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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 10, 2012 7:00am-8:00am PST

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from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." good morning. looking live at san jose and it's going to be a little darker tomorrow. don forget to spring forward tonight. we'll talk more about that in just a few minutes. thanks for joining us this saturday morning. i'm kris sanchez along with the
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newest member of our weather team, anthony slaughter. >> good morning. >> we like to brag about our crew's credentials. tell us about yourself. >> i'm actually from boston, massachusetts. i'm far away from home. >> you'll find a lot of friendly faces around here. >> it's been awesome being here. the weather is great and mini microclimates all across the bay area i'm learning quickly. even this morning, you can see some of the microclimates out there, ten degree span of some of our temperatures, santa rosa at 36 degrees. meanwhile, milder at 47 here in san jose. we have a steady onshore flow and our systems are lined up. look at how many systems are headed our way this week alon we're talking about a wet dust those umbrellas off but today i don't think you'll need them. dry inland, san jose at 65, same for los gatos, over in the east bay into the trivalley, from livermore over to dublin. the north bay milder.
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san francisco hanging out at 58. >> it's good to have you çhere. rob mayeda is with us, of course, he's just sleeping in this morning. >> that's right. >> lazy bum. thank you very much. anthony. we start with developing news out of the east bay for you this morning. just moments ago crews put out a fire at two businesses. it happened at 790 jackson street in heyward. looking live at the pictures there where crews remain on the scene. the fire started at just about 6:00 this morning. crews took about an hour to put it out. the doughnut factory was damaged as well as a neighboring togo's restaurant. we're hearing that the roof of the togo's collapsed. there was heavy fire and smoke. we'll have the latest developments as they become available. a baffling mystery at the beach. today a friend of the missing man from san bruno will be back out in pacifica searching for him. joseph mchenry told friends he
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was headed out to pacifica tople ka overnight and do rock climbing. that was eight days ago. police found the former marine's car and some of his belongings but still have no clue as to where he is. >> reporter: detectives found joseph mchenry's car parked in this neighborhood near the sharp park golf course in pacifica. >> this is crazy. >> reporter: they served in the marine corps together in iraq and lived as roommates in san francisco for about a year. >> i don't know, i'm just deeply concerned. he's a great guy. he loves to go camping and things like that. i know for sure he loves to -- all that outdoor stuff. i just don't know what could have happened to him. >> reporter: investigators say mchenry told someone he was going rock climbing and camping overnight at a secluded beach in pacifica. >> i assume joseph's experienced with camping and all that. and figured he would know his way around the woods, too. he's been missing since the 2nd. >> reporter: police, sheriff's deputies and the u.s. coast guard searched the beach, the
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cliffs and the trails near where mchenry's car was park but they could not find him. >> hopefully he's still out there in an unknown location or something. he probably knows several really private spots out there, actually. >> reporter: the last time anyone saw mchenry was at his home in san bruno last week. >> i just hope that joseph gets found, i hope that everything is okay with him. i really want to see him again. >> reporter: george kityama, "today in the bay." joseph mchenry's friend says he is heading to pacifica himself to search as well. police are searching for a man who snatched an iphone from a 15-year-old girl and allegedly tried to sexually assault her. san ramon police say the attack happened before 3:00 yesterday afternoon near the west side drive. the suspect approached the girl from behind on a trail leading up from the gateway center. he allegedly pointed a silver handgun at her and demanded the teenager's phone.
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the suspect pushed the girl to the ground and tried to sexually assault her. neighbors say news of this attack is very disturbing.ç >> to see or hear that type of activity happening around here. it's not very common. >> police went on to say that they believe that the victim believes that a passing car frightened the suspect away. he is described as a young man in his 20s wearing a blue shirt and blue jeans and very short hair at the time. if you have any information, you should call the san ramon police. san francisco police are trying to figure out what led to the deadly shooting of a 39-year-old man. it happened last night near 23rd and shotwell streets in the mission district. someone called 911 just before 7:30 in the evening. when officers arrived, they found the man shot inside his car. the victim was rushed to san francisco general hospital where he died. no information yet about a suspect. embers from a cigarette may be to blame for massive fire in mountain view that nearly
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destroyed an apartment complex and cost $2 million in damage. the four alarm fire displaced more than 20 families from their homes on dana avenue on february 27th. the fire department traced the blaze to a lit cigar or cigarette. two firefighters suffered minor injuries, though no residents were injured. about 26 apartments are no longer in livable conditions. oakland police are searching for a masked man who walked into a cvs store at the rockwood shopping center. there is surveillance pictures from the man inside the store. police say he walked in just before opening and demanded to see the manager. the s.w.a.t. team responded but found the suspect got out before they even arrived. police say he may have been armed but didn't steal anything though they're not saying what he was demanding. nation of islam leader louis farrakhan is in town. he's no stranger to controversy and some of that controversy will likely greet him this
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morning on the cal campus. he is a keynote speaker at cal's south african black coalition conference. the 78-year-old will address the students this morning. his visit to berkeley is drawing a lot of criticism from students, many of them are signing an online petition expressing their concerns. >> he rants about the fact that jews are satanic. he rants about the fact that h 0. mosexuals do not deserve to be accepted in the king dom of heaven. >> we don't appreciate the insults to our ill -- intelligence. >> how the black student union stands by its decision to invite farrakhan. every seat in wheeler auditorium is expected to be filled. much more ahead on "today in the bay." still to come -- >> get out of my way! >> that is the voice of a flight attendant who went on a tirade at takeoff. see the anxious moments that
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forced an american airlines flight to turn around and go back to the gate and what might have been the reason behind it. plus, it may be worth the ç trip. anle hewatcigrs whale watchers will want to see in the bay area this weekend. we'll show you where.
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this is "today in the bay." looking live at sunol. we'll hear from anthony slaughter with his forecast in just a bit. passengers on board an american airlines flight experienced a tense and turbulent ride even before the plane left the tarmac. behind the mayhem was an out of control flight attendant whose tirade was caught on video. >> get out of my way! >> flight 2332 was about to depart from the dallas-ft. worth airport yesterday morning when a passenger says a flight attendant started to make
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remarks over the p.a. system. several said the airline worker kplind she hadn't takenç her medication for her mental illness. fellow crew members and passengers helped subdue the woman while the pilot returned the plane to the gate. flight did eventually depart for chicago where passengers arrived several hours later still baffled. >> it was almost like someone got ahold of the p.a. and was just speaking irrationally. >> it was almost like she was talking and didn't realize the p.a. was on. so we thought, maybe she's just talking to someone in the back but no one was responding. then when she said crash twice we knew something was wrong. >> american airlines isn't saying much about the incident except that the flight attendant is receiving proper care. she has not been charged. a knife-wielding attacker is on the loose after shooting a sheriff's deputy and stabbing a judge inside a washington state courthouse. michael thomas entered the gray's harbor county courthouse with a knife and immediately
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stabbed a female deputy. a judge tried to intervene and was stabbed in the neck and stomach. the deputy then tried to save the judge. >> the deputy at that point attempted to pull her weapon. the suspect turned on her again. and was able to knock her to the floor, taking the weapon and discharging it twice, striking deputy in the shoulder with one round. >> both the deputy and judge are recovering this morning. the courthouse has no metal detectors and the suspect remains at large. another hurdle to clear before construction can begin on the new 49ers stadium in santa clara. on tuesday, the city council and stadium authority will be asked to approve a final development budget and financing plan. approval is required for the close of escrow on that financing that will allow construction of the stadium to start as early as this summer. the stadium authority says it's projected debt for construction is now $785 million, which is about $65 million less than expected.
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much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, a rare close-up look at some of the most magnificent creatures in the ocean. we'll show you where you might be able to catch the hottest spectacle in the bay this weekend. this morning we're mawakingp to areas of patchy fog. temperatures are cold. get ready for some rain. we're talking pcoupmi ngstfothi. 'll break it all down for you, coming up after the break. sweetheart. we need to talk.
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hawaii last night. a very strong system that's been hanging out overhead and it brought some super cells to hawaii. they looked at hail and even saw a tornado touch down. yes, in hawaii. believe it or not. very unusual for this time of year. but not to worry, that system is not headed our way. we are not looking at anything like that in the coming days. but we are looking at some rain, just not severe weather. you can see we have our clouds in place this morning. just a few clouds, even some of us seeing sunshine. the clouds draped across northern and central california. these clouds will continue to offer in, well, just some patchy fog at least for the time being. and eventually we'll turn over to see something sunshine. tomorrow, here's our next system. this is actually going to bring us a few rain showers as we head through the day tomorrow. today will be a dry day for many of us and temperatures, again, very cold. 36 in santa rosa, 47 in san jose. san francisco at 47 as well. here are your weather headlines
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for today. we're looking at a few patches of morning fog and eventuallyç we'll see more sunshine as we head through the afternoon hours. only place that has to worry about rain today, the north bay. you may see a few patches of light showers, only about a tenth of an inch if it happens. tomorrow the rain becomes more widespread for all of us. maybe a tenth to a quarter inch more than we've seen in the past rainfalls. here the system is hanging offshore. eventually it will slide this way as we head through the day today. one cold front as i mentioned is dying out and washing away. that will move away as we head through the day, making way for this next system. yes, we're talking about cool temperatures. in fact, yesterday some of us got back into the 70s, even the 60s across san francisco. not tomorrow. we'll be looking at 50s and 60s. this upcoming week we're talking about rain, rain, rain. dust those umbrellas off. 65 in san jose later on today, again, with sunshine, same for los gatos, 63 in palo alto.
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east bay, similar numbers. a little cooler as you work your way from the peninsula up towards the north bay. you'll be looking at 57. 64 in santa rosa later on this afternoon. again, a spotty shower is possible in wine country but that's really the only place we're looking at showers. it does become wet on your three-day forecast. you notice the temperatures go down. we're back to 61 for your daytime high tomorrow. we're back in the mid-50s as we head toward the coastal areas. enjoy today. we will see sunshine, especially from san francisco down to san jose. if you live in the north bay, heads up. you may see a spot shower later on today. everyone gets wet as we head towards the upcoming week. rain in the forecast every single day. it doesn't look like it will be a complete washout even though it looks more impressive on the maps. wednesday, thursday and friday is where we see the bulk of precipitation move through. >> we like to see rain in any form this time of year.
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it's when we need it. >> we definitely need it. >> thank you very much, anthony. it is that time of year again. you'll need to set your clocks ahead an hour for daylight saving time before you go to sleep tonight. you will pay dearly for that, being new to this shift. it officially begins at 2:00 sunday morning. for some people, the change is not easy. studies have shown an increase in traffic and workplace accidents on the monday after the switch to daylight saving time. experts say that's because the most difficult clock to reset is the one that's inside all of us. >> it's not just that you get tired but in fact the rest of your hormones are altered, your metabolism is altered. it's really not just a brain phenomena. it's really entire body phenomena. >> researchers say morning people adapt to this change this time of year better than so-called night owls. i wake up at 2:30. i'm going to pay dearly for that one. the bay area waters have special visitors this morning.
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a gray whale and her calf are passing through the san francisco bay on their wayç to alaska. "today in the bay's" jean elle has more on what the coast guard is doing to protect those massive animals. >> reporter: whale watchers spent the evening scanning the bay from shore in san francisco, looking for what nbc's chopper caught a glimpse of friday, a gray whale hanging out around alcatraz. >> there's this whole other world underneath the surface here. >> reporter: shelly cook never saw the spout but wind surfer steve bodner had a close encounter. >> it's a smelly creature, full of barnicles but it's cool. you don't see them often. it's a special treat. >> reporter: he got close but knows to give the whale some space. >> just stop and not make any sudden movements and let them go about their way. >> reporter: scientists say the gray whale has a calf with her, heading up to alaska but swam into the bay wednesday. as word spread, some boaters are moving in for a closer look. the coast guard is now advising
7:21 am
mariners to keep their distance. crew members are ready to enforce the marine mammal protection act. >> if we get word that someone is out there harassing the whale or within that 50-yard zone, then we will go out there and we will enforce. >> reporter: mike warner is hoping to a glimpse from shore. >> it's such a majestic animal. it's huge. it also has a calf with it. so that's pretty cool. >> reporter: he'll probably have lots of company along the marina green this weekend. >> if they're still here i'll be out peeking all weekend. i'm going to take a look. >> reporter: jean elle, "today in the bay." the coast guard says getting too close to the whale or harassing it can lead to a maximum fine of $20,000 and even arrest. we don't know their names but we do know what they did. and now they are international heroes. someone posted this dolphin rescue on youtube. a video camera was pointed at the beach near rio de janeiro when about 20 dolphins swam up and beached themselves.
7:22 am
there's speculation they were caught in a strong current. tourists, some of them holding beer gots can be seen kicking off their sandals, wading into the water, helping the locals pull the dolphins back into deeper waters. once all the animals were off the sand an impromptu rescue team started cheering as well. that's amazing. much more ahead on "today in the bay." still to come, tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of devastating earthquake and tsunami in hoowo s how the country's rebuilding one year later.
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this is "today in the bay." people in japan are preparing to mark the first anniversary of the massive earthquake and tsunami that devastated the country's northeast coast. police are still searching for the bodies of missing people while those who survived are trying to rebuild their lives. nbc's ian williams travels to
7:25 am
the region to see how far they are marking their anniversary. >> reporter: good morning to you. all along this battered coast, communities devastated by last year's tsunami are remembering that terrible day with sadness. but also with a determination to rebuild their lives. entire towns were obliterated when the raging water swept in, following a 9.0 earthquake. 15,000 people are dead and 4,000 still missing. one year later, much of the mangled wreckage that littered the coast has been clear and former towns have become baron wastelands. most has been piled into vast mountains of debris, some of it feared toxic. that's equivalent to 19 years worth of trash in the worst affected area. more than 500,000 buildings were destroyed or damaged. there's still no real idea as to how to getç rid of it all or h
7:26 am
long that will take. while there's been plenty of talk, there's no real blueprint for rebuilding. thousands still live in temporary homes. there are signs of hope, though. we filmed with a group of seaweed farmers out harvesting for first time since the disaster wiped out most of the region's fishing fleet. they've been supported by the u.s. charity mercy corps. what there's no shortage of here is spirit. the people are resilient. and that is, perhaps, the most important asset as they look to the future. back to you. >> the affects of that massive quake and tsunami were so powerful, you might remember they were felt as far away as our coastline here. the tsunami traveled thousands of miles all the way to the santa cruz harbor where it ripped away boats and destroyed docks. the total damage, $17 million. as of now, only two of the 23 docks have been repaired. but the port director says the repairs have been slow for a very good reason.
7:27 am
>> we couldn't possibly put out a contract of that magnitude and disrupt the entire harbor all at one time. so we broke it up into smaller, more manageable pieces. >> the good news is that federal and state funds cover about 90% of the repair bill but all of the damage from the tsunami is not expected to be fixed until late next year. we wanted to invite you to watch our tsunami special "disaster in japan one year later." we hear from people who lived through the tragedy and talk about the lessons learn, plus the millions of tons of debris floating in our direction. join us tomorrow evening at 5:30. much more ahead on "today in the bay". rebuilding after the devastating san bruno blast in 2010. we're going to talk with one family about howne they are putting their lives back together.
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from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." good morning. taking a live look at a very post card picture-like view of transamerica there in san francisco. those clouds, though, they are the juicy kind. they're going to start raining down on us. that is the extent of my weather expertise. rob mayeda hopefully is sleeping this morning. we'll check your forecast with meteorologist anthony slaughter, the newest member of our team. we like to brag we have the best meteorologists in town. >> thank you. it's good to be here. i hail from boston, massachusetts by the way of st. louis. that was my last stop. so i'm a little ways away from home. >> we have a different kind of severe weather for you. >> hopefully nothing like the hawaiian islands saw just last night. here at home we're not talking about anything like that. it's cold, though, you'll want to grab a jacket. 44 in sunnyvale, 46 in san jose. we have a wet pattern ahead.
7:31 am
grab the umbrellas, keep them in the car, put them by the door. showers for tomorrow lasting through this upcoming week. today will be a dry day for manufacture us from the south bay over towards the east bay. we'll be looking at temperatures back in the lower and middle 60s. there is a chance for a spot shower as we head over towards napa. 58 in san francisco today. >> all right. we will wait for that rain then. we'll be ready for it. thank you very much, anthony. see you in just a bit. an update on a story we've been following all morning for you. we have new information where investigators are calling an early morning fire at several east bay businesses suspicious. this happened in the 700 block of jackson street in heyward just before 6:00 this morning. crews took about an hour to put out that fire. you can see, though, they remain on the scene even an hour and a half later.ç firefighters say it started at a plastering company behind a strip mall, then spread to the strip mall and damaged a payday
7:32 am
loans, a togo's sand witch shop and doughnut factory. there was heavy fire and smoke but fortunately no one was hurt. the fire was contained to the back of the strip mall. investigators, as we're showing you, remain on the scene. it is a type of community like many others in the bay area, family friendly, safe, filled with good schools and that's why this story is raising a lot of eyebrows. an attempted robbery and sexual assault of a 15-year-old girl. the trail attack happened in san ramon. "today in the bay's" cheryl hurd was there and tells us what happened. >> i'm startled because the street is usually quiet. >> reporter: that may have been what prompted a young man to rob and try to sexually assault the 15-year-old girl in san ramon. >> not surprised i guess, because it's often times that i run and don't really run into anybody at all. i need to be more careful. >> reporter: san ramon police say the attack happened just before 3:00 friday afternoon
7:33 am
near westside drive. the suspect approached the girl from behind on a trail leading up from gateway center. he allegedly pointed a silver handgun at her and demanded the teenager's iphone. >> very unsettling to see or hear that type of activity happening around here. it's not very common. >> reporter: police say the victim was pushed to the ground and the suspect attempted to sexually assault her. the victim told investigators a passing car might have frightened the suspect who ran away. those who use the trail in the neighborhood say they will be on the lookout. >> from tomorrow i'm going to be changing my route. so yes, it's a little scary. >> everybody walks around like this nowadays. you know? people see that and you're distracted so you're not paying attention. you become a target. you have to keep your head on a sbifl at all times. >> that was cheryl hurd reporting. police are looking for a young man in his 20s with very short cropped hair. at the time of the attack the victim says he was wearing a
7:34 am
lyle blue shirt and dark blue jeans. eight days now and still no sign of a san bruno man who disappeared while rock climbing on a pacifica beach. 27-year-old joseph mchenry was last seen on march 2nd at his home in san bruno. he told friends he was going rock climbing and camping overnight at a secluded beach. police, sheriff's deputies and the u.s. coast guard have searched the area but have not found him. detectives did find mchenry's car parked in a neighborhood near the sharp park golf course. >> i'm deeply concern. he's a great guy. he loves to go camping and things like that. i know for sure he loves all that outdoors stuff. i just don't know what could have happened to him. >> that friend says he will head to pacifica today to help search for his friend as well. occupy wall street is running out of çcash. a finance report shows that occupy wall street in new york city is getting low on money. the group that brought the nationwide movement against economic inequality six months ago had about $45,000 left in
7:35 am
its main account. weekly donations plummeted to about $1,600. supporters say it could just be weeks before the group runs out of money altogether. the republican presidential nominating slugfest continues this morning. caucus voters in kansas and wyoming will voice their preferences later today. and then next week they're off to the south with primaries next tuesday in mississippi and alabama. so far, mitt romney is still the gop front-runner. many people simply left. left behind the destruction and horrible memories but others are moving back looking to renew their faith in the san bruno neighborhood that was destroyed by the pg & e gas line explosion. as "today in the bay's" monte francis reports this weekend, many of them are coming home. >> reporter: there are signs this san bruno neighborhood is slowly coming back to life, but there are also reminders of what happened here just 18 month ago. >> opened the door and, man,
7:36 am
what a blast. it was super hot. >> reporter: 74-year-old bob hensel survived the blast but his home was one of 38 destroyed by the massive ball of fire. hensel and his wife, nancy, have rebuilt in the same spot. after almost 40 years they say it's still home, even though right now it might not feel that way. >> i get in touch with some of the other neighbors. they're going through the same thing. we didn't lose family. that's the best part. >> we try to control the things that you can and there's just some things you have no control over. we're both getting older. maybe we take a different look on life because of to. >> reporter: the hensels say filling a new house with new things isn't an easy task. they decided to stay because their children and grandchildren live close by. and while the memory of the blast is still vivid, the hensels say they're looking forward to making new memories in a new home. >> my son and son-in-law and a
7:37 am
grandson all have birthdays in march. so we're going to have dinner up here on the 17th on the floor. >> reporter: pg & e promised to never again rebuild a gas pipeline through this neighborhood and that promise was a condition for many of these families to return. talks are still under way between pg & e and the city of san bruno to provide restitution for the families. in san bruno, monte francis, nbc bay area news. we still have more ahead for you on "today in the bay." coming up, if you have a lucky streak and patience, you might want to try this out. panning for gold. we'll tell you why now is the time to do it.ç ♪
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this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. looking live at san jose. you can see the clouds overhead. they are going to bring rain not just for tomorrow but on into
7:40 am
the workweek. it may feel like winter after all. if you're thirsty for gold, start panning now. the gold rush -- it is gold rush weather. "today in the bay" is near folsom lake with more on this mini gold rush. >> reporter: jason smith says look around on any area waterway and it is clear, gold panning is exploding in popularity. >> it's like a war zone, craters everywhere across the ground from people digging holes. >> reporter: the loner of auburn's pioneer mining supply store says the gold price hovering near $1,700 an ounce are one reason for an ç unseasonably high gold panners hitting foot hill rivers. >> you can go down to the river and make better than minimum wage. >> reporter: the weather, this year's dry, warm winter also playing a big role. >> yes, that's totally it and everyone is taking advantage of it. >> reporter: the far drier than normal winter is exposing potential pockets of gold.
7:41 am
>> see rocks you've never been able to see before. >> big difference. riverbanks today as the river bottoms for quite a few years. the rivers are all so low. >> reporter: given that fact if conditions continue to get drier, gold panners say this mini gold panning rush will only get bigger. >> really busy. you have to fight for a spot. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. we still have more ahead for you on "today in the bay." coming up, daylight saving time returns thisenweekd. why researchers say you might want to be extra careful this week because of that time change. and this morning, we're waking up to sunshine and some high, thin clouds working their way in. that's a cold front and awe of coldies of colde feaou h ydr hded your waweek.own your forecaststststt
7:42 am
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welcome back this morning. you're taking a live look over the golden gate bridge.
7:44 am
clouds in the area, even greyer bases on some of the clouds. low-level clouds mixed in high, thin clouds making their way through right now. it's all because of a cold front working its way in. not going to offer any rain today but that changes as we head towards the upcoming workweek. dust those umbrellas off. we are talking about a soaking week headed our way this upcoming week. again, today, we're not looking at any rain, just a few clouds in the wake of our next system. look at this video. this is from hawaii overnight. yesterday they had some very strong storms roll through. and one of them actually produced an ef-0 tornado and not to mention there was hail and strong winds. this is something you see out of tornado alley from st. louis or even kansas city, oklahoma, but this was in hawaii this time. very unusual for this time of year. speaking of unusual, where's the rain? we have been so dry across the bay area this winter but that is all about to change. you can see the cold front as
7:45 am
you saw outside from space right now. just making its way through, a few high clouds mixing in with it. temperatures are cold, 36 in santa rosa, 47 in san francisco. sunnyvale, you're at 42. santa cruz at 42 as well. the weather headlines, you'll notice rain, rain, rain. we're talking about showers. really once we get towards the evening hours today into tomorrow we're just basically going to be repeating the same thing. today will be a dry day. we see peeks of sun. there's the first system on our surface map, cold front, it's continue to be wash out. it won affect us as far as rainfall amounts go. this is the next system. this one will bring us rain tomorrow and quite a bit of it. we are actually talking about the potential that some locations will see up to a quarter inch in the north bay. as we work our way towards this upcoming week, we're basically talking about the same thing as i mentioned, rain, rain, rain. it all begins early tomorrow morning. in fact some of the first rain
7:46 am
drops will start to fall across the bay area around 6:00, 7:00 in the morning. they work their way from north from santa rosa and napa and shower through the rest of bay area. that ill, the first chance of rain we see tomorrow morning lasting through the day. monday, we'll start with sun. but you'll notice by 1:00 on monday, that rain returns. in fact, this is going to be more of a spotty shower activity. as we head towards tuesday, again, that broken record, more rain in the forecastç unfortunately. but again, we do need this, even tuesday morning heavier bands start to push in. as we head towards wednesday, thursday and friday, the heavy bands push in and this is really what we're expecting through tuesday. just about a tenth inch, a quarter inch in some locations. the bulk of precipitation will hold off until the latter half of this upcoming week. for today, we're dry, 63 in palo alto, 63 in walnut creek. dublin at 62 and off towards the peninsula and the coastal areas, cooler back into the 50s,
7:47 am
especially with that flow. dry today with a spot shower in the north bay. we are looking at wet condition as we head towards tomorrow. a few peeks of sun in the forecast for monday. that shower activity will be the main story this upcoming week. we've not had this much rain in quite some time. even since i've been here for the past couple of months. it's been very dry. now we're switching things up all because of slaughter. slaughter's in the house and he brings the rain, right? >> the slaughter system, right? >> that's how things work. >> it doesn't look like it's a particularly cold storm system. >> no. it's not going to be cold. it's coming from the southwest. it will bring in pacific moisture and that will be good for us. we're in the talking about snow at least right now. >> no. that's always good to know. if you're overlayered with your raincoat, you get overheated. extra soggy. thank you very much, anthony. don't forget we are going to lose an hour overnight of sleep because of daylight saving time. be careful, studies show that there is an increase in car accidents and work-related injuries in the week after the
7:48 am
change. doctor allison bruker has more on how to prepare for daylight saving time and why catching up on your sleep is so important. >> i don't look forward to it. >> reporter: many people don't. >> it takes a few days to adjust. >> reporter: that is the spring forward of clock that's happening with daylight saving. >> our own internal clock all of a sudden becomes misaligned with the new time. >> reporter: sleep specialist dr. elliott freedman says it takes about five days for our bodies to adjust. >> it does make a difference. >> reporter: so much so that studies have shown there's an increase in car accidents and work-related injuries in the week after the change. and the number of heart attacks and possibly suicides rise as well. >> we think this is probably secondary to the effects on sleep. >> reporter: in a new study co-authored by a penn state researcher shows this increased fatigue leads to massive productivity at work related to
7:49 am
cyb cyberloafing or searching for yourself while at work. >> it will send a signal to your brain and allow it to better adapt itself. >> reporter: and don't let this throw off your schedule. >> your body needs predictable sleep and wake time. >> reporter: not everyone is dreading the change. >> i'm glad we are jumping forward, because i'm going to appreciate it being lighter longer.ç >> reporter: and you'll have time to add exercise to your day which can also help ease the transition. >> we'll try that. more ahead on "today in the bay." see why dessert and a healthy portion of it is the key to melting away the pounds. but first here's mike inouye with a look at the weekend calendar. >> good morning. there's lots to do "today in the bay." march 11th, 2011, a tremendous earthquake and tsunami devastated northern japan. i'm told it's going to be ten years until we see what you can
7:50 am
truly call recovery. i'll be your emcee tonight and remind you one year after. a benefit concert for the children of japan. funds will go to two groups helping care for the hundreds of children in athat region. this is in mission, san jose in fremont starting at 6:00 p.m. helping orphans from northern japan earthquake over there. over here, kidfest. south bay, head over to morgan hill, locals will know where that used to be in cochran plaza. operation kid safe will also be there to help register your kids. best of all, a portion of entrant fees will benefit rebecca children's services. a family centered mental health services group. it's all for the kids. we said it. the super toy comic book and collectible show is on at the santa clara county fairgrounds. over 200 vendors selling new and
7:51 am
vintage items. hot wheels, g.i. joe, "star wars," you remember orl? billy d. williams. he'll be there. the empire beat hans solo to cloud city. make it a great one, "today in the bay."
7:52 am
7:53 am
this is "today in the bay." baby gray whales making history in the batters off baja, california. mexico's government says it registered a record number of whales, nearly 1,200 calves and 523 adults counted so far. the number of baby whales is nearly double the number they had last year. it's the highest it's been since 1996. mexico's government says that could be a sign that more food is available and water temperatures have improved. and that mexican government environmental policies are also helping. this next story may have you doing a double take. check it out. in spain, life-like dolls have
7:54 am
fooled police, customs officers and grandmas. they're called reborns. dolls made by hand to look as life-like as possible. and the faces are all realistic, too. police have smashed car windows to get at what they thought were abandoned babies to get in cars and grandmothers love them as well. they are now popular in britain and spain. he lost his mom but he found her lucky numbers and now he's going to get $500,000. california law degree officials say a man named arnelle sea discovered a list of his mother's favorite lottery numbers hidden under her bed since she died. he has been regularly playing the numbers. it paid off this wreak. he won big, nearly $550,000. cake for breakfast? could be a childhood dream come
7:55 am
true. or an adult dream come tree. researchers in tel aviv, israel said this eeps dieters curb cravings throughout the day. in the study, obese adults who ate dessert as part of their breakfast each morning lost more weight than counterparts who ate a localery low carb meal in the morning. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up we have rocco who is read for a forever home. very precious. we'll learn all about him and w him, coming uphat would best su him, coming .up and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at ♪ [ male announcer ] offering four distinct driving modes
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and lexus' dynamic handling, the next generation of lexus will not be contained. the all-new 2013 lexus gs. there's no going back. ♪ like congestion, runny nose, itchy nose and sneezing can hit you year-round, indoors or out. prescription nasonex is clinically proven to help relieve nasal allergy symptoms any time of year.
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[ female announcer ] infections of the nose and throat and slow wound healing may occur. do not use nasonex until your nose has healed from any sore, surgery or injury. eye problems, including glaucoma or cataracts may occur. have regular eye exams. nasonex can increase your risk of getting infections. avoid contact with infections like chicken pox or measles while using nasonex. side effects may include headache, viral infection, sore throat, nosebleeds, and coughing. nasonex is there for you, anytime of year. ask your doctor if nasonex is right for you. this is "today in the bay." this morning we're chuckling from our friends from pets in need, volunteer lisa simmons is here with rocco who is a pug. he has the puniest look on his face. you've got to love the pug. >> he has personality to spare. i know it's hard to tell from right now, but he's actually incredibly active. he could use some training, leash training.
7:58 am
gets along great with other dogs. he's only about 2. we do thinkç he's probably hou trained. >> okay. >> would be great for just about any family. >> and they're very bright, right? they're personable. people who are pug people are crazy about their pugs. >> absolutely. just spending time with him, i could certainly see how this would be a favorite breed. in fact, in shelters 25% of all dogs surrendered in shelters are pure breds. >> really? >> yes. >> he's one of them. >> he is. >> he's a nice looking sample of a pug as well. he seems much more quiet than you say he is usually. come on, rocco, do something. smile, rocco, smile. that's how i'm going to feel tomorrow morning after the time change. find out more about rocco or any of the other awesome pets in need of a home at thanks for coming in and visiting with us so early in the morning. i bet rocco will be gone by the end of the day.
7:59 am
thanks so much for making us a part of your morning. we have more news at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00 and all day long as news breaks at we'll see you back here at 5:00 tomorrow. >> say bye, rocco. (car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters.


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