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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 1, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. i see myself and a 13-year-old and 14-year-old. and to read those words that i was responsible is heartbreaking for me. >> a bay area school district is fighting back. it's a stunning denial after a sexual abuse victim files a lawsuit. >> a judge sent a schoolteacher to prison for allegedly abusing a student in the '90s. tonight, the school system is
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calling the legal system careless in a new legal filing. they are blaming the former student saying she contributed to the abuse. they're talking about someone who was just a kid at the time, right? >> reporter: that's right, jessica. this sexual abuse happened years ago. but the pain is real for the student. the school system is saying the victim is partially to blame. >> i couldn't believe it for a second. so painful to read those words. >> reporter: kristen is stunned by the school district's response to a lawsuit she filed. the 30-year-old says two teachers sexually abused her while she was a student there in the '90s. one of the teachers is serving prison time for abuse. >> one of the first things i think about when i wake up in the morning.
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it's still painful every day. >> reporter: the lawsuit details newly uncovered documents that claims the staff knew about the sexual abuse and did nothing to stop it. even with a mountain of evidence supporting her claim, the district is denying it in a new legal filing. in part, the district's filing says the plaintiff was herself careless and negligent. and the plaintiff was responsible for the act. words that sting. >> i can see myself on that campus, a 13-year-old or 14-year-old. to read those words and to think that i was responsible, it's heartbreaking for me. >> reporter: she says she is taking action against the district to make sure sexual say bus is taken seriously. and to let students know it's okay to come forward. she is seeking damages. but not a specific amount. >> the amount of pain i've suffered, i don't think there's
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a dollar amount that can express it. but for me, it's about telling the truth and holding the people who let this happen, holding them accountable. >> reporter: this document does not specify how she is responsible for the abuse. and the school district would not return our calls tonight for comment. but the board is expected to address this issue on november 18th. >> i'm sure we'll hear more. new details, tonight. enough is enough in oakland. after the city's 108th homicide of the year, the governor is stepping in. tonight, the chp is helping patrol oakland. cheryl hurd joins us from oakland with the details tonight. >> reporter: well, raj, it will become a normal routine. but tonight for the first time in two years, chp officers came here to east oakland to hook up with oakland police to patrol the streets. it comes at a time when oakland
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really needs help. >> if someone could take his life or -- we don't even know what it was. it's crazy. we need to know. >> reporter: trying to make sense out of a senseless killing. >> my father was an amazing man. he did things he did not have to do. >> reporter: her father was shot and killed wednesday, during a robbery inside a store he owned. the community is in shock. >> he treat everybody good. the only thing i can think of him doing wrong, is being nice. >> reporter: one day after the killing, oakland police is getting help from the chp to stop the crime. >> we've got an increase in calls for emergency services, in violent crimes occurring.
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and we've seen an increase in community relations. >> reporter: the two agencies have worked together before. they patrolled the streets during 2007 to 2010. during that time, violent crime was down. but the city had to end the program because of a lack of funding. the program is back because the community put pressure on governor brown. public safety is a growing concern in parts of oakland, especially when people known for their community service, like wilber bartley, are killed. >> this wasn't just your father and your friend. this was our friend. think about someone that hasn't done any harm. >> reporter: we don't know the dollar amount. but the family tells us they are working on a reward for information leading to the arrest of the killer. he was just doing his job. surveillance video shows an
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attack on a muni agent. the attack happened last month. you see a tall, slender man, about 25 to 30 years old, carrying a bike and a black suitcase. investigators say the muni agent told the man bikes are not allowed in the station and followed him to the platform. once there, the man began kicking the agent. the agent recovered but is not able to return to work. decision 2012. the election just five days away. and there's concerns about possible ballot tampering in the bay area. some ballots ended up in the gutter. a vallejo couple said they found three soggy ballots three weeks ago. and they said they discovered an envelope with the ballot missing in the same spot. they are worried more ballots could have been tossed. >> i'm appalled. i don't care if it's republican
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or democrat or independent or whatever it is. these people voted. they're americans and they voted. and they have a right to vote. and their vote has to be counted. >> ballots and envelopes that we receive in our office, are usually in pristine shape. there's usually never evidence of trampering. this is extreme. >> election officials say they will do all they can to reach the voters tied to the particular ballots. you should know tampering with a ballot is a federal offense. prop 30 is one of the hottest propositions on the ballot. it's to raise tax money for schools. a new poll finds 48% are in favor of the tax initiative. 38% oppose. 14% undecided. that is key. prop 30 would hike tax and raise $6 billion to close the state's
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budget deficit. taking action and demanding answers. the national nonprofit group is speaking out after an nbc bay area investigation. on tuesday, nbc exposed schools not complying with title ix. jenna joins us with the new developments. >> reporter: equal rights advocates call the results of our investigation shocking and disturbing. the national nonprofit is questioning more than 100 school districts in the bay area about their title ix policies. here's why. we uncovered an array of problems. principals who didn't know who the title ix coordinator was. others who were the coordinator but didn't know it. and educators who had no idea what title ix is. now, they're asking districts showing documentation showing
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their compliance. proof that schools have procedures and policies in place to protect students from sexual harassment. >> i was shocked by some of the responses that were revealed in the report. our public information requests are what schools should be doing. otherwise, the e-mails you saw would be more pervasive. >> reporter: the nonprofit is hoping to identify gaps in compliance and encouraging school districts to fix the problem. who oversees the school districts, the office of civil rights are in charge of that. they respond to complaints. but no one is enforcing title ix on a regular basis. so, they do not know who is complying and who is not. back to you. >> if you have a tip for our investigative unit, including
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any issues when you're trying to vote next tuesday, give us a call. or send us an e-mail to the unit at coming up, eyewitness to disaster. >> frustrated. >> sandy survivors arrive in the bay area. also, the invention of cinema's most famous villains. and there's word that george lucas will try to do a lot of good after selling "star wars." and sergio romo's parade fashion choice has a lot of people talking. a downright cold night already here across the bay area with 48 in santa rosa. we could near some 30s as we head throughout tomorrow morning. and while we're speaking of the cold now, it's all about the warming trend in the seven-day forecast.
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he has two world series under his belt and one t-shirt that's getting almost as much attention. giants closer sergio romo angered some critics with his fashion choice, which some read as a political statement. was it the right choice at the right time? >> reporter: he pointed at the  words on his t-shirt throughout the parade route. i just look illegal. but giants pitcher sergio romo didn't explain the message when we spoke to him wednesday. >> what a way to reward them. what a fitting end to a great season.
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>> reporter: in today's taping of "the tonight show," jay leno will ask romo about those four words. >> i love the -- i just look illegal. i love that. >> reporter: romo attracted some strong criticism for his acts. people upset he would make a political statement on that platform. but we got a different reaction from sports fans in san jose. >> i think it's great he wore a t-shirt. it shows courage. and it makes a public statement. i support that. >> i know he comes from the l.a. area. and the latin-american culture. as p.c. as it is, you can argue for it or not. he just won a world series. >> reporter: and while the internet group siren wished he used the word undocumented instead of illegal, they applaud his effort.
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>> i was surprised he used the platform to show how ridiculous the anti-immigrant backlash we see. >> reporter: he is used to striking out batters. now, sergio romo has struck a national nerve. >> you can catch the interview with sergio romo and barry zito and jay leno, next on "the tonight show," after our newscast. he risked his life to save a young girl. and tonight, a rare award. he received the medal of honor. police say jimenez, a 12-year veteran of the force, put his own life in danger by charging at a gunman and rescuing an 11-year-old girl who was being held hostages. jimenez says any other officer put in that situation would have done the same thing. his fellow officers say he is a
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hero. >> we don't get into this profession for the medal, or the money. or for the headlines in the newspaper. we come into this job to save lives. and that's what he did that day. >> the medal is the department's highest award for bravery and has been awarded to ten officers, seven who were killed in the line of duty. superstorm sandy is gone. but the misery continues to grow. 98 are confirmed dead, 38 in new york city alone. and that number is expected to rise, as police and rescue crews go door-to-door, searching for victims. authorities say it could take a week or more to restore power. the lack of electricity has shut down gas stations and supermarkets. the hardest-hit areas, staten island in new york and the jersey shore, where many homes are completely destroyed.
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there's a distinct local connection in all of this. people are finally able to fly back into sfo, while money and supplies are flying out to the east coast. george kiriyama continues our coverage from sfo tonight. >> reporter: the first thing this woman noticed when she arrived in san francisco, were lights. >> it's a luxury. >> reporter: that's because days after hurricane sandy, her staten island home still has no power. she is one of the millions who survived the superstorm in the northeast. >> i have a 15-year-old daughter who was very terrified. and she thought we were going to die. >> reporter: linda was visiting newark when sandy hit. >> lines, people about 60 deep with gas cans because they're going to fill it because some places have electricity, some places don't. >> probably going to sleep on a cot.
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>> reporter: this red cross volunteer is on his way to new jersey tomorrow. this would be the los gatos native's 14th disaster zone. >> sometimes it's so bad that, you know, you feel guilty that you're not providing enough. >> reporter: sunnyvale-based yahoo! is offering hurricane relief. so far, $450,000 donated. $2 million raised in the past two days. >> volunteers helped. it's good for the red cross what they do. and it's good for the people who support the red cross. >> reporter: she will fly back to staten island in a few days, to an area still very much underwater. >> very depressed, frustrated. a sense of loss. a sense of personal loss but a
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sense of loss for all of the people. >> the story of the red cross volunteer that we saw in the story, said he would will be in new jersey for two weeks to a month. >> we're going to be airing a one-hour telethon to benefit the victims of sandy. matt lauer will host, with appearances by kevin bacon, jon stewart, and performances by bruce springsteen, billy joel, and jon bon jovi. tomorrow at 8:00, right here on nbc bay area. hope you'll tune in. let's bring in jeff raineri with our local forecast as we head into this weekend. >> temperatures are going to be going on this extreme edge as we go through the next five to seven days. it's bitterly cold out here, at least at this time of the night for our standards. 48 in santa rosa. and after the cold we dealt with today, we're on a rollercoaster
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ride with temperatures. 66 in san jose to 80 expected by sunday. and warmer in the next seven-day forecast. let's get you outside. we're going to take you from emeryville, looking towards san francisco. you can see not a whole lot of dense fog for tonight. we'll have a clear start for a lot of the bay area tomorrow morning. and we'll push you into san jose. the city lights twinkling bright. not to much in cloud cover leftover. that's helping us to cool off at this hour. next 48 hours, we have happening the storm system pushing to the east. and here comes another east. it will push rainfall into washington and oregon. but for us, a little different matter. we have high pressure building in from the south and deflecting any rain at this point. also, gradually warming our temperatures up. we're not going to go with hot weather the next 48 hours. more on the mild side. for tomorrow, 50s and 60s at the
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coastline. we'll go with 70s inland. by this weekend, that's when we start to pull the trigger on much warmer weather, where temperatures could go up an estimated 5 to 15 degrees. for tomorrow morning, not a whole lot in way of extensive low cloud cover. we'll have patchy fog on the coastline. what you do want to know by the afternoon on friday, not completely sunny. we'll have high-level cloud cover move over the entire bay area with the system we just pointed out. and we're not expecting rainfall. we're not going to get the full-blown sunshine until saturday afternoon and also on sunday, as temperatures are going to surge. as for the morning hours, no surge in those numbers. it's going to be cold out here. possibly close to the 30s on the grapevines of napa. 49 in san jose. and the hills of los gatos could drop to 47. as for the daytime highs, numbers warmer than we had today. 71 in sunnyvale, 71 palo alto.
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low to mid-70s from walnut creek back into livermore. 70 in dublin. and 60s by the bay. san francisco goes, not quite 70s on friday. we'll hit the mark in santa rosa with 73 and 72 in napa. we're talking about the potential of record-setting heat. through sunday, low 80s inland. and it's going to get hotter. let's look at you head throughout monday and tuesday. low to mid-80s heading your way. we're looking at a record-setting voting day. i'm not sure how the turnout's going to be. but record-setting voting day. i'm calling it right now. oh, yeah. >> meteorologist and political analyst. >> the early returns are in. coming up, george lucas is telling his empire for more than $4 billion. but how much of the money does he plan to give away? ♪ just put a little bit of yourself ♪
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r2-d2 might be helping kids learn their abcs. >> lucas owned 100% of his company and is selling it to disney for more than $4 billion. now, a lucasfilm representative tells "the hollywood reporter" that lucas will put the money in a foundation and will go to various charities, primarily ones that focus on education. have you ever stuck out an arm and taken a picture of yourself? the mars rover, curiosity, just did. nasa revealed this self-portrait. but instead of 1 portrait or 2, it's 55 stitched together into 1. we're back in a moment with brodie brazil and key roster moves by the giants.
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good evening. i'm brodie brazil. you would think just one day after their world series parade, san francisco's baseball team would find some way to soak in the glory by simply staying out of the limelight. like i said, you would think. but instead, they made some waves. hear this out. the giants, today, declined to make qualifying offers to marco scutaro, angel pagan and jeremy affeldt. before you assume the worst, they plan to keep all of the players. the next piece of news is very concrete, though. aubrey huff's time with the giants is definitely over. the team declined his $10 million option for 2013. huff was a key contributor in the title run of 2010. but only a role player, hitting .192, with 1 homer in 52 games. 49er linebacker, aldon smith, caught up in another
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off-the-field incident. smith was reportedly involved in an altercation outside a restaurant last night. a police report vaguely confirms a, quote, disturbance between two males that necessitated a police presence. smith, as you know, played his college ball at missouri. it was pac-12 media day. stanford and cal come into the season with the highest expectations in the cardinal. with the campaign, the bar must be raised. >> we have to have the highest of expectations. now, it's time to realize those expectations. we learned a lot about ourselves last season. and i'm excited to see, you know, what we can do with the potential that we have. in a few minutes on nbc, it's "the tonight show." jay's guests include sergio romo
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and barry zito of the giants. i've seen the show. and barry shows off cashmere socks. and jay gets romo bombed.
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this is hayden. that's elizabeth. and that's skyler... and his mom, nancy. they're just a few of the californians who took it on themselves to send you a message about what they need to restore years of cuts to their schools. prop thirty-eight.
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thirty-eight raises billions in new revenue - bypasses sacramento and sends every k through 12 dollar straight to our local schools... every school. for them. for all of us. vote yes on thirty-eight. >> absolutely, the tandoori mixed grill. they don't just hit you over the face with they don't just hit you own the face. they let the vegetables and the meat speak for themselves and marinate them. it's a neighborhood place with excellent food and good wine. >> our own "iron chef" raj raving about one of his favorite shots. the episode premieres tonight. in about two hours, at 1:00. >> a cooking show coming your way. >> exactly. >> i did have a great time.
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i want to thank everyone. but i didn't know we were running the story. >> i want to taste some of the food. >> excellent food. we reviewed three restaurants. and i'll be cooking for the newsroom tomorrow. >> that will do it for us. jay leno is next. we got you. ah.
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- jamie lee curtis. from the world series champions, san francisco giants, sergio romo and barry zito. and the music of z.z. ward. and now, jay leno!


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