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tv   Today  NBC  October 12, 2011 7:00am-11:00am PDT

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good morning. piling on. mitt romney faces some tough questions from his rivals during the gop presidential debate. after getting a big endorsement from governor chris christie. could this be our first look at the republican ticket in 2012? their answer, as they sit down together with us. terror warnings. the state dee pament issues a worldwide travel alert to americans, after breaking up an alleged iran-backed plot to assassinate a saudi official, and it involved blowing up a restaurant in the nation's capital. this morning, vice president joe biden speaks out. mazed and confused. a mother places a frantic call to 911, after her family gets
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lost in a corn maze. >> i don't see anybody. i'm really scared. it's really dark and we've got a 3-week-old baby with us. >> police eventually got them out. that mom's happy to be safe at home. "today," wednesday, october 12th, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >> good morning. welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> and i'm ann curry. good morning, everybody. boy when you see mitt romney sitting side by side with chris christie you have to think that's a pairing that lot of republicans would like to see in 2012, matt. >> should romney win his party's nomination, would christie be on his short list for vice president? and is that something that the new jersey governor would even consider? we'll have that exclusive interview coming up straight ahead. also this morning, was
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michael jackson far healthier at the time of his death than a lot of people thought? the man who performed the autopsy testified at the trial of conrad murray on tuesday and as prosecutors showed yet another photograph of jackson's body to jurors. the latest from the court coming up this morning. al traveled to the white house on tuesday and talked to the first lady michelle obama. he talked to her about a lot of things. including that secret shopping trip to target. turns o that was not a one-time deal. find out more in al's interview, coming up a little later. let's begin with last night's republican presidential debate. chuck todd is nbc's political director and white house correspondent. good morning. >> good morning, ann. we're at a moment in the republican race where it feels as volatile of a place as it's been since the campaign started. seven of the candidates met in new hampshire to see if they could continue to shake things up while mitt romney did his best to try to solidify what is
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a fragile front-runner status. tuesday's debate setting may have been different but the strategy of the establishment front-runner mitt romney remained the same, sounded like the nominee in waiting. >> we have got to help the middle class in this country. the only way that will come together if you have people on both sides of the aisle who will listen to a leader who has the experience of leading. >> reporter: thanks to a unique feature of the debate, candidate-to-candidate questioning, romney often found himself on the defensive. >> your chief economic adviser, glenn hubbard, who you know well, he said that romney care was obama care. how would you respond to his criticism of your signature legislative achievement? >> we have less than 1% of our kids that are uninsured. you have 1 million kids uninsured in texas, 1 million kids. >> reporter: he defended his private sector experience at a venture capital firm from jon huntsman. >> some might see your employment at bain capital as a
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financial engineer, somebody who breaks down businesses, destroys jobs. >> my background is quite different than what you described, jon. we started staples and sports authority. >> reporter: he defended his support of t.a.r.p., the bailout fund that's very unpopular with tea party conservatives. >> we would have had a complete meltdown of the entire financial system. wiping out the savings of american people. so action had to be taken. was it perfect, no? >> my top priority is nine, nine, nine, jobs, jobs, jobs. >> herman cain found out with the surging poll numbers comes more scrutiny on the nine, nine, nine plan which eliminates the current tax code and replace it with a 9% income tax, 9% corporate tax, and a 9% sales tax. >> i thought it was the price of a pizza when i first heard. >> when you take the 9-9-9 plan and turn it upside down, i think the devil's in the details.
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>> how many people are here for a sax tales in new hampshire. there you go, herman, that's how many votes you get in new hampshire. >> he went after romney's plan. >> can you name all 59 points in your 160-page plan? >> herman i've had the experience of taking on some tough problems and i must admit simple answers are always very helpful but oftentimes inadequate. >> reporter: rick perry struggled on stage when asked to explain his own plan, perry hedged. >> i'm not going to lay it out tonight. mitt's had six years to figure out a plan. i've been in this for about eight weeks. >> he tried to name drop chris christie in the midst of dealing with the one issue which could derail his candidacy, health care. >> chuck todd, chuck, thank you very much. mitt romney as chuck just mentioned did get a big boost in that debate when he picked up the endorsement of chris christie.
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jamie gangel is in new hampshire. where both men sat down together for an exclusive interview. jamie, good morning to you. >> good morning, matt. mitt romney may be the front-runner, but this endorsement was critical. we asked chris christie why he picked romney. >> he's the best person for the job, simply on the merits. we need to make sure barack obama's a one-term president for america's future. there's no question in my mind governor romney gives us the best chance of winning back the white house in november 2012 and i want to do everything i can to help him. >> reporter: the love fest was life imitating art. here's saturday night live's recent spoof. >> he's a nice man in a clean suit that wants to be president. >> reporter: governor christie, i guess this means you're really not running? >> i've meant it all along, jamie. i've meant it all along.
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they should put it to rest. i want to see mitt romney in the white house in january 2013. >> reporter: did he promise you anything? >> absolutely nothing. >> reporter: vice president christie? >> no. >> reporter: no? >> no, he didn't promise me anything. >> reporter: governor romney, would he on your short list? >> he'd be on anyone's short list. he may take himself off the list and say no way, he'd have no interest. the truth is governor christie is one of the leading figures in the republican party and of course anyone who becomes our nominee is going to look at people like governor christie and say well that would be a terrific person to have on the ticket. >> reporter: would you think you'd be a good match? >> we're great friends. we agree on a host of issues. we spent time together over the last year getting to know each other better. i've asked for his counsel on policy matters so i think we're sympathetic on the issues that matter today. >> reporter: do you think you'd be a good match? >> i don't know i'd be anybody's good match in that regard but that kind of thing is up to the person who is the presidential
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nominee to decide who they think is the best person for them and most importantly the best person for the country. >> reporter: the good news, governor romney, is you are the front-runner. the bad news is that there has been the feeling in this campaign that republicans were still looking for another candidate to get in the race. why do you think governor romney has faced such a challenge in this way? >> everybody faces that kind of challenge opinion the fact is governor romney is going to earn it and he wouldn't want it any other way to get in here and fight and battle and earn it. that's exactly what he's going to do and now i'm going to help him. >> reporter: one of the fights, romney's religion. both men criticized a supporter of texas governor rick perry who called the mormon religion a cult. >> i've heard worse during my life. i don't get real nervous about what people say and i think this pastor could say something like that in his church but in a political setting i think that's a mistake and the founders felt that way crafting the constitution. there would not be a religious test.
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>> what do you think about governor perry? >> he would be wise to repudiate the comments of this pastor in any way he possibly can. >> governor christie? >> has no business in deciding who would be the president of the united states. in my opinion. these folks should be judged on the basis of their record, character, and integrity. and that's what we should be doing in judging who should be president of the united states and who shouldn't. not what religion they practice and i don't think this has any business in political life for our country, and i think it's unsettling that anyone would associate themselves with those kind of comments. >> reporter: what do you give his chances against barack obama. >> he's going to win. >> reporter: no question about it? >> i wouldn't be with him. he's going to win. >> reporter: i'll give it one more shot. vice president christie? >> he's an extraordinary person and i'm delighted to have him on my team.
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>> reporter: they certainly did not knock down the speculation. the vice president's speculation is going to continue, and no doubt, matt, in the meantime, mitt romney is going to be very happy, having the outspoken chris christie as a tough surrogate out on the campaign trail. matt? >> jamie gangel in new hampshire, thank you very much. it's now ten minutes past the hour. here's ann. >> matt, thanks. to the alleged plot to kill saudi arabia's ambassador to washington on u.s. soil, a plan the obama administration is accusing iran of backing. andrea mitchell has details on this story. andrea, good morning. >> this alleged plot was so brazen u.s. officials says it sounds like the plot of a cheap thriller but they insist it was real and they've issued a worldwide travel alert that this marks a major response from the quds force.
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informer before sponsors of terrorism on u.s. soil. >> it reads like the pages of a hollywood script. the impact would have been very real and many lives would have been real and many lives would have been lost. >> reporter: the u.s. says it was an alleged $1.5 million plot to assassinate saudi arabia's ambassador, king abdullah's closest adviser, blowing him up at an undetermined washington restaurant and bombing the saudi embassy in washington. u.s. officials tell nbc news a secondary plot was to target israel's embassy as well. >> this kind of action which violates international norms must be ended. >> reporter: starting last spring, the suspect, mansour arbabsiar tried to hire an assassin from a mexican drug cartel. u.s. officials say his contact there turned out to be a u.s. undercover agent. the complaint says he had $100,000 wired from iran as a
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downpayment and was willing to have the ambassador blown up at a washington restaurant. what if others, even senators were killed? "no big deal" he allegedly replied. iran's government tv claimed that was all a u.s. fabrication. >> if this is something that the revolutionary guards cooked up on their own, i think that tells us a lot about how the iranian state has come somewhat unglued and how different actors are now taking very aggressive and potentially far-reaching actions that perhaps other parts of the government might not know about. >> president obama called the saudi ambassador and also stopped by the situation room to congratulate his team on the arrest. another suspect is still believed to be in iran. the treasury has sanctioned five iranians but critics say in the past, sanctions have done very little to change iran's policy. in response iran has written to the u.n. secretary-general expressing outrage of what it calls baseless allegations. ann? >> andrea mitchell, thank you. joe biden, vice president of the
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united states, good morning. >> good morning. >> some members of congress including the head of the homeland security committee are calling this alleged iranian plot an act of war. mr. vice president, do you? >> no, what i call it is an incredibly serious attempt to do something that was really unheard of. it's violating all international norms. it's not just the assassination but the idea that you would assassinate a diplomat. that is something for the whole world, every nation in the world, when they learn the facts of this, will be outraged that they would violate such an international norm, in addition to obviously being a crime to assassinate anybody, and in the process probably have killed scores of americans. >> what should the u.s. do about it? >> well, what we're doing already is first of all we're making the case. you'll find it a compelling case, we'll be able to
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substantiate. we're going to the rest of the world capitals to let them know exactly what happened and the whole attempt here is make sure that there is accountability for iran and further isolation of iran in terms of their ability to operate around the world. last night the president's jobs bill didn't get unanimous vote from senate democrats. why didn't the president roll up their sleeves months ago and line by line address the issue for the need for jobs to create a bill that both parties to support? >> hey, i not only -- he not only rolled up his sleeves, our pant legs, in our gym shorts working like the devil to make sure we could find some accommodation for the republicans. working for hours and hours and hours. >> but you didn't finalize a bill, mr. vice president. >> no. hey, there's no way to finalize a bill. it's very clear these guys have
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no intention. when we put this bill together, we put together elements of a bill that they had always supported. when have republicans been against tax cuts for small businesses? when have they been against working on infrastructure? when have they been against giving veterans a break? we put this bill after hundreds of hours of negotiations on debt and many other things with the republicans the last two years. >> at the same time the level of suffering occurring all across america today, is there not a moral obligation for the president and the republican leadership to come to some kind of agreement on jobs, you know, before this election, before this election? >> absolutely positively ann. we have done everything. we bent over backwards. we had basically a deal on cutting the debt. they could not sell it to their own members. they made it clear under no circumstances are they prepared
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to pay for anything that we need to do now, so we don't raise the debt further, in order to help people to have jobs. >> you've been in washington -- >> this is crazy. >> you've been in washington almost 40 years mr. vice president. what is it going to take to break the logjam? it looks like from the outside that the politics is intractable and the economy is uncontrollable. >> we are proposing absolutely reasonable things, eight republican presidents that i am aware of and have supported it. we have proposed things that the very people in the congress have supported, who are republicans. we have gone out of our way to make sure that these are things that are mainstream proposals, and what'd you hear last night? you heard people say this is a temporary fix. these guys are willing to give long-term tax breaks to the wealthy but not temporary help to the poor and to the middle class. this is like saying when you show up on a scene and someone's bleeding because they've cut an artery and also broken their back if that you stop the bleeding and put a tourniquet
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on, somehow that's only temporary. why would we do something temporary? people are hurting. people are in real trouble. they need jobs now. >> let me ask you about the democratic nominating process then, because some questions have been raised about whether you will be on the ticket running into this new re-election campaign. >> no real questions. >> are you, yes or no, are you on the ticket? >> absolutely, positively yes. there's never been a question about that. the president's made that clear and hardly anybody is raising it anymore. i guess it's parlor game talk and the parlors are even bearing down here now. >> vice president joe biden, never mincing words, thank you so much this morning. >> thanks. >> always such a pleasure. >> thanks, ann. i appreciate it. and now it is time for the rest of the morning's top stories and we've got natalie morales at the news desk. >> good morning to you ann and everyone. we begin with important health news this morning, middle aged men who take high doses of vitamin e may increase their risk for prostate cancer. research published in "today's
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journal of the american medical association" found men who took 450 units of vitamin e each day over 50 raised their prostate cancer risk by 17%. after five years of captivity on the gaza trip, guilad shalid may be returned to his family within days. a cabinet deal would free more than 1,000 palestinian prisoners in exchange for the 25-year-old shalid. prisoners involved in the exchange include militants convicted of the bloodiest terror attacks against israel. an engineer in antarctica who may have suffered a stroke could be flying out as early as this florida. she has been stuck on the south pole with no rescue in sight. she was told the weather made it too dangerous to evacuate her despite her health concerns. tuesday she plans to leave on a cargo plane during a small weather window friday. police in massachusetts were amazed when they got a call from
7:19 am
a couple at a local farm who said they were lost in a corn maze and needed help getting out. >> hi, i just called. i'm still stuck at connors farms. i don't see anybody. i'm really scared. it's really dark and we've got a 3-week-old baby with us. >> just relax, calm down. your husband's with you, right? >> yes, but my baby. >> i understand and the police officer is on the way. >> certainly was. took police and the maze operators just about a minute to find them. everything turned out fine. it is now 7:19, back over to matt, ann, and al. look at the size of that maze, too. i would get lost. >> i've been stuck in these things. i just walk right through the walls seriously. sooner or later you're going to come out of that thing and i've done it, walked right out. frustrating. >> you heard it here. check of the weather from mr. roker. >> we've got rain to talk about here in the northeast where we don't really want to see it. we had a nice run, seven to eight days of dry weather, the storm system making its way up
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the coast slowly, not a potent weather maker, but it'll bring 1 to 2 inches of rain before it's all over and as that moves out. we'll see another front coming back in from the west. risk of strong storms in the mid enlower mississippi river valley, clouds and showers in the pacific northwest. > w sdor t u. thg attr ill sig t oa n he eis i jh a -l c s sci ull d t k he f fon ane ug ermo re. we'll see the top layer burn off. 74 in san francisco with sunshine coming in early, 84 in san jose and we keep on warming up as we head through tomorrow. g time ats white house tuesday.
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you caught up with the first lady? >> absolutely, helping her participate in her let's move event. we also talked to her about her recent shopping trip to target. check it out. we all saw the pictures of you at target. i mean, is that, do you sometimes miss the ability to do something like that on a regular basis? >> absolutely, but quiet as it's kept although not so quiet i do that more frequently than each realize, and it's amazing how people don't recognize you. they don't expect to see me at starbucks or chipotle. i took bo to petco and the cashier said what kind of dog is that? a portuguese waterdog. they didn't expect to mimi in petco. we try to sneak out as much as possible. >> did the cashier look twice at
7:22 am
the credit card? he recognized me. plenty of people, i've been in baskin and robins a few times, they don't know it's me. >> do you buy a lot of toilet tissue at times? >> we pretty much have our supply stocked, one of the advantages, one of the perks. >> can't get the toilet tissue with the presidential seal on costco. >> funny but she does it often. >> amazing. >> cool stuff. >> more of al's interview with the first lady later on. an emotional day at the trial of michael jackson's doctor. jurors hear more of conrad murray's police interrogation, and the medical examiner who conducted the singer's autopsy speaks as well. we'll have the latest, but this speaks as well. we'll have the latest, but this is "today" on nbc.c. gy
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still ahead, police search an abandoned well for that missing 10-month-old baby in kansas city. lahave'lhelatest.
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fashion direct from designers. savings direct to you. t.j.maxx. let us make a maxxinista out of you. 7:30 now on a wednesday morning, the 12th day of october, 2011, and we're happy to get everybody out on the plaza a chance to wave hello to their family and friends back home. just before the rain, i understand, coming through a little later today. inside studio 1a, i'm ann curry alongside matt lauer. just ahead, new details on the disappearance of 10-month-old lisa irwin. police search an ban donned home just blocked from her home. we'll check up with a young woman we have come to call the bionic bride. she needed a heart pump just to walk down the aisle but earlier
7:31 am
this year her pump or her heart failed landing her in a coma. she's thriving once again thanks to a donor heart. coming up we'll talk to her for the first time since what really was life-saving surgery. good to have her back in the studio. >> how great does she look? >> she looks great. also looking great, linda evans a new memoir, details her reluctant stars in acting and famous loves, and what joan collins was really like on the set of "dynasty," here to tell us all about it in a live interview. how fun is that? icon of the '80s. in our studio. in the trial of michael jackson's doctor, more of the doctor conrad murray's interview with the police. jeff rossen is covering this in los angeles. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. when you listen to those audio tapes it is heartbreaking to picture the scene. michael's children rushed to the hospital, ucla medical center here in los angeles the day michael jackson died in the hallway crying, even asking to
7:32 am
see their father's body to say good-bye. beyond the audiotapes more drama in court on tuesday, including bombshell testimony from the medical examiner who performed the autopsy on michael jackson and a new photo of mr. jackson's body shown to the world and the jury, so disturbing a jackson fan ran out of the courtroom in tears. it was a shocker in open court, prosecutors showed the photo of michael jackson's skinny, lifeless body, perhaps the most private man in show business laid bare for the jury and the world to see. a final humiliation for the singer, who complained when police photographed him nude in 1993 after accusations of child molestation. >> it was the most humiliating ordeal of my life, one that no person should ever have to suffer. >> reporter: years later his children would suffer. the day michael died, dr. conrad murray was at the hospital and
7:33 am
in a taped police interview described the moment prince, paris and blanket learned their dad had died. >> after they cried and cried and cried, then his daughter uttered a lot of words of unhappiness and, you know, she will live alone without her dad and she didn't want to be an orphan, and she asked me, "dr. murray, you said you save a lot of patients, you know, you save people with heart attacks and you couldn't save my dad? you know, i will wake up in the morning and won't be able to see my daddy." murray said jackson's mother, katherine, was in shock, too. >> and she said well he's not dead, is he? i said yes and she broke down. >> reporter: prosecutors say murray gave jackson a deadly dose of propofol, but they also found other drugs in the singer's mansion. >> surprise, surprise. >> reporter: murray blamed jackson for hiding drugs he got from other doctors. >> how about valisone? >> no. i didn't know about that.
7:34 am
>> we found a small portion of marijuana in his room. did you know him to be a smoker? >> no. but he used excessive cologne. >> reporter: when the tape ended prosecutors weren't done yet, calling l.a.'s deputy medical examiner to the stand. >> what was the manner of death? >> the manner was homicide. >> reporter: and the defense theory that michael injected himself with propofol he calls unreasonable. how damaging is that to murray's case? >> you can't get any more damaging than having the official medical examiner, the one who actually conducted the autopsy on michael jackson, come back and say it is unreasonable that the propofol was self-administered. >> reporter: then prosecutors took it even further. >> let's assume self-administration of propofol. under those facts, where dr. murray then leaves his patient with apparently the drugs accessible and no monitoring equipment, et cetera, isn't it true you'd still deem it a homicide?
7:35 am
>> yes. >> reporter: so here's what's next. prosecutors could rest their case as early as this week. defense, then, will take center stage and start presenting its case. it remains unclear, though, matt, if conrad murray himself will take the stand. >> jeff rossen in l.a. for us or los angeles for us this morning, thank you. msnbc's martin bashir spent eight months with michael in 2002-2003. martin, good morning to you. >> good morning, matt. >> i want to start with this photograph shown in court yesterday. i won't show it again. once is a enough. that's the right word, shocking. it was meant to shock the jurors. but in reality, martin, does it have anything to do with guilt or innocence in this case? >> not really, but remember the medical examiner looking at this man said he had the body -- obviously he's 50 years old but as a 50-year-old he was pretty healthy. i think what he was trying to suggest was that there were no other residual existing reasons for why this man would sundayenly die.
7:36 am
>> martin, you could go into any manslaughter case and no matter what, if you put a picture up on a screen of the deceased, you're going to get an emotional reaction from the jury, but i'm not sure that's what the law is about. it's not about emotional reactions from juries, it's about presenting real hard evidence. >> the other question is whether mr. conrad murray's testimony or police interview has now become his courtroom testimony. people are saying what's that got to do with the law? is that a statement in court? no. it's not. >> i was going to get to that later, but since you bring it up, so we hear conrad murray describing the children's reaction when they learn of their father's death, how they cried and cried. any parent dies, the children are going to be heartbroken. i'm not sure that connects him to the death. >> no, but what conrad murray was doing was revealing the proximity of his relationship to michael, his relationship to the children, and the fact that he tried to assure them that he tried to save the man. and the reality is, what conrad
7:37 am
murray was doing there was describing a personal relationship of friendship. the problem with that is michael jackson didn't need a friend. he didn't need a lover. he needed a doctor, and this man didn't behave like a doctor. >> this is a dynamic we've seen not only in this case but other cases in the past that involved megastars and doctors. doctors are supposed to be the adult in the room, and oftentimes they are as swept away by the fame of their clients as anybody else would be. >> that's why the hippocratic oath and the commitments that they make as covenants to this profession are supposed to sustain them, and the problem is they don't. i spent time with jackson in las vegas as you know and also in berlin, and when i was in berlin in that horrendous scene where he held young blanket over the balcony, there was a doctor with him, a doctor called dr. alex farjian. i don't think i can remember an evening in berlin where dr. alex farjian, who hails from florida and runs some kind of unorthodox
7:38 am
orthopedic center, i don't think i ever saw him without a glass of wine in his hand. he was lost completely in the glaze of this man's glory and greatness, and of course it affects doctors. the point is, that isn't what dr. farjian or dr. conrad murray applied themselves to do. these people have the right to prescribe, they have the license to get drugs and administer drugs, and that's why they have an oath that's supposed to supercede some personal relationship or infatuation they may feel about the patient they're treating. >> martin bashir, interesting perspective. thanks very much. it's 7:38. you can catch this gentleman right here, martin bashir, on his own show weekdays at 3:00 p.m. on msnbc. let's get a check of the weather from al. >> announcer: today's weather is brought to you by massage envy, from stress relief to healthier your skin, massage envy is here for you. find nationwide locations at a
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back now at 7:43 with the latest on the search for 10-month-old lisa irwin. she disappeared eight days ago. her family has hired a private investigator. peter alexander is in kansas city, missouri weather details. hey, peter. good morning. >> reporter: ann, good morning to you. the private investigator says his top priority is finding baby lisa. another day and another dramatic development here in kansas city. now nbc news has obtained new surveillance video that shows lisa's mother just hours before she says her daughter disappeared.
7:44 am
this surveillance video obtained by nbc news, police confirm, reveals what lisa's mother, deborah bradley, was doing just hours before she says her baby vanished from her crib. on the tape from this grocery store a mile and a half from the irwin's kansas city home, bradley's seen shopping with an unidentified man. according to store managers, buying a box of wine, baby food and baby wipes. police say they've seen the tape and so far it's produced no significant leads. on tuesday, following a tip, investigators converged on this abandoned house just blocks from the irwin home. their focus, a cistern well, at least 30 feet deep and three feet wide. would the dark well hold clues to baby lisa's disappearance? we just spoke to the owner of this vacant home who says he's not been back to the property in four to six months. he says you can't just see the well. you have to know it's beneath the deck to find it. at first crews lowered
7:45 am
firefighters down, twice. nothing. then they pumped water out, before making a third trip, again a rescuer returned to the surface empty handed. >> it's been too long. something should have came up by now. if she is still alive, that's great, you know, but a parent -- if something's happened, you want to know that, too, so you can have closure. >> reporter: demolition crews later tore down the vacant home. police say their exhaustive eight-day search has so far uncovered no signs of baby lisa. >> with a 10-month-old, somebody knows something, there's no doubt about it, and here we are a week later and we're really not any closer. >> reporter: detectives also briefly returned to the irwin home tuesday following a tip from bradley herself suggesting police check fingerprints on cigarettes found on the ground near the family's car after it was broken into last month. late tuesday night the irwin family appeared at a news conference, announcing that it's
7:46 am
bringing in its own private investigator, bill stanton, to work on the case. >> there is a bad guy out there or bad people with this child, and we want to get this child home safe and sound. >> reporter: that private investigator, bill stanton, tells nbc news his investigation to find baby lisa will begin in earnest later today. ann? >> all right, peter alexander, thank you so much. still ahead, linda evans on her "dynasty" days, her co-stars and her one true passion, but first, these messages.
7:47 am
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♪ how do we sleep while our beds are burning ♪ something you never want to see at home, looking at a mattress on fire. in is a controlled safety burn at a consumer testing lab in maryland. tom costello, explain what's going on. >> reporter: good morning to you. in the last 20 seconds we lit this on fire. the flames represent a candle or matches that might have fallen on to a mattress that does not supply with the latest fire standards because each year 2,400 people die in all types of house fires. >> all right, goet out of the house. >> we can't. there's nothing open. if i open the door there's too much smoke. >> reporter: through years of reporting about house fires and getting out alive, we've learned how to crawl through a smoke-filled home to rescue a
7:51 am
child. >> find the crib, don't stand up, reach in, find your child, bring the child to the crib edge, tilt the crib over, bring the baby up, protect the airway and up on your chest and stay low and find your way out. >> reporter: we followed arson investigators looking for the cause of a fire that gutted an apartment building. >> fire started here at this electrical outlet where there was an electrical extension cord plugged in that went to a space heater in the middle of the room. >> reporter: we visited the insurance industry's fire research center. this is probably the least fire-resistant roof, a wood shake roof. with winter approaching the consumer products safety commission is emphasizing the everyday risk posed by house fires. of the 386,000 house fires each year majority are cooking fires, costing 150 lives each year.
7:52 am
cigarette fires, while fewer, are far more deadly. 600 people die often in bed. >> get new mattress. the new central standards require a barrier in the mattress preventing the fire from spreading if your mattress catches on fire. >> reporter: fire places, chimneys and space heaters cause nearly 57,000 fires and 220 deaths each other. safety experts remain concerned about tiki torch or fire pot gel fuel seen on an infrared cancer. the cpsc warns don't use it. all of it has been recalled. >> we're back live. this mattress in two minutes is fully involved. one important note, matt, often children sleep will you fire alarms so they say put fire alarms, smoke detectors in every single room and remember to start checking the batteries. back to you. >> it's eye-opening, scary stuff. thank you very much. coming up next we'll catch
7:53 am
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we're back we're back now at 8:00 on a wednesday morning. it's the 12th day of october, 2011. we've been talking about the great weather we've been having here for the past couple of days. that seems to be on the end, with cloudy skies and rain moving into the new york area for later today. but you know what, it doesn't matter. we have a great crowd outside stopping to say hi. i'm matt lauer along with ann curry and mr. al roker. and very cool in the studio right now because we have one of the biggest television stars of the 1980s with us p thrning. >> that's right. linda evans best known for her role in "dynas the ty" and she wrote a memoir that details the
8:01 am
dramatic heartbreaks and why she never planned a career in hollywood. very exciting to see her. she also has recipes in her book from very famous people. also with us today is a young lady we have affectionately called the bionic bride. she had a very rare disease of the heart, she had a pump implanted and a fairytale wedding. but after the wedding she fell into a coma. she needed a miracle to survive. guess what, she got a miracle. she is here first for the time to talk about her life with a donor heart. and, in fact, we're going to mention that we have folks over there from donate life. a lot of folks whose lives have been save bid donations. very cool. i've got more of our interview with the first lady, michelle obama. she's going to be talking about her "let's move" initiative and we're going to try to help her break a world record right here
8:02 am
on the plaza. lots of fun. let's go inside. natalie is standing by at the news desk. >> good morning again. good morning. front-runner mitt romney defended two positions unpopular with many conservatives last night. romney stood by the health care bill he signed as massachusetts governor and said the wall street bailout prevented a complete meltdown over financial system. before the debate romney won the endorsement of popular governor chris christie who spoke exclusively to nbc about his decision. >> he's the best person for the job. it's simply on the merits. and the fact is that we need to make sure that barack obama is a one-term president for america's future. >> when asked if christiewould be romney's running mate they dodged the question. he said he would try to pick and pass smaller pieces of the bill that failed last night. republicans blocked the $450
8:03 am
billion package because of its stimulus style spending and tax surcharge on the wealthy. the u.s. has issued a terror alert for americans worldwide after uncovering an alleged iranian plot to assassinate the ambassador to the u.s. in our nation's capital. iran is calling the allegations propaganda. two men were indicted on conspiracy charge on tuesday in connection with the plot and iranian-american used car salesman from texas and a member of iran's special operations unit. today marks one year since 33 chilean miners were brought back to the surface after 69 days trapped nearly a half mile underground. their instant celebrity brought free gifts, trips and public appearances. but sadly many are now unemployed and poorer than before and still coping with trauma and psychological problems from their ordeal. now let's head to wall street, cnbc's mandy drury is at the new york stock exchange for us again. >> good morning. there are forces in the stock
8:04 am
market today. on the downside, corporate earning season has kicked off with disappointing results from aluminum maker alcoa with ceo warning of weak conditions. but on the upside, positive developments out of europe with regards to strengthening their vulnerable banks and that is a relief for traders here in the united states. do you want a blackberry? i certainly do. fellow blackberry users around the world on almost every continent has experienced a third day of service outages. over to you now. >> all right. mandy drury, thank you. for a look at what's trending today our quick round-up of what has you talking online. searching yahoo! for antique auto that sold for a record $4.6 million. billed as the world's oldest car that still runs. 1984 marquise was fueled by coal, wood, and bits of paper for a top speed of 38 miles an hour. budget travelers are googling a plan by japan's tourism agency to offer 10,000 free delights to japan next
8:05 am
summer. tourism has suffered since the march earthquake and nuclear disaster. if the deal is approved by the particlen't, trooavelers would have to a plooi for tickets and agree to write a report about their experiences. the blogosphere is all steamed up after paula dean got handy with matt on tuesday. >> i know where this is going. i know all about keeping my potatoes side. yes, you do. and, oh, look, there's chocolate cake as well. >> no, you're not changing the subject. >> matt surprisingly, paula was recently named tv's sexiest chef by "maxim" magazine. matt, i think you were actually blushing. >> we rarely see you blush. >> i've invited her back every day for the next six months, also. by the way, we mentioned linda evans in the studio. she is of course is known for some of those wildcat fights she used to have with joan collins. did you know not only did it -- watch this. she goes after her.
8:06 am
oh! take that and that. >> oh! >> but you know what? every once in a while it happens here as well. >> does it? >> yes, it does. >> oh, yeah. that's right. well, that's the harmon ay we he here on our family show, the "today" show. >> i don't know what happened. >> we love savannah but, you know. >> she's not here today, i want to mention. >> let's get a check of the weather. >> i'm surprised you can still turn your neck. >> it was like the exorcist. >> wham. look at this cutie. who is this young man? >> eli. >> where are you from? >> nashville. >> nashville, tennessee. >> how old is eli? >> 19 months. >> nice to see you. how are you doing? let's check your weather, see what's happening. and for today our pick city of the day just happens to be beautiful amarillo, texas.
8:07 am
kamr, 4 on your side. sunny and mild. 71 degrees. as we check the afternoon temperatures. 70s and 80s in the southeast. 50s in the wall streest. expect to see more rain in the pacific northwest. afternoon rain some could be heavy at times here in the u.o ni e ta t noos wer ut era esay y. fris s we head into tomorrow. upper 80s in san jose. start to cool off with more clouds for the weekend. >> and that's your latest weather. matt? al, thank you very much. when we come back we'll sit down
8:08 am
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8:12 am
back now at 8:11, with golden globe winning actress linda evans. she starred as crystal ca carrington in the 1980s. she had her millionaire husband, blake, hook, line and sinker. >> heads we get married, tails we don't. >> you're joking? >> i want you more than anything i've ever wanted. >> this is a decision that will affect the rest of our lives. you can't make it on the flip of a coin. >> i don't need a quarter to tell me that i love you. >> mmm, i like that. linda left the show after nine years. rededicating herself to life out of the spotlight and now out with a new book called "recipes
8:13 am
for life, my memories." linda evans good morning to you. >> good morning. >> so fun to see you and in many ways this book is really fun and it has recipes from so many surprising people. >> well, it's not that they were cooks. it's just i went to their house for dinner and loved the food and said can i have the recipe. >> for example you have john wayne's favorite green chili and cheese casserole recipe in here. >> yes because his crab dip is the first recipe i ever asked anybody for and got. i was so excited, and the chili cheese recipe you're talking about, his wife pilar said he used to take it when he would go on location and put the recipe in his pocket so the caters could make it for him, he loved it so much. >> so many recipes and speaks to the breadth of people this job allowed you to meet. it's a book about your life and memories, including memories about barbara stanwick, rock
8:14 am
hudson, the queen of england, pope john paul ii. when you realize the breadth of your life and yet also realize that this was actually something that you fell into this acting thing. what was your original plan? >> my original plan was to get married and have kids and, and i was so shy, i wouldn't get up in class and give a book report so they made me take drama, which made me horrified. i used to throw up before i had to get up, i hated it. i was with a girlfriend on a commercial and she was up and the director wanted me to do the commercial. i said i can't do the commercial. he said why not? you can't drink ginger ale and sit on a merry-go-round? i said my girlfriend would kill me. he gave me the part an my girlfriend gave me her agent and he said can you walk, talk and say lines. i said i don't know. he set me up for a show "bachelor father" with john forsyth and gave me my first speaking part. >> and there you went.
8:15 am
>> and there i went. >> many of us remember you as crystal to joan collins' alexis and that hair pulling scene which is so memorable. i mean was it hard to be so hateful to joan collins? i mean you're pulling her hair. i think she's got -- >> i loved to do stunts. when you say that, i loved to do stunts. barbara stanwick got me involved in doing stunts when i did "big valley" so this had a lot to do with fun, there was nothing to do with hate, just chore row graphed, fun to do. >> looks like you might have gotten some bruises. >> i'm telling ul i love to fight physically, joan loved to fight verbally so we each had our own little place. when i got to do a fight i loved it. i don't do that in life. i never beat anybody up. >> thank goodness, i like my hair. i am starting to lose it already but i didn't want to lose any more of it. >> we didn't hurt each other.
8:16 am
>> 40 isn't fatal, what would you say about the age you are now? >> well i'm 68. i'll be 69 next month. >> no. >> i love it. i love it. i am the happiest i've ever been in my life. there's a certain amount of wisdom that comes with getting older that i wouldn't trade being young and tight bodied and everything because there's something about the wisdom that we gain that really serves us in life. >> and you, if you could say one thing to the young women who are listening, women who are younger than you are, about this search for wisdom, what would it be? >> as you get older -- you're meant to be young and you're meant to be exciting and have adventures, but when you get older, if you understand not to discount now people that are older, and i want to say to everyone, let's just create something where we all get to say we respect people that are older and we have a lot to contribute, and they're going to have a lot. don't think of just living 30,
8:17 am
40, 50 years with your kids and everything. think of what you'll do until you're 80 or 90. >> linda evans you keep living that life. thank you so much this morning. >> thank you. >> the book is called "recipes for life" and the excerpts are on our website. linda will be back later in the morning with kathie lee and hoda. for now, here's matt. >> all right ann, thank you very much. an update on a remarkable young lady we dubbed the bionic bride. we first met alley smith babineau after a revolutionary device saved her heart months before her wedding. earlier this year she suffered a setback that left her fighting for her life all over again. ali smith first warmed other hearts sharing the story of hers. >> one thing that -- sorry -- he told me was even if i was on my death bed that he was still going to marry me. >> reporter: ali had cardio
8:18 am
cardiomyopathy and without a heart transplant was not expected to survive. >> we expected her life expectancy was a year without more aggressive therapy and her chance of living one year was 50%. >> reporter: ali chose to have a radical surgery, a bionic heart powered by batteries. >> this is battery and controller of my heartmate two. it connects through here, and right here goes through my abdomen and goes right through here into this part that goes to my pump, so it's all connected. >> mike, you asked ali to marry you right when you found out she was gravely, gravely ill. >> yeah, it was just a lot of commitment on our relationship. we've been through some hard times but definitely have a lot of good times and i wanted to see it through the end. >> reporter: ali was doing so well with her bionic heart she came to see us this past december with her parents to tell us about her wedding. can you describe the emotions were feeling on that day?
8:19 am
>> one of the most emotional days i've probably had, giving her away at that dance. >> a year to the day that she almost died was the day she got married. >> reporter: but weeks after this interview, ali's parents called with devastating news, ali had fallen into a coma and was not expected to survive. >> we just want to reach out and say ali, we are thinking of you and our family and send you our prayers and our very best wishes. >> we're pulling for you. >> reporter: doctors told the family to prepare for the worst but then three weeks later a miracle. there's a new development in the story even as we're speaking right now, ali is being taken into an operating room, getting a heart transplant this morning. >> wow. and now, eight months after her heart transplant, this is ali today. >> hey, beautiful. >> good to see you.
8:20 am
>> how are you feeling? >> good, good. >> you look good. >> reporter: ali is thriving with her new heart. >> you look good. and this day she wanted to return to the texas heart institute to say thank you to her doctors and nurses. >> it was it was truly miraculous because she turned around. >> reporter: when ali left the hospital she was asked to ring a transplant bell to encourage other patients to continue their battles as well. >> it was kind of like a doorbell for me, you know, rang it three times, and went through the doors and entered the next chapter of my life. i hope i never have to ring it again, though. >> reporter: and ali is with us this morning, along with her parents, christa and ronny and cardiologist roberta bogave. you're crying. this is a good time to be back. >> it is. >> to start with we sat on the couch when you were really ill and sent our best wishes out to
8:21 am
you on the morning of your surgery. you heard it on the tv but you were all drugged up, right? >> yes, highly drugged, very. >> and you actually thought i was in the hospital room with you? >> yeah, i remember i could hear you talking and i just, i don't know if i was awake, i don't know what i was doing and i thought we're all there and you had all flown in and standing next to me talking and the newscasting at the same time. >> we were there in spirit. how are you feeling? >> amazing. better than i actually thought i would feel. >> you're not bionic anymore, no more pumps, no more batteries no, more wires, things like that. >> right. >> you are living what would be described as a normal life? >> probably beyond a normal life. i think i push things further than most people probably would, just knowing that life could be too short, and so i might as well do the things i never thought i'd be able to do. >> doctor, the prognosis, will she be able to return to completely normal activity or
8:22 am
has she already? >> she's already normal, matt. she can do anything you can do. >> it's amazing, she needed a miracle, mom and dad said she needs a miracle and needs it quickly. her system improved enough for a short period of time so the surgery was possible, and at that very time, a donor heart became available. how do you explain that? >> miracles. god does miracles. >> you know just an amazing thing, you know. god willed it and it happened, and we were just blessed. >> i know you must spend a lot of time thinking about the donor. >> um-hum. >> and that person's family. what are your thoughts? >> i hope to meet them one day. i want to tell them, you know, of course we don't know who each other are yet but i'd like to tell them that their family member is still here. they're just a little bit part of, in me and several other
8:23 am
people, so that saying that can you be there in two places at once, that person's probably there seven places and they're allowing moo he to do the things that i wasn't able to do. so i'm taking them now to do the things that they might not have ever done. >> it is great to have you all back here. last time i said good-bye i thought everything was fine and then you scared us. don't scare us anymore. >> i think we all thought that, too. >> ali wonderful treat to have you back here. congratulations, continued good health. thank you for being here. >> thank you, matt. >> here's ann. >> thanks, such a nice story. let's head to washington, d.c., and check in with mr. willard scott. hey, willard. >> hey, it's wirbirthday time a over the nation and you may be next. if you live to be 100, if i don't do it i'll tape it for you. chances are i'll have to tape it for you. we have for instance myrtle
8:24 am
harris, st. louis, missouri, is 105. lived forever in st. louis. lives independently and attributes her longevity to her faith and the good lord. can't beat that. almost everybody says that. evelyn dickinson, woo, lovely, warwick, new york, is 104, loves to swim and she has a horsey and she likes to ride the horsey. birthday number three, marie puh of livermore, california, 108 years old, loves to work in her vegetable garden, for a long time, and play bridge, working in the garden is one of the blessings of life. i've always thought i'd like to go that way. ann roberts of yucaipa, california, 105. likes to stay in touch with all of her friends, guess what, with e-mail and facebook. more and more older people are doing that and they love it. dorothy polk of savoy, illinois,
8:25 am
oh, boy, hoy-ti-toy lives independently and loves to play bridge with her pals. good activity. good activity. we have eunice. i like that name, eunice greene of goldsboro, north carolina, is 109, extremely family oriented and loves god very much, and remains active in her church and that's it, that's all from your nation's capital at this time. >> all right, willard, thank you so much. coming up, more of al's interview with the first lady, michelle obama. plus we'll help her set a world record live on the plaza but first a look at your local news and weather. ' ou
8:26 am
b ll js rno uurr g mino t tes hdo 20 3f ,y' ballen binth re a 11 pe tinonfth
8:27 am
aitthnte e. ey pes wthay lrns sdne eyele o bce a tgu 'vn e,, cpe i'm s o, n bgege . anr wksor w f aczeepe a jngon dn. a fnd lelng w go headquarters here in san francisco. >> we apologize for the signal breaking up there. more after this.
8:28 am
8:29 am
tcuf obin wolea at d because of the crowds. we rejoin the "today" show.
8:30 am
i'm sitting on the "nbc nightly news" news and behind me is the rock center. my life will basically take place in this room. thers an por fas par a b balack over there. ♪ 8:30 now on a wednesday morning, the 12th day of october, 2011, that is the latest hit from one of the hottest bands in the world, coldplay, the grammy winners have a new album coming out and
8:31 am
next friday they'll treat us to a live concert on the plaza. if you're in the area october 21st, come on down. i'm ann curry alongside matt lauer and natalie morales and al roker. i'm so excited about that. just ahead we'll help set a world record. >> the goal, most people doing jumping jacks in a 24-hour period. i helped kick things off at the white house an an event hosted by first lady michelle obama. we talked to her about her fitness and personal exercise routine and the first family and what do they do and talk about around the dining room table. we'll hear more from the first lady in a little bit. >> anyone can participate in making this world record happen. >> that's right. >> we can all do it. >> we can all do it, yes. >> something to shoot for. halloween just around the corner. martha stewart is here this
8:32 am
morning and always puts us to shame. uh-oh, she has a drill in her hand, she's going to show us how to spruce up her pumpkin. some of the things on the table are amazing. >> she has c-4. >> that's how the pros do it. >> exploding pumpkins. the nation's best meatball recipes, yes that's right, if you think you have the best meatball recipe, submit yours on the website along with a video or photo of your dish. the deadline is next wednesday, october 19th and chef bobby flay will crown our champion november 3rd. >> who will eat the meatballs to make the choice? >> bobby flay. >> let's participate. let's try. >> i don't think we're qualified. >> oh. how about a check of the r?r?r?r?r?r?r?r?r?r?r?r?r?r?r?r? r?gor?orr? tr?r?r?yor?r?r?r?r?r? r?cer?lr?r?rtr?r?ror?anr?r?r?r?? r?upr?thr?hr? r?ncr?o.r?r?r?r?r? r?tr?rar?s r?y r?r?gor? tr? r?ber?r?war?,r?r?r?r?r?enr?r?r??
8:33 am
r?rer?odr?cir?r?r?r?82r?r?rr?r?? r?her?ear?tar?r?r?r?r?sr? wr?r?? r?ugr?omr?wr?nir?ndr?r? r? r?tr?8r?r?r?er?sr?r?r?r?r?r?? r?,r?r?cor? or?r?r?ar?r?r? or?r? r?mer?ker?ear?.r?r? r?eekend, clouds roll back in.r? maybe a few showers sunday into monday. and don't forget to check your weather any time of the day or night, go to the weather channel on cable or online weather tot com. michelle obama and al helps weather tot com. michelle obama and al helps to b
8:34 am
my fashion blog is about my personal style and things that inspire me. i like to think of myself as the voice of real girls.
8:35 am
since i post new looks almost every day... i have to shop almost as often. t.j.maxx is great because i can score designer fashion... without spending like there's no tomorrow. that's what it's all about. fashion direct from designers. savings direct to you. i post for fashionistas... but i'm a maxxinista. t.j.maxx. let us make a maxxinista out of you. >> announcer: "taking off" today is brought to you by truvia natural sweetener, honestly sweet. this morning on "take it off today" we're hoping to break a guinness world record for the most people doing jumping jacks in a 24-hour period and al you
8:36 am
got things started off at the white house on tuesday. >> that's right, the attempt is in support of mrs. obama's let's move initiative. we had a chance to talk about that, and the importance of families getting fit together. >> all right! keep it up! ♪ you look pretty excited being the jumper in chief. >> i love it. anything, my motto is anything i can do to get kids and families enthusiastic about movement and nutrition, i will do. i have no shame when it comes to exercise. >> are jumping jacks your exercise of choice? >> you know i do everything. jumping jacks, squats, lunges, you know, jump lunges, you name it, i have a trainer who is a little crazy so we did a little bit of everything, a little boxing so we miktx it up becaus if you get bored you don't stick to it. >> does the president have to worry about the boxing parts? >> sometimes when he sees me
8:37 am
punching he thinks hmm i hope i don't make her too mad. no, of course not. >> since you launched let's move, what effects have but seen? what's been happening since you launched this initiative? >> one of the things i'm most proud about is seeing so many different sectors coming together on this issue. i mean what we know in our country is that we do care about our kids. parents care about their kids. we want our kids to be healthy and everyone has stepped up. >> we just had a story about in denmark they're planning on instituting like a "fat" tax, foods high in sugar, high in fat. do you think something like that is needed here? >> i think folks need information, you know, knowledge is power, and you know we're lacking that. people eat what they eat because they think it's okay. they don't need government telling them what to do. they need good information and access. >> what about people say oh i don't have the time, my family doesn't have the time. you guys got a campaign coming up, you got to hit the trail, how do you work those things in
8:38 am
when you're traveling like that? >> you know it's prioritization. i work-out as much as i can when i can. when you're on the road you can't always count on it. the thing i tell families you don't have to make whole scale changes. little changes, putting more water into your kids' diet, eliminating sugar and sugary drinks, putting more fruits and vegetables on, exercise is ju jumping out on the line. i got a workout with the kids. >> do you have to get in shape to go out and campaign? >> it helps if you're healthy because it takes a lot of stamina. that's one of the reasons why we try to stay healthy. you don't get breaks and you have to sort of have your diet in control and sometimes we go for 12, 14-hour days on the campaign trail and it helps to have the energy. >> do you have to motivate the president and the girls? are they fairly self-motivated when it comes to this? >> no, no, no, barack has been an exercise fanatic all his
8:39 am
life. he uses it to destress, so he works out every single day. our girls, we make it fun. it's their sports, it's their activities, so no, they're not getting up going to the gym every day but we do encourage them to play a team sport, and individual sport, and we support them in that. we try to go to their games and make it fun. >> how important is the family getting together, not your family but everybody's family, getting together around the table? >> that is critical and something that we do, 6:30, as much as possible, we sit down for dinner, the president's schedule stops, he comes up for dinner, he may have to go back to the office but we eat dinner together and what it does is number one forces families to cook, which is another way to be healthy is preparing food at home, and i think what we find is as you're sitting around the table having a conversation you're not focused on how much you can eat, and you slow down and eat less. >> is the dinner table in the
8:40 am
obama household a politics free, poll numbers free zone? >> it is because the girls could care less about what their father does so what his day was like is usually the last thing we talked about. he's sort of an afterthought, oh, by the way dad, how was your day. >> time for us to help "national geographic's kids" magazine break the record. >> we've taken some of our plaza viewers, gotten t-shirts on them and getting ready to start jumping. we have stuart claxton with the official guinness world records and mona bello from "national geographic." >> we have a clock. they have to jump for one minute so here we go, everybody ready? three, two, one, jump! ♪ >> all right, while we're jumping, i want you to talk about why this has been such a passion for you..
8:41 am
>> "national geographic kids" is about getting kids up and out into the world and fitness is so important, so we figure how to get kids involved, get guinness world records and michelle obama and it's a win, win, win. >> the clock started at 3:00 yesterday afternoon and ends at 3:00 this afternoon. how can everyone including our cameramen get involved? >> if you want to participate in the guinness world record go to "national geographic kids" magazine website. do one minute of jumping jacks before 3:00 today. >> what's the record, stuart? >> 20,425 is the record to beat. >> we have to break it. >> how many do you want to break it by? >> i want to double it. 40,000. ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one! woo! >> we're on our way, stuart? >> 37 more, absolutely. >> let's do it.
8:42 am
>> i want to show you this ladies, this is what jumping jacks does for you. what is your name, robin? >> robin. >> robin is 75 years old. >> i want to have what you have. look at you. how do we make sure you sign up, go to the website and sign up. you have until 3:00 today. >> i am thrilled to be here. >> thank you so much. >> i used to be a page here. >> oh, my gosh! an nbc page? >> 55 years ago! >> that's fantastic. >> we, too, can look like you at 75. thank you so much for helping us. thanks to everyone. >> thank you. >> and so wish you luck. >> thank you, thank you. >> thank you so much. much more coming up, including martha stuart helping us decorate for halloween with creative ways to make ourck
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
♪ it's pumpkin time, pumpkin time ♪ we're back at 8:44 this morning on "martha on today" throwing a pumpkin party. martha is here with exciting ways to decorate your jack-o'-lantern this halloween. martha, good morning nice to see you. >> good morning. >> i'm 53 years old you're teaching me new things about halloween. pumpkin carving 101. don't cut the top of the pumpkin? >> you don't have to. if you want to illuminate with the candle you it cake the top off but because so many people are using christmas lights you cut the bottom over that and put it over a jar. >> makes so much sense. >> you don't have to worry about the candle blowing out.
8:46 am
>> when it starts to decay you don't have to worry about this shrinking and falling in. >> these are templates we have on the website. >> you always start with the paper. >> so you have a good face, and then you can just make little holes with a pin around the whole design and take this off. we just use masking tape and all here on the pumpkin, use your pumpkin carving tools. >> is this a special carving tool? >> it is, don't give that to the kids and scoop out your pumpkin with a pumpkin scoop. >> that thing looks like it's out of "silence of the lambs.
8:47 am
xw ". >> what kind of mind do you have? this is artificial and the kids can take out candy corn. how do you preserve the cut edges of your pumpkins, a little bit of petroleum jelly, vaseline. >> stops what i talked about before? >> it helps. i like the way this looks before you've dressed it up and yet you're going to access rise. >> you can get these evil eyes and stick them in there. >> where did you find the eyes? >> craft stores, halloween stores. we shop everywhere. >> typical vampire teeth. >> that can go in the mouth, i can stick that in a little bit, yeah. that's not the right hole but there, but cut appropriate sized hole like that one. and these matte pins are perfecting for crazy eyes and it's just simple, fun things. >> talk to me about the mummy. >> instead of throwing the toilet paper in the trees. >> i never did that.
8:48 am
>> oh yes you did, matt admitted can he eggs, toilet paper, shaving cream. >> a neighbor of mine did that. >> or crepe paper to wrap odd sized squashes and matte pin for goonie eyes. >> extreme carving. you better take that from me. >> be careful. this is the wonderful blade on the drill and you can -- >> woe! >> are you all right there? yes. >> you didn't have to core it. >> you don't core it and just insert your mice that you find again at the halloween store. >> a little mouse hotel. >> it's so evil and kreeby and so just use the rear end even creepier. i love the mouse hotel. you don't have to use the drill. you cans will use a little
8:49 am
piercer like this which works very well. i want to show you that you can do it. see pull this out. matt, you want to pull that out for me? use that brute strength. >> pop that in there and tout comes. >> and it makes a nice noise. >> these are so cute, they really want to live here. >> hard to find these little guys? >> no, easy. >> for the truly lazy, this is actually a great idea because you don't have to carve anything. >> no, and these beautiful images come, martha stewart crafts, and these are spiderreb webs and arachnids. pull off the plastic and stick it on the plump kin and put a piece of wet cloth over it. it's the way they make beautiful designs on china. pull that off and pull the white piece off.
8:50 am
look what happens. >> there we go. >> and every detail is transferred onto the skin of the pumpkin. >> kids can get involved which is so great. >> so easy. pat that an and look at the beauties. some are transferred, some are painted, we painted this with a black enamel, glittered this. i can't stop pi want to keep going. >> good stuff. happy halloween. >> yes. still ahead, guilt free finds at the grocery store. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:51 am
8:52 am
back now at 8:51 and your "get fit today" always hearing about a new fitness phenomenon or exercise gadget sweeping the nation. as "today" national correspondent jenna wolfe discovered the most reliable secret may be the one you're already doing. >> it is indeed. we live in this society which wants more results in less time but maybe getting back to basics is the key here. instead of a new gym membership, why not just partner up with somebody else? sunrise is still a cup of coffee away, but kim peerson's exercise class is more than ready to break a sweat. sprints, squat jumps, mountain climbers and not even 6:00 a.m. the women are greeting their day with a healthy dose of
8:53 am
suffering. well, kind of. their physical pain is offset by the emotional lift they get from each other. how many empowerment would that give you if you were just working out by yourself? >> we always say to each other we would never do this alone. >> reporter: it's a question not often asked when setting up a fitness plan, who do you want to train with. as it turns out it does matter. how important is accountability when you're in a group type session and working out like this? >> literally, 4:45, they're like are you up, in the car? are you coming? >> reporter: here's the deal, if i was by myself i'd quit or at least break for six hours but i've got 16 other people here cheering me on. i got to go all the way. while the women in the class keep each other coming time after time, they all got here in the first place for one single reason. >> it's kim. >> she's a great motivator. >> her energy.
8:54 am
>> reporter: kim peerson the 2011 miss bikini universe and also 39 years old. think about that for a second, 39 years old. >> my personality, i've always told people perfectly matches a young child. i have a lot of energy. i can see who needs a push. i can see who needs to dance, who needs to shake it a little bit. >> reporter: away from the gym kim is a kindergarten teacher. she gave me a quick lesson on a few exercises anyone can do anywhere but even better when done with a friend. >> the first is the pushup. you got a partner and a little kid at home, play patty cake, separate your feet, reach out, patty cake, patty cake, we can more. one more time. >> okay. >> very nice. my favorite part of my body to train is my glutes, quads. >> these are burning, are they supposed to burn. >> this is when i can tell you
8:55 am
you can keep going. another one is the lunge. squeeze your shoulderblades together, lifts the chest. >> great for posture. >> engages the core. arms out straight, hence the superman and lift them both. >> i feel that in the lower back. >> challenge yourself. keep going until you can't get anymore, squeeze out one more and press yourself, write it down, try to hit that number the next day. >> reporter: kim's group has lost hundreds of pounds together in the past few years. the key has been extending the class lessons beyond the gym walls. >> she's motivated us in and out of the gym, not just here but our whole lifestyle when we go back home, the way we eat, motivating us to go to the gym in groups and we've all become friends so you'll text someone or e-mail them so it's a way of life. it's a whole new way of life. >> reporter: that new way of life embraced together and baptized in sweat, these women are reaching individual goals together as a workout community.
8:56 am
>> great way to start with kim in the morning, it's off my checklist, i'm done. i can nap. >> so here's the deal with this. this is nothing new, this is just going to the gym, it's about accountability. if you know you have 20 other people waiting for you or one other person or someone else, you're going to go so don't just get a gym membership, get someone else to get you psychologically to go there. >> it's so smart, just to give women this connection. i think for men as well it's a great idea. thanks so much, jenna. hi just ahead,e're wig fginht dden germs in your home, after your local news.dd mong it 8:56 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. for the first time in months, giants' fan, brian stowe, is not in a hospital. stowe was transferred from san francisco general hospital to a rehabilitation center yesterday. doctors say he has a long road to recovery head, but he
8:57 am
certainly is making great progress. two men beat stowe in the dodgers' stadium parking lot in late march. he arrived at sfo general in a comatose state. now doctors say heme, y' ngt s a g nas a evnelde eet. >co ba
8:58 am
weilhaacle in montgomery in the financial district because of those protests. from dixon, a school bus got into an accident with a tractor. injuries to a moderate extent for the driver. ks lksryksksksksksksksksksksksks
8:59 am
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we're back now with more of "today" on this wednesday morning, the 12th day of october 2011. the rain started near new york city. just a little drizzle so far. not so bad. we've come outside to say i had once again to our nice people on th plaza. matt lauer along with ann curry and mr. al roker. we're talking about the economy right now. coming up, our money 911 panel is here. they'll talk about making sure you are putting your money in the right place when it comes to pension, prioritizing your credit card debt and saving for your children's education.
9:01 am
germaphobes, both of you are on this list. did you know if you make your bed it actually does not help prevent dust mites? not making your bed helps prevent dust mites. that's information coming up in a segment they're about to do about germs, how germs can be in your sponges and gym bags and the breeding grounds for germs. >> good to know. >> i feel so much better now. and our chat with first lady michelle obama. yesterday we talked about her passion of fighting childhood obesity, moving with her let's move campaign. she has another passion as we found out. getting a bargain. her recent trip to target got recent headlines. she'll tell us all about it. >> let's go inside. natalie is standing by at the news desk with a look at the headlines.
9:02 am
the endorsement came hours before romney squared off against other republican candidates at a debate in new hampshire. romney defended his support of t.a.r.p. he said there could have been a meltdown of the financial system had -- and action had to be taken. the measure fell short of the 60 votes needed to move it forward. the president says he will now work to pass individual components of the bill. and earlier on "today" vice president joe biden said people are hurting and something needs to be done. >> reporter: a surprise development this morning in the detroit courtroom. today, abdulmutallab pled guilty. the trial got under way on
9:03 am
tuesday. i could get life in prison. >> an israeli soldier captured by hamas more than five years ago may soon be freed. they approved a plan to free more than 1,000 palestinian prisoners in exchange for this man. while most israelis support the swap, one israeli cabinet stinster voted against it, called it a huge victory for terror. sony is offering free inspections and repairs an 1.6 million bravia lcd televisions worldwide. a defect in certain 40 inch models can cause overheating, smoke and melting parts. the company says it has received 11 such reports in japan but none involved injuries or damage beyond the televisions. and take a look. this german shepherd is the ultimate bird brain. when he goes for a walk, max the family parrot goes with him. hitching a ride on his bike or tail or wherever. max doesn't necessarily tell him where to go but seems to enjoy being a back-seat driver.
9:04 am
now that is adorable. it is three mines past the hour right now. let's get a check of the weather from al. >> all right. thanks so much, natalie. >> you got it. >> we'll show you for today in the east, we have a storm systeming making its way up the coast. we've gone seven, eight days without rain for much of the northeast. that is changing. the good news is, this is not a soaking, drenching rain. some areas may pick up about an inch of rain. for the most part, not all that bad. sunshine along the east coast. a slight risk of strong storms in the midsection of the country gh>>gh dghtghveghgh aghghiggh sh ghsogh bghghghghoghgh hghghyghgh ghh gh fghghghghgh wghrlghghghgh ghleghkygherghghghghgh ghghaghch ghtghhghhghghghghghghlighorghanh gh lgh oghghghghghngheghghghmigh ghy ghlghrmghgh ughghghoghghghgh ghghghghghghghghghghghghghghgha
9:05 am
control of our weather pattern the next few days. we'll continue to climb as we head into your thursday. onshore flow, fog returns right into the weekend. ♪ somebody call 911, sure the fire burning on the dance floor whoa ♪ time for "today's 911" money experts, answering your questions this morning we have sharon epperson, and david bach, otherwise known as james bond, the author of "debt free for life" and farnoush girabi, personal finance contributor to >> i always wanted to be james bond. >> bach, david bach and the bond girls, very nice. let's get to it. wayne in chicago is on the phone. good morning. >> caller: good morning. >> what's your question? >> caller: my wife is retiring the first of the year. she went to get information
9:06 am
about a pension she had with a company that was bought out by a large corporation. when she was terminated from that company back in '99, her estimated pension was over $1,000 a month at retirement. now they say it's only a couple hundred a month. how do we know this amount is correct? is there a way to verify that amount? >> sharon, a lot of folks have to be in wayne and his wife's situation. >> a lot of people are trying to find the lost pension and want the full benefit. you need to check the plan'sical class and when you can do this easily yourself you need to request in writing from the company two key documents, the summary plan description, the summary plan description is what was given to your wife when she left the company saying what her estimated benefit would be and you need the main plan document that actually outlines what the rules are to determine that benefit. once you have those documents you may be able to go through and do the calculations. you want to make sure you get those documents from when she was last working for the company, not the most recent ones so you can have that actual original benefit. if you have any problems, there
9:07 am
are a number of places that you can go to for help. there are pension counseling centers around the country, 29 states have them and you can find them through, the pension rights center website and go to, a great research and the professional group for actuaries and those are available on the website as well. >> keep the statements forever. >> absolutely. >> when this happens and it happens a lot if you've got the statement, even if it's ten years old you can say here is the deal. >> we want to move along, heather from texas via skype. good morning, heather. >> good morning. >> what is your question? >> my husband and i have debt on two credit cards. one of the cards carries the lower balance and a 9.99% rate. the other card has about a few thousand dollars more and 8.99%
9:08 am
rate. the difference in the interest per month is only about $20. so our question is do we pay more towards the higher balance or do we do the even split that we've been doing between the two cards? >> that's a good question. >> we get this all the time. super simple answer actually and not what most people say. most say pay the highest interest rate. pay minimum payments on all cards and add the money to the smaller card. the reason is you'll pay off the smaller card faster and by paying off one of your cards faster you avoid the risk of late fees, over limit fees or annual fees in your case the interest rate is almost identical so focus on the smaller card, pay that one first and make no payment on the other card. >> to the phone lines, christine calling in from new jersey. good morning, your question? >> caller: good morning. my husband will be unemployed in six months when his office closes. he has been looking for a new
9:09 am
job for over a year. he will receive a severance package for two months and our home is our only debt and we have about six months of emergency funds saved, and i recently set up a home equity line of credit for emergencies, and what else do you think we should be doing to prepare for unemployment? >> farnoush? >> christine, great job getting your ducks in a row so far, you're doing great building momentum and taking advantage of this period until unemployment. two things i would add to your to do list, figure out if you can refinance your mortgage. you say this is your only debt but it's probably your biggest monthly expense. interest rates are really low and the time to act is now because your husband has a job. if the job is no longer in the picture, it's going to be next to impossible to qualify for a mortgage, so run the numbers, see if that makes sense. this could be a huge saver for your family. number two, continue to save. the six-month cushion you have is great. i think nine or ten months would be even better and the reason i
9:10 am
say that is because the average length of unemployment for the average unemployed person is ten months. so you want to hope for the best but plan for the worst. >> plan for the worst. we got a twitter question, this from vanessa, what is the best way to plan to save for kids' college, state prepaid, 529 or life insurance plans? >> there are 529, two plans opinion college plans and prepaid plans. you can prepay and the 529 is my favorite choice. for most flexibility you may want to stash in a brokerage account. >> thank you, sharon, david, or james bond, that turtle neck is bumping, and farnoush. did you know they're lurking everywhere you turn, not david's turtle neck, but how to get rid of hidden germs in your home.
9:11 am
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this morning on "today's health" hidden germs that could be lurking in your home. dr. carrie petersen is an internist and contributor to "women's health" magazine and here with simple tips to keep you as germ free as possible. good morning. >> good morning. >> let's start with the hidden germs and first being contact lens cases, and you say that we should be washing the solution, and we should be dumping the solution every time we basically put our contacts in our eyes. >> exactly, if you store them in disinfecting solution at night when you put them in your eyes
9:15 am
what's left over in the case should be considered dirty. discard it right into the bowl, rinse it out with hot water and let it air dry because that solution can breed germs and those germs like ceratio or staff aureus can cause keratitis, which is very bad. you want to replace this case every six months. >> not putting it in the dishwasher, just throw it out get a new one. and it's cheap anyway, right? contact lens solution has an expiration date. many people may not be aware of this. check your bottle and be sure not to use it after the expiration date. >> good to know. next your bed. did you know, this is going to gross you out, 8 h4% of the bed in the u.s. have dust mites. >> at least, our bedding our sheets. >> what can we do? >> the concern is many americans are allergic to them and it can create runny nose, itchy eyes
9:16 am
and in particular asthma. you want to be attentive to cleaning your bedding so basically dust mites thrive in humid conditions, which is why they love beds, our bodies get warm, they get sweaty and create this humid environment. >> right. >> you want to either first off you have an excuse, don't make your bed. >> like we need an excuse not to make the bed. now we have it. >> if you make your bed you're trapping the moisture in there and then they can thrive whereas if you leave it opened it dries the sheets out. >> wash the sheets, replace cases and pillows as often as you can as well. >> wash at least once a week. >> very good. sponges. we snow sponges are breeding grounds for all kinds of germs. >> yes. >> and what about if you -- so what can you do? i've heard putting it in the microwave or dishwasher. does that really work? >> well just the concern with sponges, they do harbor bacteria that can cause food poisoning so you want to designate a sponge for your dishes and one for the countertop and be sure not to
9:17 am
store it in your sink. put it on the counter where it can dry out. when you want to disinfect it, stick it in the dishwasher with your dishes, do a cycle with that or stick it in the microwave for one minute and that will completely get rid of the germs. >> all right, and replace them, toss them, they're cheap, too. >> exactly. >> makeup brushes, what kind of germs are breeding in your brushes and how often should you be washing them? >> what happens with makeup brushes you sweep them on to your skin, dead skin cells on it, oils from your face and they breed bacteria and get dirty. in the morning you take a shower and think you're nice and clean and you're wiping that dirt and oil back onto your skin. we recommend you want to take a little facial cleanser in some water and put the brush in there, sweep it around a little bit, swirl it and rinse it in clean water, give it a little rinse. >> wash every couple of days then? >> actually once a week. and then you air dry it on a clean surface. >> gym bag, breeding grounds as
9:18 am
well for germs, you should be cleaning this out and storing? >> washing out the inside, store your gym clothes in a plastic bag before you put it inside so you don't transfer germs from your gym into your bag. >> cell phones apparently they are much worse for germs than public toilets if you can believe that. disgusting. >> take a little anti-bacterial wipe, wipe off the keys and the back and you're all set. >> dr. carrie petersen as always you grossed us out this morning, thank you. come up next, michelle obama's not so so crete shopping trip to target, turns out she's done it before and likes costco, too, she'll tell us after these messages. can we show you something? wouldn't it be great to feel like this all the time? (yeaaaahhh!!) i guess so. well, with the chase freedom card, you get 5% cash back on up to $1500 worth of purchases. and new categories every 3 months. and 1% on everything else. so that "man, this must be my lucky day feeling"
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9:21 am
[ male announcer ] we've always made it right. and now we ship it right. announcing shipped for free, guaranteed to last. no minimum order. no end date. from l.l. bean. sew al is a busy man, you traveled to the white house yesterday and caught one the first lady michelle obama. >> that's right. we participated in one of her let's move event and another big event we talked about, her recent shopping trip to target.
9:22 am
those pictures of you at target, i mean, is that -- do you sometimes miss the ability to do something like that on a regular basis? >> absolutely. but quiet as it's kept although not so quiet i do that more frequently than people realize, and it's amazing how people don't recognize you. they don't expect to see me at starbucks or at chipotle. i actually took bo to petco and the cashier asked me, oh, what kind of dog is that? i said a portuguese waterdog. he didn't recognize us because he didn't expect that we would be in petco so you know, my secret's out but we try to sneak out as much as possible and it helps to keep our kids' lives normal. >> did the cashier look at, twice at the credit card? >> he recognized me, but plenty of people have been, i've abouten in baskin and robbins with the kids and they don't recognize me. >> do you buy a lot of toilet
9:23 am
tissue at once? >> we have our supply stocked, one of the advantages. >> one of the perks. >> one of the perks. >> the nice thing about living at the white house. >> you can always count on your toilet paper. we have james and uday from "psych." >> i'm pretty impressed, i went to bed, bath and beyond and i was lost. >> you were lost. >> very intimidated. >> no secret service helping me. >> they have it on the west wing maybe. >> coming up in "psych" this season six premiere coming up you got a lot of kissy face. >> i do. >> not the two of you guys. >> not sean and gus kissy face but gus is finally getting action. >> some of it is shadow kissy face. >> lots of girls or one? >> he gets lots of attempts. he swings hard this year but he does strike out a lot, too. >> james, what about you, your character, sean is getting a lot of questions about whether or not he's a real psychic and we
9:24 am
may find that out this season? >> finds himself in a couple jams, he has to work the hips, he has to work his way out of it backwards. >> nice and a lot of guest stars this season. >> great lineup, unbelievable, don't know how we do it. >> malcolm mcdowell on tonight's season premiere. william schatner >> louis gossett jr. >> danny glover. >> molly mcintyre. >> the list goes on and on. >> does that change the dynamic when you have such big stars on? >> we enjoy the ride. >> it's humbling, william schatner come in you want to step back and watch him do his thing. >> you have a play coming up? >> "stick fly" opens up here november 15th. >> i don't know how you do it all. >> alicia keys. >> great of guys. catch the seasan premiere of "psych" 10:00, account central on usa network. and new mom jewel coming up. first your local news and weather. ♪
9:25 am
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yep...doh. [ boy ] slurpably fun and a good source of calcium. dads who get it, get go-gurt. 'm jeynry thing, a 17-year-old san jose boy wants to know who stole his specialized bicycle. the young man is paralyzed from the waist down and needs the bike to strengthen his legs. his family believes the thief knew exactly where the bike was and figured out the best time to steal it. >> we were just asking these questions, where could it be? who took it? who would do that to a person like me? >> his bikes had a unique look,
9:27 am
three-wheeler with a high ksoel hephi yhi yenhe e,asa so pe. epdsfe ot'co ic elrrn . killed when crossing the street at that intersection.
9:28 am
att ut, ro e, c sll agth c . inac eaty t e,rlle wg dis er nsgap huy.rr y
9:29 am
n . co a cy tee. lechrdr w mi ars,stng tmo mesfoe amo isdehecr t . re orngmoveis oy. wn isneao tylo onerth bee oenal dict pes ues cktyar inwsfaok
9:30 am
once you've said to you, i cannot do this anymore, that's the first step. then the next step is, you've got to find out how you're going to stop and where. >> are we going to put subtitles oen that for tomorrow because i have no idea what he said. >> that's the prince of darkness. who cares what he's saying. he's ozzy osbourne, prince of darkness, led a life of rock 'n' roll, alcohol and drugs and bats. the self-admitted hypochondriac is dispensing advice on everything from kicking bad habits to parenting and we'll hear from him tomorrow. >> you could tell jenna had no idea either, uh-huh, uh-huh. >> just go along for the ride.
9:31 am
coming up in this half hour, grocery shopping with the self-proclaimed hungry girl, lisa lilja, lo cal but filling foods. latest trends in rain gear, hottest looks in rain boots, coats and bags to keep you dry, warm and stylish equipment. we'll auto need some of that gear later. and later on bravo's top chef making everything from veal bucco and chicken own other great sides. savannah could have used a little schooling on brazing. >> stephanie is one of the best to teach you. a check of the weather first. >> we have showers outside right now our window. we're going to be looking at heavier rain in the northeast later today. risk of some strong storms in the mid to lower mississippi river valley, windy out in the western plains, sunshine
9:32 am
continues in l.a. with a high of 94 degrees. tomorrow heat continues, we have more rain from the great lakes into the northeast, and the mid-atlantic states, we've got lots of sunshine and more heat back from texas on into the gor t. n t,hietuuec ase.lal t ca atf l a beout dy,uhors wbeussh nd .rabot 88 by thursday inland. t weather. coming up next the diet friendly finds at the supermarket with hungry girl lisa lillian after this. we all want our candy in october.
9:33 am
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mmm. great grains. the whole whole grain cereal.
9:36 am
♪ everything will always be all right ♪ this morning on "eat smart today" the best guilt free finds at the grocery store. here to help you and a half dpat is lisa lillian, star offed into network's "hungry girl" and author of "hungry girl supermarket." good to see you. >> good to see you. >> there's a lot of good things out there. >> a few simple swaps can save you hundreds of calories a day. >> snack aisle. >> everybody loves snacking. these are pop chips. >> i love these. >> these are so good, a great potato chip swap. they're popped, lakd not fried, come in so many flavors. the calorie counts are great and they come in single serving bags. look out for those so you don't overdo it. >> pretzel chips?
9:37 am
>> these are flat pretzels, pretzel cribs, they're adorable and amazing flavors. what i like about these, they come in nice and spicy flavors so you don't want to overdo it. because you can shovel those and overdo it. they're low in fat and calories as well. >> a lot of people think i'll have popcorn, it's a light deal but a lot of hidden calories can be in the popcorn. >> a lot. you have to read labels, with any of the snacks and foods it's super important to look at labels in the market. you want to look at those that are 94% fat free. i like this because it's caramel apple, a unique flavor you don't find. single serving bags are great. even if you ate the entire bag, 250 calories, not horrible. when we get to vegetables, there are certain ways to fool yourself into thinking you're having some of your favorite stuff. >> exactly. i am a starch maniac, i love pasta and potatoes. i found vegetables you can swap out instead of eating, for
9:38 am
example, spaghetti squash is a fantastic swap. you can mix it to double your serve size for cardly any calories or eat it on its own, it looks like spaghetti, it's great and butter nut squash and turnups, incredible potato swaps. turnips taste like french fries and butter nut quash has half the calories of sweet potato and you can do tons with it. >> ice cream, a couple of swaps you can make. >> you can drop a lot of calories. this is oiko's frozen greek yogurt. greek is all the rage, this is sweet, no the tart, crazy low in calories and my favorite thing, it has protein. six grams of protein per serving, rare for a frozen treat. it tastes great. >> and little baby. >> the cutest, look at them, 15 calories. >> look, make a hat or a brooch.
9:39 am
>> it is a good hat. would you put it on? >> no, thank you. >> fill it with sweet or savory things for 15 calories. >> a lot of people are swapping out milk for nondairy alternatives. >> exactly. i can eat dairy and it's fine but this milk has half the calories of swim milk and twice the flavor. find these in the shelf stable section. >> almond milk and coconut milk. >> look for the unsweetened kinds that have fewer calories, lots of creaminess, great for lattes, make oatmeal with them, a total hidden find. >> how do they milk the coconut. must be difficult. >> by the way this is different than the coconut milk you find in the can, totally loaded with fat. >> yes. instead of butter. >> yes, brummel and brown, half the fat and half the calories of butter and it can fool everyone. it's right there on the shelf at
9:40 am
your market. >> canned puffer kin in. >> it's low in fat, high in fiber. don't get the pumpkin pie filling mix. >> wow, this is terrific! i wish i had a crust! you know what, i'll take a bunch of these fill it up! >> you can use it as a swap for eggs or oil in baking, a can of pumpkin and box of cake mix and you're done. >> last? >> this is one of my favorite soups if you like canned soups, don't mind the sodium they make a low sodium version of this, amy's chunky tomato bisque, best soup on the planet hands down. >> thank you so much. coming up next, don't let the rain cloud your fashion sense. we have the latest trends in rain gear right after these messages. ♪ more and more folks are trying out snapshot from progressive. a totally different way to save on car insurance. the better you drive, the more you can save.
9:41 am
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9:44 am
today's style is brought to you by maybelline. the weather doesn't have to dampen your sense o style. "lucky" magazine has put together a group of boots and rain gear.
9:45 am
good morning. >> good morning. >> it used to be boots were clunky and chunky, now getting spiffy. >> a perfect day in new york for the segment. they get clunky. women think they have to lug them, don't go with everything. davrain boots, they're chic little extras, a little fashiony buckles. >> these are cool. >> there's quilts and everyone was obsessed with those in the front the nylon, olive and braun and you can wear them on a regular day. >> they almost look like leather boots. >> exactly, motorcycle story so we love those, those are from dav. over here an amazing boot for just $34.95. >> these can be more dressy, right, like a little more dressy outfit. >> exactly. >> faux croc? >> exactly, faux croc dresses everything up. >> if you want to go more casual these are cool and colorful.
9:46 am
>> these are from tommy and what you're looking for if you are wearing something more relaxed which we often do in the rain, look for preppy outdoorsiest staples like buckles, you see the laces here and these are $69. those are really fun. >> i like the colors on that. for the little ones there are the most adorable boots to choose from. paul frank. >> these are from paul frank, they're $36 and we find our editors in our office saying our little girls love to wear the boots all the time even if it's not raining. have a little fun. love the paul frank and for those days when you need your child to wear something that is water resistant but don't want to put them in the boot, those are mini melissa, $55, water resistant and easy to take on and take off. >> i want the grownup version which we'll see in a moment, they have those, too. the classic duck boots, always a classic. >> that's right. they never go out of style and you know what? boots aren't your only option. women bring them to work and
9:47 am
change but sometimes you can wear something easy and chic to carry around. these duck boots are $54, preppy, outdoorsy and look adorable with jeans and for more work appropriate these are baby fat, dts 69 can take you from day to might, they have lubbed soles, and a lot of women think that sneakers are waterproof. not all sneakers are. >> okay. >> these are, from simple shoes, $90. >> okay and it's leather but it's a waterproof leather. >> exactly and eco-friendly as well. >> let's talk about what goes on top, trench coats. >> trenches. >> this is a three-fer. >> $39.99 from avon. you can see the full trench and comes into a vest. >> that's cute. >> unbutton it and i'm wearing the bolero version so you're getting your money's worth, very
9:48 am
affordable, really chic. trenches are timeless and classic. >> under 40 bucks, great you get three different looks. tell us about the more stylish options right here. >> this is from jennifer lopez collection, $70, it's sheared with the prib cess sleeve, stylish. if you want something brighter of a color this is from land's end, under $100 and what's fun about this, it has a hood and is sportier but the bright color makes it very chic >> great packable when traveling. accessories, love these because your handbags aren't waterproof. >> a lot of women don't know what to do. these are from clava, with he made one for savannah and one for you, you can get them in know gr monogram. >> savannah's favorite color is green. a pop of color never hurt, right? >> these are all under $25, esprit and totes, play with the
9:49 am
umbrella and protect your hair, right? >> hats. >> this is from land's end, these are from macy's, all under $50 and easy and chic way to keep warm and protected and keep your hair from being socked in the rain. >> i feel so inspired now and we'll need this later today so perfect timing. >> thank you. >> lori, thank you. coming up next, brazing basics in today's cooking school. first this is "today" on nbc. woe
9:50 am
9:51 am
this morning on requesting today "today's cooking school" stephanie eiser the only woman to win on the top chef. really the only woman to win wow. >> a new cookbook "the girl in the kitchen, how a top chef cooks, thinks, shops, eats and drinks." >> we love it already. great title. >> and drinks mostly.
9:52 am
we're brazing. what is brazing? >> braising is using dry heat instead of wet. that's where all of the flavor is, you start that way and put it in liquid. >> you're starting with this, brining the chicken. >> we are. basically salt and sugar and other flavors, i make it moist and trap in the flavor. now we'll brown the chicken. >> dry it off first and brown it. >> that way it doesn't splatter. >> how long? >> four minutes each side to get some of the fat out of the skin sots healthy. >> and nice and crisp, too. >> exactly. we're going to make a sauce real quick and put it in the oven with a little bit of braise, white wine, aromatics, onion and garlic and we make this tasty liquid, pour over this and braise for an hour and a half and the trick is when it comes out of the oven, recrisping the skin. >> how do you do that? >> do it the day before, recrisp
9:53 am
it and put it back in the pan. everybody wants crispy chicken skin. skin side down with a teenie bit of oil which is awesome. this is the sauce that's left from the braising liquid. you're not only making great meat with tons of flavor you're making a tasty sauce to go over the top. what we wanted to do in the book, i know you love fish so we have this fermented black bean and olive topping on we'll put on top of the chicken but it's also great, you could put it over grilled fish. >> sure. that's fantastic. >> i thought of you this morning when i was think being fish, even though with are' doing lots of beef. >> we have auso bucco. everything needs a little bacon okay. >> we'll put a whole bunch of flavors. we've got onion, fennel and apples and we'll do this in the sped up mode. >> you got it. >> we've got some different spices we toasted before. you know it's really important to toast the seeds before so all of the flavors pop out. >> that's fennel and coriander?
9:54 am
>> and mustard seed, i love mustard. all of my cooks make fun of me because we have mustard. other favorite ingredients, worcestershire sauce and thai. a little bit of spice goes a long way. i'm a spice whiz. >> you say that proudly. >> soy sauce. i used to own a mediterranean restaurant, pretended we didn't use soy but it gives it the salty flavor you can't get anywhere else. wine, always cook with wine you're okay with drinking as well. >> if you wouldn't drink it you should not cook with it. >> it's a little early to try it but i'll assume it's good enough. >> you've never seen our show, have you? >> it's 5:00 somewhere, right? we're putting all of these flavors in here so build up a ton of flavor in the meat while it's brazing, tomatoes and stock and pretend this is coming to a big boil. this is chicken stock. i tested all of the recipes in my home kitchen, you can use
9:55 am
chicken stock at the store rather than making it yourself. >> do you braise the meat before and then put it in the sauce. >> you end up with something that looks like this. tell us about the spinach. >> it's actually some braised with charred. >> under a lot of bacon. >> have bacon with veals or vegetables. >> or bacon. >> or just bacon. >> thanks so much, recipe on our website, coming up, singer and song writer jewel.
9:56 am
g minvee. e is6. jel g n fr stowe, out of the hospital this morning,
9:57 am
transferred to a rehab facility to continue his recovery. stowe has been hospitalized since march 31st when two men attacked him and left him with a traumatic brain injury. his doctors say now he can stand briefly and is speaking and eating as well. stowe's friend, danny simon, says a visit to the hospital last week gives him the hope he was waiting for. >> the first time i ever left was tuesday last week where i was truly happy, where i was like -- just ecstatic, calling everybody at home saying he did this, he did that. >> still keeping et aropus th heutisete ie t ec. r oohaeeha he binf bnse, m dkoer a pimy dar lgiy aed a urfosau ckn
9:58 am
rinaero l . we esshg ine sin. oa wngelhatth foearol.m en adhhiso pur eass an aea wer w h tgh thay toer. jto tns coril omw. >> aenatlng nobo2t t log,yoeor ewnntepdom hb tugit acoe pstan f ltff a earn n ock.n
9:59 am
10:00 am
captions paid for by nbc-universal television from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> it's kind of a wet winesday, wednesday, october 12th. people all over the world are jumping at the chance to break a big world record today. >> it is the jump for the record day. the first lady's leading 500 kids today. that's out in front of the white house. that's nothing compared to what we have going. we've got 15 people outside. >> okay. >> anyway, they're trying to break the record for the most people doing jumping jacks.
10:01 am
>> for how long? >> 24-hour time frame. >> how are they going to count them all? >> look, we've already got 30. 36, 37, 38. >> go! >> look at all the kids out there. >> the kids will do it forever. >> the record is 20,425. but national greographic hopes o get it to 35,000 people. >> a big day for beyonce. big day for rihanna for very different reasons. we'll start first with beyonce. >> there's some controversy. we want you to be the judge of this. there are rumors swirling, and we're not saying we believe any of them. >> no. >> that -- that beyonce is pretending to be pregnant. it sounds outrageous. >> i don't know what she has to gain by pretending that she's pregnant. >> let us tell you why. she was doing an interview with -- she was sitting down with someone from -- i think it was australia. australian tv. watch her bump. watch it closely. >> this really is destiny's
10:02 am
child. >> watch it again. >> they say it somehow deflated? or creased weirdly, right? >> and right in there. you know what that is? i think it was a shadow from the light. >> it's shadow. it's shadow from the light. that's why my stomach looks big all the time. it's just a shadow. it's not -- >> let's pretend for a second it wasn't a shadow. maybe, just maybe, she wears something around her protecting her. because, you know, you never know how many fans are mobbing her. if you're afraid you're going to get mobbed, maybe you put a little protection around you. it's that second picture, i think, that is freaking people out. first of all, how do we even know these weren't touched up or someone didn't do something to them. >> how do we know? >> we don't know. >> let the woman just enjoy her pregnancy. >> i think it's ridiculous. >> i do. first of all, if you think it through, you realize she has nothing to gain and everything to lose by doing that. she has the best wishes of
10:03 am
millions and millions of people around the country. >> yes. >> people -- their feelings towards her would change dramatically if they discovered that she was, you know, pulling one over on them about such a joyous thing. >> it doesn't make any sense at all. >> there's a picture we can't show because it costs too much money. it's beyonce in a bikini with her belly out. >> she's due in february. she wouldn't be huge yet anyway. it's just a first baby. anyway, we wish her all the best. >> her rep basically said the whole thing is ridiculous. that anyone would -- that she would pretend something like this. >> you know what's ridiculous? >> what is ridiculous. >> our reputation. you know it's bad when one of our wardrobe mistresses brings me to these. her daughter is studying to be in theater. she made me corkscrew earrings for winesday wednesday. she's very talented. but i'm not going to wear them on the air and perpetuate a myth.
10:04 am
>> it is a myth. anyway. >> thank you, honey. >> okay. if you guys -- it's that time of the year where a lot of families go into those corn mazes. they go on hayrides, apple picking. >> those two things i understand. the apple picking and the horse rides. that's fun. the maze i do not get. >> here a family -- a husband and wife, a 3-week-old and a 5-year-old decided to go to a corn maze in danbridge, massachusetts. that is some kind of crazy. they went in there when it was light. they got lost in there when it was dark. this is the 911 call that the mother made to police. >> hi, i just called. i'm still stuck at connors farms. i don't see anybody. i'm really scared. it's really dark and we've got a 3-week-old baby with us. >> calm down. your husband's with you, right? >> yes, but my baby. >> okay. i understand. and the police officer is on the
10:05 am
way. >> we thought this would be fun. instead it's a nightmare. i don't know what made us do this. it was daytime when he came in. and i never take my daughter out. never again. thank you guys so much. >> when you're stuck in something like that, it's dark, there's corn stalks. >> the corn's nine feet tall. those things start to take on a life of their own. you know? weren't there other people lost in the maze? don't they have some sort of a plan in case that happens? >> some of them, they say some corn mazes have flags you're supposed to hold up so they can find you. >> what if they're short and it doesn't go over the nine feet tall? they aren't thinking this through. >> just tear through the maze. don't follow the path. just go through the corn. you know, just go where -- >> with a 3-week-old baby? >> yes! it's corn. just move it out of the way. >> you've got to be careful. i don't know. we're glad it had a happy
10:06 am
ending. happy ending for rihanna today. "esquire" magazine named her the sexiest woman alive. it was minka kelly last year. does that mean all of a sudden minka kelly is now not gorgeous? >> can we just listen to rihanna's song? someone said it should be the theme for our show. it's a beautiful song. >> that's beautiful to you? >> no. part of it says about i'm ready for the freaking weekend? i love it. i'm telling you. >> oh, gosh. coming up with lyrics like that. freaking weekend. ooh. ♪ >> i don't like it, hoda. i'm sorry. i get it. it's only wednesday. anyway. some others made the list as well, but not us. >> paula deen made it! >> paula deen. sexiest female chef on testify
10:07 am
vision. >> that was maxim. that's another one. >> would you rather be voted the sexiest woman alive or the smartest? think about that for just a minute. the sexiest or the smartest. >> oxygen took a poll. they said 25% of young women would rather win "america's next top model" than the nobel peace prize. >> please, god. >> here's one that will really get you. 23% would rather lose their ability to read than their figures. but if you just take the bigger question, would you rather be -- would you rather be sexy -- thought of as sexy or smart, you already know you're smart. >> i think smart is sexy. >> i think confidence is. >> it's very sexy in a man. why wouldn't it be sexy in a woman as well? >> yeah. but if you had to choose between whether people thought you were smart or sexy, what would you
10:08 am
pick? >> i had one good day in 1963. i was hot like crazy like for five minutes. i know what it felt like. it's a distant memory. so i think smart. i really do think smart. >> i still can't believe that 20-some percent said they'd rather lose their ability to read than their figure. that is disgusting. >> maybe they feel like they can learn their a-b-cs all over again. >> how about get them a treadmill. >> here's a reason to listen to great music. adele. close your eyes. >> "someone like you." ♪ i wish nothing but the best for you ♪ >> she's sensational. >> it's one of those that he leaves you and he's with someone else and it's killing you but you're still strong, kind of. ♪ sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead ♪
10:09 am
>> she's awesome. and she's a real artist, hoda woman! >> i love her. she looks so skinny in her video. i was like, wow. >> i don't think the woman has time to eat. she's nominated for artist of the year, favorite female artist, favorite adult contemporary and favorite album. we're really, really happy. >> here's a question for you. this is i guess kind of a new york story. but they have this thing called so you could be on the subway. you see someone who's really cute. you take out our iphone or blackberry, whatever. you snap a picture of him. you put it on this website called then people vote on you whether you're hot or not. >> it started in london. it became a big smash there. it was called tube there. >> just for men. women take pictures of men. i think it would be terrible -- >> if you're offended by it in any way, you're allowed to take your -- have your picture taken away. but only, i guess, that's
10:10 am
happened to 500 and only four guys so far have wanted -- >> they want to be on there. think it's a little weird. >> we're losing so much privacy in our lives. i think it's rude to take a picture of somebody that doesn't want their picture taken, is unaware of it. >> then it can go anywhere, by the way. >> it can go anywhere. >> all right. let's talk sexy shoes. who doesn't like to talk about -- >> once again, i don't like any of them. >> just so you guys know, there are 25 finalists for the sexiest shoe. this is by saks fifth avenue. we have four of them here in the -- in the studio. what four do we have? >> one of them's a jimmy choo. i think the one on the far left. >> there's a miumiu. >> these are the miu mius. i like them until you get to the heel. >> what's the heel? the heel is like -- >> wow, are you guys afraid we're going to steal them? jerry, wow.
10:11 am
>> the heel. >> i can't get in here to see who made these. >> the miu miu is $1,195. the jimmy choo. >> these are the -- >> sergio racini. >> no. diego. >> with the feathers. the blue ones are sergio rossi's. they are a steal at how much? >> $895. you can go on our website and vote for whatever shoe you think is the sexiest. >> or these. those are hot, hot, hot. we have one help line during heart month back in february, i think. we held up their red wine. this month in honor of breast cancer research and awareness, it's a shachardonnay. lovely chardonnay.
10:12 am
50% of the profits. coming up next, singer/songwriter and new mom jewel takes you around the merry-go-round. shs so sweet. right after this. ♪ [ male announcer ] when you're a true fan... [ exhales ] ...there are no sick days. [ crowd cheering, screaming ] vicks dayquil. defeats 5 cold & flu symptoms. [ snoring ] [ male announcer ] vicks nyquil cold and flu. the nighttime sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, fever, best sleep you ever got with a cold...medicine. ♪ [ female announcer ] pillsbury chocolate chip cookies with hershey's chocolate chips. for a moment of warm, gooey, togetherness. chocolate chip cookies... from pillsbury.
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10:15 am
yeah. jewel has come a long way since the day she spent strumming her guitar in the van she called home while looking for work. >> now with one of the best-selling albums of all time to her name and a brand-new baby buoy at home, jewel has released a new cd. it is called "the merry goes round" for parents and their kids. >> nice to see you again. >> thank you. >> little case is 3 months old now? >> he is. >> you traveled with him. >> yeah. >> how was that? >> it was my first time and he had a fever. that's my little baby. >> did you panic as it's easy to do when you're a first mom? >> i did. i'm a nervous first-time mom. flying, i was nervous. he did great.
10:16 am
i hit the baby lot tto. he's a sweet, easy going baby. i'm so lucky. >> changes your life. >> this is your first lullaby album. >> most of it's horrible. you want to stab your ears out. >> you must have never listened to mine. a parting gift for you today. >> i want to teach kids about a different style of music. americana, blues, grass. >> we love how you did it. you were pregnant and you were home. yet you were able to communicate with your band and other things by skype. you're so modern and hip. >> i just recorded it all at home. 15 songs in five days. it was very creative time. i would cut my guitar and vocal at home and send it off via e-mail through musicians. kind of virtually. >> a lot of people are doing it that way. you know, it's -- time is money, honey. >> that's the new thing. >> i live in a really remote part of texas. my husband is a rodeo cowboy. i'm trying to figure out how to be home and more of a
10:17 am
stay-at-home mom. >> he travels a great deal. >> he does. >> he must be missing this baby boy. >> he does. >> like crazy. >> look at these pictures. you guys knew each other for a long time before you got married. how many years? >> ten years. >> you dated a long time. >> yeah. we dated a long time. >> what was it about him. >> i pretended it was fine. i pretended it was cool. >> but it wasn't. >> no! >> i got to tie this bronco down, so to speak. >> exactly. >> no. you know, i felt like it takes a long time to get to know each other. i have friends that got married in three months and they're still together. we took our time trying to get to know each other through thick and thin. >> why did you decide to have your lives out in this remote area. >> my husband's a rodeo cowboy. that's the reason why. the grass is good. he likes the grass there. that's where we moved. >> you adjusted well because you were so in the spotlight. you've gone from being completely out of it to into it and a little bit out of it again. >> i was raised on a ranch, a
10:18 am
homestead. my family were pioneers. i grew up with a outhouse. this is plumbing. very modern. very nice. >> indoor plumbing. what an idea. >> he says he likes to spoil me and could take it away at any time. >> you said in the beginning you lived in your car. we weren't exaggerating. that was part of i guess some of the hardest times of your life where you were homeless. >> i ended up homeless. my boss propositioned me. when i wouldn't sleep with him he wouldn't give me my paycheck. my rent was due the next day. i had bad kidneys. i never could hold down another job. i was sick so often. i didn't have insurance. i ended up almost dying in the emergency parking lot because they wouldn't admit me because i didn't have insurance. it was this vicious cycle. i ended up homeless for about a month. i was raised singing with my dad. i started singing locally not to get discovered but to try and earn money. a radio station put a bootleg on their station. labels started coming to see me. it was completely surreal.
10:19 am
>> it must have been a pinch me moment when it all changed. >> it was. i remember washing my hair in the denny's bathroom sink. people behind me watching and going she's pretty enough, how did she end up like that. i wanted to say a label is coming to see me. i'm not just a loser. >> life is so tough anyway. you must be pinching yourself now. >> i am. >> because no matter how much you get in life professionally, nothing compares to -- >> it's the best thing. >> the -- the sheer beauty and purity of your first child. >> my life worked out so much better than it should have. >> look at that! in the cowboy hat. >> we're so happy for you, jewel. congrats on the new cd, too. up next sara sits down with her stack of photos that are going to make you say "what?" right after this. [ male announcer ] a soup opera from bertolli. ♪ ♪ vegetables picked at their peak ♪ ♪ so fresh my knees grow weak ♪
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10:23 am
we're back with one of our favorite segments we call "what the what?" >> you're going to want to put down your coffee. sara night and day sorted through photos in search of the ones that stopped you in your tracks. >> that sounds so dramatic. i did find them. tom conlily from sanford, florida. my friend jennifer and i thought of your show as soon as we saw this. >> wine is cheaper than therapy. >> to continue the myth, wine is cheaper than therapy. >> people, they don't get us. >> i've had therapy. trust me. it's cheaper. our next photo was sent in from germany. is it cheaper than first-hand food? >> second-hand food & drinks. >> it used to be an antique store. when they took it over they kind of changed it out, a play on the name. it leads someone to believe -- >> someone's got a bite taken out of it. >> tara -- >> that's all right. she's from knoxville. she knows who she is. >> knoxville, tennessee, sent us this photo. ain't that the truth. >> we fix what your husband
10:24 am
messes up. >> for some of us that's more expensive than others. >> cute. >> tracy nelson from virginia beach submitted this photo. think goodness i went before we left. >> that's funny. >> that was taken at an event, like a kids event. she thinks the wind blew it around. how true is that? you got to go, just jump on in there. >> jump on in. >> we have a photo from pam stagger from murray, utah. do they really need to tell us? look at the spikes on that one. that's going to leave a mark. >> what an unusual fence. >> it looks like -- >> would you ever sit on that fence? i need a little cushiony seat here. let me jump up on this one. >> pink. then with the -- >> that's the part that's catching your attention? >> yes. it offends me. >> daniel brady from kingsburg, california, submitted this photo. do they know what vegetarian means? vegetarian. we've got broccoli chicken or
10:25 am
beef. beef chow mein. chicken chow mein. >> they're the same ones that would rather be -- yeah. >> what she said. >> lose their ability to read than -- yeah. >> all right, everybody. send your photos to us coming up we play "who knew?" >> and linda evans is with us. we love her. >> oh, she is here! starting my progresso soup for lunch plan, huh. nope, just having some tender chicken and some tasty noodles. let's see...south western vegetables...60 calories. ya' know those jeans look nice. they do? yup. so you were checking me out? yup. [ male announcer ] progresso. 40 soups 100 calories or less.
10:26 am
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10:28 am
10:29 am
rewa ahiim mtu wsil -oneranis rd f cdn s ed tgh or 'geotclt. securveh e. satriov m inntle. neccn binarf
10:30 am
ig vehw. llgh vme 0ouoad,te.tsll on. into the city, a slowing montgomery california because of the protests. cancer awareness month we're turning our questions to all things pink. kathie lee is across the street at the nbc experience store ready to hand out 100 bucks to those bho get the question right. to those who don't they get the kathie lee cd. meghan murphy is here to help me out. she is "shelf" magazine's features director. your decked out in pink. >> rocking some pink. >> you ready? let's go across to kath. >> this lovely lady is from richmond, virginia. i don't know if she'll get the first one. i think she'll love my cd.
10:31 am
what is the name of this song by pink? ♪ party crasher, panty snatcher, call me up if you a gangster, don't be fancy just get dancy ♪ >> it ain't "over the rainbow." no. it's good. because she's going to love these songs. >> that song, of course, is -- >> "raise your glass." that's pink. we love pink. she supports some great causes. run for the cure which promotes awareness in japan. >> terrific. all right. back across to kath. >> lovely lady from southern missouri. what is the survival rate percentage from breast cancer after five years? if it is detected early. it is under 20%, 50%, 75% or over 90%? >> "c"? >> the bad news is she didn't get it. the good news is, it's a better survival rate, right, hoda woman? >> it sure is. more than 90%. >> that's the thing. 182,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year.
10:32 am
we have a 1 in 7 chance of being diagnosed within our lifetime. but early detection is the key. if you're over 40, go get a mammogram. if you're under 40 you have a family history of breast cancer, ask your doctor, a scan could save your life. >> sure. all right. back across to kath. >> a lady visiting from north carolina. what is the survival rate -- that was yours. so sorry. in which movie is there a group called the pink ladies? it was also a broadway show in fairness. was it "cry baby," "greece," bye-bye birdie or west side story? >> greece, i beliease, i believ >> i heard you tell her. shame on you. but here you go. >> they can split that 50/50. >> because of that i'm going to make her listen to my cd. >> poor thing. okay. anyway, so "grease." >> olivia newton john a survivor and cancer advocate. we love her. >> back across to kath.
10:33 am
>> this lady's from kentucky. which of the following is not a potential risk factor for breast cancer? a lack of physical activity, wearing underwire bras, cigarette smoking or being a woman? >> "a." >> yeah. >> no. >> no, no, no. it was a trick question. we are cruel around here. you're going to love it. >> the correct answer here which is not a potential risk factor is wearing an underwire bra. >> exactly. sleep in your bra, wear it all day long. it's not going to up your risk. physical activity, actually just 30 little bitty minutes each day reduces your risk of breast cancer. you've got to move it. >> sure wp you've got to move it. back across to kath. >> beautiful lady from birmingham, alabama. true or false. flamingos' diets are the reason that they are pink. >> false. >> true. stop it! it's a good thing. here you go. >> are you kidding me? what are they eating? >> they're eating brine, shrimp and algae.
10:34 am
there's a pigment. it's a keratinoid. the pigment is deposited in their feathers, bills and legs. >> that surprising. who knew as we say. >> another pretty lady from north carolina. which actor gained fame in the movie "pretty in pink"? john c john. >> "c"? >> it's a good thing, people. >> the correct answer, agon crier. >> ducky. there's no relation to the movie the pretty in pink foundation in north carolina which helps women without coverage get treatment. >> excellent. thanks a lot, meghan. we appreciate it. coming up next, one of our favorites. actress linda evans opens up about some of her biggest heartaches, her co-starsrnd t h lucpugot her to hollywood. we're going to talk to her right after this. ♪
10:35 am
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10:39 am
if this song strikes a cord with you, then you were probably a big fan of that 1980s hit tv show. you know it. it's called "dynasty." >> before that the big valley was a prime-time soap dynasty surrounding a denver based oil tycoon named blake kerrington. linda evans played his wife crystal. >> one of her many roles. in her new book "recipes for life: my memories" linda takes us through her journey. >> great to see you. >> i'm loving being here with you two women. >> we love how you've kind of fell into your acting career. i love beginning stories. you just went -- tagged along with a friend for a commercial and, boom, you were the one selected. >> did that friendship survive? >> i actually said to him, please, i can't do this to my girlfriend. he said, i promise i'll give her a commercial if you do it. he did. he did. he gave me several more. he was wonderful. >> he knew what he was looking for and you were it. >> apparently. >> you were always sort of a
10:40 am
reluctant movie star, television star, weren't you? i knew that from the very beginning. you knew this was ultimately not what was going to make you happy. >> no. i wanted a husband and children. i was so shy in junior high school i wouldn't give a book report. they were going to flunk me unless i took drama. if my dad had not passed away when i was 15 i would not have had the courage to do that commercial. we needed the money. i couldn't say no. it just started me off on a life that i'm not sorry about at all. >> the way you write about your life in this book is very typical linda in that you give some juicy stuff. but not just the recipes. but in such a ladylike -- >> right. >> -- and very, very respectful way to the people that were in your life. even the ones who hurt you very, very deeply. you're very forgiving. where does that come from, linda? >> okay. well, forgiving. i have found in looking back over my life that the worst things that happen to you are oftentime the best things that happen to you. they move you out of the direction you are going. you know what?
10:41 am
when you say forgiving, yes, my husband left me for beau derek. and she was only 15. but i loved him. and love doesn't stop because a relationship stops. the marriage ends. yes, we're not married. >> you remain friends with him. >> i still loved him. loved him as a person. >> not only loved him, stayed friends with all the wives. >> yeah. >> but i liked the wives. if you don't like them, you don't stay friends with them. if he had married two lousy ladies i wouldn't be friends with them. but ursula andres, i adore. i just talked to her, like, two weeks ago in rome. >> i love yanni. there's something about him. you had a long relationship, a nine-year relationship with him, too. >> which opened up the whole world of music to you, a new world as well. >> being with a younger man which was something i'd never experienced. >> what's that like? >> it was -- it was bold. oh, are you cute? >> i'm adorable. so is my husband. i love him. >> you've stayed married
10:42 am
forever. we like that. this is my dream. >> you would have. but things didn't work out that way. >> you're happily without. >> you're happily without a man. >> i am. that's a shocker. if i'd known a long time ago i could be so happy by myself, i wonder what my life would have been like. >> your book is not only chock full of info. it's chock full of great recipes. i didn't realize how much you enjoy cooking. you always cook your own meals, basically, yeah? >> i love to cook. i love food. >> tell us what's on the table before us. look what we have here, a little snack. >> this is a banana lemon grass coconut soup. >> ban nana lemon grass coconut. >> it's a cold soup, right? >> i was saying i never let anybody cook my food before. i hope it tastes -- >> bianca and her team here are amazing. >> this is great. >> it's easy to make. it's easy. makes you look really good. >> what's cute about the book, she'll tell you a story about the people. then certain things that she made for them. or when she had them for dinner. or like in the case of john
10:43 am
wayne, his wife pilar was a great cook. you have some of her recipes. >> john wayne, the crab dip is the first dip i ever asked anyone for in my life. >> wait. >> chocolate. straight to hoda's heart. >> chocolate. this is to me the ultimate chocolate. >> forget it. >> it's crunchy on the outside, goowy in the inside. >> linda is one of the great ladies ever. ever. forget just the business. in life. we wish you all the best with the book, sweetie. >> thank you. coming up next, the ten rums all brilliant women li by. >> ask the three of us. we'll tell you. >> after this. to work day.your haps ♪ campbell's microwavable soups, right where you work. in three minutes, the deliciousness that brings a smile to any monday. and soup has what you need at work, to work. make any place, your happy place. ♪ campbell's -- it's amazing what soup can do.
10:44 am
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10:47 am
calling all dedicated, talented and intelligent women. it's time to step up and realize your true potential. >> tara sophia moore says by following a few simple steps you can own your own brilliance. the author of "10 rules for brilliant women." >> she's so brilliant she's here with us today. good to see you, tara.
10:48 am
>> so happy to be here with you two brilliant women. >> you break it down. we'll go over a couple of them. one of the things you say is important, one of your rules is do things that make you gasp. >> i really related to that one. i can't believe this. >> exactly. do the things that take you so far out of your comfort zone they actually activate that little, like, you mean go do that now today? >> it's also an endor fin when you start doing it. >> that's right. once you do it and realize the world really does keep turning even when you do those things that scare you, you are well on your way to really sharing your brilliance in the world. >> we let other people define us too much, don't we, tara? >> absolutely. >> by letting them we never discover what we might become if we have a gasp moment. >> absolutely. we're waiting to see is someone going to invite me to share my brilliance? will they recognize it in me and discover me? it doesn't work that way. you have to take the first step and put your voice out. >> you realized that. >> some people are afraid to take the first step because you want sure footing. you say just step out and go for it. >> absolutely. another one of the rules is
10:49 am
question the voice inside that says i'm not ready yet. right? because most brilliant women, part of what makes us brilliant is we see each way that our idea could be more perfect or better researched. we see what's missing from it. that can lead us to think i'm still not ready. i need to do more research. i need another degree. >> the way you get ready for something is by doing it. >> right. >> you get a little bit better at it all the time. >> absolutely. when you hear that voice, i'm not ready, question, is that really true? let's put it out there and let the world give you the feedback and you'll find out just how ready you are. >> the next one is a big one, too. get a thick skin. you're going to hear it from everywhere. you can't do something or it's not going to work or whatever. >> you both know this so well. if you're out there sharing your voice -- >> you set yourself up for it. >> -- in a bold way you're going to get criticism and praise. you're going to get critics and fans. >> what you learn is whose opinion really matters. >> right. >> it's very few people when you really, really think about it. let them be the people that tell you. because they're the ones who have the motivation behind it that is good for you.
10:50 am
they'll tell you the truth. >> absolutely. and that actually goes beautifully to one of the next rules which is to filter advice. because brilliant women, we tend to love the part of the process where we gather input from our mentors and other people we admire. >> and we're people pleasers, too, aren't we? >> absolutely. we tend to forget that not everyone's advice is worth taking. even sometimes the people we most admire. they may not quite get what we're up to, if it's really revolutionary and ahead of its time. it may not just be their cup of tea. you want to filter advice and check in with what resonates with me and helps me get on my way here and what's advice that it's really just fine to leave behind. >> lastly, you say let other women know they're brilliant. give them a kiss. >> which is so pornt. we need to support one another. >> that's something i know you really believe in so strongly. acknowledging the people in your life. >> you have to. >> absolutely. particularly for women to be able to say to other women, this is the brilliance i see in you. not just you're brilliant. but this is the particular gift
10:51 am
i'm seeing. when we say brilliance, it doesn't always mean iq. it's any gift that they're bringing to the world. and sharing with them what that is. >> there are five more. you're going to have to buy the book. >> or you can download it on how about this. >> easier. for some people. next, we're going to go into our kitchen to find out why chefs around new orleans are putting on the pink. >> my kind of town. >> first this is "today" on nbc.
10:52 am
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time for "today's kitchen." we're getting saucy with vinny russo at the ritz carlton in where else? new orleans. >> vinny is taking part in new orleans first month leg new orleans goes pink. he's here to share a recipe which already smells great. it's a salmon.
10:55 am
>> salmon. quinoa flake. >> is that a wild salmon? the expensive kind or the other kind. >> this is right now, wild salmon just ended. we use scottish salmon today. >> okay. >> we're going to get that searing. >> a little olive oil. >> extra virgin olive oil. cauliflower. >> this is the kind of cauliflower vinnie comes to us with. how did you get that? >> i got it from a farm in ohio. >> no, you didn't. >> i did. yeah. i did get it from a farm in ohio. >> okay. all right. you're throwing all that in here. >> that. some garlic. >> oh, oh, it's popping. >> some lemon juice. >> that seems awfully healthy to be from new orleans. >> yes. this is a first. >> i'm sorry. i haven't seen any butter yet. i haven't seen any bourbon thrown in there.
10:56 am
>> some -- >> what is that? >> chef vinnie. quite the chef about town. >> we just prepared it. then we have a full -- watch this one. let's get that one off. then we have one right here. then i have one prepared already. >> all right. >> all we do is -- let me throw a little garnish on there for you so it gives it some color. then drizzle a little olive oil around the plate. >> very nice. >> look how beautiful. >> thank you. >> you want some of this? >> this is yours. >> you're going to feed me, hodie? mmm. >> something a little healthier. >> i love the crust on it. that's delicious. >> let's go to the back. we have a strawberry mojito with ginger. >> of course you do. >> i used some ginger and some strawberries, some mint. i made it like a fizz. what we do is we have some strawberries. we go with a little ginger. we've got some fresh mint. >> too healthy. what's going on with chef
10:57 am
vinnie? >> is that it? >> there it is. >> chef, this doesn't -- doesn't mix. you just drink it this way, right? >> that stuff doesn't mix, no. but this is a nonalcoholic drink. >> what? >> oh, we don't want it. thanks, vinnie. >> what's the point? >> why did you come, vinnie, with that? thank you, honey. thank you for coming. >> we'll forgive you. >> one time. >> one time. but not the next. all right? up tomorrow, you guys, actor anthony mackie is here. plus, guess what? the cutest babies! i cannot wait. how to put in your own hair extensions. have an awesome wednesday winesday, everybody. tomorrow is thirstday. sara, move it down here, chef. >> have a great one. bye, everybody. -- captions by vitac --
10:58 am
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