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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  September 29, 2016 12:37am-1:06am MDT

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join his family. >> they don't know he's coming. >> the moment he sneaks up for the happiest surprise on earth. >> hey, beautiful. >> two workers take cover at a pharmacy while a customer is now ripping apart the place. >> what happens when he messes with two brave ladies. plus, the buzz word for your chance to win a new ipad mini. how a model's shoot goes belly up. and a 1 year old watching >> minding his own business. >> see what's going to scare him out of his mind. >> come on! >> it's not uncommon for surgeons to be in the o.r. listening to music as they are performing a surgery, but is this perhaps a little too much? this plastic surgeon in columbia starts dancing and busting some
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operation with his nurse. it gets better or worse, depending on how you're going to come at this. he picks up the flap of skin and starts dancing with it as the body of the patient is just flopping around. >> no. no way, man. if that's my loved one or me, i want the utmost professionals, i want you to concentrate. that is totally uncool. >> and that is exactly what authorities are saying when they were tipped offo >> surgery can take in some cases hours and hours, and if you're focusing for that amount of time, even for us in between pitches we're talking and joking around, loosening up. >> i get chilling out and listening to music and taking a break, but to be dancing with implements and flapping around loose skin? >> that is weird. the doctor claims the patient is his aunt.
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when the surgery was completed, she told him to celebrate. the video was recorded three years ago and was only intended for her family. i'm thinking right about now the ladies that work in this pharmacy in russia really were hoping that those cabinets they are standing behind were fastened to the walls or floor or something. instead, this guy, who appears to be in an altered state of mind, is now ripping apart the place. this guy c counters and these two ladies who are about to change shifts in this pharmacy do their best to hold him up. pushing begins and soon after the pushing begins, so does the punching. >> set him off, though. this is the ridiculous part. walked in, hey, can you check my blood pressure. they are like, you can do that yourself right there. that's what set him off. obviously, his blood pressure's already a bit high. >> it appears so.
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appears to get out of the front. right here, picked up a small printer and is beating the other lady with the small printer. this bypasser walks into the store calmly and nonchalantly. he approaches him, tries to get him to calm down. >> oh! >> but he's struck. >> just dodges the head butt and does begin to strike back. these two guys are in a scuffle. that spills back out into the front of the store, where another guy comes in and helps remove the you can see the struggle has left a mess, maybe even the floor there, drag him out the front door, according to some reports an hour passed before police officers were able to show up and respond to this guy. >> according to police, the attacker has been sent to a psychiatric institution. >> this guy right here is about
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and i'm on my way from little rock, arkansas, where i live, to dallas, texas. >> boo, i was hoping he'd go -- vegas! >> it's a five-hour drive he's making at 10:30 at night to get to dallas. why? once he gets to dallas, he wants to fly somewhere else. >> he's trying to make a flight? load up on the coffee, you'll be fine. >> coffee would be good if the shop was open. >> made it to the airport, but as you can see, there's, like, nobody here right now. scary at that time. >> every time i'm at an airport that time of night, i wish i had a bicycle to go ripping through the terminal or a skateboard, if i could ride one. >> all exciting, but where he's headed, even more fun. >> little bit behind, so i should be beating them here, which is great. >> his wife, his daughter, they are at the place, they don't know he's coming.
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he decided i'm going to take time off and meet them, so look where he surprises her. i think the gate area should look familiar. >> hello! yes, they are at disneyland. she's in line. he catches up with her, gives her a bit of a surprise. >> hey, beautiful. >> what! >> if you think that's really cute, wait until his baby girl gets a look at him. >> hi >> that's why dad took that long trip, just to see that look. it just became a wonderful trip. look, they got to meet chewy. guess what time it is, kids, it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you need wednesday's buzz word, be at least 21 years old, and a legal u.s. or canadian resident.
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>> stand by, everyone, for the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway. proving persistence pays off. >> for the past nine months the four of us have been sharing tiny apartments and couches to afford making videos. after a while our videos start to get views all over the world and recently landed in the hands of people working with snapchat. >> snapchat took notice of all the work they've been doing. all right, guys, why don't you go on an adventure, however, not >> matt is french-american and i'm swedish, born and raised in paris. we can travel to these countries without visas. deron, the guy with the camera, is turkish, which takes away these countries and amar is from egypt, which leaves us with these countries. the caribbean happens to be one of the few places that didn't mind the combinations of our passports. >> caribbean, that sounds nice. so the caribbean to do things you've never done before and
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>> oh! >> straight for the mojitos. >> they don't go for the mojitos or sandwich, they come up with something else. the best way to enjoy a view of the city is to go to the highest point. the highest point in cuba is the libre. not allowed up there. that's not going to stop them. >> we're going up to the top first and then see if we can bring the others. >> the thing is -- into the stairwell they start hearing people coming. finally they get up to the top, but when they get to the roof they see a padlock. nope, it's right there wide open. they get themselves up on to the roof and enjoy a view that no one in north america has seen in a very long time. you know what we have to do, go downstairs, get the other guys, bring them up for the sunset. >> i hope they get sandwiches,
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this is day one. what are the next 29 going to be like? you guys want to follow them, find them on snapchat and youtube. i say, yes. this dog loves the pet store. >> i think it has everything to do with the smelly treats inside and all the different toys, all the different things in there, dogs go crazy over. >> but find out why she's upset. and they've got a bag full of -- kinds of stuff. we're going to try and pour it around our body and attract a bunch of seagulls. >> why trying to prank mom doesn't go as plned. >> are you serious? going to disappoint me like this? come can do it! dogs just won't quit. neither does frontline. introducing new frontline gold. with its new easy applicator frontline gold delivers powerful protection that doesn't quit for a full 30 days.
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usually when someone says i'm going to show you something to amaze and astound you it's a magic trick. this right here, a miracle. this happens very quickly. keep watching that train. >> my goodness gracious. >> what you saw was a woman jumping off the train as it was caught and when her scarf got caught, she fell to the ground. when she did, her leg got caught up in the train and she almost was sweat up under it, but the quick thinking constable grabbed her out. >> couple others jumped her out. holding a tray, food. >> great server somewhere but the good news is, they helped this woman up to her feet, she walked away. they say she was shaken but
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legs. >> or her life. this next video, watch what happens here. this van up front moves over to make a left turn. watch this truck coming towards them. >> what are you doing! wow! >> that was pretty close. >> the driver of that truck was stung by a wasp and was swatting it away and kind of lost concentration on what he was doing. >> just a story trending the other day about bees causing these troubles because everyone freaks out. >> the van was able to get out of the way and the truck didn't hit the car with the dash cam, so good driving for both of the other drivers. beach babes and beach bums go hand in hand and i've got both in these videos. the first features model missy out in the beach in hawaii, you knowings doing her thing.
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something always turns out not right. >> looks cool and everything, but then you get water and sand and everything. >> mentioned sand, oli. that's the truth right there. >> right before. >> hair and makeup in here, please. >> they slow down the video and you see her hair is all wet. bye-bye curls. she's a good sport about it. hey, it comes with the territory, i suppose. this next video involves mom. try to pour it around our body and attract a bunch of seagulls. >> there we are headed over, she's over there sweeping. toss the fruit on the sand. >> oh, my gosh. >> is she asleep, is that why she doesn't know what's going on? >> yeah, perfect nap happened on the beach. >> vultures circling around a carcass. >> as the video continues, more and more comes.
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back. food on her. >> they go to great lengths to attract these seagulls and mom sleeps through all of it and the seagulls are like -- >> are you serious, going to disappoint me like this? the one time you want a seagull to do it. they won't perform. >> is this crossing a line by a seagull? >> they have standards and boundaries, too, guys, okay? >> i cannot apparently this dog loves this pet store and at 11:00 or so in the evening while they are just out on a walk they came across this pet store and this dog must love it. samo loves the pet store so much that she does not want to move.
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come on. come on. >> i think it has everything to do with the smelly treats inside and all the different toys, all the different stimuli in there, dogs go crazy over. she is immobile. her owner tugs at her neck. open soon, let's just wait. another cute reaction is one. he's been asking dad for a dog. today this kid is getting it. >> are you serious? are you -- >> i'm going to love him and watch him and keep him and he will be my squeaky. >> thank you so much, dad. >> you're welcome.
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love your drones. you would go to great lengths to protect your drones? >> yes. >> well, some of these guys, here they are shooting a video on the water when the drone goes to return to home mode. >> may day, may day. >> when that didn't work, the boat started to run out of gas, they hopped in. >> hold it up, hold it up. >> shut it down, quick. >> the one-hand grab and a save. >> he's never kicked so his life. >> looks like they took off from the boat, the drone recorded its home spot on the boat, they took off and, well, home is now the water. >> what else do you got? >> now, this guy has made his home in the water. more like a swamp. >> oh! that's perfect. >> there he is wakeboarding in the swamp. yep, that's a canal.
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>> so brilliant. >> look at how well this is working. the guy's able to do tricks with it. if you didn't know there was a horse there, you'd think, wow, big long tow rope or car or something. >> that's awesome. >> these people are pretty excited because they found a sea slug. and it's big. check it out. >> oh! that thing's pretty rad, too, look at that. >> it is pretty rad and i would do the same thing, but makes you wonder how does it feel about its 42 seconds of fame? >> i feel they shouldn't be handling it, am i wrong here, should you not just run off and pick up? >> i don't think so, but i'd be afraid i'd do some damage to it. >> that's what i mean, yeah, wondering about that. poor sea slug. >> they were genuinely excited, too. >> life is exciting, that's why you go snorkeling and look around down there to see what
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they found something. >> weird looking. it's that time, it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you're going to need the buzz word, be at least 21 years old and a legal u.s. or canadian resident. >> head over to and click on win ipad. >> enter the buzz word on facebook, twitter, or both. you can use each every day. >> let's reveal wednesday's buzz word. it's north. >> get over to, click win ipad and enter wednesday's word, north. >> later this week we have bonus give away day. that means somebody's winning an ipad and somebody else is winning a flat screen tv, so good luck. >> parents like play time, too. >> i've decided to sit here. >> see what it is that freaks out this little cutie. >> oh!
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click on tv show, or see it on
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? here's a little man and his daddy. spider. it is close to halloween. >> about half the size of the baby.
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>> hopefully mommy doesn't come. >> why? >> oh, baby! >> this next baby is going to be scared out of his mind for the rest of his life. he's just minding his own business, trusting his parents are going to lead him the right way. they are showing him a commercial. this is an actual commercial. >> come on! come on! >> it's a coffee commercial. i get it now. thanks for watching. hope you enjoyed our lineup for the day's best videos. for more go to or catch us
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guess what time it is? "dish nation," let's do it! ? >> what's up, y'all. welcome to "dish nation." it is hump day and what better way to celebrate than bringing


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