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tv   Today  NBC  October 25, 2011 7:00am-11:00am PDT

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good morning. lifelines. president obama unveils his new plan to ease the houng lifeline as president obama unvails his plan to ease the housing crisis as rick perry gets set to announce his flat tax proposal. and herman cain releases an add that features his chief of staff smoking a cigarette. we'll talk about it all with bill o'riley. the two friends with the american diver when he was kill ed by a great white off the coast of australia speak out to remember their friend. and spectacular show. the northern lights make a once in a lifetime appearance in the southern states. tuesday, october 25th, 2011.
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good morning. welcome to "today" on a tuesday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> the economy is the big issue in the presidential race. it's probably where the campaign will be won or lost. >> some details are emerging about the plan that rick perry will lay out in south carolina today. it could give you an interesting choice when it comes to the amount of taxes you will pay. will it help perry regain momentum he's lost during recent debates? that's just one of the topics we will discuss with bill o'riley. video emerges from the night michael jackson died. how can this help the defense's case? we're going to get the latest in a live report from los angeles. a little later on, the divine bette midler will be here to show off her gowns. they will be going up for auction. we begin at the news desk
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with the top stories of the day. tamran hall is filling in. >> this morning moammar gadhafi was buried. a few family members were present as prayers were read over the bodies. his body had been on display in a freezer for several days after he was captured last thursday. thousands of people spent the night outdoors in turkey afraid to return to their homes after a massive earthquake. rescuers raced against time to find survivors amid-the rubble. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there is a new sense of urgency here in the city. crews working frantically to remove debris so they can reach new areas. there have been new rescues
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today, but along with that, the death toll is also rising. that has searchers working even harder to reach those trapped before it's too late. a baby pulled out alive from beneath the rubble in turkey. the baby was rescued after 46 hours after the earthquake striking the region. rescue crews are working around the clock to find victims before it's too late. more than 300 have died so far in the quake. their bodies taken to local mosques. in the hardest hit city of urjes, thousand are displaceed from their homes. three days after the quake shook, it's chaotic. people are grabbing for supplies. survivors say there's not enough aid and not enough shelter. a tent city has been set up at a
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stadium where as many as 15 family members are sleeping in one tent. but along with frustration, there are also stories of undying love. barely alive and waiting, this schoolteacher was trapped for nearly 18 hours beneath the collapsed restaurant. her fiance determined to find and save her stayed by her side and comforted her until she was rescued. and there's still no electricity here in the city. people are keeping warm from the nighttime freezing temperatures by huddling around makeshift fires. aid workers say they are expecting more tents to arrive today. >> all right. thank you, michelle. this online campaign ad for herman cain is sparking controversy. it features an odd moment as they talk about his boss and lights up. take a look. >> we need you to get involved because together we can do this.
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we can take this country back. >> his campaign says his mark block being block. but the video has been unlisted from youtube. he fought against smoking bans when he was a lobbyist for a wall street group. cortney reagan is at the stock exchange. >> investors remain focused on the earnings parade hoping for better news than what we saw after the bell on monday. netflix profit did beat expectations, but that dvd rental and online streaming company said it lost 800,000 subscribers and warn there could be more defections to come. in the meantime, that march towards 12,000 continues with stocks at their highest levels in three months. the texas rangers won last night on their home turf beating
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the cardinals 4-2. texas leads the world series 3-2. game six heads back to st. louis on wednesday. it was not a nice day for a white wedding as this unsuspecting arizona couple got blasted by a dust storm, or as al is familiar, a haboob. so they finished the ceremony as the storm whipped through her beautiful white dress. he's wiping his face. but all you need is love. right? 7:06. back to you. >> thanks for not doing a cart wheel after the texas rangers won. >> you may kiss the bride if you can find her. >> we have seen a lot of those. >> a lot of folks got to see the northern lights. unusual this far south. all the way down into missouri and parts of the south.
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when the sun emits all the energy particles, it reflects and emits a little excess energy. that reflection is the northern lights. as we look down towards the caribbean, we have something else to worry about. hurricane rina. 100 mile per hour winds. it's just barely moving. the path of it brings it across the yucatan and into cuba by early saturday. but take a look at this. not all the models agree. some bring it across southern florida. we're going to have to continue to keep an eye on this system as it makes its way very slowly through the caribbean. we have winter storm warnings and watches throughout the rockies. anywhere from 8 to 12 inches of snow in denver and parts
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good morning to you. temperatures running cool this morning. the breeze is picking up. we have a red flag warning in place for elevations above 12,000 feet. mostly in 270s. 74 in napa. 73 in concord. 74 in san jose. when it comes to the red flag warning, we're watching for reduced humidities. gusty winds and warm temperatures. we're only going to end up in the upper 70s later today. and that's your latest weather. now to politics and the race to the white house. president obama unveiled his plan to fix the housing crisis. here to talk about that and the gop field is bill o'roiley. he's got a new book out. good to have you back. >> appreciate you having me in. >> president obama unveiled this new slogan yesterday, we can't wait. when you consider the economy right now and what president
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obama is face iing, couldn't th be a republican bumper sticker? >> i can't wait until the debates are over. >> it's going to be a new cable channel. these republican debates. all 24/7. they had their slogans. they have their rallies. we've been doing this forever. it's nothing new. >> about ten days after he took the oath of office, sat down with barack obama. he said if i can't fix the economy in three years, it's going to be a one-term proposition. there's 9.1% unemployment. two million homes fell into foreclosure. ten million are under water. any reason right now in this snapshot in time that the republicans should not be able to beat barack obama? >> the the president would probably lose if the election was held tomorrow. but a year is a long time. the economy could get better. things could rise up. and president obama is a nimble guy. but they have the advantage.
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the president is going in very weakened. >> over the last 20 years or so, it seems republicans have run on a perception that they are tougher on national security. they are the ones who can keep americans safe. we have seen that in campaign ad after campaign ad. when you consider the the last several months, barack obama oversaw the killing of osama bin laden and al awlaki and now moammar gadhafi is dead. has barack obama done a lot to erase that perception? >> it's all about the economy. i don't think foreign affairs is going to be much next year. although iran is a wild card. if they cause problems in iraq, that could become a campaign issue. but right now, it's all about the wallet. >> you're saying republicans have no right to claim the mantle of we are the party that's national security. >> they can claim whatever they want, but i think obama has done
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a good job with the exception of iran. >> how do you play back libya? >> he played it well. we didn't lose anybody. cost around $50 million to bomb. all it is is nitpicking. the big issue is america is on the down cline of the power. >> on friday last friday, president obama announced he will pull u.s. troops out of iraq by the end of the year fulfilling a campaign promise. when you heard him say it, did you think that's great military strategy or that's political strategy? >> the reason he had to do it is because the iraqi government wouldn't give the united states troops' a pathway to be tried by the u.s. they wanted to try him in iraq. no commander in chief could agree to that. so the iraqis made it impossible to keep forces there. he should have kept 20,000 there to make sure iran doesn't misbehave and turkey doesn't
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brutalize. but he couldn't because the iraqi government wouldn't give him that option. >> let's talk about the gop field. if you look at the polls now, you have herman cain leading the republican pack by a couple percentage points. he's a guy who has turned his back on the early primary states like new hampshire and iowa. he doesn't have an infrastructure to speak of. he's out selling a book. is he a serious candidate? >> he's serious, but he's doing it in an unusual way. if an election were held tomorrow, herman cain would not be the nominee? >> do you really think he wants to be president? are they being taken for a ride by herman cain? >> herman cain is what you see is what you get. it's a great job for him. he's run a populous campaign.
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>> can mitt romney win? is he a true conservative? >> i don't know. he runs as a moderate republican. of course, he can win. if he's smart he will run as america's ceo that i will restore the economy and put people back to work. all the other issues are small ball. guys like you and me make a living out of it, but the folks don't care. they want somebody to get the economy back on track. >> let's say he wins the white house. is he going to face an incredibly uphill battle against conservatives? is it going to make the john ba boehner tea party thing look like child's play? >> he makes deals. he governed massachusetts. he had to make deals with those pin heads. these guys make all kinds of deals. so could he govern? yes. could he win?
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yes. >> let's talk about rick perry. he's lost about half of his popularity. what happened? >> he was inarticulated in the debates. i have perry coming on the factor tonight for the first time. we tried to book him for months. we'll see what he's got tonight. can he make a comeback? yes. he has a lot of money. he is more conservative than romney. >> do you think it's the kind of thing to claw his way back? >> flat tax is what people want. if it's decent, he gets some currency. >> you have written this new book called "killing lincoln." i'm going to get to it. i know you haven't mentioned it on your show yet. is there a lincoln out there right now? >> i hope so. that's why i wrote the book.
7:15 am
we need leadership in this country. lincoln is the best american president ever. we need to find somebody with that kind of fiber to bring us back. and this was a departure for me. i took less money, but i wanted people to know. he goes to bed at 5:00. he's old. but that's why i wrote it. i wanted people to really understand what good leadership is. it's not a knock on obama or clinton. we need somebody special to bring us back. we're on the decline. there's no question. >> bill o'riley, thank you for being here. 7:15. here's savannah. the search for the missing kansas city baby lisa is in its fourth week.
7:16 am
we'll hear from the man who was still married to lisa's mother. peter alexander is in kansas city with the details. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. we will hear from shawn bradley in a moment. baby lisa's mother and father are still married because they can't afford a divorce. they have no suspects. and no new leads. but today we are learning those new details about debra bradley's personal family history. while baby lisa's parents live together, she is still married to another man, who we are now hearing from for the first time. shawn bradley tells nbc news, she's always been a good mom. as for the investigation surrounding his wife's new family, i'm still confused by what's going on. this is craziness to me. bradley, an army reservist, says he hasn't spoken to debra or seen their son in two years. i'm concerned about him and want
7:17 am
to make sure she's safe, bradley says. i miss him, and would love to have him back. the irwins invited nbc news inside their home. experts say there are signs it was a home where the children, including baby lisa, were cared for and loved. >> this is important on the wall. you see the hand print and footprint of baby lisa. they are proud of their child. this all suggests the family that cares about this little girl. >> reporter: while police say they have no solid leads, the family is hopeful that investigators will continue their search. checking out places like these woods just three miles away from the home and a short distance away from an intersection where a witness saw a man carrying a baby just after 4:00 a.m. the night baby lisa was reported missing. debra and jeremy are still coping with their daughter's
7:18 am
disappearance. their lawyer spoke out on their behalf on monday. >> it's very painful to have people not like you and have them think you have done something terrible. >> reporter: debra is no stranger to grief. her mother died in her sleep when debra was just 15. they say she dreamed of having a daughter, and when her daughter was born, debra named her after her own mother, lisa. debra and jeremy have not spoken publically since they spoke to nbc news nine days ago. when approached by reporters, debra said to those reporters, because we are grieving. that's the latest from here. we'll keep you up to date as the story progresses. >> all right. thank you. it's now 7:19. here's matt. it looks like the trial of michael jackson's doctor is entering the home stretch. the prosecution rested on monday. now the defense is underway. jeff rossen has been following the trial in los angeles.
7:19 am
good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it feels like this trial is going on and on and on. you're right. it is. this is the fifth week of testimony, but very well could be the last week of testimony. defense lawyers for conrad murray say they don't need long. just a few days to make their case. >> the people are prepared and would ask to rest at this time. >> reporter: with that, it's conrad murray's turn. his lawyers telling their side of the story. they showed the jury this video from michael jackson's mansion. 12:50 a.m. dr. murray arrives. just 10 minutes later, michael returns fromerer her sal. he could be dead just hours later. on day one of the defense, they whipped through six witnesses, including michael's former doctor.
7:20 am
dr. allan metzger treated the singer for 20 years. just as rehearsals were starting, jackson told metzger he needed sleep. >> he asked me about intravenous sleep medicine. >> did he mention the name of this medicine? >> i think he used the word juice. >> reporter: the defense is building a timeline of the day michael died. and a narrative about the months leading up to it. >> what the defense is doing is trying to make michael jackson appear to be an addict and through that, they are making conrad murray look like the victim. >> reporter: but on cross examination, they turned it back around on dr. murray saying he would do anything for his $150,000 as jackson's personal physician. >> did you give michael jackson propofol? >> never. >> is there any amount of money
7:21 am
that would have convinced you to give him propofol in his house? >> absolutely not. >>. >> reporter: the jackson family was back in court on monday. janet jackson on tour in australia is postponing this week's shows and flying home to l.a. to join her family in court. we must be together right now, janet said. this saddens me in so many ways. dr. murray's defense team plans to call 15 witnesses. things are moving fast. they are nearly done with half of the witnesses they plan to call. both sides met with the judge after court yesterday and it looks like this could end up going to the jury some time early next week. so we'll be watching, matt. >> all right. jeff rossen in los angeles. thank you so much. coming up, the latest on the the death of an american diver kill killed by a great white shark in australia. we'll talk exclusively to two of
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good morning to you. police raided occupy oakland campus early this morning tearing down tents, arresting dozens of people. christie smith joins us with the very latest. good morning. >> good morning to you, laura. the excitement is just about over. police are still here on scene, but they're wrapping it up after they moved in quickly and broke up the occupy oakland encampment that was here since october 10th. there's a perimeter. crews set up a fence. public works works employees are showing up for the big task of cleaning up. it was 4:30. police came in quickly and formed a line. they had on riot gear and literally surrounded the place. some protesters walked out. most went peacefully. some resisted. we still don't have numbers of exactly how many people were
7:27 am
arrested. but the occupation has ended here. of course, the city issued two notices to vacate and the protesters staid. looks like this is the way it ended. police expected to give us an update within the hour. if we get anything new, we'll get back to you. >> now let's get a look at the forecast with christina loren. >> we have a red flag warning in place for elevations above 1,000 feet. low relative humidities, gusty winds and temperatures are dangerous for fire safety throughout the day today. we could see one condition. with conditions become very dangerous. hard to control a fire with situations like this. 68 in oakland. 74 degrees in san jose today. we continue to stay on the cool side when it comes to your temperatures. but overall, want to keep in mind. red flag warning in place until 6:30 a.m. let's check your drive with mike. >> downtown oakland, obviously activity as christie told you. we'll have activity weather wise as well.
7:28 am
we're looking southbound 880 at 23rd. a disabled big rig is in lanes causing slowing southbound. the northbound side, let me give you a look from the coliseum towards 68th. you have slowing. earlier disabled rigs have cleared. >> another local news update for you in half an hour. hope to see you then. look, every day we're using more and more energy. the world needs more energy. where's it going to come from? ♪
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it's a smart way to go. to fly away ♪ 7:30 on a tuesday morning, 25th of october, 2011. you cannot ask for a nicer start to the day here in manhattan as we take a look south from rockefeller center, empire state building in the foreground. one world trade center being constructed in the background there. providing a little musical inspiration to these folks down on the plaza, lenny kravetz. we'll say hi to them in a couple minutes. inside studio 1-a i'm matt lauer alongside savannah guthrie in for ann. just ahead the latest on a great white shark attack off the coast of australia that claimed the life of an american diver. two of his friends were with him at the time and they'll remember their friend when they talk to us straight ahead. also, is today's high cost of college even worth it? coming up why some experts say kids now have to start thinking a lot harder about where they
7:31 am
attend and what they plan to major in with all financial aid bills racking up. all right. she is one of the most talked about stars on reality tv, nicole "snook"" belitze will be here to talk to us about the new guide on living the lifestyle and also her quest for love. >> one tip she says your hair should be 6 inches higher, should make you 6 inches taller. >> me or anyone? >> i think it works for anyone. >> the power of the poof. >> exactly. also another intriguing woman the divine bette midler will be here with some of the fantastic costumes she has worn during her amazing career now being auctioned off. they'll be here live in our studio. all right. we begin this half hour on a more serious note with the friends of an american killed by a shark in australia. they're speaking out now and we'll talk to them in a moment. first, nbc's sarah james is in melbourne with the latest. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. there have been seven fatal shark attacks off the coast of west australia since the year
7:32 am
2000. but three of those have occurred just in the last few weeks. that's prompting authorities to spend an additional $1 million to try to stop attacks in the sea from the air. in the skies over the scenic beach in western australia day one of a helicopter patrol. on the lookout for any sign of great whites. the aerial surveillance, the state's best hope of keeping divers and swimmers safe and preventing yet another deadly attack after three so far here. the latest this weekend killing american diver tomas wainwright. >> to have had three fatal shark attacks in just the last few weeks is an unprecedented situation, and it does call for urgent action. >> reporter: but what's behind the surge in shark attacks this year both here in australia and elsewhere, including back-to-back attacks near south africa where an eyewitness captured this dramatic video of
7:33 am
a great white. we asked u.s. marine biologist andy dehart. >> generally speaking when we have this rash of shark attacks in a short time frame there is some weather pattern going on that's bringing the prey items like the bait fish and the seals and sea lions closer to shore which also brings the sharks closer to shore. >> reporter: like these whales off the coast of western australia, making their annual migration, they are prime prey for great whites. >> when great whites or other sharks attack humans it is a case of mistaken identity. someone on a surf board or a boogie board might look very much like a seal or sea lion from underneath. >> or someone in a wet suit. on saturday wainwright and two american friends had taken a boat to a picturesque island just offshore from the city of perth. he was scuba diving when the shark struck. originally from the florida panhandle wainwright's family says he had a zest for life. >> tom was one of those unique, rare individuals.
7:34 am
he was funny. he had a great sense of humor. he was kind. and he was incredibly intelligent and he had a great passion for life. everything he did. >> reporter: a man who will be missed by many here and, of course, back in america. matt? >> sara james, thank you very much. justin and allison brandner were with tom wainwright when he was attacked and are joining us exclusively. good morning to both of you. my condolences. >> good morning. >> good morning. thank you. >> tell me a little bit about your friend, tom. i know you had been diving with him on a number of occasions. you'd known him for a very long time. he was someone who took the sport of diving very seriously. he focused on safety, didn't he? >> absolutely. yeah, we all do. it's kind of ingrained in us. we look at all the risks and you put the measures in place to have the safety factors but,
7:35 am
yeah. he was a very safety conscious individual, but you can't account for everything and just about in everything you do there is going to be some sort of risk you can't prevent. >> when it comes to those risks, allison, there had been some shark attacks in the area in the recent past. was it something that you all would talk about? >> we talked about it that morning, actually. those were conversations that we had on a regular basis and certainly were aware of what was going on and the risks that we took by getting in the water. >> yeah, i mean our passion is being on the water, so it's the odds of something like this happening are so slim that it's -- it wouldn't be right for it to keep us from doing what we love. >> allison, you and justin had just been diving together. you had gone down for a while while tom was back on the boat. when you surfaced it was tom's time to go down. ordinarily he would have gone with another diver with a buddy, correct, but this day he went alone. >> right.
7:36 am
we normally dive with four people and there are always two in the boat and two in the water. today there were three of us so we actually changed our dive plan that day. justin and i were going to dive first and then thomas and i and then justin and thomas. and just space it out so we all had the proper surface intervals and that sort of thing. so he was never -- that morning we were never intending for him to dive alone. >> and he went under heading off to the reef. he told you to watch his bubble trail which divers will understand you're supposed to be able to track him and tell if everything is okay based on those bubbles. when did you realize something was terribly wrong? >> right. i don't think we're going to really get into the details of that today. we've spoken with his family and certainly are willing to tell that story to the people who really need to know but i don't think that's something we're going to talk about right now. >> well, there was no indication that -- everything was going as planned up until we knew there was something wrong but it happened immediately.
7:37 am
>> again, i don't want to ask you to go into details. you don't want to go into. was there anything you could do for tom by the time this had happened? or was it too late? >> no, absolutely not. there was nothing we could do. it was -- what happened happened and there was no alternate course it could have taken. >> it is my understanding at some point you actually think you saw the shark that attacked him. is it true that that shark perhaps circled your boat? >> after the incident, yes, it did appear. >> we saw it. there wasn't any sort of circling or any sort of aggressive behavior but we did in fact see it, yes. >> you mentioned you guys always were aware of the risks and you talked about it. was there any talk of shark repellent? i'm not a diver. anything that you could carry or tom could have carried with him to protect him against an attack like this? >> they do have stuff on the market that you can buy. we focus on the more calculated
7:38 am
risk, the mechanical failures of your equipment and mitigating and having the safety features for accounting for that stuff, but like i said, the shark attacks in these incidents are so far and few between. >> you talk about your love of the water, of being on the water. tom shared that love with you. what do you think he would want people to know about the sport he loves so much about diving? >> i think the biggest thing with us is he wouldn't want it to slow us down. i think he would be disappointed if we all love the water, our passion, and life is on the water. i think he would be a little disappointed if we altered that because of this incident. >> yeah. the weeks leading up to this weekend we had spent every weekend that we could on the water. we were doing all sorts of wake boarding and skiing and whale watching and diving as well. so it's not just restricted to diving. we're very avid about most water sports.
7:39 am
so something that just, we really love to do and thomas loved to do with us and one of the things that drew us together in the beginning of our friendship. >> well, again, please accept my condolences on the loss of your friend. i appreciate you sitting down and talking to us this morning, justin and allison brandner, thank you very much. >> thank you. let's get a check of the weather now from al. >> thanks, matt. we've got big changes coming temperature weis. as you look into the mid section of the country from des moines down to san angelo we're talking temperatures anywhere from 10 to almost 20 degrees above normal. it's going to be 83 in kansas city today. tulsa will see a high of 87. 87 in san angelo as well. as we look at the rest of the temperatures though you can see the cold air diving down through the plains, 30s and 40s there. that's going to be the big change over in denver where it will go from rain to a lot of snow. we've got beautiful weather up and down the eastern seaboard, breezy conditions in new england. rain around the great lakes and on into the mid plains plenty of sunshine through
7:40 am
good tuesday morning to you. well, we've got a dry air mass settling in and breezy conditions that are really going to pick up as we head through the afternoon. you can see right now still dealing with ha little bit of cloud cover. it really won't last long. by 10:00 a.m. completely clear conditions forecasted over the greater bay area. we're talking 65 in san francisco. 76 in los gatos. your temperatures will be on the mild side. the breeze will pick up as we head through tonight. by halloween temperatures turn cooler and we'll see that onshore flow return. and don't forget you need your weather. go any time of the day or night to the weather channel on cable. . matt? >> al, thanks very much. coming up next dealing with the skyrocketing cost of college, why it may be time for your kids to consider not getting into the school of their dreams. plus the divine miss "m" bette midler shows off some of her treasures going up for auction. but first these messages. ♪ yummy, yummy, yummy, i got love in my tummy ♪
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back now at 7:44, and this morning on requesting tooled's money" the price of a college education. student loan debt is expected to exceed $1 trillion for the first time this year, and americans now owe more on student loans than on credit cards when you add it all up. so what should you do if you or your kids are saddled with a big loan? jean chatzky is "today's" financial editor. >> good morning. >> that's amazing to think the aggregate debt for student loans is higher than credit cards. how did you get here? >> tuition rates have been climbing at four times the rate of inflation for the last two and a half decades. it's really no surprise that the average student is now borrowing about $5,000 a year. >> in the great recession, too, parents don't have the income they once had to help more people borrowing. >> that's right. >> defaulting on any debt is bad. why is defaulting on student debt particularly bad?
7:45 am
>> because it's not forgivable. you can't get rid of student loan debt in bankruptcy and the student lenders can actually garnish your wages, up to 15% of what you earn. so they're pretty relentless in coming after that money. >> you know, it's hard to even talk about this, because you never want to curtail your child's dreams, if your child wants to go to a certain school, but being realistic about it, what do you advise parents? i mean, when their kids are looking at particular colleges, whether they should even go to college at all. >> i would stop there actually. what we've seen through this recession is that people who have college educations have held up much better in the job market than people who haven't, so i think going to college is still a really good thing. the question is, how much do you pay for that education, and yes, we have to look at the value that we're getting these days, and what we can afford realistically. good rule of thumb, don't borrow overall more than you anticipate you'll earn in your first year out of college. and i get, right, that that means asking a 17-year-old,
7:46 am
18-year-old, what do you think you're going to do when you get out of school, which is a really, really tough question, but it argues for being conservative on borrowing. >> that's where parents can help out, too. would you advise parents to co-sign a loan or come to the rescue? another tough question for parents. >> parents are so emotional about helping your kids, but we say it all the time. your retirement has to come first and the reason for this is that if you sabotage your own retirement in order to pay for college for your kids in 20 years when they're trying to pay for college for their own kids you're going to get a call that says hey, i need help, and those kids are going to have to support mom and dad, which is not a good scenario. >> are you suggesting that students when they're looking at what to study should be more practical like good-bye poetry degree? >> i'm an english major. >> you've done well for yourself. >> i do think what we've learned is that the importance of internships and summer jobs that lead someplace to actually augment those liberal arts degrees is crucial. >> practical experience can be
7:47 am
so essential. jean chatzky good to talk to you. thank you so much. coming up next, is ketchup too fattening and sugary? some schools areow nan bning ketchup, coming up after this. it starts off as a gel... transforms into a foam and actually surrounds your teeth. it gets into all those nooks and crannies. dentists recommend pronamel. pronamel iso-active re-hardens the enamel that's been softened by acid you're consuming. acid doesn't just affect our front or back teeth but the whole tooth. pronamel iso-active helps protect against the effects of acid erosion. natural instincts can prove it. and they did. it's the only hair color that's clinically proven to be less damaging. for a healthy look... look no further than natural instincts. it's all good. helps defends against occasional constipation, diarrhea,
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7:50 am
remember when some americans started calling french fries freedom fries? well, now the french are taking aim at a u.s. favorite, ketchup. nbc's kevin tibbles dips into the controversy. ♪ >> reporter: in the shadow of the eiffel tower, a move to save unsuspecting schoolchildren from a red menace. of the tomato variety. >> perhaps they think of it by rationing ketchup they can somehow ration the influence of fast food. ♪ eat it, eat it, eat it >> reporter: so promote healthy eating and combat obesity school lunchrooms across france have
7:51 am
banned the use of ketchup. >> food is pleasure but food is health also so you need to eat everything and you need to eat healthy. you can not eat ketchup when you're a kid and when you're growing you cannot eat ketchup every day. >> reporter: sacre bleu! ketchup for lunch just won't do. >> sorry but i don't like ketchup. >> reporter: this is what french cuisine is all about, at the cooking akad know in paris, nary a whiff of the red sauce. today they are preparing potatoes and rabbit. are you going to put ketchup on these? >> nope. it would be a crime. ♪ ketchup on my ketchup >> reporter: a crime zutaleur! too much sugar, fat and salt in our diets, says celebrated chef alain ducass. >> my advice for young american
7:52 am
boys and girls, if you eat the right products now, that's better your entire life. >> reporter: they teach the three rs in school, although here it may be le toisares. on the menu today, bread, salad, cheese -- hello -- chicken with couscous and vegetables, and, of course, an apple. for kids with working parents, a balanced meal. [ speaking in french ] would you like ketchup with that? not everyone is sold. do you crave ketchup? >> wi! >> reporter: in french one puts ketchup on the gooey if not slippery slope to junk food and that is a no-no. for "today," kevin tibbles, nbc news, paris. >> ketchup? oh contrare, frenchies, i love
7:53 am
ketchup. they give us the french fries and now want to take away ketchup? >> calm down. when we come back, snooki on >>fe, love and her st fir yr ou.ofl >> first your local news and weather. in hands-free toilet cleaning. introducing the one-step toilet bowl cleaner from scrubbing bubbles. just step on the pedal. the 360 degree sprayer delivers a powerful cleaner to tackle lime scale, hard water and toilet rings. the new one-step toilet bowl cleaner from scrubbing bubbles. it's a remarkable leap forward in hands-free toilet cleaning. [ female announcer ] s.c. johnson. a family company. see? he's taking his vitamins. new one a day vitacraves plus omega-3 dha is a complete multivitamin for adults. plus an excellent source of omega-3 dha in a great tasting gummy. one a day, gummies for grown-ups.
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7:56 am
oakland mayor quan is facing a lot of pressure to step down, and it's only her tenth month on the job. looking for signatures for a recall. they claim the mayor is blind to the city's growing crime problem and the current state of the police force. the man leading the effort says there are several reasons to remove mayor quan from office, includesing her refusal to reappoint the court commissioner. >> total disregard if the competency of a commissioner. and she's going to look at ignoring that which speaks to the health and well being of the city as it related to the poor. >> they notified the city clerk about the intent to start a recall commission and collected a number of signatures. once the city verifies the signatures, quan will have seven days to respond. then they have 160 days to
7:57 am
collect 160,000 signatures to put the recall on the ballot. let's check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning to you. it is chilly out there. we have 40s on the map this morning. 49 in sunnyvale, concord and 49 in napa as well. chilly conditions brought about by mostly clear start as we head throughout your afternoon. your temperatures will climb into the 70s. we have a red flag warning in place. and that will be the case until we hit 6:00 a.m. on thursday morning. windy weather in the bay area. the only thing working in our favor when it comes to the fire weather is the lack of warmth. our temperatures aren't going to skyrocket throughout the day today. you can see from the seven-day outlook. wednesday is 77 degrees. looks like early wednesday will be the breeziest. winds start to relax on thursday. then as we head into halloween weekend, things start to get a little bit more comfortable. but on the cool side with that fog each morning. let's check your drive with mike. >> a lot of red showing up on the east shore freeway. over 40 minutes now off the bridge down to the bay bridge toll plaza.
7:58 am
which is packed. 580 and 880 slow through oakland on that side of the bay. on the peninsula, slowing on both directions between 92 and the city. and there's the south bay with 101 showing slowing. a look at 280 and 17. sorr sorry. >> for the latest updates, check out bay area morning news on facebook.
7:59 am
8:00 am
we're back, 8:00 now on a tuesday morning. it's the 25th day of october, 2011. 51 degrees, a beautiful day here in new york city and thanks to these people for stopping by and checking us out and saying hi to the people back home. i'm matt lauer along with savannah guthrie. savannah is here while ann is enjoying a couple of days off and mr. roker joins us as well. you know who else is joining us? >> who? >> nicole "snooki" paluzzo is on the plaza with us right now. she's got a lot to talk about, including the recent trip to italy as part of "jersey shore" got a new book out telling people how to be a guedette and talking to us about her search for love as well. >> all right. >> also ahead bette midler is here, auctioning off some of her most prized possessions including costumes from "the rose" from "beaches" from the
8:01 am
famous mermaid outfit which i cannot wait to check out up close and personal. bette will be here to talk to us all about it. >> the divine requesting miss m." on monday our annual halloween costume contest on the plaza on monday, finalists will receive vip passes to our live concert from justin bieber on the day before thanksgiving. and the big winner, the overall winner gets to meet him. so make your plans now to be here on our plaza monday, halloween day, october 31st. and then wednesday, november 3rd, 23rd i should say, justin bieber, november 23rd. >> the day before thanksgiving. >> i think they're already spending the night here, they're already here. >> let's go inside, tamron hall is at the news desk filling in while natalie is off on yojury
8:02 am
duty. moammar gadhafi, his son and top aide were buried at dawn, prayers were recited over the bodies. ga daf east's corpse had been on public display in a commercial freezer after he was shot to death last thursday. president obama continues his west coast swing with a fund-raiser tonight in san francisco, on monday in las vegas, he unveiled his plan to help struggling homeowners modify their mortgages and avert foreclosure. tonight president obama will be a guest, special guest on "the tonight show with jay leno." women who belong to the same college sorority are apparently being stalked by a sexual predator and police in texas have launched an all-out manhunt. jay gray has details. >> reporter: investigators in north texas released this surveillance video as they continue to search for a serial rapist who has attacked four members of the delta sigma sorority. >> all black females, mid-50s to mid-60s.
8:03 am
>> reporter: and all home alone in their upzal sbur bab dallas neighborhoods at the time of assaults. >> kicked the door, no other knocking or warning. >> reporter: late monday they urged dallas members and alumni to remove sorority paraphernalia and refrain from wearing clothing that identifies them as members. the string of violence has rocked the normally quiet communities. >> it's unheard of any crime even i don't think that's occurred in this area. >> reporter: investigators have requested a list of north texas women who have been a part of the sorority, while stopping just short of calling the man in these pictures a suspect. >> we're not saying that the person that's in this video is the actual perpetrator. he does match the description we've received from each of the assaults. >> reporter: victims tell police the man who attacked them also seemed to know details of their personal lives, one of the
8:04 am
reasons delta sigma theta is urging members to remove any information or posts currently listed on social websites. for "today," jay gray, nbc news, ft. worth. >> thank you, jay. now here's brian williams with what's going up on "nbc nightly news." brian? >> 40 years later, the book that changed everything in women's health care, "our bodies, our selves. "it's been 40 years. what women are saying about the book when it came out back then, that's tonight. we'll look for you then. tamron, back to you. >> for a look at wh"what's trending today." it's mcback. mcdonald's announced the mcrib sandwich will be available in u.s. stores until november 14th, usually found only in a few stores at a time except in germany, where it's a mainstay on the menu. tmz is reporting lindsay low han is shooting a pictorial or "playboy," currently doing
8:05 am
community service at a los angeles morgue. she'll be reportedly paid close to $1 million. neither the magazine or low han's camp will comment. this is melting hearts on youtube, listens to bedtime stories recorded by her dad before he left for air force basic training in texas. >> when the evening comes it's not at peace, mickey counts his sleeping chiefs. can i have a hug? mwah! >> kiss you! >> the toddler's mother posted the video because she couldn't keep something so adorable to herself, and we're sure happy she shared it with us. it is 8:05, back to al with a check of the weather. isn't that the cutest thing in. >> that is so sweet. >> yes. >> wow, that is fantastic. all right, thanks so much, tamron. we have friends from houston, texas. what are you guys doing here? >> we're here from schooled woods. >> for our junior trip.
8:06 am
>> you're already out of school? school just started. what's going on? >> we're that far ahead. >> you're that far ahead. that's right. how excited are you about the mcrib? woo! man! i'm a-quiver. let's show you what's ppening. hurricane rina, 215 miles southwest of grand cayman, 100-mile-per-hour winds category 2 storm moving west-northwest at threg tr akints i tie. we have to keep an eye on this. we show you atsat sellite close to home, a storm system getting itself together, s going to dum5 to 12 inches of snow in the central rockies, rain moving up out of new england, showers coming across the plains into the western and central great lakes, plenty of sunshine in the pacific northwest, a little on the cool side including l.a., fog and a high today of only 65 degrees. good morning to you. starting to clear out really nicely in the city by the bay.
8:07 am
you can actually see both towers of the golden gate bridge this morning. temperatures are chilly. we're in the 40s. 49 in napa. 49 in concord and 49 in sunnyvale. grab a jacket. later on today, breezy conditions really start to pick up. dry weather moves in. 72 in fremont. 76 in los gatos and 63 in santa cruz. red flag warnings are in place for elevations above 1,000 feet. temperatures stay nice and mild all the way through the end of this weekend and then they start to drop off. savannah. >> all right, al, thanks. coming up, confessions of a guedette, matt sits down with snooki and later, bette midler shows us some of her greatest gowns and they're up for auction.
8:08 am
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♪ [ male announcer ] great days start with quaker oatmeal. energy. fiber. heart health. quaker oatmeal. a super grain breakfast. we are back at 8:11 with jersey shore star snookie. she is back from italy, and now she's opening up about the show and sharing her secrets for rocking in jersey-style in her new book called "confessions of a guidette. good morning. what are you been up to? >> just busy with my book. i'm really excited about today. >> traveling a lot. you spent a good number of weeks in italy. despite the fact that we got all the headlines and we saw what was happening in front of the cameras, did you get a chance away from the cameras to enjoy italy at all? >> not rel. it was, like, 24-7 filming. when we were done, it went straight to jersey. >> that's one of the most beautiful places on earth. does that bug you? >> i would definitely like to go
8:12 am
back without the cameras. >> the italians reacted how, and how did you react to the italians? >> the italians loved us. right when we got off the bus, they were screaming and stuff, but me to them, i had no idea what they were saying, so i was just like, okay. they could have been calling me nasty names, and i was, like, dang. >> it sounded bufrl. >> you have a certain style. do you think the italian women got your style, and what did you think of their style? >> um, well, i tried to, like, dress their style with the big hats, but nobody wore big hats there. the style there was, you know, just normal. it wasn't anything really different. >> did you think they were more stylish than perhaps american men and women are? >> i think the guys are definitely more stylish, yeah. >> guidette, the name of this. do you want to tell people how to be a guidette. when i was growing up, calling somebody a guido or guidett, was
8:13 am
not the nicest thing you could call somebody. do you see it as something other than a compliment? >> it's not really a compliment. it's a lifestyle. you can be punk, gothic. we're guidettes. >> how do you define guidette. >> it's a girl with a strong peshlt. she doesn't let anybody bring her down. she likes tanning. she's very independent, and she loves to be like flashy, like gaudy. >> do we ever get to see snookie, the real you, on the show? i think you even said something about the fact that reality tv is not normal life. it's the most dysfunctional moments rolled up in a ball. in your case a meat ball. do we ever get to see the real snookie or the real nicole, probably more appropriately, on tv? >> you see the party side of me, which i call snookie. that's my alter ego. that's what you see on the show. like right now you're talking to nicole. it's like the soft, calm, like, you know, business-ready person.
8:14 am
>> so is this person -- is nicole a good role model for young women versus snookie on tv? >> snookie is not a role model. she's there to have fun and live her life. nicole, i would say i could be a role model. i mean, i'm very strong, independent, and, you know, i'm just loveable, i guess. >> one of the things you write about in the book, you've got a chapter called snookin for love. >> yes. >> which actually starts out funny, but then you do talk about the fact that you would like to be in a relationship. >> right. >> and perhaps maybe haven't made the right choices in the past. who is the guy -- and i'm not asking you to put a name on it. what type of guy would be a good partner for you? >> um, i would say right now my boyfriend is amazing. i definitely like a guy that makes me laugh. you know, doesn't care about, you know, this, the fame and the show. he just likes me for me. he likes me as nicole. so, you know, he just has to make me laugh and just keep up
8:15 am
with me and you got my heart. >> someone with a big heart who can match hearts with you. >> and has a big family and lovdz their mom, of course. >> and has to be italian because you say you want to have babies with an italian because you want your babies' last names to have a vowel in it. >> that's true. a little picky. >> good to have you here. >> thank you very much. >> the book is called "confessions of a guidette." a legendary bette midlerle on h you can own her iconic looks. ♪ got to have friends you got a weather balloon with points? yes, i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ keep on going in this direction. take this bridge over here. there it is. [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [ male announcer ] write your story with the citi thankyou premier card, with no point caps, and points that don't expire. get started at
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♪ ♪ vegetables picked at their peak ♪ ♪ so fresh my knees grow weak ♪ ♪ inspired by fine chefs in rome ♪ ♪ gourmet soups you make at home ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing new bertolli frozen meal soup for two. like chicken minestrone with crisp vegetables, white meat chicken, al dente pasta. [ chef ] ♪ fresh tasting restaurant style ♪ [ both ] ♪ bertolli soup's in the freezer aisle ♪ [ male announcer ] new bertolli meal soup. bette midler has conquered broadway, music, and television. she is auctioning off some of her most famous looks, and here with a sneak peek with the divine miss m. herself and president of julian's auctions. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> bette midler, what a warehouse of treasures you must have had. how did you come to decide to auction them off? >> i just decided it was time. i've had it.
8:19 am
i've hung on to this stuff for over 40 years, and i have just -- i just thought it was time to send this stuff out into the world. i'm not really a hoarder, but i started to feel like one. i don't know. >> this must be emotional because this is a walk down memory lane. >> it was. it was terribly emotional. in fact, at one point when i saw the catalog, which is one of the most beautiful things ever, i burst into tears because i really -- i couldn't believe. it happened in the blink of an eye. it was so fantastic. the ride was such a wild ride, and it was just -- it's -- but it's -- it was 40 years. you just can't get over it. >> it's amazing, and you have been so kind to bring some of your best items here to show us, and we'll is ask more about the logistics of the auction, but first, the outfit you have to have if you are going to jump out of a clam shell. >> this i wore -- this is designed by tony walton. he was a set designer and a costume designer also on clams on the half shell. this is a huge broadway show, my first really big broadway show under my own name. i say i did -- i didn't exactly
8:20 am
jump out of a clam shell. i was helped out of a clam shell, and it's -- it's held up after all these years. it was a real knock-out. let's look at the next one. this is the best divine madness show. holy feathers. >> this was designed by bob mackey, and it was one of the greatest entrances i ever had. it has a kind of fabulous headdress that goes with it, and i hate to, but when you open this up, it has a -- it has a little reveal. >> yes, it does. >> it's kind of divine. >> you're auctioning off the original sketch from bob mackey. >> he is one of the great sketch artist who's ever lived, and i kept that. actually, he gave me that. he has a huge file, huge archive, and he when he found out i was auctioning this stuff off, he said i'm going to give you some stuff, so he gave it to me. >> i can imagine that some items were particularly hard to part with, and i think i have an exhibit. for example, these shoes. tell us about these. >> i have to tell you that cher gave me these shoes in the early 1970s when these shoes -- she's
8:21 am
kind of platform shoes were all the rage, and we were all wearing them. everybody was wearing them, and there was a shop on sunset boulevard. i think it's actually still there called eric's, and they were the first ones to actually bedazzle these kind of shoes. can you walk in these shoes? >> take a step in them. they're like limo shoes. you can be photographed in them, and that's about it. my daughter is so mad about them. when she heard i was going to sell them, she got, like, panic stricken. >> you can't make the daughter mad. we'll see. this dress i remember from "beaches." >> yes. >> this dress was -- this is from my own wardrobe, and this came from -- i bought this in paris. i actually went to the showroom, which i had never done before, and i don't think they're in existence anymore, but la coix, it was his last year there. i was very excited to get it, and then when we -- "beaches" came around, i wanted something so silly.
8:22 am
>> it's so 1980s. >> it's to 1980s. look at the sleeves. i wore it a lot, but it wupd u7 in "beaches," and i think it's one of the funniest scenes in the whole movie. >> it is a show stopper. >> thank you very much. i have to say think bob demara. i hope he is watching. he is one of my dearest friends. he is also the man who made some of my most iconic costumes. we were together for many, many years. for close to 40 years. and we work in and out. sometimes the great bob mackey would do things for me, and then it was bob demara and -- this was the record cover of back house betty, and i think i was standing on 17 apple boxes. i look really, really tall, and i think my wonderful dog queen puddles was in the picture, and it was a really successful album for me, and actually this was the basis of a show i did called the divine miss millennium, which was in the year 2000 when the century turned. >> i don't know if we have them here, but we have items from the road too, some of the cool clothes you wore. >> have i to tell you, that was one of my favorite experiences
8:23 am
ever. this movie i had so much fun making it, and i saved absolutely every item, every shred of clothing. >> i was looking lake-effecting through the catalog. those clothes are so cool. your daughter may want those too. >> i have hidden -- she has some of them. i have hidden them. you know, i have given some of them away. the rock 'n' roll hall of fame. this one i have. >> i love this. this is the famous delores delago mermaid outfit. >> this is my last delores. this is my last vegas delores. i am the star because i'm wearing pink, and all the chorus girls are wearing blue, but it was a beautiful -- that was one of those beautiful shows that i did. we had a lot of stuff from that show in this auction, including entire sets of -- i think they're entire sets. including entire sets of the chorus girl costumes, which are extraordinary. >> i hear you're hoping lady gaga bids. >> i do have a couple of wheelchairs. i do know that gaga has tried a mermaid in a wheelchair, not
8:24 am
very successfully, but i am willing to give her the entire routine, including the music, and the outfit. >> and the yucalaically. >> that's not delores. this is one of the -- this is one of the most fun things i have i think in the collection. i gave -- there's a mate to this, and i gave -- i had two of them made, and i gave one to president obama. >> wow. >> for his daughters, and i mean, i don't know if they're playing it or not, but he is from hawaii, and i thought, oh. >> how does this work? >> they can go on-line if they can't come to the live auction. there's a free public exhibition. we have everything set up beautifully in beverly hills at our gallery. it's free to the public october 31st through november 12th, and the live auction takes place on saturday, november 12th. >> i'm excited. >> thank you so much. was this hard to do or what? >> to tell you the truth, it was -- i can't believe i'm doing it. in fact, i might have to change -- no, no, no. >> don't change your mind. >> no, i know. the truth about these -- the
8:25 am
truth about these -- about being in this life is that a lot of people save their things, but a lot of people burn it or give things away. >> don't do that. we say buy it, and we'll afack ter this. bette midler, thank you so much. .
8:26 am
good morning to you. it is 8:26 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. president obama is in southern california for a whirl wind fundraising trip. tonight he's headed to the bay area. he touched down in l.a. last night for the third time this year after a quick stop at a fried chicken and waffle joint, he attended dinner with the likes of magic johnson, will smith. tickets were selling for more than 35 grande piece. the jay leno show, which will be shot right here in the nbc bay area. he then heads to san francisco for a benefit featuring singer jeff johnson at the w hotel. protesters plan to be there as well, angry over the federal mel marijuana. dden crackdown on we'll take a quick break and be back with weather and traffic.
8:27 am
8:28 am
welcome back to you. 8:28 now. temperatures will be on the cool side today. we have a red flag warning in place and we're expecting dry, breezy weather throughout the day today. so, if you're living in elevations above 1,000 feet, you really want to be practicing very, very good fire safety as we head throughout the day today. 65 in san francisco. 68 in oakland. waking up with chilly conditions. a completely clear start as we head throughout the week, we'll see onshore flow. the bay bridge jammed up. east shore freeway. new accident. 580, congestion in both
8:29 am
directions as well as 880 slow. south bay not a lot better. 101 jammed past the airport as well as 280. back to you. check out nbc bay area morning news on facebook.
8:30 am
♪ boy you think that you know me, know me ♪ ♪ that's why i'm leaving he lonely ♪ we're back at 8:30 on a tuesday morning, october 25th, 2011. happy to have these folks joining us in the plaza, as they plan in the background to one of the latest hits from kelly clarkson, that's right, the first winner of "american idol" is joining us in our studio this morning. she's got some brand new music, but the same great sound and she is fun to talk to. we'll talk to kelly in a couple of minutes. i'm matt lauer along with savannah guthrie, al roker and tamron hall. natalie and ann are enjoying the morning off this morning. what else is coming up? >> natalie has jury duty.
8:31 am
we hope she's enjoying doing her civic duty. >> don't tweet while at jury duty. >> al learned the hard way. coming up something snooki should have stuck around for, italian cooking the american way. everybody's favorite recipe, lydia will show us in a couple of minutes. >> imagine this, i know you guys are athletic, 42 miles a day every day for two months. >> wow. >> isn't that incredible? we'll meet the guy who is doing just that, and i love this, it's all to say thanks to his mom, 42 miles. >> he ended up 2,400 miles from home. >> thanks but i'm gone. >> could have called her and said thank you. jill martin is here with the often duplicated but never equalled -- >> well -- >> a low flying bird. new batch at it. there we go, just stole jill's steals and deals.
8:32 am
jill will be here with steals and deals, exclusive discounts for our viewers and "today's professionals" star donny and dr. nancy weigh in on everything from letting your underaged kids run the house to flirting on facebook. >> okay. do you want to move him? he's in your hair, you know. >> so mean. let's get a check of the weather. it could happen. let's get a check of the weather from mr. roker. >> okay. that's pretty good. that's what's go good morning to you. clearing out quickly. we've got some breezy weather setting up and a red flag warning in place for elevations above 1,000 feet. as we check your futurecast in motion, by about 10:00 am, almost completely clear over the entire bay area. temperatures are running cool. 72 in fremont later on today, 76 in los gatos. you'll hit about 65 degrees in the city by the bay. you'll need a jacket.
8:33 am
in the coming days, things start to get a little bit easier. wind will relax a little bit. halloween, 74. get your weather any time of the day or night, go to the weather channel on cable or online. now let's say hello to uncle willie scott. >> hey, we got some birthday buddies today. >> hey uncle willy! >> catch this gang out there, a good bunch. here is delma kollar, eugene, oregon, where the sun comes up twice a year. 114 -- is that -- 114 years old, good lord, have mercy, and has a lot of springtime in her step. that's very good. loves and enjoys having people come by to say hello, how are you. art walker from murfreesboro, tennessee, 105 years old today. loves to attend church, good
8:34 am
church music and all over tennessee, good musicians. and an all-around fan of everybody he ever meets. you can't beat it, golden. delma ouellette, how about that, jaffrey, new hampshire, 104 years old today, lives independently and still very, very energetic, up all the time. we wish her well. god bless. theodore -- ♪ christmas, christmas remember him, the chipmunk? theodore wattenberg of prospect heights, illinois, 103 years old and loves to read newspapers and very active in all kinds of community affairs. and we have hariet sands, rocky river, ohio, is 102 and loves to read novels and also attends concerts and also likes to go to plays, a lady of the theater.
8:35 am
how do you do? and we have carroll miller, st. louis park, missouri -- minnesota, minnesota. ahead of myself. 100 years old today, and also has a pilot's license. how about that? loves to fly. also enjoys being an avid watcher of the weather. a guru of the sky. that's it. that's all now. back to new york. >> all right, willard, thanks. coming up next a slice of italy here in the u.s., the best italian-american recipes. later on, kelly clarkson live in our studio. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:36 am
8:37 am
"today's cooking school" is brought to you by bertolli premium male soup for two. a fresh take on soup. it's frozen. >> we're back today at :37, this
8:38 am
morning italian american cuisine. italians adapted old world recipes to foods found in the new world. a new cookbook "lidia's world in america." you traveled a lot for the book, went to some of the most popular ports of entry for italians in the country. >> i brought italy, all the regions to america for a long time. i found that america really harbors a great deal of recipes based in the italian tradition but sort of americanized by the immigrants, when they came, they found different ingredients. >> some cases did you find the recipes got better with the adaptation or are you kind of a traditionalist? >> i'm a traditionalist, i'm italian of the region but italian american food is good. it is not what you will find in i talia. you will not find spaghetti and meat ball when you go to italy. >> but one of the traditional
8:39 am
italian american dishes. let's tackle it. >> there's always change in evolution. three kinds of meat. a put a little bit of vegetables. this is my addition, you make modification, pass it through a food processor, egg, parsley, salt and oregano and this mixture. >> you say in italy you would never find the size meat balls americans tend to serve in their portions. >> in italy you get these little meatballs and put them in soups and you can fry them but you don't cook them in sauce like this. >> you put them in the oven. >> put them in the oven and make the sauce, while this is baking in the oven, you make the simple sauce. people are always complex, complex. onions, crushed tomattomatoes, pepperocino and salt, baked meatballs go right in here. >> how long do you like to simmer them in there? >> about half an hour, because they're cooked here. >> they'll absorb some of the flavor of that sauce.
8:40 am
>> and release some of it and this is how it comes. isn't that beautiful? one of the things when you're young especially and the night before you were out and you say mom is cooking this, and i remember, used to come under the door into my bedroom. >> the smells, yes, the odors. >> i used to be awoken by this. you take a little bit of the sauce and we'll just put it right in here. and the pasta right in. you dress it right there. >> a lot of people do it the opposite, they take the sauce and pour it over the pasta. you like to put everything and let it work together for a while. >> absolutely, gives it much more, because the pasta you make it al dente and it absorbs the flavor of the sauce. that's it. sometimes you get the pasta and a puddle of sauce on the bottom just like that. you take it off, a little bit of garnish and you're ready to serve it. >> show me other things. one of the other dishes you want to talk about today is a grilled caesar salad. also not italian. >> this i found in baltimore,
8:41 am
caesar salad was invented in las vegas. i went to a los cala restaurant, this is delicious. so you take your romaine and grill it which a little bit of cheese on top and croutons. >> drizzle it on. that's fantastic. again that's italian american. >> it is. >> and real quickly describe what we have over here. >> boston cream pie. i went to rhode island and the shallow sisters, there's two of them, three generations italian, they did the italian custard and the boston cream pie effect into cupcakes. it has rum in it, it has orange so the italian flavors but it is american. >> i lived in providence, rhode island, some of the best italian food i've ever had in my life in providence.
8:42 am
lidia, this is fantastic. thank you for bringing the recipes home. the book is called "lidia's italy in america." up next, the man running from canada to mexico to say thanks to his
8:43 am
8:44 am
back now at 8:44, how far would you go to show your mom you love her? "today" national correspondent amy robach is here with one man's answer. good morning to you >> quite an answer, savannah. 100 marathons in two months. yes, that's 42 miles a day, all one son's way to demonstrate what it means to run while you can. 23-year-old sam fox is stretching his world to an unthinkable limit in the run of a lifetime. >> i'm doing this for my mother. i'm doing this to honor her, thank her for everything she's done to me. >> sam takes on the pacific crest trail, a 2,650-mile
8:45 am
knee-buckling challenge from canada to mexico, along the way he hopes to raise a quarter of a million-dollar for parkinson's research, a disease his mother, lucy, suffers from. >> i think it's gradual for most people and certainly is for me, so it's not, you don't wake up one morning and suddenly not be able to do things. >> reporter: while her son hammers his way through the wilderness, lucy remains rooted in her lifelong commitment to growth. >> i like the sequence of one flower moves into another throughout the season, and i really like growing things to eat. >> reporter: sam has always had an appetite to live on the edge, fewer people have successfully hiked the trail that have reached the summit of mt. evere everest. his effort is being captured by "run while you can" a documentary film. >> i'm drag so long hard. yesterday i managed to get in maybe 40, 41 miles maybe.
8:46 am
took me 17, 17 hours i think. >> i'm not a soft person. i'm not a soft mother. i was kind of a tough mother. >> reporter: lucy was diagnosed with parkinson's ten years ago, before that her children were raised on high adventure and exotic travel. it was parenting with a purpose. >> i'm hoping that he's taken some of the toughness that we had together, just as mother and son, i'm hoping he's taken some of that with him on the trail because he's certainly going to need it. >> this is the hardest day of my life. no joke. my mother in essence fighting just like i'm fighting each day, fighting pain, fighting discomfort. i know that my pain will end, and hers won't. >> reporter: worlds away from one another, sam is propelled by what his mother helped to plant early in his life. >> my job as a mother is to raise my kids up to a state of independen
8:47 am
independence, and you hope that state of independence and everything else combines to make a really good human being. >> sweet trail tricks. whoa! damage. >> first i thought he was nuts, and i continued to think he was nuts until he said that he wanted to raise money for parkinson's disease research. >> reporter: just hours from his finish line, sam has already got on it where his mother wanted him to go. >> my mom continues to remind me when i talk to her on the trail just to remember that this will end, you know, regardless of how fast and how painful. i will get through this, and i won't regret a single day of it. >> sam is expected to finish his journey later this morning, and since he started at the end of august, he has covered 2,236 miles and raised almost $140,000 through his website, runwhileyoucanfor parkinsons
8:48 am
research. we have more on our website. >> a few more hours for him, talk about a long road, amy thank you, great story. coming up a live performance from the original "american i l idol" kelly clarkson.
8:49 am
the toyota concert series on
8:50 am
"today" brought to you by toyota. >> you probably remember kelly clarkson was the first "american idol" and gone on to sell 20 million albums worldwide. her latest release called "stronger." welcome back. good to see you. >> nice to see you, too. >> you say this is your best album yet. >> it is. >> why is it different from the others? >> that sounds narsiciistic. people know me better as a singer, the mikes we use, the producers that worked with me. it was really smooth. >> by this time you must know people like you. they like your music, they like the sound and yet as you're releasing a new album like this do you get the nerves? do the jitters start all over? >> no, because it takes two years to release the record, we go all over the world. by the time the record comes around, there's no time to be nervous, i'm anxious. >> let me read you a couple of reviews. >> i hate reviews.
8:51 am
>> entertainment weekly, kelly clarkson makes a breakup album for the ages. you're never too old for a wag your finger at the boys story. guys if you go out with a girl who tells you she loves this album, run away fast. >> which is funny, i haven't had a boyfriend in a while but -- >> maybe it's these songs. >> i know i'm scaring them. >> you love performing live. >> i do. >> you're going to spend a lot of time on the road? >> yes. you want to come out on the road and sing with us? >> i'll come on the road with you. i will not sing with you. all right, you've never heard me sing. >> it will be even more fun if you're bad. >> stevie wonder's career, look it up. >> i'm going to google you two. we're doing the new single "mr. know it all." >> ladies and gentlemen, kelly clarkson. action ♪ ♪ mmm, yeah
8:52 am
♪ mr. know it all, well ya, you think you know it all but ya don't know a thing at all ♪ ♪ ain't it, ain't it something y'all when someone tells you something bout you ♪ ♪ think that they know you more than you do ♪ ♪ so you take it down another pill to swallow ♪ ♪ mr. bring me down, well ya, you like to bring me down, don't ya ♪ ♪ but i ain't laying down baby, no, i ain't going down ♪ ♪ can't nobody tell me how it's gonna be ♪ ♪ nobody's gonna make a fool out of me, baby ♪ ♪ you should know that i lead, not follow ♪ ♪ oh, you think that you know me, know me ♪ ♪ that's why i'm leaving you lonely, lonely ♪ cause baby you don't know a thing about me, you don't know a thing about me ♪
8:53 am
♪ ♪ yeah, you ain't got the right to tell me when and where to go ♪ no right to tell me, acting like you own me lately ♪ ♪ yet baby you don't know a thing about me, you don't know a thing about me ♪ ♪ mr. play your games only got you got yourself to blame ♪ ♪ when you want me back again, but i ain't falling back again ♪ ♪ cause i'm living my truth without your lies ♪ ♪ let's be clear baby this is good-bye, i ain't coming back tomorrow ♪ oh you think that you know me, know me ♪ ♪ that's why i'm leaving you lonely, lonely ♪ cause baby you don't know a thing about me, you don't know a
8:54 am
thing about me ♪ ♪ yeah, yeah ♪ you ain't got the right to tell me when and where to go, no right to tell me ♪ ♪ acting like you own me lately ♪ ♪ yet baby you don't know a thing about me, you don't know a thing about me ♪ ♪ so what, you've got the world at your feet and you know everything about everything ♪ ♪ but you don't, you still think i'm coming back, but baby you'll see ♪ ♪ yeah ♪ oh you think that you know me, know me, that's why i'm leaving you lonely, lonely ♪ ♪ cause baby you don't know a thing about me, you don't know a
8:55 am
thing about me ♪ ♪ you ain't got the right to tell me when and where to go, no right to tell me ♪ ♪ acting like you own me lately, yet baby you don't know a thing about me ♪ ♪ you don't know a thing about me ♪ ♪ mr. know it all, well ya, you think you know it all ♪ ♪ but ya don't know a thing at all, you don't know a thing about me ♪ you don't know a thing about me ♪ >> kelly clarkson, the album is called "stronger." kelly great seeing you. thanks for coming in. just ahead ""today's" professionals" donny, star and nancy tack willile the morning'
8:56 am
topics. good morning to you. it is 8:56 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. the woman accused of killing nursing student michelle le wants to buy her own attorney. she's in court this morning to ask the judge to assign her a new public defender. a hearing yesterday was set -- to set bail yesterday was delayed. le disappeared from a hayward hospital in may and his body was found nearly four months later near sunol. esteban has not entered a plea yet in that case. we'll have a look at the
8:57 am
morning's news after this. beth! hi. looking good! you've lost some weight. thanks! you noticed! you know these clothes are too big now, so i'm donating them. not going back there again. good for you! how'd you do it? eating right, whole grain. whole grain? whole grain. [ femalennouncer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't... multigrain cheerios has five whole grains and 110 lightly sweetened calories per serving... more grains. less you! multigrain cheerios.
8:58 am
welcome back. look at all this red and yellow on the map, approaching the bay bridge. consolidate travel times here. eastshore freeway, slow. 880 and 580 worse than that. the golden gate bridge, however, looks really nice. just some slowing out of novato into central san rafael. even the view looking good. laura, back to you. it does look nice. hope you have a chance to view it. check out nbc bay area morning news on facebook. have a great morning. another update in half an ur.
8:59 am
last week, we called on bay area counties to beef up their drug and training programs in hopes that rehabilitating thousands of prisoners the state has only been warehousing. clint wrote it depends on the individual. some prisoners change for the greater good. others don't. with nearly 70% of parolees becoming repeat offenders, britta blames the system. the probation system is currently ineffective. probation officers have a huge opportunity to be a positive influence but they're more negative than anything else. patricia with the silicon valley's nonprofit says it must include health care, housing and jobs. california can save $233 million by slashing recidivism by 10%. we hope the business community can offer jobs and be part of the solution. we couldn't agree more. nbin the debate, tori
9:00 am
we're back now more of "today" on a tuesday morning, 25th day of october, 2011, just a great day to be in new york city with a perfect blue sky and kind of moderate temperatures in the low 50s, and a good crowd of people. i'm matt lauer along with savannah guthrie, and al roker. ann is taking a little time off but you no he who is in the studio this morning? >> who dat? >> "today's professionals" donny, star and nancy are here. >> ready to shake off the shyness every week where they don't want to give their opinions, that's over. we have an interesting topic to discuss, should parents let kids drink at home? there's actually a new study that shows 45% of young people get their alcohol from home, and in many cases it's because parents say all right, i'll let you drink but you got to do it at home. we'll talk about that. another study that shows divorced men are more likely to
9:01 am
fail at second marriages. so we'll ask donny, star and nancy why is that may be. ahead, jill martin has got the patented steals and deals for us today. where viewers get exclusive discounts on items like an iphone case, faux leather jacket, skin caroline, a must have for celebrities, some of today's items nearly 80% off. and then, doing my art fern. and then -- >> a whole group of people have no idea. >> no idea. fruits and vegetables, whole grain breads, can too much fiber be too much of a good thing? oh, my! speaking let's do traffic, there's a backup. joy bauer answers nutrition questions in our "diet s.o.s. ". >> tamron hall at the news desk.
9:02 am
>> this morning at dawn former libyan leader moammar gadhafi was buried along with his son and top aide. several were present as islamic prayers were read over the bodies. he was captured in his hometown of sirte last thursday. in eastern turkey, thousands of people spent the night outdoors afraid to return to their homes after a massive earthquake and hundreds of aftershocks. rescuers are racing against time to find survivors in the rubble. so far they've pulled several people out alive today. more than 370 people have died in the tremor and some 1,300 others were injured. president obama is in california tooled as part of a star-studded campaign swing out best. on monday in foreclosure heavy las vegas the president announced a new proposal to ease homeowners underwater. the plan would allow 1 million additional homeowners to
9:03 am
requalify for refinancing. the nba is canceling another two weeks of the upcoming season, more than 100 games through november 28th, the second round of cancellations because of bargaining impasse between players and team owners. net flix shares plunged 28% after the company lost a worse than expected 800,000 subscribers in the third quarter, net flix jolted customers and investors last summer when it raised prices up to 60% and bungled an attempt to spin-off its dvd by mail service. the search for the kansas city infant known as baby lisa entered its fourth week. lisa's mother, deborah bradley, says now that police have thoroughly searched her home and yard she hopes they'll comb the nearby woods. the man still legally married to bradley and had a son with her is speaking out for the first time saying she was always a good mom. good news to report, trixie, the homeless disabled dog who can only walk on her front legs
9:04 am
has been adopted. we told you about the chihuahua last week and more than a dozen animal lovers nationwide reached out to adopt trixie. in the end animal services decided a florida veterinarian would be a good match with her home and all of the medical care she could possibly need. it is four past the hour. here is matt and al. >> you had a question? >> yes. >> never mind. how about a check of the weather? >> we've got a check of the beautiful young ladies. what are your names? whoops. what is her name? >> caroline. >> what's your name? >> caroline. >> caroline and caroline. >> no, this is natalie. >> that's natalie, okay, very nice. you're now natalie's spokesperson. very nice. let's check your weather and see what's going on. we'll show you for today, we've got hurricane rina, 215 miles southwest of grand cayman, 100-mile-per-hour winds, category 2 storm barely moving.
9:05 am
we have the path early friday, comes across the yucatan peninsula, made a right turn into cue barks but as we look at some of the other computer models, there's not a lot of agreement on what rina will do, take its own sweet time but take a while before it gets its act together, may come across the yucatan and then curve up on into central florida, we'll keep an eye on that and back in the 48 states we have a winter weather advisory, winter storm watches and warnings for the central rockies, some areas picking up to two feet of snow. denver will see anywhere from 8 to 12 inches before it' oever on wednesday. yow. that's wha going to see a lot of cloud cover today or tonight. offshore breezes pushing that marine layer out to sea. that's already taking place in your cities by the bay. temperatures will end up in the 70s. 75 inland, fairfield. livermore, red flag warning in place for elevations above 1,000
9:06 am
feet until thursday. that's when we'll see the winds relax, especially thursday afternoon. friday and saturday, onshore flow resumes, cooler weather. fog returns with it. and that's your ate least weather. savannah? time for "tooled's professionals" where our panel of experts tackles the hottest headlines, surveys and stories making news. star jones is an attorney and author, donny deutsche, chairman of deutsche incorporated and dr. nancy snyderman, nbc's chief medical editor. good morning to all of you. nice to see you bright and early. let's start with something getting a lot of buzz this morning in the political world, herman cain has a new web ad, rather than describe it, how about we just play it. do we have the ad? >> or not. i could act it out. >> it features the chief of staff of cain's campaign saying why herman cain is the best and the last shot is of him smoking, exhaling and a shot of herman
9:07 am
cain. and a lot of people are talking about it, number one because it's weird and number two because he's smoking. >> i'll jump in donny's territory it's a lousy ad and the smoking at the end, it's like are you kidding me? >> i'm told we now have it. i think people should see it. roll it. ♪ ♪ i am america ♪ one voice, united we stand >> i stand by my former synopsis. >> are you ready to hire this person for your ad company? >> it's obviously ridiculous. nobody is going to say that's a good ad. what must have happened, let's do a parody of ourselves, run it on youtube to youth. there's no way, there's no way they did that seriously. the problem is, media is no longer isolated so even if you're targeting it to this crazy, you know, young audience
9:08 am
that will think it's a nose. it's still going to go up everywhere. having said that, the weird positive is the one thing about cain that's appealing to the constituencies of the world he's so an un-candidate and that's what people are looking for so bizarrely it may work. it's insane. >> the spokesperson told nbc it is a joke. he said i've had a lot of feedback from folks thought it was hysterical. glad to see it's getting so much visibility. >> in fairness we need to say the beginning of the ad talks about why this guy, the chief of staff actually there was some substance to it, the lawyer in me says do that because the last thing we need to hear from the republicans is we were not being fair. >> exactly, but the part that's getting the attention is the smoking of the cigarette. let's move on from smoking -- >> could have been worse. could have been weed. >> from smoking to drinking and i think you all have different opinions here. >> uh-huh. >> study more than 40% of young people are getting their alcohol from home, and in many cases it's because parents are giving their teenagers drinks --
9:09 am
>> giving? >> teenagers, they say it's better drinking home an out with your friends and driving home. nancy? >> i think kids should learn to drink responsibly. i've allowed my kids since they were little to have wine at thanksgiving and christmas. i think it's important. i said to my girls i'd rather have you and some kids will experiment at home and not end up in the back seat of someone's car, definitely not driving. i have no problem. you cannot give other children alcohol. >> donny's face? >> it's interesting, a lot of my friends struggled with this. let me ask you a question. >> i have three non-drinking non-smoking kids, learned responsibility at home. >> a 17-year-old you know they'll experiment and you say do everything in moderation. i don't need to celebrate it at home. my 17 years old daughter might be having sex with her boyfriend. i'm still not going to say do it in the home in the bedroom and keep it quiet.
9:10 am
>> so we're clear on the ages we're discussing, 12 to 14-year-olds continue to have sleepovers, go over for play dates to people's friend's homes. i don't want my 12-year-old going over -- we don't live in europe, nancy. >> but your own children, why not teach a child to drink responsibly with a little bit of wine at the dinner table as part of the food group. >> it's a subtext message that drinking is okay. >> jesus, you guys. are you kidding me? >> it is endangering the welfare of a child. >> that's crazy. >> to give a child alcohol. that's what it is, sorry. >> nancy's point if they're going to drink, do it in my home. >> arrest all of france. >> by the way that's not a bad idea. >> excuse me, next topic statistically for males second marriages fail at a higher rate than first marriages because men fail to learn the lessons, they
9:11 am
don't go through therapy and journal writing and all that. >> wrong. here's why second marnlgriages harder. two things that tend to keep marriages together first time around even if they're not great, stay together for the kids, and finances. second time around, i don't think either of those issues are as big on the table, so i think the exit door is much easier. i think that's the reason they don't work. >> some theorize because a lot of men don't bother to work through issues and repeat them in the next marriage. >> why is this men and not women? >> because the statistics show it. that's society. >> you wouldn't want to marry a guy who basically was on the rebound and just trying to fill a void. this is the thing that they miss, they miss somebody warm next to them, miss somebody taking care of their home. get them a housekeeper and they will feel a lot better. >> nancy, i want to get to the next topic. >> i have nothing to offer on this subject. >> i love that. >> our next topic, fat shaming. childhood obesity ads in atlanta
9:12 am
depict overweight children on billboards with phrases like, it's hard to be a little girl if you're not, and fat prevention begins at home. we're looking at some of them, they're tough ads. do you think they cross the line? >> i struggled with this, and i'll share something very personal. i actually had to, with the therapist, get scared straight when it came to obesity. i had to use the really tough words. i realized that i used words like plus size, fluffy, chubby, full-figured, when i was really talking about morbid obesity, and once i started to accept the way i was looking and feeling and killing myself, i started to change. >> that suggests you think people are in denial. >> we are. >> i guess an ad campaign i would never. >> i think fat is descriptive and accurate. it's not necessarily pejorative. i do however think the ads are cruel. take a child, talk about abuse. >> yes. >> i think this is taking people
9:13 am
who may not necessarily know they're consenting to and put them up in a bull's eye. >> i'm sure they consented, they couldn't do it legally. if we solve obesity we solve the health care problem in this country, period. it's tough love and obviously if i had an overweight kid in the back seat, he looks up at dad, but to star's point we've got to get this on the table. >> another topic, a study carried out by boise state university, 60% of heterosexual women were sexually attracted to other women and 50% fantasized about other women. >> duh! duh! >> donny it's not what you fant sized about. >> ladies, i'll give you the floor here. i've almost never met a woman that on some level has not fantasized. i think for a woman it's in her wiring, it's not as natural for a guy to be bi-curious. have you ever -- >> donny is absolutely right. women are comfortable being
9:14 am
intimate with other women and women can have sexual relationships with other women and still go back into a heterosexual relationship. >> and not be gay. >> once a straight man crosses that he either won't cross it or if he does he'll never talk about it. >> i've never had a desire to have an intimate relationship with a woman. i can look at a woman and say she's beautiful, like i look at nancy, i look at halle berry, halle berry is bangin', but never had a desire to be with her. >> i wouldn't look at brad pitt and say he's bangin', the fact you're comfortable. >> why would you say? because society doesn't like men to do that? >> i can say it's a good looking guy. >> you want to ask me what i think, that's when i tell you donny we are out of time. >> i know the public wants to know, i want to hear your opinion on this topic. >> you're part of the team. >> no, i ask the questions and you answer them. >> no i want your opinion. >> thank you so much. >> i think savannah's hot. >> but i don't want to do you.
9:15 am
>> and you know what, star, i appreciate that, too. >> can i get in on that point? >> always donny just takes it that one extra step. donny deutsche, star jones, dr. nancy -- remember the restraining order. coming up, one-of-a-kind finds to secondhand shops the best sites for online shopping. up next, jill martin watch out, you're in the same studio. deals" right after this. ugh, it's my sinus congestion, and it's all your fault. naturally blame the mucus. he's funny. instead of blaming me, try this, advil congestion relief. often the real problem is swelling, not mucus. advil congestion relief reduces swelling due to nasal inflammation. so i can breathe. happily ever after. another story? from him! [ mucus ] advil congestion relief. the right relief for the real problem.
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9:18 am
that jacket. >> this is one of my things, can you say? holidays are coming up, we're starting our holiday shopping now. great items and men have been saying to me we want some things, too, so everyone's here today, 24 hours, only available for 24 hours, go to right now because limited supply but amazing offers today. >> let's get to the first item you have that you're wearing and you have on the mannequins here. >> i'm one of the models. the black rivet faux leather jacket, retail $139, two styles, both available in black and fully lined. the first style is zip front with belted modern, sizes extra small to large and the second tile is zipper jacket with a notched collar, sold at retaileretailer s like nordstrom, retail $19, the deal $29. that's 9% off. you could wear it day to night. >> you see the versatility, the mannequin with jeans, you have it on with a great dress and looks perfect with both looks. >> faux leather very in.
9:19 am
>> now you have something for the fellows as mentioned and promised. >> and something for women to buy their men because this is a great gift for the holidays. chaps men's shirts, retail $39.50 to $49.50, well-known for classic american styles, offering four tops, the solid v-neck sweater available in 12 colors, sizes small to xxl, the short sleeve polo, 100% cotton, comes in 15 colors, small to xxl and the two long sleeved button down shirts in plaid or checked pattern, our producer mark victor will love this. i think he's wearing it, xxl and machine washable, retail $39.50 to $49.50, the deal $12 to $14, up to 6% off and just check the shipping, because depending on the number of shirts you buy, the shipping changes. >> this is a great gift. you can give one to every guy in your life. perfect. >> right. >> moving on to jewelry, another great holiday gift. >> the kenziko zodiac bracelets,
9:20 am
great gift to give someone their sign, two color options, blue quartz and gold plated nuggets with clear crystal set stones, available in all 12 signs. retail $100, the deal $25. that's 75% off. you see it comes grouped as three with the sign hanging off. >> they're stretchy so boom, see how easily i fit that on my arm? >> goes right with your outfit. convenient. >> next a little bit of cream for our face? >> our beauty flies and this is a great gift. i love how it's packaged. this is the votre vu anti-aging trio. retail $152, the formulas are botanic botanically enhanced. for puffing and dark circles, nighttime beauty balm and wrinkle eraser, they call it fauxtox. $152 retail, $38 with the packaging, 75% off. that is a great box as a gift.
9:21 am
>> something everyone has their new iphone or old iphone. >> everyone's into this. the energizer iphone case, the retail $100 for the ultimate gadget guy or girl for the iphone 4 and 4s. silicone rubber case with built in battery. 233 extra hours, the talk time up to five extra hours, extra music, video and internet time so if you have one, this is a great gift, the retail $100, the deal $24, that's 76% off. >> very cool. awesome. doesn't add a lot of bulk to your phone, a lot of the chargers do. >> i carry around the charger so this is a great alternative to not have to plug in all the time. >> great list. the products are the faux leather jacket, the four men's shirt from chaps, the kensico zodiac bracelets, the anti-aging trio and the iphone case. head to to find the
9:22 am
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good morning, everyone. the time now is 9:26. i'm jon kelley. the occupy oakland movement is calling for protesters to regroup this afternoon. police started moving in, pulling down tents and arresting dozens of protesters. police have been warning protesters for several days that camping in the plaza was illegal and they would, in fact, be removed. the raid this morning was very peaceful. >> i think this place was amazing and it's a real celebration of diversity of life and it's kind of a shame that they're doing this. it's okay. i lv them. we're out here for peace. >> police were able to take down the camp and arrest all the protesters in less than one hour. p protesw., me, me is sa be back tomorrow. time is 9:27. weather and traffic right after this break. 27
9:27 am
9:28 am
good tuesday morning to you. temperatures are starting to warm up now. but not much by much. 58 in hayward. 56 in sunnyvale. we head through tonight, very chilly conditions. dry air mass is settling in. completely clear start tomorrow. that means all the daytime heat we accumulate will escape on to the atmosphere. red flag warning in place. gusty winds and warm temps all the way through tonight and wednesday. finally as we head through about 6:00 am on thursday, those winds will relax. 13-mile-per-hour breezes. 65 in san francisco. staying nice and mile temperaturewise. onshore flow comes back into the mix as we head through friday. looking at the peninsula, southbound 101 jammed up through san mateo, and then jams up again approaching highway 84.
9:29 am
both of those bridge cut-overs very popular this morning. crossing the bay, the bay bridge, light volume at the toll plaza, slowing down where we would be expected. live look past the coliseum shows you the volume compressing at the coliseum itself because of disabled vehicles reported there heading into downtown. look at that mess. be sure to check out nbc bay area morning news on facebook.
9:30 am
. look what i found. someone forgot his money. >> oh, you are dangerous. >> ooh, don't mess with puss n'boots. the animate ed feline striking t on his own, his own movie, stars antonio banderas and salma hayek. they'll be here to tell us all about it tomorrow on "today." my son says, i can't wait to see puss in the boots. >> ah! >> as you know, coming up as well on "diet s.o.s." joy bauer has unique ideas on how to get your kids who be picky eaters to enjoy a healthy breakfast. they say it's the most important meal of the day.
9:31 am
you're a parent. it's tough to get kids to enjoy it. joy has great tips. also ahead in "today's consumer" from one-of-a-kind bargains to electronics and garden supplies, we are going to show you the best shopping websites, this could come in handy as the holidays are just about upon us. and we're going to show you how to get inspired by your own garden by bringing the outside indoors. james farmer will show you how to use what you've grown to decorate your table at home and we're going to also show you some simple but delicious recipes as well. >> beautiful table. >> yeah. >> that gets us in the holiday mood. first let's say hello to courtney rainville from the "biggest loser." how much have you lost so far? >> i lost 39 on the ranch and in total i've lost 71 pounds. >> congratulations. >> what was the big thing you did to make those changes? >> i think diet is huge. it's, you know -- eating over 80% of what you use.
9:32 am
for me, i was cutting out the wheats and the grains and dairies, really taking care of the protein and the vegetables. so really nutrition is huge but also working out, making sure you get the heart rate up. >> i imagine you feel great. when you talk about your weight loss you should spin around, every time someone says how much did you lose. >> you think you have a shot at the $100,000 grand prize? >> i'm in it. of course. i'm a huge competitor. i don't want people to underestimate me. i'm in for the marathon and the home challenge. t. would be foolish to underestimate you. >> courtney, thank you so much. we remind everybody, "the good morning to you. our breezes are starting to pick up. they have not shift ed to the north just yet. we're expecting that to be the case as we head through tonight. and dry, northerly winds have prompted a red flag warning all the way through 6:00 pm on thursday. gusty winds and warm
9:33 am
temperatures. today, we'll end up in the 70s. 68 for oakland. 63 in concord and 63 in fremont. that fog returns friday through the weekend. have a great tuesday. know, it's been three years since his last studio album. now rodney atkins, back on the country charts thanks to his new cd "take a back road." good to see you, rodney. >> good to see you, al. >> first of all, your cd, the title track is number five on the country charts. in three years, what were you doing in the meantime? does it take that long to get things together and get that cd out? >> it kind of does when you're touring a whole bunch. we got to celebrate the song going number one and releasing the album and having the video out, and out touring and now we're here in the big apple celebrating. >> you're sitting on a big bridge. does that scare you? >> you know, it kind of was.
9:34 am
it got a little dizzy up there i have to say. >> were you tethered in? >> for a while, yes i was. it was a lot of fun. >> i don't have a country hit, a voice anywhere near you but i was on the george washington bridge here in new york. there we go on the bridge, but you notice, i'm tethered. i got people with me. >> i saw it. that was wonderful. that was beautiful up there. >> you're taking part in an event to honor our troops. tell us about that. >> well, there's an event called the "thank you movement." folks can go to the, leave messages for soldiers and we'll send them to men and women at home and abroad, and we're going to launch it today, times square. 11:00. going to play some songs, and they get a free meal on veterans day, november 11th, everybody remember at appleby's. >> we'll link that information on our website >> thank you so much. >> you snuck up on me. wow. >> coming up next, your diet and
9:35 am
nutrition questions answered, including al's question, is ere such a terofs fngoo h ah of a fiber diet? we're going to get into that, right after this. ♪ won't you stand up, stand up, stand up ♪ ♪ won't you stand up, you girls and boys? ♪ [ male announcer ] our heroes. for their service and sacrifice, we will honor them always. this veterans day, all veterans and active duty military eat free at applebee's. stand up and share your thanks at we've done a good job caring for our mouths. that's why there's a rinse like crest pro-health multi-protection.
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♪ i'll send on s.o.s. to the world snapshot. "today's" "diet s.o.s." is brought to you by jenie-o turkey. look for a store near you. >> this morning on "joy's diet s.o.s." filling breakfast options for your kids. "today" nutritionist joy bauer is back to answer your questions. good morning, good to see you.. >> good morning. >> we've got joanna from oklahoma joins us veia skype. >> hi, i've paid attention to labels. what are natural flavors and are
9:40 am
they safe? >> natural flavors are flavor compounds that are chemically extracted from a natural source. it could be a plant, a seed, a vegetable, a fruit and a trained flavorist will manipulate the compounds to come up with an ideal taste that gets added to a processed food. scientists say they are completely and entirely safe to consume. then you have artificial flavors, think artificial cherry, lemon lime, mint, we're not talking about dyes or colors or artificial sweeteners, that's a totally separate category. these artificial flavors are synthetically crafted in a laboratory to mimic the exact same compounds as the natural flavors. so they, too, believe it or not, are safe to consume. so the bottom line really is, if you're looking at a seltzer with natural cherry flavor or candy with cherry flavor it's the same
9:41 am
compound and safe. the bigger issue is making sure the overall product is healthy to begin with. >> so thumbs up on it, even though when you say artificial you wince. >> it sounds creepy and scary but we're not talking about the artificial sweeteners or dyes or colors. this is just the flavoring. >> joanna thank you. laren is on the phone. good morning. what is your question? >> caller: good morning. hi, joy. when i travel i like to eat the pre-cut apple slices in a bag. my question is, what keeps them from turning brown and are they as safe and healthy a snack to eat? >> great question. the packaged apple slices contain calcium ascorbate, a fancy word for vitamin c and cass yum. the two nutrients help to keep the apples fresh and crisp and prevents them from browning after they're sliced. its he aa terrific snack option, perfectly safe. the only caveat is because the apples have been sliced and the barriers are exposed to the environment, they have to be refrigerated. if you pop them in your knapsack
9:42 am
or purse eat them within two hours. if you're up and about longer than that, my vote is to put in an uncut whole apple. >> is it better to chop up your own apple? >> it will turn brown quicker because it doesn't have the two nutrients to preserve it. as long as you eat it within two hours, otherwise you want to keep it in the fridge. >> larin thank you very much. we have an e-mail from natalie in illinois, "i typically consume double the amount of fiber recommended because i eat a lot of vegetables and high fiber wraps, cereals and bars, all know i don't have any symptom ok are gas issues i'm wondering if there's any risk to eating so much fiber." i thought fiber was good for you. >> it is great for you and as long as she doesn't have any problematic stomach issues, the more the merrier. it's great for your heart. it helps to move things along, so to speak so it keeps you regular. you just want to drink a lot of water so that you push it through your body. it tends to get stuck and that's what's going to cause the
9:43 am
distension and gasiness and if you're taking supplements, vitamins, minerals or certain medications you don't want to pop the pills together with a super high fiber meal because the fbier can interfe er caer e interfere with absorngs. >> michelle from kentucky writes "my 4-year-old son is not much of a breakfast eater. i want him to have something healthy and filling in the morning. any ideas on non-traditional breakfast foods that my picky eater might like to start the day?" so many parents can relate. >> i love this question. there are a lot of things. breakfast spaghetti >> what? >> make whole pete penne or macaroni, toss it with march in a rah. make a morning milkshake, it's yogurt, fresh ice kupz and skim milk, press the buttons and have fun, do an english muffin piece a i make banana sugar free ice cream, i'll throw that recipe on twitter or facebook after this,
9:44 am
and also you can do chips and humus or salsa, great whole grain tortillas on the markets, and if you dip it with hummus you get protein and fiber. >> that kid will be running out the door happy. >> i hope so. >> joy thank you very much. you're going to put that recipe on twitter. a lot of people will be looking for it. up next, bringing the beauty of the outdoors inside to create a beautiful fall table, right after this. (male ancr) jennie-o is hitting the road, traveling all across the country to win over people everywhere with the burger that's as lean as it is delicious. (woman) the flavor is fantastic. (man) that's turkey? this is amazing! it's juicy. (man #2) it's very surprising, the flavor is really good. (man #3) i think people will love it. (ancr) enjoy your burgers cooked thoroughly to 165 degrees. i gotta get some of these. it's time for a better burger. so get on board and make the switch. look for jennie-o at a store near you and join us at
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9:48 am
fall is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. now is the perfect time to get inspired by the outdoors, use your garden to create a seasonal and elegant scape. here to show us is james farmer, author of "a time to plant" and contributing editor for "southern living" magazine. good to see you. >> great to be here. >> nice fall vest. >> thank you. >> this is not just about making your garden look nice, this is weaving your garden and outdoor life throughout your indoor
9:49 am
life. >> gardens and table is not just food, it's decorating with the garden, making a centerpiece, where you have things like fruit and foliage and the flowers to make a wonderful fall display. >> you can take stuff outside and bring it inside to bring the jute doors in. >> things like dried hydrangea and rosehips and magnolia leaves. you have the green and the fuzzy brown back and fall foliage as well to use. >> you talk about the three fs. >> that's right. >> fruit, flowers and foliage. >> those are the three you need. if you can think of that formula that's your rhythm for any centerpiece. fall has wonderful fruit, flower and foalage. >> can you use the leaves fallen in your backyard? >> gather some leaves and for a pop of color use some things like leaves to go underneath your charger so as you're sitting there you see the wonderful foul surrounding your plate. >> one of the things a couple weeks ago we went apple picking
9:50 am
and probably about 80 pounds of apples we're never going to get through. >> one thing you can do is use apples to make a motive holder. you core the apple and we've used a taper and the taper you use in the apple. when you're through with them you can use them to make apple sauce or apple juice. >> place settings, you've got some interesting ceramic type plates. >> i wanted the plate to resemble the garden so what we've done is i've used a basket weave motif in the plates. you gather your vegetables and flowers from the garden in a basket and here it is represented again on the table. >> tell me about this. >> these are mixed nuts and one thing i love about rosemary, it is for remembrance. if you can take rosemary as you're grabbing some nuts to crack you smell and have a memorable time. >> that is fantastic. you've got a sweet potato souffle. >> that's right. >> you're using as a container -- >> that's a halved orange.
9:51 am
you eat with your eyes first. the combination of sweet potato and candied pecan and infiltrated with the orange zest. >> the orange actually flavors the sweet potato. >> gives it a little touch of the orange which is so perfect, visually as well as to our pala palate. >> what about a time to drink? >> okay. >> because our director got all excited first, this is not necessarily on alcoholic drink. >> it can be with just a splash it can become anything you want. >> what is this? >> an apple ginger sparkler. i've use some of the freshest apple tarts that you can find, some apple cider, cinnamon and candied ginger. take a sip. a little sparkling wine or if you want a splash of something else, you can make it an adult beverage. >> very nice, james farmer thank you. the book is "a time to plant." still to come, he's been nominated for a grammy 13 times, but he is going to meet his match when he's with kathie lee
9:52 am
and hoda, 50 cent is here. first this is "today" on nbc.
9:53 am
9:54 am
coming up with hoda and kathie lee, rapper 50 cent stops by. >> he's a pretty good author and smart businessman. >> and it's fitty cent, not fifthy. fifty. >> i only know because al just told us. plus fall fashion to hide your trouble spots. >> do you know how sad it is for you that i know more about that than you do? >> i know. >> and why are some men good at making mon but not good at saving? first your local news and qul. [ screaming ]
9:55 am
[ zapping ] there goes dwayne's car. oh, man. there goes dwayne's house. whoa! whoa! and there goes dwayne.
9:56 am
man, that thing does not like dwayne. [ male announcer ] state farm's got you covered. nice landing. it was. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. from 20 leading brands, including barista prima. it's the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute. way to brew. good morning, everybody. a massive bell is missing from a missing cathedral. they're hoping surveillance videos will show how the thieves ripped off the bell and how they managed to take it. they noticed the bell was missing before sunday's mass.
9:57 am
it was given to them way back in 1889. they put the old bell on display at the new cathedral in 1970. >> they were in shock because, you know, it's such a huge, historic item. >> copper thieves did hit a building that was about a block away. with copper selling at two bucks a pound, police are worried that thieves will sell it. a reward is being offered for its safe return. let's check in with christina loren to see how the weather is going. >> red flag warning in place. very dry conditions settle in. that means we have high fire danger. temperatures won't be all that warm today. still, not too bad. 73 in concord, 73 in fremont. red flag warning goes into place
9:58 am
tonight at 6:00 and lasts through 6:00 am friday morning. we'll get more improvement around here thursday, onshore flow, stuff we're actually used to. not this high fire danger. mike, hopefully, good people are out there on the roads. if they do see a fair, call it in. >> call chp using a headset. bay bridge, pretty good but slowing there from 580, recovering from an earlier incident. look at all that red northbound 880. jaled coming up past the coliseum because of a disabled vehicle. live look, we'll show you that the northbound direction up toward 16th. starting to move a little bit, jon, over the past few minutes. we'll see you back in half an hour. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at
9:59 am
captions paid for by nbc-universal television
10:00 am
hello, everybody. it's booze day tuesday. october 25th. delighted you're here with us. you can feel fall in the air now here. it's feeling crisp. >> i'm delighted i'm here, too. >> hoda is here and not in jail. we thought she would be carried off in chains. you basically ignored your jury summons. >> i didn't ignore it. i actually pushed -- if you get a jury summons and it says to postpone it you dial a number, you push a button. i kept doing that. one of them didn't come because i moved. >> you moved a year ago. >> whatever. here's the point. >> details, details. >> i went down to court because i did feel terrible. i just said i was sorry.
10:01 am
showing up in person is better than calling up saying, look, have a problem. it's better if you just show up. so i showed up. the woman looked at my thing and she said, houston, we have a problem. i'm like, oh, no. i'm so sorry. we were in seattle. i brought my travel documents. she gave me a new date and she said, we will see you on this date in january. >> when is that? >> some time in january. >> i'm putting in my vote right now to have bette midler sit with me that day. >> questions on facebook yesterday. one people wanted to know about the dress you were wearing yesterday. it was a hot ticket. >> it's a beautiful dress by david meister. we both wear a lot of his clothes. glad you liked it. >> i didn't know we would find them today. >> the favorite thing is called ba
10:02 am
baked by melissa. they are tiny mini cupcakes that at one point used -- oh, there's still one. >> there's actually three. >> anyway. it's a $25 package. packaged beautifully. they are delicious. they are like mini ho-hos but a thousand times better. >> great. $25. baked by melissa. >> we have sara back. nice to see you. you're wearing something cool. >> i'm wearing these for a cause. >> here is the deal, you guys. lindsay lohan is going to, we hear from sources, from tmz, to pose for "playboy." she is asking $1 million to pose. they offered her $750,000. what's going on there? >> i don't know. at first i thought it was a bruise, but i think it's hasty blush. i hope, i hope. >> this broke my heart yesterday. we've been talking about this young woman now for almost the four years we've been together. it's been a steady decline.
10:03 am
this just caps it off. this shows such desperation. i so want to take her home for a month and love her. just love her. teach her to value herself for the unique and precious human being that she is. this is not going to help. it might put money in her bank account, but it's not going to help ultimately with her to coming to understand why she is on this earth. >> a million dollar for a "playboy" shoot? >> we've already seen everything anyway? not that i have, but i hear she's been getting in and out of limos for a long time without -- >> yeah, yeah. >> there was another girl who was without something for a while. >> okay. >> you wanted to tell this story. >> i wasn't sure if i wanted to. here's this story. a woman was traveling from newark to dublin. in her luggage she packed a very personal item. >> we are going to call it a pmi, a personal massage item.
10:04 am
use your imagination. >> you know what that is. it's a lady thing. she gets to dublin, unzips her bag. she sees her personal -- >> her pmi. in it is a note that reads, "great your freak on, girl." someone from tsa scribbled on a note and put it in her luggage. thank you. >> the guys think that's hysterical. i'm horrified by it. i don't travel with such things, but it's such a violation of her privacy. >> how about girl blogged about it herself afterward. >> that was a mistake. she told the whole world. now her mother and daddy know. >> the tsa spokesman says they are only supposed to inspect bags and not leave notes. we told you about the germiest places you encounter. these are some you may not have bothered. something else to creep you out.
10:05 am
>> i don't know how any of us are walking around healthy. kimberly clark, makers of kleenex and other items. >> the gas pump. when you go to pump gas. >> never touch them. >> okay. when you go to mail a letter in a public mailbox. >> you've got to pull it down. >> and put the letter. that, icky. >> escalator rails. how about parking meters? >> atm buttons. i go straight to frank gifford. >> the crosswalk button. >> i know, i know. >> here's the thing. some what? you know what i mean? >> tammy goes up and does this. she's sycamore than anybody around here. candy. >> thanks. >> are we allowed -- this is proof once in a while she does touch something. >> oh!
10:06 am
>> she is our second child. >> she makes an exception to the rule once in a while. tammy, we are thrilled for you. >> tammy, we love you. >> you're going through a much better pregnancy this time. the end result of the last one is precious. i think it's a boy this time, just telling you. just saying. >> we are going to move on. we skipped this yesterday. it's important. the hottest spots in hollywood. over 40. this is again by "fitness" magazine. they chose jennifer aniston as the over 40. >> i think i agree with them. she doesn't look too skinny. she doesn't look too buffed up. she just looks beautiful. >> halle berry, j. lo, gwen stefani, courtney cox.
10:07 am
brad pitt, will smith came in second followed by hot hugh jackman. george clooney was next. tom hanks. >> really? i don't recall seeing him buffed up. he changes all the time for every role. >> he does change for every role. jon hamm on the bottom at 3%. the couples that are the most, sexiest couples are david and victoria beckham. >> that surprised me a little bit. >> cameron diaz and alex rodriguez before they split. they were second. at the bottom, kim kardashian and kris humphries. >> i don't know why. we'll have chris jenner here next week with a new book. we'll ask her. i think she learned to ignore anything negative or she would go crazy. >> how about sexy bodies to sexy shoes? >> yes. sachs. >> we picked our favorite.
10:08 am
>> this is the one hoda chose. it's very pretty. strappy and feminine. this is valentino who never makes a design mistake as far as i'm concerned. everybody voted and the winner was at $695. >> who can afford them? yours? >> i didn't know. i hope it's in my size. i hope they are feeling generous. >> are you serious? >> it won. you know why? >> tell me why. >> it's just a beautifully designed shoe. it's got enough of the lace to suggest maybe what's underneath your clothing. it's a peek of the toe. it's not about all shoe so the woman can shine in the shoe. >> look at you. >> that's what i think. >> they are your size. >> what? >> and they happen to match my dress. >> try them on. >> jerry always tries to stick them down. this is really my size? i will try it on.
10:09 am
>> while we are doing this, it is breast cancer awareness month. this month reba mcintyre has hot new cowboy kicks. sara is sporting them. they're pink. she pledged $20,000 for the susan g. komen group. they are cool, too. $79 at >> they are made for walking. they are $179 at dillards. echo, echo, echo. >> stereo, stereo. >> all righty. these are beautiful. what do you think, everybody. >> those look good. >> those are beautiful. >> they are a little big. >> remember what bobbie did last time to make her shoes fit? she stuck a thin max ipad in her shoe. it worked. she stuck it in her shoe so you don't slide around. it's such a smart idea. >> dr. schol's has them, too.
10:10 am
>> you go to the bathroom and get one and stick it in. it's genius. geus. >> you know what else is genius? is where it over here? the giant rubik's cube. it took 300 hours to do it. it combines lessons in geometry, algebra. >> this was 600 of them. they are all the cubes. you see it from the side. pretty cool. >> what are we going to do with this? somebody didn't think this through. >> okay. we are off to orlando soon, aren't we? >> yes. we'll be live at the wizardry world of harry potter. you can enter for a chance to see our broadcast and join in a weekend-long celebration of the harry potter film. air travel and hotel accommodations for five days and
10:11 am
four nights at universal orlando resort in florida. winners and guests will have access to a q&a session with film stars and film makers and autographed session with the cast and nighttime gala event. go to klg& for information. contest is friday october 28th. get there now. >> the contest is on friday october 28th. >> stereo. >> evidently no. >> cheers. >> this is a pumpkin martini. all right. up next, just got him here back with a new side kick peanut. it's all about controlled chaos. >> like our lives. >> later, sara has a spook-tacular time at the bronze zoo. >> a new book for kids about bullying. dull day in a ho hum world... [ sniffing ] ...something wonderful is as near as your nose. ♪
10:12 am
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with occasional irregularity, things your body doesn't use could be lingering in your system, causing discomfort. but activia has been shown in clinical studies to help with slow intestinal transit when consumed 3 times per day. 7 out of 10 doctors recommend activia. and the great taste is recommended by me! you may be thinking you've seen your fair share of idiots and dummies on this show, but ventriloquist jeff dunham is here. he has a paperback edition of his book "all by selves." and he brought along peanuts. >> good morning. >> thanks for having me. this is fantastic. i love this part of "the today" show. it's great. >> what do you love about it? >> i love the fact that you think it actually is the "today"
10:15 am
show. you're not the drunken stepchildren of the nbc family. >> we absolutely are. >> where is my pumpkin martini? i saw that? >> at least we wear two shoes. what happened to the other one? >> you lost your shoe. >> no. i found one. >> it's a joke. >> you're not a regular peanut. what are you? >> we don't know what he is. >> no. you've been with frank a long time. hoda, you know you and i, you go purple, you never go back. >> hoda's in love. hoda is in love. back off, barbie. >> barbie? fine. >> when you read about you, you're like the biggest-selling, i saw your dvd. >> right. >> you have a huge arena. >> and youtube, you have a
10:16 am
kazillion hits. >> they love all the characters. we've been going to australia, south africa, all over the united states. >> you know what i love about the dvd, he talks about from the time you were a little kid, this is all you wanted to do was have your hand up these guys and doing your thing. >> it was christmas time, i think. >> mom and dad with me under the tree. i love that photo. >> look how proud jeff's father is. >> what's beautiful about it, these are two parents that, regardless of what they thought of your hobby, they let you be you. god bless them for that. >> i was their only child. >> very sad. >> they could have suppressed this. >> look at my dad. for years i couldn't figure out why he had that expression on his face. >> i figured it out. look where the dummy's hand is. >> that's right. >> he's in all your pictures
10:17 am
through your yearbook, high school. >> this is junior high. see when i was a kid, i had to get a professional publicity photo so i went to take the school picture day and took the dummy. >> what did your friends think of that? >> it's my daughters. in high school yearbook every year is mixed in with a dummy. >> it's the saddest thing ever. >> who is laughing now? >> i guess. >> ka-ching. >> i don't know anything. >> you take these guys on the road. how many road shows do you do a year? >> we are doing about 130, 140 shows a year. they are big. i did almost 20 years of comedy clubs. >> you paid your dues. >> now it's with theaters and big arenas. the fans are awesome. they can follow me on twitter. >> they love you. do you do any females?
10:18 am
>> excuse me? >> do you mean do i have them in my act? i honestly tried. i was in a movie with steve carell. i have a dead terrorist, white trash trailer park character, an african-american character, i can think like those guys, but when it came to thinking like a woman, not a clue. >> you're dating a young beautiful one right now. very young. >> you don't know anything about that, do you? you and frank are very close in age, not really. >> oh, yeah, right. great to see you. all the best. >> the man is crazy. >> sara goes boo at the zoo. i'm just a bit of residue left behind by some mop. why you... nobody's taken a shine to me in a long time. phooey. i don't need anybody...but you! ♪ i believe in miracles
10:19 am
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10:21 am
and 2 for $5 fun size candy... she found savings beyond belief! "i heard she got it all at a kmart price!" there's smart, and there's kmart smart. time for our special series sara in the city where we send sara out in the big apple. >> sara got spooked at the wildlife conservation society at the bronx zoo. >> i decided to go a little wild for boo at the zoo. i even dressed up for the occasion. today i'm in the bronze to check out boo at the zoo.
10:22 am
let's see if i can make any wishes come true. every weekend in october, the bronze zoo invites kids and adults to celebrate halloween family activity. right in the middle of the 265 acres and more than 60,000 animals. my first stop, the halloween costume parade. it's a boo spectacular. not only did i lead the parade, but i met the most magical creatures. look at the turtles. they showed up just for the parade. and saw some super creative costumes. you are a beautiful little princess. i love your pink tiara. past the pea coction, we came on to our next adventures that was spookier, at least for me, in the hay ride.
10:23 am
>> there is a scarecrow coming up. duck. oh, my gosh. there's your web! don't tell everyone how scary it was, you guys. i waved my wand and made my way over to the haunted safari. there is an eyeball in a jar. >> welcome, everyone. >> scary mad scientists are saving animals. >> oh, my gosh. >> this is not a place for dresses and heels. >> kiss the princess. oh, thank you. >> this princess waited for the end of the day to get her face painted.
10:24 am
ta-da! >> with that i granted one more wish to a darling little girl dressed just like me. you could make a wish, anything in the world, what would you wish for? >> a puppy. >> that was pretty fun, guys. >> then it was time to say good-bye before this pretty princess turned into a pumpkin. >> nothing. >> i looked at the parents and said, and now your part begins. >> and they said no. >> we did go to the bronze zoo, but several zoos around the country have halloween events. i figured i should wear my tiara and wand until halloween. any wishes i could grant to you? >> we are the happiest bimbos you've ever seen. mostly hoda. we'll talk men and money. >> fashions to hide your flaws. irregularity is no big deal, l think twice.
10:25 am
it may be a sign that your digestive system could be working better. listen to this with occasional irregularity, things your body doesn't use could be lingering in your system, causing discomfort. but activia has been shown in clinical studies to help with slow intestinal transit when consumed 3 times per day. 7 out of 10 doctors recommend activia. and the great taste is recommended by me! you are exactly one of a kind... ( baby giggling ) we were made for each other for always...
10:26 am
good morning. i'm jon kelley. president obama visits california today. touching down in l.a. last night for the third time this year. the president made a quick stop at a local chicken and waffles joint, i'm guessing that's rosco's, before heading off to a
10:27 am
fund-raising event. later tonight, he will tape the jay leno show in the bay area. and then a fund-raiser featuring jack johnson at the w hotel. weather and traffic right after this break.
10:28 am
good tuesday morning to you. red flag warning in place, starting this evening at 6:00 pm, all the way through 6:00 am wednesday. low relative humidity, gusty winds and low temperatures in the forecast.
10:29 am
winds starting to pick up out of the north as we head through tonight. if you have any loose objects in the backyard, a good time to tie it down. 74 degrees in san jose and 76 in los gatos today. very dry, blustery conditions. we're expecting the heaviest winds tonight into tomorrow morning. and then very, very dry air wednesday into thursday. let's check your drive with mike. we'll finally give folks a break traveling in this part of the east bay, approaching the bay bridge. 580 has a lot of lag going on right now. slowing after you get there. they might have just cleared the lane. 880 at the bottom of your screen, still slow. looking much better after they cleared the disable vehicle at the coliseum. 80 looks good. check back in one half hour with the 11:00 news.
10:30 am
we are back on this booze day tuesday with "today's style" and how to hide your trouble spots. you know what we are talking about the muffin top over your jeans, flabby arms you try to cover up. >> we have some fall looks to help you hide your figure flaws. >> yes. we all have them except for jennifer aniston. >> we all have them despite the hollywood personal trainers. rec women have them. there are easy ways to fix it through fashion. i'm here to show you today. >> let's start with julie. julie has a problem with thicker ankles. this is our before shot of julie. you think the normal thing would be just to put pants on. >> right. she's got it wrong with the ankle straps drawing attention to her thicker ankles and her
10:31 am
helping line. i put her in leggings. a great bright color dress which is a fun take on fall. >> she looks great. >> never put the orange skirt with the green purse, but people say it's right to do it now. >> especially for fall. you can have fun for color. the hem line is age appropriate for her, lengthening her leg. this is from beyond the i scored everything for 70% off. you have to be a member. if you go on and put in the code "today" i've got all our viewers membership and a $10 shopping cart. >> that helps slim down the leg? >> actually being age appropriate for her. she is in her 40s, i believe. and just above the knee is very appropriate. >> thank you.
10:32 am
>> next up, jamie is complaining about a muffin top. >> we can all relate to that. >> what do you do to avoid that? >> come on out, jamie. >> so instead of putting her in pants or jeans that are too low rise and too tight up top i chose these classic land's end chino. they are in a trouser silhouette. very big for the season. really skims the hips and hits just below the waist. >> you put the belt on with it. that seems to attract attention to the waist line. >> we want to create this hour glass shape. i did half tucking which is a big trend for the season. it was started by a video game character. kanye west did it. >> it took off. >> it's a fun overall weekend in the country. >> we have sherry. she is upset with her calves.
10:33 am
what have you done to her? >> i found these great all-weather boots. they are actually just launched in the u.s. this sports style is made for women with wide calfs. they come in fun colors and prints and are $100 for viewers today putting in the code "today" in the website. love to tuck in the pants into boots for fall. up top i put her in a ballet one smooth u shaping cami. sucks everything in. great for fall. you have to have the right bra, too. >> lastly, richelle is worried about bad wings. >> yes. >> the arm issue. >> we disguised them with this great flowy top under $50 from t.j. maxx. it hits mid forearm so it showcases the wrists. dark jeans and puts elongate her
10:34 am
petite figure making her look taller. again, another bargain outfit from marshalls and t.j. maxx. great bargains. >> great job. thank you so much. >> up next from rapper to philanthropist to novelist. [ male announcer ] somewhere, there's a perfectly good lasagna being sent to the back of a freezer. and it's all because someone said "tacos."
10:35 am
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10:38 am
rapper and mogul curtis 50 cent jackson sold over 22 million albums worldwide. racked up a grammy and 31 grammy nominations. >> 13. >> 50 is going from platinum hits to the playground. that's the name of his first novel about the redemption of a teenage bully. we are so happy to see you. >> every time you come you have something fresh and new and you smell so good. >> you sure do. >> city is wearing city.
10:39 am
>> this is terrific. i think this book is designed for kids what age, 13, 14? that age group. >> young teens. >> kids who wouldn't think about picking up a book. why this book? >> it's different. when i present something it's different because of the energy and material i created in my music. a lot of times the kids that would actually be a part of being the problem are listening. when i offer it, they'll take the time to stop and read it. the scenarios in the book are written from the perspective of a child that is being a bully not dealing with the emotions properly. >> you had your son in mind? >> because my son is 15, he's only 15 right now, it's a relevant issue for me because of him. i wrote it because i wanted to do something about it. i have seen issues happening a long time ago. i started working on this book almost a year ago. >> but there would be critic
10:40 am
whose say the language is rough, there are situations that are rough, but that's the world you came from. >> right. >> you're just speaking truth, apparently. >> when kids are being bullied, what do you think pushes them to the point that they are doing the things they are doing to themselves? it's that aggressive. >> what do you hope kids take away from it. the main character is a kid named butterball. >> who has a weight problem. used to being teased himself. >> right. >> take us from there. >> he's not dealing with his emotions correctly throughout the project. there is a little bit of humor in it. the irony of it from the adult's perspective, you'll see the humor that's in it. for kids when they are going through that experience, they don't see the humor in it at all. >> they're in pain. >> were you a bully or were you bullied as a kid? >> i had more experiences where i was a part of the problem. where i was actually bullying. to know now from an adult's
10:41 am
perspective and be able to write things i can look back on those situations and say that was completely wrong, but i know what was motivating it now at that point. >> you had a tough upbringing. your mom, you lost your mom early on. she had been a drug dealer and you started dealing drugs when you were a little kid. >> 12. >> what was the one thing that turned your life around? >> my son. he's my motivation. >> marquis. >> i had to change everything. >> you loved something more than you loved yourself at that point. >> exactly. maybe god. >> can you imagine? come back when you meet her, too. >> who wants a date with 50? >> that's a tv show. >> that's what you do next. >> we love you. we are always so happy every time. say hello to marquis.
10:42 am
>> why your man doesn't t save forny d a [ male announcer ] oh, yeah. yum. that's good. you've always loved the taste of classic campbell's soups. well, guess what? we're just getting warmed up.
10:43 am
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in "today's money" is your man fiscally fit? the editor of "men's" magazine, turns out they have bad habits. >> jean chatzky is "today's" financial editor and contributor to "men's health." >> look at you two together. >> oh, boy. >> are motion m are most menu surveyed fiscally fit? >> half the guys out there don't even have a month of living expenses saved up. that's not including retirement.
10:47 am
that's just living expenses. >> what is the average age? >> 35, 36. >> that's not a child any more. >> why is that? >> it's a big problem. if you don't have savings and you need to come up with $1,500, what are you going to do? you're going to take out a pay day loan, pawn stuff and make really bad decisions. it's because they're overconfident. a 35-year-old guy is thinking, nothing can kuch me. >> it's like the quote, don't look back something might be gaining on you. they don't want to do the financial planning because they've got to look at the messy investments they made in the past. then they are just thinking, let me avoid that. they desperately need the financial planning. >> if you're a girlfriend or wife of someone like that, what is the best way to help them out? >> get them to make a good decision one time. then automate it so it happens again and again. this is why 401(k)s work. you get them to transfer $100
10:48 am
out of checking into saving as soon as the paycheck lands automatically. they never have to think about it again. if you can't see it and you can't touch it, you're not spending it. >> how much should you take out, if you can? >> 10%. but that includes your 401(k) contribution. >> it's just so hard. >> if you can't pay 10%, save something. just start someplace. then you'll start to feel, oh, my goodness, i have the savings account, i'm doing okay. >> how do men do with credit cards? >> the average debt is over $5,000. good news is in the survey, half the guys out there are paying off their credit card debt. >> monthly? >> yes. >> that surprises me. >> it seems a little bit high. >> are they telling the truth in the survey? >> you never know. >> if you're the guy with that $5,000 in debt, that's $1,000. you could save that $1,000 and
10:49 am
solve both problems. >> i was reading today in the business section they may start charging people to keep their money in a savings account? >> because banks aren't earning enough ton deposits. >> but they are sitting on all your cash, your money. >> i know. >> there is not carrying any risks. >> there are times it makes more sense to use a credit card than debit card if you're going to get hit with the fees and you pay off your credit card every month, why not. >> the bank that stops doing that and serves the people is going to do gangbuster business. >> there are small banks, there are credit unions. >> go shopping for a good bank. >> these spending habits, the credit card issues and not saving, how is that going to affect these guys long term? >> if you can't get in the habit of saving when you're young, you're going to be playing catch up in your 50s and 60s and you're never going to catch up. >> that leads to domestic abuse and all kinds of things.
10:50 am
>> and you're running out of money in retirement. >> desperation in your life. >> you could flip off a mountain top, have to care for a relative. >> a rainy day. >> great to see you. >> thank you. up next, sizzling young chef whose kitchen is itching with a bee.
10:51 am
10:52 am
10:53 am
in today's kitchen we are getting saucy with one spicy chef who is comfortable strutting her stuff in stilettos. >> she is host of nadia g.'s bitchin kitchen. >> you came to play with your sparkle. >> sure did. >> shake it, sister. >> what are you making today?
10:54 am
>> we are making a penne al forgno. lots of cheese and bake in the oven until the edges are nice and skris pcrispy. >> kathie, you're going to kill some tomatoes. don't be afraid to get your hands dirty. >> this is better than therapy. >> we've got garlic and onion i've been sauteing. it adds a ton of flavor to our mix. we are going to throw in ground beef. ground sirloin. throw it in there. >> all right. >> did you love cooking when you were a little girl? >> i did. i loved making a mess in the kitchen. >> who was the cook, your mom or your dad? >> definitely my mom. all the women in my family were amazing cooks.
10:55 am
kill this beef, as well. >> a lot of murdering. >> you're in murder mode. >> what you want is beefy crumbles, okay? >> that turns into this. >> it turns into this exactly. we are going to pour tomato sauce in there. >> the dead tomatoes. >> there we go. now it's time to spice it up. big pinch of hot chili. >> you can use less if you're a nerd. parsley. all right. that's brown sugar. >> what else? >> oregano in there, a bay leaf. a little bit of freshly cracked pepper. little bit of salt. >> i like this kind of cooking. >> it's so easy. look at this. >> you have a beautiful sauce when it's done a nice bolognese.
10:56 am
we'll mix in half the sauce. all right. this is a very important step. >> dump it in there. >> yes. just dump it in. mix that together. >> let me kill it. >> very important you do this with your pasta so it absorbs some of the flavor of the sauce. >> now what do we do? >> dump it in layers. >> let's get that in there. >> dump it. >> layer. >> layer. we'll put some mozzerella. put some parmesan. more of that. >> bake it. >> let's seat. >> sara, come on over here. back here. >> this is what it looks like over here. >> oh, that looks delicious. >> ladies, you want to taste that? >> i want the crispy kind. >> my family used to fight over the crispy corners. >> what is the chocolate? >> let's do it.
10:57 am
>> while we are talking. we'll see you tomorrow. >> delicious chocolate balls. peanuts in there. >> nice talking to you. >> come back tomorrow. >> nice talking to you. >> come back tomorrow. noo -- captions by vitac -- -- captions by vitac --
10:58 am
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