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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  January 18, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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surrounded a bomb threat from a so-called storage facility after finding explosives inside. traffic stopped as robots went inside to assess the situation. within the past half hour, traffic has started moving again, as we pointed out, but it's just unclear what officers did find on the inside. we'll have more on this developing story as information becomes available. new tonight at 6:00, berkeley city councilmembers will decide whether to set aside billions of dollars in taxpayer money. one suggested a significant hike in premiums if the surgeries were included in health care benefits. nbc bay area's tracy grant is live at city hall while the council decides if the city should dole out the money. tracy? >> reporter: tonight the city council will be voting on this issue. san francisco has actually
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included sexual reassignment surgery in its package for decades. berkeley has been working on it for years but has met with resistance. tonight city councilmembers will decide whether to take this issue into their own hands and out of the hands of health care providers. >> we're talking about cosmetic surgery. we're talking about needed surgery in order to make a person a whole. >> they call this surgery life saving and put it on the trail of heart surgery in terms of importance. that's why they want it in the benefits package. the rest of the city agreed in 2007, and they voted unanimously for it. >> once someone makes the decision that this is something that should happen, trying to put together the financial means to do it can be very daunting. >> since then the city has had trouble finding a way to get the
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two main health care companies to climb on board. health mat says it could include a health care plan to include it but it would spike the premium. now the city is considering a proposal to use taxpayer money to start a fund that would offer a total of $20,000 a year to transgender employees who want the surgery and fit the criteria. they would have had to work for the city for one full year, participated in a treatment program and had a full hormonal therapy. sexual reassignment surgeries can cost more than twice the $20 it,0 $20,000 the city is offering, but they say this is about more than the amount of money. >> it's a start. and i think it's important to remember how important these starts can be. >> the city's hr department essentially says it will just be
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cheaper to set up the $20,000 annual first come-first serve fund than to risk the chance of increasing the insurance premiums, and the truth is, very few people may actually end up taking up berkeley on this offer, but the option, if passed tonight, will always be there. live in berkeley, tracy grant, nbc bay area news. >> all right, tracy. thank you. a 20-year-old concord man is facing felony hit and run charges. he surrendered to police after hearing news reports that he was wanted in connection with a fatal hit and run. 52-year-old sheri lindbori borgo is homeless, was walking her dog. after her dog ran into the street, she chased the animal and was also struck by a car. the driver of the car, a 17-year-old boy, stopped and was helping lindborig, when she sai
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a second car hit her. he said he didn't know he hit the woman and thought he might have hit the dog, which was also killed. the man was charged with a felony hit and run. thieves took the very last thing one man had to give: his ashes. the kremains have been snatched from a mausoleum and that family wants them back. we hear about heartbroken relatives and one remarkable man. >> in a short time on this earth, thomas gonzalez, jr. lived an extraordinary life. he rose from poverty to find one of the biggest companies of the dot-com boom. >> he started a small start-up company in the east bay and it turned out to be one of the largest ipos in the nation. >> when he died of cancer ten years ago in 1995, his family built a mausoleum to house his
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ashes. and although it was built with love and respect, someone didn't see it that way. >> we got a report that there was a break-in on monday that somebody had broken in and stolen the remains of thomas gonzalez. >> reporter: over the weekend, thieves broke into the mausoleum, smashed a window and made off with gonzalez's urn, leaving a pool of broken glass and a stunned family. >> we're extremely sad, and this is something that has taken us off guard and have no excuse for it. >> reporter: so far investigators have no lead or motive, but the family suspects the thieves want to cash in on the urn. >> maybe they thought it was gold or silver and they would be able to get some cash from it. >> they've put up warnings at all pawn shops across contra costa county, and they've also offered a reward. >> the family has offered a
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$10,000 reward to try to get the urn and make sure the remains are intact. >> reporter: the family says they just want gonzalez's urn back, no questions asked. despite his wealth, he lived with a kindness and humbleness and dignity, the kind of dignity he deserves in death. >> anyone who may have seen the urn or has any information is asked to call the contra costa county sheriff's department. what a chaotic scene this morning as two men got off the eun i bus in the mission district and walked right into an ambush. one man escaped, but one got hit. they walked off when an argument ensued. gunshots followed. one man was hit but was not life threatening. three men have been arrested for the crime, including teens from pittsburgh. a 17-year-old hayward boy is
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believed to be the one who fired the shots. bank robbers are in custody after they crashed their car into a fence after a high-speed chase. the fence joins church property in hayward. police said they found one of the men hiding in a dumpster behind that church. the other two were arrested behind the scene of the crash. it started with a robbery at a bank on fremont boulevard. after leading the police, four police agents down a freeway, the chase ended at a church on mission boulevard. now to an nbc bay area follow-up to a story that we brought you on friday about a south bay neighborhood installing home surveillance cameras because of all the violence. now the residents are taking it a step further by walking their children to school in force. nbc bay area's tdamien trujillo
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is there. >> reporter: the army of parents, they're already patrolling the streets. >> this was the last straw for parents. a bullet hole on the wall of a home right across the street from washington elementary. juan torres says he wants this to be a safe community for everyone, so he enlisted and is now wearing the uniform, and this, this is his army. they call themselves washington walks with you, and that's what these parents are doing, canvassing the neighborhood around washington elementary, walking children to and from school. >> the more important is the security for the kids, because i know a lot of things happen around the school. >> reporter: he grew tired of children walking alone, asking himself, where are the parents? so he formed this group to put the children and parents at
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ease, especially with the growing violence. >> yeah, it's scary. and then -- well, the best i can do is walking with my kids. that's for safety. and i know a lot of kids shouldn't. >> the children will carry a flashlight and an id with a lot of pride. >> you have parents who have a lot of time in the afternoons and people at city hall that are listening. >> it started with two parents and the army is now up to 20, parents who vowed not to let the streets go. >> reporter: right now that army of parents is only walking the kids to school, but with a few more volunteers, they hope to extend that program to after school. now, two other neighborhoods in san jose are considering adopting this type of approach, especially since crossing guards are again potentially on the chopping block.
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live in san jose, i'm damien trujillo, bay area news. they're trying to make the grade when it comes to the level of education in california colleges. in sacramento today, they met to figure out how to cope with the looming billions of dollars in cuts proposed by governor brown. budget cuts last year forced schools to turn away their students, reduce class size and increase officials. they learn how to cope with additional cuts. >> we talked about on-line education is an option. it's less expensive. we just need to make sure it's the same quality. we're looking at possible differential fees for different campuses. some campuses are more popular and could charge more. >> now, the chair of the assembly of higher education says it will likely take two years to implement some of those ideas. >> and still ahead tonight at 6:00, shaming people to save
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lives. the california city turning to facebook to keep their roads safer. i also have a story that will have you thinking twice before sitting down to dinner. what grocery stores and restaurants may be offering that could be putting you at risk. i'm scott buzzman, a roller coaster, what sent shares back up this evening. and from celebrities to politicians, hackers steal information from tens of thousands of ipads. coming up, the connection to the bay area. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. after the fog, sunshine up and down the bay area with temperatures right now in the mid to upper 50s. we'll have some patchy fog tonight in the south bay, hower -- oh, yes, it's going to be getting better --ho awarmn rming seven-day forecast. my details in minutes. da
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disturbing news coming from the top. nbc tech reporter scott butler is outside an apple store tonight where he's been talking to some customers and investors. how worried are people at this point? >> even with the news that steve jobs is taking a leave of absence, we could not find one apple shareholder willing to share his or her stock, nor could we find a customer willing to change brands. such is the loyalty, a loyalty that is being rewarded as we speak. customers walked into apple retail stores in record numbers over the holiday season and all those ipads and i phones reassured people that even though steve jobs is taking a medical leave, the company will be okay. >> it's a company, not a person. >> oh, yeah.
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i'm holding. i'm not selling. i'll hold onto it for sure, yeah. they've done great. why wouldn't i, right? >> reporter: apple sales are so high, in fact, that early morning stock losses are nearly replaced by scott gains on the back of strong company earnings. >> they have to realize that apple is here for the long term, and more importantly, they have an incredibly rich, talented team that will carry the company forward. >> reporter: michael schneider takes the long-term view, one of many to carry their machines to an apple class today, one of many telling us they're holding onto their machines and shares of stock for the duration. >> i think there is a culture of success, a culture of innovation, a culture that believes they will be ahead of the curve, and i think that will be what they needs. >> absolutely, absolutely. they have a wonderful product.
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the pad broke and tlhey're goin to fix it and after it back to me tomorrow. >> huge earnings put up by apple this holiday season boosted by sales of some 19 million ipods, 16 million iphones, 17 million ipads. that's the reason that despite the earlier drop in apple's share price, the stock is moving higher in extended trading. reporting live in los gatos, scott budman, n brks krrbc bay . . >> more than 100,000 ipad users were exposed when a hacker hit them in june. michael bloomberg, who is the mayor of new york city, rob emanu emanuel, the former white house chief of staff, and now san francisco daniel spitler is one of the two men charged in the
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attack. spitler and two arkansas men face up to 20 years in federal prison. they both refer to the hacker group known as goetze security. well, it's a done deal now. the sec has given comcast the okay to take over majority stake at nbc universal, a purchase which includes this television station. they're taking over general electric at a price of $14 million. the justice department is attaching conditions to the deal to prevent comcast from trampling competitors. comcast must a local you nbc programming on rival competitors, satellite and video services. it is kind of like a show, any time al davis summons the raiders, it is must-see tv. >> that was kind of the scene
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today as the owner of the raiders introduces his new coach. >> i tell you, this was one of the rare opportunities for the raiders owner to open up on a variety of topic. you know, he's 81 years old. he turns 82 this july and his passion is undeniable. let's show you the scene today as hue jackson was named the new head coach. not at all as splashy as jim harbaugh was celebrated at the palace hotel several days back, but here's the deal. tom cable perhaps tried, but hue jackson understands not only is this al davis' business, it's his baby, it's his life, and above many things, he's a football man. hue jackson impressive today at embracing the fact that hue jackson is, in many ways, a coach. he even called him coach davis. >> i know people wonder why i call him coach, because i can talk x's and o's.
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i can't talk to many people about running a power play. >> we have hat we have to rely the guy i'm turning the banner over to, the baton over to, so he can lead this nation, the fans, and bring back those touchdowns in that coliseum. >> all right. coming up a little later in sports, we'll give you as much as we can of al davis' state of the raiders address. plus we'll tell you where former raiders head coach tom cable has landed. coming up in just a bit. see you then. >> the state of the raiders is all too obvious. i want to thank you very much. let's turn things over to jeff ranieri to give us the state of the weather. >> dramatic turnaround from this morning where we did have that dense fog reducing visibility from a tenth of a mile unless we have those warming northwest winds move in, pop temperatures
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up about ten degrees from this time yesterday. 69 los gatos, even hit 71 santa cruz, 75 livermore. we are starting to see temperatures drop off in the peninsula and the south bay with 58 san jose, 59 santa rosa. look outside right now and we currently are looking at clear skies here throughout san francisco, even though some patchy fog is developing in the north bay. it's nowhere near as strong as it was this time yesterday. we have some dry air centraling around the bay area. hoping to keep this fog from forming right now, but what you'll see is high pressure sitting out here. while it is going to keep us clear the next two or three days, we'll see breezy conditions on the back side of this region of high pressure. all right. tomorrow morning starting off mid to upper 40s in the east and south bay, and then by 11:00, we're looking at things closer to 6 0 degrees with that sun returning yet again tomorrow.
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heading to the east coast, watch out, we do have some rain in boston all the way to washington, d.c. as we head into tonight. and coming up, we will have the latest on our rainfall update. while we do love the sunny and the dry weather, we're going to do a check-in to see how we're doing so far for the season. still ahead at 6:00. shots ring out at a southern california school, leaving two students wounded. what police say happened. well, college certainly a time for lots of things, but new info tonight indicating that learning may not exactly be at the top of that list. plus, bad behavior, poor decisions. the new audit about state employees that is raising eyebrows. we'll be right back.
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a threat written in graffiti forced extra security at santa cruz. they said they have taken many precautions after a student
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reported finding the message earlier this month threatening violence on today's date. so far everything is quiet on the grounds. a lot of students stayed out of classes today. campus police continue to educate students, they say, and staff, about how to prepare for any kind of a violence situation. bad behavior, poor decisions, the focus of a new audit of state employees. tom from our nbc station in sacramento has more. >> reporter: the worst example in this new state auditor's report involves the department of corrections. it took managers three years to investigate and eventually remove an incompetent psychiatrist, in the meantime paying him over a third of a million dollars in salary which included two merit pay increases. >> what we would have liked to have seen, and i'm sure californians would want to see, is something as serious as this, the investigation is given a high priority. >> reporter: corrections disagrees. >> this is a very complex, very
6:25 pm
resource ful investigation which the district did accomplish within three years via state law. >> reporter: a dav employee was also turned in for stealing $500,000 in registration fees. he was cited and dismissed. they cited two other engineers who had previously been reprimanded for leaving work early. they said they left class early to teach college but were paid full days. a general service manager was caught using his state car for daily commuting for nine years. the agency has complete records. the cost is only estimated at $12,000. still ahead at 6:00, cooling hot flashes. the medication already on the market that just might do the trick. also how facebook might become the new weapon at keeping drur
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drunk drivers off the road. governor jerry brown, brand new on the job, already showing a different style than the former governor. larry gershwin will tell us about that. why the seafood in your local grocery store may be dangerous. ogressive. call or click today.
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so what are you having for dinner? any fish? there is a new report out that shows that some bay area sushi restaurants are actually serving up toxins along with their sushi. we have the latest findings. >> reporter: at michi sushi in campbell, the owner says he buys high-grade fish from a reputable donor. unfortunately, it's not enough to keep mercury out. they sent examples of tuna sushi from bay area to a lab. they had mercury levels above the epa guidelines for fish you
6:29 pm
catch. why is mercury a concern? >> part of the problem is that mercury found in fish a couple lats in the body. we don't process it well and it just accumulates to higher levels. >> they also tested two dozen samples of sword fish and tuna at two different supermarkets in san francisco and the north bay. 31% of those samples came back with mercury levels even higher than the sushi, above one part per million. the fda's guideline which the government says is normal. >> we do believe stores should test their fish. they test many other things that come into their markets. we've got mercury beliefs that you believe you should know how much mercury is in every peeiec of fish you're buying. >> mercury can pose the highest risk to pregnant and nursing women, and children. putting babies at risk of developmental disabilities,
6:30 pm
which is why the fda recommends pregnant women avoid eating all sortsz of fish, shellfish and tilefish. because mercury levels sold in the bay area is high, and you can never be sure just how much is in your next seafood meal. >> if you'd like to learn more about the mercury levels of fish sold in the bay area, just log on to we are one day away from the health care vote that could someday affect the coverage of half of americans. today was the first day of debate on the repeal that was the platform for so many republicans who won office in november. the debate was delayed because of the tucson shootings which also made today's talk a bit more civil but no less impassioned. >> this new law is a fiscal house of cards and it a health care house of cards. >> there is no doubt the insurance industry will be
6:31 pm
popping champagne bottles if the health care law was ever to be repealed. >> they show repeeling health care could affect 129 million americans. the obama administration is expected to use the debate as another chance to sell health care reform to the american people. recent polling shows that almost half americans asked would repeal health care reform. all right, he's been the governor now for all of two weeks, but already people do see major differences between jerry brown and his predecessor, arnold schwarzenegger, and we're going to talk about that with nbc bay area political analyst larry gershwi nirks. the prime differences are what? >> jerry brown as posed closing the budget by splitting the difference between program cuts and new revenues. in other words, he sees spending and revenue problems. until the end of niz governhis
6:32 pm
governorship, around old schwarzenegger insist the california a other problems whatsoever and he only looked at revenue and nothing else. so that's one big difference. >> during the campaign, he talked a lot about his negotiating skills compared to those of meg whitman. obviously he's dealing with legislators who have to pass this budget. what about that position? is he the better negotiator? >> another story here, too, tom. in this case what jerry brown is saying is you've got to talk to all the players, not just one at a time but all the players. and with that what he's done is he's talked to people all the way from the chamber commerce to the teachers' unions to everyone in between. he's insisted everybody has to be involved in this whole thing. the cuts have to be across the board. everyone has to make a sacrifice, everyone. arnold schwarzenegger, on the other hand, looked at it entirely different. he relied on his movie director angles, if we can use that term,
6:33 pm
so he depended on a need to know basis only. because of that, people were left out on the trail. >> the direction of the budget, he's trying to restructure the whole thing. what are the differences there? >> tom, this is really the crux of what's happening with jerry brown. he really does want to bloup the kind of boxes arnold schwarzenegger talked about blowing up. brown believes that absence any increases in funds, the state must shift those few paltry resources it has. for example, he is the one advocating elimination of 390 redevelopment agencies because of nearly $6 billion they collected in property taxes. instead they want to take that money, move it over to federal government with most of it going to public education. that's a big shift. arnold schwarzenegger targeted those cuts proportionately with education. the thinking is here that redevelopment and enterprise
6:34 pm
stimulates businesses. these are very different approaches. >> we saw his first news conference. he said, i think i'll get some republicans. can he pull it off? >> jerry brown has a very different political personality than arnold schwarzenegger in a state where personality often trumps political values, it just might be the difference. we'll have to see. >> thank you, sir. good to see you. the father first lady maria shriver has died. he passed away at the age of 95. details of his death have not been released, but it is widely known he had been battling alzheimer's since 2003. shriver was the director of the peace corps and in 1992, he was the nominee running with george mcgovern. but in 1953 he married ueun us
6:35 pm
kennedy, sister of john f. kennedy. shriver is psurvived by five children and 19 grandchildren. he is decicheney is decidin to replace a heart valve. he has already had five heart attacks, the first at the age of 37, the last one almost a year ago. cheney underwent major surgery to get that heart pump after experiencing increasing congestive heart failure. cheney turns 70 later this month. there are new signs of hope in the struggling arizona community where the violent attack happened more than a week ago. investigators continue to search for leads to try to answer lingering questions about how and why six were killed and 13 others wounded. nbc's jay gray has the latest. >> reporter: from the pain in tucson, there are new signs of progress today. some of the strongest from the target of the assassination attempt of congresswoman
6:36 pm
gabrielle giffords. in an interview that will air tonight, her husband, astronaut mark kelly, talked about her recovery. >> she's in the isu, gone through that traumatic injury, and she spent ten minutes giving me a neck massage. it's so typical of her that no matter how bad the situation might be for her, she's looking out for other people. >> the youngest victim of the attack, nine-year-old christina taylor green, also continues to give even in death. her family says two children can now see after transplant surgery can corneas donated by the little girl. >> they would see a lot of beauty in the world, i know that, because she always had a big smile on her face. >> reporter: the shooting has led for a push on new regulations in washington. new york congresswoman carolyn mccarthy who ran for office after a gunman killed her husband and injured her son plans to introduce legislation banning the sale of high capacity ammunition magazines to civilians.
6:37 pm
>> they are not needed in our society. they are not needed for the average citizen. >> reporter: investigators say accused gunman jared loughner had at least two 30-round clips the day of the shooting. surveillance video from the attack is, quote, so clear it leaves no issue about who was doing the shooting. the issue now is how this community will continue to survive and recover. jay gray, nbc news. one bullet sent two students to a hospital in a shooting that prompted a lockdown at gardenia high school in southern california. police say the incident happened after a student snuck a gun to school in his backpack and accidentally dropped it. the gun went off and the two students were hit. los angeles police say the shooter fled after the shooting. they caught up with him shortly after the incident. the campus was in a neighborhood notorious for gang activity. the names of the victims have not been released. gay marriage in california is still in legal limbo, but in
6:38 pm
washington, d.c. a law authorizing gay marriage will stand. the supreme court rejected an appeal to an opponent of safe marriage, trying to put a ballot defining marriage between that of a man and a woman. the federal appeals court asked them to rule on whether anti-gay campaigners had the right to oppose such a union. parents might be surprised what the kids are actually doing in the classroom at college. hot flashes far from fun, and researchers now say a common medication could help you cool them down. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. it's all about the warm-up in the city of san francisco. tonight we'll get fog back for those of you in tm t easbay.he.
6:39 pm
however, it's all about a warming seven-day. i'll have details coming up.
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6:41 pm
there maish a may be a new option for menopausal women. the new drug lexipro has shown to lower the severity of hot flashes. from ten flashes a day, they were cut to an average of just five compared to those receiving just a placebo. hormone therapy is the usual treatment for hot flashes but can produce serious side effects. the fda has not yet approved the drug and doctors warn there could be side effects like nausea and fatigue. they do so having other options is pretty cool. unless researchers say you want to actually learn something, it turns out some half of the college students surveyed in a new study learned very little in their first two years. researchers from newark university to the university of virginia surveyed 2300
6:42 pm
undergrads on 23 campuses showed that 30% of them showed no improvement in critical thinking, complex reasoning. partying only half the problem. they did not take courses in heavy reading or extensive writing. well, what do you say we hear more from raiders owner al davis? >> there's the soap opera. lauren scott joins us. boy, that's entertaining tv, watching him. >> it was a very intriguing day. he had a variety of things to say. so many things. we'll bring you all kinds of topics. new stadium, he really throws tom capable under the bus. that and so much more coming up in sports. and i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. clear conditions in the south bay right now but find out who will have fog for your morning coute in minutes. in
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6:44 pm
a southern california beach town is voting tonight whether to post photos of repeat dui offenders on the web site. they hope people who see these photos on facebook will think twice about drinking ask driving. >> obviously not everyone thinks it's a good idea. here's why.
6:45 pm
>> they're wondering if people caught drink asking driving should be advertised on facebook. they're asking for help on unsolved cases and posting the mugshots of burglars under arrest. councilwoman deb dwyer thinks it's a natural extension of what the public wants to know. >> those that will end up on facebook are those restricted from driving, shunlt be driving at all, more than likely don't have a driver's license because of the prior convictions. so if they see him behind the wheel, they're breaking the law. >> huntington beach is averaging 1700 dui arrests a year, more than any other city in orange county. police say they are mandated to release the names of those arrested, which they do on their web site. but some contend adding a picture on a public forum is a breach of privacy. >> you'll be looking to see who is on there, you know. is my friend on there? it might turn into -- i think it
6:46 pm
would get out of control. >> not all that long ago, police would provide a written crime log through their in-house records department. it, too, was public information and is now available on line. crystal martinez thinks adding a facebook will not deter them. >> i think people who want to drink and drive are going to do it regardless whether their picture is on facebook or not. >> others believe when someone chooses to drink and drive, they've given up the right to privacy. >> when you make that decision to get behind the wheel and drive, so be it, you know? i wish they would do more for people that do that, but they don't. >> and here is what -- >> let's turn over to jeff ranieri to talk about our nice day outside and the forecast for the next couple days. i saw a lot of sunshine. >> i'm guessing you liktd ed it
6:47 pm
right? >> i did! we did! i like it. >> we do, however, want to take a look at this unusual drying trend, where we are currently when it comes to rainfall here across the bay area. of course, when we like the sunshine, we can always use the water here. oakland at 115 and san jose currently at 82% of normal. we're not doing extremely bad by any means, but we certainly could use another sizeable storm system here in the next couple days, but we are just not going to get it. right now temperatures starting to cool off with mainly clear skies here for the south bay and the peninsula. 6 on in saun a-- sunnyvale. more of a patchy fog for the morning instead of that dense, widespread fog, and then as we head throughout wednesday, we're looking at more of a sunny
6:48 pm
finish with temperatures popping into the 6 0s once again. so here is this usual drying and falling powder shifting the cloud cover well to the north. it's all that la nina pattern in the bay area which tends to give the northeast a lot more activity while leaving us dryer. so with high pressure sitting offshore, what we'll note here is breezy conditions throughout the south bay. temperatures in the 6 0s and still plenty of sunshine as we head to wednesday, thursday and friday. temperatures also in the 40s in the east bay, so you neetd the jacket for the kids as they head off in the morning. we'll also find low to mid 40s from los gatos to the peninsula. 65 in morgan hill, 65 in pleasanton, 65 in livermore, 65 in san jose. that is a popular number tomorrow.
6:49 pm
63 in san francisco. as we take you on over to oakland, also concord ask fand fairfield, you notice a trend here in the 60s. as we start to see that fog clear in the morning, we will likely have upper 60s throughout the north bay tomorrow. while today was great, it gets better each and every day. thursday could be the warmest day in the next seven days with upper 60s across the bay area. then by this upcoming weekend, a little bit of sun, a little bit of cloud cover and it's looking pretty sweet here for your upcoming weekend. let's find out how sports looks. it's time for that right now. good evening. we are live in alameda at raiders headquarters, and over the past few years when al davis has given his state of the raiders address, it's come with a silver lining and a black cloud. let's show you the scene today, and we'll start with the silver
6:50 pm
lining. hue jackson moving up from offensive coordinator to head coach. he's doing this the smart way, understanding this is a monarchy and he's embracing. al davis lives and breathes raiders football, so being the head coach, getting on the same page has got to be the game plan. jackson was brought here last year from baltimore with ascension in mind. he showed mr. davis enough of the opportunity, and now it's post-season or bust. here's a little bit of our conversation today. >> you've seen progression here. did you expect the playoffs? >> there's no question. i'm not here to be 9-7. i'm not here for that. i'm here to take this team to be the best we can be, and we want to win the afc west. we want to get in the playoffs and we want a challenge for the super bowl. >> so that is hue jackson taking the raiders job. the man who just left the job, tom cable, has landed in seattle. he's joining pete carroll with the seahawks as an assistant
6:51 pm
head coach/offensive line coach. so he was very much a part of the discussion today with al davis. you've got to understand what the issue is here. al davis stopping down to collect his thoughts and reallow the various reasons why cable's firing also came with him being docked $120,000 by the raider. cable wants the money back. davis was quick to say the money was taken because he put the raiders in harm by having lawsuits, a firing of an assistant coach after an attack, being accused of sexual abuse. some powerful talks from davis on this topic. >> he knew i could have thrown him out without any money for what he did to the raiders with the initial stuff, with hansen, with supposedly he admitted he hit his wife and things like that. and that's public record, so i can say it. but there are things i can't say
6:52 pm
because of the legalese about this. but there is no way he can come clean on this. >> all right, we know you want to hear from al davis and everything he had to say. here are a couple of the topics in his state of the raiders address. one, perhaps returning to the team. two, the need for a new stadium and where he wants it. and three, how he's taking some of the blame for some of the failures the past couple years. take a listen. >> he's a great player and he does a good job in the community, and so you always like to have that. but can that $17 million bring you two or three quality players to help you win? my biggest thing is, and we work on it day and night, we want a stadium. we want a new stadium. we think the best place for a stadium is where the oakland coliseum is right now.
6:53 pm
as to whether it will happen or not, we have to have somewhere in the future here a new stadium. i have made mistakes, yes. there is no question about it. and you have to have great players. but you also sometimes have the players and don't get it done. so you're saying, should i take some of the blame? i certainly do. you guys give it to me. you want me to get it from my wife? i do get it from her. >> all right. mr. davis very engaging today. i tell you, not only tom cable finding work but former 49ers head coach mike singletary joining the minnesota vikings as their linebackers coach. the giants have an outfield going nowhere. cody ross signed a one-year deal to stay with the giants. ramon ramirez also doing the same. dallas braiden and kevin
6:54 pm
kuzminoff. this guy will scrap things up at the tank and they needed that grit. shark making moves, a's, giants, and al davis speaking out today. >> it's especially good to know that cody brady will be down on chestnut street. sdplz we'l
6:55 pm
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we have some breaking news to share with you, an amber alert to tell you about. police in patterson looking for a four-year-old boy abducted this afternoon, a boy maybe headed to the bay area. the boy is luis, last seen wearing light blue pants and a dark blue shirt. standing 5'9", checkered shorts, a california license plate of 6 hb-w 445. the car may be enroute from san jose to sort spatterson. if you see it, call police.
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