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tv   Today  NBC  April 27, 2012 7:00am-11:00am PDT

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good morning. big money. george zimmerman's attorney good morning. big money. george zimmerman's attorney disclosed that his client made more than $200,000 in donations from his website. now, that lawyer is headed back to court today to explain why it was never mentioned during zimmerman's bond hearing. new photo. police release the last-known image of a missing ft. bragg soldier taken just hours before she vanished. will it help them figure out what happened? we're live in north carolina. and uproar. a 3-year-old boy brought to tears when he didn't catch a baseball tossed into the stands at a texas rangers game. the couple that ended up with it, vilified by the announcers. >> rubbing it in the kid's face. >> but it turns out the video didn't tell the whole story. the parents of that little boy will explain in a live interview "today," friday, april 27th, will explain in a live interview "today," friday, april 27th, 2012. captions paid for by nbc-universal television
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and welcome to "today" on this friday morning. i'm ann curry. >> and i'm carl quintanilla in for matt this morning. george zimmerman's website has now been shut down, but there are some serious questions about the money it raised. >> that's right. zimmerman was released, as we all know, from jail earlier this week after posting 10% of his $150,000 bail. and legal experts say if the judge knew zimmerman's site made more than $200,000, that amount may have been higher. well, now the attorney for trayvon martin's family is calling for zimmerman's bond to be revoked. so we're going to have the latest on that straight ahead. also ahead, a frightening scare for some passengers on a delta flight from fright to chicago. the plane was quarantined on a chicago runway for hours, boarded by health officials wearing masks and hazmat suits. turns out it was all a big
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misunderstanding. coming up, we will hear from the woman who triggered that incident. >> hmm. and also are you on the do not call list and you still get hounded by telemarketers? well, why does that happen? we tracked down one company that some consumers say is behind some of those calls. also on thursday, we showed you a video of a guy posing as a burglar to give his girlfriend and her friends a big scare. did the girls find the joke as funny as he did? i don't think so. we're going to talk to everyone involved a little bit later on. >> and he's got some explaining to do. we begin with that court hearing in florida today, tied to george zimmerman's arrest and release on bail. nbc's kerry sanders has the latest. hey, kerry, good morning. >> well, good morning, ann. that george zimmerman had any money is sort of a big surprise. type in the web page and you get a message that it is currently not available. the 28-year-old had created this basic five-page site before he turned himself in and was
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arrested. it included pictures, quotes from historical leaders like thomas payne and a page for donations via paypal. zimmerman's attorney, mark o'mara, who did not represent him when the page was initially set up, said on cnn late thursday zimmerman raised more than $200,000 on his web page. a spokesman for trayvon martin's family tells nbc news the family is distressed to learn zimmerman claims he was indigent when he clearly has means. zimmerman's $150,000 bond was set by the judge based on his limited estimated wealth. he has about $205,000. now his defense attorney, mark o'mara, revealed this amount of money on that interview on cnn and says that he will tell the court about the money. he says that the money has been placed in an account that can't be accessed by george zimmerman or the family, and he will reveal to the judge at a hearing that was already planned today. that hearing, ann, is to discuss
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whether the public documents will be made public, or whether they will be held in some sort of gag order, which at least we hear the state may request at a hearing today. >> it sounds like the judge is going to have a lot of questions that we're going to find out some answers later today. kerry sanders, thank you so much for this information on this breaking story. it is now 7:04. now here's carl. ann, thanks. now to what sounds like the plot of a hollywood thriller. a plane quarantined on a chicago runway, amid fears that a passenger had a mysterious virus. we're now hearing from people on that flight and the woman who triggered it all. nbc's kevin tibbles is at midway airport. kevin, good morning. >> carl, that delta jet was quarantined on the ground here at midway for more than two hours as the cdc investigated a passenger with a possible case of the monkeypox. fortunately, it turned out to be a scare, and for the passengers on board, what a scare it was. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: high anxiety aboard
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delta flight 3163 from detroit to chicago. >> there was a bit of panic. everybody was pulling their shirts up over their faces. >> reporter: all brought on by an apparent case of bedbugs and a mother's concern. the usually short 30-minute flight turned into anything but uneventful for passengers as the commuter jet was met by emergency personnel, boarded by health officials in surgical masks and hazmat suits, and essentially quarantined for 2 1/2 hours. as is the norm in this age, passengers started shooting with their smartphones -- >> they're just bringing a guy on right now. >> reporter: -- and tweeting. at 4:59 p.m., quarantined at midway airport by the center for disease control. seriously? at 5:16, so the cdc is on board, the passenger is being examined and we are officially quarantined. >> two men came on with protective gear. they spoke with the passenger in question.
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they took photographs. >> reporter: the passenger at the center of it all, lisa seavers, who is returning to minnesota from a visit to africa where she was seeking to adopt a special needs boy and girl. she said she called her mother saying she had bug bites and that the boy was sick with lesions on his skin. the children were not on the flight. >> got them on my legs and arms and chest. but they weren't like his. he had weeping sores. >> reporter: the mother somehow mixed up the story and called health officials, thinking her daughter might have monkeypox, a rare viral disease related to smallpox. but all lisa had were bites. >> but other than, you know, itching, i feel fine. >> reporter: the chicago department of public health and the centers for disease control examined her to find she was not contagious, and passengers were given the all-clear to go their separate ways. >> fire department, cdc, people on the plane, everybody was so
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kind, compassionate, did their jobs well. the passengers were there for two hours and they didn't complain. >> reporter: although lisa seavers is still hoping those pesky bugs haven't followed her home. now, as for the monkeypox, the cdc says one of the ways that you can contract it is if you are bitten by a monkey. as for those bedbugs, i bet a lot of the passengers on board that plane today are washing their clothes very carefully. carl? >> you know that's true. thank you very much, kevin tibbles in chicago. all right. on that note let's get the rest of the morning's top stories from natalie morales who is at the news desk. >> good morning, ann and carl. and good morning, everyone. new allegations of its conduct overseas have the secret service investigating a trip to el salvador back in march of 2011. nbc's white house correspondent kristen welker has the latest. kristen, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, natalie. well these new allegations certainly raise the specter of concern that the misconduct which we saw in colombia could be a part of a larger pattern. but u.s. officials emphasize
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there's no proof of that yet. investigators are looking into new allegations of misconduct by secret service and u.s. military personnel. >> well, i know the allegations first broke about two days ago, and the secret service is on it immediately. >> reporter: according to a television station in seattle, the reported misconduct occurred just before the president's 2011 trip to el salvador. the reporter quotes an unnamed government subcontractor who claims he joined secret service agents and a few u.s. military specialists at a san salvador strip club for a night of heavy drinking and partying with escorts. the secret service says it takes issue with some of the basic facts of the report, but will assess and follow up in an appropriate manner. >> they've gone through their records and there's no trace at all, no indication that anything occurred on that trip, based on all the official records. >> reporter: the pentagon declined comment to nbc news. and state department spokesman
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victoria nuland tried to tread lightly when answering questions. >> and what a subject to be talking about on bring your kid to work day. >> we'll try to turn this down to a g-rating. >> parents, perhaps if we could explain all of this later? >> reporter: now earlier this week, the secretary of defense, who is traveling in brazil, was asked by reporters there about reports last year about three u.s. marines, and one embassy staffer who apparently pushed a prostitute out of a car after a dispute over money. the secretary of defense acknowledged the incident and said all of those involved have now been punished. in the meantime, there are reports this morning that woman is planning to sue. natalie? >> all right, kristen welker with the latest there at the white house. thanks, kristen. three american service members have been killed in a bomb attack in eastern afghanistan, this just days ahead of the one-year anniversary of osama bin laden's death. meantime, a federal judge has rejected a request to release photos and video of the terror leader taken during the raid that killed him last year. and this morning in
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copenhagen, danish intelligence arrested three men they say were armed and preparing to carry out a terrorist attack. former liberian president charles taylor has become the first head of state since world war ii to be convicted of war crimes by an international tribunal. taylor was found guilty of crimes against humanity for his role in the blood diamond trade and mass atrocities during the civil war in sierra leone in the 1990s. taylor faces sentencing next month. the house votes today on a republican bill that would keep the interest rate on millions of student loans from doubling in july. to cover the nearly $6 billion cost, republicans would reduce a fund created by president obama's health care law. a california man lucky to be alive after a propane tank in the back of his pickup truck exploded while he was in line at mcdonald's drive-thru. four people, though, were injured in that blast. unbelievable. and on a much, much lighter note, live from new york, it's "30 rock." the sitcom performed a live show
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twice last night, once for the east coast, and again for the west coast. and in it, brian williams and alec baldwin parodied the 1960s nbc anchor team of david brinkley and chet huntley, acting like they'd never seen a female correspondent before. >> look, honey, you have a dynamite shape but you're going to have to shut up and let a man tell us what's happening there. now, is your father or a policeman nearby? >> now where did you find that microphone, sugar mouth? was it just like on the ground? where is jamie garnett? >> this just in to nbc, male news reporter jamie garnett is missing. >> wow, how far we've come. for those of you on the east coast, though, you saw jon hamm sitting in for brian, and the star-studded cameo, paul mccartney appeared in the east coast version and kim kardashian for the west, along with a gaggle of favorite "snl" alumni. big hit. did really well. 7:11 right now. back to ann, carl and al. a night of good laughs.
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>> one day we're going to do this show live. >> don't get any big ideas. >> right. >> all right. mr. roker, tell us about the weather this weekend. >> i'm going to be played by keenan thompson. let's see what's going on. we had a risk of strong storms today firing up in the midwest. denver, north platte. we had tornado warnings earlier this morning in parts of eastern colorado. rainfall amounts, basically about an inch or so, stretching from just south of bismarck all the way into hastings, nebraska, omaha, as well. rest of the country, expect windy conditions here in the northeast. may cause some air travel delays. beautiful weather through the gulf into southern california. look for some showers well, it's a cool start to the final day of the workweek, but we've got a nice rebound with a sunny finish. i'm meteorologist christina loren, temperatures in the 70s today. 71 for livermore, 63 in san francisco, and 69 degrees today
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in oakland. your bank of the west seven-day shows you we're going to be climbing through tuesday. sunday and monday dropping off a touch in temperature and more clouds wednesday and thursday, maybe a few showers friday of next week. >> that's your latest weather. ann? >> al, thank you. police in tucson, >> that's your latest weather. ann? >> al, thank you. police in tucson, arizona, are now checking lakes and ponds near the home of the 6-year-old girl who vanished from her own bedroom one week ago. nbc's miguel almaguer has the latest on this investigation. miguel, good morning. >> reporter: ann, good morning. police say every day in this case there are new leads. some have brought them here to the home of isabel, others have led to exhaustive searches. but through it all, there remains plenty of hope. at the little league field where isabel celis played just hours before she vanished a week ago today, hope and optimism the 6-year-old everyone called isa will come home safely.
7:14 am
>> our thoughts are always with is and our thoughts are with the family and they're worried and heartbroken. >> reporter: a few miles away, a sheriff's team on special boat equipped with sonar and underwater cameras searched a local lake for several hours, but found nothing. >> i think we'd be remiss if we didn't search all those areas that could possibly be a location that hides evidence. >> reporter: thursday, isa's father was in court, sergio celis pled not guilty to misdemeanor leash law charges after his dogs wandered away from the family home. celis did not speak to reporters, and was escorted out of court by police. >> if we didn't provide some type of escort and security to get him in and out quickly, that would have disrupted the court operations. >> reporter: a day before, isabel's parents broke their silence. >> and we will never give up. we will never give up looking for you. >> reporter: police say her father and mother are fully cooperating. friends stand behind them. >> there's a lot of questions, you know, more questions than answers, obviously.
7:15 am
but i know sergio and his wife had nothing to do with this. >> reporter: isa was last seen by her father sleeping in bed friday night. saturday morning, he told saturday morning, he told police she was gone, the window open, the screen pushed aside. but police have never called the case a kidnapping. instead, a suspicious disappearance. the family home is surrounded by a five-foot wall. dogs are often in the yard or in the home. police have named no suspects. >> i understand people may get frustrated. they want to know what we know. but reality, we need to keep some of the things we know close to our vest and under cover, because that may be what helps us break the case later on. >> reporter: the search for isa now nearly a week old. the little girl who vanished from her bedroom without a trace. police and the fbi are poring through thousands of pages of questionnaires that have been filled out by local neighbors. they say it's one tip that could break this case wide open. ann? >> all right, miguel almaguer, thank you so much. dr. casey jordan is a criminologist and justice and law professor at western connecticut state university. dr. jordan, good morning. >> good morning, ann. >> you study these kinds of cases.
7:16 am
just how often does a stranger abduction like this actually happen? happen? >> very difficult to actually put statistics on it, because so many of them remain unsolved. so we don't actually know if someone close to the family or an absolute stranger. but when we look at those cases, typically, fewer than 10% to 20% of these cases are an absolute stranger. most of them are going to be linked in some way to the family or someone in the inner circle. someone who has access to the home, a neighbor, but not an out of the blue stranger who just so happens to, for instance, go through a window and steal a little child. >> you talk about going through a window. there was a wall around this -- this house, a five foot wall, and there were dogs on the property. so, in addition, so what scenarios might explain what might have happened to this little girl? >> well, there are three obvious possibilities. one is that little isabel climbed out the window herself, wandered away, ran away and perhaps that's why they are going and looking in lakes and ponds as a last-ditch effort to rule out the idea that she may
7:17 am
have wandered off. the screen being removed from the window is the number two theory that it could be an abduction. the idea that somebody actually went in through the window. we know in the case, for instance polly klaas, it was a stranger went into the home. the third possibility is it someone in that circle, family, neighbor, someone who knows isabel, and her disappearance has been staged to look like an abduction by having that screen removed and the window wide open. neighborhood dogs barking at 6:30 in the morning and male voices. i think this is what the police are pursuing, right now that it's either an abduction or staged to look like one. >> on that last potential scenario, four days after her abduction we were able to hear from the parents as we just saw in the piece and the news conference, what was your impression of the parents? >> well, the mother appeared to be very genuine in her hyperventilating when she spoke. but remember that both parents spoke from a prepared statement. the father extremely emotional, almost angry, but no tears.
7:18 am
and the biggest key is that he is assuming that it is a kidnapping abduction. the police don't agree with that. he said tell us what you want, tell us your demands, when it seems illogical that anyone would kidnap a child and make demands on a family that has limited means. >> does it raise any red flags to you that in the middle of all of this the father was brought to court on dog leash charges? >> well, animal control, i don't know whether the citations were before or after isabel disappeared. but remember that an fbi behavioral analyst has been brought in. they're looking at the behavior of the family in this moment of crisis, and for mr. celis it's business as usual. he went to court to address that arraignment. and they're probably looking at wondering why didn't he ask for a continuance and say that he was so emotional he could not go to court at that time? he showed up. >> dr. casey jordan. thank you so much for your per intellective. >> good to be here, ann. >> it is now 7:18. once again here's carl. >> ann, thanks. on a lighter note sunday marks the one year anniversary of the duke and duchess of cambridge
7:19 am
and what a year it's been for the young couple, especially for kate middleton. michelle kosinski is at buckingham palace. good morning, michelle. >> for kate it's hard to imagine life changing more virtually overnight. she's now the future queen of england. royal watchers say their popularity has surprised even will and kate themselves, in their first flawless year since that kiss here on the balcony. days away from the first anniversary, cameras always sneaking at kate's middle and trying to, and what she's drinking. water again. she and william dote all over. a baby. they both love children. >> he likes me. >> reporter: and while not parents yet, the hands-on pair has come a long way since that sweet nervous walk. almost immediately kate wowed the world.
7:20 am
uncommonly laidly-like, understatedly glamorous. she sparkled in canada. and america. then her solo appearances. much more confident. and personal touch. >> celebrity obsessed red carpet fever it's quite nice to have a rising star who isn't a showoff and isn't too extroverted, who just goes about her business being quietly confident. >> reporter: a decade older than princess diana when she married, kate is more independent. after diana's first year, she was pregnant. but some strain was also starting to show. kate has a queen herself as a mentor. and with william, a power couple, but also a love match. >> a member of the royal family the other day was staying they have allowed the queen to see over the rainbow. she can see that when the crown
7:21 am
passes on through the generations, it is in safe hands. >> william and kate may walk the red carpets, but still have a cottage in wales. kate does the shopping. cooks dinner. >> their chemistry is an absolute delight. >> reporter: bringing an unexpectedly infectious mix of energy and normalcy to quite possibly the most extraordinary life imaginable. they will celebrate this first year of marriage in private. and what first anniversary would be complete without barbies in one's own image and likeness. although some of the guys in our office were a little disappointed it didn't come with that cool convertible they drove in right after the wedding. carl? >> you can send that to me at 30 rock, michelle. thank you very much. michelle kosinski. just ahead, a couple blasted for not giving a 3-year-old boy a baseball that was tossed into the stands. but his parents say there's more
7:22 am
to the story. we'll talk with them. but first, this is "today" on nbc. [ girl ] my mom always tells me:
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good morning, everyone. the time is 7:26. i'm jon kelley. we have new information in a s.w.a.t. standoff we are following in san jose. christie smith out there just spoke to police. what can you tell us? >> good morning to you, jon. right now s.w.a.t. teams are trying to make contact with a man who has been barricaded in a home for more than five hours now here on cleveland avenue. i'll step aside so you can see a little what's going on. they set off flash bang grenades but they say he's still inside that home that started with a 911 call of a stabbing victim outside of that home. he was taken to the hospital, a 51-year-old man who later died. he refused and they initially had information they're making threats with them when they were not cooperating. but now they're not sure if he has those guns or not or his relationship with the victim. there are three schools in the
7:27 am
area. i spoke with police, he says that they're still open, but they have been notified as to what is going on. reporting live in san jose, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. we'll, of course, keep you updated on that all day long. right now, we want to update your weather outside. christina loren telling you about beautiful sunshine. >> beautiful sunshine, jon. courtesy of high pressure moving in today, tomorrow, and sunday. we actually peak in terms of our warmth. today we're talking about 70s, 80s return by tomorrow, and you're going to get some fantastic weather to hit the beach both saturday and sunday. 80s inland means upper 70s right at the coast. in fact, i'm forecasting about 80 degrees in santa cruz on sunday. for today, the coolest of the next 72 hours, 70 in san jose, tomorrow, 80 degrees, giants on nbc tomorrow night. a look at the tri-valley. despite two accidents on the shoulder now having cleared from lanes, no additional slowing through pleasanton. a 19-minute light friday drive
7:28 am
through that portion of 580 westbound. slowing out of castro valley and southbound 880 into union city out of hayward where speeds are dipping into the 40s past the san mateo bridge. coming down through fremont and then the south bay, northbound slowing, especially 280 around the 880 interchange, jon. but no drama down here on those freeways. it's friday. back to you. >> we like drama-free fridays. for the latest updates, check nbc bay area on facebook. back in half an hour with another update. ♪
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oh, my god, they can't give it to the kid? >> that was the scene at a texas rangers baseball game on wednesday night when a 3-year-old boy had his heart broken when he didn't catch a ball tossed into the stands. well, the couple that did catch it was ripped by the announcers for not handing it over. but this morning, the boy's parents say the video doesn't tell the entire story. we're going to talk to all of them coming up in a live interview this morning. it is now 7:30 on a friday morning. the 27th of april, 2012. i'm ann curry with carl quintanilla. thank you for joining us. >> nice to be here. it's happened to all of us, during family time, dinner time, you get an annoying call from a telemarketer, so you sign up for the do not call list but the calls keep coming. this morning we're going to track down one company some consumers say is behind some of those calls. >> uh-huh.
7:31 am
and the plot thickens. and then, the ohio mother who's been under fire for the way she's dealt with her 13-year-old daughter's bad behavior. we've been reporting she changed her daughter's facebook page using this picture, but some people say this public humiliation crossed the line. what does she have to say for it? she's joining us this morning for an exclusive live interview. later we're going to talk to the people involved in this prank that's gone viral when a guy dressed up like a burglar to scare his girlfriend and her friends. and you know, we've been talking about this. i mean ient dough what -- some people think it's hilarious. some people think it's just dangerous. anyway we're all going to be in our studios to talk about this. he's got some explaining to do. >> we begin this half hour with new details in the search for a missing ft. bragg soldier. police have released the last known picture of the 23-year-old woman, nbc's thanh truong is in fayetteville, north carolina. good morning. >> carl, good morning to you. that photo, which you'll see in
7:32 am
just a moment, shows exactly what the 22-year-old army private was wearing the night she disappeared. it's the latest development in a case that shocked and baffled this entire community. it's the last known image of kelli bordeaux just hours before she simply vanished. wearing black shorts and a pink tube top, kelli took the photo of herself before she went to froggy bottoms bar for a night of drinking and karaoke. >> this photo is a true and accurate depiction of how she was dressed and what she would have looked like. >> reporter: police won't reveal how they got the photo, or whether kelli sent the picture to anyone after she snapped it on her iphone. they're searching for that iphone and any trace of the 23-year-old army medic who disappeared after leaving the fayetteville bar. >> the pink top, the black shorts, the flip-flops, the iphone, if you live in these neighborhoods around here and you find something like that, call the police department. >> reporter: on thursday, more than 500 volunteers joined police in the largest search yet
7:33 am
for kelli. nicolas holbert, a registered sex offender who lived in a tent behind the bar, told investigators he gave kelli a ride home and that she insisted he drop her off at the apartment complex's entrance. place say it's unclear if she ever made it home. >> to be honest with you, i don't know. and it's very emotional to go through something like this. >> reporter: kelli's husband says he was visiting his parents in florida the night she disappeared. >> we loved each other and cared about each other. you know, she would do anything for me. and i'll do anything for her. just give her back. i mean, i want my wife back safe. i want her back. >> reporter: he, and kelli's family, have their doubts about nicolas holbert's account. he is now in jail, charged with failing to report his address. a requirement for sex offenders. >> i don't think she ever made it back to the apartment. i don't want to speculate but obviously i don't -- you know, i
7:34 am
wouldn't take him at his word. >> reporter: holbert is not a suspect in this case, which so far doesn't even have a person of interest. but there is a dogged determination to find kelli. >> if she can hear me, we will find you. your family loves you, your friends love you, your battle buddies love you, and to those who are responsible for this, we're going to find you, too. >> reporter: police haven't released much about their investigation, but they do say that most of their detective work leads them back to searching that heavily wooded area just north of the bar. yesterday's search turned up nothing new. tomorrow marks exactly two weeks since kelli bordeaux disappeared. carl? >> nbc's thanh truong in fayetteville, north carolina. thanks. now let's get a check of the weather from al. >> all right. good morning carl. and wow, we've got -- we've got the haywood high school.
7:35 am
where is that? >> in tennessee. >> you guys are performing here? >> yes. >> terrific. congratulations. that's great. let's find out where you will be after your weather. the jet stream now getting a trough developing out west, and also we've got a strengthening trough in the northeast. that means chillier weather there. but, in the midsection of the country, in between, we've got a big ridge so it's going to be hot. dallas, san angelo, oklahoma, anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees above normal. laredo, 102. then you get in the northeast, look at these temperatures. man, windy in burlington, 43 degrees, buffalo, 46. hartford, 55, 10 degrees below normal. pittsburgh 4 be 52, 13 degrees beau normal. well, we rode out that storm. and now we're going to get beautiful weather for the weekend. good morning, i'm meteorologist christina loren. starting today the 70s return,
7:36 am
lots of sunshine. mid-60s today in oakland and san francisco. by tomorrow, we're up to 80 degrees inland, that means 76 in the city and then sunday, peak warmth 82 degrees, inland, great beach day. by monday, holding on to the low 80s and cool you off just a touch tuesday through thursday. don't forget you can only get your weather any time of the day or night go to the weather channel on cable, or online. ann? >> all right, al, thank you. this morning on rossen reports, telemarketer tactics. a growing number of people are complaining about receiving calls even when they say, stop calling me. "today" national investigative correspondent jeff rossen did some digging about this. good morning. >> you said this happens to you. >> totally. >> ann has stopped answering her home phone. don't even try it. it is annoying to all of us, you're eating dinner, the phone rings, it's a telemarketer trying to sell you, i don't know, an alarm system, a credit card, anything. so you sign up for the federal do not call list, and they are supposed to stop calling. it's the law.
7:37 am
but officials say more and more telemarketers just aren't listening. this morning we tracked down one of the companies, that may have called you. inside this unmarked office in dallas, texas -- >> this is an amazing opportunity. >> reporter: -- telemarketers are hard at work. >> this is matthew j. calling you back. >> reporter: it's big business with apparently a big payoff. that's the boss' bright yellow ferrari parked out front with the license plate "earned." we caught up with him outside. jeff rossen from nbc news. just have a couple questions for you. his operation, not the only one making telemarketing calls. companies from texas to the philippines dial millions of numbers every day. trying to get you on the line. >> don't miss the boat. press 1 now. >> they're irritating. >> it is urgent that you contact us concerning your eligibility for lowering your there rates. >> they just won't stop calling. >> hello. >> reporter: and jim just wants
7:38 am
to screen getting calls like this almost daily. and he says even more out rage krous. >> we are on the do not call list. >> reporter: how's that working? >> not working very well. >> reporter: and it's getting worse. federal officials say telemarketer complaints were up by 600,000 last year alone. >> i've told these folks i'm not interested. my numbers are on the do not call list. i don't want you to call me again. >> reporter: here's the bottom line. if you sign up for the federal do not call list, it is illegal for telemarketers to call you. if they still want to call, they need your written consent. >> the ftc has seen an uptick in the number of do not call complaints. and we are doing everything we can to put an end to those illegal telemarketing operations. >> reporter: which brings us back to this anonymous office in dallas, where a company called vms does business, a growing operation that does telemarketing and sells alarm systems. they now have locations in rhode island, and texas, as a history of consumer complaints.
7:39 am
vms says if someone asks them to stop calling think apologize and stop calling. but -- >> they have all of my numbers. they're calling every possible combination of numbers that i have. >> reporter: this woman, a consumer advocate says, vms called her so many times she sued them. then what happened? they called her again, and she taped it. >> and you're calling with vms alarms in warwick, rhode island? >> right. >> okay. why are you calling me? i have a class action lawsuit pending against your company for these unwanted calls because my number's on the national do not call registry. can you explain that to me? >> i'm not exactly sure how that works. >> reporter: not sure how it works? by law, vms should know. they've been investigated for do not call list violations in two states. so we went to the president of vms. i'm jeff rossen from nbc news. just have a couple questions for you. there are a lot of complaints about your company, people who are on the do not call list keep
7:40 am
getting called by your company and your telemarketers, they even tell your operators to stop calling and yet they still call. how do you explain that? >> i have no comment. >> you've actually settled with the attorney general of two different states, you pay penalties, yet it keeps happening it seems like. why is that? >> that's wrong information and i would like you to correct that through the attorney general themselves. if you really checked. >> reporter: we did. and here's the paperwork straight from the ags themselves. in pennsylvania, his company admitted to violations of the state telemarketer act, and paid $28,000 to settle. in kentucky, vms denied any willful wrongdoing, but paid $20,000 in penalty. do your telemarketers ever call people who are on the do not call list? >> nope. >> reporter: it doesn't happen? >> unless they opt in for the information. by law, if you opt in in writing, you can call me. >> reporter: vms says look, we don't call people, unless they ask us to call them. >> i did not give them my information. >> reporter: those people tell us that they've never given out their personal information.
7:41 am
>> well, if you give me names of those people, i'd be more than happy to provide the information. but until then i have no comment. thank you for your time. >> reporter: so we provided vms with names, but jay gotra drove off in his ferrari and declined to give us the information, citing ongoing litigation. the federal government is cracking down on telemarketers who break the law. they've now sued 85 companies, and collected 68 million dollars in penalties since 2004. today, there are 209 million phone numbers on the national do not call list. it's really easy to sign up. full disclosure, i actually wasn't on the list until doing this story. took me about 30 seconds to do it which means it'll take you about half that time. we have more information on our website, you can also click on rossen reports and give us a story you want investigated. >> i think i'm going to sign up today. jeff rossen, thank you. coming up next, a couple vilified for not giving a crying 3-year-old boy a baseball that
7:42 am
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back now at 7:45, with the uproar over an incident at a texas rangers baseball game involving a 3-year-old and the couple sitting next to him. we're going to meet that boy and his parents in a moment. but first, their story. this video went viral thursday after a texas rangers baseball player tossed a foul ball into the stands at the rangers/yankee game. the ball fell to the ground, and a couple got it, as the little boy sitting next to them, glove in hand -- >> my god, they can't give it to the kid? >> reporter: -- burst into tears in his father's arms. >> that's awful. >> reporter: new york yankees announcer michael kay cried foul, as the proud couple posed with their ball. >> actually like rubbing it in the kid's face. >> reporter: in less than 24 hours the video was everywhere. >> there was controversy at last night's texas rangers/new york yankees game. but it wasn't on the field. >> reporter: but down in texas,
7:46 am
3-year-old cameron didn't seem too upset thursday. his parents, shocked the story had become national news. >> we didn't think it was going to be a big deal. but then when i was driving to work i heard on the radio, and then all day we've been getting texts and phone calls from people saying they've seen it from -- we have friends in north carolina, washington, and they're telling us that cameron is on tv. >> reporter: cameron's parents don't blame the other couple at all. >> i felt sorry for cameron and for the other couple. because they were made out to be such horrible, cold-hearted people. and i just don't -- i didn't get that impression there them at all. they were very sweet. they talked to cameron a lot. >> reporter: in fact crystal shore said the other couple offered to give cameron the ball when they realized he was upset. his mom said no, seeing it as a life lesson for cameron. >> i never once thought oh, they should have gave him the ball. we're trying to teach him that he doesn't get everything every time. >> reporter: in the end, cameron did get his own ball when someone from the rangers team heard what happened and threw him another one.
7:47 am
turning his frown upside down. and that 3-year-old cameron shores with us now along with his parents kyle and crystal. good morning to all of you. he's got a mean swing, we can see that. crystal, walk us through what happened. because a lot of people have seen the video, and obviously are upset at that couple. you're not too upset, why? >> everybody at the game is a rangers fan. we understand you catch a ball, you want to keep the ball and that makes sense. so, i don't -- i didn't think they were being mean or doing it on purpose. like i said, they were fans, and so they were just trying to enjoy the game, as well as we were. >> and kyle you say the couple actually talked to cameron throughout the whole game, eventually they offered the ball to him, once they realized he was upset. do you think all of the negative reaction aimed at them is fair? >> no. i think -- i tried to shield when cameron got upset there for
7:48 am
about a batter or so we tried to calm him down, quiet him down. i turned my back to them. i really don't know if they knew what was going on. some of the other fans behind us did. but beside us for some reason, i think the noise didn't carry that direction. so he didn't -- so i think it was a little unfair to these guys. >> and crystal, you're not that upset that he didn't get that particular ball. why not? >> no, he's 3. so we're kind of at that stage where he thinks he gets everything and anything. and so we're trying to teach him, you know, sometimes you don't get what you want and you just move on and learn from it and keep going. so you know, we were just trying to use that as an opportunity to talk to him about, you know, maybe next time, and there's still time in the game and stuff like that. >> kyle, that couple, shannon moore and sean leonard. it was their first ranger game together, they're going to get married tomorrow, if they're watching right now, what do you say to them? >> well, i hope it's the start
7:49 am
of a great marriage, and sorry that his reaction, he's very animated, and i think the camera seemed to catch that and omit some of the other stuff. hope this is a 24-hour deal and it goes away for them. >> crystal, did he really sleep with that ball last night? >> oh, yeah. he slept with that ball, and he's always slept with his glove at night, but now he sleeps with the ball and the glove all night, yeah. >> well, the rangers scout from watching, i think they've got a phone call to make. kyle, crystal and camera shores, thanks so much. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> and still ahead, the guy who pranked his girlfriend and her friends by pretending to be a masked intruder. we're going to talk to all of them. today, we stand against the tyranny of single mile credit cards. battle speech right? may i? [ horse neighs ] for too long, people have settled for single miles. with the capital one venture card, you'll earn double miles on every purchase, every day!
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7:53 am
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police on the lookout for a yellow taxi in the east bay after a cab ride gone very, very wrong. the cab driver picked up three people at the bay point b.a.r.t. station last night and took them to an apartment complex in antioch. when they arrived, mpolice say the passengers forced him into the trunk of his own cab and a short time later they dropped him off in oakland and took off in the car. we do have the license plate number 8z2-7362. if you happen to see this car, police want to warn you they do want to be informed, but also add that the people inside are considered very armed and dangerous. well, right now, let's check out the weather right now. christina loren here to show and tell. >> a beautiful day shaping up, jon. good morning to you. take a look at this spectacular sunrise over the city by the bay. you can't find a cloud in this picture. we do have lingering high clouds. but full-on sunshine in the forecast for today and just about all weekend long as high pressure moves in. and brings our temperatures up
7:57 am
into the 70s. today even warmer tomorrow and then we max on sunday with temperatures in the mid-80s in the warmest cities across the bay. for today, breezy conditions, we're talking about the 70s. tomorrow, mid 80s, and sunday, might even see a couple of 90s in the warmest cities. for today, you'll need that light jacket to start, be uh peel it off by about noon and tonight, don't forget, giants 7:15, comcast sports net bay area. >> and after you leave the giants game, remember doyle drive is closed if you're accessing the golden gate bridge, take that detour down geary. we're looking over here the east bay, pretty easy drive. gentler build. it's friday, we'll go look at the south bay also slow. oakland, a shot past the coliseum, no delays there, and across the bay, the san mateo bridge. folks avoid the bay bridge and the golden gate bridge. >> great advice, mike. be sure to check out nbc bay area on facebook. back in half an hour with more local stuff. hey guys, breakfast!
7:58 am
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8:00 now on a friday morning, the 27th of april, 2012. a chilly day in the northeast but our crowd does not seem to mind. we're really glad they're hanging tough with us this morning. pretty large crowd, if i may say so. we're going to talk about the ohio mom that created a firestorm for the public way she punished her 13-year-old daughter. >> she changed her daughter's picture on facebook and used this picture to do it, putting an x over her mouth. ent too far. would she do anything differently? this morning she is here for an exclusive live interview. >> that's right. also, we have been showing you on this broadcast this videotape that's been posted of a
8:01 am
boyfriend dressed up like a burglar to scare his girlfriend, her sister and another friend, and as you can see, pulled it off. well, this morning they're all in our studio. we will find out if they think it is as hilarious as he does. >> and we started telling kids it's not okay to cheat, cheating is wrong, but what happens when natalie puts a group of teens to the test? we'll find out and more importantly, their parents will find out. >> let's go inside to the news desk and check in with natalie. good morning. >> good morning, everyone. the attorney for trayvon martin's family is demanding that george zimmerman's $150,000 bail be revoked. the attorney says zimmerman misled the court at his bail hearing last week by failing to disclose that a website had raised more than $200,000 for his defense. zimmerman's own attorney acknowledges that bail may have been set higher if the judge had
8:02 am
known about the money. zimmerman's attorney informs the judge about the funds at a hearing today. passengers were quarantined for more than two hours thursday because of a health scare aboard their delta flight from detroit to chicago. health officials in surgical masks boarded the plane to investigate a possible case of monkey pox, a rare viral disease. well, they gave the all-clear after determining that the passenger at the center of the scare, a minnesota woman returning from africa, had bug bites, not monkey pox. the mother of murdered university of virginia lacrosse player yardley love has fired a $30 million civil suit against her daughter's convicted killer. love was found dead in her off-campus apartment in 2010. her one-time boyfriend faces sentencing for the crime in august. a crime caught on tape was so horrible, the suspect's own father turned him in after seeing surveillance pictures. a teenager snatched an elderly woman's purse with such force,
8:03 am
as you see there, it toppled the wheelchair of her 96-year-old friend, breaking her ribs. the 19-year-old is charged with strong-arm robbery and aggravated battery. now for a look at what's trending today, our quick roundup of what has you talking online. thursday's first round of the nfl draft is dominating google searches. among hot topics, andrew luck, the number one overall pick. the indiana colts drafted him to replace peyton manning. and this video trending on youtube shows one father's fun way to keep his kids occupied on the way to school each morning. ♪ >> they all know the words. dad says the family starts singing as they pull out of the driveway and they arrive at school just as the song ends. ellen degeneres has an
8:04 am
audiobook version of "50 shades of gray." >> he grabs me suddenly and yanks me up against him, one hand at my back holding me to him and the other hand -- oh, my -- i'm not going to say that. i'm just going to add sound effects, if that's okay. apologize. well, i don't think you should use a spatula for that. >> ellen eventually admitted that maybe she's not the best person to be reading that kind of book aloud. 8:04 right now. let's go back out to ann and carl. >> that was fun, thank you. >> it's going to be a big movie not too long from now. >> so we hear. the sound effects, i'm sure. let's go to al for a check of the weather. >> with sound effects? >> yes. that's what ellen was talking about. >> well, one of the great sounds when i was growing up, betty boop and her voice, she's 80
8:05 am
today? >> 80 tomorrow. >> that's terrific. happy birthday to her. remember when she used to co-star with popeye. happy birthday. let's see what we've got today. pick city of the day, midland, texas. sunny, hot, 93 degrees today. looking at a lot of wet weather making its way out of new england. we've got some severe weather making its way out of the eastern colorado intoen test. we're going to have good weather this weekend as well. good morning, i'm meteorologist christina loren. weather headlines tell the story. five to eight degrees cooler than this time yesterday. sunshine, a little breezy today. we continue the warmup through
8:06 am
the weekend. 70 in san jose, tomorrow, touch on the low 80s inland, upper 80s in some cities, warmest day sunday. monday, cooling down a touch. keeping sunshine fully in effect. wednesday and thursday, add more cloud cover, maybe showers next friday. >> that's your latest weather. ann? >> all right, al, thank you so much. coming up next, the mother who's taking heat for posting this photograph on her 13-year-old daughter's facebook page to punish her. we're going to talk to that mom coming up exclusively. [ male announcer ] we imagined a vehicle that could adapt to changing road conditions. one that continually monitors and corrects for wheel slip. we imagined a vehicle that can increase emergency braking power when you need it most. and we imagined it looking like nothing else on the road today. then...we built it. the 2012 glk. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services.
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back now at 8:10 with the ohio mother who faced criticism for the way she publicly disciplines her 13-year-old daughter on facebook. we're going to talk to her exclusively in a moment. but first, "today" national correspondent amy robach has her story. amy? >> carl, good morning. denise abbott says she'd had enough of her daughter ava's back talk and when traditional punishment failed, she decided to try a more modern method. denise abbott describes her daughter ava as a very outgoing, social and self-confident girl. but like most teens, ava has her moments of acting out. >> she was actually rude and disrespectful to me in front of three of her friends. >> reporter: when the back talk continued, denise decided she needed a punishment with a little more punch. she created a new profile picture on ava's facebook page and under it wrote, "i do not know how to keep my -- the red "x" is meant to finish that sentence.
8:11 am
i am no longer allowed on facebook or my phone. please ask why. my mom says i have to everyone that asks. >> i think you do have to mix -- definitely mix the old and the new types of discipline. >> reporter: but just as ava's behavior was put to public scrutiny, so, too, was denise' disciplinary tactic. >> i have received a lot of criticism. but, still i don't think that i would have changed what i did at all. i think that she definitely learned a lesson from it. >> an ohio mom has raised eyebrows for the way she dealt with her daughter's disrespectful behavior. >> reporter: and after denise's story aired on "today," more than 7,000 viewers voiced their opinions in our online survey. an overwhelming 77% supported denise's creative punishment. even so, parenting expert dr. janet taylor thinks a teaching moment might have been missed. >> just like we don't want our kids to embarrass other kids, as parents we don't want to embarrass our children. >> reporter: although ava is
8:12 am
still grounded, she seems to be taking her punishment all in stride. in a letter addressed to hoever is reading this she wrote, it's not embarrassing to me at all, i don't think a lot of people should be as judging as they are being towards the whole situation. it was my mom's way of grounding me and it's like any other grounding. i don't see why it's this big of a deal. now ava's facebook privileges are still revoked but her profile page has been changed back, showing a smiling ava, and no "x," with the message, forever young. carl? >> amy robach. thank you very much for that. denise abbott is here for an exclusive interview this morning. denise, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> so a week ago you're a suburban mom, and then a few days later you're watching ann curry read headlines about you on national television. did you think you were going to spark this kind of reaction around the country? >> absolutely not. you know, never in a million years. >> walk us through what happened. you were driving her around. >> right. >> on a friday night. >> right. >> and she was giving you a hard
8:13 am
time. >> right, exactly. >> about what? >> she wanted to go see where some of her friends lived, she had three friends over and, i was not going to the right place. i was not going the right direction. i was driving too fast. i was driving too slow. i shouldn't have slowed down in front of this house, one instruction after the other and i told her three times, you need to stop. stop, i'm going to take your friends home. you need to stop. and she didn't. and we got home, and i told her, you're in trouble. might not be right this second but you're in trouble. >> so, you got sent over the edge. when did you get the idea to do this? were you mad? were you trying to get even? what was your -- >> i was trying to think of something that would impact her. so that she would know what it felt like to be embarrassed in front of people, and to be treated like that. i think you need to have empathy to understand a situation. >> what was her reaction when she first heard about it. you told her. she didn't see it first. >> i told her about it. >> you said why don't you go on facebook and look to your page. >> i said you have to respond to everybody who asks what
8:14 am
happened. you have to tell them what you learned from it. you can't copy and paste. they all have to have a complete answer addressed to that individual person. >> didhe are you serious? no, i can't. i can't do all that typing. but she did. she willingly did it, and gave everybody the answer. she still has a few more to go. but i think she's up to about 35 right now. >> you saw the reaction online. 77% basically backed you up. >> mm-hmm. >> but there are those who say, look, punishing is one thing, humiliating them is another. >> right. >> you don't see this as humiliation at all? >> i don't know. you know, when we were growing up in school, if you got in trouble in school, you know, you go to the board, you have to write 100 times, i will not pass notes in front of your class mates. it's the same -- you were not humiliated then. in gym class if you couldn't run, they would still make you run in front of all your friends. and it puts you in a position that if you do feel that humiliation or you are embarrassed you're more likely to be empathetic and not put somebody else in that position. >> a couple months ago tommy
8:15 am
jordan shot up his daughter's laptop. posted that on youtube. that was also a big story. he actually got in contact with you. >> he did, yes. >> what did he say? >> he said if that's how you want to parent, be strong, and stick with what you think is right for your child. and that's what i agree with. i don't think it's for every child by any means, i don't everybody should do it. but you just have to know your kid, and know what gets through to them. >> you think she's learned her lesson. >> oh, definitely. >> you've taken the picture down because you were getting to get some strange friend requests. >> right, right. or it would have still been up. >> and she's 13. so you're not done. >> she's going to be more. right. >> you think you'll try something as creative as this next time? >> probably not. >> denise abbott. thank you for coming in. >> thank you very much for having me. >> important parenting story. up next a harmless prank or did he go too far? we'll talk to the guy behind this video, and the girl he scared right after this. hush little bunny don't say a word. we used to be enemies, but that's absurd. a nibble on your ear used to keep me up all night. now our relationship can be nice and bright.
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8:19 am
gone viral of a guy who decided to play a prank on his girlfriend and her friends by dressing up like a masked burglar. when they walked into their apartment he came out of the bedroom and gave them the scare of their lives. his name is george, he's joining us this morning along with his victims, girlfriend, ducana, her sister camellia and their friend. good morning to all of you. >> good morning. how are you? >> how are you, george? on behalf of women everywhere, what were you thinking? >> i'm not sure what i was thinking. i just needed to get a good prank on my girlfriend. i know they're kind of scared of a burglary. >> so you knew that they were scared of having a burglar in -- anywhere in their home. >> yes. >> so you did purposely decided this because of that? >> yes, i did. unfortunately for them. i'm sorry. >> i'm glad somebody here is laughing. but you know, you know, but first of all i should probably ask you, because you are a prankster. i mean, this is not a prank. you didn't set this whole thing up, you know, the videotape
8:20 am
itself. you're not pranking us by having taped this and you -- you were not in on this? >> no. >> you're not at all in on this? >> no. >> what was your reaction then, when you discovered this masked man, who apparently has come along with this mask this morning, jumping out of this room in your apartment? >> well, i was really scared. so like seen in the video, i was running, everyone was running, and we were wearing heels or whatever. but afterwards when we came out i seen him and i'm like oh, it's george. i died laughing at that moment. >> you started laughing? >> right afterward when i seen him come towards us. >> really? >> yes, just outside. >> because you knew george was a prankster. >> yes. >> he's done pranks before. >> you weren't laughing so much. >> no, i was crying. >> you were crying. >> it was particularly upsetting to you, why? >> at first i was not frightened. i was like everything like i was not aware of what is happening. i, if you ask me now, i will
8:21 am
probably not be able to. but once he was saying that was george, that was george, and that's the moment that i -- i was crying like -- >> i cried for ten minutes. >> you were angry? you were frightened. what was the emotion? >> i was basically just scared. i just -- i was like probably happy that i am still alive. >> uh-huh. you really terrified. why are you laughing? sorry. i'm going to hit you. what do you think? you were there. >> yes. i was there. and it was so scared, and like i was so angry. and like i had said mixed feelings. >> you started hitting him? >> yes. >> with violence? oh, my god! >> and you're telling me that -- like one of my questions was how long was he in the dog house? but -- this -- >> right afterwards when i see my sister crying she got really like sad, whatever, i thought maybe that was really mean and then i got really upset with him.
8:22 am
>> oh, i see. so then after he stopped laughing -- oh, my god, this is serious. she's crying. >> i heard some of them wouldn't talk to you for two hours. so now are there any ground rules they've got for you now that you can't -- >> so far they didn't set any ground rules. i don't know why. >> what are the ground rules? >> i did some ground rules with him. like watching scary movies, and i was just like paranoia and i was like oh, my god. please don't do anything bad. >> are you repentant? >> i will say maybe. >> an apology? oh, man, why i ought to. you're a very lucky man that you've got a girlfriend who's going to put up with you, i'm going to tell you that right now. thank you so much, all of you. and now, here's carl. >> ann, thanks. according to research, 85% of
8:23 am
high school graduates admit to cheating on a test. but would your kid do it if they thought no one was watching? natalie's here with more from her eye-opening "dateline" series "my kid would never do that." >> good morning to you, carl. with the help of some willing and very brave parents once again, we put some kids up to our hidden camera test, and what we saw is a lesson for all parents. >> with the click of a button you can get the answer that you want. >> everyone cheats at one time or another. >> reporter: "dateline" found some parents who agreed to put their kids to a cheating test. >> we need your help, trying to develop this new show. >> reporter: these kids think they're trying out for a pop culture quiz show. we planted two actors to cheat. will the real kids join in, or speak up? >> number 6, i think it's "b." i think it's "b." >> i put "d." >> sasha joins the conversation with the cheaters. they keep chatting.
8:24 am
>> hold on. >> and watch what sasha does now. >> oh, my gosh. >> like he was the one only. >> then our actress pretends to discover the cheat sheet we planted. >> oh, these are all the answers. >> and instead of protesting, sasha appears to be celebrating the group's good fortune. >> oh. >> i'm very uncomfortable about it. but, he'll learn from this experiment, that's for sure. >> as the teacher comes in to say what they did is typical for kids their age. >> you are not in trouble. okay? so everyone take a deep breath. >> well, sasha and all the other kids we tested obviously good kids, and they just got caught up in the moment. what we saw from our testing, what research shows us, it's not that the kids are more dishonest these days, rather they are feeling more pressure than ever to get good grades. this say tall order for parents, when schools and parents relax about grades and they focus more
8:25 am
on the learning and less about the grades, carl, then studies show the cheating goes down. >> it's a great series, natalie. and it's not done. discrimination coming up next week. >> discrime nation next week. such a powerful hour and really, really important to sit down with your kids and watch. >> thank you so much. you can see more of natalie's report sunday night on "dateline," 7:00, 6:00 central time right here on nbc. just ahead, a couple married for 72 years dispensing marriage advice online. we'll meet them after your local news.
8:26 am
good friday morning to you. 8:26 now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. expect lots of extra traffic this week in san francisco. the main approach to golden gate bridge will close tonight. starting 8:00, doyle drive closes for demolition. monday crews will open a temporary alternate route approaching the golden gate bridge. toll drive has been around as long as the transit. they say it is not seismically safe. the project will be complete in 2016. it will be well worth it. meanwhile, traffic is a nightmare. >> the project complete in 2016. doyle drive, you'll have access again monday morning. south bay, slow. it is friday. later build and lighter commute. still building northbound
8:27 am
directions. westbound 580, 17 minutes. a few earlier accidents at pleasanton, haven't caused problems. slowing through caster valley. heavily 238 north, 880 north and southbound 880 through hayward and the san mateo bridge. for the latest traffic and news updates, check out nbc bay area on facebook. we have another local update in a half hour. have a great friday morning.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:30 now on a friday morning. the 27th of april, 2012. and take a look at a beautiful picture from downtown manhattan. you're looking at the statue of liberty there in the distance. as our cameraman does a beautiful pullout. and as our happy crowd is gathered here in rockefeller plaza on really what's turning into a pretty day. the sun is now made an appearance. so all this good news. coming up this morning, three
8:31 am
secrets to a great marriage from a couple that really should know. because they've been married for a long time. >> 72 years. >> wow. >> can you believe that? now they're an internet sensation because of these videos they posted online by their grandson. we're going to hear some of their marriage advice. >> they were giving advice to their grandson as he was about to get married because they couldn't go to the wedding. >> oh. >> and it's really cute. >> that's so sweet. >> also, it started off with the cosby show, and then we had shows like friends, and seinfeld, and many others. well, the stars of those shows are sharing their story and their secrets by the man -- in a book by the man who master minded all. we're going to talk about warren littlefield and a longtime staple of thursday nights, star of will and grace, debra messing. >> and then a little bit later on sean goldman, he was the boy at the sender of the international custody battle for five long years, he was in brazil. he is now speaking out for the
8:32 am
first time since he was reunited with his father. now 2 1/2 years that they're back together. we're going to hear more from sean and david goldman. >> pretty good to see him. although we want to mention that we've got a pretty big week coming up next week, because next week matt has an exclusive interview with bobby brown, the first since the death of his ex-wife whitney houston and some people really might be very surprised about what bobby brown has to say. and also coming up next week we've got ryan o'neal, who's recently announced that he has been battling prostate cancer. he's going to be live in our studio monday to talk about just how he's doing. we also have a new memoir about his troubled relationship with his children, and also his longtime love affair with farrah fawcett. so also coming up. >> can't wait for that. >> right now a check of the weather from al. >> all righty, let's see what you got for your weekend. saturday, windy and cool in the northeast, rain from the mid-atlantic states right on into the mid-mississippi river valley, where there's a slight risk of strong storms. wet weather in the pacific northwest. sunny and hot in texas and into
8:33 am
the southwest. sunday, sunday, morning showers along the mid-atlantic states. heavy rain, mid-mississippi river valley. beautiful weather out west. four corners, southwest, up into -- pacific northwest. plenty of sunshine and going to be nice and mild there as well. good morning to you. good-looking day shaping up. weather headlines tell the story for today. we will see mostly clear start as a result. 5 to 8 degrees cooler than yesterday. sunshine today, a little on the breezy side. a nice day shaping up. we continue to climb into the upcoming weekend. 71 san jose, 71 livermore. tomorrow, 80 degree weather. 82 for sunday. we hold onto the 80s as we start the work week next week. then some clouds come in, showers end of the week. latest weather. now let's head on down to orlando, florida, and say hello to the big pie man himself, uncle willie scott. uncle willie, i like pie.
8:34 am
>> hi know you do. and if you were here, just the smell drives you crazy. it is so beautiful. and we have almost 1,000 contestants competing in this crisco american pie council contest. first of all, a birthday for our birthday buddies. lizzie ackerman, dodge city kansas. she's right there where all the big old westerns were. 10 3 years old today. she loves to cook. bake. uses crisco i'll bet. father stephen adrian from sun lakes, arizona. 100 years old today. been with the order for 70 years. and do we love him. and we have a pie friend here. michelle stewart if you would come forward. >> hi. >> i believe we met last year. >> we did. >> and when i met you last year, i got you married. is there anything i can help you with this time? is something happening? >> just promoting the book and we're here today to celebrate pie and that, you know, great
8:35 am
pie crust starts with crisco. we're here to celebrate crisco today. >> crisco is so mild that women used to put it on their faces. >> yes. >> i've always asked for a lemon pie. i hate to confess this is the first time i've been to his contest in 100 years, never had a piece of pie. >> oh, come on. >> no, i'm serious. >> lemon meringue pie. >> mm-hmm. my goodness. hallelujah. >> a little more? >> i'd like more. and you've got a book coming out. >> it's out called "perfect pies." >> and you're in norwalk, connecticut. >> yes. >> we love you so much. >> we love being here. >> you've been so good. and we've had more fun, and as i say, lemon does that. anyway, we've had more fun with good old crisco. 101 years old. >> back to you. >> willard, thanks. up next, marriage advice from an adorable couple married for 72 years, who've become a big hit online. but first, this is "today" on
8:36 am
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back now at 8:38. this morning on "today's marriage council" one couple's secret to a great marriage. kenny and thelma have been married for get this, 72 years. so when their grandson recently tied the knot, they wanted to record a video to share some advice with him, and it was posted on walk and has become very popular. here to discuss it is the author of "the self-centered marriage" and dr. judith sills is a clinical psychologist. good morning to both of you. we're going to listen to some clips in just a moment. overall you get the impression that this couple keeps things very basic. is this a secret to being married for 72 years?
8:39 am
>> oh, they also seem to be very playful, as well. it is very basic. you know, if you have this basic understanding of commitment and love for each other then it's easy, right, to have fights occasionally. it's easy to, you know, do things like this, and be playful about it. old couples are like old trees. you know. they're like a vanishing species. >> right. i love that old couples are like old trees. >> let's use them as a resource and get to their, one of their tips, there, there are three that they're going to talk about today and they have five on this tape. the first one has to do with arguing and this is how thelma and kenny handle it. take a listen. >> you don't argue with each other. if your wife -- >> i don't argue with you. >> no, you do argue with me. >> no, you always pick on me. but we never -- >> if i didn't argue with you, and if i didn't fight you, we wouldn't be there together for how many years? >> 72 years. gonna be. >> but here we are. the two of us together.
8:40 am
>> we went to bed happy. after our fights. >> that's because we were tired of fighting. >> okay. so there's a lot of lessons in that. >> there's one big lesson, two strong people make emotional space for each other. it's not what they're saying. she speaks. he speaks. and they laugh about it. she says, you didn't need me to pick on you. >> and he said, you know you do, and we go to bed happy. >> i love that they are talking about not fighting and they're arguing the whole time. i think it's a hallmark of great couples, they are able to represent themselves. he's like, no, actually you do pick on me. all right. even though they've been married this long time they're able to represent themselves but in a loving, playful way. >> that's exactly right. and forgiving. all right, let's take a look at what thelma says is another trip, to recommend spending time together. let's take another look.
8:41 am
>> travel. go to as many places that you can to be together. and you got to watch your husband, though, because on one of the trips -- >> what? >> in italy, i remember -- >> oh, yes. >> kenny was flirting with a -- one of the ladies at the-ish >> at the pool. i was surprised she had -- >> she didn't have a top on. and there he was standing over her like she died. >> i together somebody take a picture of me. >> oh, my lord. >> now this is -- this is the most important thing they have to teach. which is, you know what? there's a little juice between them when your guy notices someone you react. but you don't have to go crazy. you can get in on the act. he's human. i think i'll be part of that and get a cute picture. i love that. but she remembered 50 years later. >> they're still talking about it. >> what i love about it is great couples are not afraid of the
8:42 am
fact that you're sexual beings and you're attracted to other people. they're not afraid of it. in fact if my wife comes to me and says hey this guy hit on me. i feel privileged that she's sharing that with me. if she doesn't share that she's keeping a secret. >> she knows kenny was not going back to the bar with that woman. that's what makes it work for 72 years. >> one more tip, we've got time for just one more, that's on how to keep a clean house. >> always keep a clean house. make sure that your laundry is done, that your kitchen is clean, and this, too, would help you in -- >> wait a minute. why don't you tell him that i throw things on the floor because -- it falls on the floor and you yell at me very much. everything. you dropped something. pick it up. don't do this. don't do that. >> but you have to wait for me to tell you to pick it up, kenny.
8:43 am
>> i don't know i drop it. >> the take away from this is, it seems to be, they're really communicating directly, and very honestly with each other. >> and they're not afraid to be uncomfortable. right? they're making this video that they know is going to be shown at their grandson's wedding. and he says but wait a minute, you need to tell them that you yell at me. >> the truth. and indirectly, too. they're also saying she's saying i make the rules, i set the standards. and he says i let you do that but every so often i drop something. she says okay, that's okay by me. >> you know, it's such a pleasure to hear from people who've been married a long time. i think that's -- especially the way that this video ends, which is a toast, and a kiss. >> they kiss. passionately. and it's beautiful to see. >> that's something to see online. thank you so much. it's been fun to watch this with you. coming up next, the stars of nbc's must-see tv open up about
8:44 am
one of the greatest eras in tv history. but first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪ strea-ea-ea-ea-eam ♪ stream, stream, stream... ♪ strea-ea-ea-ea-eam ♪ stream, stream, stream... ♪ when i want you... ♪ my arms... ♪ when i want you... ♪ ...and all your charms... ♪ whenever i want you, all i have to do is... ♪ [ female announcer ] introducing xfinity streampix. stream your favorite movies and full seasons of shows instantly on any screen. find out more online.
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back now at 8:46 with an inside look at what was once the night to watch tv. "friends," "cheers," "er" and "seinfeld" were just some of the iconic shows that made up nbc's thursday night must-see tv lineup. warren littlefield was in charge of nbc entertainment at the time. now he's out with a new book called "top of the rock: inside the rise and fall of must see tv." and also with us this morning, one of nbc stars debra messing. good morning to you both. >> good morning. >> it's a fantastic read, warren. and you've got stories from 55 people, 55 interviews, but i don't think a lot of people know about. how did you get people to get over maybe their hesitation to participate? >> i have to tell you, carl,
8:47 am
it's really pretty easy. the era of must-see tv was a pretty great ride for everyone. so we had the good fortune to discover debra and when i went back and said, debra, let's talk about "will & grace," let's talk about what we went through with a bottle of vodka, a rainy night, and i'm begging you to come to do "will & grace." somehow debra was willing to relive that. so it was -- it was a pretty phenomenal period of discovery for so much talent to go back and read that in "top of the rock" everyone was up for it. >> there is clearly a special place in your heart for "will & grace" and you almost didn't take the role, debra. can you talk us through your decision at that point? >> that's true. i had just wrapped a very popular abc drama called "pray." of course nobody has any idea
8:48 am
what i'm talking about. but i was exhausted. so at first it was just, i can't get out of bed. then my agent said, we are messengering a script to you. as soon as i read the script i said okay, i have never read anything like this before. but i was really hesitant because the thing that made it so exciting, which was this has never been done on tv. we have never seen a lead character, a gay lead character on television and we have never seen that relationship before. and i -- i was concerned that it was not going to be portrayed in a way that i would feel comfortable with. up until that point in television, all the gay characters were supporting characters. >> sure. >> and were funny. they were the clowns. and i wanted, you know, to be a part of something that was -- was going to embrace him as a leading character, and i didn't want to be the pretty girl. i wanted to be funny, as well. >> it must have been an amazing
8:49 am
time. "friends," another interesting story. you run into jennifer aniston at a gas station. she's had a series of failed pilots. she asks you, is it ever going to happen for me? and we all know it did. >> you know, it will never happen for her. it was -- it was quite a night. we put jennifer aniston on the air playing ferris bueller's sister. and we thought, oh, my gosh, she's delicious. she is wonderful. did a couple of really bad pilots with her. and i looked at her that night on sunset boulevard and said, god, i hope it happens. please, hang in there, it will. and when we had "friends" just a few months later, we had a little difficulty. she had actually signed on to do a series at cbs, and we had to take her in second position. we did the pilot that way. and she still wasn't available. we had to go in to series production, throwing millions of dollars at risk, and we sti
8:50 am
did not have the rights to go forward with jennifer. >> i want to ask you about "cheers," "seinfeld," miserable first seasons. >> yes. >> they were given second chances and they flourished. is that possible today? could those shows take root today? or has tv changed? has the world chged? >> it's a more competitive environment an ever before. but, you know, i think this minist now, at nbc, respects the viewer. andhat's what it really ces downto. >> "smash" is aoodxam in >> "ssh" wildly entertaining, got debra. ty important. and -- and i think that bob green blat is really saying, this ask something i believe in. that's what we did. we asked ourselves with "cheers" do we have anything better? and the answer was, we didn't. "seinfeld"? disastrous. disastrous research. so we picked up other things first.
8:51 am
but ultimately, we couldn't let it get away. those shows became signature shows for nbc. and lasted for a decade. >> debra, warren, thank you so much. it's a great read. congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> the book is "top of the rock" warren littlefield and debra messing. thank you so much. we're back in a moment, this is "today" on nbc. [ girl ] my mom always tells me: if you want something done right, then do it yourself. that's the idea behind our children, our future -- the ballot initiative to fix our schools. we've waited years for the politicians to do it. now, we can do it ourselves. our children, our future sends every k through 12 dollar straight to our schools...
8:52 am
not to sacramento. it benefits every kid in every school, with local control of the money. that's why the p-t-a supports it. my mom likes it, too.
8:53 am
back now at 8:52 with technology that's allowing people to share music all around the world without ever leaving home. here's nbc's miguel almaguer. ♪ >> reporter: the rhythm of teacher and student, playing in perfect harmony -- ♪ >> reporter: 1300 miles apart. ♪ >> awesome. definitely a lot better. >> reporter: this is how jerry and anna work with half a country between them. >> this is a completely different paradigm shift as far as online education, online learning and music lessons in general. >> reporter: the duo is connected through computer software. skype allows them to see and hear one another.
8:54 am
>> hey, that was a lot better. >> reporter: while a small cable connects their piano to their computer. with broadband their instruments communicate. when jared plays a few bars in california -- ♪ >> reporter: -- the keys on anna's piano in south dakota move on their own. >> it is like him sitting right there next to me. this was the best experience i could have possibly had. >> reporter: anna, a miss america contestant, found jared after hearing a song he composed. she reached out for permission to play the piece at the beauty competition and he offered to work with her as she prepared. >> she took a situation where she needed to find education that was beyond what she was able to find in her geographic area. so we started working to the one-on-one. >> the fact that we would be able to train together, over the internet, when he's in california, and i'm in south dakota, was amazing. >> reporter: jared was an early pioneer to internet.
8:55 am
you used the technology to perform for thousands who have literally never seen him play. >> playing in front of an audience has a certain dynamic to it. but there is something nice about doing long-distance performances. >> reporter: sold for about $70, internet mini can exhibit most computers and key boards anywhere. anyone can use it. even people who have never played the piano before. ♪ that may not be beethoven. but for other musicians, the technology is music to their ears. for "today," miguel almaguer, nbc news, yucca valley, california. >> and as for ann and her teacher they finally met in person when she performed at the miss america pageant back in january. coming up, just ahead, a tour of some great homes all across the country for under $250,000.
8:56 am
good friday morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. all yacht racing suspended this morning, following a deadly accident nearly two weeks ago. the boat crashed near the fer lon islands. four more are missing and presumed dead. racing will resume once the investigation into what went wrong is completed. let's check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> we made it through the storm.
8:57 am
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back with more of "today" on this friday morning. the 27th of april, 2012. it's a great getaway weekend here in the northeast. and we're very happy these fine people decided to get up early and hang out with us in our neck of the woods. i'm ann curry alongside carl quintanilla in for matt, we've got al roker and savannah guthrie joining us this morning. talking about this really crazy story, a scare for passengers aboard a flight from delta -- detroit to chicago, a delta flight. the plane was quarantined on a chicago runway for hours it was boarded by hazmat officials wearing hazmat suits. it's all a misunderstanding.
9:01 am
>> also sean goldman speaks out. he was the boy as you remember at the middle of the international custody controversy that we covered extensively here on "today." a new jersey father's five-year fight to get his young son back from his wife's family in brazil. this morning for the first time sean talks to meredith about his time in brazil and what he didn't know about what his father was doing at the time. we'll also have a live interview with sean's father david. >> sean also practicing world peace's moves. also ahead in "today's real estate" from beautiful sunlet porches to grassy backyards, barbara corcoran is taking us on a tour from ohio to georgia, homes for $250,000 or less. you will be shocked at what you can get. >> it always is amazing. as long as it's not in the new york area you can get a good deal. also in "today's beauty," working with what your momma gave you or what the good lord gave you. whether you're fair skinned or
9:02 am
olive tone, fine lines or dark splotches, we have makeup tips for every kind of face coming up. >> all right. now, however, let's get a check of the top stories from natalie at the news desk. >> hey, you guys, good morning once again. good morning, everyone. a website to raise funds for the legal defense of george zimmerman has raked in more than $200,000. the neighborhood watch volunteer faces second degree murder charges, but says he killed unarmed teen trayvon martin in self-defense. zimmerman's attorney informed a judge about the funds at a hearing today. zimmerman was released from jail this week after paying 10% of his $150,000 bail. but his own lawyer says that bail amount may have been higher if the judge had known about the funds he had raised. a health scare on board a delta flight kept passengers quarantined on the tarmac for almost three hours. nbc's kevin tibbles has the very latest from chicago. kevin, good morning. >> well, it was some high anxiety here at midway airport yesterday as these passengers on
9:03 am
the plane were told that one of the passengers may have a virus called the monkey pox, which is very similar to smallpox virus. this passenger was traveling back to the united states from a visit to africa. as it turns out, she said to her mother on the phone that she had been bitten by bed bugs. and that one of the children that she was planning to adopt, who was still in africa, had some kind of a skin rash. the mother seems to have sort of confused all of this, the mother called health officials, the next thing you know, this plane was quarantined on the ground here at midway airport. cdc officials came on board with masks and hazmat suits on, and at the end of the day, all the passengers who were very patient on this flight, they were all allowed to let go once the story was all straightened out. but for a few hours here on the ground at midway, it was quite a tense situation. natalie? >> they'll all have a story to tell. kevin ticks at midway airport.
9:04 am
three american service members have been killed in a bomb attack in eastern afghanistan. this just days ahead of the one-year anniversary of osama bin laden's death. meantime a federal judge has rejected a request to release photos and video of the terror leader taken during that raid that killed him last year. new allegations of misconduct overseas have the secret service investigating a trip to el salvador back in march of 2011. reports have emerged claiming that agency employees hired strippers and prostitutes ahead the president's visit to the central american nation last year. the news comes just days after homeland security secretary janet napolitano assured lawmakers that the prostitution scandal in colombia was just an isolated incident. and the big bear on campus is back where he belongs. a 200 pound black bear scaled a tree thursday at the university of colorado boulder. he stayed up there for about two hours until wildlife officials brought him down, gently there you see on that little floaty. with tranquilizer darts.
9:05 am
the bear was tagged and eventually released in the nearby mountains. does not look like a good fall. five minutes past the hour. let's go back out to al with a check of your weather. >> all righty. thank you so much, natalie. got some friends here from tuscaloosa, and i know you're celebrating the one-year anniversary of that super outbreak tornadoes, hope everything's going well there. everybody getting their act together. let's see what we've got as farf as your weather today. we are looking at some strong storms in the midsection of the country. nothing quite as bad as a year ago. we are going to see some showers moving in to coastal pacific northwest later today. slight risk of strong storms in the mid-mississippi river valley. few showers in northern new england. plenty of sunshine through the gulf coast with a lot of heat through texas. the heat is not quite on, but it will be warmer today. good morning, i'm meteorologist christina loren. tomorrow might be a little too
9:06 am
hot for people inland when temperatures reach the 80s. today, mid to low 70s. 75 in gilroy. saturday, 82 inland. a little warmer sunday. then as we kickoff next week, things start to change just a touch. we cool you down, add a little more cloud cover, maybe showers thursday into friday of next week. hope you have a great weekend. >> and that's your latest weather. natalie? >> al, thank you. now to the story of sean goldman, abducted by his mom to brazil, and then finally handed over to his father david, after a five-year, international battle. at the time we could only guess what he was feeling. but now, in an exclusive interview with meredith vieira, the boy caught in the crosshairs of all the controversy opens up about his confusing ordeal, and all of its painful repercussions. he was at the center of a case that sparked such an international firestorm it reached the highest levels of both the u.s. and brazilian governments. at the age of 4, sean goldman was abducted to brazil by his
9:07 am
mother and abruptly cut off from his father with no explanation of why. when he was 8, his mom died. but even then his brazilian family tried to keep him there. never telling him that his distraught dad had been fighting all along to bring him home. nobody told you? nbc chronicled his dad's five-year struggle. traveling with him to brazil on many of the 15 trips he made, trying to get his son back. watching as the bitter legal wrangling took its toll. >> why won't they just let me go home with him? >> but sean had no idea how hard his dad was fighting. and when his brazilian relatives were finally ordered to hand him over, sean just looked bewildered and terrified. you were a boy. >> 9 years old. >> reporter: that was two years ago. since then, as father and son have tried to heal, david has fiercely guarded sean's privacy. but now, in an exclusive interview for "dateline," sean talks openly about his confusing
9:08 am
ordeal and all its painful repercussions. did you understand what was going on during that period at all? >> no. from what i remember, i was confused. >> reporter: in what way? >> like, what's going on? where's my dad? >> reporter: it must have hurt you, then, to be that confused and not know what was going on? >> well, yeah, but i didn't want to be like a loner so i had to kind of tuck the feelings away. and try to live with -- >> reporter: with the situation? >> with the situation, yeah. >> reporter: is that what you did, do you think? tucked the feelings away? >> yeah. >> reporter: but even now, as the little boy who learned to suppress his feelings re-establishes his bond with his dad, his family in brazil is still fighting for him. you almost make this look easy and i'm sure it hasn't been. the past couple years. >> not at all. well, the past couple years kind of, because my dad has been very
9:09 am
helpful. but the five years weren't -- >> reporter: what's the difference? tell me what made the five years hard versus now. >> now, i have a guide. >> reporter: a guide? >> my dad. he's a guide. and i don't know how to explain it. it's just this bond. that's why he is easier, because i have my dad. >> and david goldman joins us now. good morning, david. good to see you again. >> good morning. >> i know sean's at school today. >> yes, he is. but i see a little boy who's really grown up a lot in that time. and able to really express himself. why did you want him to speak out now? >> well, he wanted to. just to get it off his chest, and say what he needed to say, and then let's go back and be a little boy again. and he really wants to be an example of what needs to happen, and that's return these children back to their rightful parents, their rightful countries, and we have to stop international child
9:10 am
abduction. in the last three years alone there's been nearly 5,000 new cases with american children abducted across international borders. >> right. >> and he's suffered too much. i've suffered too much. and these children right now, as we're sitting here, are suffering, and so are their families. >> but he's taking up the cause that you have been so passionate about, as well. >> in his own way, yes. he's the proof. i mean these judges, they keep these kids before they make a ruling for a year and they say, yeah, we recognize the child's been here illegally for a year, abducted but now they're settled. we won't return them. and sean is living proof that the children need to come back home as quickly as possible, as it is in the hague convention. >> i was wondering as you were listening to sean talk about how during that time when he was in brazil he said he was confused. and he was wondering where his dad was. where you were. >> california. >> that had to be really hard to hear that. what emotions were you feeling? >> you know, it was very painful. the first time i saw him after
9:11 am
nearly five years in brazil, he looked at me, and asked him, where i had been all this time. >> mm-hmm. >> and, you know -- >> because he didn't know the fight that you were waging here to get him back. >> no. and it wasn't his job or position to know the fight. his job is to just be a little boy, and now going to be a 12-year-old boy. but it is very painful. he was told that i didn't love him, i abandoned him, i never wanted him. then he became afraid to even ask, because there was the answer that he got were just too painful. so he had to just succumb to the abductors who are very manipulative and narcissistic and very cruel. it's a form of child abuse. >> there is still a legal battle being waged on two fronts. here in the u.s., as well as brazil. and brazil, sean's grandmother and his stepfather are appealing the decision that allowed him to come here in the u.s. and she's also filed a suit here in the u.s., and that is either saying she's appealing a ruling which denied her request for visitation.
9:12 am
and she says that her human rights are being violated because she hasn't been allowed to visit with her grandson. what do you want to say to that? >> well, she's been around from the beginning when sean and i returned, before she started these lawsuits, we tried to open up a dialogue and communication on how she can participate and take a good role, as a good, healthy role in sean's life. and that would include meeting with his therapist. and recognizing that he has his dad. and essentially they sued me here for custody. they wanted liberal vacations with him. liberal this. and how can i trust these people knowing that as we speak, they're filing suits in brazil to get him back, and if we didn't have the highest levels of this government, and millions of people in our country who i'll be forever grateful for advocating on our behalf, he would still be there right now, as an abducted american child. >> she is speaking out, i should say, talking about this episode of "dateline" saying, hearing sean and what he's saying, she thinks it's cruelty. she thinks it's an exhibition. what is your reaction? >> i think an exhibition was when they paraded my son through
9:13 am
the streets in brazil the last day when he was supposed to be handed off to his dad, coming back to america. who's cruel and who's an exhibitionist? just review those clips of that scene, what they dragged sean through the streets. >> meanwhile, sean's doing great at a new school now and he's adjusting well? >> yes, he is. he's an honor student. he's on two baseball teams. we have our little nucleus of my three sons type of family. >> you're engaged to be married to wendy. >> yes. >> your fiancee. and she has two boys as well. >> yes. >> so got an instant family now. >> we're doing the best we can just to be, you know, normal. normal. that's all we want. we want our kids to be happy. we want to just be normal, typical american family. >> move on with your lives. >> and move on with our lives. knowing our role is to help those. help get these other families reunited. we have a new bill that passed -- >> that's right. and i'll just mention that really quickly. we're running out of time. the sean and david goldman child abduction and prevention return act of 2012. so that's going to congress now.
9:14 am
>> yes. >> good luck with that. >> thank you, natalie. >> thanks again for being here. >> thank you. >> great to see you as always. david goldman. and again the book out now, by the way in paperback, it's called "a father's love: one man's unrelenting battle to bring his abducted son home." and you can see more of meredith's exclusive interview with sean goldman tonight on "dateline" at 10:00, 9:00 central time here on nbc. coming up next, if you're in the market for a new home, we've got a sneak peek at some open houses for $250,000 or less. and then a little bit later on, the secrets to getting an upgrade when you travel. ♪ [emale announcer ] irresistibly touchable skin hour after hour. ♪ it all starts with new 48-hour nivea extended moisture nivea. touch and be touched. now bring the world a touch closer. join our million moments of touch movement
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9:18 am
a lot of homes. norwood, ohio, four bedroom home at $214,900. >> norwood is like a charming city within a city. it's just 15 minutes from downtown cincinnati. and this 1900 victorian is like a little jewel box of a house. it has a covered porch, and how do you say that turret? that cone on top. >> it's a cone. >> the square entry has original hardwood floors and woodwork. you'll see the inside in just a moment. a charming hello, how do you do when you walk in. the living room has pretty stained glass windows and a nice tile fireplace. the dining room is separated from the rest of the house by an original pocket door and has a chandelier and orangele mantel on the fireplace. >> just imagine that all. >> the kitchen feels old-fashioned but it's light and bright. are we going to see that? oh, we're getting there. that's the dining room again. kitchen, light and bright. with stainless steel appliances and a door with a transom lighting leading to the back deck. the back of the house looks more
9:19 am
like a farmhouse. very green lawn and a simple patio just about the right size for grilling. >> let's go to pittsburgh, p.a. four bedroom house for $219,900. >> i'm going to talk slower now. >> no, no, no. we only got four minutes here. >> this is a neighborhood on the ohio river, just eight miles from downtown pittsburgh. this is a 1910 gem that fits right in. the whole neighborhood has houses like this. the entry has turned staircase with original wood he details. the living room has a gas log fireplace with a mirrored mantel and a brand-new joint job that sets off the white trim. the biening room has build floors, a built in china cabinet. the kitchen has been updated with tile floor and a back splash and the courtyard has a cabana and a stone wall planting bed which a lot of people like. easy to reach, all surrounded by a tall, wood privacy fence. >> let's go to hotlanta, georgia. three bedroom house, $225,000.
9:20 am
>> this is a cute 1920 house, in a family friendly neighborhood where the neighbors say good morning, al, how are you. and then they -- >> no matter what your name is. >> yeah, that's right. they would invite you to have a seat on the big front porch there, al, with the pretty white railing, the ceiling fans for warm summer day or night. the living room has dark wood floors and attractive crown molding and base boards. the breakfast area is warm and cozy with tile floors, a wood plank ceiling, glass doors to the back deck. a totally updated kitchen with a dramatic black cabinetry and the window. you know those cab nuts suck the light out of a kitchen but it works because of the window. and out back a large sunny deg and' flag stone pad yum. >> quickly, a four bedroom home in murfreesboro, tennessee. >> this community is surrounded by farms and wildlife. an old brick home with traditional feel outside and
9:21 am
open floor plan. the living room has cathedral ceilings and last of natural light. the dining room has wainscoting and crown molding. the master bedroom has dramatic tray ceiling, extra long windows and a pretty patio outbook with woods all over. the property taxes are only $110 a month. >> you could do the legalese for the car commercials. fantastic. barbara. >> thank you, al. >> nicely done. all right, barbara corcoran. have a great weekend. >> thanks so much. >> when we come back, helpful advice for moms and daughters.he [ sneezes ] ♪ [ male announcer ] it's happening right now at your local walgreens. pharmacists are going above and beyond... armed with expertise and advice... ♪ ...with one goal in mind... to better serve you... ♪ nothing will get between you and the care you deserve. find your pharmacist at
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good morning, everybody. the time is 9:26. i'm jon kelley. we have an update on developing news in san jose. a suspect is refusing to talk to police as s.w.a.t. teams surround a home in rose garden area. the man locked himself in a home and refused to come out after police tried to question him about a stabbing. officers say a 51-year-old man was stabbed in that home about 1:45 this morning. that man was rushed to the hospital, but later died. officers say they're not sure how or if the standoff suspect is linked to the stabbing. >> we're still trying to establish what the relationship is between the victim in the house and this individual in the house. >> officers are right now still trying to talk to the man, but he is not cooperating. streets in that immediate area around cleveland avenue are shut down because of that standoff. speaking of shut down, brace
9:27 am
yourself for extra traffic congestion in san francisco. the main gate to the golden gate bridge will be shut down. doyle drive will close for demolition. monday, crews will open a temporary alternate route approaching the golden gate bridge. doyle drive has been around almost as long as the bridge itself. transit officials say it is not seismically safe. in 2016. ect will be c2016. we'll have a look at your local weather and traffic after this break.
9:28 am
welcome back. now getting a spectacular look at the bay bridge. a beautiful shot. it is a little choppy on the bay. the breeze is picking up, but it is a sloping wind. brings the temperatures from 70s today into the 80s tomorrow. great beach weather as we head through the weekend. we usually don't get the great weather over the course of the weekend. enjoy it while it lasts.
9:29 am
we cool you off. first part of next week, we are clear. northbound 101 at the corner of the screen, shoreline amphitheater, some slow down. the rest of it all right. northbound 880, 101, southbound towards milpitas and by the coliseum, no major issues as you head to downtown. just some congestion. back to you. thanks. we will have more updates in a half hour from now. see you thep. ♪ [ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering.
9:30 am
i'm the new rock and i'm using what she taught me to survive, to go on, to care for my son. >> that's ryan o'neal after losing his longtime love, farrah fawcett, to cancer three years ago. and now, ironically, he's facing his own cancer battle. we're going to talk to him about a side of farrah we never knew and his troubled relationship with his children. that's ryan o'neal, monday, only on "today." >> look forward to hearing from him. also speaking of sometimes troubled or at least complicated relationships. one of the most difficult sometimes can be moms and daughters, even after adulthood. so we're going to have some really good advice how to navigate some of those times when it can be a little combative or competitive even when the child is all grown up. good advice. >> you guys have good relationships with your moms.
9:31 am
>> we do. >> we're very close. >> very lucky. but it doesn't mean that sometimes your mom doesn't make you a little crazy. sorry, mom. >> okeydokey. >> now we're getting to it. >> in "today's beauty" we're going to be talking about working with what god gave us. whatever complexion we may have we're not all created equal, whether dark toned, fair skinned. expert advice from the gorgeous mali. >> this is a truism, no matter what you make for dinner your kids will love it if you put it on a stick. all right. from beef skewers to pine am apples, even potato salad. maybe corn flakes is the limit. we're going to show you how to create some fantastic treats that will delight the kid in all of us. >> oh, that's right. >> and a story coming up this weekend on "weekend today," lester holt is going to report from los angeles. he's got a really interesting story on the 20th anniversary of the riots there sparked by the acquittal of the police officers in the rodney king beating.
9:32 am
lester will sit down with an exclusive interview with rodney king, also his fiancee, who happened to be juror number five at the second trial that arose from the incident. really interesting to hear them, and their perspective 20 years later. that's this weekend. >> 20 years. >> that's unbelievable. >> first al you've got a check of our weather. >> we start off with saturday, we're looking at a nice day in the northeast. windy and cool. but not too bad. sunny and warm, gulf coast into texas and the southwest. showers in the pacific northwest. cool in the western great lakes. wet snow and rain through the mid-plains. sunday, sunday, morning showers along the mid-atlantic coast. heavy rain, mid-mississippi river valley. sunny and mild in the pacific northwest. warm and hot as you get into the southwest on into texas, and the florida panhandle. well, it is already completely clear out there. good morning, i'm meteorologist christina loren. lots of sunshine, temperatures in the 70s inland today. san jose, 70 for you. 75 in los gatos.
9:33 am
forecasting about 68 degrees in san francisco, where the giants are back at 7:15 tonight. 58 degrees, breezy conditions. catch that on comcast sportsnet bay area. great beach weather, holding on to quiet, sunny weather all week long. >> that's the latest weather. >> all right, thank you, al. 30 years, 7 tony awards, the most famous little red-headed orphan who won our hearts is now heading back to broadway. >> starting this fall "annie the musical" can be seen right here in new york city. >> this morning we're announcing for the first time the star in the lead role, 11-year-old lila crawford. congratulations. you're in the fifth grade and you're going to be able to say you're a broadway actress. what's exciting about playing annie? >> well, i love the show. i love the music. and i love the role of annie. i'm so excited to work with the
9:34 am
dog. >> you've been training with sandy the dog, right? >> well, kind of. but we haven't actually found him yet, so i'm excited. >> you beat out 5,000 other girls for this role, role of a lifetime. how did you do it? why do you think they picked you? >> well, i think that i relate to annie well because i think we're both spunky. >> i bet you are. lilla crawford, congratulations. looking forward to seeing you on broadway. >> we are excited for you. we should mention in october al rok roker's production company is producing "annie's search for sandy." >> that's right. >> do you think we could sing a few notes? >> ready? >> three, two, one -- ♪ it's a hard knock life for us it's a hard knock life for us ♪ >> i don't know.
9:35 am
>> okay my broadway career was very short. >> you guys were great. >> we need to find another line of work. that's okay. >> that's great. the strong and silent type. >> we'll see you on broadway. >> thank you. >> still to come, the relationships between mothers and daughters and a whole lot more when we come back. [ male announcer ] at p.f. chang's, we serve more than starters. we serve igniters. and now, so can you.
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9:39 am
frightening dynamic than a mother/daughter dynamic. >> it goes from zero to 100 in about two seconds and back. and your head is spinning sometimes. it's a scary relationship. it's volatile. but it's a really very important relationship. >> gail, i met a lot of people who say i have a great relationship with my mother, i adore my mother, she's my best friend, would also say at some times i've had problems with my mom or there are tensions there. they're not mutually exclusive propositions. >> not at all. i think there has to be both. that's how you work things through. because if you don't have some conflict you're probably not honest about what's going on in your relationship. you can't be the clone of your mother. and that -- therefore, there are going to be disagreements. >> absolutely. >> really that's the bottom line. >> every relationship has that. >> you saids there always an element of competitiveness between mother and daughter. i got to tell you that surprised me. >> why? >> something i haven't experienced i guess, or i'm happy to say. >> or you don't know it exists. that's more likely the case. because you know, your mother is
9:40 am
your model. and you want to be like here in some ways. you want to surpass her in some ways and then the mother watches the daughter come up, right, and become as she ages out and there's going to be competition on both sides. >> let's get some tips. you have some ideas on how to improve your communication. one thing is the first step is to evaluate the relationship. who wants to take that? >> i'll take that. i think it's important to really know who you are and what you want out of that relationship and make sure that you see it as a priority in your life. even though it's a tough relationship, it is a needed and wealthy and heavy relationship. you've got to make it work. >> the next step, decide your wants and needs. >> you know, by that, i think you have to say, what is a want and what is a need? you really do need certain things. certain level of respect, certain kindnesses. but you don't -- you can't have everything you want. so i think it's all about empathizing. standing in the other person's shoes. knowing where they're coming from and that has to do with saying, i do need this.
9:41 am
>> and i think mothers and daughters want the same thing. they all want love, understanding and respect from each other. but you have to give it to get it. >> the next step is to discuss your expectations and that's when i hear, fight coming on. >> or perhaps tension, anyway. >> you know, i think that's because you have to know what your expectations are of the relationship. not my expectations of you, my mother. >> you're right. i wouldn't lay it out like these are my demands. that won't go over well. but, saying, you know -- first of all, if you always start out with a positive, you know, i value this in you. >> right. >> you really come from a position of strength. it really helps the relationship. so i think too often we don't let our mothers know what we appreciated about what they've done for us, our upbringing. if you start there, they're not going to be on the defensive and then you can move in with, these things are problematic and aren't working so well. >> last bit of advice i think is really key. resolve issues as they arise. >> please resolve. i mean that's what the book is about. using two chairs to show you where you are in a conflict. but you've got to clean it up. >> and if you let them fester,
9:42 am
that's when the passive/aggressive, silent treatments, you know, i'm blowing up at you for something that didn't happen now. >> those dirty looks. >> the dirty looks will happen. so hit it now. >> mother/daughter is not like fine wine, they don't get better with time. >> possibly not. >> dr. charles sophy -- >> of course with my three daughters it's wonderful. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. >> and coming up next, mothers and daughters listen to this, the r50i9 makeup for every type of woman and every type of face. coming ut r . i love cash back. with the bankamericard cash rewards credit card, we earn more cash back for the things we buy most. 1% cash back everywhere, every time. 2% on groceries. 3% on gas. automatically. no hoops to jump through. no annual fee. that's 1% back on... wow! 2% on my homemade lasagna. 3% back on [ friends ] road trip!!!!!!!!!!!! [ male announcer ] get 1-2-3 percent cash back. apply online or at a bank of america near you.
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9:45 am
a little richer. this morning on "today's beauty," putting your best face forward. we're all born with different skin tones and facial features, so makeup that may look good on your friends may not look so good on you. and celebrity makeup artist and creator of mally beauty, mally roncal, is here with some tips and tricks to enhance your best features. mally, good morning. >> good morning. >> always the basics.
9:46 am
foundation, eye shadow, mascara, blush, lipstick. other than personal preference it really is about complementing your skin tone and features. >> absolutely. you got it. that's what it's all about. and really celebrating that, as well. >> so this is gorgeous pearl. >> this is gorgeous pearl. love it, thank you. i have a little surprise for you. she, like i, we're asian. surprise! but here's the thing. when it comes to that sort of asian face, contouring is your friend. >> right. >> really learning how to work the contours of your face. go gorgeous features. >> lift those cheekbones. especially when it comes to eyes. we are known to have a flatter eyelid. so many people always say put eye had dough in your crease to open up your eye. well where is your crease. when you have an asian eye all you have to do is kind of feel. do you see where that little bone is. it's higher up. >> you got it. that's where you want to put the eye shadow. what that's going to do when you blend the eye shadow right under
9:47 am
that bone, you see how that just really creates that face and opens up the eye and makes you look more awake. >> and you kept the coloring very light and sort of neutral. >> exactly. exactly. >> is that by design as well? >> absolutely. of course you can also do this to kick it up in the evening. you can do it with darker colors. i feel like this is just a really great day look. it complements a beautiful face. >> so eyes and bone structure. >> you got it. >> perfect. >> cheek bones. >> okay let's move over to alicia here. more of the olive based skin tone. >> correct. >> what colors and what kinds of things should she be doing to accentuate what she is given? >> you know, we're breaking it down around here. and when you have an olive skin tone, you know when you're kind of stuck in the winter doldrums you tend to look a little, shall we say, green, okay? >> washed out. >> i'll say green. >> i can look a little green. >> exactly. so a little bit of blush is
9:48 am
always your best friend. use a foundation that will really warm your skin tone. but pink, peachy, coraly blushes are really going to be your friend. so put it right, smile, find the apples of your cheek. i call it the cinnamon bun in the method. little in the middle and blend it up toward the cheek bones. >> cinnamon bun method? i'm hungry. >> she looks great. >> beautiful, healthy and just a gorgeous lifting. >> okay. >> you look great. now over to yameet it's all about choosing the right shade of powder or even in this case it's more of a, i guess, a matte fier. >> it's a clear powder. what that's going to do, especially when you have darker skin tones, even if you're fair, even if you're super nicole kidman fair, translucent powder is the enemy and it really does make us look ashy, makes us look dry, makes us look older and sits in fine lines. this will matteify your skin and
9:49 am
make it look clear. even men can use it. >> if you're really shiny it will cover that up. >> exactly. it will smooth out the skin, make sure you look super, super fresh, poreless. translucent powder yucky, enemy. get rid of it. >> what other tricks are you using? >> use an eye shadow base. something that is really going to make the eye shadow a true color. because for me, when you put colors on especially darker skin tones they tend to get a little muted. so use an eye shadow base it will make it last all day and also it will give you that true color. >> and last but not least we have nina over here. a little bit healthier with bronzer. >> you got it bronzer is your friend, especially the summer months are coming, guys, let's get nice and glowy and healthy. the trick is to use a bronzer that doesn't have shimmer in it. you want to use a matte bronzer because that's going to make you look really natural. >> the right shade, right? >> exactly. not too orangey. you can use a couple shades deeper than your skin tone. no sparkle or you'll look like an orange disco ball.
9:50 am
and lip liner is your friend, as well. if you want your lips to look fuller use a lip liner that matches your lip tone exactly and just fill in, attack the cupid's bow. >> we have got lots of friends in makeup. thank you very much. >> coming up next, summertime favorites with fun food on a stick. >> yum!
9:51 am
9:52 am
this morning in "today's kitchen," what's on the menu? how about dinner on a stick. here to help us bring the outdoors in, linda hoffman. the host on univision. anything you put on a stick is great. >> anything is good. >> you call it the new chipotle. >> trust me, you'll be hearing it. it's a red peruvian pepper, not spicy. more flavorful.
9:53 am
very light flavor, fruity. it has -- i mean anything you put that on. >> garlic? >> 12 cloves of garlic. it sounds like a lot. that was oregano with little builts of cumin, vinegar and that's it. >> that's going to be your marinade. >> what kind of steak are we using? >> sirloin steak. generally meat on a skewer are done with organs and, we're doing it with beautiful sirloin. >> did you say llama? >> not as in the animal -- you can use chicken, you can do shrimp, anything goes good with the paste. the paste you can buy online anywhere. all you need to do is google nice peruvian chilies and it comes right to your house. instead of putting the oil on the grill pan so you smoke the entire house you just do it on the food. >> and you want to soak your skewers. >> you want to soak them so they don't burn. now we're letting it cook more or less four to five minutes on each side. >> i love this idea -- basically
9:54 am
you're making potato salad on a stick. >> mom's potato salad. except the new version. so we're cooking these beautiful honey gold potatoes. six to eight minutes only. they come in 24 ounce bags. you find them always -- >> do you cook them before you put them on the grill? >> par boil six minutes and grill them to get the nice char on them. here's the interesting part. i love this. we're taking some mayo, cup of mayo, dill pickles. we're just making the same potato salad your mom would make, one boiled egg, yellow mustard, just like woman today, a little bit of worcestershire sauce, tabasco and we've got onions and celery, and guess what? we've got some ready to go. >> thank goodness. here it is. >> now you're going to see how we brought the outside in. come this way. don't disappear. and see, look at my pot. >> yay! >> she did the vegetables separately. >> we did skewered vegetables for color. we can grill those, as well.
9:55 am
here's our beef and potatoes and if you'd like to try some, here you go. >> hi, ladies. >> and popsicles. >> and our chipotle popsicles with a little bit of lime with coconut milk and pineapple. fresh. >> they don't taste spicy. >> a kick of flavor. >> i like those. >> isn't that great? >> ingrid hoffman on univision. thank you so much. >> thank you guys. >> have a great weekend, everybody. coming up, the next time you travel.
9:56 am
good morning, it is 9:56. a father is now getting hate calls over a school cheating lawsuit. he says jack king was caught cheating and was ex-spelled from the class. brookhouse says the punishment is too harsh, even though his son signed a no cheating pledge.
9:57 am
he received several rude messages on his phone at work and is filing that lawsuit. the fight over a peninsula golf course home to two endangered species is on hold. shark park is owned by san francisco but on the san mateo coast. environmentalists say lawn mowing at the park endangers the california red legged frog and san francisco garner snake. the lawsuit is seeking to close that park. let's look at the forecast now with meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning to you, laura and to you at home. looking good. already seeing the 60s, sunnyvale, fairfield. upper 50s everywhere else. through the afternoon, we expect the 70s inland and we have a gradual warmup that lasts through the upcoming weekend. 83 december sunday. 74 at the coast. great beach weather. next week, not much changes. we keep sunshine and warm weather. more clouds wednesday and thursday, maybe showers thursday
9:58 am
and friday. let's check the drive with mike. the south bay had accidents in the last half hour that happened and cleared. 87 had been sticking around at almaden. that was causing a stir from 85 up, towards downtown the slow down clears and spreads itself out. top of the screen, 101, accidents clearing by shoreline. still a backup there. that will continue. southbound 880 to 237, some slowing, no accidents, but a jam. you see it in transition. meter lights are still on. thank you very much. for the latest traffic and updates, check out nbc bay area on facebook. another local update in a half hour. have a great friday.
9:59 am
10:00 am
captions paid for by nbc-universal television hey, everybody, it's try day friday, april 27, 2012. it's been a fun week with willie geist who's been filling in while kathie lee is off. >> as much as the show is to watch, people at home should know to sit in this chair, it's like the best. >> is this like riding in a t toboggen and flying down the hill? we thought we'd look back because you've been kind of lazy throughout the week and we don't really know what you've been contributing. anyway, we decided to compile it all in 55 seconds.
10:01 am
>> guess who's come to visit? our good friend willie geist is here. >> it is a long show. >> i can't drink it fast enough. chili's southwestern egg rolls. >> really good. one, two, three -- do it. >> why? >> that's disgusting. >> why? >> look who came to visit. >> yes. get out of here. ♪ >> how is it? >> drop the knee down untuck your toe. >> you are on to me. you have some moves. kind of. >> "dancing with the stars" with louie?
10:02 am
i love the look back at five days as if it were a lifetime in memorium, william geist. >> we wanted you to see all you'd done here. one of our topic today, we call it the bedroom wars. you share a bed with your husband, wife, lover, and there are certain things that come up and they did a survey and they wanted to find out what couple bicker over while in bed. the number one thing that couples argue over is stealing the duvet cover. that's the biggest one. the second one is snoring. >> i think that's our biggest problem. although i'm not aware of it. i sleep through it like a bear, my wife tells me. she punches me in the middle of the night. i think she's tortured. sometimes i bounce the bed -- it stops the snoring. you have a window and there is a panic to fall asleep in the tiny window of non-snoring.
10:03 am
>> it is a short-term solution. you try to roll them over, nothing else works. >> is that the most effective thing? >> the bouncing. there's really no good answer. somebody snores -- >> the other is one likes it cold and the other likes the temperature hot. >> you flip the pillow over and it's even colder? i think my wife likes the coal. the other variable -- the 2-year-old sometimes just appears in the middle of the bed. >> they say that's a big source of problems for couples. sometimes one person in the couple wants the baby in the bed. >> no, neither of us want the baby in the bed. but sometimes we sleep so heavily. i woke up a few nights ago. i swear to god, i opened my eyes and saw a 2-year-old's feet at my head. not great for sleeping. top wedding songs. i think there are two categories but they're all lumped into one. one is like the dancing crazy
10:04 am
sweaty song at the wedding. the number one song they chose was party rock anthem blmfao. that's a great dance song. i'm going to pick my number one kind of mellowy song that i think is a great wedding song. it is by train who i'm just crazy about. that song "marry me." >> you went another direction. >> feel it. you feel it? here's the best lineight here coming. don't miss. "marry me --" >> that's not it. anyway, there is a great line in there. >> is that like first dance song? >> i think it is the first dance song. there's a great line -- i can't remember it now but it is a beautiful, beautiful song and you chose? >> i went another direction. >> okay. zblichl's going for the party song. usher, my man, usher. >> what's the song? >> deejay got us falling in love tonight. >> that's a good one!
10:05 am
>> i can't believe you like this one! >> my sister got married last fall and this just blew up the dance floor. it was great. >> there's something about it. >> right? you can pump a little bit if you need to. you can move, you can sweat. a little bit different than train. >> i love that song! >> it's a great song. if you're flying somewhere this weekend, they've done another one of these surveys. they tried to figure out what was the most coveted seat on an airplane. they ranked them all. apparently six 6a is the best one of all. because you're close enough to the door where you can get out, and you're not too close to the bathrooms where it is gross. and you can -- when you get off the plane, it usually takes forever. you're one of the first people off. >> i like being up close to the front. definitely don't want to be in the back. i'm a window guy. are you window or aisle? >> aisle. i need out. like i need to get out -- yeah. you feel trapped.
10:06 am
when im -- i don't like the window. >> my problem is i'm tall, i'm surprised, because you are, too. my legs drift into the aisle. >> pull them in. the very worst seat is 31e, the middle seat in the back. that's the seat. >> are you the person who when we're filing out you cut in line. you rush out before your aisle goes? >> never. >> yes! you have to get off that plane. >> no. but sometimes i want to but i don't. nothing bugs me more than when there is a big line to get off the plane and a person's saying excuse me. you're not going anywhere. you need to calm down. 60% of the people by the way favor the window seat. only 40% favor the aisle. who are the 1% who prefer the middle? >> i love the middle. >> that's the one i would choose. all right. it is try day friday. i know we're always trying to figure out ways to exercise and sometimes you're in the office -- speak for yourself. but go ahead. >> sometimes you're in the office and you don't have time
10:07 am
and you can't go do anything. you think i can't go do anything. carrie is going to come show us. who are you with you? >> pure bar. so you're saying with just using what we have in our office we can work out a little bit? >> absolutely. >> okay. willie? >> am i involved in this? >> yes, you are. >> i thought i got to sit this one out? >> come around. >> i'm just going to get welly prepped for it because we have to wear dresses and you can't just splay your legs out. your legs have to be -- hold on. stay there. stay there. don't move. this is what it feels like -- >> is this the rookie prank at the end of the week? trust me, it's for exercise. >> this is what it feels like to have one of those pencil skirts on. now we're ready. this is not what your situation is at all. unfair. >> now show us how to work out.
10:08 am
>> pure bar's really known for lifting people's seats. i know you are concerned about lifting your seat. we're go to do a seat exercise. just hold on. bend your knee and bring your heel towards your seat. flex your foot. now you're just going to push back by squeezing your seat. push back and hold it, then let it release a little. really squeeze your seat as hard as you can. >> my seat or this seat? >> your seat. women like to have that lift in the back of their body? and that's what we're going for. >> that really lifts it? if you keep doing that? >> yeah. it works on that. >> how long? >> do you it until it feels a little shaky. then you switch sides. >> at work you do this? >> sure. >> really. >> what do people think? >> okay. >> where do you work? >> i work at the bar.
10:09 am
>> >> thank you. may i take off the belt now? no, bobbie, i'm not leaving the belt on. it's all yours. all right. we're going to get to bobbie thomas in a minute. but first i want to hear your friday funny. >> i get to do this? >> this is usually kathie lee's gig. >> here's the deal. guy sitting at home. hears a new york on the front door. opens the door, doesn't see anybody. there is a snail down there. he picks up snail, throws as far as he can, reaches to the other end of the year. three years later there is a knock at the door. guy opens it, looks down. same snail. snail says what was that all about? >> that rocks. i'm sorry, that rocked. you know what? >> okay? >> you rocked it. >> it's no kathie lee, but i tried. bobbie thomas. b.t.!
10:10 am
what do you have, babe? >> i obviously think if men had to do what we did as women that would be a workout in itself, between the spanx, the bra, the heels. i came across some really cool towels. this is by towel mate. they have all different colors, not just pink. basically when you are cleaning the equipment in the gym, one side keeps the bacteria, the other side is clean. but what's also cool about this is that you can stick it on your shoulder and it even has a pocket so you can stick your keys or gym card in there so it is all in one. they have a bunch for the beach. at the beach can you put your phone in. this is also really cool for a mission. they have towels that are instant cooling towels. if you're overheating in the summer and you are working out, you wet it and snap it and feel how cold that gets. dwight howard and a bunch of athletes -- they say it really does help cool you down. it is great for kids if they're overheating. >> that's really nice. >> $14.99. very smart.
10:11 am
>> you dunk it in water, wring it out and flip it? >> yeah. >> if you go to, check out this idea. it is a website where you commit a certain number of workouts per week. for a little bit of money. for a little bit of money, like 50 cents, 75 cents. if you check in at the gym the money's yours but if you don't show up for your workout the money goes to other people who worked out. it is a website that you can just for a couple quarters it helps you commit and the study shows -- you give 50 cents per work out to make sure you actually go to the gym. if you don't show up for the gym and miss your workouts, you give up your change. can add up but they said it motivates to get you to the gym. these are cool foldable shoes from timberland. you couldn't get your backpack muddy. next, looking for the best in entertainment? >> a preview what have to see this weekend and this month right after this. are working hard for you.nnouns
10:12 am
and now it really shows. tadaa there's a new bathroom cleaner with color power technology from scrubbing bubbles. this powerful new foam sprays on blue, and it cleans as it turns from blue to white. then all you have to do is wipe. new scrubbing bubbles bathroom cleaner with color power technology. we work hard. and it shows. [ male announcer ] so you don't have to. [ female announcer ] sc johnson. a family company. ♪ i don't wanna be right [ record scratch ] what?! it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, whole grain oats. you can't go wrong loving it. oh, they're not delivery.
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10:15 am
pop culture fans, get ready, we have your preview of everything entertainment for this weekend all next month. >> here with his picks in movies, tv and music, entertainment weekly's senior writer tim stack. >> and a very good friend of the program! >> who's going to inappropriately touch me? >> well, it will probably be willie. >> i'm game. keep your head on a swivel. >> oh, lord. >> let's talk about the weekend. big movie coming out. we've heard a little bit it. >> it's jason segal and emily blunt play a couple with a delayed engagement, a five-year one. it is a great date movie. right before the summer starts. it is good for like girls to go with their guys. but it is also guys love it because it is kind of dirty, too. it is like a typical kind of
10:16 am
raunchy kind of like knocked-up comedy. >> they built a whole brand. >> exactly. >> if i'm home, what's a good dvd? >> you should probably check out "the artist" which obviously swept the oscars, was a huge deal. it is a silent film which i think a lot of people get worried about hearing about that. but it is actually incredibly entertaining and really funny an sweet and kind of amazing when you see what they're able to kind of display and show without any kind of dialogue. but it is -- >> it's okay to see it on like a small tv screen. >> totally. yeah. it is a small movie. but it is a great movie. >> big movies coming out in may. these are ones you love "the avengers." >> it is like when you and klg join the other "today" show hosts, all stars unite together. you guys often wear cat suits. sometimes an eye patch. but, yeah.
10:17 am
it is all the super heroes, they're all united together. it is a huge movie. it is opening next weekend. it is our cover this week. it is probably going to open -- it is going to break records i think. it is an all-star cast, robert downey jr., scarlett johansson, fans are like weeping as we speak. >> you like "the dark shadows." >> it's like "the" diabetes. it's called "dark shadows." tim burton's reboot of the '60s series with obviously johnny depp is back, michelle pfeifer's in it, johnny lee miller, it is a very campy, funny version of "dark shadows" with tim burton's quirky darkness. >> will smith is back with "men
10:18 am
in black 3." >> it's been ten years citizens last "men in black" movie. this one did not have the easiest transition to the big screen. they actually had to stop production during -- they stopped production while they were filming to finish the script. like the script was not finished. this is a bad sign. that's not a great thing. but this is a movie that will smith apparently his trailer was so huge down in soho that everyone was so like angry about it. >> tv shows having their finales in may. "desperate housewives." >> house koogs are going off the air. they are done. >> what about "glee"? >> "glee's" not ending but the scenes yors will seniors will be graduating. you aren't sure who's going to come back, i'm guessing there will be songs to sing. i have the scoop. >> in-depth. >> in-depth reporting. there will be music on the
10:19 am
finale of "glee." >> norah jones and carrie underwood, two home runs. these guys can't do anything wrong. >> for norah jones, it is a little bit darker, a little bit edgier. this one's kind of a break-up album. she's getting a little funky in this one. breaking up and being cranky is the new adult thing. which means i'm cool. i'm single and cranky! carrie underwood's new album "blown away" is kind of a return to form for carrie. she's sassy again. there's some great sort of like anthems, girl power anthems, kind of like "before he cheats," about like "wine after whiskey" is a song which i thought you -- don't do it. don't do it. wine before beer in the clear. >> real quick, andy cohen's got a new book out. >> yes. of course. we have to bring up andy cohen.
10:20 am
he has a new book about his life, his tv career. obviously it is going to be very funny. he's obviously a friend of you guys and every loves him. it's called "most talkative." >> tim, thank you for all your in-depth analysis. next, sara's can i being it up with our fans. >> before they ask us whatever they want. yourself in a delicious lunch. ♪ special k protein shakes and meal bars. with 10 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber each... they satisfy your hunger longer so you can stay on track. [ telephone rings ] ♪ satisfaction. what will you gain when you lose? love your lunch with special k protein shakes and meal bars. i've been fortunate to win on golf's biggest stages. but when joint pain and stiffness
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sara haines has gathered up our crowd across the street at the nbc experience store. >> what pressing questions have you rounded up for me and hoda? >> they're going to be tough ones. we've got your name down this week, hoda. first up -- >> hi, willie. i'd like to know if you've enjoyed hosting the show and hoda, have you enjoyed having him? >> i've enjoyed it immensely. i recommend it for everyone, especially the drinking. it's real. they actually drink on this show. true story. >> you're getting our secrets out. yes, i'm crazy about willie geist. >> next up, karen and her daughter amy from canada. >> hi. we're here visiting from canada and we'd like to know what has your favorite vacation been? >> what's your favorite vacation? >> i'm going to pander really quickly. i went to deborah, on tear ya once up in canada. a beautiful place on a small island. canada is gorgeous. >> that's a great spot. i'm sort of a caribbean fan.
10:24 am
anything that's a direct flight from new york. my family and i love to go to puerto rico where you just throw a towel town, nice cool drink, toes in the sand. >> next up, audrey from georgia. >> i'm a school counselor and we're here with a group of kids and my question is, how did high school and college prepare you for the career that you have now? that's for both of you. >> i think just getting smart is what it's all about. if you can have a broad education, understand a lot of different things about the world, you'll be fine talking about the world. >> i also think reading everything matters. it is one of those things if you can read everything you get your hands on you're not going to believe how valuable that stuff will be to you later. if you don't know what you guys want to be, it will come to you later. don't feel pressure. thanks for coming to see us. still ahead, living room furniture for both parents and kids. the tricks to trading up when you rfave peeldiect ashest the perfect dishes after this. ♪
10:25 am
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good morning, it is 10:26. i'm marla tellez. police are on the lookout for a yellow taxi in the east bay after a cab ride gone wrong. the cabbie picked up three people at the bart station last night and took them to an apartment complex in antioch. when they arrived, the passengers robbed the driver at gunpoint, forced him into the trunk of her cab.
10:27 am
a short while later, dropped him in oakland, took off in the car. the license number is on the screen. if you see that car, police want to warn you, the people inside are consideredar a and dangerous. we'll have a look at the forecast and roads after the break.
10:28 am
welcome back. 10:28. a beautiful day shaping up over san francisco and the entire bay area. let's get to numbers.
10:29 am
70s today. spring month, 74, and napa. low 70s in san rafael. upper 60s in san francisco and oakland. jumping to the 80s inland tomorrow. 83 degrees sunday. beach weather, great beach weather. mike has a couple things could slow you down. 85 northbound towards el camino tough it out. alternate route surface streets take just as long to get through. looking at the slow down as they load an injured person in an ambulance clearing 85 in a few minutes. 101, slow on the shoreline. concert goers, going to get slow on the off ramp. well worth it. bay bridge meter lights are off. doyle drive is closed starting 8:00 p.m. tonight. i'll give you other routes in the 11:00 a.m. news. >> thank you, mike. coming up at 11:00, a s.w.a.t. team standoff ties up a san jose neighborhood for hours. we were the first on scene. we'll tell you what's going on. thn kelley and i will see you en
10:30 am
we're back on this try day friday with "today's home" and how to tastefully share your living space with your kids. willie geist with two little ones at home -- >> have you to be creative. you don't always have to sacrifice style though when you have kids. here to show you how to create a harmonious space for the whole family, "parents" magazine lifestyle editor, tarin morgan. >> it can be done. >> we have the proof right here. first, storage bins are more attractive than ever. these are from garnet hill. they're not screaming we're hiding our toys in here.pretty . they're soft. next to them, we have these wood storage bins. with a chalkboard panel on front so kids wican write what's insi.
10:31 am >> hoda and i want these. >> you're not the only ones. these are available at it's upholstered in microfiber. they are cream so they'll match your existing decor and give your kids a place to sit. >> the clean-up thing is critical. >> throw pillows are another thing. it is an easy affordable way to spice up your decor and it can be fun for kids. those are $28 a. scrabble is so hot right now, words with friends. vertical storage. you want to get things off the floor and on the walls. for books, parents magazine, a great option at a container
10:32 am
store. >> stuff on walls. it's hard to get something that fits both the kids and the parents but you've figured it out. >> just because something is pegged for appropriate for a kid's room or playroom doesn't mean it won't work in your family room, too. we matched these bold graphic prints with frames from ikea. you can get those starting at $38 and up. >> if you have an apartment in new york city and you don't have any space, you've got to have wall space. you don't want to feel like as an adult that your kids have taken over your home. >> this storage bench is from it is $184. this is the epitome of double storage. it's seating, you can use it as a coffee table, you can fit things inside. it is really decorative and will add a lot to your living space. >> this is amazing. $195 for this at kids can play with their toys inside. you can store board games. when you are freaking out because company's coming, you
10:33 am
simply slide this over and it conceals what's inside. it is ingenious. for less than $200, you can't go wrong with this coffee table. huge trend also, floor cushions. great for kids, they're portable. $39 at and adults can use them, too. >> and you can afford it all. the secret to getting those upgrades when you travel. it's not always costly. righter . i'm here with karen and her bffs and we are talking about activia. i've been eating activia and i feel great! i'm used to having irregularity. i feel like that's normal. if you are not feeling like trying this on, that's not normal. activia helps with occasional irregularity when eaten 3 times a day. feeling regular to me was a new feeling... i came to find my 'new normal' and i love it! ♪ activia and try new silky, fruity activia harvest picks. another way to enjoy activia.
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time for "today's travel" and the tricks to trading up, whether flying or renting a car. >> even if you are checking into a hotel, there are some helpful hints that will get you a better deal. "budget travel" magazine knows about everyone. >> is this really rue? when you look at first class tickets online, the rates are insane. the idea that you could get one without paying all that money is pretty intriguing. is it really possible? is there sure, it's possible. if there's an empty seats and you play your cards right, could you find your way up there. >> how do we play our cards right? >> you say people -- i don't want to say bribe -- but bribe. >> i brought you a bribe. chocolate. two chocolate bars. >> okay. >> the thing about chocolate or any of the bribes is just be nice. the people at the airlines are beleaguered by people hating on them all day long. i want this, i want this. if you show up with a chocolate bar or even kind of just being
10:38 am
nice and say, oh, my god, how you doing, how's your day? they will often go, oh, thank god, someone lo is a decent human being, let me see what i can do for that person. seriously, it happens. >> they'll take the bar and not looking at you like you're crazy -- >> you've sort of got to be nice. >> you say dressing the part helps. >> dressing the part helps which i mean dressing nicely. what doesn't help is if you dress like a slob. they're not going to upgrade you if you dress like a slob because the people sitting around you paid a lot of money for those seats and they're generally business people. you don't want to get yourself stuck by looking like you don't belong. >> how about telling them it is a special occasion? my wife and i are on our honeymoon, it is our anniversary, can that happen? >> i've seen that. but i don't believe in lying about it because -- at 25,000 feet -- bribery is fine. that's a fair exchange of products there. but lying -- i don't want to be
10:39 am
flying 35,000 feet and have the guys not be happy with me. >> if you really do have something -- do you actually go up and say, hey, it's our a anniversa anniversary. do we say we'd like an upgrade for free? >> you should look like you're honeymooners. you could say, by the way, it is our honeymoon. flight attendants are very simpson thet toympathetic to th thing. >> what about a hotel room. there are ways to talk your way into a better room. >> first thing to do, book your hotel with the hotel. if you book with an online party thing, they won't be particularly disposed to help you. they want to promote their own loyal customers. you should also join whatever loyalty program there is. those are the people they want to help. beyond that the best trick we have is show up kind of late.
10:40 am
if you show up around 8:00 at night, if the rest of the regular rooms are gone, they'll give you an upgrade. sometimes if they just have open rooms -- it happened to me once in brussels -- they just put us in a suite, we're like, what did we do to be here? they want you to want to come back so they give you something. >> one of the things you say is be nice to people and that will help. we've both seen people who just complain and are loud. sometimes the person at desk, you they just want to quiet them down. they sometimes will help out those ones hot are the lout mouths? >> my favorite story is the person standing behind someone like that in line and the person i need to be upgraded, my back hurts and the person says well, you can buy a business class seat. that guy left, that person came up, they gave that person a business class seat just because they were nice. >> rental cars. maybe get the compact, you want to go mid size. is there a good approach there? >> rental cars will upgrade you
10:41 am
if they've run out of the kind of car you've requested. if you get there early in the morning, before the people have returned their cars for the next day, or late in the week when a lot of those cars have been used up, you can often get a better car. >> okay. all interesting. thanks for coming to see us, mark. thanks for the chocolate. you can read more about budget travel's tricks of the trade on klg and toys you kr onou rl ug apps on your phone. >> what? i just wanted to say a few words. first of all, thank you for the lovely meal jane. mom. and let's hear it for sara's paper mache eiffel tower. it's the washington monument. and dad, i'll never forget what you said to me this morning. you said "brian, it's 11:15. get up." so maybe this is just the cake talking but let's celebrate! [ male announcer ] celebrate the little things. buy any kfc 10 pc meal or larger and get a free double chocolate chip cake.
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10:45 am
there is a kid inside each of us. if you own some sort of device that has apps, there is a whole emergence of toys just for you. >> toy expert and co-publisher of lori schact is here to show us some of the new ones that even some adults will want to get their hands on. >> so crazy. our kids today are digital
10:46 am
natives. the technology is just intuitive to them and there's a whole new way for them to play. so it is all about taking physical toys and putting it together with the family smart device. >> let's start with this car. >> if you've ever wanted to drive a ferrari. you drive car, download the free app on to any i device. you get the dashboard but it is his remote control. >> he's got a full dashboard right there. >> it looks like -- >> it looks like a porsche 911. >> the surveillance chopper's down! perfect segue into the surveillance chopper. >> let's say you want to be flying. this is our wi-spy helicopter. again, you buy the helicopter. you download it -- you can use either an android device or i device on this one. download the free app.
10:47 am
the cool thing, not only is it flying by this, it can video record while in flight, take pictures. can you share it instantly on facebook, twitter. e-mail it. it is awesome. >> it has a camera in it that you can watch on your ipad. >> you're sharing it immediately. >> that's cool! can we show just the camera what the camera does? check this out. that's the camera. it's crazy. it's in the sam ra. that's terrific. so much fun. very cool. how crazy -- >> this is about $99. this is not out yet. this one is out yet. this is about $69. this is helo-tc assault. again can you use an android or any i device. you push a button, it will fly
10:48 am
the flight pattern. this has missiles you can shoot while it's flying. >> of course it does. >> the game of life. like the classic game, they're going to choose career path or college path. they're going to go through. the goal is to retire with the most money. >> you have your ipad in the middle. >> the ipad is in the middle. it is their virtual spinner. they've come up with virtual pegs that they've each customized. there are many games they play throughout. they're also watching mini clips of "america's funniest videos." it is great for the whole family. >> wow! they have come a long way. >> here's a case we're taking the ipad into the game board. these are eye pieces. air hockey. so play. you're just pushing it. but what's great about this is we're all carrying our devices so it's so easy.
10:49 am
all you're doing is buying these little pieces, $9.99. here's where the price point is so low. take this with you. you have your device, everyone's playing. >> are you talking? >> you just download the app. >> oh, my gosh! what do we have here. >> this is the real android tablet. parents can use it as their regular tablet but it comes with a bumper and it comes with great parental controls. you can put up to eight different profiles in here and for each child you can decide what apps are appropriate, what websites they can visit. you can even put a timer in for each kid. let's say i have an 8-year-old and i only want her on for an hour a day, she'll play for an hour a day, it will lock her out, she will not be allowed in again until the next day. now mom's not the bad guy. >> that's amazing. >> can you believe all this? >> no. >> whatever happened to chutes and ladders. up next, how to make your meals look like they came out of a magazine.
10:50 am
but first, this is "today" on nbc. see life in the best light. outdoors, or in. enses auy filter juste right amount o, ask for transitions adaptisit you local sigc transitiand lenses
10:51 am
that fit your life. sight for sore eyes.
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10:53 am
we are in "today's kitchen with what's cookin'." >> if you're tired of looking at food mag deens thiazines thinki could never make your recipes look like those perfect dishes, you can. >> lifestyle expert maureen pis here. >> there's lots of little tricks. first the perfect cake. this is really simple. you don't want your cake to look like the leaning tower of pisa. it always has that rounded top when it comes out of the oven. have the nice serrated knife, take the top off. now we have a flat layer.
10:54 am
i'm going to flip this over. you've got your nice flat surface and edges. this is store-bought icing. in a microwave or -- double boiler. about 30 seconds. it does take a little -- the tools make a huge difference. this is a long flat spatula. see how smooth that's already looking? so loosen up your icing. simply this was the one that we finished here. he's almost there. >> we'll be here all day. >> it's just white vanilla icing. that could be right on the cover of a magazine. easy enough. you can buy plastic piping tips. these are simply just easy decorations. this is also a turning table. as you are piping and working
10:55 am
can you move this around. from it is about the shape. >> make it nice and clean. >> let's make a nice cheese tray. >> our 30-second cheese platter. we are creating some height. some bread sticks off to the side. simply bunches of grapes. keep your items together. bleu cheese, right there you couldn't -- put that one right there. this is right here a goat cheese log. the strategy here is to give a little bit of color. we rolled it into a little diane pepper. can you use chili flakes, cracked black pepper. anything. simple enough. nuts, dried fruit. what do you think you're going to do with these? >> sprinkle. >> no. pile. so you keep them together just like this. same thing with any dried fruits. make nice piles. >> try to keep it nice and
10:56 am
clean. you want to keep some white space. when you're having a big dinner party though make sure that you start the cut. otherwise that is going to sit there all night long. make sure you start to cut that for them. that's gorgeous enough to be on the cover of a magazine. >> this is the perfect dinner plate. >> these are techniques you learn in culinary school. three things on the plate. a vegetable, our potatoes and our meat. odd numbers are much more visually appealing. three things there. this looks like it is right from a restaurant. simple enough. a bag here -- everyone can find a zip top bag. we cut off the tip and you can pipe it just like that. >> we love what you're doing. you can see all this on our website. thank you so much. a big thank you to willie geist for helping out. willie! willie rocked it. kathie lee is coming back next week. barry manilow's going to stop
10:57 am
by. >> jeff goldbloom. have you called to switch us to anthem yet? honey, how can i call now,
10:58 am
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