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tv   Siouxland News at 10 on KMEG  CBS  February 25, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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they are reorganizing the church. currently tlgs there are 108 parishes and there will be 67. they will remain open but no longer hold mass. they would hold funerals and weddings. they are home to 43 of the 42 parishes. >> it's moving from the buildings. we spent a lot of time running from church building to church building to really focusing on the ministry for people to make it available for pastoral ministry and for things that are important for them and their
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>> the 108 parishes will conform the team. it will be prevented in a series of meetings in april this year. >> at that point we'll receive, what feedback that could change under the proposal. we'll very seriously and we'll make adjustments and refinements to the plan. >> in soouz city they will combine to rename the cathedral. immaculate conception and the nativity will be combined. will hold sunday mass in the church
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>> a group of friends from northeast nebraska come together for a benefit for a friend battling cancer. age of 32, sarah jones was diagnosed with triple negative >> diana, 5 years ago at the age of 32 sarah jones was diagnosed with triple breast cancer and renounced in remission 2 years later. now her latest pet scans reveal most of the cancer has moved to her bones. the largest tumor is wrapped around her sternum and pressing against her heart. but despite of her challenges she has a positive outlook. one of her favorite hobbies is painting. i met with her friends in nebraska who are teaming up to help pay for her medical bills. >> it hits home.
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usually don't get breast cancer. we have taken a lot of pride in doing this and we want everybody to come out. >> we all got together tonight to talk about what we are going to do with the auction and raffles. >> jones is currently on medical leave and also taking chemo pills at home. the benefit will be held on april 10th, in emerson, nebraska. >> those in siouxland got a chance to compete. the annual competition is part of the entrepreneur week. this week seven businesses pitched their ideas to local business experts hoping to win a $4,000 grant. >> this is a tailgate game indoor and outdoor. the best part is it takes up less space and when not in use hang
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decorative item for the team or whatever image you want to put on the board. >> tonight's events was sponsored by the active team. sioux city police have identified 24-year-old joes ef is one of two men who broke into the home on may 16, 2014. tying up the manager of a local bank. a band worn by one of the robbers was sent to the lab for testing. that testing identified him and now he's charged with first degree burglary and robbery. a man is also behind bars tonight after he broke into an apartment on summit street stealing
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from homeowners and forced to leave the apartment. he was still in possession of some of the stolen items along with some drug paraphernalia. he was charged with burglary and theft and held on $50,000 bond. >> sioux city police are warning people to monitor their bank accounts after a gas station had a device on one of it's systems. while that device has been removed and all pumps checked and cleared, there is no telling how long the device has been in use. the way to become a victim of such devices is to always pay inside and use cash.
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home show taking place at the convention center downtown featuring area homes and contractors. the home show is put on by hold builders association using the money to show a good cause community. renovate homes for wounded veterans. the show is open from 1:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. on saturday and wrap up until noon on sunday. the siouxland main land society is opening up. before being surrendered to the siouxland humane society wednesday. the owner has kept dogs for many years. he's preparing to go into
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the dogs new homes. the 12 dogs currently available at the siouxland society include labs and lab mixes. the report of a mass shooting which came about 5:00 tonight in the town of heston about half an how far north of city of wichita, kansas. the shootings took place at four separate places around the plant which makes lawnmower and other turf care equipment. >> the five remaining presidential
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rubio and ted cruz. they will try to pull off the massive -- uptake of the caucasians -- caucuses. >> the million of the watches of 2015. back in july ceo tim cook told analyst they were convinced the watch would be one of the top gifts of the holiday season. the apple watch comes in three models. the cheapest the apple watch sport is at $349. apple had no comment on the report. we'll take a look at the forecast. skies will clear out. that's going to leave us to a very chilly start friday morning. make sure the kids are bundled
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they are going to warm up fast. we'll tell you all about it after the break. 14 with larry wentz, diana castillo, siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell and sports director chris
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3 "first alert weather with siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell." 3 3 chad and diana talk about today's weather and the upcoming forecast. after today's temperatures, i hope you have something better tomorrow. >> we are going to see a lot more sunshine tomorrow. it kept our temperatures on the cool side. tomorrow and saturday will be a whole different story. take a look at the cameras this evening. the cloud cover is hanging south
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look at the 7-day forecast. 49 tomorrow, 64 saturday and still looking at the temperatures at 60 and 50 on monday. the thing about tuesday, at least at this point models still not in a good agreement. that forecast can change. you want to hours and we'll have a better consensus on what tuesday will bring. the clouds are hanging tough this evening. as we continue through the early night hours, that's going to help temperatures dip in the lower 20s tomorrow morning. most of the clouds to the south of sioux city and will continue to move out throughout the day and on friday. we can look forward to southwest winds which will help the temperatures move to 50 and then it
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for saturday afternoon and then we look out west for a system out of the rockies saturday night and will make it way eastward and there will be a potential for a little bit of cool weather. relative humidity at 79%. look around the area, 25 and wayne, and we've got a quad of 30s. as we work our way into the late to evening hours. temperatures are expected to continue to drop. mostly cloudy skies. 22 the overnight low. tomorrow is going to be a beautiful day. high temperatures topping out at 49 degrees. saturday is the hum dinger of the day. sunny skies. 46 degrees. when it comes to helping kids
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what parents are finding the need to
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parents are heading back to class so they can help with parents of class to get help with homework. it's not just parents of high schoolers. that need a refresher. >> these mom's and dads are learning computer skills at the university. joanne is back in class with her kindergarten ner nicole. >> we need to understand how they are being taught so we don't get frustrated. >> schools across the country offer the classes for free. this one is very popular. this one in long island had more than 60 parents eager to participate. >> did you think you have to go
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to school? >> no. i got my masters degree 5 years ago. >> parents need a refresher because reading and math are taught so different now. >> the school started the classes to help parents learn more about the common core curriculum which sets the national standard for english and math. now, they touch on a variety of topic. >> we try to tell the parents that the standard that we learn is no longer that way and so we are trying to help you so you can understand your child. >> if they are moving at the pace they are moving now in kindergarten, i can only imagine what it's like in second and third grade. the biggest difference in
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visually and neither are likely to go away. >> once the green houses are open in the springs, do you buy flowers? >> there is one thing that
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don't do that are killing it's winter...most greenhouses in siouxland aren't open right now...but that doesn't mean the people who >> it's winter. most greenhouse in siouxland aren't open right now, but that doesn't mean that the people who run them aren't busy. we go to find out how much work is into those plants before you can even buy them. >> lights are off, doors are closed. you would think this was the
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season at the green acres greenhouse. >> year average i round about a quarter mile per day. from late january until june. >> greg could use 8 days a week to keep up with the 1,000 variety of plants he grows. who knows how many he sells each year. >> it's up there in the couple million, but we don't have anybody counting. >> he's making the seed linkss so they can grow. >> having these in the winter can be tricky. you have to trick the plants. >> we have to interrupt the night right now so they think it's summer. >> when you take the plants home once the selling season starts in april, greg says there is one important thing gardeners don't do.
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plants in containers. >> if you water, fertilize. >> if you are watering everyday, that's twice a week with fertilizer. if you only twice a week, that's once with fertilizer. i liked it better when i knew how much it was. >> you can nominate them on our website or e-mail me. it's the last game night of the 2015-2016. but it maybe the biggest one
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have eight huge match ups 3 welcome back to the final game night of the 2015-2016 it's the last time we are going to hear that song for a while. welcome to the 2015-2016 season. let's get right to them. no. 4. in the capital of the world. they are there earlier in the game. it's good. pass. up by 7 onto the second half
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he's down and not a second will say about it. crusaders fell 58-83. and which is too much offensively. the pass inside is justin to make it deal. brady, inside. that's good. they move on. 77-59. >> 1a district. no. 4 boyd. kyle baker is going to post off and get the inside basket. he takes the early lead. next possession, central lions responds quick with an inside basket of their own. game tied. later in the quarter, he did not walk
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throw line. lions take the lead. staying strong with the dribble draw. once he's making it look easy and later in the half, they manage from the corner and give the lions the lead. they come to checkout the moves. central lion, feeling it. 58-53 the final. and south looking at 23 from the division title. south of bynes. 38-18. christian down by 18. fourth quarter now, down low. gets the
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-- next he hits the open. no. 1 south sioux city girls in the district finals. a trip to the stadium. next possession, haley hits the jump shot 75 cardinals. later it's 9-7 and open in the corners it's 14-11. 69-57. anywhere.
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welcome back. south dakota's girls regional semifinal matchups have plenty of drama to them. elk point jefferson and dakota valley could meet in a >> welcome back. south dakota girls regional matchup has plenty of drama to them. both teams faced top opponents tonight. their first quarter. up 13-5. down low, to twieler.
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the possession to donnelly with the field. she misses the lay up but she drew the end one. that's the next shot. then there is one to stick with the play and hailey nails that. puts it in. donnelly. up 18-12. the press was working and working the defense back in football. huskies down 54-28. she covered her eyes and she popped her finger back in place. that's what it looked like. she's the multiple track and field star. end of the third quarter.
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was down to 9. makes it to 7 and got wingey with it. just 42-38 with 7 minutes to go. it's a steal. up to johnson. lead down to 2. panthers ball after johnson scores there. you watch this play right here. the ball is away and then they call over and back. head coach says, let's get together. it's a valley ball. here is hoffman for the tie. no. just off the rim. orioles off the throw. final, back to nebraska. this is the boys c 17. no.
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pierce is up one. next possession is awe intestines -- austin freeman. now up 9-4. let's going to the second quarter. pierce up 42-7. pierce moves on. they win at 62-39. >> lutheran high northeast, winner takes up the district. late in the fourth quarter. lutheran high up and now they are up with the 3. moments later with the in bounds play. battle creek with reed to the basket. 47-45 with under 5 seconds to play. toby, it's the jumper to tie it up.
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with the tough shot, 49-27 with 24 seconds left. free throws with 49 in 10 seconds left. he hits the runner with one second left. 149. that's how it would end. now it moves on 51-49. great way to end your week. ending in over time and dancing in the nebraska district. gtra advancing to iowa. thanks to everybody.
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