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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 11  NBC  July 19, 2010 10:00pm-10:35pm PST

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good evening once again. >> we're on early tonight because of the giants game. thanks for staying with us. >> profiting from pot. oakland looking to create a whole new pot industry by creating some big pot production business. nbc bay area's george kitiyama has a look at the plan and how it could help the city's bottom line. >> reporter: if oakland approves four licensed plants, there are some would worry it would also put the small mom and pop gro grorns, what role would be left for the smaller master growers who have intent years perfecting their techniques? a where he had cal marijuana facility is urging the city council to include these growers as any wrogs if there's going to be people who reap financial rewards in the future it should
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be those people who took the risk. the company will be applying for one of those permits. more jobs will be created. if we control our own and we allow for more local eke land boys. >> patients will not be able to choose from the different from. >> reporter: he said bet ter. >> i think we'll see an increase in qualities and varieties because of rigorous remaining competitive. >> reporter: city leaders say
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this is also a matter of public safety. they say if the city cannabis here, it will make rit likely. >> reporter: new at 11:00, the blogger who got his hand on that new iphone says he'll cooperate with investigators. and as a result, the judge said give the stuff back. he posted photos of the iphone on gizmodo. it prohiktss prohibits it. police say the suspect ed s people, their long shots on view with the hopes of generating victims and sending a strong message. >> if you choose to abuse our
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children by exploit iing you, w will come after you and put you in prison. >> registered sex oe bender. the san jose mercury news say they were getting ready to adopt a child. the suspects were booked on charges of downloading child bo born. a live look almost a mile under the water. the cap is still in place but bp is worried the latest effort to control that spill may cause problems later on when they try to seal the lease. injury injuries there's always a gap.
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there's no evidence of a problem but some industry insiders say there could be a lot more, will cece a perpetual aage itself. >> it all good as planned, crews could start using. heavily armed, mad as hell and facing a third strike. about he also have accomplices? what motivated a man is in the hospital tonight. he drove yesterday armed with a shotgun, high-powered rifle, a handgun and lots of ammo. firing of chp officers after he
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was pulled over. neighbors say williams was always on en -- >> his mother says he was. well, $20,000 could be yours if you have information leading to the rest of two men who killed at a parking lot in oakland last night when two men were caught. he had in his 14.
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this was the scene on friday night. someone shot and killed 239-year-old marcus mosley jr. he slimpl. supporters of johannes mehserle held a rally. supporters of oscar grant left the supporters and then headed for a nearby hjorth. but emotions were high. >> i feel like eye for eye, i know it can not be undoned.
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>> some 209 bus operators called in sick because of a labor disputed. the union's contract expired at the june and talks are stalled. the transit agency is facing a $56 million deficit. the imposed contracts save the agency $15 million by changing overtime rules. well, a family outing leads to the tragic death of a -- it could happen to anyone -- investigators say they don't
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have any type of evidence. washing ashore at and provides drinking water to local residents. the board hasn't found anything. new at 11:00, seven suspected arsons just have. one fire, firefighters responded
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to an entire. up next, the social experiment putting ethics to the test. you'll see what happens when you think people is no on them. he next stop, the nba. you'll meet the prodigy from the area who's going l. good evening. spring cooling. plus, santa, make your list and name it addresst add
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it's a dream come true for a bay area athlete. jeremy lynn is on the verge of becoming the first u.s.-born asian-american to play in the nba and the first livevy leagivn more than a half sentry.
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he's live where he was a star player. >> reporter: he wanted to walk across the street and attend the university. but he didn't get a scholarship, so he started at harvard instead but then no nba team drafted him. now he's about to prove his doubters wrong. >> comes up with the turover. >> reporter: it's plays like this during the summer league that quickly put jeremy high on the nba radar. i knew i could play. i just needed a chance. >> reporter: he took a chance and is now negotiating with several teams on a cross section and lynn doesn't plan to change much. >> a total dream come true. never thought it would come close to reality. >> reporter: he's a devout
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christian. the 6'4" point guard graduated with a 3.1 gpa from harvard, an economics major and may soon be the smartest player on the court. >> that's going to take adjustment, though. coming in i'm not going to be the smartest one. your attitude going in to be humble and that's what i try to focus on. >> reporter: and get this. lynn also wants to -- i'm kidding about that -- but this is the kind of guy you want your daughter to marry. amazing. >> it would be a good matchup if she were older, yeah. tlut there are a --
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the governor signed two bills today aimed at paying prib ute to the foplan the celebrati next february. it would have been reagan's 100th birthday. reagan died back in 2002. 1200 national guards troops will begin taking up positions along the southwest border co coming from drug cartels both in mexico and in the united states. >> we have seen a building on past efforts but also an increa
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increase. and they will help the border patrol for smugglers and others. a foster committee company cut the infection by 30%. experts say even partial protecti protection. it may make you want to go to the bathroom. police discovered a hidden costu costume. police say it was hidden. just how onstar was no one is looking.
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>> you may be a gini pig without even thoughing it. it's a plorkti-- >> you can try as many flavors as you'd like. >> a company calls. >> who will pay an dollar and who won't pay. >> it's the people, not the politicians. >> reporter: this is not the first time honest tea has put people to the test. similar stands in new jersey and wall street. >> they're honest people. >> from the ones i know, more than, like, 50%. didn't have these cameras, i
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think a lot more would have been taken. >> it's good marketing from a marketi marketing deadly tenting. >> if we don't have pretty nices and nice and so far our numbers are looking promising. >> reporter: it's only day one and honest tea hopes this marketing strategy is a winner. >> it's going to be going on all day tomorrow. but remember, they're watching you. >> prove us good. >> it's like a coupon for something in the stores. >> i know. >> all sunny and warm? >> yeah, for some parts.
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you're going to have to really search it out tomorrow to get those really warm temperatures that we should be seeing throughout the summertime. take a look at today. we had conditions all over the place. 60 in san francisco. 86 livermore. 85 in gilroy. then only 71 in free mond. a big 60 degrees, that was 11 degrees off the mark. throughout the south bay. current temperatures pretty uniform. that's all a function of the fog that's been pretty persistent since about 6:00 tonight. we had 55 in santa rosa. leaf many 'cause, it is strong
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enough it is helping to year, cool air aloft combining with the offshore to help keep temperatures alow. but it is one of the things here setting off the changes is this cloud cover pushing into the northwest. that's helping to pull down this cooler air that's associated with the jet stream. that will help wednesday, also thursday's forecast with a lot of 70s coming back. low to mid-80s and it is certainly unusual. for tuesday, it's pleasant out here.
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very, very nice. looks like 73 in reddwood city first. and we had over here to the bay area with 69 and then they had across the but it is the bay area. more on the weather channel on cable with 85 expected thursday. stayed in the loes mine kin for toef the you don't have to run the a.c. as much. >> saving on the bill. coming up, lindsay lohan is about to learn there's no vig pistol when it comes to jail. [ meg whitman ] if we could only do one thing, putting people back to work
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would be the most important thing.
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the human cost of 2 million californians out of work is devastating, and i think, often, politicians forget about that because they don't see it every day. i see it every day. i think raising taxes on californians today is absolutely the wrong thing to do. we have to streamline regulations, we have to cut taxes for businesses, and then we have to stand up and compete. california needs to lead the nation again, and i think we can do it.
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well, lindsay lohan is getting ready to trade in her designer outfits for the less flattering jail jumpsuit. the actress is supposed to appear in a los angeles courtroom tomorrow where she will be sent to jail. and sentence lohan to 90 days
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behind bars after violating her probation after a 2007 drug case. she moved into a substance abuse facility last week at the insistence of her lawyer. christmas in july? that's what's going to happen to retailers if they get their way. stores are spending more energy this year on getting shoppers to buy sparkly ornaments, holiday music, special priced items. target is the first major retailer to jump in. more than 500 items will be discounted. sears and toys 'r' us are also promoting their christmas in july online sales. >> still too early for me. >> too early. >> not for you when you buy toys for your little son. >> christmas coming up? >> yeah. in july. >> one present. that's the rule. one present in the house. >> really? >> what's the rule for you? we talk about the giants. we all watched the game together tonight. >> yes, we did.
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>> a little dicey in the ninth. we'll show you what's going on with the team. also, the down side of the warriors even after that sa asle lekwet 'r.e last week e back in a moment. [ man ] my perfect summer is grilling up a masterpiece.
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good evening. the giants are the hottest team in the national league. the umpire, by the way, not a factor in tonight's game. no controversy but a big win. the giants have now won 10 of their last 12 games. we take you to dodger stadium. usually we see pat sajak at these games. we've got to do better. >> look at will ferrell. how cute. >> with we believe his son. nate schuerholz. over the fence. giants, 4-0 lead. just clears it. having a good night. the 20-year-old pitcher, here he is. he picks up his third separate win. the dodgers had the bases loaded
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and he strikes out blake to end the game. giants win, 5-2, as they climb into second place in the division. it's been a lousy night for the a's. that's before the game began. one of their best players, rye january sweener, out with a pay. but he's back. red sox in town. the a's out to a one-run game. top of the fourth, adrian beltre with a towering home run. it's getting close to the trading deadline. that always means something with the sheets's. red sox win it tonight, 2-1.
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cover your eyes if you have a baek stomach. and dustin nippert, the rangers pitcher, straight to the head. remarkably, though, he got up. the ringers beat the tigers. the cats put on their prized, he is likely to miss the next five months. wife, two daughters and mother-in-law. president obama added some more women to the white house today. >> i want to thank you for setting a wonderful example because i live with three tall
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good-looking women. >> all women and many of them. the wnba champion phoenix mercury visiting the white house today. phoenix has won the wnba title in two of the past three years. when we return, brad pitt at the coliseum. and get out of the way of flying car.
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here it is. we'll believe it when we see it. brad pitt scheduled to begin filming at the oakland coliseum next monday night for the movie "money ball." >> what time? >> 9:00 p.m., i believe. >> exactly where? >> at the oakland coliseum. >> they need extras. >> okay. >> they need extras. we could do the whole show there live. >> we can kind of laugh about this because no one was hurt. out in england at a car race, the car goes airborne. the people on the side, oh, my gosh and thankfully didn't touch anyone. everyone was okay. oakland coliseum next week. >> exactly where? >> oakland coliseum. >> good night. >> now an nbc bay area editorial. nine bay area schools are headed toward fiscal collapse. clearly we have to find now ways to save. i'm suzanne shaw.
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with only 40% of budgets spare on pent, though were nearly half the school districts in california serve fewer than 1,000 students. santa clara county alone has 31 separate districts each with its own administration and two districts have just one school each. it's time to consolidate management and merge school districts. there are many devoted people, maybe more than we can afford. they're not going to eliminate their own jobs. it's up to us to bring about school district consolidation and put our kids first. check on y a stlch district d at


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