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tv   8 News Now at 5 PM  CBS  December 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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((( tracking the return of strong winds. we have numerous alerts for your friday. we'll break them down for you coming up in your most accurate weathernow forecast
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system with the department is completely voluntary. but, the more privately owned cameras they have on record, the more effective the program will be. ((1:05:33 tom roberts/metro assistant sheriff: "as of now you'll have a crime occur and you'll start at the point of the crime and work your way out in canvasing a neighborhood and trying to find video. this will allow us to go specifically along a path and say we have cameras here and there and we'll be able to reach you by phone because you will have loged contact information." )) ((paul joncich)) metro won't have the ability to tap into your cameras, they will simply know that you have a surviellance system and may ask to see your video if a crime is committed nearby. ((paul joncich)) >> if police end up using your video in court, they say they take great care cropping it down to where no one can tell where the video came from - that way the homeowner is protected. if you want to be part of vegas safe cam - a network of security cameras to help fight crime, you can sign up on metro's website, or if it's
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((dave courvoisier)) thanks, paul. police believe drugs played a factor in the fatal shooting of a man just north of dowtnown last night. metro responded around 8 p-m... to reports of gunfire on tenth street near east bonanza road. there they found a man in his 40's suffering from a gunshot wound to the chest. he was taken to u-m-c, where he later died. witnesses say they saw three people take off from the scene... in a late 90's model, four-door jeep cherokee that was possibly red in color. if you know anything, call your screen. this was the 157th homicide in metro's jurisdiction... tying 2006 for most homicides las vegas has seen in a single year./// ((denise valdez)) an armed robbery suspect is behind bars tonight after holding 11 people hostage inside a bank in jacksonville, florida this morning. the standoff lasted two hours before a swat team eventually forced its way into the bank and arrested the suspect. luckily, no one was hurt./// ((denise valdez)) survivors inside the
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as the death toll from the flames increases to ten. dozens more have been injured... and hundreds of homes and buildings destroyed. on monday, hurricane-force winds fueled those wildfires... forcing more than 14-thousand residents and tourists to evacuate the city of gatlinburg... which is still under curfew tonight./// ((denise valdez)) those same winds are part of a storm system barreling through the southeast. in just over a day, more than a dozen tornadoes ripped through tennessee and alabana. severe weather is to blame for at least five deaths. overnight, storms slammed the carolinas... knocking down trees and snapping power lines./// ((dave courvoisier)) our hearts are certainly with those impacted by that severe weather in the south. for a first look at our weather here at home... let's send it to meteorologist tedd florendo.///
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and below average in the daytime. overnight lows expected to get cold again but not down to a hard freeze warning. winds stay light thankfully. ................................ ... ............... he'res your hour by hour. chilly conditions through the evening under clear skies. we go from the 50's to the 40's and expect very little wind and little cloud cover. cold by morning again but not enough for a re we'll have more on your forecast for this weekend and next week coming up
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center. u-n-r established a similar one in 2013./// ((denise valdez)) the number of overdose deaths related to opioids in nevada... is nearly twice the national average. governor sandoval and others have made fighting the epidemic a priority. patrick walker is here to show us how roseman university in henderson is helping with that effort. ((patrick walker)) >> when you do the math... more than 550 people died in 2010 from overdosing on prescription opioids. those include medications like oxy-contin... percocet. 2010 is the same year governor brian sandoval took office. and since then... it's become a focus of his administration. ((patrick walker)) as the question over what to do about prescription drug overdoses in nevada lingers... some solutions are coming to the forefront. ((patrick walker)) mallinckrodt pharmaceuticals has donated thousands of prescrpition disposal kits to roseman university's college of pharmacy. students will give them out at free health clinics valleywide.
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pills. ((dr. krystal riccio/roseman university college of pharmacy: "i think it's really exiciting, as the state of nevada, we haven't had a great disposal opportunity, and this offers up to 60,000 people to be able to safely dispose of their medications.")) ((patrick walker)) while proper disposal has been a concern... perhaps a bigger red flag for lawmakers like state senator patricia farley is the number of prescriptions in the first place. in nevada... doctors give 94 painkiller prescriptions per every 100 residents. hydrocodone is the most frequently- prescribed. it's something lawmakers are upcoming legislative session. ((st. sen. patricia farley/(i) clark county: "i think we're going to see probably a lot of common-sense legislation educating doctors, educating people, and limiting the drugs on the streets.")) ((patrick walker)) farley also proposes improving the tracking of prescriptions... and youth diversion programs in schools. in 2013... 35 percent of nevada high school students reported taking prescription drugs without a prescription. that's where assemblyman nelson araujo proposes starting... targeting where children and teens get prescription drugs. ((assm. nelson araujo/(d) clark county: "i think the answer for many of them could potentially that
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parents' medicine cabinent.")) ((patrick walker)) >> patrick demonstrates how bag works. bag holds up to 45 pills. add water.... charcoal filter deactivates the medication as it dissolves. throw it away... it's biodegradeable./// ((dave courvoisr desert... but las vegas is one of the most popular winter vacation destinations... in the world. >> that's according to a new trip advisor survey... which found that among people planning a winter trip for 20-17... las vegas was the second most popular destination... one spot behind orlando, florida...
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and the timing is good for folks in china's capital city. beginning tomorrow... hainan airlines will begin offering nonstop flights from beijing to las vegas. mccarran will welcome its newest air carrier just before 11 tomorrow morning... when hainan's first flight is scheduled to arrive./// ((denise valdez)) can you imagine living your entire life not knowing who your biological family is? that's exactly what happened to a 71-year-old las vegas woman... who was adopted a >> but the mystery is finally over. >> 8 news now reporter karen castro is live at mccarran international airport... where the local woman met her natural sisters for the first time. karen? ((karen castro)) >> it was an emotional first encounter. finding each other wasn't easy. it took years and years of research... and one persistent granddaughter. ((sisters hugging each other.)) ((karen castro)) for decades, katherine fisher has been yearning for a hug from her biological sisters.
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reunied with blood sisters: im so happy, it's so surreal. what a great christmas present.)) ((karen castro)) for the first time, the 71-year-old is face to face with her blood relatives. her mother gave her up for adoption when she was born to a couple who placed an ad on the newspaper. fisher's sister, sonta henderson, still has the original clipping... the only piece of information connecting her to the sibling she never knew. ((sonta henderson - reunited with sister: we didn't know if she was alive, if she was not or where. betty: i never thought this could p years. it's just a dream come true.)) ((karen castro)) ever since she was a child, fisher searched for her biological family to no avail. it certainly didn't help that she was never legally adopted and her birth certificate had inaccurate information. but then, nine years ago her granddaughter took on the task. ((katherine lee fisher - reunied with blood sisters: she said, i will find them. amiee sands - granddaughter: i was a little, you know, obsessed over it.)) ((karen castro)) through the years, amiee sands exhausted every possible lead. ((amiee sands - granddaughter: i was just searching the censuses, the
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the military records.)) ((karen castro)) when internet searches did not work, sands turned to dna. she made her grandmother give three samples... and the third was the charm. sands got a match... a first cousin who reached out to henderson in april. ((amiee sands - granddaughter: it's hard to believe, really. i was always doing all the work thinking 'what if this, what if all this time and nothing ever pans out?')) ((karen castro)) but it did... and now, their family just got a whole lot bigger. ((sonta henderson - ree things do happen katherine: miracles happen. sonta: and here we are.)) ((karen castro)) >> the sisters only share the same mother. fisher never knew much about her father. but a few months ago, her granddaughter tracked down her half brother. reporting live, karen castro, 8 news now. ((denise valdez)) it's that time of year again... when sin city turns to cowboy town.
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your swag, just in time for... ((denise valdez)) ... national finals rodeo! sports reporter jon tritsch is live inside thomas & mack for the kick-off of n-f-r. he'll give you a look at all the action, next on 8 news now at 5, the valley's news leader. ///
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courvoisier, denise valdez and tedd florendo. this is 8 news now at five.")) ((denise valdez)) we want to remind you about an easy way to give back this holiday season. 8 news now is partnering with towbin fiat at sahara and jones... to collect toys that will be donated to children in need through the casa foundation. we're hoping to fill as many fiats as we can with brand new toys for the kiddos. you have until sunday to donate./// ((dave courvoisier)) it was a very country christmas at the las vegas convention center this
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more than 4-hundred vendors from across the country come to vegas this time of year... to pack the convention center full of western gear... things like boots and spurs, furniture and art.. and, of course.. hats. it runs for the next ten days from 9 a-m to 5 p-m. you don't have to pay to go inside and take a look./// ((dave courvoisier)) and right down the street at thomas and mack... the n-f-r is back in town! ((denise valdez)) >> the best barrel racers and bull riders battle for cowboy history... >> -- that's where we find
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or just a below freezing this morning before sunrise. check out the record on this date. 79 degrees way back in 1980. we're below average for this time of year and will be near average by the weekend. ................................ .... neighborhood by neighborhood temps in the 50's and milder for the east part of the valley where we're lower in elevation. while areas to the far west colder and jusb this morning and only low 50's this afternoon. ................................ ... .... regional temps also stayed colder for the southern great basin and of course searchlight. still unseasonably cold in the 50's also for mesquite down the colorado river valley to laughlin and death valley where they were milder, but still chilly for this time of year. ................................ ... ......... satellite and radar show some high clouds pushing through but still staying mostly clear. snow in the north part of the stay near ely and elko again along with the bitterroots and the wasatch. next trough digs deep in utah and brings another shot of colder air and breezes heading into your weekend.
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as well. ....................... ............ ............. tonight expect temps in the mid to high 30's by morning. no freeze warning issued. we'll have mostly clear skies and light winds. tomorrow expect a high in the mid 50's under mostly sunny skies. winds remain light for tomorrow as well. ....................... ............ .................... extended forecast shows a slight warm up for the weekend to near average. breezy though by little cooler air. moisture starved system prevent us from getting any rain, but we get colder next week only in the high 40's in some spots with lows dropping to the 30's and even 20's.
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((dave courvoisier)) there's nothing wrong competition when it comes to decorating for the holidays. ((denise valdez)) >> consumer advocate michelle mortensen will show you one product promising to help you keep up with the joneses... and find out for herself whether it's worth it before you buy it. ((dave courvoisier)) >> and tonight at six... next year recreational marijuana will be legal in nevada. but your boss might not be on board. why you should still think twice about smoking... even if its legally allowed.///
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((dave courvoisier)) well, trimming your christmas tree might have just gotten a whole lot easier... thanks to the latest "as seen on tv" product on the market. ((denise valdez)) >> it's called "tree dazzler" and consumer advocate michelle mortensen is trying it before you buy it. https://www.yout =yzghmtkyo dc&feature= ((movie: i give you the griswald family christmas tree ... )) ((michelle mortensen)) the holidays are here whether you are ready or not ... perfect gift ... or making your house look perfect ... the pressure to keep up with the jones can be overwhelming. but one product promises to erase all your holiday decorating stress. ((commercial: introducoing tree dazzler the spectacular new lighting system that creates a holiday light show on any tree. )) ((michelle: and i'm going to try it before you buy it... to find out if tree dazzle .. really brings the razzle dazzle... without the hassel of doing it the old fashioned way )) ((infomercial: simply place the light ring on any tree.. position the
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)) ((:32 sounds easy enough )) it goes over the top of the tree pretty easily. then you just arrange the strands how every you like .. then use the remote control to start the show. (( lets see what it look like still ... ooh .. but wait there more .. ooh but wait there's even more ohh .. )) beleive it or not ... there's still more ... they can shimmer ... and put on a show. (( mmm )) it looks pretty nice ... wondering how it looks when the tree is all trimmed. here you go! (( i gotta admit .. i really like it .. tree dazzler looks beautiful and then when you add the white lights its perfection .. even better it is super easy ... so it might be perfect for your tree too )) but wait .. there's one more thing. the infomercial says tree dazzler is virtually unbreakable ... showing a man stepping directly on the lights.
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... well it came a part .. that's funny)) yep -- they're breakable .. but can be put back together in a snap. and you can't do that with glass .. so tree dazzler really is a deal. ((michelle mortensen)) >> you can buy tree dazzler at most stores and online for 39.99 online for 39.99 and remember if your curious about a product ... hit me up on facebook .. and i might just try it before you buy it./// ((dave courvoisier)) thanks for watching 8 news now at five. the valley's news leader. don't forget you can always find us on facebook and twitter. ((denise valdez)) the cbs evening news is next. we'll see you at six.
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we sat down with the
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? ? ? captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: the president-elect already on the job with the deal that saved hundreds of them. >> companies are not going to leave the united states anymore without consequences. >> vice president-elect on donald trump shifting positions on immigration and prosecuting hillary clinton. did he just say those things to get elected? a so-called magical treatment for the anxiety and depression that come with cancer. >> from that moment, the fear was gone. >> pelley: and a new over-the-top light show at niagra falls.


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