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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 18, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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hours. your full forecast on the way. south bay looks really good. unusual problem for mountain view if you are trying to get on the freeway. i will have that for you and more coming up. >> a look outside. golden gate bridge this morning. wednesday, april 18. this is "today in the bay." good morning and thanks so much for joining us. 5:00 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning, everybody. i'm jon kelley. the search for sierra lamar continues this morning on land and water. divers returning to handful of morgan hill ponds as volunteer groups comb the surrounding areas for clues. bob redell live in the gathering spot for the searches. what's going on out there? good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you. yes, the sierra search center volunteer effort being run by the polly klaas organization.
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volunteers will be on the ground searching the south county for signs of sierra lamar. she has been missing over a month now. the sheriff's department will be back on the water with their scan sonar, yellow device we will be seeing in the video there. they will be looking for clues. investigators started their search of local bodies of water earlier in the week. they tell us they still have four more ponds to check this morning. these are ones located off monterey road. then they will be off to other locations. this week the sheriff's office said they developed new leads after receiving its results from the county crime lab. the lab has been analyzing sierra's purse, clothes and cell phones. these are items that were found just after she disappeared. law enforcement won't say if the new information is the result of the fingerprints, dna or hair fiber. if you are interested in volunteering you want to come here to burnett elementary between 8:00 and 1:00 this morning. you must be 18 years of age. you will want to bring your photo i.d. reporting live here in morgan hill, bob redell, "today in the
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bay." this morning hundreds of people are without power in the bay area. pg&e said power went out for 930 customers in central oakland just after 10:00 last night. this morning, lights still out for about 470 customers. pg and e says it does not know when power will be fully restored. so far no word on the cause. san francisco this morning, hundreds already gathering to commemorate the 106th anniversary of the great san francisco earthquake. fire in 1906. christie smith live in san francisco right in the middle of the action. looks like a party out there, christie. >> reporter: absolutely. crowds are here bright and early as they do every year in san francisco. you can see a little bit of what is going on. it is hard to see everyone who is here this morning. and i understand there are two survivors here in a car. this, of course, marking a day of commemoration for the 1906 quake. city leaders, the mayor here, and there are people in period
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costumes out here. this morning, it starts with a wreath laying. this was a great place to leave messages and find information after that pa fateful day. the parade is here. it will be a wreath laying ceremony, a moment of silence at about 5:11. a minute before the quake hit. i'm told again two of the four quake survivors are here to be honored. two others are watching at home. actually one who couldn't travel spoke about his experience by skype. there will be sirens. it is absolutely amazing. i just spoke with one man who comes here year after year dressed in costume. he said he loves. >> it amazing because, i mean, the things -- from horse drawn carriages up to the internet. so that's a pretty -- multiple lifeti lifetimes. >> reporter: now from here this they are going to head over to the hydrant that's credited with saving the mission. from there they will have
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breakfast at leftielefties. i believe it is san francisco's police chief up there. and the mayor. so quite a bit of festivities going on this morning. i can tell you that if steve can pan over here, you can see the entire street here, market street is blocked off. they have got heavy fire equipment out here. so a lot of excitement and people who come year after year and say just really an incredible experience, the tone, of course, somber for all the lives lost. but also a tone of joy for the city that recovered. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> amazing to see the crowds there early. 5:04 now. one of the officers who so-called east bay dirty cops case will be sentenced today. former san ramon police officer lombardi will be in court at 10:00 this morning in oakland. he faces maximum sentence of more than 60 years in federal
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prison as part of a deal with prosecutors. lombardi pleaded guilty to selling confiscated drugs and stealing jewelry, guns and cash from crime scenes during the four years he served with contra costa county drug unit. this morning's chilly video of the killers being interrogated by police. >> getting wilder and wilder. don't kill her. take her back to her car. he turned and looked. i didn't know what to do. >> that's herzog talking about his crime during a 1998 zber view with police. they have been linked to at least a dozen murders during a meth fueled killing spree a. he since committed suicide.
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the other man remains on death row. earlier this year he provided locations where the bodies were dumped. one location alone turned up more than a thousand bone fragments. 5:06 now. san jose wants more oversight of moonlighting police officers. hundreds of officers are three-quarters of the force taken on second jobs. city council members say that could be putting the public safety in jeopardy. they are there are concerns about cops being sleep deprived while on duty. several moonlighting officers are being investigated over fraud charges. >> one of the cases of fraud that we found was overlaps in time where people were charging an employer to work on a paid job at the same time they were supposed to be at work for the city. >> the council has approved a list of reforms and will revisit the issue in six months. police officers association says the members need the extra work because of budget cuts and rising health care costs. the two usc students gunned down near the university one
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week ago will be remembered today. this after the l.a. city council votes to help in that investigation to try to find their killer. marla tellez with more. >> reporter: a memorial service is planned tonight for 23-year-old23 yea 23-year-o 23-year-old. they were found shot to death last week. police say it may have been a botched carjacking. their memorial services planned for 6:00 tonight at l.a.'s shrine auditorium. meanwhile just last night, the los angeles city council voted to add $75,000 to the reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in last week's shootings. the reward now stands at $200,000. overseas now to brussels where top military and diplomatic officials from the u.s. and nato are meeting to finalize plans to withdraw frontline troops from afghanistan next year. u.s. and after began officials have already said they expect the shift to an afghan military
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lead and combat operations by the middle of 2013. it is a big day in london. we are now 100 days away until the 2012 summer olympics begin to mark today's milestone. england is planning a number of events to iron out any operational problems before the flame is lit on july 27. london, bit of trivia, is a -- first city in the modern era to host the olympics three times. the last time they played host was back in 1948. and a friendly reminder, we are your olympics station, nbc bay area. we will bring you live coverage from the games starting in 100 days. laura? >> thank you so much. new this morning, a man bound for san jose now under arrest after taking off all of his clothes in an airport security line. john brennan is facing charges of indecent exposure and disorderly conduct. officers at portland international airport say that
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brennan was arrested after refusing to put his clothes back on. coming up at 5:30 we will hear from the man him sbefl why he did it and the statement he says he was trying to make. >> and are we promise he will be fully clothed. meteorologist christina loren joining us. she's dressed appropriately for this weather. nice bright, sunny sweater. >> i should have just stayed off camera for that. you would never know what i was wearing. good morning to you. yes. 50 degrees in san francisco. 49 in sunnyvale. a really good looking day shaping up. filtered sunshine for today. full on sunshine by tomorrow. temperatures are going to soar. today just about perfect. temperatures ending up right around room temperature most cities across the bay. comfortable conditions. by tomorrow we are talking about 80s. yes, even right here in the south bay. one thing we have to deal with unpleasantry associated with that spring weather. we have a very high pollen count. if you have been noticing you have the sniffles and you are sneezing, well, we have the high pollen count not just today.
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actually going to be even higher as we head into this weekend and the winds pick up. you want to keep that in mind and keep allergy medicine handy. offshore flow starts tomorrow. got that full forecast here, 7-day in the next report. first let's check your drive. >> above the desk i'm wearing a suit. a look at the roadways. 101, where you are going to get on shoreline, you will not be able to use the onramp for at least few minutes as the road crew clear. that's not usually what goes on overnight in mountain view. we give them a shoutout. anything south of there, fine. north, more construction. we just got this in. this is westbound 580 as you are heading towards the dublin. new accident involving two big riggs. reportedly off the shoulder and no injuries reported so far. construction off the southbound. 680 as you are coming down dublin. the onramp is blocked. no major flowing despite one
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lane blocked. nice live look outside. we will show you what things are like for 880. one lane blocked. 980 towards 5th. onramp high street blocked important the time being. light volume of traffic folks able to easily get over to park street without problems. we will send it back to you. >> 5:11 now. coming up airfare set to soar sky high yet again. we will tell you which airlines could charge you as much as 20 bucks extra on your next trip. >> amazon makes a new deal with james bond. we will take a look. >> a live look at the day of remembrance in san francisco. people gathering for the 106th commemoration san francisco's great earthquake and fire. big crowd early in the morning. on this one all day long. hang with us. at progressive, you can bundle your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days.
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welt come back, everyone. annual tradition in san francisco. live pictures where it looks like they are actually hanging the wreath on the fountain. that was the sight that so many gathered back in 1906 to try to find out more about loved ones of what happened to them after the huge earthquake that rocked san francisco. just a moment ago they also rang the sirens as they have a lot of vintage san francisco fire engines out there. we can hear bands playing there now. survivors of the quake have gathered at the site every we are since then to remember those lives lost. today city leaders, including mayor ed lee, former mayor willie brown, will be on hand for a variety of events. at 5:40 the group will go to 20th and church streets to commemorate the fire hydrant that saved the mission district from ruin.
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then at 6:00, annual survivors breakfast and. >> quite the celebration there. u.c. berkeley will be flooded with soon-to-be college grads looking for jobs today. more than 150 recruiters expected at just in time job fair today and tomorrow. this all kicks off at noon and lasts until 4:00 in the polly ballroom at martin luther king jr. room student union building. tech, engineering expected, including oracle and cox digital solutions as well as samsung and shutterfly. what industry should graduates stay away from? scott mcgrew says it is just word -- can i say television. >> no. it is so -- solar cutting jobs. mo the latest company is called first solar. it is based in arizona. the effect here is negative eligible. with all the talk in the last couple of years about how green technology was going to change
5:16 am
the did silicon valley, a sobering reminder it is probably not going to be solar. first solar was dependent on really big contracts to make big solar array. the kind that generate huge amounts of power like traditional power station. there are too many solar panels in the market. a glut due mostly to chinese manufacturing. there does seem to be a market, though, for maller panels that go into houses and solar will concentrate on those instead. it is not every day to be a billionaire to take the stand in court or the drawing of a billionaire taking the stand in court. larry ellison, founder and ceo of oracle, testifying in the oracle google fight over phones on tuesday. at issue is whether google owes oracle money for using oracle's jobless software in its phones. we are right smack in the middle of earnings seasons. yahoo showing progress under new ceo scott thompson. for more on earnings in the market ahead today, let's say good morning to jackie deangelis at cnbc.
5:17 am
good morning. >> good morning, scott. the futures, a little bit lower today after yesterday's big rally. that could be due to some of the mixed earnings we did see from tech giants ibm and intel last night. as you mentioned stocks soared on tuesday on the back of positive earnings from the likes of coca-cola, johnson & johnson. apple rebounding from the week of declines, jumping more than 5% yesterday. investors were also cheer order by a good response to the spanish government bond auction out of europe. today, though, asian markets lower overnight as -- excuse me, higher overnight. european markets in the red today. in the u.s., no particular data to watch for today. but treasury secretary tim geithner talked about the global economy. overall we saw the dow rising 194 points yesterday to 13,115. the nasdaq adding 54 points to 3,042. delta is raising fares by up to $20 round trip on most domestic flights. it is the sixth attempt at a fair hike by u.s. carrier this week. what's different about this one is that it applies to tickets
5:18 am
purchased seven days before your trip. thoses are typically the fares bought by business travelers. and finally, amazon likes its martinis shaken not sfired. the retailer bought the rights from the estate of phlegming to reissue all 14 classic james bond novels in print and digital form. they are going to be available this summer from amazon, thomas and mercer label which specializes in mystery and thriller books. amazon will let all retailers sell the paperback editions. ebook will initially be available the kindle store. james bond books sold more than 100 million copies worldwide. pretty staggering stat there. >> jackie deangelis at cnbc. thank you. ian fleming was in "chitti chitti bang bang." i will be singing that all day now. >> no different than yesterday.
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>> just another day. >> scooby doo. good morning to you. let's take you outside and show you the forecast. we have a good looking day shaping up. 50 degrees in livermore. 52 in san jose. we are heading towards the 07s today. we are going to get a lot of cloud cover yet again with the jet stream to our north. clouds filling in from an area of low pressure. and we are watching visibility start to drop off in santa rosa. looking good along the peninsula. as of visibilities come down, head throughout the morning hours, expecting the thiks fog to develop between the hours of 8:00 and ten cloak, looks like at this point. so let's talk about what is to come for today. high pressure building in. that means it will be a little warmer today. especially in the south and east bay. gilroy hit about 79 degrees yesterday. so we are going just about as warm this afternoon. and tomorrow even warmer. temperatures climb by about five to eight degrees. then we are talking about the mid 80s in places like san jose and livermore come friday and saturday and that means 90s in places like gilroy.
5:20 am
it all works out like this for today. big game tonight that you can catch right here. nbc bay area. we are going to hit the 70s. by 7:15, once that sun goes down, temperatures are going to drop like a rock in the city by the bay. 57 degrees. and winds will likely come into play during that game. find out if my forecast is right? just tune in right now. tune in at 7:15. 85 degrees by saturday. 70 degrees sunday. trying to make outdoor plans, want to hit the beach, as many people will be doing so, saturday is your day. let's check your drive now. >> we will take you out to the roadways looking over here. highway 92. this is highway 35. somewhere between there and half moon bay about three miles outside of town reports of an suv suburban. big one that went over on the side. no injuries are reported but it is in lanes. may be an abandoned vehicle at this point. chp heading out there. one of your two lanes is blocked. only one in each direction. you will have to slow at the
5:21 am
scene. i will bring you more details as chp brings to it me. outside of half moon bay, 280 and 101, that's just fine. over on the peninsula, and we are looking over here. northbound 101 and marsh. construction crews there. that's cleared from mountain view. also clearing the crew off the dunbarton bridge, you may find a little slowdown as you head over the high-rise. that crew should be completely clear in the next few minutes. live look outside. san mateo bridge, north thereof. nice easy flow off the peninsula, westbound nice as well. few directions for the tail lights. back into the maps we will show thank you bay bridge also clear flow. construction getting on to 24. that's blocking the onram the next few hours. you know what, it will probably clear sooner. >> thank you very much, mike. 5:21. still to come, tourists shackled with higher fees. why aude enyou will have to payo see the runaway rock.
5:22 am
>> whales snagged in a fishing line. just ahead. >> how about this for wednesday morning. spectacular shot. the wide spanning view of san francisco, lights glistening. as far as and flags. romantic and beautiful.
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welcome back, everybody. no, this is not your ordinary rescue at sea. one i'm sure captain ahab would be interested in. this one involves a gray whale and small boat. the whale, check this out. snag bid a fishing line and pulling a boat. the 40-foot whale spotted off the coast near laguna beach yesterday crews were able to cut most of the line away.
5:25 am
they also attached lee brightly colored buoys to the whale so they can locate it this morning. this is the third time a whale this month has been found caught in a fishing line out in the area. >> wow. 5:25 now. there's no escaping the fact it is going to cost you more to visit the rock. alcatraz cruises raising service fees to $19 starting today. the company is the only ferry authorized to transport passengers to and from the island. no entrance fee to visit but visitors to have to pay for travel and tour pass of the famous prison. have you been out there yet? >> no. i have seen it from afar, though. >> pretty cool. 5:25. check it out soon. check it out with the weather. christina loren, another beautiful day in store for the neighborhood. >> great weekend to check out alcatraz or beautiful landmarks in the bay area. even a walk on the golden gate bridge will be gorgeous. got the fog today. by this afternoon losing that fog.
5:26 am
64 degrees in places like san jose, rounding out the day in the 70s. i will let you know when the fog will burn off in your city coming up. >> folks, 580. two rig bigs involved westbound 580. right before you get to foothill. that will be an issue. distraction lanes are cleared. major damage to the truck but no one injured. construction 680 southbound and slowing out of the altima pass. 5:26 now. still ahead, hitting the concrete. construction worker plunges from the roof at a peninsula high school campus. >> night miami nice on caltrans tracks. why people along the peninsula coulbe in store for a rude awakeninaw
5:27 am
5:28 am
another call for volunteers this morning in the search for sierra lamar. i'm bob redell. live to morgan hill coming up. i'm meteorologist christina loren live in the nbc bay area
5:29 am
weather center. today warm, 70s. by saturday, temperatures climbing almost 15 additional degrees. your forecast is on the way. accident construction, slowing. that's just for the valley. more to report on the pen innings la. we will sort it out coming up. live look outside san francisco's house of fine arts. beautiful morning across san francisco. we will have the latest on this wednesday, april 18. this is "today in the bay." good wednesday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. 5:29 now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning, everybody. i'm jon kelley. no, they are not about to give up in morgan hill. this morning divers back in the water and searchers will be combing the field. determined to find out exactly what happened to sierra lamar. bob redell joining us live in morgan hill with the community encouraged by what police are calling potential new evidence.
5:30 am
bob, good morning. good morning to you, jon. the foundation will be running another volunteer search efforts here at burnett elementary. if you want to help out you come here between 8:00 and 1:00 this morning. make sure you bring a photo i.d. to prove you are 18 years of age. you will be heading out into the area surrounding morgan hill to try to find clues as to what happened to sierra lamar. 15-year-old girl has been missing for just over a month now. while volunteers will be out on the ground law enforcement will be back on the water with their scan sonar looking for lous. investigators started another search of the local bodies of water over the past 48 hours. they tell us they still have four more ponds to check this morning. these are the peperc ponds. west of 101. then after this i search those locations, they will be off to other areas. this week the sheriff's office said it developed new leads after receiving other results from the town and crime lab. these are results they have been
5:31 am
waiting on for quite some time. the lab has been analyzing sierra's purse, clothes, cell phones, all those items have been found within days after her disappearance on march 16. the sheriff's office won't say if the new information is as a result of a fingerprint dna or hair fiber. reporting live, bob redell. crisis teams will be in place at an elementary school in richmond this morning to help students deal with the news of a drive-by shooting that may have involved a parent. one man is in critical condition after a drive-by shooting at a corner store at 5th street and market avenue. another man was also shot but is expected to survive. deputies say several gunmen fired the shots from inside a passing car. so far no reports of any retaliation as a result of that shooting. the intersection is known as hotspot for crime. in november a 20-year-old man was shot and killed while standing in front of that same store. a traumatic construction accident at palo alto high
5:32 am
school. a construction worker falling from a steel structure of the school yesterday morning. the 24-year-old man was spreading steel decking on the second floor of a classroom structure. when he lost his balance. he fell more than 13 feet right on to the concrete floor. suffering a broken hip and some facial injuries. 5:32 this morning. new pictures to show you. one of four people still missing after a deadly boating crash off of the fair lawn island. the family of alan cahill sent us these pictures overnight. cahill came to the united states from ireland almost ten years ago. a picture of the san francisco yacht club. that's where he met his wife, shannon. in the meantime, san francisco police are now involved in the investigation. sending the department's accident unit to the scene of the crash. investigators took photos of the sailboat that crashed on the rocks. they are also interviewing survivors. salvage experts not sure how to remove the boat from the rock without disturbing the island's
5:33 am
nesting bird population. it is 5:32 now. one east bay city taking aim the its gun regulations. after more than an hour heated public comment yesterday, the city council unanimously approving a plan to ban the sale of guns and ammunition in residential areas. it will be allowed in only commercial areas of the city. it is not about zoning. it is -- it is about zoning rather than not second amendment rights to bear arms. new this morning, a san jose bound air traveler facing charges for stripping naked at portland international airport. 49-year-old john brennan was arrested for indecent exposure and disorderly conduct. after taking off all of his clothes in the security screening area last night. brennan says he did it in protest. >> heard nothing. this is my next action. i know that rude but not lewd. in oregon a protected speech and so i chose that option.
5:34 am
>> brennan says he was told he tested positive for nitrate's by screeners. he was book flood jail and later released. may be time to break out the earplugs. people who live near caltrans tracks may be in for a rude awakening. the transit agency announcing a temporary increase in overnight train activity it is a train new injer ears, warning the rumblings and blaring horns may disrupt the sleep of nearby residents. the train evering has begun and scheduled for some nights between 10:00 and 4:00 a.m. ouch. it runs through may 24. >> if you are up just join us early. we start at 4:30. >> yeah. it wouldn't bother us. >> a wakeup call. what about that forecast? let's check in with christina loren. looking sunny today. >> yeah, you know, we are going to see the sunshine today. filtered sunshine. by tomorrow offshore flow kicks into high gear. we will get full-on sunshine for
5:35 am
two consecutive days. what that means is high pollen count. let's take through you your day in detail. 50s to start. 55 degrees by noon. 68 degrees as you make your way home and you will be halfway through the workweek. low clouds and sun for today. 70s. that's the case for tomorrow as well. temperatures are going to come up to maybe 75, 76 degrees in pla places. 80s return friday. saturday, 90s possible in places like morgan hill. you take the good with the bad. the good is, ladies, you don't need that heavy coat carrying around with you all night long friday and saturday night. go straight to the dress. guys, you can wear your polo shirt out comfortably and open-toed shoes. bad news is that we have a high pollen count to deal with as well. levels will increase as we head through the next couple of days with high pressure stays in control. we see the winds pick up. up want to keep that in mind. keep your allergy medicine handy. let you know when the pollen count comes down and when your temperatures come down because that's all included in your 7-day forecast. let's check your drive with
5:36 am
mike. >> good morning, folks. we will take you to the dublin interchange. that interchange is all right. just west of there. 580, just past foothill, reports of two big rigs that got into an accident. chp giving more detail. half hour until they get the right sized tow truck. one has some major damage to the front end of the rig. no injuries. that's good news. southbound 680 as you approach. construction hanging around there. that crew should be on the move soon. no slowing through walnut creek. slowing coming out of the altima pass. 15-minimum drive all the way over to the dublin interchange. speeds mostly in the 50s and 40s. not a big deal, though, as you are outside of livermore. a look out and out to the roadways. across the bay. here is the map. live shot of the san mateo bridge. pretty good westbound. eastbound not a big deal for those eastbound headlights. show you back at the maps. san mateo side itself. 101 and san mateo hills looking nice for 92.
5:37 am
over towards half moon bay we have an accident there as well. overturned suv. it does sound like one person was transported from the scene with injuries. suv still blocking one of your lanes. there is one in each direction. just east of skyline. that could be an issue getting into or out of half moon bay. i will let you know on that situation as well. slow at the scene. back to you. >> thank you, mike. it is 5:37. secret lives of secret service agents exposed. we have new details about charges of partying and prostitution behind closed doors. >> live look outside. beautiful look at bay bridge. we have a lot more news ahead on this wednesday morning. >> latest news, traffic and weather, jump on over to facebook. laura is on now checking things out. all you have to do is search nbc bay area.
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5:39 am
good morning everybody.
5:40 am
welcome back. live look at the pavilion. that's where game four of the western conference qualifies will take place tomorrow night. the sharks trailinging the blues 2-1 in that series. looking to even it up. good luck, sharks. new details this morning into allegations of partying and prostitution by members of the president's security team during his visit to colombia last week. tracie potts is live on capitol hill. the big question is whether the women had access to information that could have jeopardized the president's safety. >> reporter: right. that's a central part of the investigation now. we have people on the ground in colombia interviewing those women. we now believe there are 20 to 21 women quoting the lawmakers here who have been briefed by the secret service. interviewing them and doing extensive background checks on these women to make sure they weren't tied to foreign intelligence or drug cartels with terrorist groups. we now know that in addition to the 11 secret service at, there were five soldiers, couple of
5:41 am
sailors and marines and at least one airman involved. some of them had women in their rooms when the authorities showed up. the embassy there was called after one of the women complained and that she wasn't fairly paid. meantime, on capitol hill, lawmakers are wondering has this happened before. >> for 11 or 12 secret service personnel to be involved raises a huge red flag. >> very irresponsible. wrong thing to do. but i don't want to use this as a way to indict the entire secret service. >> secret service director mark sullivan has been here on the hill briefing law makers and will be back to talk to the senate judiciary committee later this week. the committee that normally oversees the secret service. the white house spokesman says the president still has full confidence in director sullivan because he acted on this so quickly. >> interesting to see. thank you very much. osama bin laden's three wives and widow could soon be free of pakistan.
5:42 am
a lawyer for bin laden's wives and nine children says the families are expected to be deported from pakistan to saudi arabia later today. the family has been in pakistan detention since the u.s. raid that killed bin laden almost a year ago. they were charged with living in that country without a visa. 5:42 and new this morning. north korea is threatening retaliation after coming under criticism for its failed rocket launch. marla tellez joins us live following the latest overnight developments. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. nuclear tensions continue to intensify between north korea and the international community. now just this morning, state media warning of retaliation and specifically sending a warning to the united states say they will be held accountable for suspending and agreement to provide food aid to that country. now the north launch ad lee-stage rocket last week that split apart over the yellow sea. it is all part of the space research. the international community is
5:43 am
convinced a long-range missile. amateur video here out of syria is authentic, it is clear the shelling in the city's homes is not letting up. despite a cease-fire order by the u.n. shelling resulting in massive explosions near the city's center. officials say, though, in some parts of syria the cease-fire is holding up. the controversial case of marine lance corporal harry liu is back in the news this morning after his aunt who happens to be a california lawmaker is pushing to make hazing a crime. he shot and killed himself in afghanistan last year after hours of torturous physical abuse by his fellow marines. representative judy chu is asking the house armed services committee to make hazing a specific crime under uniform code of military justice. now the committee says that it will consider her testimony about members say that they just
5:44 am
cannot make any promises. thank you very much for that update. today is the official final day to file a claim against damages as a result of the bp oil spill. a federal judge moving that deadline from yesterday to today. last month bp agreeing to resolve claims by more than 100,000 plaintiffs seeking economic and property losses. wen oil rig explosion killed 11 people and created the biggest offshore oil spill in u.s. history. 5:44 now. a look at our forecast. finally dealing with spring. >> yeah. enjoy it for two days. >> feels like summer here. here in the south bay, too, that's where we are expecting warmest temperatures to come in. we have a chance for 90-degree weather. not just one day, two days. friday, saturday looking very warm for us. right now it is cool out there. great morning for a jog or a bike ride. after all, it is earth week and we encourage you to do this week. 52 degrees in okay land and 50 in san francisco. as you can see, we have an interesting setup. high pressure firmly in control.
5:45 am
for us that means we are going to see a minor onshore flow as we head throughout the day today. as we head throughout tomorrow, offshore flow resumes. we are talking about fog for your wednesday. by thursday, plenty of 70s. and 80s on that temperature map. it is going to be a nice, warm weekend. at least important the first part of the weekend. and then temperatures tumble on sunday. we get an area of low pressure that will increase that onshore flow once again. if you want to make the outdoor plans and hit the beach, getting sunshine, the warmth, saturday is your day to do so. 70 in san jose. our giants back important the last game of the series against the phillies tonight at at&t park. 7:15. 57 degrees. winds copping into play as well. northwest. pretty strong winds. 15 to 25 miles per hour gusting to 35 miles per hour. from time to time we could see that ball carried into center field as a result. you want to find out my forecast is right. tune in here tonight nbc bay area 7:15.
5:46 am
high pressure sets up offshore flow as we head through tomorrow. and friday. take a look at what that does to your temperatures. 85 degrees by friday. holding on on the mid 80s saturday. and then temps tumble on sunday. let's check your drive with mike. >> looking over here to an accident. better location from chp. giving us just east of highway 35 on 92. that's good news because there is more room to get around this report of an suv over on its side. again, there's some injuries reported to the driver. that person was taken from the scene. we still have a part of 92 blocked just as you get off of 280. no word but sounds like all the connector ramps are open through the area. again, there is a wider berth there than we thought towards half moon bay. better situation at least for the drive. we are looking at the peninsula through san mateo. more cars hitting the road. no other incidents through that portion. we have construction going on. 101 at marsh. no issues north or south thereof northbound or southbound. dunbarton bridge cleared.
5:47 am
south bay cleared of any construction. all incidents cleared from the roadway. we see 56 showing up just north of 680. right around allen rock we typically see the first slowing for the morning. that's creep in from time to time. watch it over the next 20 minutes it is a volume starts to increase through the south bay. really bumping up out of the altima pass. construction picking up over here for 680 and in towards the interchange. the accident involving two big rigs has just cleared from after the interchange itself. live look out there shows you what it is like across the bay. bay bridge no problems, no metering lights and easy drive into san francisco. back to you. >> speaking of san francisco, today is the 106th anniversary of the great san francisco earthquake and fire of 1906. before dawn people gathered at lotta's fountain to mark the exact moment the devastating earthquake struck. right now the ceremonies moved on to the mission district. that's where christie smith joins us live with more of today's events. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. yes, from lotta's fountain to
5:48 am
the building of the fire hydrant credited with saving the entire mission district, i will step aside so steve can show you what is going on. anyone that wants a turn gets a chance with the spray can to go ahead and give it a touch-up. after the quake the fire burned for three days and headed towards the mission district. we are here at 20th and church. the story goes as the fire swept this way, a team of young volunteers and handful of firefighters did what they could with hoses and a little bit of water from this hydrant to save the whole neighborhood. of course, this is 106th anniversary. we have seen two quake survivor this morning writing in a period con -- riding in a period convertible after leaving lotta's fountain. the first person to take a spray is winnie cook. she is 106 years old. just a new baby at the time. what's going to happen from here is that everyone is heading over to lefty o'doole's for breakf t
5:49 am
breakfast. the public is invited to come down. they are asking for a donation to help pay for it. the fire chief is there taking first spray. this goes on for quite some time. it is really something that people enjoy. they dress up in period costume. come down here and do it year after year. we are going to keep on this. and keep moving to the next stop. that's what's happening from here. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay. >> amazing to look back. lovely commemoration out there. thank you very much. 5:49 now. this morning, one person injured and several people displaced after a fire ripped through an apartment complex overnight. antioch firefighters say eight units were damaged at the apartment complex on sycamore drive. one person was injured and taken to the hospital by a family member. extent of that person's injuries are unknown. so far no word on the cause of the fire. damage to the building, though,
5:50 am
is estimated at $600,000. it is 5:49 now. coming up, taking responsibility. we will tell you how accepting the blame for that infamous pepper spraying incident. the latest snag threatening to derail the plan this time. >> little breathing room for yahoo's new ceo with good news. [ male announcer ] with all your car does for you, he really wants to hear those three little words: chevron with techron. care for your car.
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5:53 am
coming up. lawmakers rejecting a bill banning romantic relationships between teachers and their students. it would have made a felony for a school employee to engage in sexual activity was a stun even if that stun was 18 or older. a relationship prompted this bill. 18-year-old jordan powers reesently moved in with the former high school teacher, 41-year-old james hooker. power's mother said after a brief breakup, the two are back together. the chancellor of uc davis is promising changes to prevent another incident like the pepper spraying and student protesters last fall. she accepts ful responsibility for the november 19 confrontation between campus police and students. set up an occupying tent at uc davis. she said poor planning, communications and decisionmaking by administrators and campus police led to the unnecessary use of pepper spray. she promises a thorough review of policies and procedures.
5:54 am
5:53. california's high speed rail project could be heading down the wrong track. stay budget watchdog group recommending a lawmakers reject the funding plan this year. it says that there are more details on finances which need to be sorted out. the group also asking to reject governor jerry brown's plan to sell billions of dollars in bonds to start construction. the $68 billion project linking san francisco to southern california's schedule to be completed by 2028. 5:54. it looks as if yeah has's new ceo might succeed in turning the company around. scott mcgrew joins us. you say that's a surprise. >> yeah. yahoo has lots of ceos and none of them were able to do it. but we are seeing the smallest bit of evidence that the newest new ceo, scott thompson, may have accomplished the impossible. if you look at the numbers right by sort of squinting and using a strobe light you will see that yahoo's revenue increased for first time in 13 financial quarterses. in a lot of way it is money sir
5:55 am
relevant. what this does is this makes eight lot easier to resist the potential of new board members like this man, jeff zucker. there you see a guy named daniel that desperately wants to put zucker on the board at yahoo. scott thompson's little victory this week may have accomplished a little bit of breathing room. twitter getting a big thumbs up this morning from silicon valley as it made a promise to never use patents to attack other companies. some companies use patents to sue other companies as a way to make money. twitter says this morning that it will never do that. many in silicon valley argue that there shouldn't even be such a thing as software patents. back to you. >> thanks, scott. 5:55 now. let's check in with meteorologist christina loren with the sunny forecast and very sunny sweatier. >> thank you very much. i like to dress for the season. you will want to today as well. at least for spring. come this weekend you are dressing for summer. 65 degrees at noon today. inland.
5:56 am
61 by the bay. rounding out the day, 3:00 p.m., high temperatures in the 70s and by 4:00 p.m. as you make your way home from work, halfway through the workweek, 68 degrees inland. high pressure sets up over the great basin. overnight offshore flow brings the temperatures up. talking about that in the next report. >> we have a little early slowing at the dublin interchange. kicked off by the earlier two big rig accidents that cleared just past 680. we have slowing out of the altima pass into livermore. traditional there. i will show thank you north bay. san rafael southbound 101 with the headlights. we have an accident right at the san rafael exit blocking two lanes. slowing there. we will follow this and give you an update in a few days. >> thank you very much, mike. 5:56 now. still ahead the search for sierra. investigators scouring waterway for any signsa missing teenager. >> look at the blue, blue sky. springlike temperatures. hold on before sunup comes.
5:57 am
>> it will be mice and warm out there. get out the sun block. for the latest news, weather and traffic updates make sure to check us out on facebook. all you have to do is real si le.emp search nbc bay area. ♪ okay, so who ordered the cereal that can help lower cholesterol and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. that's yours. lower cholesterol. lower cholesterol. i'm yummy. lower cholesterol. i got that wrong didn't i?
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more searches in the water and on the ground for missing 15-year-old sierra lamar. i'm bob redell. i will tell you how you can help. big crowds out this morning and two survivors as well marking the anniversary of the great 1906 earthquake. i'm christie smith. a live look coming up next. i'm meteorologist christina loren live in the nbc bay area weather center. today beautiful conditions. 70s. you may be turning on your ac in the next 72 hours. your full forecast in just moments. >> north bay drivers, you may be tapping on the brakes. southbound


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