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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  November 9, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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breaking news, a country divided. so celebrating and others protesting. this protest right outside the capital in denver. >> tonight we're monitoring large crowds all over the -?country. you can see a sea of people in new york's union square outside the trump hotel and tower in chicago the proud chanted not my president. >> in oakland california 6000 -- to protest they claimed officers used tear gas to break up the crowd.>> and violence led to panic in seattle. an argument ended with five people shot. ey do not believe the shooting and the protests are related. we showed you a little bit there of oakland. this is a live picture of oakland california right now. it has been pretty crazy in
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on fire and a new stance set on fire. earlier a crowd through bricks or a chair through a cbs window. that responded with chemical agents there that is a scene of unrest postelection in oakland california. tomorrow morning you will see the current president and the next together. president obama will meet with president-elect trump in the oval office. president obama said he is roin and president-elect trump will get the same daily briefing as obama >> marc stewart jones is now. >> the transition has already started to take place. tonight the man wwo ran the trump campaign here in colorado tells me several people from the state are being looked at for jobs with the new administration. republicans say trump wants to make his mark early.
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united states of america, donald trump. >> donald trump victory celebration is coming to an end. tonight several state republicans tell denver7 repealing obamacare, tax cuts for businesses and families along with changes in energy policy could all be tackled in the early months of the administration. issues of high impact here in colorado.>> whether it's securing the border or building jobs, all that is in play. >> gnosis put -- no specific timetables have been set some of the campaign's most sensitive promises will be confronted early on including immigration.>> the biggest think people will look for both on supporters and people that are concerned about him will be this wall and what do we do with the wall and what comes after the wall. what will we do with families that are here but may not be here if legally. >> tonight the trump team is
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earlier this year supreme court justice alison hyde was named by contender before his elected. colorado scientists, business leaders and academic could also hold jobs. >> i think when those decisions are made colorado will be considered like every othhr individual in every other state we want the absolute best candidates with the best abilities.>> promotes himself as antiestablishment, we could see some familiar faces in the cabinet including newt gingrich as secretary of state and rudy giuliani as a possible pack for attorney general. both men were very visible during the campaign. the fears on wall street did not turn into reality. around this time last night as trump was headed towards victory the dow was down by as much as 800 points but today the dow ended up 255 points
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peeling off the clinton logo from the side of the plane and tomorrow basketball team takes it over. we take a little deeper than most and came up with an interesting statistic. donald trump three quarters of the counties in this country that have a cracker barrel restaurant. and only a fifth of the counties that have a whole foods we went to counties that have cracker barrel's and whole foods and talk to the customers there. what we found out coming up. a day one man is dead and another wounded. we talked with witnesses and police after another violent incident>> witness video shows stopped in the middle of the road and cops with guns drawn. a suspect in the shooting hopped on to try to get away.>> it stopped in the middle of the street.
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the 16th street mall a fight led to deadly gunfire. two people shot in the middle of the afternoon. some businesses locked their doors.>> i was fraid the guy would win into our subway. >> this video shows a man and woman in handcuffs. witnesses watch police pull a man off tte bus. >> they're not sure what led up to the fight but another incident at the mall has people frustrated and concerned.>> we have to determine what led up why it happened and why are these individuals down here. we don't want to speculate as to what may have been the cause. or why this happened.>> police working on the mall responded quickly in homeland security also. -- officers jumped in a shooting during the one of the busiest times of the day despite stepped-up security. >> i feel so thankful that no
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moment that two men rushed a denver bank and pointing guns at tellers. they were wearing pink gloves the robbery happened monday morning at the keybank and they got away in a gold dodge intrepid. more than 2000 veterans in our state and kansas that their personal information may have been compromised and appoint the va email the information to his own email account included in the email, names social security numbers and medical diagnosis. only on seven tonight we have learned that denver starts -- will be clearing out homeless camps >> it will happen next week outside the shelters in downtown. why this is such a complicated issue.>> the problem out here has gone worse. you can see the hundreds of people who are living on the
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they plan to do it agaan but homeless advocates say it's not the answer. >> sleeping bags, trash and grocery carts fill the sidewalks once again.>> at night it's overrun with people. >> denver swept these homeless camps eight months ago but now they're back.>> people who lived out here tell us they simply have nowhere else to go.>> you are being swept off you go to the one place you know. and that's right here. >> soon all of this stuff either has to go or will be moved again. >> it would be nice if people would come forward with an option.>> the city ordered the removal of all belongings. homeless advocates don't think the suites are the right solution.>> more housing and
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the city says that the public health threat for the homeless and those who live and work nearby. >> there's an awful lot of judging books by the cover. >> enough is enough, we are people, we are humans. >> tonight we're keeping night -- an eye on initiativv number 5 number 551% voted for it and 49% against however ballots are still being counted. take a look, there are now seven states where recreational pot use is legal. california, massachusetts and nevada maine, still too close to call. arizona, it was defeated. red states, blue states, urban or rural. where you live is a good indication of how you will vote that where you eat and shop is a good indicator too. >> a political analyst who swears by the cracker barrel
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he estimates donald trump 176% of counties with a cracker barrel and 22% with a whole foods.>> this cracker barrel is one of the only ones around the they tend to be in more rural areas.>> on the other hand whole foods tend to be in metropolitan sometimes affluent areas.>> all the red shows donald truup keiran rule areas. the theory shows the gap is getting wider each election. i katerina at a cracker barrel who is happy with tuesday's outcome.>> he will do something with the healthcare. i think he will create more jobs. i think he will make things better for us. >> on the other end of the spectrum emily shouted with this -- chatted with this at the whole foods. and she is not so happy. >> lgbtq writes, the list goes on and on.
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the most qualified.>> what does all this proved? trumps when was fueled in part by strong turnout in rural areas where there are more crackle barrels and clinic -- clint did not perform well in areas with whole foods. as the dust settles, your voice your vote 2016. we have information about 2018. tier than 1% of characters on tv have disabilities. 95% of the time there played by able cup i need actors.
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where aae we and when we doing today>> it's one of the hottest shows on abc right now. speechless. centered around a family of five his life around n large part around jj 18 with cerebral palsy both on and off screen. to find out how they make it work, hannah and i headed to the set. >> we are dealing with the
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frequently in television and that is all well and good but our first priority is to make people laugh.>> i last district because i last >> it's a big hitting cast with many -- miinie driver as a fiercely protective mom.>> it's funny without being tasteless and its warm without >> i think that's because the guy who created the show grip in an environment with a brother who is nonverbal with cerebral palsy what's great about the show is just by turning on your tv and watching it and laughing and feeling good i think that's changing the way people interact in their own minds with disability that can only be a good thing.>> handing -- hannah quickly broke the ice
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have to spend long to see the impact he is having.>> you get to know us. and we are just like anybody else. >> sedric yarborough place jj's aide. aware but we haven't seen someone with cerebral palsy playing someone with cerebral palsy in quite a while.>> creating the show is hard work.>> i choose to do my very best. >> the casthas fun all the while trying to spread the message that we are more alike
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be more inclusive. you can force them to be -- to not be frightened but you can teach them that it's all right. the bonuses it's a good show. and to make sure does max earned the show works the writers and cast work closely with the cerebral palsy foundation. >> in fact the ceo of the group is on set weekly.>> we need to have a world where we can have safe conversations with people about disabiliti. the way you can do that is with humor.>> speechless airs right here wednesdays at 7:30. a local world war ii veteran tells his story for a new documentary. after the attack on pearl harbor 120,000 americans of japanese ancestry were transported to internment camps. one of those 92-year-old sam
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it was traumatic. i was scared. they wanted to see if we had any leanings toward japan or the japanese empire.>> they enlisted in the u.s. army showing their patriotism in spite of the prejudice they face. and today he got to see the documentary at his denver nursing home. we know how porn our pets are and so do first responders. today colorado springs firefighters rescued two cats and a dog from an apartment fire the pets were not in great shape but firefighters gave them oxygen and a few minutes later, look at that. the puppies up wagging her tail and the cats are also on the rebound. we had quite a lovely day here in the denver and most of colorado.
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reached the 70s here but halfway around the world this is what it looked like in stockholm sweden. 20 inches of snow fell there today. let me show you why, jet stream, here's north america and europe. big dip in adjusting over sweden and no way -- norway that's where the cold and snow is. this pattern will shift a little bit. right now it's mild in colorado but next week the pattern will colder air dropping in. it looks like the first snow for denver coming up in about one weeks time. today, 74 degrees in denver. that is only 2 degrees shy of tying the record high for today. which was 76 setback in 1927. the low as 34. normal 55 and 27. right now clear sky 50 right now clear sky 5048 at the
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pressure system dominates the weather. a cold front way out to the northwest most of the lower 48 states dry in will stay that way for thursday. will have clear skies and low temperatures into the 20s and 30s in the mountains. cold enough for some of the ski resorts to continue making snow. on the eastern plains upper 30s to a few spots in mid to upper 40s closer to the lows across the state's close -- as cold as 17. sunshine all day long and tomorrow highs upper 60s to lower 70s at lower elevations. 50s and low 60s in the mountains. on the front range 53 winter park, decker 62, downtown area in the upper 60s. metro temperatures looking like this, 68 lakewood, 67 montclair, 66 inglewood. for tonight are skies are clear.
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easterly winds. tomorrow nice day and sunshine all day long. if you-cirrus clouds and 67 four hi. veterans day slightly cooler with 58 and plenty of sunshine. beautiful for the weekend pleasant saturday 65 partly cloudy and 63 on sunday. 67 monday and tuesday 70. % that's in advance of the change in weather patterns. winds increasing wednesday colder by thursday of next week with a hance of rain and snow at lower elevations. getting on towd the holy -- holiday season. our holiday heroos and you can help children in need. go to whole foods markets or any security service federal credit union and denny seven dollars and we will help feed families in need. looking at the forecast, can you get sick of sunshine
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>> i have to have some excitement back in the weather center.>> you've got it next week. we've got the latest from the broncos today troy talking to trevor siemian about getting the offense going. we also have this, the latest viral video #manikin challenge.
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welcome to 7 sports extra. today the broncos went back to work headed into the loud superdome on sunday. they went indoors of the fieldhouse. they piped in and turned up the crowd noise on the speakers for some simulation.
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with an offense that struggling. they have to get it right headed into the bye week. denver7 broncos insider with the latest. >> let's get to the heart of the matter. the broncos lead the nfl that's where the offense of issues start. they don't have the ball long enough. they have to be able to run and to rent them to be able to perform on first down. the offense knows that they have to start doing their part.>> we are all a little frustrated. but good things. it's tough but i think the guys are working hard. we're not seeing it pay off. like we wanted to. we've all got the right mentality and we're going about things the right way. i'm sure we will get it turned around.>> we want to be a team where the offense is good. we want to be able to put up points. >> hopefully they are
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not that they are trying to do poorly it's just we are not getting it done. we're not playing in seeing >> what would really help is if the broncos got off to a good start. the saints have scored 52 points in the first quarter, broncos of scored 16. that's third worst in the nfl. get off to a better start, stay on schedule, down the field. back to you in the studio. and keep drew brees off the field. for more the broker -- form on the broncos read all troy has two stories posted from today, the latest injury news. and the latest column pick it's here at your fingertips.>> the #manikin challenge. everybody freezes like manikins. they set an absolutely epic challenge in
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aqib talib plana game of basketball with a piece of paper. emmanuel sanders in a laundry cart the broncos frozen in ttme. i hope the run game gets unfrozen sunday in nola. smith elizabeth haeckel -- high school player in colorado does -- to sean schwartz officially committed to see you today. the kids tad boyle a great recruiting class rank 16 in the nation.
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i'm jamie foxx for verizon. in the nation's largest independent study by rootmetrics, verizon is america's most reliable network.
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don't go to bed just yet because we want you to take a look at this live picture. protesters have been setting fire to cars and trash. we've been watching protests around the country following
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including a small peaceful gathering that happened tonight in denver. but you see a fire there in the center of the street in oakland california.>> two hours from now 140 soldiers will return home to colorado stationed at fort carson they deployed nine months ago to afghanistan. the homecoming ceremony is 12:30 am. welcome home and thank you very much for your service. >> love seeing those, always. >> the extended forecast, we just finished an important day in this -- 58 degrees and mostly sunny and a mild weekend. it does look like by this time next week we will be talking about cold, wind and snow for a good portion of colorado. >> and the weather in the super dorm will be pretty
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? >> jimmy: get me the hat. and the bush. all right, and the stakes. >> no, no, not the stakes. >> give me the stakes. >> okay. and the wig. the sensible pantsuit and the statement pearls. the e-mails.


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