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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  November 15, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PST

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tried to gain the price of gasoline. that story, coming up. and protesters shut down the streets outside of the uc regents meeting in san francisco all over proposed tuition hikes. inside, dozens demand to be heard. i'm christie smith. i'll have that story coming up in a live report. and break out the rain gear. the clouds are settling in as the bay area braces for a wet weekend as we get a look at m. -- good morning. thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> i'm jon kelley. good morning, everybody. if you're thinking about those weekend plans as everybody should be, you may want to include a coat and an umbrella. christina loren says the bay area skies will soon be filled with raindrops. we have a look at that radar right now.
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this one right now, some rain up in the monterey area, inching slowly towards the bay area. she is here right now, live and in living color to tell us for herself. >> we have quite a few systems on the way. three, as a matter of fact. it's kind of like relative tha . you look forward to them but you want them to go back home. i think you're going to be sick of the rain before all is said and done. taking a live look at the bay bridge, showers coming up from the south. that will be the trend. south bay is going to get their first activity. the showers will spread fo the north throughout tonight. but there are three systems on the satellite picture all going to impact the bay area. what to expect. the first two storms are on the way as we head through the weekend. wind starts to pick up today. the first storm arrives tonight. we're going to get very heavy rainfall just in time for the morning commute. another wave of heavy rain on
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friday. get a break on saturday. and then the cold system arrives late saturday into early sunday, on-and-off showers. a little bit of a dry break on tuesday. wednesday, the busiest travel day of the year is when the third system arrives. doesn't look like we're going to be out of this wet pattern even for thanksgiving around here. a lot to talk about in the full forecast. >> see you in a matter of minutes. new this morning, at this hour, a state committee is looking into a report that local refineries were not shut down during recent price hikes at the pump. bob redell is in san francisco. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, marla. the state senate, a select committee on bay area transportation is meeting right now to hear testimony about a new report that was just put out by an independent energy consultant out of oregon. robert mccullough of mccullough research alleges two local
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refineries here in the bay area were producing gasoline even though they were supposedly shut down for maintenance, shutdowns that were blamed in part from dramatic price spikes at the pumps. emission levels went back up to normal to saying gasoline was being produced again. similar situation to chevron's refinery in richmond. emission data suggests they never shut down at all. >> bottom line in all of this is gasoline and oil isn't covered by any federal agency. not like electricity, natural gas, coal. nobody is watching that beach. >> it appears there could be some gaming. we don't know. that's why we're having the hearing. but three companies control 54%,
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we don't have a monopoly but certainly an oligarchy. should the state be stepping in? >> this industry's been invested many, many times by government agencies over the past 20 years. usually when we see market disruptions and price changes, people have questions why. every single one of those investigations has shown the dynamics of supply and demand move prices. >> reporter: shell tells us that this report is in error. that its martinez refinery was never fully shut down in may, only parts were, which explains why other units were producing gasoline. chevron said they couldn't comment on the validity of the research in this report but noted they are working hard to restore full production to its richmond refinery which caught fire this past august. reporting live in san francisco, bob redell, nbc bay area news. just in to our newsroom, attorney general eric holder
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right now holding a press conference announcing bp agreeing to pay the largest settlement in history of that disastrous 2010 oil spill in the gulf of mexico. the settlement, $4.5 billion. this one includes not only the historic find but also criminal charges against two bp employees for the death of a total of 11 people in that explosion off the deepwater horizon oil rig. bp is also pleading guilty to obstruction for lying to congress about how much oil was spilling out from that ruptured oil well. college students are speak out this morning against tuition increases at uc schools. they pitched tents overnight at ucsf. christie smith is live at the campus where students are making their voices heard. you have a couple behind you right now, christie. >> reporter: good morning. a couple outside here. they packed the meeting, they
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packed the streets. a lot of students saying they feel like they're being treated as a source of profit. they thought when voters approved prop 30, decided to raise taxes, things might be a whole lot different. the streets around the uc regents meeting sounded like a block party with music at crowds. at one point, protesters blocked traffic with the message, no more cuts, no more heights. >> the right direction is rolling back tuition so that middle class, working class californians can afford a high-quality public education like they once could not so very long ago. >> reporter: some pitched tents at the regents met. even with the passage of proposition 30 to prevent further education cut this is year, the regents say they need more money from the state to keep tuition from going up next year. >> our request to the state is $150 million over what we get this year plus another $126 million that would assure us of
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not needing the tuition increases in the future. >> reporter: he says funding was cut $900 million over four years. but governor brown says that request is unrealistic. the full board is expected to vote on a budget today, not including hikes. inside, though, 58 speakers demanded to be heard. >> hundreds of millions of dollars are going to wall street profits while students are on the hook for tuition hikes and cuts. >> reporter: students say prop 30 signaled that californians want affordable education to be a priority. >> the money's there. it's just we have to raise public consciousness and start a movement to make sure that we are fully funding california's promise to its youth. >> reporter: the regents meeting is still going on. but a number of students have already left. they've headed to similar rallies over in san francisco and there's another big rally today at noon at uc berkeley. reporting live in san francisco,
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christie smith, nbc bay area news. fire crews say they now know what started an overnight fire in san francisco's castro neighborhood. the call came in after 2:00 this morning at a three-story victorian home on noe street, two blocks north of market street. firefights say it was all started by a wall heater. flames spread to the entryway of that home which had been converted into six apartments. firefighters were able to keep the flames from spreading. but the smoke did force a temporary evacuation of all 12 residents. >> a mess inside now. water and the walls, ceilings have been knocked down. but all in all, i think everybody came out safely. >> we can tell you only one of the apartments sustained any serious damage. the people that lived there were allowed back in about an hour ago. also in san francisco in a wild chase sends a bicyclist to the hospital.
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the driver has been arrested before. it started early this morning when the woman tried to drive through a closed on-ramp in san francisco. officers chased her into the city where he hit a parked car which rolled into a bicyclic. the driver was arrested for dui, something she's been arrested for at least three times already. this morning, uc berkeley police still trying at this hour to figure out exactly what killed a man whose body was found near a road in the berkeley hills. officers came across him late last night near grizzly peak boulevard. the man is in his 20s and was reported missing by a friend earlier that day. investigators say the exact cause of death is unclear, but they do not suspect foul play. a south bay woman accused of killing her partner's mother with a machete is heading back to court later today. she's been in custody since the december 30th incident in san jose's willow glen. she had pleaded not guilty. prosecutors say she attacked and
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kill yvonne kirk with a machete and then told police a man came and attacked both of them. she lived with kirk's daughter. today's hearing is at 2:00 at the santa clara county courthouse in san jose. also this morning a court hearing for former school district leader standing accused of embezzling more than $100,000 to remodel his house. this morning, the court is looking into how timothy hanready will repay the portola valley school district. he used the money to personally remodel his house in woodside. still ahead at 11:00, why republican leaders are accusing united nations ambassador susan rice of misleading the public about the deadly attack in benghazi. and how president obama is firing back. and a family's home robbed of more than just their possessions. they were also ripped off of a
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very special friend. what they're doing to try and find their cute little puppy. end of a very short era. we'll tell you about it in business.
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the affair between general david petraeus and paula broadwell may have involved top secret documents. we've learned petraeus will now testify on capitol hill about the deaths in benghazi. tracie potts has the latest from washington. >> i have no evidence at this point from what i've seen that classified information was disclosed that in any way would have had a negative impact on our national security. >> reporter: but after the fbi searched the home of paula broadwell, the woman who had an affair with general david petraeus, law enforcement and national security officials now say she had substantial classified information unsecured on her computer.
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classified but not highly classified, nbc reports. prosecutors will decide if she'll be charged depending on how she got the information. the pentagon had suspended her security clearance. leon panetta suggested general john allen who said he will cooperate may be the last person involved. >> i am not aware of any others that could be involved in this issue at the present time. >> reporter: despite the probe, general petraeus who stepped down from the cia is scheduled to testify tomorrow on the deadly attacks in benghazi. republicans accuse united nations ambassador susan rice of misleading the public when she said protests, not terrorists, prompted that attack. >> there's a ream of evidence. >> she should have known what the situation and circumstances were. >> she has a lot of explaining to do. >> if senator mccain and senator graham and others want to go
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after somebody, they should go after me. but to smurch her reputation is outrage. >> reporter: the president said this will not deter him from nominating susan rice. john mccain says if that's the case, he will block it. tracie potts, nbc 11 news, washington. back here at home a high-flying start-up is grounded. >> the eureka zeppelin will fly no more. the zeppelin, a common sight over the bay area. it had several sponsors painted over the side over a couple of years. farmers insurance, 23 and me, even nickelodeon.
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but it said it wasn't able to generator enough sponsors to keep flying. the ceo says, it is with a very heavy heart that we've come to this point requiring us to cease operations and ground eureka. here's a successful company. if you bought apple stock no later than last monday, you will get money today. $2.65 for every share you own. a total dividend being paid out of $2.5 billion. all of this coming out of apple into people's pockets this morning. now, $2.5 billion into the economy is a tremendous amount of money. but really jon and marla, a fraction of what apple has stuff into the mattresses. it's in the hundreds of billions of dollar that is they have cash on hand. >> you need a big mattress to put all that in. thank you very much. is it raining yet. let's get a look at the forecast. >> ceiling leaking in here. >> we'll get that fixed during the commercial break, jon. good morning to you.
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taking a live look at san jose. you can see the clouds. it feels like it's going to rain out there. but we'll have to hold off until later off this evening. showers creeping up into the south bay at about 5:00 p.m. but not before we hit the 70s in some cities. 67 here in san jose. san francisco, 66 degrees. we're not going to be this warm for a while. so enjoy it while it lasts. first storm comes up from the south, packing a lot of moisture. we're expecting the bulk of the moisture to come through over the course of tomorrow morning. another wave of heavy moisture tomorrow night before the second storm arrives. this one's a cold one. it originated in the gulf of alaska. this is not going to bring quite as much moisture with it but it will bring cold air. we're getting a 1-2 punch. rain totals vary from .5 inches to 1.5 inches. thunderstorms and gusty winds. spotty showers start tonight at about 5:00 p.m. bulk of the moisture, the first wave comes through at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning.
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that's going to continue, on and off light showers throughout the day. at 11:00 p.m., we have moderate rainfall from santa rosa down to novato. and getting some of that moderate rain over the santa cruz mountains. we could see flooding in that region. stop that clock for you again at 5:00 a.m. saturday, and then it starts to get a little bit better. we'll see a nice, dry break, a bit of a dry break between 1:00 p.m. saturday continuing to about 7:00 p.m. and then the second system comes through. that was all associated with the first system. the second system will drop from from the north and move through rather quickly. by 6:00 a.m. sunday, just mostly cloudy and cold. but you'll be able to get outdoors for part of the day on saturday and most of the day on sunday. all works out like this. expecting anywhere between .5 inches up to 1.5 inches up in santa rosa. even down here in san jose, located right in the rain shadow of the santa cruz mountains, we're expecting upwards of .5 inches of rain. localized flooding will be a factor.
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keep that in mind. and travel cautiously as you're doing your thanksgiving shopping. saturday into sunday, we'll get a little bit of a break. and then tuesday, looking good. wednesday, the busiest travel day of the year, another system rolls through. keep that umbrella handy, guys. back to you. >> thanks for the good advice, christina. major league baseball will be handing out its biggest awards today. the mvp. among the national league finalists and odds-on favorite, san francisco giants catcher buster posey. >> the man. >> if posey wins, he'll match a feat accomplished by willie mays back in 1954. >> also the man. >> a batting title, world series and mvp title all in a single year. buster has already been named n.l. comeback player of the year. he would become only the second player in history both to receive the comeback player and mvp awards in the same season. the winner is going to be announced at 3:00 today.
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>> so basically at 3:00, they'll be changing it to the m.v.b.p. moving on, a new report showing positive news for graduating college students. stick around. >> you can't replace gus, only gus replaces gus. >> the burglary that robbed a family of more than just their prized possessions. we'll tell you what makes this little guy so special and how the family is fighting to get gus back. ♪ just put a little bit of yourself ♪
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he was stolen from michael and nina's redwood city home where he was trained to be a companion dog do their 22-year-old daught daughter. they are desperate for his return. >> there's no way to replace gus. you can't replace gus. only gus replaces gus. >> we just want our puppy back. >> michael and nina are offering a cash reward. if you see gus, please call redwood city police. >> we all hope gus makes it home. here's good news for college graduates. getting a job out there out of college may be a little easier. employers increasing their hiring of college graduates by 5% in the coming year. the study from michigan state university finding demand is strong for all majors. employers are actually looking more at critical thinking skills as opposed to specialized degrees. the survey also finds companies
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becoming more willing to hire candidates with bachelor's degrees versus those who have gotten masters degrees. >> that's good news. >> really good news. i don't have a masters degree. >> me either. when we come back, he's firing back. what guy has to say. [ female announcer ] this is the story of joycelin... [ joycelin ] it was a typical morning. i was getting ready for work, and then i got this horrible headache, and then i blacked out. [ female announcer ] ...who thought she had reached the end of her story.
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a bay area chef firing back after a brutal, scathing review in "the new york times." >> turns out "the times" did not like guy fieri's restaurant in new york city. "the times" gave the restaurant zero stars. the article took the form of an open letter to fieri reading in part, hey, did you try that blue drink, the one that glows like nuclear waste? the watermelon margarita? any idea why it tastes like some combination of radiator fluid and formaldehyde? fieri fired back this morning on
11:27 am
the "today" show. >> i thought it was ridiculous. i've read reviews. there's good and bad in the restaurant business. but that was so overboard. >> you may not know this. but fieri is from santa rosa and owns two restaurants in sonoma county. now there's a johnny garlics in san jose. that restaurant has a three-star rating on yelp. marla tellez here, my co-anchor, had a picture up close and personal with guy. check facebook. she's on it hanging out. >> yeah, we're real close in it, too. he's a nice guy. gives good hugs. thanks for being with us. join us tonight.
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