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tv   Siouxland News At Sunrise  CBS  February 25, 2016 5:00am-7:00am CST

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3 police say this man is passing counterfeit bills... and they want your help catching him. 3 iowans who are terminally ill might get easier access to experimental drugs. 3 and... when is homework too much homework... especially for younger children?good morning, and welcome to siouxland news at sunrise!it's 5 o'clock.i'm jacob heller.i'm meteorologist cat taylor.thanks for waking up with us on this xxx morning. 3 highs today 3 will top out in the mid to upper 30s with breezy winds. skies will start out pretty cloudy, but we will see sun by the end of the day.we will dry out after that for a few days with temperatures quickly warming close to 50 by friday and then over 60 for saturday. another cold front comes in on sunday to close out the weekend with another chance for a little rain with highs in the 50s. keep an eye on tuesday whenene could see a
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at least eig people have been killed by a powerful... fast moving storm system sweeping from the gulf coast into the northeast. as c - b - s news correspondent don champion shows us... the system set down a string of deadly tornadoes... ststng windnd.. and drenching rain. 3 (pkg)as the dangerous storm system moves up the east coast..state police in waverly, virginia combed through the rubble with flashlights overnight... -nats/ sot- everything's destroyed...unbelievable (thu0006)after a tornado ripped through the tiny farming town.-nat/sot- looked at that, you see what happened vincent donald survived. some of his neighbors did not.(sot vincent donald/ resident) i saw one of my friend, he said his brother died.//the house disappeared so i said god-damn elsewhere in virginia...dozens
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rubble. several reported tornadoes also touched down pennsylvania and in the carolinas.this dairy farm was demolished in seconds:(sot sears day/ farm owner) we're thankful we lost no animals and no one was hurt so that's the main thing(standup: don champion cbs news la guardia airport/ queens, ny) the storm brought heavy rains and strong winds to other parts of the east coast including here in new york...making a mess of travel.-nats-rain quickly accumulated on roads in the new york and throughout the dc area...submerging vehicles.. (sot bruce caylor) when the water gets this hihi, it's scary because your cars are here and you don't know what's going to happen powerful winds also caused thousands of power outages in the northeast. those windy conditions are expected to stick around today...before the system moves out to sea. don champion cbs news new york. 3 the same storm system brought twisters to southern louisiana
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where at least three people were killed. rescue teams there are still looking through ththdebris to find people who are missing. 3 police are still seeing a lot of counterfeit bills in siouxland... from one dollar bills all the way to hundreds. sioux city police released this surveillance video from the hy - vee on gordon drive... on saturday this guy was susing quite a few counterfeit bills. he has a tattoo behind his right ear and tattoos on both arms. if you recognize him... please call crime stopoprs at 712 - 258 - tips. you could get a cash reward for information leading to his arrest and conviction. 3 an ida grove man... accused of hitting another man with his vehicle... is facing more charges now.36 - year - old jeremy werneburg was arrested and charged last week with attempted murder. court documents say on valentines day werneburg drove to the carvarvon inn in carvaron iowa... looking for kyle freese. werneburg got out of his vehicle and threatened
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hammer.then he got back into his car... put ititnto reverse... and drove toward freese... pinning him against the side of the building. then he tried to hit freese with his car again... but he got out of the way.werneburg's facing six charges... like going armed with intent... assault using a dangerous weapon... willful injury causing serious injury... attempt to commit murder... bodily injury... and second degree criminal mischief. he's due in court march 14th in sac county. 3 a measure that would give iowans who are terminally ill more access to experimental drugs is moving through the legislature. 3 on a 50 to nothing vote the state senate approved what's being called the "right to try" bill... which would help people with terminal illness get access to medicines that isn't available in a pharmacy yet... but *have* been tested in federally - approved trials. state senator rick bertrand of sioux city brought the bill to the senate. bertrand says he did it after a friend who suffers from huntington's disease told him the idea has
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3 "what it does is it closes a loophole really for terminally ill patients that really have exhausted all current treatment options. it's one of those pieces of legislation we started on about two years ago and since then it's been adapted in 2other states and we were very, ry happy that yesterday it went through the iowa senate 50 to nothing."3 the bill will also provide access to devices being tested as a treament for some incurable diseases. the measure now goes to the iowa house. bertrand's hopefull it will pass... saying this "isn't a democrat or republican issue. it is just good for iowa." 3 people volunteering at the north sioux city volunteer fire department are getting a chance to get behind the wheel of those fire trucks.just north of river drive yesterday the department laid out an obstacle course for new drivers to get the hang of driving a fire truck. before starting the gs... all the volunteers met in a
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emergency codes and learn what the course would look like. north sioux city volunteer fire chief bill (pap - iss) pappas says a few changes make this training necessary. 3 "trucks have gotten bigger, they're heavier, they take longer to stop and they're a little harder to drive so we want to make sure that our apparatus are safe actually going to the scene."it takes about 20 minutes to drive through the course... and there are quite a few different obstacles marked by red buckets. 3 while folks in south dakota wait to see if their governor signs a bill making transgender people use the bathroom belonging to the sex they were designated with at birth... a high school in des moines has become the first in *that* city to create bathrooms for transgender students. reporter emmy victor has more from roosevelt high school in des moines. 3 what once served as two separate faculty rest rooms... can now be used by anyone in the building. zoey wagner, student at rhs] "it shows them that their identity is
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sparked from student zoey wagner who says that students there come from all walks of life. "there is a 3 transgenger population here, and there is a population here that don't adhere to the gender binary in one way or another" >> the single unit rest rooms are privately located in the library - for staff to monitor the students that use it. "this isn't like - if you are transgender, you have to use this in any way possible - it is just a second option" >> but not everyone who uses the space is on board with this just yet - saying it will take time to get used to. [notes:tyciera wells, student at rhs]"a lot of people don't agree with transgender, so to say - so i feel like it's just different" principal kevin biggs says that if the change can make an impact on even one person, then its worth it. [notes:kevin biggs, principal, rhs]"we have a responsibility to make sure that as the adults in this building to make sure that our students feel included, feel safe." [notes:kevin biggs, principal, rhs]"and i actually felt ashamed that we hadn't thought about this before." 3 a 20 - 13 gallup poll
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of iowa's population identified themselves as gay.. lesbian... bisexual or trangender. that number was nearly 4 - and - a - half percent in south dakota. 3 it's a question you've probably never thought about much would it cost to buy one of *everything* on amazon? the answer? almost 12 - point - 86 *billion* dollars. that's according to a computer scientist in zurich switzerland who says he does brain - related research. first... (keenan) kynan (enj) eng had to figure out there were 479 million different items available on amazon's website in 20 - 15. then he found out the average price of an item was 26 dollars and 86 reply from amazon so far on whether he's on the
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for (enj) eng... and he's answered some other... very *entertaining* questions before... like... "how much money would it realistically cost to build an imperial one - class star destroyer?"... and "how much money has been spent attempting to bring matt damon back from distant places?" 3 3 3 3 temperatures are bottoming out this morning in the lower 30s. we won't get out of the 30s today, your forecast is next. 3 3 a top u - s military commander is warning north korea could use a nuclear tipped missile. coming up ...we'll show you why some think this situation could lead to an all - out war. 3 "you're watching siouxland news at sunrise, with jacob
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taylor"3 3 "weather on the ones, brought to you by siouxland federal credit union" 3 highs today will top out in the mid to upper 30s with breezy winds. skies will start out pretty cloudy, but we will see sun by the end of the day. we will dry out after that for a few days with temperatures quickly warming close to 50 by friday and then over 60 for saturday.another cold front comes in on sunday to close out the weekend with another chance for a little rain with highs in the 50s. keep an eye
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3 3 here's what we're talking about on facebook this morning... labrador retrievers have been named america's most popular dog breed. what's your favorite
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3 one of the country's largest stores pulls hoverboards from its shelves... jamie (you - cuss) yuccas is in new york with your c - b - s moneywatch. 3 tap or sparkling?apparently, we just want it bottled!new research from mintel shows sales in the u-s bottled water category are up more than six percent, topping 15 billion dollars in 2015.nearly half of those surveyed say they are drinking more flavored waters to replace high sugar drinks.// new oil numbers show a decline in production and a possible rise in demand.that sent stocks higher on wednesday.the dow ended up 53 pointsthe nasdaq finished up 39.//, hey ladies - go ask for a raise!a new career builder survey finds one in five human resource managers admit women earn less than men within their companies.the survey of more than 3 thousand workers found men are nearly three times as likely to earn six figures.//walmart has pulled hoverboards from its website. comes following the government's warning the devices pose a fire risk. walmart wants suppliers to prove the boards comply with new safety, toys "r" us and amazon have reportedly pulled the boards from their websites as well.// that's your cbs moneywatch report, for more just head to
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3 3 top u - s commanders in asia warn north korean leader kim jong un is working aggressively to develop a nuclear weapon that can reach the united states... and he would use it... if he had to... to save his regime. with tensions on the korean peninsula at their highest level in decades... the people there say they fear the
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escalation that could lead to an armed conflict... something close to world war two. c - n - n's elise labott has this story. 3 --reporter pkg-as follows-- it's a nightmare scenario, north korea launches a nuclear tipped missile at the west coast of the united statesand tonight, it's being taken seriously by the pentagona top us military commander warning kim jong un would be willing to order the ultimate attack if he felt threatened and had the capability.(sen. lindsey graham (r) south carolina) "do you think if he had a missile that could reach the united states he would actually use it against us?"(gen. curtis scaparrotti, commander u.s. forces korea) "i think that his stated purpose is to protect his regime and if he thought his regime were challenged, he states that he would use wmd."a dire prediction - on the heels of north korea's long-range missile launch earlier this month and what is believed to have been a test of components related to a hydrogen bomb in january.the head of us forces in the pacific echoing the concern.(adm. harry harris, commander u.s. pacific command) "they pose a real threat to hawaii and to the west coast of the mainland united states and soon to the -- to the -- to the entire u.s."with tensions along the dmz at an all time high, the american military is flexing its muscle, flying stealth fighter jets over south korea and deploying the 'thaad' missile defense system - capable of shooting down long-range rockets.the display of military might has kim vowing revenge - warning the us and south korea not to go ahead with their annual joint military drill next month.the
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what top intelligence officials calls the world's greatest nuclear threat.but military commanders are bracing for the worst - armed, ground combat with north korea, the likes of which the us hasn't seen since world war ii(gen. curtis scaparrotti, commander u.s. forces korea) "given the size of the forces and the weaponry involved this would be more akin to the korean war and world war ii,
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casualty."3 3 once the greenhouses open in the spring... do you go and buy a few flowers?there's *one* thing a lot of home gardners *don't* do that's killing those plants... though. we'll get a tip from a pro... when we visit green acres greenhouse... next... in "proud to be a hometown farmer." 3 it is technically warmer than it was this time yesterday,
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to breezy winds.3 3 "first alert weather with meteorologist cat taylor" 3 highs today will top out in the mid to upper 30s with breezy winds. skies will start out pretty cloudy, but we will see sun by the end of the day. we will dry out after that for a few days with temperatures quickly warming close to 50 by friday and then over 60 for saturday.another cold front comes in on sunday to close out the weekend with another chance for a little rain with highs in the 50s. keep an eye on tuesday when we could see a little snow.
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3 it's winter... most greenhouses in siouxland aren't open right now... but that doesn't mean the people who run them aren't *busy.*we're heading to the green acres greenhouse for "proud to be a hometown farmer" this week... to find out how much work goes into those plants before you
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3 lights are off...doors are'd think this was the *slow* season at the green acres greenhouse.but if you want to believe that...don't look at greg (shenk) schink's iphone."year-round i average six-and-a-quarter miles per day every single day of the year."this might be the time of year he's *busiest!*"i work 7 days a week from late january until june."gregg could use eight days a week to keep up with the almost 1,000 varieties of plants he grows... who knows how many he *sells* each year."it's up there in the couple million, but we don't have anybody counting." he's making cuttings... planting seedlings...making sure his plants grow now so they're ready to *go* in spring."we try to keep it give or take 75 degrees inside this chamber."but having a green thumb during an iowa winter can be tricky...actually... you've got to *trick* the plants!"we have to interrupt the night right now so they think it's summer, they think it's a long day of summer and they'll just grow green."when they've all grown...and you take your plants home once the selling season starts in april...gregg says there's *one* important thing most home gardners don't do."it takes fertilizer to grow good plants, especially in containers."just make it part
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water...fertilize."if you're watering every day, that's twice a week your plants need fertilizer. if you've got plants that only need watered every other day, you're talking maybe once with fertilizer."and remember... those plants took months of hard work...and *thousands* of grow."i liked it better before i knew how much i was walking!" 3 if you think of a farmer that might be great on "proud to be a hometown farmer" tell us about them!you can nominate them on our web site... or you can e - mail me at j - heller at 3 3 apple's c - e - o says he's ready to take his fight against the f - b - i all the way to the supreme court. still to come this morning...
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landmark legal battle is shaping up. you're watching siouxland news at
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3 "this is s s s3 good morning everyone,thanks for starting your morning with us.i'm jacob heller...and i'm meteorologist cat
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3 highs today will top out in the mid to upper 30s with breezy winds. skies will start out pretty cloudy, but we will see sun by the end of the day. we will dry out after that for a few days with temperatures quickly warming close to 50 by friday and then over 60 for another cold front comes ion sunday to close out the weekend with another chance for a little rain with highs in the 50s. keep an eye on tuesday when we could see a little snow. 3 this morning the new york times is reporting apple engineers are working on new security measure that'll make it impossible for the
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locked iphone. security and privacy are at the center of apple's battle with the f - b - i over unlocking a phone used by one of the san bernardino shooters. as c - b - s news correspondent don champion shows us... c - e - o tim cook is talking about what's happening now... and says he's ready to take this all the way to the supreme court. 3 chyrons:tim cook/ceo, apple loretta lynch/u.s. attorney general (pkg) (wed0051 :47) amid its legal battle with the federal government --- apple feels like it winning in the court of public opinion.(sot wed0051 arline/protester 1:10) "if we allow this to happen, then everything from now on will be an open book to every government in the world"(-:17) a federal judge ruled last week apple had to help the fbi (tue05098 :37) unlock the iphone of syed farook. he's one of two terror suspects who killed 14 people during a shooting spree in san bernardino, california in december.(sot wed0447 2:57) "we need to stand tall and stand tall on principle"(-3:00) in his first interview since the judge's ruling, apple ceo tim cook told abc news wednesday the farook case isn't about a phone, but the future.(sot wed0447 tim cook/ceo, apple/courtesy: abc news :45) "what is at stake here is can the government compel apple to write software that we believe would make hundreds of millions of customers vulnerable around the world, including the us"(-:57) (sat0020 2-20-16) in its appeal, sources tell cbs news apple plans to argue, in part, the american people through congress should decide on the issue. before a house committee wednesday, attorney general loretta lynch maintained the government isn't overstepping its boundaries.(sot wed0223 loretta lynch/us attorney general :48) "it's a long- standing principle in our justice system that if an independent judge finds reason to believe that a certain item contains evidence of a crime, then that judge can authorize the government to conduct a limited search for that
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until tomorrow to appeal the judge's ruling. don champion, york. 3 even though apple's protesting the judge's decision last week... the company has co - operated with the f - b - i in the (fuh - rook) farook case by providing data from
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3 time to check your kitchen cupboards... hy - vee is recalling packages of macadamia nuts that could be contaminated with salmonella. 3 these are 2 - ounce packages of macadamia nuts that were sold at all of hy - vee's 240 grocery stores in iowa... nebraska... south dakota... illinois... kansas... minnesota... and wisconsin. it comes in a blue - colored 2 - ounce plastic bag and was sold between july 2nd of last year and february 3rd of this year. if you have one of these... throw it away... or bring it back to your local hy-vee for a full refund. 3 support siouxland soldiers is building care packages for hometown heroes serving overseas... and they're looking for volunteers.the local group will be packing and sending care - packages to 65 deployed service members from the siouxland area... and they're asking folks in the community to help collect items *for* the care packages. these can be anything from individually wrapped snacks
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mix... and beef jerky. 3 "they requested donations for to assist with the expenses for mailing and that kind of stuff. so we will do that and we will continue to do that cause this is really a organization. "if you've got anything you'd like to donate... you can drop it off at siouxland soldiers at the indian hills shopping area this saturday... february 27th... from 1 - 30 to 3 - 30. 3 after almost 50 years of activities and after - school programs for boys... the boys club of sioux city will become the boys *and girls* club of siouxland now. 3 of four thousand boys and girls clubs of america... sioux city's was one of only four left in the country only serving boys. starting june 6th... the club will be accepting girls to its summer programs. the move more closely reflects the ideas of the club's national organization... the boys and girls clubs of america. 3 "the need in sioux city is
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and although there are some great agencies here in town that already serve girls the need is greater than they're able to serve. we want to make sure we are doing our part to help do what we can to serve all the kids in sioux city."benson says he's excited to see more brothers and sisters have fun *together* at club events. 3 fresh... locally grown produce will be back in season soon in sioux city.sioux city farmers market held its first meeting last night for vendors interested in being part of this year's market. the market has been at the tyson events center parking lot for the last seven years. organizers say they're looking for vendors of art... crafts... fruit... dried or fresh... and flowers... too. the farmer's market will start may 4th and continue until october 29th... on wednesdays *and* saturdays from8 a - m to 1 p - m. 3 a winter - style event scheduled for this weekend has been cancelled because we just
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14th annual rivercade's homemade cardboard sled races will *not* happen this sunday. it was scheduled to be held in sertoma park. 3 those popular apps on your smartphone can be convenient and fun... but some also carry malicious software called malware... which gives hackers easy access to your personal information. a security firm found between 75 and 80 - percent of the top *free* apps on android phones or i - phones were breached. the number jumps as high as 97 - percent among the top *paid* apps on those devices. reporter anna werner shows us the hackers' methods. 3 ctm script: (harvey sot) any way that i had money that they could take they got hold of it california's susan harvey says she was a victim.. after she used a debit card to download a slot machine game app to her cell phone through a google play store account(harvey sot) it was something i purchased once, for like 15 dollarswhen she went to reload the game, she found hundreds of purchases had been made - by her math, more than 5-thousand dollars worth of transactions (22:55:05 harvey) my heart sank, i just sat there looking at it and physically, i was sick, because i didn't know
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ask for are way beyond what they should be asking for that story's no surprise to cybersecurity expert gary miliefsky.who's company tracks malware he says certain to steal your personal information,(anna) what are the consequences for me as a consumer?(miliefsky) you're gonna lose your identity. you're gonna wonder why there was a transaction. you're gonna wonder how someone got into your bank account and paid a bill that doesn't exist. milifesky says (gfx1) when you download an app, you also give permission for it to accses other parts of your phone. like an alarm clock app that can also track phone calls (gfx1)(miliefsky) do you think an alarm clock needs all those permissions: calls you've made, call history, your device id //miliefsky to me this is not a safe alarm clock. and there's the weather and flashlight apps he says exploit legitimate banking apps to capture informationas he showed us in a demonstration of what could happen when a photo of a check to send to their bank:(anna) what happens to the check now? (m) well the app spies on the camera and noticed the check and grabbed a copy of it, shipped it off to a server somewhere far away(gfx2) last year the group fireeye discovered 11 malware apps being used on iphones that gathered users' sensitive information and send it to a remote server, including text messages, contacts and photos (gfx 2) apple fought back by removing the apps and putting stricter security measures in place. miliefsky sot they get at your gps, your contacts list //to build a profile on you(gfx 3) and some apps are simply collecting information for advertising purposes. in 2014, the federal trade commission settled a lawsuit with a company over its popular "brightest flashlight" app, alleging it transmitted consumers' personal information to third parties without telling them (gfx 3) but miliefsky says he's found another that can do much more troubling things.m this one turns on your microphone in the background, listens in on you, and sends an encrypted tunnel to a discovered in beijing.a you're saying they're actually listening to people's conversations and sending that audio back to beijing.?m yeah, we've tracked it. i can show you where it does it.a and where is this on this map?m a few blocks from tiananmen square, on drive in beijing.he gave a
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at the nth degree.his recommendation?m we really have to look at our phone and say, 'this is really a personal computer that fits in our pocket. let's shut down all the apps we don't use. let's delete apps that don't make sense to keep on our
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3 if you love labs... you'll love this!the american kennel club has declared the labrador retriever as america's most popular dog breed. this is the 25th year in a row labs were named top dog! the a - k - c uses statistics taken from registration records to find out which breeds are most beloved by dog owners.breeders say labs are popular because they're smart *and* family-friendly. rounding out the top five most popular dogs in the u - s... german shepherd dogs... golden retrievers... bulldogs... and beagles. 3 3 3 3 brace yourselves... girl scout cookies are coming. we'll talk about the treat... and how much it helps those girls when you buy those cookies. that's after the break in "talk of the town." 3 "you're watching siouxland news at sunrise, with jacob heller and meteorologist cat taylor" 3 "first alert weather with
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3 highs today will top out in the mid to upper 30s with breezy winds. skies will start out pretty cloudy, but we will see sun by the end of the day. we will dry out after that for quickly warming close to 50 by friday and then over 60 for comes in on sunday to close out the weekend with another highs in the 50s. keep an eye little snow. 3 3 the girls scouts are at it again. it's time to buy cookies. it's time to buy it again. scouts are at the girls the girls scouts are at it again. it's time to buy with christina julius here on talk of the town this morning. good morning! 3 jake and a guest or group of
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3 thanks for 3 being with us this morning. if you missed this segment...or want to find out any more can find everything on our web site... that's siouxland news dot com
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3 there's another new *trump* - all the things he loves.. it's (time) this morning. thanks for watching siouxland news at sunrise. 3 breezy winds are making it feel like 20 degrees out there this morning. you will want to
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3 good morning, (onawa)... it's (33 degrees) outside at (time)... as we take a look from our (skywatch) camera. 3 there's a new donald trump expression... people are calling it a *trump - ism.* the republican presidential candidate has had a lot of quotable moments on the campaign trail... and he's been known to express his love toward many things and many people. c - n - n's (genie) jeanne (mows) moos tells us about the many loves of the donald... including one that's gotten the attention of social media. 3 --reporter pkg-as follows-- donald trump is a man in love
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talking about his wife, melania.(donald trump, (r) presidential candidate) "i love my kids." "i love the bible."(donald trump, (r) presidential candidate) "i love our police." (donald trump, (r) presidential candidate) "the beatles i love." "and do we love our vets?" (donald trump, (r) presidential candidate) "i love the evangelicals."but the donald's latest love left some dumbfounded.(donald trump, (r) presidential candidate) "we won the highly educated. we won the poorly educated. i love the poorly educated." instantly the hashtag 'i love the poorly educated' started to ended up on was mocked on twitter."make america dumb again."but donald seems smitten with various demographics.(donald trump, (r) presidential candidate) "we won with women. i love the women."why stop at love... (donald trump, (r) presidential candidate) "i cherish women"(jeanne moos) "of course there is geographical love."(donald trump, (r) presidential candidate) "we love nevada!" (donald trump, (r) presidential candidate) "i love iowa"i love las vegasi love the country (jeanne moos, reporting) "and there is passive aggressive love." (donald trump, (r) presidential candidate) "look i love protesters."(donald trump, (r) presidential candidate) "and i love the new york times, it's great."but the kind of love that tends to worry the recipient is often followed by a but...(donald trump, (r) presidential candidate) "i love the mexican people." "i love the muslims. i think they're great people."
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trump, (r) presidential candidate) "they are ripping us."there is one sure way to trump, (r) presidential candidate) "so kanye west, i (jeanne moos) "even when the donald expresses his devotion to a cookie."(donald trump, (r) presidential candidate) "oreos. i love oreos."(donald trump, (r) presidential candidate) "in the next breath he bites back."(donald trump, (r) presidential candidate) "i'll never eat em again." he's boycotting nabisco because it moved some jobs to mexico.trump's never ending supply of love is apparently contagious.(melania trump) "we love you." (donald trump, (r) presidential candidate) "i love you folks very much." (donald trump, (r) presidential candidate) "we love you."to the donald, love is blind.(donald trump, (r) presidential candidate) "i don't know who the hell is in this room but whoever it is i love you."jeanne moosi love you cnn(donald trump, (r) presidential candidate) (donald trump, (r) presidential candidate) "everybody loves me." 3 3 "weather on the ones brought to you by window world"
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the mid to upper 30s with breezy winds. skies will start out pretty cloudy, but we will see sun by the end of the day. we will dry out after that for a few days with temperatures quickly warming close to 50 by friday and then over 60 for saturday.another cold front comes in on sunday to close out the weekend with another chance for a little rain with highs in the 50s. keep an eye on tuesday when we could see a little snow.
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3 3 time for a trip to the sunrise there's a playpen in one of the exhibits at omaha's henry doorly zoo... for a rock - hopper penguin chick. zoo officials say the playpen for the chick... which hatched december 12th... is to help it become familiar with the other penguins in the exhibit and let its feathers fully grow.since hatching it's grown... it ways just more than four - and - a - hal pounds now. we still don't know if the chick is a boy or a girl... there are 81 penguins on display at omaha's zoo... 12 king penguins... 32 gentoo penguins... and 28 rockhopper penguins.
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3 the history making finish of sunday's daytona 500 has people talking more about nascar history.coming up... we'll show you how the legacy of nascar's first black winner drives your morning news, weather and sports are all coming's now (time) as we take a look outside (xxx) on the (xxx) cam.keep it right here on siouxland news at
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3 3 here's a look at your weather to go ... 3 3 good morning, this is sgt todd sassmann with your siouxland news traffic to goofficers will be running radar on i-29 and gordonhave a safe drive to work and school this morning, for siouxland news, this is sgt todd sassmann 3 3 here's a look at your news to go ... 3 3 a severe storm system that brought destruction to the carolinas and virginia is still marching up the east coast. the storm turned deadly in the town of waverly virginia after the tiny town was hit by a twister. tornadoes were also reported in north carolina... while heavy rains meant power outages in the
5:58 am
off in their *tenth* debate tonight in houston texas... their last meeting before super tuesday. marco rubio and ted cruz are set to take the fight to frontrunner donald trump... who's won three of the first four nominating contests. on the democratic side... hillary clinton and bernie sanders are gearing up for their south carolina primary this saturday.and... the encryption fight between apple and the f - b - i is still going on. in an interview with a - b - c wednesday... the company's c - e - o said it would be bad for america if apple helped unlock the i - phone of one of the san bernardino terrorists. cook says he's ready to take the battle all the way to the supreme court. 3 and be sure to check out siouxland news dot com all day at work and home for the latest news, weather and sports. 3 and here is what the folks in studio 57 are working on that you'll see in an hour on cbs "this morning".
5:59 am
3 good morning everyone and welcome to siouxland news at sunrise.thanks for starting your morning with us.i'm jacob heller.and i'm meteorologist cat taylor. good morning. siouxland. thanks for waking up with us. feeling the breeze. a little bit today. >> we have seen gusts near 30 miles an hour that will continue for half the day but it will make things feel pretty cold but if you look at our cameras in downtown sioux city, it looks, quiet and it kind of minutes. we are not seeing any precipitation but we are breezy. the system has passed to our south and is starting to clear
6:00 am
we have mostly cloudy skies. we are getting chilly at 290 and today we are going to continue to be breezy. skies are clearing because of the breeze but it will feel pretty chilly. 38 is our air temperature that you add those wins on top of that and that will feel colder than 20. >> dress a little bit warmer. wendell scott was the first black driver to win a nascar race in 1963. at that time, his trophy was given to a second-place finisher, a white man. >>reporter: as sunday's daytona 500 made history. 68-year-old frank scott made a
6:01 am
his legendary father.>>wendell scott was the first african- american to win a nascar premier series event. the jacksonville 200 to win a nascar premier series event. the jacksonville 219 63. during the height of the civil rights movement. frank was part of his father's pit crew. >> we were the only african americans as it was. but we had a lot of death threats. >>reporter: wendell's trophy was given to the second-place driver, bed baker, a white racer. hours later nascar acknowledged that he did win and paid him the prize money. >> it's going to pave the way for us. >>reporter: wallace was the first african-american to take the checkered flag on the national circuit since scott. he came to the nascar's drive diversity program.>> i'm definitely carrying on that
6:02 am
>>reporter: minority and women drivers need to receive the same lucrative sponsors that others do. they also started the wendell scott foundation to give minorities new experiences a better job opportunities. >> if he were alive today, what would he say? >> he would be pleased. but he would not be satisfied. >>reporter: last year wendell scott was inducted into the nascar hall of fame. he is still the only black driver in it. michelle miller, cbs news, daytona. police are saying counterfeit bills in siouxland.
6:03 am
released. on saturday the sky had quite a few counterfeit bills. if you recognize him call crimestoppers. you can get a cash reward for information leading to his arrest and conviction. and ida grove man accused of hitting another mouth is vehicles facing more charges. jeremy warner berg was arrested and charged with attempted murder. he drove to the carver in and iowa and got out of his vehicle threaten people with a claw hammer and got back into his car and threw it into reverse, hitting the side of the building . he is facing six charges of assault using a dangerous weapon, willful injury, attempt to commit murder, bodily
6:04 am
criminal mischief. a measure that would give iowans who are terminally ill more access to experimental drugs is moving through the legislature. the state senate approved what's being called the right to drive bill which would help people with terminal illness get access to medicines that are available in a pharmacy but have not been tested and approved trials. they brought the bill to the senate and bertram said he did after a friend who suffers from huntington does the-i for huntington's disease hopes that will be available in other states. surrogate closes a loophole for terminally ill patients who have exhausted treatment options. it's one of those pieces of legislation's and it has been adapted to 20 for other states
6:05 am
want to the iowa senate. they also provide access to treatment for incurable diseases. it's not just a republican issue. people volunteering at the sioux city north fire department are getting a chance to get behind the wheel. one of those firetrucks. they laid out a course for new drivers trying to get the hang of driving a fire truck. before driving the net in the classroom to go for emergency codes aligned with the core should look like. a few changes make this training necessary. >>trucks are bigger and heavier and harder to drive someone to make sure they are safe going to the scene. it takes 20 minutes to drive through the course of the
6:06 am
marked by red buckets. accusations of line have been part of the political campaigns since the beginning of time. it doesn't look like 2016 is any different, but how many of those lies matter to voters and what about canada's change sides are issues on certain matters? >>reporter: on the campaign trail , the truth may be hard to come by. similar they are bringg drugs, crime, rapists. i love mexico. i love the mexican people. smith for most of his life. he has described himself as pro- choice. >>reporter: is it a lie or a flip-flop or does it even matter? >> candidates who are very loyal, most of this will go
6:07 am
matter. >>reporter: but for undecided voters, it can happen impact for candidates in a primary election. >> campaigns and candidates try to make a lot of differences. >>reporter: on gay marriage, hillary ponton likes to say her opinion has evolved from a union between man and a woman to approving of gay and lesbian marriages. >>they either change because of new facts or because they change their mind. >>reporter: voters make ask for other reasons. on the change of heart. >> is it because of other reasons are truly political purposes? >>reporter: online and flip- flopping there is one truth, everything a candidate says in public is now on the record.
6:08 am
back time and time again for weeks and years to come. move over like button, you have some competition on facebook. on wednesday, they announced they were expanding user's ability to react to something on their news. at least only have a thumbs-up button if you wanted to like something and now if you hover your mouse over that come you can choose from like, love, laughing, sad, or angry. >> facebook tested reactions in a few markets last year and got good reviews. the new options are available around the world. if you are at a desktop are using your mobile devices. >> it's nice because it's awkward when you don't want to comment on something that you
6:09 am
pickup like a piece of bad news- i felt like a piece of bad news. so they gave us options but they still did not give us what we wanted, and that is a dislike button. slackware is the thumbs down? the morningside women's team used a three ball to make a comeback against st. mary's. full tournament coverage for your next in sports.
6:10 am
6:11 am
next in sports. should we say what moses up to? similar k, moose, how's it going? >> you did not get attacked by any space gorillas?>> no space gorillas, but i did have some nasty dreams about those things. >> have we heard of our
6:12 am
>> no word yet. certificate takes a while to send that message back, i'm pretty sure. >> looks like we are talking about amazon this morning. do you by much stuff off of amazon? >> i do. i bought this thing the other day because i needed a new water jug. yes. >> you can buy just about anything on amazon and a guy from switzerland, a researcher, said he has come up with how much it costs to buy one of everything on amazon. >>he said there are for hundred 79 million items available.>>-i
6:13 am
that there are 479 million items. if you do the math in your head, that comes to $12.86 billion. >> a couple of zeros. >> i think it's quite a bit more than that. if you're going to buy something on amazon, i have been more--i spend more than $26. so back i found some headphones that i wanted for $99 but $26 seems pretty low. >> when you're talking billions of dollars, you get free shipping.>>and i have to say, i think we lost your video feed.
6:14 am
>> that's an awesome picture, thanks work using that one. >> it's good. i did not know you sent us some head shots. >> , please take me home. please take me home. >> speaking of animals, we are going to talk about this, the american kennel club declared the labrador retriever as the most popular dog breed. there's that. just in case you're wondering. >> i am happy that you photoshop the dog on my head. that dog is awesome. >> i went to see that picture again. >>i was making fun of the picture, the day that i did that but that's awesome that you grab that.>> that's a good look.
6:15 am
thank you. >> we are in so much trouble later.>>now we are zooming in, that's awesome. >> hey, moose, we will talk to you later. >> we will need video for our meet up.>> , maybe. >> talk to you later. >> good morning siouxland where looking at clear and calm conditions. our camera looks like nothing is going on in norfolk this morning. that's a good thing. showers have moved out but we are socked in with these clouds. that's going to break up later in the day. we are very close to freezing here across siouxland.
6:16 am
most of the cloud cover. that's going to continue throughout the day time but what's going to happen today, we are going to become under control of these high pressure systems. basically they are acting like the air will sink and basically we get rid of clouds and clear out and calm down. for tonight. that's going to cool us down but as ahead to tomorrow we will see a warm front to start to form on the west of us and that will dissipate. we will kind of stopped moving. so what that does is bring up winds from the south and that will warm us up for friday and saturday we will see some nice clear skies for both of those days. if you are headed out to the bus stop it's pretty chilly. right at or near freezing and unfortunately we will not make it out of the 30s today. we will see some clearing skies . but even if we see sunny
6:17 am
these guys make it feel much colder than it really is. it will be chilly with 210 so they don't have a lot of cloud cover and allows us to get colder. so it will be nice and sunny and warm up very quickly. we would not be surprised to see a 50 in there as well. and if you look at the forecast , the good day will be saturday. enjoy it while it lasts and 530. here's a look at your scores. brierley on the road like a who's who of naia basketball accomplishments. no team scored more or had more averages per game or had more charges. they hosted northwestern
6:18 am
second in field-goal percentages and part of the state title team, red raiders scoring the first seven points and shayna graves from downtown. he was just getting started. check out these sweet playground moves. later he was open from downtown . that's a swish. chargers coming all the way back and brian forbes stole a ball this season. and morningside game there number one -ranked back. three- pointers were needed in the first quarter and 18-13.
6:19 am
the 18 point deficit is now down to two points. another three, five of 11 the mustangs were down. and this is how they took the lead back. one out for mustangs--one of the mustangs in double figures. allison bachmann right there. the eight point deficit became a three-point lead. morningside it moving on. before the game. jesse clark of the charges was just a few points shy of becoming the 32nd member of the briarcliff club. with a few minutes left in the quarter, tied at 11, needing one more after that to reach 1000.
6:20 am
chargers up. tcu up and getting two more points at the line, a few minutes later, haley, blake grabs the rebound. tcu is up by one and chargers are up by three at this point. chargers are moving on. stromectol the other side of the bracket. it's a battle of teams that are beating morningside this season. northwestern up by a few points in the second quarter. later, northwestern is that by a few points in renie monahan, it's a jumper. moving onto the third quarter. the game is tied at 39. now up by five, gazelle gets
6:21 am
moments later, alex neil and find kelly winkler underneath. lancers are up 65-61 and was just a minute left leland hits a big three-pointer distill the game. they hang on in a tight one over northwestern. that sets up a briarcliff and morningside matchup in the semifinals on saturday. the head coach of the mustangs and the rivalry and on the men's side briarcliff will host midland saturday afternoon. the winner of that game goes on facing nebraska, north dakota.
6:22 am
selections have been released. on the boys side, eighth-ranked iowa hosting wisconsin is the hawkeyes are looking to gain ground. the first half hawkeyes of our by one point finishing with a dunk in later in the first half. anthony clements drains a three. iowa up by three. less than two minutes remaining wisconsin up by one and he's going to throw it in on the other end. iowa falls last night. 67-59. that's it for your morning sports cast.
6:23 am
back to you. woody harrelson and casey affleck lead a large cast in a new thriller at 6:23 am this morning. we will have a preview of 999
6:24 am
6:25 am
sunrise entertainment. 3 "first alert weather with meteorologist cat taylor" 3 highs today will top out in the mid to upper 30s with breezy winds. skies will start out pretty cloudy, but we will see of the day.we will dry out after that for a few days with temperatures quickly warming close to 50 by friday and then over 60 for saturday.another cold front comes in on sunday to close out the weekend with another chance for a little rain with highs in the 50s.
6:26 am
at calm and quiet conditions but not bite on the calm side. if you look at our sky watch camera, those flags are going pretty good because we have a bit of a breeze out there this morning. we have had some showers that have moved out but we have quite a bit of cloud cover and those extend all the way up to fargo and bismarck. we are at 33 in sioux city, but we will see the wins go throughout the first half of the day and that's going to drop our temperatures down. it's going to feel pretty chilly but if you look at our forecast, i would say the end this site but here is what we are looking at, almost 50 tomorrow with sunny skies by saturday, check this out. warm and sunny and 630 but don't go out and washer cars because we have rain coming on
6:27 am
tuesday. woody harrelson a casey affleck lead a large ensemble cast in a new thriller movie. triple 9. suzanne marques caught up with the stars on a red carpet. >>reporter: a gang of corrupt criminals and cops and a thriller triple 9. they're going to create a massive diversion to pull off a bribery across town. smith this is the heaviest in darkness thing i have ever worked on, that says a lot. >> he has a very strong set of core values and they come into collision with a messy and corrupt police department. >>reporter: anthony mackie plays partner to casey affleck. smith there is no black or white.
6:28 am
>>reporter: . the cast also has kate winslet, and woody harrelson, as well as aaron paul from breaking bad, and norman from walking dead. he said it was a fun set. . it's going up the building and cracking jokes. it's pretty easy. >>reporter: this title refers to a police officer who is down. here is what we're talking about our facebook page this morning, labrador retrievers have been into most popular dog breed. we are asking you what is your favorite pet? a lot of folks are saying that dogs are there. your pets. ricky says he misses his dog. and can't send a picture of his puppy. nick said bull terriers and tom
6:29 am
looks like dogs are taking over. >> i am a cat person, but i still love dogs. i don't have a preference really except for my cat. >> how much is too much homework? by kids are getting more than the recommended amount.
6:30 am
6:31 am
the lewis and clark specialty good morning everyone,thanks for starting your morning with us.i'm jacob heller...and i'm meteorologist cat taylor. 3 highs today good morning, thanks for waking up with us. is that breeze still blowing? >> it is. and since we are near freezing. basically that breeze is making a field much cooler than it is in it will stay that way, jake,
6:32 am
you look at our lewis and clark specialty camera. he can see that it's blowing out there pretty well but if you look at our satellite you can see that we had some snow showers overnight with those have gone out of the area but we are socked in with the clouds and that will change as we go throughout the day we have seen temperatures bottoming out this morning and we will stay in the 30s as we go throughout the day set don't expect a warm-up like we did yesterday but these clouds will break up at lunchtime and break up even more to where we are partly cloudy as we head into dinnertime and 380. parents and educators are resigned to the idea that homework is part of learning and succeeding in school, but
6:33 am
>>reporter: this living room is set up as a classroom. a few years ago the new yorker started homeschooling her sons and denise, it was olivia's workload in kindergarten that drove the change. everything she had to do, reading and phonics, writing and math. hispanic it was hard and i did not like to do homework. >>reporter: when children have too much homework, leaves too little time for kids to be kids. dr. jamie howard is a clinical psychologist with the child's mind institute. younger children should get no more than 20 minutes of homework a day. that's in line with the national pta's recommendation of 10 to 20 minutes per night in the first grade and an additional 10 minutes per grade level after that. by 12th grade. that's 120 minutes per night. >> their attention span a short.
6:34 am
like making and keeping friends, spending time with their families. >>reporter: with the time they save on homework, they learn life skills. museums, swimming, the park, music lessons. her kids can enjoy being kids. >>o'neill has a masters degree in education and she is prepared to teach center high school. ideas recalling--macadamia nuts into ounce packages are being recalled from hy vee stores. they come in a blue color to ounce plastic bag and were sold between july 2 last year. february 3 at this year. if you have one of these, throw
6:35 am
your local hy vee stores. this group is looking for volunteers to collect items for packages. these can be protein bars, trail mix, beef jerky. so that requested donations also in cash to help with mailings and things like that. we will continue to do that because this is a super organization. >> if you have anything you would like to donate, you can drop it off at the indian hills shopping area on saturday, february 27. after 50 years of activities in afterschool programs for boys, the girls club of sioux city will become the boys and girls club of siouxland.
6:36 am
club's of america were only one serving only boys. starting june 6. the club will be accepting girls to a summer program. the move reflects the ideas of the clubs national organization. the boys and girls club of america. >> the need is getting greater and greater and sioux city and there are some great agencies that serve girls already, the need is greater than they are able to serve so we want to make sure we are doing our part to help do what we can.>> benson is excited to see brothers and sisters have fun together at club events. fresh produce will be back in seasons in. the sioux city farmers market held a meeting for those vendors be interested in this --part in this year's market where they are looking for
6:37 am
fruits, and flowers. the farmers market will start may 4 and go through october 29 wednesdays and saturdays from 8 am through 1 pm. a winter style event scheduled for the weekend has been canceled because we don't have enough snow. the 14th annual cardboard sled races will not happen this sunday. they were scheduled to be held in search, part. --saitama park. . it's 330 and sioux city. mostly cloudy. winds are very breezy.
6:38 am
6:39 am
6:40 am
6:41 am
than it is so bundle up. we are getting our first look of daylight this morning. it's mostly cloudy but there is some blue sky above that and clouds are moving around quickly. we are getting rid of our clouds very slowly throughout the day today but we are seeing snow showers from overnight move out of the viewing area. everyone is at or near freezing. we do have one, higher wind speed out there. they're going to see these speeds increase throughout the day. that will help break up the
6:42 am
if you look ahead we will be into the influence of these areas of influence. it will help us clear out pretty will have is on the first half of the breezy day and as we go into tomorrow here is the good news, we will see a warm front start to form and move our direction. it will dissipate and go away. but the good news is that will keep southerly win in our area for a few days that will keep the warm air here and we will see some beautiful sunny skies with that as well. you will want to bundle up because we are not going to make it out of the 30s today. it will be gusty and we will see some sunshine by the end of the day.
6:43 am
tonight and we will get a lot cooler at 21. tomorrow, warming up to 49. and i won't rule out some 50s. it will l be even better on saturday with temperatures that are nice and sunny and in the 60s here in siouxland. the siouxland men's course is hoping to make some magic. thanks for waking up early. we appreciate you coming in to talk about this. it's a talent show. tell me about it.>> east--each dinner. singers have the opportunity to share some of their unique talents, other than normally singing in a choir. instruments. some of them may do gymnastics
6:44 am
year. we hope we will have some magical things. we have some special guests coming for special performances and we also might have a magician come. >> you never know. >>this is on sunday, february 28 and we will post it at the shrine temple. surrogate has a great fellowship hall and great food. it's a pretty cool place. the dinner is at 5 pm and the show starts at 6 pm. >> is it show up and buy tickets at the door? so i guess, tickets are seven dollars a person and if there is a family of five or more, it's $30 for the whole family. and like you said, you did a show with that. >> it's fun to see what kids in
6:45 am
showcase them. >> what does it do? what is that about?>> we are a group of three choirs. a third grade acquire and a group of fourth and fifth graders that are the cadets choir of the oldest choirs six through eight. and they get some special training. >> it's nice of these young people who are excited about music can get this experience.>> i think it is. >> it can spark a lifelong love of music. >> we see a lot of alumni having experiences with honor choirs and allstate choirs and careers in music as well. they are doing some pretty awesome things. >> how often do you accept new members? >> you can find our website
6:46 am or give us a call. we welcome you. we don't turn anyone away because we want this opportunity. we want to help train everyone the weekend. >> it sounds like a great program and dinner and show on the 28th. thanks for stopping by. if you want to find out what else is coming up. you can check it out online on our website siouxland sunrise.
6:47 am
6:48 am
6:49 am
icons (ponca)... it's (33) outside at (time)... as we take a look from our good morning. this. 530 outside. we're taking a live look right
6:50 am
to make robots are getting smarter and better and now they have reasons to hate us. what is not to like. i am bridget carey, this is your cbs14 update. --before we begin, i just want to thank my colleagues for covering for me while i was out sick for a few days, which i'm sure you can tell by my improved raspy voice, bubu talking words are necessary anymore, we have emojis to communicate our feelings for the day has finally come. the facebook like button is joined by five additional choices. you do not have a dislike option but facebook has rolled out the heart and other emojis. the new reactions are available
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just long press on the like it. we will see other choices pop up. on your desktop. however your mouse over you are like to choose your reaction. please be thoughtful and how you use these guys but if you are too quick you might accidentallyly sunday. ha ha to a sad opposed. just write a comment to properly express your feelings like a human being because being human is more important than ever right now. why? machines are getting better at walking. boston dynamics has created a new generation of the alice robot. a video released on youtube shows the robot walking out of that office said taking a stroll in the snowy woods. notice that it won't fall down when the snow is slippery, or uneven. it also picks up a 10 pound boxes but the researcher uses a
6:52 am
to show how it will fall that would pushed and he starts knocking the boxes around. why be such a human bully? he even pushes atlas from behind and the robot, weighing 180 pounds, is able to push itself backup. plplse don't agitate your robot or they can just walk out on you and rob the forest, seeking vengeance. the company that owns google hired the voice of god to give gps directions. morgan freeman is available to give you gps turn by turn directions on their free map app. it's a promotion for london has fallen prey you have heard him and documentaries and films and commercials and now he can't
6:53 am
nearest gas station. from our studios in new york, i am bridget carey for try 25. --tran24 overcast ski this morning. you can see in our hard rock hotel casino camera, it's very cloudy but we are going to lose some of this throughout the rest of the day. if you look at satellite and radar we got rid of the snow showers overnight but we have breezy winin as well that wiwi get rid of the cloud cover. this is what we saw last year, 470, this kind of disappointed because we are so close to that . we are not going to make it out of the 30s. it will be a cold one today and here's a look at maximum temperatures coming up.
6:54 am
60s for saturday. we have a big cold front is going to come through tuesday and wednesday will bring some
6:55 am
6:56 am
prepared. it's now (time) as we take a
6:57 am
6:56 am. one more look outside from mark hard rock hotel and casino camera. here's a look at your weather to go. startiti out mostly loudy and breezy. we will break out. cloud cover by lunchtime at 38 and 36 by dinnertime a partly cloudy. good morning, this is your siouxland traffic today. officers will be running radar on interstate 29. have a safe drive totowork and school this morning. here is your news to go, severe storm systems brought destruction to the carolinas and virginia, the storm turned deadly. in waverley virginia. tornadoes were also reported in north
6:58 am
power outages in the northeast. presidential candidates square off in the 10th debate tonight in houston, texas. the last meeting before super tuesday. marco rubio and ted cruz are said to be taking on donald trump. on the democratic side, clinton and sasaers are gearing up for the south carolina primaries on saturday. and encryption fight between apple and the fbi is going on right n. in the interview on wednesday. the company ceo, said it would be bad for america. if apple helped unlock the iphone. i wanted the san bernardino terrorists. he is ready to take the battle to the supreme court. be sure to check out siouxland for the latest news, sports and weather. i decided to say goodbye from a different spot. >> i like it. it's more comfortable. celexa thing that's not going
6:59 am
going to be those temperatures. 380 today. that doesn't'tound too bad, but it's going to be breezy and that will make it feel much cooler than it really is. but check out friday and saturday. sunny skies. we will almost hit 50. and we will get to the mid-60s on saturday but don't wash her car. >> i iuess some stuff is coming on tuesday. >> where watching tuesday. it has the potential to be bigger than what we have had in the past few weeks so keep that in mind. where watching that pretty closely. similar thanks for watching.
7:00 am
-- is there a bombshell hiding in donald trump's tax returns? mitt romney suggests the hide. u.s. soccer legend hope solo is in studio 57 for her first interview since raising concerns about zika at the rio olympics. we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> a lot of wind whipping. this is just like not even real. >> powerful storms stretch across the east coast. >> coast guard vessel capsized


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