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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  February 22, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CST

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campaign 2016. a quick turnaround for republicans. the candidates are getting ready for tuesday's nevada caucus, while the democrats set their sights on south carolina. the fbi fires back at apple in the encryption battle, telling the company, safety from terrorists shouldn't be left to tech companies. >> no, you are not! you are not 106! >> the secret to a long life from the woman who danced her way to the white house. good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters in new york. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. later today, the man suspected of killing six people in a michigan shooting spree is expected to be arraigned in a kalamazoo court. jason dalton is an uber driver be with no criminal record. the shootings began late saturday night. he was arrested early sunday morning. his motive is unknown and he had
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his victims. don champion is here in new york with more. good morning, don. >> reporter: investigators are still disturbed by dalton's alleged acts of random violence. his family members and the victims of the members of the community struggle to make sense of the killing spree. investigators are piecing together of the rampage that went on for hours. >> reporter: jason dalton is facing multiple charges and is connected with a shooting rampage in kalamazoo. officials say the 45-year-old uber driver targeted his victims at random. mark duncan gets chills thinking about his encounter with dalton. >> it's crazy to think somebody come out and done these horrible things and come out with a straight face like he's just going to work and doing his job. >> reporter: these two got nervous when dalton picked them up in a car. >> hey, this isn't the hhr, you're not the guy, are you? he kind of said no. >> reporter: richard smith and
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car shopping at this dealership. barbara hawthorne was among those killed at this cracker barrel. >> when a tragedy like this strikes, you never expect it to be this close at home. >> reporter: the first victim in the spree was a woman shot multiple times at this apartment complex and she is expected to survive. be the sheriff says her quick actions saved the lives of several children, including 12-year-old joy coleman. >> and shot her once and she was still running and he shot her again and she fell. and she asked, joy, help me. >> reporter: dalton, a married father of two, had no prior criminal history. dalton's neighbor said he never showed any signs of violence. as part of t investigation, dalton is being interviewed and his phone is being looked at. a 14-year-old girl shot during the spree is still in the hospital in critical condition. >> very strange. don champion, thanks a lot. now for politics. the republican caucuses in
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marco rubio are there today rallying for support. danielle nottingham has our report from nevada. >> reporter: donald trump is on a roll after picking up 50 delegates in his south carolina victory, but trump is not underestimating his republican rivals. >> i'm dealing with very, very talented people and smart people and goododeople, and i think they will be competing. we still have competition. >> reporter: it's shaping up to be a three-man race between trump and senators marco rubio and ted cruz heading into tuesday's caucuses in nevada. rubio picked up the endorsement of nevada senator dean heller. it could be key for his choice in establishment. >> the democrats don't want to one run against me. i look forward to running against them. >> reporter: ted cruz is hitting the ground hard here in nevada after a disappointing third place finish in south carolina
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vote to donald trump. >> it is becoming clearer and clearer that we are the one campaign that can beat donald trump. that has beaten donald trump. agree. >> he will do the best to saveve our country. more than that, he is going to stave our constitution. we are going back to the constitution. >> reporter: danielle nottingham, cbs news, in nevada. the democrats are gearing up for their primary in south carolina this saturday. at the nevada unitededtates and campaigned in houston last night.t. rlier she admitted she will have to work to persuade voters she has their best interests at heart. >> i think there's an underlying question that maybe is really in the back of people's minds and that is, you know, is she in it for us or is she in it for herself? i think that's a question that people are trying to sort through. bernie sanders says he has a good shot to do well saturday, but admits he has to work harder among african-american voters.
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morning," "face the nation" moderator and cbs news political director john dickerson joins us to discuss this weekend's results and what comes next. the supreme court returns to work today and, fofothe first time in nearly three decades, it will hear a case without justice antonin scalia. scalia died february 13th. his funeral was saturday. without scalia, the court could be split 4-4 and that means a lower court ruling would stand with no nationwide precedent, or the court to order the case to be reargued after a new justice is appointed. president obama talked to the nation's governors about working together. mr. obama hosted the national governors association at the white house last night. the president said he is not naive in believing politics can work for the good of society. >> i think you, like i, believe that politics can n a noble endeavor and that politics better reflects our people, as
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couldn't be more important. >> the president said he has made one of the focuses of his final year, dividing the partisan divide in washington. fbi director james comey says the fbi owes it to the victims of the attacks to find out what's in the phone. apple says the request threatens the digital privacy of all apple users. overseas. isis says it is responsible for a series of bombings that killed at least 130 people ininyria. yesterday's bombings were in damascus, and the city of holm in shiite neighborhoods targeted by extremists. at least 170 others were wounded. in eastern germany, suspicious fire damaged a former hotel that was converted into a refuge center. no one was injured but a crowd gathered. some of them cheering and several were detained for hampering the e refighters'
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cargo planes are rushing aid today to help cyclone victims in fiji. paumpl storm hit the pacific island on saturday with 177-mile-an-hour winds. at least 18 people were killed. climateexperts say the storm was the strongest ever recorded in the southern hemisphere. pope francis is calling for moratorium on the death penalty this year. speaking at the vatican yesterday, the pope urged catholic leaders to show exemplary courage by not allowing executions this year. francis expressed hope the death penalty will eventually be abolished worldwide.e. a studydy released today founds films produced by major companies are whitewashed. it comes days before the academy awards ceremony already caught up in a diversity controversy. the report from the university of a southern california school
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through the industry for women, minorities, and lgbt people. to say yesterday's don't know 500 went down to the wire doesn't even describe the finish. >> here is the finish line. the end of the daytona 500! bouncing off each other! >> unbelievable! >> i think it was denny hamlin. >> it was the closest finini in raceceistory. a daring last lap pass by denny hamlin set up the photo finish and he beat martin truex by 0.01 of a second. coming up on the morning news, a helicopterrescue. pulling visitors off washington later, a naked man is spotted strolling through a nashville airport. this is the "cbs morning news."anaked man is spotted strolling through a nashville airport. this is the "cbs morning news.". naked man is spotted strolling through a nashville airport. this is the "cbs morning news."...
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rescued three people from chilly pacific waters and it happened saturday off washington state. officials say two surfers and a person who tried to help them couldn't cope with the current. all three are okay. a a rprise at a nashville international airport. and an apparent accident killed a michigan family. those are some of the headlines on the morning newsstand. >> flint journal reports that carbon monoxide may have killed a family of six. the bodies of two adults and four children were found yesterery in their fenton township home. a sheriff says the family had been using a generator since an outage friday night. the chicago sun tiues reports a close call for 40 megabus passengers outside the city. as it was heading from chicago to minneapolis yesterday, the driver pulled over to check a tire. but he ordered everyone off when smoke appeared. the bus then burst into flames. everyone is okay, , t the bus and their luggage? not so lucky. "the boston globe" reports that bill cosby's wife will be
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scheduled. a judge yesterday denied camille cosby's postponement request. she will face a lawyer for seven women who accuse her husband of sexual assault. the women are suing for defamation. the teteesseean reports the e arrest of a man at nashville's airport but not because he was hiding anything. he was charged with public indecency yesterday after strolling into the terminal naked. the surprised travelers snapped his picture. the minnesota star tribune reports the dolly llama is healthy, despite spending several weeks at the mayo clinic for prostate problems. speaking at a packed house at the minnesotconvention center for the tibetan new year, the buddhist monk stressed that happiness is the key to a happy life. >> happy individual. then happy family. finally, happy human. "the washington post" reports that two retiring
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kennedy and quincy have served for years as case on horses during funerals at arlington cemetery. they could be adopted, free of charge, by anyone who passes the army's strict screening process. coming up, wing and a prayer. a rare event in portland, oregon, as a bald eagle is released back to nature after rehab. folks, you can't make this stuff up. four bandits chose a prius as their r taway car. bravo-niner, in pursuit of a toyota prius. over.
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this thing is actually pretty fast. over. very funny. oh look, a farmer's market. we should get some flowers for the car. yeah! holly! toyota. let's go p pces.
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e country. a bald eagle is back where she belongs in the skies of oregon. she got snagged by a fishihi line two weeks agogon the river near portlan autobahn rehabbed her and set her free yesterday. on the cbs "moneywatch," "deadpool" resurrects the box office, and yelp fires a worker after an open letter to the ceo. jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. stocks in asia were mostly higher, building on last week's gains. japan's nikkei rose 1% and honk song's hang seng rose 1%. the dow jumped 183 points for the week. the s&p finished 37 points
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the nasdaq is up 141 points. that is its strongest week since july. another dominating weekend at the box office for the r-rated "dead pool." it earned an estimated 55 million and made nearly 500,000 worldwide and on pace to become the momo successful r-rated d movies ever. in second is kung fu panda and risen at number three. employee of yelp says she was fired after writing online she couldn't afford to buy food. holly jane works for eat 24, the food ordering app owned by yelp. she is paid $12.25 living in san francisco area. friday, she posted an online letter to jeremy stoppelman outlining her plight and was fired two hours later.
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said she wasn't go because of the online letter didicted at him. >>more than 18,300 peoe applied for spots in nasa's next astronaut class. there are only 14 spots. nasa will make final selections in about a year and a half. >> and a lock of john lennon's hair was auctioned for $35,000 over the weeeend. thfour-inch lock of hair was trimmed by a barber in germany back in 1966! as lennon was preparing for a movie role. it was purchased by a collector of beatles memorabilia in the uk. >> can you imagine how many barbers are now kicking themselvlv because they swept t all of that moneyey and threw it >> smart guy. >> definitely. jill wbgner at the new york stock exchange, thanks a lot. still to come, a special white house visitor. we will show you the energetic 106-year-old woman who got
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. what is the secret to a long life? if you ask a 106-year-old woman, virginia mclauren, it's dancing! she danced her way right into the white house last week, a lifelong dream of hers and from hohoe, presidentntbama and first lady michelle obama were just as happy to see her.
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history month. the u.s. women's national soccer team is h hd to go rio. the reigning world cup champs punched their ticket to the olympics this weekenen sunday's championship match was a matter of formality but the stars and stripes never let up, beating canada 2-0 to win the toury. a hoops fan with courtside seats had a message for lebron james last night. the oklahoma thundereran shouting just suck it up, lebron. she was apparently not too happy with king james' pleas to the refs. the thunder needed more than endearing fans to stop lebron. cavs got the 115-92 win. russian winter swimmers, yeah, i said winter swimmers found a new way t t build up ththr stamina and concentratiti by playing c css in nearly freeng water this weekend. swimmers took the plunge in 41-degree water as a way to test their mental and physical
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this is how you say it's going to be okay to someone who just lost everything. that, yes, we'll find you somewhere to stay and yes, your children will havavbreakfast. every 8 minutes the red cross responds to a disaster and makes this promise. help us keep it. joaquin el chapo guzman remains in a mexican prison this morning, a month after he was recaptured. in a report last night for cbs's "60 minutes," bill whitaker shows us guzman's last hope for freedom, after hiding out in a tunnel quickly filling with water. >> reporter: after 20 minutes of rain, we thought that chapo might drown in the sewers because of the high levels of
4:55 am
of the manhole right in the middle of a busy street? >> translator: that was his only option. >> reporter: this is where he came out. he popped out of this manhole cover, which is about a half a mile from the house straight down the road there. look carefully at the security camera footage from the gas station across the street. at 8:55 a.m., four hours after the first shots were exchanged, right there, you can see chapo and another man climbing out of the sewer. and then in thisisell phone video, you can see them carjack a white vw jetta and speed away. the fugitives got only three blocks before the jetta broke down, so they jacked a second car, a red ford focus, but only a couple of miles out of town, that car broke down. within minutes, the federal emergency center got two reports of hijacked jeks. jeks. vehicles. on the highway out of town, the marines found the ford already on the bed of a tow truck.
4:56 am
lieutenant. they had been picked up by the federal police and taken to a nearby motel. what were they doing in the back seat of the police car? >> translator: they weren't talking. they were relaxed, but they looked confused. >> reporter: no one knows why the federal police took chapo to the motel instead of the jail, but peter vincent has a theory. >> el chapo undoubtedly said, one, you let me go now and i will make you wealthier beyond your wild imaginations. if you should choose to decline my most generous offer, i am not only going to kill you, but i am going to rape and kill your wife and your daughters and i'm going to torture your sons. >> reporter: he has behaved like that in the past? >> he has behaved like that virtually his entire criminal career. >> reporter: bribes and threats?
4:57 am
luckily, the mexican marines showed up, realized what was going on, and took control of the situation. >> you can watch the rest of bill whitaker's "60 minutes" report on coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," preview of the supreme court since the death of antonin scalia. new safety concerns over popular hoverboards and michael hayden joins us in the studio. that is the "cbs morning news" for this monday. thanks for watching.
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have a great day. "this is siouxland news at sunrise on kmeg 14" 3 3 good morning, and welcome to siouxland news at sunrise!it's 5 o'clock.i'm jacob heller.i'm meteorologist cat
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with us on this xxx morning.3 3 after morning patchy fog, clouds will stick around today with temperatures in the low 40s. this evening another rain system will move into the area and transition into snow by trace to 1 inch of chance for rain/snow mix will move in starting late wednesday evening as rain showers and switching to snow as we get close to the freezing mark.we will dry out after that for a few days with temperatures slowly the mid 40s by saturday and then cool again by sunday in the 30s. 3 3 3 a man from michigan will be in court today in connection to a seven - hour shooting rampage saturday night that left at least six people dead and two others hurt. right now police are working to put together a timeline of what happened with the alleged killer... aa 45 - year - old uber driver... who supposeded picked up passengers in - between the


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