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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 4, 2011 12:00am-12:35am PDT

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the fun part is over. after tonight's inaugural party, it is time to get to work. good evening, everyone. i'm tom sinkovitz. >> and i'm jesca aguirre. jerry brown tonight officially governor brown again. a change again tonight as california tackles tough times. but will that change include his wife?
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earlier they said his wife would play a part in the administration. cheryl hurd is live in sacramento with tonight's development. let's not pretend that over governors' wives haven't given advice to their wives at least informally, but this might be a little different. >> you're absolutely right about that, jessica. governor brown's web site hinted that his wife might become his new chief of staff, but then later he said that wasn't true, that that was a mistake made by the previous administration. so his wife's role here at the nation's capitol is uncertain here tonight. governor brown's wife make a high-profile appearance at her husband's inauguration may be playing a prominent role in his new administration. >> when he was in the attorney general's office, she clearly played a role, but it's really a great friend role. >> reporter: a great friend and adviser who was the go-to person in his campaign for governor.
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but now that brown is back running the state, his wife's role will be anyone's guess. >> i'd like to introduce my husband, the next governor of the state of california, edmond gerald brown, jr. >> hi, jerry brown -- >> jerry brown raised his hand took the same oath to run california 36 years ago. the new governor told the crowd he wants to restore people's faith in government. >> jerry can do things that i don't think anybody else can do, and he started with a no-nonsense speech today. straightforward, i'm not gog lie to you. >> the budget will be painful, but it will be an honest budget. >> he admitted that digging out of the mess would not be easy. some 300,000 people packed the house. some even got a chance to shake his hand. but those who didn't get inside have high hopes for the new governor. >> i voted for jerry brown back in the '70s, and i thought he was a very good governor then,
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and i hope that he can get us out of this situation that we're in financially, especially with the education. >> reporter: now, governor brown's wife has been by his side ever since they've been married for the past five or six years. now, governor brown's honeymoon will probably be the shortest in history. tomorrow he says that he will make an appointment that will be who his new executive secretary will be. reporting live in sacramento, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. do you solemnly swear -- >> that i will support and defend. >> kamala harris also took her oath of office as state attorney general today. kevin johnson of sacramento and pagosa of los angeles. harris talked about her heritage as the daughter of an indian mother and african-american father. harris also promised to stand
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for justice, a pledge from sacramento that seemed painfully ironic to an east bay family. within hours of leaving office, one of governor schwarzenegger's final acts became public. the family of a murdered man says schwarzenegger chose cro cronyism over justice. a family has been wounded again, george. >> well, tom, this is not how the santos family wanted to end the night, but they say they're protesting a privilege. >> fred and kathy santos say they're upset with governor schwarzenegger who, in his final hour of governor, lessened munoz' sentence from seven years
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to five. he also happens to be the son of former house speaker, fabio nunez. political favoritism? the santos family thinks so. >> they've made appeals and opened them tonight in the court system. so old buddy arnold fixed it. that's a good old political favor there. >> yeah, the justice system did not fail us but the political system did. >> nunez' attorneys believe his lack of a record and lack of evidence showing he stabbed santos may have been enough for the governor to reduce the sentence. but santos' family says it came down to politics, not the law. >> the courts don't mean a thing. the back door deals are fine. >> as long as you know somebody, it doesn't matter what crime you have committed. political favoritism is alive and well in sacramento. >> what stings just as much, the
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santos family feels they were left in the dark. no warning, no telephone call that this was going to happen. >> when we heard about schwarzenegger's action, we had no idea what they were talking about because we didn't know schwarzenegger made a decision that affected us. >> the santos family said they will definitely make this an issue should schwarzenegger run for another office. live in concord tonight. oakland celebrating tonight after making history, not just for the city but for the nation as well. >> i'm honored to serve as your first woman mayor and first asian american mayor of an asian american city. my story is just one of the stories in oakland. together we're going to create an epic story of a great city. >> her first day on the job had mayor jean quan to admitting to opening the doors of her office to the public and putting public views on top of the list of
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priorities. she asked people to close the gap by shopping locally at least 25% of the time. wow, if indeed it was the end of the jim harbaugh/arnold luck show, what a final act it was at the orange bowl. raj matthai is here. any eye-opening end gz? >> this is jim ar bharbaugh's biggest win since the rose bowl. tonight, pure joy. tomorrow is might be pure heartache. when will they announce the big decision? jim harbaugh and quarterback andrew luck could be leaving. luck seems to be the overall number one pick in the draft. he would be an instant millionaire. and harbaugh, also rumored to be leaving to maybe the 49ers, the denver broncos or perhaps the
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university of michigan. both men asked several times tonight but declined to answer the issue. and best so. this entire night belonged to the stanford family. john elway and condoleeza rice talking on the sidelines. andrew luck threw four touchdown passes, three of them to kobe feliner. stanford crushes virginia tech 40-12. they could be the fourth team in the college rankings. later in this newscast, we will hear from harbaugh and luck and also tell you why cowell is happy for stanford. no kidding. we'll see you soon. the feds and pg&e tonight come up with an accurate accounting of your gas and they do it fast. they are fixing bad recordkeeping that may be leading to dangerous decisions about what their pipelines can
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handle. we have more on what they should do fast. >> reporter: with images of the september 9, 2010 gas explosion in sacramento fresh in her mind, she wonders what's happening in the bay area. it means pg&e handed investigators records about the line that are wrong. p grg&e records show the pipeli that broke was seamless, when really, it had lots of seams. >> they're telling pg&e there is an urgent need to figure out what kind of pipes are in the gas and what level of pressure it can take before another one gives out. >> we're taking a very close look at those recommendations. in the meantime, we've already embarked on extensive,
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exhaustive records research. >> they say hydro static testing may be the only way to figure out what's underground. that's when workers drain a pipe and fill it with water to test the pressure it can take. spiro says pg&e is avoiding hydrostatic testing because it's too expensive. >> it's costly, and it would take service out for a period of time. if you don't know what's under the ground, then you can't possibly be operating the system safely. >> a timeline to complete the testing hasn't been established. in the meantime, jackie speerz will be asking governor jerry brown to appoint two new commissioners to the cupc, and she's hoping those will keep her
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updated. san jose is getting ready to ask residents where it should draw the line, and only we have an advance copy of the survey. also coming up, what our investigation found that could make you sick. is this the little box of horrors lecturinging in -- lurking in your fridge? >> so this could potentially be more positive than x-rays. >> how one x-ray could come down to one drop of blood. >> the north bay, already mid-30s for you right now. the south bay will go cold as it fog forming. we'll have details on how long this weather will stick around, coming up.
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>> you could be able to sample tumors without having to do a biopsy, wouts having to do an in vase siei have procedure. >> doctors have invented a test that can tell very early on if a tumor is spreading. the test can detect a single cancer cell hidden beneath 1 billion blood cells. nine out of ten cancer deaths are related to cancer that had spread, so this test could save lives by giving doctors the early detection they need to tailor specific cancer treatments. >> we find the spreading of the cancer early, the streetreatmen much more effective before it gets to stage 3 or stage 4. >> they're teaming up with pharmaceutical giant johnson & johnson to make the test cheaper. the point is, they're making
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something that could tell you and me at our annual physical whether or not we have cancer. scott buckman, nbc, bay area news. >> the american cancer society says while the news is an impressive step, the hope is that today's excitement translates into cancer treatment tomorrow. they've decided to give san jose their say when it comes to budget cuts this year. nbdvyd acean an advanced draft of that survey. here's one of the questions. it asks whether firefighters and police are retiring too early, at age 50. questions like that run the risk between city hall and police and fir. but many who don't like the cuts in public safety have other ideas. in the past, city leaders have used those numbers to justify specific cuts to services. the new year in arkansas
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looked like something out of a horror movie. more than 3,000 birds tumbled from the sky. biologists think loud noises or fireworks frightened the massive flock of birds and they flew into buildings or other obstacles. tests show the birds died of multiple trauma in their vital organs. the reported case so far involve two manufacturers. but what exactly is in that slimy goop and is it dangerous? bay area's vickie nguyen reports. >> three sips of juice and kylie had her verdict. dad knew something was wrong, so he took a drink. >> i tasted it, and it tasted bad and then i saw little things
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that looked like it was floating around in it. >> he sent one to a researcher. at first glance, the juice looks normal, but look closer and you'll see a cloudy blob floating in the bottle. >> expiration date, two months from now. >> she sent the sample to a lab to identify the substance and find out if it's dangerous to consume. she said since may five people have contacted her about moldy juice. a mom claims she found a moldy apple slice inside a juice
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pouch. two lab tests confirmed it was a common food mold and that there are no long-term health effects by consuming this mold. because drinks are preservative free. but the company says it says clearly on the boxes not to drink from any pouchs that are leaky or punctured. >> you don't know the fact that even drinking these juices for months. >> meanwhile, david holt says he's waiting for answers from the american beverage association. he says the company asked him to send in one of his allegedly tainted bottles. >> i think they should find out what it is and see where it's coming from if millions of kids are drinking this stuff. >> unless more complaints surface about the juices -- >> i think we're in a new wave of technology and consumerism, and we have the ability to help each other. >> consumer and networking sites may be the only place parents
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can share information about moldy juice. now, the american beverage corporation did not request our requests for comment. but if you want to make a statement, go to and then search moldy juice. it is yellow, so -- >> a prognosticator of sunlight. >> exactly. that does mean tomorrow it going to be sunny out there. in preview, we're setting ourselves up for a clear night in san francisco. visibility is excellent. we're also going to take you out to outer space right now. if you just recently uploaded to the nastar web site. this was taken a day after christmas where we only had 1 and five inches of rain. it was apparently taken by an
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astronaut from the space station that seemed pretty spontaneous. so we have a fan in the bay area that happens to be on the international space station. let's take a look here at those temperatures today. we had conditions from the mid to upper 50s. 58 in the. current temperatures dropping quickly with those clear skies right now. formerly 41. and for the morning hours, not only is it going to be cold up there but areas of isolated view with the drink still free. for tomorrow, yes, the sun is going to return. we had some cloud cover for parts of the south bay, but that's all pushed to the south, and there is plenty of card cover out here in the pacific. it's going to continue to ridge up to the north.
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we have this high pressure nights ahead with temperatures in the 50s. once again, a cold start in the east bay with temperatures only in the mid-50s tomorrow and low 30s. your numbers are as follows. 56 in gilroy, 357 in evergreen, 56 in san jose and 57 in livermore. another good day for you. 54 in concord, 54 in napa and in the north bay, we're expecting temperatures in the low to mid 50s. mortgage time on the weather channel on cable on possible travel delays across the nation. meanwhile, our seven-day forecast stays dry and cool all the way fromsc y thur f,ay thursday, fdasarid ayanturdy . more after this.
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good evening again. one of the most glamorous nights in stanford history, and even cal is happy about it. stanford gets a $6 million payout from the orange bowl. stanford gets to keep about 2 million of that. the rest is given out between the other teams. the 1970 rose bowl squad. plunkett and john elway on hand tonight watching the action. a 60-yard touchdown, stanford
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had a quick lead. virginia tech's talents in quarterback, like hugh deoudini goes this way and that way. virginia deck had a 9-7 lead. but in the second half, it was all stanford. excellent coaching, excellent execution. andrew luck had four touchdown passes, three of them to his tightened. three touchdowns by fleener. stanford crushes the techies 40-12. the question for the coach; colcoach;: is this your last game? >> please. it's about the although talent players. i love 'em. >> i'm just proud to be a part of this team, part of stanford
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university, and it means the world. >> we should know in the next few weeks regarding andrew luck. as har harbaugh's decision, in the next few days. bad news for the sharks. sharks in the black jerseys, jamal mayors wins the battle. vancouver scores in the middle of the third period of time. kanucks get the win 4-3. jason richardson, not long ago a franchise player here. gilbert arenas traded from the wizards to the magic. warriors lose this game 110-90. getting back to football, al davis reportedly wants to get rid of his head coach, tom cable. the raiders coming off their biggest season in eight years. what gives? here's the coach today. >> am i surprised by it?
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no, i would like it to go away and just have al and i sit down and discuss it, which we will. i know what we've done. but whoever said it was right, i quote that.
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chase what matters. just four more times. ♪ finally tonight, the orange bowl didn't want any trouble. they didn't want the stanford band as part of the half time show, so the stanford band just took their performance somewhere else. an impromptu jam session with the tree right there on miami beach. this was before the game, but i can imagine, now at 3:00 a.m. miami time, the band is probably starting again. >> they'reot feeling a aithing. >> bye bye. we ended 2010 talking about balancing the budget, talking about education reform. so we start 2011 with record red
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ink, a $25 billion shortfall, a 22% high school dropout rate and a public school system that's failing our students. happy new year, california. in november, voters did their part. they made it easier to pass a budgets. no more supermajority needed. so let's get on with it. we need to grow jobs, not government. we need an education system that can build a 24th century economy. leaders that aren't afraid of in from structure. cut the budget, reward good teachers and replace ineffective ones. it's a new year and a new chance to cut the lip service and get it a and now, jay l


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