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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  November 19, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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he made no major demands, except to ask to talk to his dad. >> i think it's really devastating for the community. we got a school nearby. we have a lot of businesses that are shut down. people can't get to where they need to go. and this really should come to an end. >> reporter: at about 2:15 this afternoon, the 26-year-old man peacefully climbed down a ladder and off the bus. he was taken to a nearby medical facility for evaluation, and no one was hurt. deputies are not releasing the man's name yet. they are still determining whether he will face any charges. but as for business owners here, they tell me that their customers were down about 30% today because of this. so when that man came off the bus, they all broke out into applause. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> okay, marianne, thank you. it is not over. in fact, this story is intensifying. san jose police looking for a suspect that went on a crime spree on friday night.
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tonight the reward money has increased, and we have new details about the wanted man. nbc bay area's kris sanchez is at the scene where that deadly -- where that crime turned deadly. kris? >> reporter: hi there, raj. san jose police on friday night had six different crime scenes within just 90 minutes. one suspect is behind bars, but this is where armed robbery turned into homicide. the other suspect still on the loose tonight. and now 20 grand on the table for anyone who leads police to a man they say was very close to being a cop killer. a collection of things that remind rory parkpettiford's friends of him are collecting near where he was killed, randomly, senselessly by two suspects on a violent crime spree on friday night in san jose. >> it just sucks, like, you know, seeing this and having him just be gone. and i can't call him to see what is good and just chill. i don't know. it's just really sad. >> reporter: steven moseley says his friend parkpettiford was good at music, full of life, and
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helpful to his family. san jose police say the suspects who allegedly killed him while trying to steal his car outside this 7-eleven on kieley boulevard are ruthless. one suspect, jonathan wilbanks is arrested and in custody about 90 minutes after the crime. his accomplice robbed a little cesar's, a gas station on east capital expressway, a jack in the box on kurtner avenue, a foot spa on bird avenue and ending up at the 7-eleven. >> i seen his friend crying hysterically and they pulled his body out of the car and thigh they tried to revive him. >> reporter: the suspects took off, police on their trail, at one point stopping to get out of the car and fire shots directly into the police officer's patrol car. >> you see the car and the belt. we're very lucky. if it had not been for the oc canister, we would be talking a different thing here right now.
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>> reporter: now the race is on to get a dangerous suspect off the streets. the police officers association and the mayor's office each ponying up 10 grand to get people talking. >> we're probably talking about people that might not necessarily be willing to help us. >> reporter: and that reward is now up to $20,000. between the police officers association and the mayor's office and the tip that brings that suspect in can be anonymous. so the assistant police chief says if the suspect in custody is cooperating somewhat with investigators. he might talk soon, though, because he is due in court on wednesday to face charges against him. in san jose, kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> kris, thank you. coming up tonight on our 6:00 newscast, are officers jumping ship from the san jose police department? we'll show you the bay area city actively recruiting disgruntled officers from jpd. a surprising crime. two students robbed at gunpoint at foothill college today.
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it happened on the foothill campus in los altos hills about 9:00 this morning. campus police say two students were stopped by a man with a gun and robbed of their backpacks. >> very rare in my history here, which is 16 years, i've never seen an armed robbery situation here at foothill college. it's certainly not unusual on college campuses to have crime. but in this area, for our campus, it is. >> police and sheriff's departments searched the campus, but didn't find the suspect. the suspect was not locked down, and no classes were interrupted or disrupted. students, faculty and staff were alert to have had crime through the school's emergency notification system. in vallejo now. the 14-year-old boy accused in the violent sexual attack on a 65-year-old woman made his first court appearance today. here are some still photos from the appearance. the judge set beal for caviar king at $4.5 million, reflecting the severity of the crime. allegedly he faces the crime
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including attempted murder, torture, and kidnapping. prosecutors have already said they intend to charge him as an adult. they say last thursday he carjacked a woman at gunpoint outside of a vallejo shopping center, and then forced her to drive to a remote location where she was later found bound, unconscious and dumped by the side of the road. during her two-hour ordeal, police say the teenager used the woman's cell phone to call her family and demand a rand some. the mother of a hayward girl who was kidnapped 24 years ago just as a clue could finally solve the mystery. just over a month ago, a bone fragment was discovered in a well. it was believed to be the dumping ground for the so-called speed freak killers, wesley sherman tine and wesley herzog in the '80s and '90s. a bone fragment of a 16-year-old
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girl, another victim was found in the same well. michaela's mother hopes this will bring some answers. >> i have wondered if this might be the last year that we do this, although i think that probably regardless of the results of the testing of that fragment, i'll probably still be here every year, because i do this to remember michaela. >> michaela's brother sang a song at the gathering. haywood police sent the bone fragment to a second lab for further testing. they hope to know whether the bone belongs to michaela within six weeks. there has been a delay in the case for the accused mask killer back in april. 43-year-old juan goh won't get the results of his two psychiatric examines until january. today he looked a lot different when he attended the hearings on his mental competency to stand trial. court observers comment head has lost a lot of weight since his arrest. the judge is still waiting for a
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second psychiatric report to be completed, and will continue the trial in january. goh faces seven charges of murder and three counts of attempted murder in the shooting spree at that small christian college. in hiding, but not off the grid. software pioneer john mcafee, who is wanted by police in belize has launched a website and blog about his life on the run, and is offering a $25,000 reward for the capture of his neighbor's killer. the website called who is mcafee debuted on saturday in which he describes devising outrageous costumes and disguises. the 67-year-old says that allows him to go undetected as he spies on the illegal searches on his home. belize police have been searching for mcafee since his neighbor was found shot to death a week ago. mcafee says he is innocent, and is being framed for murder. not fit to play. in about 15 minutes from now, the 49ers will take the field without their starting quarterback, alex smith. the 49ers made that announcement earlier today. smith suffered a concussion during last week's game against the rams. he was cleared to take part in
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limited practices this week, and was widely thought to be back on track to be able to play tonight. but the quarterback couldn't clear the final hurdle, which is approval from an independent neurologist. backup quarterback colin kaepernick will start tonight's game against the chicago bears. it will be his first nfl start. still ahead, pet owners fight back after hundreds of deaths. how they're using the holidays to target one retailer. and good afternoon. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. after some wet weather this weekend, here comes another storm. we are tracking rain. we'll let you know what that means for the holiday forecast. plus, if you're headed to candlestick park, running a little late, take that jacket. temperatures in the 50s and maybe even some drizzle by 7:00 p.m. we'll have the seven-day forecast in just a minute. and we have a twinkie defense. the new hope for hostess. the last-minute decision that could save the nation's twinkie and ho ho supply. we're back in a minute.
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a possible truce in the middle east as both sides seem ready to negotiate. but certainly not happening yet. israel has hit over a thousand targets in the gaza strip since the attacks began last wednesday. all targeting hamas leaders. but civilians also hurt and killed in the explosions. meanwhile, palestinians continue to fire rockets from gaza. officials say both sides are willing to make a deal to end the violence on certain conditions. israel wants the rocket attacks to stop. palestinian militants want israel to lift its 2006 blockade of gaza. [ closing bell ] hopes of a deal on the federal budget drove the stock market to its biggest gain in two months. the dow closed up 207 points today, just shy of the 12,800 mark. now over the weekend, lawmakers suggested signs of progress regarding the impending fiscal
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cliff. well, if you're flying out of oakland airport for the holidays, you might see some picketers. port workers are going on strike. more than 200 airport and port workers offers oakland are getting ready to walk the picket line. a one-day strike begins tonight at 9:00. members of the service employees international union, including plumber, maintenance workers, custodians and security guards plan to take part. they say they've been without a contract for more than a year, and are only asking for a cost of living raise. >> they're the ones that keep the port running. they're the ones that keep it safe and allow it to function so that people can use the airport and feel safe and comfortable going through that airport and utilizing the airport for what they need to from business to personal use. and we just feel that the port needs to deal with news a fair manner. >> the union says the action isn't aimed at slowing down holiday travel, but they do plan to shut down operations at the maritime port tomorrow. port officials say they're worried that the strike will impact shipping, and are trying to dissuade the union from this labor action. from a potential strike to
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the prospect of work, and lots of it there is now a deal in place between labor unions and the golden state warriors. the team says it will guarantee worker in its proposed new san francisco arena the ability to unionize. it also says it will give current oracle arena employees the first crack at new jobs. tomorrow night the san francisco birthday of supervisors is expected to sign off on the financial feasibility of the proposed arena project. not so fast. twinkies and dingdongs might be saved after all. a bankruptcy judge has ordered hostess brands and its striking union to meet with the mediator. after forcibly declaring on friday that it was closing down, hostess brands has reversed itself and agreed to federal mediation beginning tomorrow. the decision came late today as the company went to bankruptcy court to change its filing from chapter 11 to chapter 7 liquidation. on friday hostess sent home about 18,000 workers at 33 different plants across the country, including here in
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oakland. pet food safety advocates are using black friday to give a black eye to the nation's largest retailer. they want walmart to take chinese-made chicken jerky treats off store shelves. in the past year and a half, the fda has received reports of 360 pet deaths from owners blaming the treats for killing their pets. pet advocates say they will flood walmart stores on black friday to ask managers to remove the treats. they're calling it black friday for pets. the facebook page now has more than 800 supporters. the fda has issued warnings to consumers, telling owners the treats are not necessary as part of a balanced diet, but the agency has not recalled the product as it continues to test samples for contamination. walmart did not respond to our request for comment. perhaps you were part of this. the numbers are staggering. $141 million in the united states. $341 million worldwide. >> we're not talking about the fiscal cliff. we're talking about "twilight's" weekend box office. and the bay area played a role.
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let's bring in our business and tech reporter scott budman with a story you'll see only on nbc bay area. >> hollywood loves "twilight," largely because it brings in such big money. but hollywood movies, especially those heavy on special effects are almost never made without a boost from bay area technology. and the final "twilight" is no exception. >> after 18 years of being utterly ordinary, i finally felt i could shine. >> reporter: all those millions of "twilight" fans make for big box office. but if you want to know who made the werewolves you have to come here to berkeley and tippett studio. not the biggest effects house, but now among the most respected. >> they will show up on the screen and the audience started clapping and stuff like that. we realized hey, this is the studio that did these movies. >> reporter: and these are the men and women who created the wolves. sanjay das is tippett's chief technology officer. he oversaw a huge jump in technology since tippett's
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started work on "twilight: new moon." >> the first time we did the wolves, we had about two million hair on the wolves. and by the end in the grand finale, we had almost 10 to 12 million. >> a 500% in three years. tippett relied largely on powerful dell machines for its effects, but insists technology is only part of the process. these animators act too. >> if they can act it themselves to get a reference of that and go back to their thing, to the desks and start animating that as well. >> the werewolf? >> yes. and if it's a biped, yes, quaped, not so much. >> it's a worldwide success, something this group of berkeley animators can take pride in. >> i just can't describe that feeling. that's why i'm in this business. i love it. >> 304 shots created by tippett for the "twilight" finally, including six new werewolf
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characters. tippett in part because of its "twilight" success is becoming one of the busiest study yo's of its kind. >> where in berkeley do they practice being werewolves? >> you see people acting out. >> a great story. thank you, scott. >> i've always been a jacob fan, and now i'm even more. so he was made in berkeley. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. how are we doing as we kick off the week? >> pretty good. another storm system coming our way. it looks like some of the sky shots might get here from the bay area. you get to the "twilight" movie, the sky shots, also part of that scene. let's get a look at the doppler radar. we have a related system off to the north. it is producing showers off to the north bay. we're going to track that coming up. but i thought you may want to get a look at some of the rainfall totals up in the north bay over the past weekend. 2 to 3 inch no, sir the north bay hills. in the santa cruz mountains also coming in with 2 to 3 inches. so some very impressive rainfall totals over the past 72 hours.
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right now that radar is dry. but we are talking than next storm coming. in and it's already helping to drop temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s. let's take you outside of that live hd sky camera network. you can see right now the transamerica building, well, it's starting to get shrouded in some cloud cover after some sunshine today. you can see that approaching storm system is now starting to change our conditions. let's get you back into the weather boards. what we have happening is a ton of moisture, now up into washington and oregon. that's for the strongest part of this storm system will go. for us, we'll get the bottom edge of it. it's going to be very slow to produce rainfall for us. but we do think we'll pick up anywhere from a quarter to a half inch with this. not going to be as strong as what we had this past weekend. and winds could go 15 to 25 miles per hour. so here we go. for tonight, by 11:00 p.m., we're only expecting maybe a few showers to develop up near santa rosa. then as we head throughout the morning hours, it will be be all about the rain developing for the north bay commuters if you're headed from santa rosa to
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san francisco. and then as we head throughout the afternoon hours, it is just very slow to march southward. not expecting really anything in the way of rainfall for the south bay. san jose may not even get any showers until we head into wednesday morning. and even at that, a lot of that looks to wash out here from san jose to morgan hill, and also gilroy. do expect the higher totals with this system up into the north bay and also for the immediate coastline. overall, sierra snow going to be very high. at the summit levels we could see 7 inches near kingville. and 6 inches at twin bridges. about a quarter to a half inch again as we head throughout tuesday morning into wednesday morning. and if you're doing any traveling, moderate airport delays are likely at sfo with the cloud cover and the rain moving in. temperatures in the low to mid-60s here for tomorrow. and on your three-day forecast we keep the chance of showers all the way through thursday. then as we head throughout thanksgiving, we're going to go with dry travel. hopefully that turkey is nice and moist. but again, dry travel. for friday, plenty of sunny
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deals hopefully coming your way. we know mother nature is going to give us a nice bargain here as we head throughout the end of this holiday week. we'll have sunshine all the way through saturday and also sunday. and even by next monday, a great start. >> did he say dry turkey or dry travel? >> dry travel. >> on turkey day. thanks, jeff. america almost didn't see it. coming up, "saturday night live" takes on the fight between a celebrity chef and "the new york times." >> my awesome pretzel chicken tenders with a side --
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it's a good time to be living in san jose if you're woman. "self" magazine ranked the city at the top of its list as the healthiest places for women. san jose won because of air quality and the number of bike trails and farmer's markets. bethesda, maryland came in second followed by san francisco, santa barbara, and honolulu to round out the top five. well, here we go. it was cut from the tv broadcast, but it made the web. "saturday night live" was working on a skit about how bay
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area chef guy fieri would respond to that recent "new york times" review which blasted his new restaurant in times square. >> if you just shopped at the m&m's store, and you're wearing a foam statue of liberty visor, you're going to find eating my pretzel chicken tenders with a side of grape juice pretty good. but if you come in expecting le cirque, you're a jerk. >> instead there was a cameo by new jersey governor chris chrissie. the governor poked fun at himself for his wardrobe and everyone seemed to have a good time on "saturday night live." >> very popular. that's very funny with guy fieri. back in a moment.
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okay. let's get a preview of what's coming up next on nbc bay area. >> jessica aguirre is in the enthusiasm with the rundown. >> good evening, raj and janelle. next on "nightly news" on the crisis on the middle east with 30,000 israeli troops poised for battle on the ground. plus, driven to distraction with modern police cars loaded with computers, there is instant messaging, gps live maps. police are increasingly involved in dangerous crashes. the investigation on "nightly news" in just a few minutes. and the new at 6:00 police poaching would grill a former san jose police captain. now the chief of the peninsula police force, who rolls out the welcome mat for san jose police officers looking to leave. those stories and our follow-up into accusations of abuse and racism in the california national guard. we'll see you then at 6:00. >> okay, thank you, jessica. jeff ranieri is with us now as we head into this week, it's a big week. >> it is a big week. the holiday coming our way. we do have some showers. here is the good news. we're going to sweep the showers out of the way as we head throughout wednesday afternoon. so that will mean a dry thanksgiving, and also plenty of sunshine on friday for all those
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holiday shoppers, and also into this upcoming weekend we do have clear weather and temperatures in the 60s. a little bit of rain the next 24 hours, and then everything starts to push out and clear out. that's the great news for anyone planning any travel. >> the leaves are very fitting. i was driving around the bay area this weekend, and it was so beautiful to see all the colors turn. >> i know. it is gorgeous. >> thanks for joining us at 5:00. we hope to see you back for more local news at 6:00. >> good night.
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on our broadcast tonight, trading fire. air strikes, rockets fill the air as israelis and hamas fire back and forth


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