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tv   Siouxland News at 5 on KMEG  CBS  February 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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problems. 3 3 an admission of guilt from the man charged with murdering his mother a year and a half ago at their home near akron.tonight... we're learning just *what* prompted jonathan neunaber to kill his mother esther. 3 earlier this afternoon... neunaber entered into a plea agreement with plymouth county prosecutors... admitting guilt to a charge of 2nd degree murder. 3 our nick popham was in the courtroom as he explained *why* he killed his elderly mother.nick... what reason did he give? 3 larry, diana... the 45 year old essentially said his reasoning was because of a different death in his family. 3 jonathan neunaber sat before judge steven andreasen and the rest of the courtroom in jonathan neunaber set before the judge in the rest of the courtroom in plymouth county courthouse leading guilty to two separate charges. the first is murder in the second degree and the second is willful injury, a classic the events.
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neighbor built his mother to death with a steel pipe back in june 2014 in the family home and following the death of his father neunaber had a sudden realization that became his motive to commit the crime.>> when dad died i did not know what to do next. i was not prepared to be the man of the house.>> that realization led to the mother of his mother - murder of his mother esther. the judge decided the ruling was fair.>> jonathan neunaber it has been found guilty of the charge of murder in the second degree and also guilty of the charge of willful injury. >> today he tried two different offenses on the first-degree murder charge including a defense of insanity and a defense of diminishing responsibility, neunaber also says on the night he killed his mother he took pills trying to
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so.>> i took some pills with the idea that we could be very together. that did not work and i am still here. >> as a result of this new plea neunaber could possibly face up to 60 years in prison.>> now the sentencing hearing hasn't been scheduled yet but that is because neunaber has about two weeks to see if you was to change his mind about the plea. a man charged with a fatal stabbing earlier this month is facing more serious charges tonight. the woodbury county atty.'s office is now charging elias wanatee with first-degree murder in the death of vernon mace. he had previously been charged with second-degree murder in the case and has been held in woodbury county jail on $800,000 bond and is scheduled to be arraigned on the new charge next monday, march 7. a man is facing nearly 1 dozen charges after a high- speed chase through spencer and rural clay county yesterday
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attempted to stop 30 10 william stockwell for seatbelt violation and after stopping he did drive off in the chase reached speeds of more than 90 miles per hour . stockwell crashed into a ditch and was arrested and is charged with felony meth possession, drug paraphernalia possession, eluding and several traffic offenses. more tonight about the rest of the minnesota man believed to be behind the theft of a pizza ranch delivery van. 26-year-old ivy popplewell was arrested in ottawa kansas on friday evening and had been on the run from worthington minnesota after an altercation with police. they say he stole the pizza ranch man from a restaurant in sheldon for ditching it at a farm near lawton and stealing the semi. that semi truck was found sunday at a truck stop in the same count where popplewell was arrested heard and in woodbury county he is facing a charge of
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two teenagers accused of the robbery spree across the city, macayla knight entered a written not guilty plea of the charge of first-degree robbery that she is facing while jamaal ferguson had his bond reduced from $75,000 jamaal ferguson had his bond reduced from $75,000-$50,000. his older brother justin is also charged in the case has already posted bond. jamaal is facing three counts of first-degree robbery but in order to reduce the judge ruled that prosecutors are likely to drop one of the counts. chad started out this morning warming up nicely but that stopped about 10. >> let me say this, now we will be on the lookout for snow, what is the deal?>> a cold front has come through in temperatures drop throughout the afternoon it was a have cloud cover in place and already seen so across eastern portions of south dakota and it has not made it the internet. this is brought to us by the lewis and clark specialty hospital, sky watch camera
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shown february and it is leap year that we're looking at some which are scenarios, so across eastern south dakota working its way southeastward through the night. not going to see a whole lot of snow but in sioux falls it is when one and in sioux city it is 34 after hi5 mid-forties this afternoon and evening planners says look for temperatures to drop. a little bit of so possible as early as midnight but it is over quickly and temperatures start off on the cool side tuesday. we will see more temperatures go the rest of the week in a few minutes. some may say he could run before he could walk but matt hampton never took running very seriously and was actually it was wrestling he excelled in but it was his lover them into a pro. he is a professional triathlete competition halfway across the world in new zealand.>> i spent three years as an amateur
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i did not really have any aspirations of going professional when i first started. >> news reporter jaclyn driscoll has his full story coming up tonight on quibec 14 at 10. i campaign by mercy's child advocacy center to build a new facility got a boost this afternoon, the sioux city association presented the center with a check for $5000 and the center serves the victims of child abuse and 35 counties surrounding sioux city. it plans for a new facility that would make the mission easier by adding interview an exam rooms and center leaders donation. >> we cannot do the work we do without them and i think it would be safe to say the police department feels the same way about the child advocacy center.>> that newly expanded center will be across the street from the mercy campus in sioux city police sergeant. jeremy deport said the center's work is essential for helping employees track down and arrest
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that difficult task. speaking of public servants sioux city fire and rescue celebrated the retirement of captain. kelly hampton is retiring after firefighters together for coffee and cake to reflect on his career and he says spending time with his fellow firefighters is what he will miss most about his job.>> i appreciate the time i have been given to spend with the guys department. it is something i will never forget and it is something i will brag up every day. although i have lost the title of fire captain. , retired firefighter will always be a part of what i do.>> hampton plans to spend his retirement traveling the country starting and ending in the black hills. donald trump has gotten the endorsement of new jersey governor. chris christie last week i will governor. says he's not ready to support
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in his weekly news conference this morning governor. brandt or governor. branston said regardless of whether you agree with christie's endorsement or not he will respect it as a strategic and timely move that helps move the spotlight off marco rubio's good debate performance back to donald trump. >> i think it was a brilliant move and it obviously changed the coverage. so i think it it was strategically a good move but i'm not intending to make any endorsement in the near future. i think we will get some indication as to how things are going when you have all the states that will vote on super tuesday.>> branstad said i was received a federal grant for six communities to help improve health care in the state innovation model, or sim initiative will bring together doctors and local healthcare associations to focus on
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the democratic presidential primary hillary clinton leads bernie sanders by nearly 400 delegates despite the fact that when combined the four states who have voted, iowa, new hampshire, nevada and south carolina to not assign 400 delegates. >> reporter raffi williams explains insights did you know segment. >> reporter: the presidential primary process is confusing, on the democratic side hillary clinton and bernie sanders are fighting to be the first candidate to amass 2382 delegates. that is the number needed to win the nomination and a delegate is a person will vote at the convention. the democratic party has two types of delegates, pledged and unpledged. pledged about to vote for the candidate who when their states nominating caucus and unpledged delegates known as superdelegates are not bound to vote for any particular candidate or it superdelegates consist of party leaders like members of congress, governors, state party chairs and former leaders.
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delegates that will attend 712 of them are superdelegates. that is about 15%. after each nominating contest the candidate gets assigned delegates based on the percentage of those they received. superdelegates have let's look at new hampshire. sanders won in new hampshire landslide and he got 15 pledged delegates and clinton got nine but clinton had worked to get six out of the eight superdelegates to vote and the other two are undecided. this means at the end of the day clinton and sanders are tied in new hampshire having 15 delegates each. across the country clinton has locked up superdelegates even in states who have not voted yet. this is how she can have a lead of over 400 delegates despite only a handful of nominating contest being held. so now you know how clinton maintains such a large lead over sanders despite being neck and neck when it comes to voting. in washington i am raffi williams.
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voters in nearly a dozen states had to the polls and will have special coverage from a national correspondents. we will be told i think and live streaming to your voice your future super tuesday special tomorrow night and the one-hour special will air a p.m. to 9 pm on the sister station 44.2 and will be streamed live online, again is a one-hour special running from eight apm - from a p.m. to 9 pm. humming up after the break in tonight's healthwatch how your own bad habits may be to blame and what you can do to make it easier to sleep. you're watching siouxlandnews at five on quibec
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castillo, sports director getting a good night's sleep can be hard sometimes... but when does bad sleep become a sleep disorder? getting a good night's sleep can be hard sometimes but when does badly become a sleep disorder? >> kayla novak has more. >> reporter: many people suffer from sleep operation which can cause me changes, memory loss and even an increase in a person's risk for obesity and diabetes. mercifully prolapse mark raymond says it is not only a cost to a person's health but also to their work productivity levels. >> what i have read is that lack of productivity in the workplace causes employers billions of dollars and estimates is as high as $100 billion. >> raymond has never the causes to sleep deprivation to a handful of categories including stress. >> whether it is financial, relationships. >> sacrifice.
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work and do more play and do more things at home or it >> sabotage. >> having poor sleep hygiene and staying up late, maybe reading on an ipad, it admits bluelight that affects the melatonin. that makes sleep force.>> shift work. >> when you factor in shiftwork it is important that employers are monitoring how much they expect from their employees.>> suffering. >> something like pain, whether it is acute or chronic pain, you can keep people awake. >> spouse.>> you might have a spouse that soars or their much more restless then the other person or they have a sleep disorder and the person they are sleeping with might be affected more by the sleep disorder than the one who has it. >> and of course sleeping disorders. the national sleep foundation says the most important way to get a good nights rest is to maintain a sleep schedule with
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on the weekend if you can. if you continue to have trouble sleeping talk to your doctor about what you can do to help get a better night sleep. and be more productive at work. kayla novak siouxlandnews. >> healthwatch was brought you by dune surgical hospital association with mercy medical center. a new mental health facility held an open house this afternoon, sue rivers regional assessment stabilization center will treat adults 18 and older who suffer from mental health issues. they will serve sue, plymouth and woodberry counties and planned open their doors by the end of this month. the program offers a 23 hour observation treatment area for anyone with mild symptoms, as well as a more intensive program for those in need.>> if they need more time to stabilize they can come over to the stabilization center side which has nine beds, individuals can stay up to five days.
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nurses, three crisis technicians, a care coordinator and therapist.>> the issue we have is that individuals don't have a place to go, let's say they do not meet the hospital level of need. but they also are able to be safe to stay home and so this is a middle ground where people can come in stabilizing get access to services they need and then return back to the community when they are safe. >> the facilities funded through siouxland mental health and sue rivers region. take a look at the almanac today, the last day of february this year and we saw a beautiful day early, 46 was the high temperature, since then temps have been dropping and as we head towards march will we
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the winter "first alert weather with siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell." 3 3 chad, diana and larry talk about today's weather and the
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3 72 degrees in sioux city, it not only beat that shattered the record and then we saw temperatures a little cooler today. by the end of the night it will be changing to snow, so things can change on a dime this time of year. sky watch camera looking at downtown sioux city, showing overcast skies across the area, here's a look at the dakota dunes, the water tower when you look at it you see the clouds are thickening up. same thing at ottawa. cloud cover will be there and that is not only for today and tonight but probably right through the middle part of the week. we will see some snow tonight and another mix possible wednesday night into thursday with temperatures only the lower 30s tomorrow and warming up a little bit for wednesday and thursday. but in good news, take a look at the temperatures for the end of the week, friday lower 50s,
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60s as we close out the weekend with a chance of showers back in the forecast by monday the temperatures in the middle 60s. taking look at satellite radar imagery cloud cover beefing up and across portions of south dakota recently seen so, report near chamberlain of already 5 inches of no. we will not see quite that much as we see this system fight to the east, better chances of snow up along the interstate 90 court or in along highway 18 with northwest iowa but that is where the bigger snow will be. we'll take a look at totals in a minute but watch how quickly everything moves to the east. this is a look at tuesday morning and everything is pushing off in the southern wisconsin in northern illinois. cloud cover hanging around tight tuesday afternoon, a little bit of a break late in the day but if we had to wednesday the cloud cover starts to come back but also the warm front is pushing through so we will see temperatures inch their way back up it 40s expected for both wednesday and thursday. we do have another boundary
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wednesday night that will bring in another chance of snow. latest models say anywhere from a quarter inch in sioux city of close to 1 inch in sheldon and spencer. given the snow totals we're already seeing out west i think we probably will see a little bit more than that especially as you work your way up into the northern sections of siouxland late tonight and early tuesday. because we see more winter weather advisory is until early tuesday morning possibly there is in purple all the areas that will see more or less the snow during tonight overcast skies, 21 degrees with such as is picking up, tomorrow the snow ends and high temperature 32. things will stay on the cool side. the extended forecasts we look forward to another great weekend. i am chris neyenhouse library wells fargo arena were
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off, see if the panthers "sports, with sports director chris neyenhouse." 3 i am chris neyenhouse live at the wells fargo arena were witches saw the beginning of the girls won a successful, two teams with very different experiences. for kingsley pierson this was the first track at the storm and 49 years. kingsley pierson making their first trip to state since 1967 taking on springville and the panthers are underdogs in the opener and it was tough going early. rachel mercer puts up a three, kp down 58 early in the second there is another for mercer urges another three, it is 15 to 11 after a springfield bucket it was who else? mercer from downtown and she
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quarter and it was 25 at two 19 1/2. the second half point guard maria keck with the hustle in the hoop with kp down five, they were down by 16 at one point but with less than a minute and a half to go allison bailey pulled the panthers to within four and then mercer with another bucket with 45 seconds to go here it pulled kp back within four points and it would go on to pull it within two points and kp shot 33% on this day. it proved to be the difference. panthers fall 60 to 53.>> my girls had a lot of heart, they got there first tournament jitters out as much as we talk about the term it positive energy it affected everything and we finally started kicking a little bit. it was too late but we did battle back. proud of the girls in the heart they showed. they have always showed that. unbelievably proud. spirit the defending one a champions newell fonda were
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taking on undefeated and think it rains eggs are elk horn kimballton and the game was back and forth to start the second half, newell fonda was up one and after spartans basket back to the mustangs after blocked by aaron kuroki with abby smith to help out with the lead back to three and more magic from smith and the tie, those of the post moves, newell fonda up by two points and more success inside the girls and blue with durkee having the youthful left-hand. the point kept coming down low for the freshman guard olivia larson doing the dirty work, newell fonda goes up one and back and forth they go, maddie moran for two more and mustangs were down one after three quarters.>> newell fonda pulls off a huge win 53 to 42 and it sets up a rematch of last year's finals against springville tomorrow hymie now western christian claims to have a comfortable lead at 28 to 14 right now. hear from newell fonda's
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10 and we will also pilots of this game, can they pull it off? they played like a number one team right now, okoboji and unity christian, unity christian wants to defend their title from a year ago as well. we have a great show free tonight at 10 pm, there should be a lot of fun basketball action and back to you guys.>> alright chris, a full day of action.>> lots of fun but not so much fun here. he said would make it snow.>> yes there was social media buzz last week, anytime we get girls say best law action snow usually follows we do have a little bit of snow in the forecast tonight right on cue. overcast skies with light snow and 21 degrees with north winds 10 to 50 miles per hour. snow should be over early in the evening for us and i think will be looking with the cloudy skies tomorrow with temps topping out 32. really over the next seven days things look really good, we will see another chance of rain stomachs wednesday to thursday
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spec secular weekend with highs pushing back to the 60s before it is all said and done. >> usually the boys tournament
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good.>> are weekend looking >> pelley: on the eve of super tuesday, trump clashes with black lives matter protesters. >> get 'em out. get 'em out. out. out, out, out, out. >> pelley: also tonight, a cop is gunned down on her first day on the job. the big chain food company pleads guilty to selling parmesan that had no parmesan. and david martin with an american hero. >> it's five bronze stars, two purple hearts? >> that's correct. >> pelley: and now the highest military honor of all. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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