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tv   The Chris Matthews Show  NBC  September 19, 2011 12:00am-12:30am PDT

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know. >> the super pax working on behalf of candidate this is cycle, now expected by republicans to raise two or three times the amount of money that the actual campaigns will raise and spend which means all kinds of things are moving from open systems to secret systems in this new presidential -- >> so all the reforms are out? >> you will never find whiteout paid for it. >> timothy geithner has used uncharacteristically tough language on europe saying the european leaders are behind the curve on dealing with the debt crisis. this is not concern just for europe it's about 2012 politics because if the europe economy
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crashes because of the banks or greece, all bets are off. you will see unemployment spike and we will be back in recession and that's going to affect the white house. >> there's a preseppings that speaker boehner has trouble with his house freshman. he said not so much it's the veterans. he shares an anecdote. he called two of them in and said, boys, that door won't open until you say yes and i've got a week and a half worth of cigarettes in the drawer. that's his hammer. >> hard ball. >> speaker boehner knows rick perry. they met in the early 19 90's. they played poker together. they're erp sys on the house republicans on regulations and federal regulations. that's not a coincidence.
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>> is that the ticket? >> no. no. no. no. >> when we come back. barack o lost the power of the bully pulpit?
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>> welcome back. the president's been on the trail trying to build a tide of public pressure. is it time for him to get americans to listen to him again? >> sure, absolutely. don't forget he wasn't actually winning the race in 2008 until about mid september. he has four or five opportunities until now and that point a year from now. >> to regain the pulpit? >> sure. >> the white house is going to get him in the country with housing speech, with a deficit speech. they hope that that will get attention. it's not challenge. >> key? >> it's a challenge because he's so pervasively available and he speaks so much it's hard for him to say something new. but he is the president and there's an energy that comes
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from that. if they see their president and town, it excites people. and that could happy. >> people stopped listening to jimmy carter in 1979. >> in the 12 days before the special election on brooklyn he fell 12 points. in the middle of that was his speech. and the lack of popularity or the deceleration of his popular decelerated after that speech. things got worse not better. that's a very bad sign. >> in that district. >> in that district. now he has time. what he needs is a fight and a plan. he has both that gives him a chance. >> thanks. a great show this week. michael duffy, katty kay. michael duffy, katty kay. kelly ♪
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