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tv   Siouxland News at 5 on KMEG  CBS  February 25, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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year to accommodate the climb the number of priests assigned to northwest iowa, jaclyn driscoll joins us now good jaclyn what are the changes coming? >> reporter: diana currently there are 108 parishes in the catholic diocese and with the new proposal to will only be 67 schmitz 40 parishes will be used for prayer only. they will be used for funerals, weddings and prayer as i mentioned that will not hold sunday mass this will go into effect the summer of 2017. >> it is moving from the ministry to buildings, we spent a lot of time running from church building to church building and keeping the structures altogether and it is focusing on the ministry for people. this makes our priests available for pastoral ministry in the things that are important to them and the sacramental life. >> the diocese expects feedback from parishioners to help draft
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each pastor in the current 108 parishes will form a leadership team composed of people actively involved in the church. those people will receive feedback from parishioners and it will be presented in a series of meetings in april this year. >> at that point we will receive what we are assuming is major feedback regarding the things that perhaps could change under the proposal, and we will take that feedback will make adjustments and refinements to the plan. >> in sioux city, sorry about that some technical difficulties, they will move from eight parishes down to four, sacred heart will remain the same, blessed sacrament and saint michael will be combined to name holy cross, the cathedral of the epiphany, same office and st. john assessed -
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the parishes were structured with the catholic school system that each of the combined parishes will hold sunday mass in the church associated with the schoooo sioux cici police have made an arrest in the nearly 2-year- old crime and are thinking dna evidence frightened by the suspect . police say 24-year- old joseph linkret tied up and robbed a local manager of a local bank, a band-aid was found and it was sent to the state crime lab in des moines for testing and that identified him now faces charges of first- degree burglary and first- degree robbery. he is currently being held on a $100,000 bond. a suspect in a more recent robbery case is also behind
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into an apartment on summit street, stole clothes and electronics from homeowners before being forced from the apartment by a resident who later identified him to police. when arrested wedneay at the warming shelter he was in possession of some of the stolen items along with drug paraphernalia. he is charged with second- degree burglary, fourth degree theft, and possession of drug paraphernalia and is being held on a $50,000 bond. timely a man wanted for escaping from sioux city's work release facility last month is back until tonight, 26-year-old jacob petit was placed on escape statas generally 26th after failing to return from an outpatient treatment program. he was just there of a 10 year sentenceor robbery and was arrested with the city police as being held on a $1500 bond at the woodbury county jail.
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warning customers of a gaga station n monitor their credit and bank accounts, officers say a credit card skimming device was found that one of the gas pumps at the cubbies gas station on south at the cubbies gas station on s. york st. this afternoon during an inspection. while the device has been removed and all other pumps have been cleared, there is no telling how long the device found has been there and in usus policeceay the best way to avoid becoming a victim of such devices is always pay inside and use cash. if you're looking to adopt a rescue dog the siouxland humane society has a dozen new options available. the 12 dogs have been living at home near shenandoah in southwest iowa before being surrendered to the siouxland humane society on wednesday. their previous owner has rescue dogs and kept them at his residence for many years but is preparing to go to hospice care and wanted to make sure his dogs would find new and loving
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the story touched our hearts and that is why we were so glad to assist in any way we could. it was one of his wishes that these dogs would be going to wonderful, loving and forever homes and we will do everything we can to help this man with his wish.>> the humane society picked up 12 dogs from the man's home yesterday and will return for another six when he does enter hospice care.>> a very loving home, the guy loved his dogs, he cared about them, you could tell. he could tell by looking at them who they were, what personality they were, what they liked and what they didn't like. he had a nice write up for us on each one of the dogs. which is very nice and helpful.>> the 12 dogs currently available at the siouxland humane society include labs and lab mixes.
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the 59th annual siouxland home show, the annual four-day long event is underway at the sioux city convention center downtown. features, displays and exhibits from dozens of areas home- improvement companies and contractors and it is put on by the home builders association of greater siouxland which is using money raised from this your show a good cause of the community.>> they put a lot of thought and work into the boots to show their products. we want to inform the public not only through their speech but if they just look at their boots they will be able to tell what kind of workmanship they do. >> the home shows up until 9 pm tonight and will reopen tomorrow from 1 pm to 9 pm and 11 am to 9 pm on saturday and wrap up between noon and 5 pm sunday. the sun did not make an appearance this afternoon and
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see more of the light snow tonight? now, we will eventually see skies clear out through the evening and that will lead us to what should be a fantastic next few days with highs in the upper 40s expected friday and of course warmer still saturday. take a look at sky watch camera from ottawa, looking at overcast skies right now. as you satellite imagery the cloud cover going from sioux falls only to lincoln. like i said it will eventually clear out and temperatures will cool off tonight but at the same time warm up friday, 34 and sioux city right now, 37 lincoln and 42 it north platte, and our evening planners is look for the cloud cover to hang around, 26 by midnight and it will be the lower 20s on friday. we'll talk more about a warmer forecast coming up in a few minutes. students at modern day school and sioux city showed off their mastery of overcomplicated machinery this afternoon.
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science class designed and built so-called goldberg machines where you have three simple machines to complete a simple task in the machines goals were to deliver food to officially. >> we came up with the idea during the school year to make a plan and we had to bring different stuff, like i brought racetracks and they brought cars, and a pulley, and made it from online.>> the students use items like toy cars, dominoes and lincoln logs to design and build their machines. pages from sioux city's 100 185th have completed painting a vietnam war era f 100 jet. the f 100 supersaver jet will be on display in washington dc later this spring. it took two weeks for air guard painters to completely restore this fighter jet used in myrtle
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trainer jet for pilots going to vietnam. it will now be a static display and no longer flown.>> painting it knowing it will be brought to dc for years to come and be on prominent display there is a sense of pride that it has a sioux city connection>> we appreciate what a great job that they did and to represent sioux city.>> if you would like to see more images of the aircraft we have a link to the 185th air refueling wing's photo gallery and this story on a website, a texas sized showdown, that is the setting tonight where the republicans can at eight square off for the last time for super tuesday. we have more from tonight's debate site in houston with a preview of tonight's action. >> reporter: this is the 10th time the republican candidates
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the field has bundled and we're now down to the final five men hoping for the nomination. the stage is set and the players know their roles, donald trump is the front runner spoke to cnn last night.>> will be totally prepared, people have not done very well against me and so far everybody that has attacked me has gone down. spirit that will not give the ototr candidates from drying, marco rubio telling a crowd in houston this. >> the front-runner donald trump haalluded to the fact >> watcher senator. rubio to appeal to estaishment republican voters for sensor test crews who is from texas to take home-court advantage. >> this is the state of texas is time to choose and it is a minimum and ininhis room and across the -state men and women in this room and across heard >> ben carson and john kasich determined to pick up all- important delegates. get ready because what happens in this debate hall what
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this super tuesday. if you're playing along at home you have more information at your fingertips than any other election and history, check this out, the big-screen of the debate from google and minute by minute reaction from voters like you. it is important to stretch before and after your workout and comimi up after the break in tonight's health watch we will show you how there can be benefi to stretching just for the sake of it. you're watching siouxlandnews at five on kmeg14 with larry wilson, diana castillo, chad sandwell, and
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neyenhouse , this 3 you may think stretching is only beneficial after a workout routine, but in today's health minute, mary moloney explains the
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only beneficial after a workout routine that in today's health minute we explain the advantages to stretch beyond th. >> reporter: flexibility is important at any age and one of the best ways to improve your joint range of motion is by regularly. experts from the mayo clinic flexibility exercises at least 2 to 3 times a week and can do so at home, the gym, or even network. soso tips to consider while chiming - trying to improve flexibility, when stretching focus on calves, thighs, hips, lower back, neck and shoulders and make sure the stretch both sides. old your stretch and hold each stretch for at least 30 seconds and remember breatheheormally arid do not aim for pain. expect to feel some tension bu not pain and if the position you are in hertz ease up until it no longer is in pain.
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chi can help you be more flexible in specific movements and experts warn only use proper technique, setching abruptly can do more harm than good. st. luke's is taking steps to improve mental health for patients and sioux city and the aim to improve access to mental health care by including this option in all the primary care clinics. many diseases are associated with mental health and can greatly impact the recovery for patients. there is a growing need for healthcare professionals in this field, i hope to improve that by working with iowa for a residency program to create more behavioral health.>> we want to embed counselors and specialists into the primary care offices which is a big initiative for us we continue to look at opportununies to grow our own behavioral health
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deal with access issues that exist right now.>> currently st. luke's doesn't have enough counselors for all the primary care clinics but says it is something they are striving for. the e task that comes with the parent of the school-age kid is helping him or her out with homework and unfortunately changes in the way that students are taught reading, writing and arithmetic these days has got some parents flat- footed to the point they need a refresher course in the basics themselves.>> standards we learned are no longer that way and so we need to bring you into the fold andndhelp you so you are successful at home in supporting your child. >> coming up tonight on siouxlandnews at 10 we will take you to one of these parent university classes where the kids are helping teach mom and dad. take a look at our almanac this thursday, we saw very cool day today with not much
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about a 10th of an inch of snow 3 "first alert weather with siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell." 3 3 chad and diana talk about today's weather and the upcoming foreca. 3 we been doing with temperatures and 40s the past couple of days and then 30s was always thought today but do not get used to the 30s because as we have been talking about all week long much warmer weather is head our way. downtown sioux city is showing mostly cloudy to overcast skies, that is primarily the responsible party and seeing those temperatures with a very small range today and also looking at overcast skies at
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hospital in yankton, a more omins picture, and at ottawa we are looking at the overcast sky, off to the west you might see a few breaks in the cloud cover which will be the trend into the evening and overnight hours. extended forecast, great news, temperatures of mcosta 50 degrees with plenty of sunshine friday, temperatures on saturday we keep bumping them up a little bit each and every day, mid-50s possible the first part of the weekend, and on sunday a little bit of rain possible, back up to 60 monday tuesday. not a lot of model agreement with the system so we'll keep our eyes on closely friday through the weekend and hopefully we'll get a better idea on exec a tuesday will entail. the last six hours showing plenty of cloud cover across the area we managed squeeze oua few snowflakes late last night but other than that quiet through the day, breezy north winds is expected and as we work our way through the night
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front will try to push and turning the winds around, first to the south and eventually to the west southwest which is of course a warm wind. early tomorrow afternoon tinsel warm up with mostly sunny skies, looking for highs in the upper 40s i'm a big it's even warmer still for saturday as we're looking at all kinds of sunshine, westerly winds picking up saturday afternoon pushing our temperatures up into the lower and middle 60s. right now sioux city 44 degrees and cloud cover, 12 miles per hour for wind, humidity 75% and tonight we're looking for an overnight low of 23, things will cool off a bit definitely an mostly cloudy skies with light southerly winds. tomorrow would top out at 49 calling it a mostly sunny sky a beautiful day with west southwest winds 5 to 10 miles per hour. here it is, saturday looks like the best day by far, 64 the high on saturday and will keep temperatures way above normal
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of next week.>> earlier it was 64 and i liked about even better arid the hawkeyes cover displaying home loss to the
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east side baseball "sports, with sports director chris neyenhouse." 3 we are about 2 and half weeks from selection we are about two and half weeks away from college basketball and a handful of days ago we saw the hawkeyes with the ap sports rent team with an inside track on the number one seed in the tournament. but after the noun number eight squad suffered its second consecutive loss last night this time to wisconsin, it has certainly changed, the hawkeyes play at ohio state sunday
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south sioux city grad and point guard matt gesell, his feelings about his team haven't changed despite the losses. >> we know that we could be the best team in the country and we have show that before. it is not like that has left us. we just have to get back to playing that way.>> the east baseball team has an uber had this will coach and his tongue big things, former west carthage kevin [ null ] is for places jerricho cotchery step down after last season. that was reported in the sioux city journal and confirmed d to siouxlandnews, [ null ] us was 86 and 35 in three seasons at west from 2000 to 2002 and was also the softball coach at north on 2003 to 2008 and in 2008 he became the first in sioux city history to reach a state title game. saturday night at seven the sioux city bandit kickoff the title defense against the omaha
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it will not have last seasons mvp but you have to figure that a man named for high schools mr. football 2009 might be pretty good as well. aj graham is the new starter quarterback in the head coach believes he has what it needs or what it takes to deliver the team the fourth championship in six seasons. >> aj is a big, tall and strong that i can throw the ball very well and he has a great pocket presence. he feels fresh, if the defensive lineman is coming at him he avoids the rush and is able to step up and the pocket. or hurt a team with his feet.>> i was rely on my returning players that have been here and they know what to expect, like i said,d,iving newcomers and myself knowing it will be a big part. >> where the special edition of game night coming your way tonight.
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when i early, we start and iowa. south o'brien and siouxland community will be at west high school. south sioux city hosts can northeast and the final home game in a trip to state is on the line. down in the nebraska team or c17 subdiststct finals, pierce and addison meet to decide, and then battle creek and loop. vermillion at dpj, the next at dakota valley and the winners s square off for the region title with a a rip to stataon the line. meanwhile we will be warmer tomorrow. >> yes, we will see a cool night tonight with temperatures
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in it will clear out during the day tomorrow and looking for mostly sunny skies and a beautiful high of 49 degrees treated>> chad and chris made the list of winners, larry not only to the top spot for the number one tv personality he also took the number one spot for best hair. i admit this way when i was jeals when i saw i came in second place and i decided i needed to change and get on my hair game.e. this couou be my new look. chk it out. that of course is larry's perfect pair photoshop. you can have my second-place hair.
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next year >> pelley: tonight's republican debate takes@on new urgency.
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catch trump before next week's super tuesday. also tonight, elizabeth palmer takes us inside syria at a turning point in the civil war. >> reporter: there is certaiaiy no cease-firir here at the moment, and there's not going to be any time soon. >> pelley: daylight reveals the destruction done by a night of violent storms. and will this idea take off? plans for a widebody aircraft for wide bodies. >> at the end of the day, it's all abououmaking money. this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: tonight, the five candidates are holding their final debate before super tuesday, the 12 primaries and caucuses that could be the turning point. for somomit is a fight for survival, but for dominant dona trump, he is expected to draw most of the fire tonight, and now his tax returns have becoco an issue.


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