that is good for you and you can do unstainable for a long period of time. means sticking to her bike. >> i love it. if you see my cycling, i have a big grin on my face. >> reporter: riley carlson, cbs news, london. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," tony winning actor liev schreber. i'm anne-marie green. and this is the "cbs morning news." and this is the "cbs morning news." i'm anne-marie green. and this is the "cbs morning
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here is another look at this morning's top story. a string of tornadoes that moved across the southeast is blamed for at least five deaths. three were killed in a mobile home park in alabama. at least a dozen others were injured. there were 13 confirmed tornadoes across four states yesterday. alabama, louisiana, mississippi, and tennessee. president obama will leave office without fulfilling one of his original campaign promises, to shut down guantanamo bay. dozens remain locked up there. margaret brennan got a rare look at the prison. >> reporter: these are the remnants of guantanamo's notorious camp x-ray where hundreds of suspected terrorists were caged in the panic aftermath of 9/11. the picture today is far different. the 60 remaining detainees whose faces we were not permitted to
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regularly. over the past eight years, 180 detainees have been released from guantanamo, leaving most of the prison empty. donald trump has vowed to reverse course. >> and we are going to load it up with some bad dudes. believe me, we are going to load it up. >> reporter: admiral peter clark who commands the detention facility says there is room for hundreds of more prisoners but he vowed never to use harsh interrogation methods like waterboarding like trump has promised. >> there is no debate here because we are grounded on safe and humane care and custody and will continue to do so. >> reporter: there will not be torture at guantanamo? >> i am confident there will not be torture at guantanamo. >> reporter: 21 of the remaining detainees have been cleared for release other countries but that leaves some of the most dangerous prisoners still at guantanamo. the obama administration's plan
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9/11 master mind sheikh mohammed was to transfer them to high security prisons in the u.s. but the republican-led congress blocked them. >> the fear they will be a magnet for other terrorists to come and either try to break them out or just to punish the communities. >> reporter: lee louski the administration's envoy for closing guantanamo, disagrees. >> we have consistently housed dangerous terrorists in our federal prison system without incident. >> reporter: the administration $10 million per year per guantanamo detainee, and they say that's reason enough for the next president to shut it down. margaret brennan, cbs news, guantanamo bay, cuba. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," the battle over a beloved mountain lion in the santa monica mountains. after a rancher was issued a permit to kill it. plus dr. david agus looks at the
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day. and actor liev schreber will join us in the studio to talk about his new broadway show. that is the "cbs morning news" for this thursday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. s" for this thursday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green.
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multiple suspects who they believe are responsible for a deadly shooting in downtown las vegas. ((demetria obilor)) >> plus...the southern part of the country cannot catch a break...after more lives were lost after a deadly twister swept through the area. ((kirsten joyce)) >> and...sherry is here to tell us about this chilly december weather. ((demetria obilor)) 8 news now good day, the valley's news leader, starts right now./// ((now, live...this is 8 news now good day.)) ((kirsten joyce)) thank you for joining thi kirsten joyce... ((demetria obilor)) >> and i'm demetria obilor in for brian. a man is dead this morning after a deadly shooting in downtown. ((kirsten joyce)) >> metro tells us that the shooting happend near 10th street near bonanza and maryland. when police arrived to the scene they found a man in his 40's shot in the chest. he was later transported to umc where he died. investigators says that the victim was shot in the doorway and that the shooting could be drug related.


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