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tv   8 News Now at 11 PM  CBS  December 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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i'm denise valdez. ((dave courvoisier)) >> i'm dave courvoisier. police are on scene of a serious crash on the north side of town. right know we know three cars are involved and there are several injuries. ((denise valdez)) >> let's get right to mauricio marin for an update on the situation there.. mauricio? ((mauricio marin)) ((dave courvoisier))
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house fire. it happened on saint george street.... near civic center and las vegas boulevard. no word on how the fire started.. or how serious the injuries to those inside were./// ((dave courvoisier)) let's get to the weather now... after one of our warmest novembers on record... the cold is really starting to settle in... and tedd says we'll have some wind to start the weekend. ((tedd florendo)) ((( chilly morning temps down near freezing through many valley e this morning. temps outside currently in the 50's and below average in the daytime. overnight lows expected to get cold again but not down to a hard freeze warning. winds stay light thankfully. ................................ ... ............... he'res your hour by hour. chilly conditions through the evening under clear skies. we go from the 50's to the 40's and expect very little wind and little cloud cover. cold by morning again but not enough for a freeze warning. we'll have more on your forecast for this weekend and next week coming up
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unlv is at the center of a social media firestorm tonight.. in a public facebook post... he wrote there would be quote "no safe spaces in my classes." undocumented students from deportation. 8 news now reporter mauricio marin filed this report earlier tonight.
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ice...saying there's no safe space in his class. ((caitlyn caruso/student: "i know quite a few with these comments feel fearful for the ability for them to remain in the united states with their family, their ability to access their education and we need to ensure that these students can access their education just like every other student here at unlv." )) ((mauricio marin)) students were joined by community leaders as well including astrid silva. a high profile dreamer at risk for deportation herself. ((astrid silva/dreamer: "for me i want to make sure fighting to make sure these typesf but at the same time that we are bringing awareness to this." )) ((mauricio marin)) but not everyone on campus agrees with them. ((jacob deaville/student: "we really have a situation where we need to start enforcing our laws it's as simple as that.")) ((mauricio marin)) jacob deaville says undocumented students should not be protected by universities. ((jacob deaville/student: "we need to look at our constitution and we need to realize that we need to reestablish this country and uphold our laws or else we'll continue to go downhill." )) ((mauricio marin)) we tried talking to buch after his
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comment---only saying he had already given a statement to the campus newspaper---the rebel yell. mm, 8 news now. ((denise valdez)) students and staff at a handful of valley schools are still fighting to stop a possible charter school takeover in the coming months. ((denise valdez)) >> bailey middle school is one of 9 middle and elementary schools that have been recommended by the nevada department of education for a change in leadership. it's all part of the state's under-performing schools -- and make them part of a new "achievement school district". of the 9 recommended... 6 could end up as charter schools next year.. but teachers say it's not the right move: (( shana baker//literary specialist, bailey middle school bailey is an underperforming school right now, but we have gone through turnaround, on our third year, and we have been improving those three years. our test scores are coming up, the kids are doing better. our discipline is better. so we've been making fantastic leaps and bounds and we want to continue to grow and we want time to show that we've been doing more and more
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>> once the state board of education decides which schools will become part of the achievement school district.. they'll be matched with new leaders -- who will work with parents and students on a vision for the school. the whole process should be complete by the start of the next school year./// ((dave courvoisier)) a new group of police officers will soon be patrolling the streets. metro graduated it's fifth academy of the year today. (( sheriff joe lombardo//clark county - "anytime we can hire or graduate a academy class of police recruits it's good. itg as a police agency and it's good for the community and what we do for them as a police agency. i've always said more cops make a difference, this is the answer to that.")) ((dave courvoisier)) >> in all... the department swore- in 71 officers at red rock casino... and there's plenty more to come. as a result of the 'more cops tax' which raises the local sales tax... metro will hire 600 new officers over the next two years. that means they'll graduate
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and while these officers are done with the academy.. they still must get 26 weeks of field training before they can begin taking shifts on their own./// ((dave courvoisier)) meanwhile... las vegas fire and rescue is accepting applications for its "citizens fire academy". the program is designed to teach interested people about how fire and emergency services in their community is handled. the academy starts in february and lasts through may.. when those taking part are honored during a graduation ceremony... so applications can be submitted online.. but the deadline is january 20-th. only 20 people are accepted./// ((denise valdez)) the numbers are finally in... and it looks as though unlv was the real winner in the final presidential debate this past october. more than 70-million people tuned in to watch the event.. which took place at the thomas and mack. those viewers brought in a lot of free publicity... 114-million dollars worth to be exact.. according to the
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boost in student recruitment thanks to the nationwide exposure./// ((dave courvoisier)) the cowboys and bulls are back in town. tonight was night one of the 2016 national finals rodeo... and it didn't disappoint. sports director chris maathuis is here with a recap of the action at the thomas and mack. ((chris maathuis)) >> this is just the start of what promises to be 10 days of wild rides on 2-thousand tons of dirt. the thomas and mack is hosting the world's richest rodeo... jon tritsch has more on the event that will attract over 170-thousand fans by the time jon tritsch: (it's a ten day adrenaline rush of rodeo, a heart stopping stampede of cowboys and a festival of fanfare you can't miss. the nfr is back for it's 32nd year in las vegas and it's better than ever.) (joe dobson/fan from idaho: "a new set of cowboys, a new set of thrills, a new set of young cowgirls walking around. it's a helluva deal.") jon tritsch: a deal where the fashion gets real..the nfr is a parade of cowboy hats and boots and a pageant of country beauty
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in the world are fringe and rhinestone, so this is definitely where you get to go and cake it on and wear it about, so i love that.") jon tritsch: fans launch into las vegas from all over the world..what a great place for a daddy-daughter date (jake and blair taylor/fans from oregon: "we are glad to be in vegas. her first rodeo is going to be in vegas. she's a pretty spoiled kid.") jon tritsch: the cavalcade of cowboy talent is overwhelming..b ut remember bareback riding is for the pros..don't try this at home (wyatt denny/nfr competitor: "the thing i like to compare i it's free-falling, there's a lot going on. it's mostly out-of-control, but still in control at the same time." jon tritsch: and for fans from places like idaho..montana and oregon.. (joe dobson/fan from idaho: "it's my world series if you will, in a lot of different venues. it's kind of our annual convention and we come down here too.") (jake and blair taylor: "from a small town in eastern oregon and we probably bring 100 people- which is probably 20 percent of our total.") jon tritsch: (the nfr wants to make this event more fan-friendly every year.
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suggests it's working. reporting from the thomas & mack center, jon tritsch, 8 sports now.) ((chris maathuis)) >> coming up in sports... we'll show ya who had a few impressive rides among the 120 cowboys and cowgirls all looking for a piece of the 10 million dollar purse. --denise ((denise valdez)) not only are rodeo fans in vegas this week, but so are nascar fans. many of them lined the las vegas strip for a unique vt later to tell us about a new nascar title sponsor. >> but first... a warning for android users. more than 100 instances of cyberattacks have been found on the platform recently... but there is a simple fix to protect your phone. that's next here on the valley's news leader.///
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this is 8 news now at eleven." ((dave courvoisier)) we want to remind you
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our toy and gift card drive with towbin fiat. the dealership wants to fill up as many of the fiats as they can. you have until december 4th to stop by the location at sahara and jones. all of the donations will go to the casa foundation./// ((dave courvoisier)) a 71-year-old las vegas woman was part of an emotional reunion at mccarran airport this afternoon. after living her entire life not being able to find a trace of her biological family. ((katherine lee fisher - reunited with blood sisters: im so happy, it's so surreal. what a great christmas >> katherine lee fisher was given up for adoption when she was born.. to a couple who placed an ad in the paper. for years... fisher has searched for her biological family to no avail. and it didn't help that she was never legally adopted.. and her birth certificate had inaccurate information. but her granddaughter never gave up... and eventually used fisher's dna sample to connect her with two blood sisters.. a first cousin.. and a half brother.///
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you can use... if you're an android user... listen up. hackers have managed to infect more than 1.3 million phones through illegitimate apps. those are apps not downloaded from google play. the malware installs real android apps.. then rates them high to better their reputations in the store. google says it has already blocked 150-thousand versions of the cyberattack.. and warns users to only get software from the app store./// ((denise valdez)) locals may not like to cold weather lase but we all know it's better than the winter seen in other parts of the country. so it's no surprise that our city is number 2 on the list of top winter destinations for next year. according to trip advisor... orlando is getting the highest number of bookings so far this year. cancun is number 3... fort lauderdale number 4... and at number 5... puerto vallarta. when it comes to traveling for the holidays... cheap tickets dot com says saving is as easy as choosing to stay at a two or three-star
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here in vegas... the website says the best hidden gem is the excalibur... because it offers something for the whole family./// ((denise valdez)) finally... pack your patience if you use summerlin parkway to get to work. beginning sunday... road work will cause some delays from buffalo to rampart. crews will be making safety improvements like extending the h-o-v lane... adding lights along the ramps... and modifying some of the traffic signals. the 3-million dollar project will have an impact on your commute through july./// what better way to kick off the holidays than with a ho ho horrible sweater party! supporters of the local non profit dress for success -- sewed -- glued and stapled these creations for their 2nd annual holiday fundraiser. the group helps women in the las vegas valley get back on their feet by providing professional wardrobe -- and career development tools to become self sufficient: (( paula lawrence - exec. director: dress for success this year will have suited over 800 women this year alone they're on the journey back to self sufficiency .. and sometimes the only thing that stands between them and getting a job is something
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>> i had the honor of sporting a spirited elf sweater for tonight's event. dress for success is 99 percent volunteer based and always needs donations of clothes and your time. ((tedd florendo)) morning as temps dropped to near freezing through many neighborhoods. we''ll have some cold lows again overnight but not enough to prompt any freeze warnings. ............................... highs today stayed in the 50's and chilly. lows dropped to 37 in the morning with areas like nellis, downtorw, henderson, southern highlands, boulder city all dropping to at or just a below freezing this morning before sunrise. check out the record on this date. 79 degrees way back in 1980. we're below average for this
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................................ .... neighborhood by neighborhood temps in the 50's and milder for the east part of the valley where we're lower in elevation. while areas to the far west colder and just below freezing this morning and only low 50's this afternoon. ................................ ... .... regional temps also stayed colder for the southern great basin and of course searchlight. still unseasonably cold in the 50's also for mesquite down the colorado river valley to laughlin and death valley where they were milder, but still chilly for this time of year. ................................ ... high clouds pushing through but still staying mostly clear. snow in the north part of the stay near ely and elko again along with the bitterroots and the wasatch. next trough digs deep in utah and brings another shot of colder air and breezes heading into your weekend. then colder next week from the next system that barrels through as well. ....................... ............ ............. tonight expect temps in the mid to high 30's by morning. no freeze warning issued. we'll have mostly clear skies and light winds. tomorrow expect a high in the mid 50's under mostly sunny skies. winds remain light for tomorrow as well. ....................... ............ ....................
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warm up for the weekend to near average. breezy though by tomorrow night and friday with a little cooler air. moisture starved system prevent us from getting any rain, but we get colder next week only in the high 40's in some spots with lows dropping to the 30's and even 20's.
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itself to a new generation of fans. ((denise valdez)) >> monster energy is shifting lots of attention to nascar. ((chris maathuis)) >> no longer will the sports' top series be called the pr but monster energy now pops the lid on a new market... and kurt busch is all smiles. he drive the monster energy 41. plus... tiger woods back on the course playing competitive golf. but what happened? i'll tell ya coming up in sports. ((chris maathuis))
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some of them are here for nascar champions week. and the highlight of their few days is the drive down the
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victory lap. look at this.. every car and driver in the chase is here. nascar has staged this event for years... all the drivers take part. fans line both sides of the strip to see their favorite driver. the sprint champion and all the others have fun, while the fans enjoy ringing in their ears and the sweet smell of burning rubber. prior to the drive... nascar officials were toasting a brand new title partnership. remember when nascar's premier series was called the winston cup series... then nextel and for about a decade, sprint cuper sponsor. and it just so happens that las vegan kurt busch drives the monster energy number #41. nascar officials feel this move to monster energy will bring a different kind of fun to the sport. brian france/nascar chairmanr: "they're fun had a different audience than we've ever been associated with. they know what they're doing this is their dna." mark hall/monster energy: "we do have some ideas how we can make this nascar more attractive to a different audience without detracting from what is already a great fan
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the nascar day started out pretty well for las vegan kyle busch. the myers brothers awards show was held at the wynn resort,. individual awards being handed out and this year's driver of the year is las vegan kyle busch. kyle busch/driver of year: "yeah we did have a great year, top 4 got to homestead and had a chance to go race for a championship.. wasn't quite able to get there in the last 25 laps or whatever. so successful year all around, we had some wins won brickyard, contended d next year... there not awards you set out for and look to.. the only ones you set out for and look forward to is that championship." ((chris maathuis)) after being away for what seems like forever, tiger woods is back playing competitive golf. playing in the hero world challenge tiger was impressive through 15 holes... but then ended up with 2 double bogeys over the final three holes to finish 1 over, 73.
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17th place in the 18-man field. he's only ahead of justin rose. this was tigers' first competitive golf event in 15 months after back surgery. earlier tonight, jon tritsch showed the events surrounding the national finals. one round in the books... from bare back to steer wrestling... great run and two groups are tied. team roping was impressive... and in bare back.. 18 year old wins round one... his name is a classic... ryder wright. barrel racing... 13.75 was the and in bull riding... sage kimzey... the toughest 8 seconds on dirt and round one is in the books.. more tomorrow and all next week. ufc fight fans are gearing up for this weekend's card at the palms resort the main event features flyweight champion demetrious johnson and ultimate fighter season 24 winner tim elliott. johnson will be looking for his 9th straight title defense. ever feel like ya got the shaft... like things didn't go the way you hoped?
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and it cost him... each word he blurtted out.. cost him about 500 bucks. because when it was all tallied up... the league fined him 15-thousand dollars for the verbal abuse toward an official at the game in brooklyn. ((dave courvoisier)) our strange stories for thursday right after this./// ((tedd florendo))
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((chris maathuis)) we start on a lighter note tonight... an unexpected visitor stopped by a dollar store in maryland for some last minute christmas shopping. this beaver got caught rummaging through some rolls of wrapping paper and tree lights before someone called the sheriff's office about the critter. animal control eventually showed up to pick up the beaver and take it to a wildlife rehabilitation center./// ((dave courvoisier)) now to england... seen on video attacking someone on the road. officers say the two drivers had bumped into each other when getting off a freeway... and pulled onto the shoulder to check the damage. that's when things get scary. while they're exchanging information.. one of the men gets violent. he got back in his truck and rammed into the other a few times... before getting out a shovel and smashing a window. fortunately no one was hurt./// ((denise valdez)) finally tonight... we've heard of some bad
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colorado. logan pierce says he got a notification that his security camera detected movement while he was at work. what he saw on video... was his landlord inside his bedroom... having sex on his and his wife's bed! and believe it or not... it gets worse.. the pair cleaned up with pierce's wife's wedding dress! obviously that landlord is facing criminal charges./// that's all for us live at eleven. ((denise valdez))
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tonights guests... lauren graham and justin long. we'll see you back here tomorrow night.///
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