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tv   Siouxland News at 10 on KMEG  CBS  February 22, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm CST

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"this is siouxland news at ten on kmeg 14." 3 3 residents of a west side neighborhood say they're fed up with a dangerous situation.and they're worried it *may* cost one of their neighbors his *life.* 3 3 and tonight that story is new at ten. 3 3 they say sections of west 7th and west 14th streets... which h are dirt r rds that lead to eir homes... hahan't been passible since the bzzard a couple weeks ago... with ruts more than a foot deep in some places they can't even get through with a four wheel drive. they say they've called the city... but have been "passed around." now... a frail, elderly neighbor who uses oxygen can't even got to the doctor. 3 "i have an appointment, for totorrow morning and there nono way i can get there. because i could never walk up and down this hill, it's impossible."john heyward has lived in this area for 13 years. he's angry the city sold a nearby section of road they once used during bad weather... but it's now been
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3 "we can't get home. we're parking the blocks a ay, waing , all the neighbors are walking toget home, through the woods, through the mud, and it's pretty dark up >> we are parking three blocks away. all of the neighbors are walking through the woods, through the mud, it's dark up herere neighbors hope there is some thing done so they can get their neighbor to his doctors appointment. moore said he's alerted other city officials about the situation and hope to find a quick solution for the neighborhood. it's'sa reward that's been hahaed out to fewer than 2,000 people.
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lifetime achievement award. >>reporter: liam has been a boy scout since first day. >>reporter: he became a hero when he saved liam from an ymca swimming pool. that's when his mom nominated him for the boycott of america certificate of mar merit. >> he's such a role model for my other son. my other son is a scout as ll. how -- hopefully they can grow and lemrn. >>reporter: last week kaylin
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him as it award winner. >> i hope this will inspire ings. ey can do anything as long as they set their mind to it. >>reporter: he's currently a life scout and has paperwork before he becomes an eagle scsct. at today's city council meeting they announced they raised enough moneto build a golf course. it will cover most of the southeast portion of grand view park. it's great for people who want to play the game. the project cost $4,500. a city school is getting
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the old emerson elementary school will be fixed if are by the church. the church is also home of the west side coalition. they give the churur room to exexnd and have a larger congregation. a city high school is gifted new construction on a new building. a ironworker is donating 1.4 million to the high school. some of that will pay for a new builng and the rest will be for scholarships. the fundraising ship said gill, a 1951 graduate expressed interest in a library named after his mother.
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the new building will open next year. >>reporter: a foggy start to the day and foggy afternoon. the view from arnold's park. temperatures have been steady throughout the day and evening. there is plentytyf cloud cover across the area.a. big question is can it make it by early tomorrow morning. ght now 35 degrees in souix city. as we head throughout the night you might see enough moisture to bring in a wintry mix tomorrow morning. temperatures will be in the wer 40s once aain. when will we see a full day of up. >> thank you, chad. police are investigating a weekend stabbing that left one man dead and a woman hospitalized. police responded to a home for
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saturday night. two people were taken by ambulance to the hospital were an 37-year-old hispanic woman was pronounced dead. a hispanic man was taken to the hospital and there is no word on his condition. police aren't releasing the name of any of the victimim ththsheriff's ofofce in madison county is trying to identify human remains found in a field yesterday afternoon. hunterfound the remains and the sheriff's office said it looks like it's been there for a few months. it appears to be that of a man. right now foul play isn't suspected in the ath. this morning business leaders in the south city got a lesson on the effects of human trafficking in siouxland. the commission spoke to the legislative committee.
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biggest crimes in the u.s. they are trying to draw more attention to the problem here in siouxland. the coalition operates an 800 phone number. we have that and this story on our website. the southern property poverty organize is over >> one person questioned how they define hate. >>reporter: the splc hate group includes includes groupsike the aryan nation and the klan. it also includes the family research council. the center for security policy
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the president is crying foul. >> the southern poverty law center is targeting us. it's smearing our name. >>reporter: for 20 years frank's group warned they want their laws to supersede the u.s. constitutional law. >>reporter: they define is a hate group as a organize with beliefs that attack a entire group of people. they point out a hate group doesn't condone violence or criminal activity. >> we don't support the kind of hated that islamic supremacist give to women, homesexual, homosexuals or other groups. >>reporter: they define it as
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>> we have a first amendment in the country so people can say whatever they want to say even if their next door they bosch disagrees with that. >>reporter: we tried to contact them to see how they define hate and who funds their multi-i- million organization. we yet to get a response. coming up tonight. >> we'll show you how the city museum is taking advantage of 21st century technology. meteorologist chad sandwell and sports director chris
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3 "first alert weather with siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell." 3 3 3 > there are a lot of folks hoping they won't have to deal with the fog they saw this morning. >>reporter: i think there will be a little bit. we'll deal with patchy fog. between midnight and 6:00 a.a.. we might e miststand drizzle. a wintry mix might be a good way to describe it. take a look at our sky watch camera. overcast skies for sure on a quite monday evening. take a look at our extended forecast. looking for highs in the 40s the next few days. wednesday night into tuesday we could see the moisture build backup. we'll see a wintry mix. things look good thursday and friday.
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it should be a nice weekend across the area. last 6 hours satellite imagery has been noisy. we have been seeing plenty of cloud cover from sioux falls. we saw moisture trying to develop around dinnertime. that's evaporated. most of it never hit the ground. what we are looking for is a area of low pressure moving through. some of the moisture may make it's way down to the sioux city area. not making a lot of accumulation. the pressure will move out pretty quickly. here is a look at 7:00. we see a bit of sunshine to end the day. as we go from tuesday night into wednesday cloud cover will build backup. as we see the moisture pooling up again we might see light snow into thursday or at the least rain mixing in the the snow.
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on. we are at 35 degrees. we have mostly cloudy skies. east-southeast winds are at 6 miles per hour. relative humidity at 45%. we'll look at overcast skies. a bit of a wintry mix. 33 for our overnight low. we'll top out at 42 degrees. late sun will be possible. north winds at 10 to 20 miles per hour. over the n nt few days keeping our eye on friday and saturday those will be the best days this week. >> thank you, chat. coming up after the break.
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your help 3 tonight u- s marshals need your help finding a fugitive who's wanted for violating her parole. but first, our capture count is up by one more tonight.brandon sextro was featured last
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help to find a fugitive that citelated parol. this man was wanted. he turned himself in. his surrender makes it 429 since most wanted began. now onto to be tonights most fugitive. she's wanted for violating parol and failing to appear in court. laclair is 5'7" and weights 125 pounds. if you have any information about mariah mcclaire. call the marshals office or send them an e-mail. you can always use the text to
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text ten 99 and tip to tip411. this could put this fugitive behind bars. it operates four or five months every year on the again
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we are headed inside the winter in siouxld can be deadly if you're exposed to the cold for too long.but a place called "the warming shelter" provides a
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during cold nights... and in doing so it saves this special report, ououown n meteorologist cat ylor takes us inside. nter in siouxland can be deadly if you don't have a home. >> we'll take you inside the shelter. >> if we need anything they are here for us. always, any time. >>reporter: channel doest have a home. she worries about temperatures like these because they can be danger to anyone exposed to the element for a long time. >> we won't turn you away. we'll give you a bunk to stay in. >>reporter: just a few weeks ago the warming shelter didn't have enough supplies to help homeless citizen. that changed
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hundreds hundreds generous people. >> without people like you and me we wouldn't have anything. >>reporter: on a regularlar night they have 100 people and 2 service animals. >> you don't realize how many homeless are out their until we congregate them together. >> i'm not only homeless. >>reporter: they have enough materials to last the winter. they have one major thing to continue the community. >> we want to be open until the end of march.
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$17,000 a month to run the e shelter. >> all of the money we get pays the pills every year. >> electric, gas, water, laundry services and stuff like that. 50 showers a night, 50 loads off laundry or more. >> when think come in they check in. we don't ask names or questions about thatat you will get a bunk or bed. will sh your cloths that you have and we'll give you a shower. we don't have a kitchen but we'll offer you a knack. we have noodles, or snacks you
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>> we don't take funds from the city, state, or federal county. we are all personal donation. you take for granted the stuff you don't have. can you image not being able to brush your teeth or not having clean cloths or knowing where your next male will come from. that's where the mo comes from. >> they help me get to work and have a place to and from work i can set my goals farther than i have. you. i appreciate everything they do try to do. >>reporter: kat taylor. >> the best way to donate is by check. send to the address on the
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you will get a letter with a recept and your donation is tat- deductible. 4a. we'll show you who survived and advanced. 3 and several area girls basketball teams played district basketball started tonight in class 3 a and 4 a. >> several basketball teams
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we head d d 3 number one western christian and number thirteen lawton- bronson tip off our regional championship coverage tonight. 3 a trip to the state tournament is on the line for th teams. a raucououcrowd at east number one number 13. a trip to the state tournament is on the line for both team aloud crowd for east high school. the eagles go up with three. that's a nice move r ashland.
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christian. give them credit. they went point for point with the wolfpack. western christian hasn't lost. they showed everyone why. the wolfpack returned to des moines for their 5th straight appearance. they win it 76-54. unity christian is a state champion. ey get the drive. he goes up big 39-16. unity scores again. 41-26. in the 4th quarter unity up 5 after being up 24 in the 4th quarter. backup 7. under two minutes left in the game. corey gets the drive and law
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unity will make the free throw to the end. they defeat them 51-44. number 6 pierson hosting the panthers. first quarter it's 5-4. they work the ball aerobid toe abbey. she stairs down the barrel. she goes downtown with the answer. two possession. check out the big board put back fromaria. why not give it to her again. she drives it and scores it late in the first. pierson wins it 55-38.
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number 7. they need to get past ottoman. smith with a left hand. mattie had a superlong 3. mustangs are up 7-3. it's 9 to 2 after the runner. later in the quarter. christianson with a kickoff the glass. moments later it's christianson down low. . they go onto win it 65-47. here we go the top 7 teams get in. you can tell pierson will be under dogs monday afternoon when they take the court. in class 2a all of them make it. they could potentially meet in the second round if they both
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unity christian is number 6. we had our first game today in district 2. bishop heelan played sergeant buff. spencer topped storm lake. the stars hosted thomas jefferson. burke gets the file. they find the streak in jay. he will hit the flee throw. 9-3 at that point. davis will take the jump. he was up 11-7 in the first
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they will play in the district semi's at east. moore is open to the coroner. he hits the 3. marquees has it all to himself and hits the 3. 40-33 now. a minute later cliff gets the rebound and goes all the way for the lay-up. that's how you do it. it was 44-33. a comfortable lead. west of 44. 39. west couldn't hold the lead.
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>> what a heart ?o 3 3 3 3 reporter: one more gloomy day or so. we'll deal with the cloud cover and we might see precipitation. rain and sleet my be the primary threats. we are looking forward to late day sun. there is a look at your extended forecast. we'll hang around the upper 30s and lower 40s. things look better for the weekend. check this out. sioux city transportation is combining history with the
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they are using a a new codede system to offer a tour for most of the items on display. >> this app is compatible >> jon: stephen cocoert! ( band playing intro music ) ( cheers and applause ) captioning sponsored by cbs (cheers and applause) >> stephen: thank you, ladies and gentlemen! thank you, joe! thank you, john! thank you, mark! (cheers and applause)


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