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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 31, 2012 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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rob mayeda. we are seeing the clouds fill in to san jose right now with rain showing up offshore. 58 in san francisco. this could be close to the high temperatures we see today. we have warm air coming out of the south. and speaking of coming out of the south, look at the winds in oakland, southeast at 28. we are seeing gusts up to 30 miles per ur. near san jose right now and north of the golden gate, that's where the rain is. closer to the edge of the cold front, which is coming sweeping through the bay area midmorning. we'll see pockets of rain near san jose right now, which you can clearly see the rain lurking offshore. then there's a sharp break rigpe around mid-afternoon. we'll see the clearing and then more showers coming in. so with our futurecast here, by 8:00, that rain, which is starting in the north bay, sweeps across the bay area quickly. early afternoon we catch a brief break. more showers come in and we see a little more snow there near mount hamilton throughout the day. the hour-by-hour temperatures are turning cooler. cold air behind the cold front e is keeping our high temperatures in the upper 50s.
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close to 60. but i think you'll be surprised by how quickly the forecast changes come tomorrow, so the weekend is not a total washout, but this morning very stormy. we'll have a full look at the forecast coming up in a few minutes. thank you very much. the search for sierra lamar enters week three today. her family continuing to hold out hope she'll be found. they will hold an event in her honor today called the bring sierra home community peace march. it all starts at 11:30 this morning in morgan hill at the community center at monterey road and dunn avenue. parents are encouraged to bring their children. meantime, the search for the 15-year-old is now moving off road. investigators will be searching along the south coyote creek trail from cochran road to bernal road. george kiriama has the latest. >> reporter: as several hundred volunteers stream back into the command post, the family thanks them for sacrificing their personal time to look for their 15-year-old daughter sierra.
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>> it tells me that you are not giving up on sierra. it tells me that you're dedicated. >> reporter: two weeks after the teen vanished, spirits remain high among volunteer. they are confident they will find her and solve this mystery. >> nobody has backed down. and it is just truly amazing. i'm grateful. >> i think about her every day as if i knew her. >> reporter: it was the first time searching for lisa feldman and her daughter brooke. they joined three hours in a trek up a steep, muddy hill. >> trying to picture where she would be and i really want to find her and see where she's at. >> reporter: they feel at any given moment they could find a clue or maybe sierra herself. >> i know i would want people doing the same for me in the same situation. >> reporter: in the meantime, an empty handcuffs box and a couple used condoms are being tested as or at a crime lab. the family is waiting for a connection. >> we are hoping it will help with the case, help find sierra, but we are cautious and just
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waiting for the analysis from it. >> reporter: george kiriama, "today in the bay." >> at 11:30 today there's a balloon and walk at the downtown morgan hill community center. there are at least three new multimillionaires in america this morning. an illinois lottery official confirmed this morning three tickets have split the record $640 million mega millions jackpot. the winning ticket and numbers were sold in illinois, kansas and maryland. each ticket expected to be worth more than $213 million before taxes. now if you bought your ticket in california, don't throw it away just yet. you still may have a piece of the slice of the $640 million jackpot. here's a look at the winning numbers, they are 2, 4, 23, 38, 46 and the mega ball is 23. now, 29 tickets in california got 5 of the 6 numbers.
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five sold here in the bay area. lottery officials tell us the tickets were sold in san rafael, san francisco, fremont, sunnyvale and san jose. now word yet on which stores yet. attendants were busy last night as the mega millions players snapped up tickets. in san lo ren zoe the door was open and the line was around the block. many have until tuesday to realize their dreams. >> i had hopes and dreams of putting my daughter through the private school, buy myself a home and retire my mother. but next time, it will happen. >> again, 29 california tickets have five of the six winning numbers. how much money does that equal? on the website it says just under $228,000 a piece. not a bad payday. in other news this morning, parents, teachers and students are holding a march and rally this morning in union city to
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help new haven schools. they are marching to show support for measure h. a $180 parcel tax that will be on the june ballot. if this passes the measure will raise $3 million for the school district each year. supporters will march from james logan high school to union landing shopping center. it starts at 9:00 this morning. well, a man remains in serious condition and dozen of others are recovering after being sickened from a suspected carbon dioxide leak at a food processing plant in vallejo. it was a chaotic scene around 12:30 yesterday afternoon at gary deli specialty foods. 100 workers were suffering from nausea, dizziness and shortness of breath all consistent with carbon die yok side exposure. the plant says they have never had a problem like this before. >> i have a concern over the health and safety of our staff. and in 25 years we haven't had
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an evacuation before. and we did all the proper precautions. >> the solano health environmental department is investigating. osha says there are no previous violations at the plant. the remains of two teenager girls were abandoned from the well linked to speed killers. the remains were identified as 19-year-old kimberly billy who went missing in 1984. and 16-year-old joanne hobson who vanished in 1985. forensic experts have yet to identify a third body uncovered from the well in lyndon last month. death row inmates wesley shermantine is the surviving member of the speed freak duo linked to a 15-year killing spree. the search at the well was prompted at shermantine gave
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maps to the police in exchange for $33,000. the search now extends to dubai, possibly india. the fbi is working with u.s. marshalls to track down 25-year-old pawanjut singh. he is wanted in connection of the hit-and-run death of jennifer flores saturday. the woman was inside singh's suv before being thrown out and run over near mission college. we have learned singh boarded a plane to dubai the following day. authorities believe he may try to flee to india. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, first lady michelle obama waking up in the bay area this morning. we'll take you to the event that people paid thousands to attend. plus, credit cards compromised. important information for anyone scih a mastercard, visa or vis o over card. stay with us. er
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welcome back. good morning toyou. a live look at san francisco. overcast this morning. rob mayeda says the rain is expected to hit any minute if it hadn't already there. it is 7:10. the first lady in the bay area this morning, michelle obama will be in alameda at 10:00 commissioning the coast guard cutter stratton in alameda. last night she was in san francisco raises money and reenergizing supporters at a top-dollar fund-raiser. "today in the bay's" jean elle has more on this private event. >> reporter: michelle obama's motorcade leaves the academy of golden sciences in golden gate park after a top-dollar fund-raiser. >> really inspirational. >> reporter: katherine kovash is an obama campaign volunteer. >> i changed from registration from republican to democrat to vote for him in the primary. >> reporter: hearing mrs. obama talk about the future of the country renewed her spirit.
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>> the change we voted for is really -- we have to make it happen. we are being asked to be participants in the process. >> reporter: for many supporters participating means donating. the price of admission to meet the first lady ranges from $1,000 to $35,000. the seventh expected to raise over a million dollars for the obama campaign, but the cash did come with criticism. >> i have a 3 1/2-year-old daughter and i'm looking for work and looking for the next great thing. >> reporter: as our economy hit sandy manela hard. she's hoping the future will be brighter. >> i wish president obama would stop talking about drilling so much and focus on renewables because that's the future in my mind, but he has made way more of a commitment to that than anybody else. >> reporter: fans of michelle obama hope they'll take her feedback back to the white house. >> later today she'll travel to
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los angeles for nick localan's big choice awards presenting the award to taylor swift for her work with tornado and flood survivors. a few changes are in the works if you have a mastercard, visa or discover credit card. you may want to play closer attention to your next statement. a federal investigation is underway into a hacking attack that the target was not the credit card companies but the corporation that processes the credit card payments for stores. nbc news reports as many as 2 million consumers may have been exposed. a few changes are in the works for phone numbers in the south bay. first, anyone dialing from the 408 will soon have to include the area code for every call, even if they are just calling down the street. callers are encouraged to use the so-called 10-digit dialing april 21st but it won't be required until october. a month later anyone in the
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county can request new service or will be assigned a 669 area code. this will insure a new amount of phone numbers the to new residents. the tunnel bridge opens today. we'll tell you where you can see this architectural feat. and good morning to you. boy, that picture looks like stormwatch, doesn't it? look at the rain approaching san francisco right now. already spilling into the north bay, gusty winds, heavy rain for the morning with a chance of thunder this ha'll veoon. we'll have it all in the forecast when we come right back. hey guys, breakfast!
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welcome back. here's what's downtown oakland right now. 7:15. we'll check in with rob who says to get ready for the rain. get the umbrella out. a top story this morning, the biggest mega millions drawing in history.
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$640 million. the five winning numbers were 2, 4, 23, 38, 46. and the mega ball, 23. now a spokesperson for the illinois lottery says there are three winning tickets. they were purchased in illinois, kansas and maryland. each winning ticket is expected to be worth more than $213 million. that is before taxes. meantime, 29 tickets sold in california got five of the six members or numbers, not bad. five sold here in the bay area. lottery officials tell us the tickets were sold in san rafael, san francisco, fremont, sunnyvale and san jose. now according to the california lottery website, matching five numbers pays close to $228,000. can you imagine? i can. let's check the soon-to-be raining forecast with rob mayeda. >> we are watching winning the lotto in terms of all types of weather around the bay area. a lot of it is coming north of the golden gate, that we'll show you in a moment. first of all, temperatures are
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pretty mild with most places waking to the upper 50s to lower 60s. the winds are gusting with a southeast wind at 28 miles an hour. and even san jose seeing strong southeast winds, so it is shifting around the flight path at san jose airport with flights heading off to the south with the strong wind picking up through santa clara valley. we have a very rainy start to the forecast today and gusty winds, but by midday we'll get some sunshine mixed with scattered showers, maybe a slight chance of isolated thunder. the wind is a big story on the coast. the wind-pushed waves have breakers coming in at 20 feet. watch out for that this weekend. right now the radar really starting to fill in here across the north bay from sonoma county down to marin county right in there towards mill valley. you're starting to see the rain coming down. it is crossing into san francisco very shortly. is south bay will eventually pick up mid-morning. watch how quickly the line is moving through. this is a fast-moving system, so it is really a tale of two weather stories. rain and wind for the morning,
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changing over to scattered showers. we have gusty winds picking up out of the south. then we have unsettled weather with popcorn more like clouds offshore. that's the cool unsettled air sweeping through the bay area. this morning looks rainy and windy. then this afternoon a bit of sun, don't let your guard down. we'll see showers and windy conditions throughout the day. as you can see here hour by hour, the main rain event now through lunchtime for the afternoon, some breaks for some sun, but then here comes scattered showers into the evening. cooler temperatures. also supporting snow here at 4,000 feet. then getting in towards tomorrow morning we'll see showers start to shut down. the rainfall totals should be high near the north bay hills. generally a half inch to less than that near the santa clara valley, but this is great news for the sierra. as we continue to see the late-season snow, two to three feet. a tough ride up to interstate 80 and near highway 50. tomorrow should be pretty easy. snow showers at times for your sunday. so today we are probably seeing
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the high temperatures right now with areas close to 60 this morning. as the rain comes in and the cooler air sweeps in this afternoon, even with the sunshine, we'll be mostly in the upper 50s today. out around san francisco, 57 degrees. as we watch the rain fly to kickoff the weekend, tomorrow we'll see clearing. that's not an april fool's joke either. we'll see showers finish off the weekend. we'll take you to monday and tuesday, the warmest days of the week. the first week of april, you can call them april showers. the latest season rain and sierra snow is good news. but it is getting close for home games here with baseball, so hopefully the pattern starts to shift as we get closer to next weekend, but really today, stormy today and tomorrow much nicer with a finish to the weekend. >> rob, it is not a great day for an outdoor run? >> well, you can probably do it, but pr be prepared to get blown around a bit. okay. thank you. an early rainy season is causing major problems in haiti. five adults and a little boy
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were killed bay mud slide triggered by heavy rain. flooding has forced many families out of their homes. the city of port-au-prince has been soaked for two weeks straight. the rainy season in haiti traditionally begins in april. the world's highest and longest tunnel-to-tunnel bridge is said to open today in central china. the bridge connects two tunnels and is 3,858 feet long. and 1100 feet high. wow, take a look at that. it has almost 2,000 lights and will cut drive times from one mountain to another from 13 minutes to one minute. well, will you turn off your lights? tonight the world most iconic landmarks go dark in honor of earth hour. the goal is to raise awareness of climate changes and some of the landmarks dropping out the lights are here in the bay area, including the bay bridge. other landmarks participating are the empire state building, the eiffel tower and the grand
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wall of china just to name a few. a hundred million people around the world will also take part in earth hour. it is from 8:30 to 9:30 tonight. last year more than 5,000 cities and towns and 135 countries went dark. gardeners, listen up? some free fertilizer to help grow healthy organic gardens. today is the great compost giveaway. the compost company is offering up to 5,000 of free mixed compost to people in san francisco while supplies last. bring your own bucket. the giveaway is at four locations. alemany farm, ferry plaza farmers market, mclaren n park and ocean beach parking lot from 8:00 to noon. ments. it is not easter sunday yet but that's not stopping the city from hosting the good old fashioned egg hunt today. it is oakland's easter egg hunt
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this afternoon complete with food, music and car value games and a little bit of rain. the easter bunny will also make an appearance. the event will be heat at the ira jenkins recreation center from 12:30 to 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. good, clean, family fun. much more ahead on "today in the bay," coming up -- women and guns. why more females from the bay area are spending a lot more ti. [ female announcer ] what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry
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welcome back at 7:24. women taking aim. recent spikes in home break-ins and the perception of growing violence has women preparing to aim and fire. local shooting ranges confirm they are seeing more females than ever before. "today in the bay's stephanie tron has our story. >> if they come after me, i will shoot them.
7:25 am
>> reporter: it began with a violent stabbing in west oakland. the victim? tamron arson. >> that jarred me. >> reporter: this time she decided to hit the range at target masters in milpitas. >> just for my personal safety so i don't feel like i have to become a victim somewhere. >> reporter: jane alexander moved out of west oakland for the same reason. >> i think criminals target someone they perceive as weaker, so if you can surprise them, you're in better shape. >> reporter: the word of increasing break-ins around the bay area has fueled their drive to pick up a gun. >> sometimes during the day they break in. >> reporter: gun ranges like target masters confirm there's been a spike in female shooters motivated by the fun of the sport and personal defense. this is trending across the country. in 2009 a study showed gun store
7:26 am
owners reported a 70% increase in female customers in recent years. 80% of them citing personal defense as their reason. and the latest fbi numbers show background checks shot up over 14% in 2010. >> every time someone tries to buy a firearm, a background check is automatically run. here in california last year, the background checks went up 11%, but the spike has caused some concern saying there's too great a responsibility, especially once you walk out the doors. >> i want to make sure that weapons that are kept in your house are kept safe and secure. and never in a spot where children or unintended people could get it, but also somewhere where you are not just going to grab it in the heat of the moment. >> reporter: the councilman is a former san jose wet veteran cop and a member of the national legal committee in charge of lobbies congress to adopt crime-fighting measures. >> being able to shoot a gun in
7:27 am
a sport doesn't mean you can defend yourself. i can't overemphasize the need for training, training, training. er. >> pervasive fear could be the catalyst for trigger-happy gun owners, more accidents and more guns in the wrong hands. but these women say nothing will get in the way between them and the best way they know how to protect their families. >> because, you know, just having the confidence is going to be that much, you know, more empowering. >> reporter: stephanie tron, nbc news. did you win? lottery officials announce overnight there are three winning tickets. we'll tell you where they were purchased. then the search for missing morgan hill teen sierra lamar continues. what investigators plan tototo a
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rise and shine, everybody. as the sun is doing this over sa sunol. you can see the traffic moving along 680. good morning, thank you for being with us at 7:30. i'm marla tellez in for kris sanchez. let's check the forecast with rob mayeda. we have sun and rain. just drive 20 minutes and you'll run into the rain. we are seeing the wind everywhere. oakland, 28 miles an hour. gusty winds in san jose. the north bay is rainy now from santa rosa down 101 to san rafael into san francisco. you're starting to see the rain there. also crossing the coast near pacifica and half-moon bay. east of sunol, not bad right now. that will change many the next hour as the fast-moving cold front sweeps through the bay area. you notice this moving through pretty quicy. we are talking rain for the morning. then midday we'll see things change around, so watch the futurecast very closely.
7:31 am
early afternoon,quhere's the break, but with that cool unsettled air sweeping throun, and daytime heating, that will keep the showers going. you may see an isolated shower or two. then the showers start to shut down overnight tonight taking us into tomorrow morning. our temperature today, even with the sunny breaks, we'll get them popping up for the afternoon. we are looking at the upper 50s to near 60 today. improving conditions in terms of rainfall. i think towards the evening tomorrow looks much better in terms of the weekend forecast. look at that coming up in a few minutes. thank you, rob. let's get right to the mega millions lottery. up for grabs, a record $640 million jackpot. here's a look at the winning numbers from last night's drawing. they are 2, 4, 23, 38 and 46. the mega ball is 23. three winning tickets were purchased in kansas, illinois and maryland. each ticket expected to be worth more than $213 million before taxes. in california 29 tickets got five of the six numbers. five of the tickets sold here in
7:32 am
the bay area. lottery officials tell us the tickets were sold in san rafael, san francisco, fremont, sunnyvale and san jose. here's a quick breakdown of how much the tickets are worth. if you match five numbers, your ticket is worth about $228. if you match four numbers and the mega number, you'll get $11,500. either way, i'll take it. "today in the bay's" cheryl hurd as more on the lotto main ya. mania. >> reporter: with five minutes to go the line at kavanaugh liquors was still out the door. >> two minutes! >> winner, winner chicken dinner. >> we are all tired. a long last couple of days. >> she was behind me. >> reporter: attendance was high among last-minute lotto players. >> i hope i can win the lottery
7:33 am
and help my daughter go to college. and i would help my family. i lost my job, i lost my house, i lost everything i had to be with my family, you know what i mean? if i win, i'll be lucky. >> i could not get here in time. the lines were too long. absolutely too long. >> they only gave me $40 worth and then it shut down. so security is right here. >> reporter: and if you win? >> where are we going? tell me, where are we going? >> i got you. >> reporter: for john molina, losing was no laughing matter. >> sorry. >> you are really sad, aren't you? >> yeah, because i want to win. i don't win anything. >> i had hopes and dreams of being able to put my daughter through private school, to buy myself a home and to retire my mother, but next time, it will happen. >> again, 29 california tickets
7:34 am
have five of the six winning numbers, but how much will they be? california lottery officials as we said say those are ability about $228,000. hundreds are expected to head to downtown morgan hill later on for a walk and balloon launch honoring missing teen sierra lamar. santa clara county investigators will be searching the old you toe coyote creek trail. several hundred volunteers searched the fields around morgan hill on friday. brooke citrino and her mother lisa feldman spent their day off helping with the search. they had never done anything like this before. >> i'm trying to picture exactly where she would be and just really trying to -- i really want to find her to see where she's at. >> reporter: sierra's family thanked all the volunteers for coming out. they are waiting to see whether an empty handcuff box and a couple used condoms found in the field on thursday have any connection to sierra's
7:35 am
disappearance. this morning's event includes a walk and balloon launch called the bring sierra home community peace march. this starts at 11:30 at the community center at monterey road and dunne avenue. parents are encouraged to bring their children. exactly one year ago today life for giants' fan brian stow changed. the former paramedic from santa cruz was brutally beaten and suffered severe brain trau that in trauma. he now uses a wheelchair and has trouble speaking. he has short-term memory los and needs around-the-clock care. they will join an estimated 250 people at the walk for thought event in san jose today. organizers hope to raise $50,000 for the brain injury association of california. if you're interested, the walk begins at 10:00 this morning at almaden lake park. in san francisco the tradition of free parking on sunday may soon be a thing of the past. the municipal transportation agency is proposing charging for
7:36 am
parking from noon until 6:00 p.m. on sundays to help shrink its budget deficit. in addition, more than 1,000 new meters would be installed across the city and the cost of parking tickets would go up $5. the extra money would help fund free muni rides for low-income youth and boost the amount the agency spends on maintaining its transit system by about $30 million a year. the mta has until may to vote on that proposal. much more ahead on "today in the bay," coming up, the massive dance party with a deadly past is coming to oakland tonight. suat promoters are doingakhr t in'redoes maked sure it doesn'enrat t aindyge secod time. se
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welcome back. a live look at the marina in alameda. off in the distance is the coast
7:39 am
guard cutter stratton. first lady michelle obama is here at 10:00 this morning to commission the coast guard cutter. it is 7:38 now. well, an explosion at a hotel in southern thailand today injured more than 15 people. the video was dramatic. this blast happened at the underground floor of the 33-story lee garden plaza hotel. the district is a popular shopping destination for tourists. around 200 guests and hotel staff were trapped on the fourth floor. people ran as smoke billowed from the hotel. others climbed out of the hotel windows as you just saw. officials are not sure if the explosion was an accident or caused by a bomb. and in fiji heavy rain flooding part of that pacific island nation. it's been raining since wednesday and more rain is expected over the next couple of days. three people have reportedly died. thousands of people evacuated their homes. tourists are also stranded at resorts because the runway at an airport is closed. oakland's oracle arena will
7:40 am
be the venue for a massive dance party tonight, but the event has a connection to another bay area party that ended in tragedy. "today in the bay's" joe risotto jr. is making sure history does not repeat. >> reporter: joseph prett goes to plenty of concerts and dance rties, not as a performer or deejay, but as an emergency medical responder. he'll be running medical operations as thousands fill oracle arena for a huge electronic music dance party. >> we are anticipating about pa,0 attendees and has a long history here in the bay area. >> reporter: but that history has a dark chapter. two years ago a dance party at the cal palace ended in the deaths of two people who overdosed on ecstasy. >> it is tragic in any rell vabt of entertainment when people come together to gather around in community and celebration and to enjoy music and to have a
7:41 am
good time when there's an unfortunate incident. >> reporter: the same pteteroro deejay workshop is putting on this event dubbed pop 2012. fred defends the company's record. >> skills productions has done over 200 events in their history. and with a total attendees of around 350,000 people. >> reporter: his workshop plans to have 40 medical personnel and three ambulances on hand. last year it threw a similar event at the arena without major issues. the oakland city councilman who sits on the joint association overseeing the arena says he believes concerns have been addressed. >> the police have to approve any of these events. the police department approved this event because they believe that all the necessary precautions are taken care of. >> reporter: the deaths at the palace led to unsuccessful legislation to ban raid-like events at state-owned property. the promoters of this week's
7:42 am
event will have plenty of securi onand as well as a new emergency texting service for attendees. >> we do a variety of events. >> reporter: fred says he and his staff will be ready to respond to just about anything with the hopes of nothing major too report. joe risotto jr., nbc bay area news. >> let's hope everybody stays safe and sound. up next, perfection and all black, all-male high school graduates the entire class and all are going to college. we'll have their inspiring story. and here's the view of san francisco. that picture really tells it all. we have gusty winds moving the flag around. and you have the rain blasting through the bay right now, eventually on its way to the south bay. we'll talk about your stormy start to saturday in the weekend forecast coming up. okay, so who ordered the cereal that can help lower cholesterol and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. that's yours. lower cholesterol. lower cholesterol. i'm yummy. lower cholesterol.
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i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste? honey nut cheerios. want whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios. it's a win win. good? [ crunching, sipping ] be happy. be healthy. can i try yours?
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good morning to you. we are watching a rapidly changing day around the bay area. here's a sample of the
7:45 am
microclients or micro-climates this morning. rain is coming in within the next hour or so, but the winds are picking up in the santa clara valley and san francisco with rain drops going sideways. gusty winds picking up downtown with winds up to 30 miles per hour. that's one part of the weather story this morning with some heavy rain now pushing into the north bay. we'll show you some of the wind speeds we are seeing around the bay area. notice the gusts around oakland, 28 miles per hour out of the southeast, gusty through the santa clara valley. these winds will continue to accelerate through midmorning as the cold front approaches and pushes through the bay area. this is a pretty fast moving system. we are already seeing some pretty good downpours as reported to us by the weather watchers in santa rosa this morning. south of the golden gate bridge you were in pretty steady rain. heading to the east bay now from richmond down to emoriville and oak lanst oakland, we have rain near the san bruno mountain as well. to the south near half-moon bay, you are seeing the rain, but notice this half, they are
7:46 am
missing out right now. the front will eventually add more lift to the moisture and give us rain in the south bay, probably midmorning, but right now this is a little bit of the last two hours. you can see how fast this is moving. the first half of the day will be rainy and windy. going throughout the afternoon, here's the transition that we'll see near lunchtime. changing over to sunshine, but some scattered showers, possibly some thunderer in the mix. so right now the futurecast is picking up that front pretty well. should be draped over the area by 9:00. by 1:00 it will move to the east. here comes the scattered showers. note the cooler air aloft warming below that could set us up for a slight chance for thunder and maybe hail with the heavier showers for the afternoon. then heading into the evening, showers decrease in intensity with the cold air. you may see a little bit of snow near mount hamilton later tonight. the rain totals with the system, high nest highest in the half bay with temperatures staying cool with a sunny break. highs near 60 for the south bay.
7:47 am
windy all day long. rainy start, showers to finish later on this afternoon near the trivalley. should see the numbers in the upper 50s and into the north bay, numbers in the mid to upper 60s today. a windy and very rainy start. we'll catch a break near lunchtime but then scattered showers with a slight risk of a thundershower tomorrow. notice tomorrow it will be breezy but much dryer for your sunday. and a nice day, monday into tuesday, then april showers come our way for the middle part of the week and maybe some more showers approaching next weekend. the story of this weekend for your outdoor plans, tomorrow looks great. today, especially this morning, not so much. eventually sunol will get the rain in the next hour or two. >> april showers bring may flowers. >> there could be plenty this year. thank you, rob. well, talk about going above and beyond for the third straight year. 100% of the graduates of one school in chicago are headed to college. charlie wojciechowski from the nbc station in chicago has the story of how the young man of urban prep are setting high
7:48 am
standards and defying the odds. >> reporter: they are focused on the future. the young man in this campus for the third straight year 100% of this graduate school have been accepted at a college or university. among the class president james mckinley jackson. >> i am a first generation to graduate and i want to continue my family's chapter in history on completing and earning a degree in college. >> reporter: the ceremony today is deeply symbolic with the governor looking on seniors exchanging their red uniform ties for the collegiate stripes in urban preps red and gold colors. he is going to indiana state university. >> urban prep changed me as a student and as a young man as a whole, just mainly from me becoming an average student and speaking of becoming an above-average student. >> reporter: some have criticized urban prep over its numbers and students who drop out rapidly. a charge to the school's founder
7:49 am
and ceo. >> it is just not true. we are incredibly committed to each and every student that walks in the door. urban prep is a school of choice. there are student who is choosing to come here and students who whose choose to leave. we don't kids away, even if they have to be discarded, so we give students chance after chance after chance and do everything to keep them here. >> reporter: for graduates going off to college, the constant focus has worked. >> from day one, you're going to college, you're going to a four-year university. it is just something you eat, drink and sleep, college. >> reporter: college, a chance for a better future for young men who often come from challenging backgrounds. >> well, congratulations to them. that was charge charlie wojciechowski reporting. still ahead, looking for something fun to do today, there we.veies to take movies to ke 'll have a rundown.
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7:52 am
welcome back. much of the bay area getting soaked right now on this saturday morning. a live look at the golden gate bridge. wet roads for drivers there. we'll check the forecast with rob in just a moment. if you plan to head to the movies today to stay dry, there are plenty of new flicks. rafael seth has more in this box office preview. >> mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? >> reporter: julia roberts gets an answer she doesn't like in "mirror mirror" playing the evil queen in this classic tale. she has her eyes on the handmany prince played by army hammer, but he's fell by a pealer younger woman who hangs out with young people. the rebellion by a queen by a sword-bearing snow white. "mirror mirror" is rated pg. >> we'll be in prison forever. >> reporter: the attack in "wrath of the titans."
7:53 am
this is the clashing follow-up of "attack of the titans." this is rated pg-13. >> thatta boy. >> reporter: sean williams puts a hockey star to goon. he finds himself rising through the ranks. co-star and canadian hockey fan wrote this one. this is rated are the r. and "bully" shows firsthand the torment students are put through on a daily basis and the indifference at the administration level. it opens this weekend.
7:54 am
rafael seth for nbc news. from the box office to the gym, if you've got "the hunger games" fever, now you can train like a tribute. some fitness trainers are taking the weapons used in "the hunger games" to help you burn a fat and workout game at the gym. >> they have the bow, 15 reps on each side. then we go to crunches, jumping jacks, then on to peter presses, then one lap around the room and that completes one round. these are risers. they are placed in front of the pedestal to complete a round. the more rounds you have at the end of the game, you win. >> look at that hairpiece, is that related to "the hunger games?" interesting. so far a handful of gyms are taking up the new fitness crave. coming up on "today in the bay," another look at the winning mega millions jackpot numbers. you may have won a piece of the
7:55 am
prize if you bought your ticket l oioocatnns i the ne location bay area. we'll tell you where.
7:56 am
7:57 am
if you have your lot low ticket ready, here's a check of the mega millions numbers. 2, 4, 23, 38, 46 and the mega ball number is 23. there were three winning tickets sold in maryland, illinois and kansas. here in california, 29 tickets got five of the six numbers. five of the six were sold here in the bay area. those tickets were sold at al's food and liquor in san rafael, fox liquors in san francisco, fast and easy mart in fremont, liquor tobacco & more in sunnyvale as well. those tickets pay out $228,000. congratulations to you. polar bear twins made their public debut at a water park in central china this week. time to get cute. one cub is a male, the other
7:58 am
female, and they seem to enjoy the new surroundings. running, jumping and swimming to delight the crowd. those are big guys. their zookeepers says the two chase and fight each other. they were born in january of 2011 and weighed just a pound because they were premature. their parents abandoned them and the cubs were raised by people. >> they like swimming, too. they are fast. well, you might be polar bear to like today's ather. it i windy outside, it is really coming itdown. the north bay, santa rosa, marin county, now getting into alameda county and cona costa counties. north out to ,ch cndmo martinezd approaching fairfield, you're seeing the moderate rain that continues. notice the south bay. it will take another hour or so before it gets here. today, widespread wind and rain for the morning. sunny with scattered showers, maybe thunder this afternoon. tomorrow looks much nicer for any of your outdoor runs and weekend plans. we have a stormy start to the weekend. not so bad come tomorrow afternoon. >> stay dry.
7:59 am
a quick programming night, the giants take on cincinnati at 3:00 today. this means there's no 5:00 p.m. newscast. we'll have the 6:00 and the 11:00. all day long an nbc bay area. thank you, have a great weekend.


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