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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 16, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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this is "today in the bay." good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm jon kelley. good morning, everybody. this morning we are on storm watch as wet weather hits the bay area from the bottom up. we have a live look outside this morning at san francisco, san jose, oakland and san rafael. all sure to be hit at some point today with all kinds of wind and rain. as you get ready to bundle up and hit the roads, we have a team in place for you to tell you exactly what you need to know before you head out the door. christie smith is out at sfo. mike inouye is checking your commute and we begin with meteorologist christina loren. how's it looking out there? >> well, it's getting hairier and hairier and it's going to get more active this afternoon into the evening. we've got a really steady wave of moisture on the way ready to
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hit the bay area. you want to give yourself plenty of time. you see that yellow embedded within the deep green. that's moderate, even heavy rainfall on the way to san jose as we head through the next 57 minutes. you know what that means, a slow morning drive. we'll check on the particulars with mike. he's already tracking a few things in just a moment. i want to talk about the nature of our first storm system. it's packing a lot of moisture, moving in from the south. the core will pass over the bay area as we head into the evening. the sun sets about 4:58 this time of year. as the sun goes down, the rain starts to increase. we'll e heavy periods of rain overnight and another system arrives as we head through late saturday into early sunday. what you need to know for today. grab that umbrella. 66 inland, bayside 63 degrees and at the coast 62 degrees. we want to help you make those weekend plans. you will be able to get outdoors at times. first, as promised, let's check that drive with mike. >> you're talking about folks getting out of town and there will be crowded roadways starting about noon.
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folks head out maybe to the sierra, bring those chains. also watch that grapevine if you're heading to l.a. right here the problem right now is the bay bridge and the upper deck. these flashing lights, at least one, maybe two lanes are blocked as you head across the upper deck at the s curve approaching treasure island. this backup has caused a big backup and the metering lights at the toll plaza. so this is a friday, 6:02. usually we don't see any backup at all. these lights backed up all the way into the berkeley curve. a wider view on the maps. you see the slow drive up the incline because of that accident. they hope to get lanes cleared in a few minutes but we're looking at lanes that just cleared with a big rig that was over here at powell causing more slowing coming into berkeley. easing up across the berkeley curve and jammed up at the bay bridge. the rain has not yet hit this issue. it may be an issue along the peninsula because 280, 101, 19 coming through the city, you'll get slick roadways as well.
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the rain coming through here and san mateo in the next few minutes. we're looking at san jose for heavy rainfall as well. we'll end with this map and talk about what to watch in the south bay for your off-ramps as well coming up. back to you. also happening now, today's weather expected to play a role in what sfo calls its busiest travel day of the season. christie smith is live at the airport this morning which is expecting a record-breaking day. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. so far we've only gotten a little bit of sprinkles here at sfo, but you know i was talking with one of the baggage handlers and he was saying that this is already a very, very busy morning. he said normally you only get a couple of cars coming and going but it has been a steady stream, car after car. lines are long but they are moving. some of the business travelers looking a little surprised to see so many people here, people with children, people with multiple bags. sfo recently announced that they would see record travel numbers this holiday season through new year's. the number of travelers will be
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up about 3% over this time last year, and forget wednesday. for sfo today it's the busiest travel day of the thanksgiving season. 140,000 passengers will pass through here today alone. a spoke with some residents heading to boston including a stanford student and they expected the crowd. >> when i was driving up, i was thinking the same thing. it used to be wednesday and it's coming earlier. but i definitely expect it. >> so we have a week off so i think a lot of kids leave on friday. >> reporter: so you were expecting this? >> yeah. >> reporter: and i checked the arrival and departure boards this morning and so far so didngood. we've only seen one cancellation. parking is expected to be tight, especially the closer we get to thanksgiving. and again, weather could be a factor. we've had sprinkles all morning. the ground is wet and of course we know the rain is coming. reporting live at sfo, christie
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smith, "today in the bay." hey bales lining a daly city park. crews have been working very quickly trying to clear the streets and shore up the slide ahead of all this coming rain. that hillside collapsed three days ago sending thousands of gaul gallons of water and mud into the streets below. cars were swamped to the wheel wells. entire streets were blocked for hours while crews were there trying to clean up the mess. you can see it all. this morning neighbors say they're hoping the rain will not cause another slide. >> they said everything was okay. they said the engineers came and said the hill was stable, so even if there was rain, it should still hold up. but i guess they're trying to cover this mud right now so when it does rain, it doesn't spill back over. >> well, this one, a broken water pipe being blamed for tuesday's mud slide. we, of course acti, are keeping eye on all this weather all
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morning long. you can also check our website at nbc bay you can also share your photos. visit nbc bay area on facebook or snap those photos and make it look really cool on instagram or twitter. christina loren will be back to tell us the timeline of all of this rain and who will get hit the hardest and how long it's going to last. we're following a develop story in the middle east right now where fighting between israelis and palestinians is intensifying this morning. today alone 85 missiles have exploded within 45 minutes in gaza city. in the meantime, israeli military says some 350 rockets have been fired into israel since wednesday. more than 50 fired this morning alone. now reports of a palestinian rocket targeted at tel aviv. for more let's check in with marla tellez who's life in our newsroom this morning with new
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pictures and new information for us. >> reporter: in regards to that rocket bound for tel aviv, israeli police say the rocket actually landed in the mediterranean so no injuries have been reported from that particular launch. right now we are giving you a live look at gaza city, where it is 4:07 in the afternoon. from this live picture it looks like the aerial assault has stopped for now. we are keeping our eye on this situation. i can tell you, though, since the fighting began wednesday, at least 20 people have been killed. most of them reported to be palestinians, including some children and we are hearing a pregnant woman as well. almost 250 more have been injured. meanwhile, new video into our newsroom shows israeli tanks and other military hardware on the move toward the gaza border. israel calling up an additional 16,000 reservists today as they threaten a full-out ground assault. at any point we could hear gaza has invaded. overnight and into friday the rocket attacks did not stop,
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despite an anticipated cease-fire. israel and hamas agreeing to stop the rocket launches while egypt's prime minister visits gaza today for about a three-hour trip but that deal collapsed as both sides accused the other of violating it. in fact we're getting word an israeli missile hit the hamas interior ministry in gaza and now that building is in complete ruins. so as evening approaches over there, we are going to keep our eye on this very fluid situation to see what happens once the sun sets. jon. >> such a long history of conflict there, marla. thank you very much. well, this morning we are hearing from the family of a san jose marine shot and killed by palm springs. >> it's too much, too much pain, too much pain in our hearts. >> i couldn't believe it, man. he was just with me last tuesday and now he's gone. >> last night dozens of family members, military and friends, gathering for a vigil to remember corporal allan
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devillena. the 22-year-old died after police shot him in a parking garage on saturday. police there say they started shooting after the marine hit an officer with his car. three officers right now are on leave while the department tries to just sort things out and see what happened in the moments before that shooting. california's high-speed rail project has hit another hurdle with a crucial court decision expected today. central valley farmers are asking for an injunction to stop the high-speed rail authority from buying land to move forward with the first segment of track. the farmers claim the rail authority failed to conduct thorough environmental studies. rail officials say if a judge decides today to grant the injunction, it could put more than $2 billion in federal funding in jeopardy. 6:09 right now. christina loren has been watching this all morning long, taking a look at what's going to happen with this rain coming in. what's the latest, christina? >> we've got a steady band of moisture getting ready to hit the bay area and the winds are
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picking up as well. these winds not nearly as strong as we're expecting them to ramp up to later on today. wind speeds some with between 20 to 30 miles per hour, stronger gusts up to 50 miles per hour expected as we head through the first part of the day and that area of low pressure moves onshore. it is starting to push onshore right now. what i'm talking about is this very heavy band of moisture getting ready to slam us just in time for your morning commute. right now it's timing out like this. the heavier rain will arrive in san jose in about 53 minutes. 22 minutes away from san mateo. before all is said and con, look at some of those totals. the first storm will hit the south bay the hardest. 2 inches expected in morgan hill. second storm, 2 inches in santa rosa. we'll time the system out to a tee coming up. first, let's check your drive. good morning, mike. >> a horrible morning if you're heading down the east shore freeway to the bay bridge. this is the incline, the upper deck. the flashing lights that they have within watch, actually a traffic break that i saw looks like it has cleared.
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no confirmation yet from chp. they're very busy as well as the bridge crew. there's traffic now flowing up that very crowded incline. back at the toll plaza, you have the metering lights which were turned on especially early for a friday and that's what's got all this backup. we'll show you the map. very slow up the upper deck. also down the east shore freeway from an earlier incident. slow out of richmond into berkeley, guys. back to you. it's 6:11 now. coming up, a precious reminder of a painful memory stolen by burglars who stole an urn with an infant's ashes inside and how the mother is urging thieves to come forward just ahead. plus inside job. that's what happened here. an airport's own fork lift used the getaway during a million dollar apple electronics heist at jfk airport. we'll tell you what was stolen and what police are saying about it just ahead. another successful silicon valley ipo and the end of an era for hostess all live in business
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news. >> reporter: i'm bob redell. we're finding out $10 goes a long way in helping end hunger. we'll tell you about our food drive kicking off here at your local safeway. that story coming up.
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it is 6:14 right now. this is a heart-breaking story. an antioch woman whose home was ransacked by burglars, right now pleading for the return of one precious item, her baby's ashes. the silver heart-shaped urn was stolen on wednesday night. her infant son died at birth earlier this year. now, he says that urn was engraved with his name, gabriel, and the date of his death. those thieves also made off with televisions, jewelry and christmas presents she purchased for her other children. right now she just wants him back. >> i hope she gets it back. it's 6:15.
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here's a check of the day's top stories. israel continues to move tanks and other military hardware to its border with gaza. military leaders are threatening a ground assault into the palestinian territory. israel says it launched the offensive in response to a series of rocket attacks from the gaza strip. some heart-breaking news for kids and adults worldwide. the makers of twinkies and ding daungz going out of business. striking workers have crippled its ability to make and ship products and it has no choice but to file for liquidation. hostess employs 18,000 people nationwide. so $1.5 million worth of ipad minis stolen from a cargo building at jfk airport in what's being described as a goodfellas-style heist. the thieves used one of the airport's own fork lifts to steal these ipads. the building where the crime took place was the site of the
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1978 heist, the largest cash robbery ever on u.s. soil. that heist was featured in the 1990 film "good fellas." investigators believe the robbery was an inside job and they are right now pursuing any and all leads. a silicon valley company headed to the stock market this morning. scott mcgrew, another successful ipo. >> that's right. it's a company that puts those wireless wi-fi transmitters in places like airports and city parks, easing demand for data on phone networks. now, the company priced its shares at $15 last night. it will start trading on the new york stock exchange this morning. the ceo ink magazine once called selena lowe a tyrant. her management style stomach curdling. a few years ago i asked her about her very strange reputation. >> i'm an expressive person and
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sometimes, you know, some people think that that's too direct, i guess. >> lowe got the message, totally changed the way she interacts with people. she's actually very pleasant, if driven, ceo of a very successful company. i'll update you as they start trading this morning. tune in tonight at 6:00 as well because scott budman will take you behind the scenes as employees wait for the first trade this morning. goodbye apple maps. the wall street journal reports going el is this close to releasing a new google map for iphone. yes, it will have spoken turn-by-turn directions. you know, apple doesn't comment on what's pending in the app store so no word from apple this morning but people will be relieved to get rid of those terrible apple maps and get back to google just like they like. >> i'm surprised thomas brothers doesn't have a map. >> i'm surprised somebody didn't jump in when apple had that disaster. you recall people lost their jobs over how bad that map was. >> thank you very much. a lot of people actually out of a job this time of year and that makes it tough for the
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holidays. so nbc bay area is gearing up by joining the fight against hunger. the end hunger food drive benefiting local food banks takes place tomorrow at all safeway stores across the bay area. >> definitely a great cause. bob redell is in safeway right now enjoying the smooth jazz and all of the fund-raising going on out there in pleasanton. bob is here to let you know how you can help. good morning, bob. >> reporter: yeah. hey, good morning to you, jon and laura. happy prethanksgiving. no turkeys here this morning. a dancing hawk, which is always apropos when you're talking about a food drive, i suppose. basically we're trying to get people to help out the needy. one in six people here in the bay area rely on food banks. the kids here in livermore valley chaurrter prep tore high school, this is their jazz band. they're running their own food drive and helping out. we're asking you to do the same. we're doing a big push for this tomorrow. come to your local safeway and
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we've made it really easy for you. when you walk in, you'll see a display similar to this right here that's going to be stacked with grocery bags. in the grocery bags are types of food you would need as a family and we're just asking for $10. you can obviously do 1, 2, 3. it's going off to a respective food bank. we've got michael with the alameda county community food bank and samantha who is with the livermore haven food pantry. an we are talking about prepa prepare -- comparing this year to years past. what are you seeing in terms of demand? >> woe take about 3300 calls every month. 10% is people who have never had to reach out for help before. so it's difficult right now. >> reporter: do you see things getting better, leveling off, plat toeing? >> it's about the same as last year. we're serving about 7,000 individuals here in the tri-valley area, just at our food pantry alone ir. >> reporter: so the need is still out there.
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maybe things are getting better in the economy, things have stalled out and still need help. okay, thank you, guys. $10, that's all we're asking. come here, buy a bag, put it in the bin, take it to the checkout and safeway will take care of you. we've got this food drive. the big push is tomorrow. yours truly, i'll be at the livermore safeway. jessica will be here and you guys will be in the south basement hey, collin, take it away. these guys are awesome. if every live shot could have this. >> there you go. i'll be at the morgan hill safeway tomorrow morning about 10:00. so we want you to come out. week the rain is coming across the bay area. christina loren is taking a look at that as well. >> yeah, one good thing you can do, collect all the change at your house and probably add up to $10 really quickly. taking a live look at what's happening, look at this band of moisture. hasn't yet pushed onshore. it will right in the heart of your morning drive.
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travel cautiously and give yourself extra time. it's going to get very slippery very quickly with heavy, even moderate rain embedded in this light green. even places here in the south bay, as we head through the next 43 minutes, it arrives in discovery bay. so keep that in mind. as we head throughout the day today, the first system will impact us. this is going to be the more potent of the two systems and you can see the core is the place we'll have the heaviest rain. that core doesn't arrive until later on tonight. we start the clock at 5:00 p.m. that. will continue until 9:00 p.m. then things start to let up just a little bit. look at this, getting a little bit of a break from the rain and that will extend until 6:00 p.m. when you are next system, this one is packing a bunch. it will have gusty winds and gold air. look at this, we stop the clock at 6:00 p.m. saturday. the whole thing comes through over the course of 12 hours. then on 12 hours it's going to be cold but the sun will come back out and you'll be able to
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get outdoors at least for a limited time. it's going to be cold, just want to point that out. only 61 inland on sunday. as we head through monday, a few residual showers and then a little bit of a break. a third system will swing through the bay area, mostly impacting the north bay. very slight chance of rain. do keep in mind a lot of people will be heading out to travel. 66 in livermore today. as we head throughout tomorrow, we drop off in temperature and keep that rain going. you will be able to get outdoors saturday and sunday. monday into tuesday we really start to clear out of here. wednesday, a few north bay showers. thanksgiving, though, looks good. if you have family coming into town, that's certainly something to be thankful for. you can also get outdoors as well. back to you guys. >> good plan. 6:22 right now. coming up, the question is how is all this weather going to affect your drive? mike inouye along with your morning commute next. alright let's break it down.
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welcome back, folks. it's six:25. you're looking at the headlights coming to us northbound 17 at the summit. we are watching for the effects of this rain, now, it's not right at the summit but it is dampening the roadway for highway 17, also watching 280 along the peninsula. we do have a bigger issue so this is a view i don't think anyone else will show you. this is the east shore freeway westbound 80 coming out of berkeley. here's that sign that sort out the maze. coming around the berkeley curve, it is jammed all the way
6:26 am
around the bend coming off of 580 out of the maze as well all the way to the toll plaza and up the incline because of the earlier accident i told you about. now, that has cleared off of the upper deck and toward treasure island but this is all the backup that's forming. so the map shows you how it's playing out. westbound 80 jammed coming off of the richmond-san rafael bridge. all the way past the earlier accident at powell, a little distraction there. into the maze, look at the backup for north 880 coming off of west 580, we showed you that as well as around the berkeley curve, all wait up to treasure island. but the peninsula also getting hit with some rain. the green highlighting over here where some wet roads right exist in the east bay, also north bay and into the city. and in the south bay we're looking at a smooth drive northbound but we're talking about some issues as far as the 880 offramp at alameda. still trying to fix the pump. i've got another issue for the
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tri-valley coming up. i'll tell you about that in the next report. >> all right, we'll look forward to it. thanks, mike. 6:27. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, turbulence in tel aviv as rockets rain down along the gaza strip. the latest developments just ahead.
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tensions and turbulence in the middle east as violence along the gaza strip spreads. plus general david petraeus opens up behind closed doors on capitol hill. his crucial testimony this morning about the deadly attacks in libya just ahead. right now we take you to wall street on the new york stock exchange. that is ceo selena lowe there in the red from ruckus wireless. hey, she's excited about this. her company from sunnyvale is trading stock for the very first time. as soon as that happens, scott mcgrew will be along to fill us in on this friday, november 16th.
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this is "today in the bay." good friday morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm jon kelley. good morning, everybody. we have a developing story going on in the middle east right now. a new round after tax this morning between israel and hamas. this is a live look at gaza right now where overnight -- i mean it looks calm now but overnight a cease-fire collapsed. both sides accusing others of violating it. bombs, rockets were going off. that cease-fire declared ahead of the egyptian prime minister's early morning visit in a show of support. but palestinians at the very same time, israel targeting 150 rocket launching sites and ammunition warehouses in gaza as militants fired dozens of rockets right into israel. right now israeli troops, tanks and personnel carriers are all gathering right at that palestinian border. this is prompting speculation of some form of an invasion. we will, of courts, keep you
6:31 am
posted and bring a live report to you in just about 15 minutes from right now. 6:31. behind closed doors, this morning continuing coverage of former cia director david petraeus. this morning the four-star general is testifying on capitol hill in a closed door session. the hearing is focused on the attack on the american consulate in benghazi, libya, that killed u.s. ambassador and bay area native chris stevens and three other americans. the incident has become a political firestorm, with republicans accusing the obama administration of misleading the public about the cause of the attack. for more on the general's testimony, let's bring in tracie potts this morning. now, general petraeus went to tripoli and conducted interviews about the attack. do we have any inclination about what he's going to say today? >> reporter: well, we have some sense of what he said in the first hearing. there are two. he i believe is in the second one now, assuming things are still on schedule. in that first hearing with the house intelligence committee, he talked quite a bit about his
6:32 am
investigation and whether or not initially the u.s. thought this was a spontaneous attack or a terror attack. according to congressman peter king, who came out and briefed us afterwards, there were some differences between what lawmakers remembered in their initial briefing with the cia and what petraeus recalled about how much emphasis they put on this being a possible terror attack. >> so this hearing is private, obviously. will an open hearing be held for the public? >> reporter: yeah, at some point at least on the senate side the senate intelligence committee says they're going to have an open public hearing on what happened in benghazi. they wanted to get whatever classified information may be available on record first with the cia and in fact some of this information they say may be declassified at some point and shared with the public. >> all right. who will want to know. his appearance on capitol hill comes one week to the day he resigned from the cia. there's so much speculation going on that the benghazi
6:33 am
investigation may have played a role in his decision to actually step down. what is he saying, if anything, about that and will his affair that came out of that as well, will it factor into today's hearing? >> reporter: well, it could a little bit. i mean in the first hearing we're told that -- and again, we were not there, but the report that came out from lawmakers after was that he addressed it briefly off the top and then pretty much the rest of this hearing was focused on benghazi. >> all right. but it was addressed. all right, very interesting. tracie potts, thank you very much. no doubt a very busy day on capitol hill. president obama meeting with congressional leaders of both parties at the white house today trying to negotiate a deal to avoid that looming fiscal cliff. the president also meeting with the leaders of civil rights organizations and other advocacy groups, trying to seek some input on those negotiations. president obama wants any plan to include tax increases on the wealthy. republican leaders say they will accept new tax revenue, but not higher tax rates. it's 6:34.
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time to turn to the forecast. we are on storm watch this morning across the bay area. as we take a live look outside this morning at san francisco on your left hand, san jose on your right. before you go outside to hit the road, let's check in with meteorologist christina loren. she's got a look at today's forecast. christina, does wet and windy pretty much sum it all up? >> it certainly does, and low snow levels come into play as our second storm arrives late tomorrow night into early sunday. the first storm is packing more of a punch and will mostly impact us in the bay area as a core of low pressure will cross right over us. you can see the first strong wave of moisture is starting to push onshore just along the coastline so it's not even nearly as active as it's going to be. we stop your futurecast and you can see right now we're expecting a few more showers as we head throughout the next couple of hours of the morning. by mid-morning, it's going to be active all across the board. i'm talking about 10:00 a.m., showers up and down the bay area. but get ready, 55 minutes away from steady rainfall, even
6:35 am
moderate rainfall in san jose. once it starts we're in this wet pattern all the way through sunday of next week. 66 inland, 63 bayside and 62 at the coast. the south bay will get hit the hardest in the first round and in the second round it's going to be the north bay. totals upwards of 2 inches in spots. we'll time it out and show you how much rain we're expecting in your city coming up. 6:35. first, let's check on your drive with mike. >> we've been following huge problem as long the east shore freeway and on the bay bridge upper deck with an enormous backup. the incline still crawls. the earlier accident caused basi basically a full traffic break. so one of your lanes still blocked by a disabled vehicle but that four or five-car accident has cleared from the upper deck. here's the jam coming up thein clie kline. look at that coming into the maze off of west 580 off of the east shore freeway. i showed you coming out of
6:36 am
emeryville. horrible drive. look at that, that's not a good friday commute. that's a horrible commute for any day of the week. so the map shows you this is a big deal coming down out of richmond all the way through berkeley and coming off of ash dashby and powell. and north 880 from the bottom of your screen. another issue for the tri-valley, we had an accident at the dublin interchange which has cleared from west 580 but there's unusual backup for this time on a friday through livermore. you see the green highlighting on my maps. that will show you where there are some wetter roads, including south through pleasanton maybe. we'll give you a look at the san mateo bridge. the volume kind of misty once you see the high rise. on the peninsula side, you can't make out that view. from time to time it gets blurry. there may be some moisture or on the lens itself and you should see wet roads in patches along 280 as well. along the peninsula, be careful, that rain has arrived. back to you. we have some breaking news we are following this morning from belmont, pennsylvania, this
6:37 am
morning, where there is a massive building on fire. these are some aerial shots from the area as we see firefighters tackling it from all sides. it looks like white smoke, so that could mean that they do have it out. it actually looks like a home there, now that we kind of assess the situation. it's the first time i'm seeing these picture as well. it was a really huge fire happening there. we don't know of any injuries but we'll keep tabs on that as well. >> you see a lot of firefighters on scene. we'll keep you posted. 6:37 right now. still ahead, parade panic. this was a scare auto and tragic scene. a train slamming into a float carrying injured war veterans across the tracks. we'll tell you why a horn and flashing lights just weren't enough to warn the people just ahead.
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welcome back. now dark clouds looming over san jose. the showers have not started here yet, but we're just about a half hour away from steady rainfall in the south bay. let's take it right to the radar and show you where the showers are. as you can see up and down the state of california we're starting to get that heavy rainfall, and as we progress throughout the morning, it's going to get much worse before it gets better. we'll time this out to your doorstep. if it's not yet raining there, coming up. back to you. it is 6:41 right now. a federal official is joining an investigation down in west texas after a freight train crashes right into a group of wounded
6:41 am
vets who were on their way to a dinner in their honor. the vets were crossing the tracks yesterday on a decorated flatbed truck when that train started approaching. now, the vets and their family members, they tried to jump off of the truck but some were not able to get off. tragically, four people were killed, six of the 17 people injured, now remain hospitalized this morning. union pacific says it appears the crossing gate and lights were working. at this point it's still unclear if the train crew even saw the floats approaching. 6:41. coming up, targeting tel aviv. more rockets rain down as violence escalates, and a truce collapses along the gaza border. we're live with the latest just ahead. and truly one of the most unusual golf clubs you've ever seen. we'll take a look at it and play with it coming up.
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this morning we are on storm watch as wet weather hitting the bay area. we've got a live look outside this morning at san francisco, san jose, oakland and san rafael where stormy weather is expected to hit south first before eventually making its way up. as you get ready to bundle up, hit the roads, we have a team in place to tell you what you need to know before you head out that door. mike inouye checking out your commute, meteorologist christina loren has a look at your forecast, but we begin with christie smith, live at sfo, where the weather is having an impact on travel this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. we just had a little bit of rain move through here at sfo. it has stopped, but of course more rain is on the way for the thanksgiving travel holiday. i want to show you what it looks like out here this morning. quite busy. i spoke with a baggage handler and he said that he is having a busy morning already.
6:45 am
i also spoke with the duty manager who tells me that because of the weather, the low ceiling, that they'll have 30 planes arriving and departing per hour instead of the usual 60. so what we might see is delays starting to build up throughout the day. now remember when wednesday was the busy day? now here at sfo, it's actually today. 140,000 people will be arriving and departing, making it the busiest day of the thanksgiving holiday season. mixed in with the business travelers, we're seeing a lot of families this morning. people with car seats, several pieces of luggage. i spoke with one family heading to dallas this morning who thought today would be the slow day. >> this is the busiest day, though, today, they're saying. >> great. all right. fingers crossed. >> reporter: how has it been so far? >> good, good. just waking the kids up, getting them together is probably the hardest part of the day. >> reporter: so far most of the flights appear to be pretty much on time, but i did check the
6:46 am
arrival and departure boards within the last 20, 30 minutes and i started to notice delays popping up of maybe 10 to 15 minutes. nothing major, but that could change as the rain hits the airport throughout the day. reporting live at sfo, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> for more on how that weather will impact your travel and the latest on the storm watch coverage, let's check things out with meteorologist christina loren. >> hey, good morning to you. looks like some puddles accumulating out there at sfo, and she did point out there are delays. taking a live look from high atop san brown owe mountain, this is representative of the sky above the greater bay area. dark clouds, overcast conditions and a lot of rain moving in. let's get right to your radar this morning. as you can see for the most part, showers are concentrated up and down the coastline but they're going to continue to push inland throughout the next couple hours. we're timing out the bulk of the moisture from the first wave that comes through. it's going to arrive in bufano
6:47 am
park in about 15 minutes. it's 54 minutes away from san jose. so it all works out like this. the first storm system is coming up from the south. the actual core of low pressure will cross over the bay area. that's where you find the strongest winds and heaviest rainfall. that doesn't arrive until the second half of the day into night. stop the clock at 6:00 p.m. and look forward to a very rough drive home with heavy rainfall coming down. because the system is coming up from the south pushing to the north, the santa cruz mountains, you could see flooding over 17. you want to take it very easy tonight. the south bay will get hit the hardest. by 3:00 a.m. saturday, starting to get a little bit of a break in the showers. then we stop the clock for you at 9:00 a.m. look at this, nice dry conditions prevail from 9:00 a.m. saturday until 7:00 p.m. then the next system drops through and that one will pack a punch. so from 6:00 p.m. saturday to 6:00 a.m. sunday the second system comes through. then we clear out and dry out for the remainder of the weekend
6:48 am
with just a few residual showers monday morning. so for today keep that umbrella handy, keep that coat handy. 66 inland, 64 bayside, at the coast 61 degrees. saturday into sunday, that's going to be the most active. by monday clearing you out early. tuesday into wednesday some north bay showers very light. i don't think they'll impact your travel plans but keep in mind a little bit of rainfall on wednesday. then by thursday, thanksgiving day, clearing you out. let's check on that drive with mike. >> that weather will be an issue as folks are leaving town as well. if you're heading to the sierra or southland, gripe viapevine w have issues as well as the sierra. bring those chains. we're worried about the bay bridge and the east shore freeway. the backup is not what you would expect for a friday. let's see what chopper sees overhead. we had the earlier issue cleared from the upper deck of the bay bridge. this is coming around the berkeley curve and heading over toward the toll plaza. very slow heading overall the way here as well as off of west 580 and off of the berkeley
6:49 am
curve. that's where we meade up and this is the jam heading toward the toll plaza and the metering lights and a slow drive all the way over the incline. clearing by the treasure i recalled -- island area. emeryville, berkeley and up, northbound 880, very unusual and unexpected for this friday. looking at west 580 with a new accident in the packup formed by the first accident at the dublin interchange. that one cleared. the second one getting closer toward vasco road. north 1st, that off-ramp looking clear so far right now. the south bay also looks pretty good as far as the flow. we do have you slowing northbound, north of 680 for 101 and north 87 coming into downtown. 85 just kicking in and closure still south 880 at the alameda. they have got to fix that drain and that rain is coming, as we've been showing. palo alto still shows dry roadways for 101 but the rain coming down the peninsula. let's look at the foster city side of the san mateo bridge and
6:50 am
we do see a little glow. there's a little blur to the lens, i want to make sure you can see it. back to you. right now we want to get you updated on a developing story over in the middle east. this morning israel moves tanks and other military equipment right to that border with gaza as violence and tension escalates in that area between the palestinians and israelis. we're getting new reports of a palestinian rocket exploding in tel aviv. marla tellez is monitoring the situation and joins us from the newsroom with all the latest. >> reporter: jon, that rocket did explode but not in the city of tel aviv. instead israeli police officials say it landed in the mediterranean, so no one was hurt. it laned right off the city's shores. i wanted to show you this video we just got. you can see police officers and people just hanging out at the beach, so the situation does not look tense. we are hearing people there are shocked and surprised by this latest rocket attack. no doubt about it, fears of an all-out war are growing as israeli ground troops are positioned at the gaza border today. this is the third day of
6:51 am
fighting. it began wednesday after hamas' top military commander was assassinated reportedly by the israelis. since then, hundreds of rocket launches from both sides, even overnight and into friday, despite an agreed-upon cease-fire which fell through overnight. in the city center of tel aviv, it is a ghost town. playgrounds are empty, shops are closed, as israelis try to take cover. right now we are giving you a live look at gaza city. you can see smoke coming up into the air. i'm sure that's a telltale sign that a rocket just landed from the israelis into the city of gaza. so far at least 20 people are reported dead. most of them palestinians. almost 250 more injured. now, i just hung up the phone with an israeli civilian, actually a former mayor of a town in israel. he says an official war is going to start really any time. he says he's hearing those israeli ground troops are going into gaza very soon. if they have not already.
6:52 am
and when that war starts, he suspects it's going to last weeks. laura. >> no doubt something we'll keep an eye on. thank you very much, marla. 6:52. an off-duty police officer was taking his wife out to a birthday dinner and comes face-to-face with one of the bay area's most wanted gang members at the exact same restaurant. the oakland police officer was eating at ruth's chris steak house when he spotted the man and his entourage as another table nearby. they say he was involved in multiple shooting in oakland and a home robbery. officers from the bay area were just in las vegas in fact looking for him. he was arrested without any trouble. oakland police hope the arrest will put an ease on some of the gang activity in the city. new this morning, laura, a 65-year-old vallejo woman is in the hospital right now after a violent kidnapping. that suspect just 14 years old. the woman was found duct taped and beaten in a ditch near i-80
6:53 am
and hiddenbrooke parkway. she was kidnapped right in front of a store and forced to drive to the freeway. police believe the 14-year-old suspect called the woman's family demanding money in exchange for her return. he then allegedly attacked her and simply drove off, leaving that woman unconscious in a ditch. the suspect was later arrested and booked into juvenile hall. the woman's condition at this hour remains unknown. acouple accused of killing a retired schoolteacher set to enter a plea in court. susie ko was killed in her home on october 5th. darnell washington and his wife, tania beat and stabbed ko to death and stole her car from the garage. they were picked up five days later in washington state. if convicted, the couple will be eligible for the death penalty. it is 6:53 right now. in san francisco, a proposed law could increase the number of smoke-free apartments in the city. the new law introduced by a city supervisor would force landlords to designate their apartments as
6:54 am
smoking or nonsmoking, and also give information to the tenants about this. city leaders say that demand for apartments with no risk of secondhand smoke could pressure landlords to increase the number of nonsmoking units. the proposal would not affect existing leases and could be voted on pie the board of supervisors as early as next month. it's si6:54. nbc bay area teaming up with safeway stores to help fight hunger across the bay area. the end hunger now food drive starts tomorrow. >> it's very simple, very low cost and gets a lot of great things done. bob redell is live at safeway in pleasanton with how you can get involved and help hoout. bob, good morning. >> reporter: jon and laura, we've been saying woe made it really easy for you. just come into a safeway. you'll see a display like this and you'll see these grocery bags. all they're asking for is $10. they're prepacked for needy
6:55 am
families. one in six people in the bay area rely on food banks and this will end up in their hands, especially around thanksgiving time. we're asking you to take the lead of these students here at the jazz band with the livermore valley charter prep tore high school. samantha is here and michael is with the alameda county food bank. we're talking about the face of hunger. who are these people who need the food? >> the child sitting next to your own child in the classroom, a lot of seniors. we're seeing a huge increase in senior population needing assistance. >> reporter: michael, you've been in this business awhile and seen changes over the types of people coming in. do you see things getting worse? >> things definitely are getting better right now, but thanks to the support of the community we're making a big dent. we are serving 49,000 people throughout our county in every neighborhood every week.
6:56 am
half of those are children. two-thirds total children and seniors. but with the support of the community we are really making a difference. >> reporter: and a $10 bag of groceries, how far does that go? >> it goes a long way. a great bag of groceries. a lot of stuff people will see in their own food pantries at home and it's healthy meals. it's a number of meals for a family in need. it's a great way to get actively involved. >> michael, samantha, thank you for what you do. i want to thank these guys as well. so it's going to be all day tomorrow we're doing this big push. again, ten bucks. take it to the checkout, pay your $10 and put it in the bin. you can obviously do more than one bag. i'm going to be at the livermore safeway. jessica aguirre will be here at the pleasanton safeway. a bunch of the crew will be at the river mark safeway and jon and laura, morgan hill? >> morgan hill is where we're bound, right, buddy? >> it's going to be a big one, great stuff. >> come on out.
6:57 am
make a difference donating. right now gadget friday. you heard the expression of your golf game blowing up? scott mcgrew takes that in a whole new direction right now. >> i have something, this is amazing. it is a golf club that anyone can use. they call it the easy driver. it was actually developed in fremont by guys over there. take a look at what it can do. it has a charge inside of it. actual gun powder charge. so you just hold the golf club right up to the ball and it shoots the ball across the fairway. my son, ian, drove a 250 yard -- this is not my son, this is a golf pro, a 250-yard shot. these are available for rental at fremont, mission hills, palo alto, shoreline, sunol valley. more information at i'm going to set this up. >> i'll cover my ears. >> fire in the hole, fire in the hole. here we go. those are really loud. now, you can make it not as loud
6:58 am
on the golf course. >> that would be scary on the golf course. >> compared to actually hitting a ball on the golf course, honestly it's about the same sound. this is a sound stage, et cetera. the idea is not to cheat at golf. the idea is maybe you're a spouse that can't hit the golf ball. now you can rent a club and play along. handicap people, stroke survivors, that kind of thing, can actually participate in golf and then you just reload it for another shot. >> that is a great gadget. >> i'm really kind of -- it's fun. it's a good idea. >> so only for rental or can you purchase it? >> only for recommendation. there are a number of golf courses doing it. obviously there's a little feedback from some golfers who don't like it. but i think when you're talking about somebody who's differently abled being able to use it, i think that's cool. plus the gun powder makes it super neat. >> super cool. not meant for cheating, but i might have to do that. all right, scott, thank you very much. >> drive with you that, you're
6:59 am
in trouble. i don't know, a golf course might be a little soggy this weekend. let's check that forecast with meteorologist christina loren. she's watching the storm for us headed our way, couple of them. >> yeah, we have a couple storms headed our way. can you imagine being the guy who celebrities the balls in the cart? you could not want those clubs coming to your course. now, this morning golf courses across the region rejoicing and all the rain headed our way. as we head throughout the next couple hours, it's going to get worse before it gets better and we'll track it throughout the "today" show. back to you guys. >> thank you very much. >> that's all for today, it's friday. >> it is. it's officially friday. and thanks so much for joining us this morning. a reminder that we're doing the big food drive this weekend at bay area safeway stores. a lot of people would be out. we would love to see you and you'll feel great about making a difference for others. >> absolutely. have a great day. enjoy your weekend, stay dry out there. we'll see you mon. good morning. texas goor


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