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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  July 14, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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right now at 11:00 a developing story from the streets of san francisco and oakland to times square in new york city. people are fired up tonight in the name of treyvon martin. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> most eyes were on oakland where last night a similar protest turned violent. we understand that the protest has been mostly peaceful so far? >> reporter: that is right.
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protesters were blocking the intersection of broadway and 14th most of the evening and they left, marching east on broadway and five minutes or so they showed up back here again. police are here as well. police are now following them down the street right next to city hall. there are reports while they were away a photographer with the oakland tribune was at alled -- saw assaulted by protesters. >> protesters yelled at drivers. across from city hall where 20 to 30 demonstrators staged a protest late into the evening. earlier by the hundreds, protesters marched through the city of oakland shutting down streets as they went and followed by dozens of police officers. once they returned, they blocked
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the streets and said the verdict had something larger to say about race in this country. >> we want to call out the system for what it is, a racist system. >> reporter: some believed the experience of treyvon martin, shot and killed by a neighborhood watch volunteer was not far from their own. >> it can be anybody. that's all. and not just african-americans but just people randomly, wearing a hoodie like this and being in your neighborhood. >> reporter: as the night went on, tempers flared. police moved in and someone set an emergency flag on fire. meanwhile oakland business owners spent the day boarding up windows and cleaning up graffiti. protesters vandalized windows and a squad car. the protesters are not only angry about the verdict but also
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about the destruction to their community. >> i'm angry but i'm a citizen of oakland and i'm angry about it. >> what is the purpose of breaking someone's window? small business owners are struggling to try to make it and that's not going to resolve anything. that's not going to put george zimmerman in jail. that's not going to do any of that. >> reporter: the outrage was felt across the bay in san francisco where protesters gathered and marched down market street. >> they want you to feel like treyvon was a criminal. this system is wrong. >> reporter: we're back here live at broadway and 14th in oakland. you can see the intersection is back open as of five minutes ago. president obama called for calm reflection in response to this verdict and the vast majority of people here for the protest today heeded that advice.
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right now we have no reports of major injuries or arrests but we expect that to change come morning. >> it looks quiet behind you now. but any idea how many people are still on the streets protesting tonight in oakland? >> reporter: earlier today there were several hundred but after about 8:00 there were about 50 people blocking this intersection. i would say there are about 50 people are so out here tonight. >> thank you very much, reporting live from oakland. the mayor of oakland spoke out today as well. jean kwan said, quote, a small group of people gathered last night in oakland. sadly some of them dishonored the memory of treyvon by engaging in activities that hurt our growing economy and endangered people. this is unacceptable. major protests in los angeles as well. hundreds of protesters shut down
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a freeway for a while earlier tonight. they closed down several popular intersections. traffic shut down at hollywood boulevard in highland. 200 protesters were cleared from interstate 10 tonight. it was closed about 25 minutes and at least one arrest has been made. a smaller protest here in san jose. 50 people gathered in front of city hall to protest the verdict. there were no reports of violence or vandalism there. a day after the not guilty verdict there are questions and controversies surrounding the death of treyvon martin. >> reporter: more than 24 hours later reaction to the verdict. >> we the jury find george zimmerman not guilty. >> reporter: still ripples across the country. thousands gathered in places like new york and chicago to
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voice their frustrations and concerns. >> i he a young daughter and i thought to myself, if it could happen to him, it could happen to her. >> reporter: others crowded the internet to discuss the decision including this support for the verdict, the justice system works, zimmerman should never have been arrested. an opinion shared by somewhere "n" the community where it happened. >> this verdict was the correct verdict. there was not enough evidence to convict him. >> reporter: as so many continue to speak out about the verdict there are three voices clearly missing from the dialogue. neither george zimmerman nor treyvon martin's parents have talked publicly since the end of the trial. >> they are at this moment focused on defining the legacy of their child. they are taking that into consideration. >> reporter: zimmerman's attorney says he plans to stay out of the spotlight for now. >> i don't know what you do
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after 16 months of that. >> reporter: uncertainly and uneasiness across this community and country continues to play out on a very public stage. jay gray, nbc news, sanford, florida. the verdict has raised question about florida law. zimmerman's attorney claimed self-defense among other things. >> the key to any self-defense claim is that you have to act reasonably and it's the community standard as to what is reasonable. are you in fear for your life? and is that fear reasonable and is it eminent and what you do is that reasonable? >> and we will hear more from steven clark on the self-defense claim and how public opinion after the verdict could prompt changes in self-defense laws. that is in the next half hour. stay with us for continuing
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coverage of this story. we'll update our website, around the clock. we have a live feed of the protests in los angeles tonight. firefighters contained a fire that burned 30 acres in san ramon tonight. the flames broke out on a hillside in southwest san ramon. nbc bay area's kimberly tere is live on the scene where the forward progress has been stopped. >> reporter: that fire started at 7:15 this evening and the firefighters got the upper hand an hour later but not before it consumed about 30 acres. san ramon valley fire had eight vehicles out here, 30 firefighters out on the scene. cal fire was called in to help and brought in a fixed wing aircraft and a helicopter to do some water drops. >> in our living room watching tv and i heard this low-flying aircraft. like what in the world is that? look out the backdoor and see
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the pink cloud. but that was right over our neighborhood. so run out the backdoor out into the streets and see cars and people lined up. come out here to the park and turn right and look up at the mountain. it's just all black and pretty heavy fire line. >> reporter: neighbors got lucky and are grateful the firefighters were here to get here in time and get the upper hand on that fire which is now fully contained. they say this is of course a reminder it is summer. there is a lot of dry grass out here and account catch fire very quickly. no injuries and no structures were threatened and the cause of the fire is under investigation. live in san ramon, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. an update on a fire that burned today. that broke out at 4:00 this afternoon. raced up a hill, burning two acres. 12 fire engines and a helicopter
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battled the fire all afternoon and contained it by 8:00 tonight. >> it wasn't heavy wind this afternoon. and so, as it is moving up the hill it didn't move too fast. so it pretty much stopped from the natural breaks we had with the golf course. . >> no injuries or structure damage have been reported. in san jose police are investigating a shooting that killed a teenaged boy. it happened in east san jose where officers received several calls about shots being fired there. when the police arrived on the scene a party was breaking up. they followed one vehicle, pulled it over and found a teenager inside that had been shot a number of times. that victim was taken to the hospital where he died. no arrests have been made and it is unclear whether the shooting was targeted or gang related. another day of searching today but no sign of the two-year-old girl who disappeared from a parked car in
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oakland on wednesday. oakland police joined in the search for daphne webb. the man said his elderly mother was in the car with the child but she is mentally disabled. when the father came out of the store the girl was gone. the searchers concentrated on tra the trails near the girl's home. >> the terrain has a lot of vegetation and coverage. there is a lot of tree canopy that we are searching along the roadside areas. >> about 35 people and six canine units joined the search. it wrapped up at 4:00 this afternoon. a popular tv star dead at the age 31. what police say led them to cory monteith's body. the first we are hearing from his costar and girlfriend. and why people are being
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told not to eat a certain brand of pistachios. temperatures got into the 90s today in our warmest locations. but we are talking about a cool down headed our way, extensive fog to cause delays tomorrow morning. we'll break down the forecast coming up after this. so... [ gasps ] these are sandra's "homemade" yummy, scrumptious bars. hmm?
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ousted egyptian president mohammed morsi continue their sit in in cairo tonight. they are hoping to attract a million people to a march planned for tomorrow. morsi's supporters remain steadfast in their rejection of what they are calling a military coup. the military removed morsi from power two weeks ago after massive demonstrations. new details on the edward snowden saga. he reportedly has thousands of documents that are an instruction manual for the nsa. snowden insists details from the
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so call blueprints not be made public. he seeks temporary asylum in russia and won't release more intelligence while seeking safe passage to latin america. a relatively new star in hollywood was found dead late yesterday. cory monteith talked about a long struggle with drug addiction but officials have not released a cause of death. he was one of the stars of the show "glee." but when he didn't check out at the fairmont hotel in vancouver on saturday the cleaning crew found his body and called 911. paramedics confirmed the death of the actor. police found no evidence of foul play. >> he returned to his room by himself in the early morning hours. and we believe he was alone when he died.
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>> reporter: he played finn on "glee" who leads a chorus of put upon high schools including his real life girlfriend. and his own journey to big time stardom one unlikely. a high school dropouts. he struggled with substance abuse before winning the gig on "glee" with a drum solo using timer ware and pencils he recreated on "ellen." there is speculation about whether the actor had kicked his addiction demons. cory monteith, dead at 31. and the agent for his girlfriend issued a statement tonight saying that we ask that everyone kindly respect leah's privacy during this devastating time. 31 chinese students and teachers who survived the asiana airlines crash in san francisco are back home tonight.
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they were heading to a summer camp when they plane went down. they made it home today. three members of the group died as a result of the crash. another group of students and teachers will stay in the u.s. to continue their tour. passengers from that flight who are seening damages will get vastly different amounts depending on the country they are from. lawsuits outside the u.s. are harder to win and offer smaller payouts. the flight that crashed at sfo was carrying passengers from eight countries. a northern california attorney says that broken bones in plane accidents usually mean 1 million there in the u.s. there is a food recall involving pistachios because of concerns over salmonella.
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they were sold in 6 ounce plastic cups or bags or trays between october of last year and april of this year. california is one of four states where they were sold. for pictures of the packages and more information go to our website, the fight over the future of drake's bay oyster company continues this week. supporters are planning to rally tomorrow urging the national park service to reconsider the decision to shut down the company. they claim that the farm's boats have a negative impact on sea life. the owners of drake's bay ocean company say that false science was used. the rally is set for 2:30 at the water front restaurant in san francisco, a restaurant that gets iowa oysters from drake's bay. >> a typical summer day here in the bay area.
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>> temperatures today got close to 90 degrees in some locations. san jose at 75 degrees. tomorrows the temperatures go down just a little bit. not a dramatic cool off from today. tomorrow, livermore in the mid-80s today. back to 84 tomorrow. south san jose closer to 80 tomorrow. and places like oakland and san francisco that got close to 70 you will be closer to 60 tomorrow and tuesday. the cool down lasts until tuesday and the temperatures closer to 90 on wednesday. but we're used to that in the bay. >> 54 in santa rosa. still mild. 61 in livermore and 59 right now in san jose. to start the bay we will wake up with fog in the bay especially at the golden gate and points southward and it will slip into
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gilroy and livermore as well. as we head through the day plenty of sunshine is expected. if you live in san francisco you're going to see more fog up toward the golden gate bridge and points northward but another day of sunshine tomorrow. but temperatures cooler with that onshore breeze. tomorrow night the fog returns and we do it all over again. as far as the temperatures go to start the day tomorrow. it is going to be chilly in the north bay. 49 degrees in santa rosa. 50 in santa cruz. tomorrow we wake up with fog. but by the afternoon it will be comfortable especially in the south bay. santa cruz, comfortable, 72 there. 86 in gilroy. 86 just feels good especially after 92 today. 85 in livermore. dublin, 85. up against the water, alameda to fremont closer to 70 degrees
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there. even cooler in san francisco. only 61 degrees tomorrow. up in the north bay, wine country will be comfortable. 74 in napa and 75 in san that rosa. look what happens on wednesday, 88 inland and close to 70 for the weekend. if you want to make outdoor plans friday, saturday, sunday, good to go, no problems in the weather department. but we never have problems in the weather department. we all get along. >> that's so nice to hear. >> love to hear that from the weather department. especially with the riots tonight. we could use a little peace. >> thank you, anthony. it's not the flower you send your sweetie on valentine's day unless you want to break up. it's almost ready to bloom -- >> it looks nice. >> looks can be deceiving like the return you want to break up
11:22 pm
with. this is in washington, d.c. the plant is known as the corpse flower or stinky plant. it has an odor similar to the stench of rotting flesh. the plant's cycle is unpredictable. it might bloom one every two years or once every decade or maybe not that often. it's a crazy stinky plant. >> thank you for that scientific explanation. smelly there, henry? i want to go back to last night? can we skip tonight -- >> the giants were stinking it up today. >> they were. >> the giants, no way, right? the giants were great last night. >> really. >> we have to forward the story. we'll have giants and a's highlights after the break. plus baseball hits the pause button for its stars to go head to head. we travelled a long way to cover the long ball. on the ground in the big apple
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tonight to preview all the festivities for the mid summer classic. sports is next.
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welcome back to nbc bay area. a break in the action for the mid summer classic. the giants and a's looking to close the first half of the season or a high note today. the champs with a chance to sweep the struggling padres. barry zito was on the hill. in the bottom of the second, tied at 1. nick hunley swinging for the fences. no doubt about this one. he goes yard and the padres take the lead. next batter will venable. padres take 3-1 lead. san diego wins 10-1. is your final. over to the a's and red sox. top two teams in the american league. a's down 2-0 in the seventh. josh donaldson to the deepest part of the park. no problem for him. a two-run shot to tie the game. we needed extra innings. ryan cook in the 11th strikes
11:27 pm
out the batter to end the threat. bottom of the 11th. two on for donaldson. could he do it again? yes, he could. this would get in. the winning run. a walkoff rbi for donaldson and he gets a couple pies to the face. >> the guys in this clubhouse believe that we have one of the best teams in baseball. it is just one of those things when we have an opportunity to play another team like the red sox, like the pirates, like the cardinals we are going out there trying to send a message that we are a really good team and that we're for real. >> speaking of the a's their closer, grant balfour is going to new york. he is a perfect 25 for 25 in save opportunities this season. he will replace bartolo colon on the a.l. staff. ahmed fareed has more on the mid
11:28 pm
summer classic. >> thank you, henry, a total of six all-star players between the a's and the giants. but four are first-time all-stars here. grant balfour and marco scutaro, madison baumgartner and sergio romo all coming to the all-star game for the first time. >> it's a huge honor to get picked to go to that team. it's the best of the best. so definitely looking forward to it and it should be a good time. >> definitely excited. everything about anything that comes with the title all-star and the all-star festivities and the game and everything. what an honor, you know. definitely feel privileged. definitely feel blessed. i mean, going to the all-star game. it's pretty sweet. >> i got traded to this team, everything's going really well.
11:29 pm
and now be able to go to all-star game is going to be a great experience and i'm looking forward to get there and enjoy the most i can. >> much more coverage from new york city coming up on monday. we'll be at the home run derby. cespedes will be there and is the favorite to win the whole thing. that will do it for sports tonight. yoenis cespedes will be swinging for the fences in the home run derby. it should be an entertaining couple of days in new york. >> thanks a lot, henry. still to come, a winning lottery ticket worth more than $2 million. a windy afternoon at the america's cup. why some people say racing isn't the only reason they come out. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] when you asked us to remove
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with windy conditions on the bay today, fans did get to see at least one of the boats make its way around the course. >> reporter: now a full week into the challenger's series in pursuit of the america's cup. around one-third of the time in july it is match racing. the rest a display like emirate establish team new zealand taking on the course and saluting the fans. >> it's great stuff. that's what the fans want to see. that's why they came here. and there are a lot of kiwi fans. >> the folks we talked to didn't need a head to head competition to make it a part of their sunday with plenty of reasons to check things out. >> just the ambience. there are a lot of people out here. it's fun. there are entertainment options. >> reporter: as for why we see
11:33 pm
the boats going solo. it goes back to the crash before the competition. as they work around the clock to prepare a new boat we are filled in on the progress. >> the boats are going to the structural tests. we can flip it over and run led tos through the boat. we will be hopefully in the water two weeks from now. it's hard to tell. but if everything goes nicely it's not too far off. >> reporter: the next match race between team new zealand and luna rossa next week. if you purchased a power ball ticket in san francisco, someone just got really rich. >> it's not the two of us apparently. >> no. >> the winning ticket sold at cable car wine and spirit
11:34 pm
grocery matched five of six numbers and worth $2.6 million and the largest power ball pze claim their prize money. still to come, they have been doing it for years. why this group of women meet every wednesday morning and who they are working to help. a danger that warm weather brings to your pets and how you can protect them. about insurance,we maker because what you dont know can hurt you. what if you didn't know that it's smart to replace washing-machine hoses every five years? what if you didn't know that you might need extra coverage for more expensive items? and what if you didn't know that teen drivers are four times more likely to get into an accident? 'sup the more you know, the better you can plan for what's ahead. talk to farmers and get smarter about your insurance. ♪ we are farmers bum - pa - dum, bum - bum - bum -bum ♪
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people gathered across the bay area today in protest of the not guilty verdict in the george zimmerman trial. business owners in oakland spent the day cleaning up after
11:36 pm
protesters vandalized businesses last night. protesters gathered for a peaceful demonstration today. hundreds of people marching from market street to herman square. peaceful there. in san jose about 50 people held a protest and marched downtown. to los angeles we go for a live picture. the protests are continuing there. earlier tonight from about 6:20 to 6:45, not for a long period of time between 100 and 200 protesters walked out on to interstate 10. they shut down the freeway for 25, minutes. the police were firing bean bags in retaliation for being belted by batteries and bottles. people are drifting aimlessly right now. all i know from los angeles is
11:37 pm
that at last report one person had been arrested down there. much of george zimmerman's case was built on the case of self-defense. that begs the question what is self-defense and how does it differ around the country. >> you are allowed to use self-defense to defend an eminent peril and you are allowed to use deadly force if you will be severely injured or killed. each state has different rules on whether you have to escape or retreat first. in many states you can stand your ground without escaping. >> the department of justice will investigate for possible civil rights violations in the case. but they may only intervene in very specific instances.
11:38 pm
>> the federal department of justice will tread lightly on intervening itself in a state course prosecution unless they can show that george zimmerman was motivated by racial hatred or animus toward treyvon martin. >> martin's family can bring a civil suit against zimmerman. in vallejo a mother is arrested on child endangerment charges. the police tracked down the 22-year-old at home last night. police say this photo helped identify her. she allegedly walked into the bathroom with her baby in a stroller and ten minutes later she left the bathroom leaving the boy behind. he was left alone for an hour before he was found. a blood drive is planned for tomorrow at san francisco international airport following the crash of flight 214. the drive is hosted by the
11:39 pm
airport, blood centers of the pacific and stanford block bank. it will be held at the baggage claim area of terminal 3 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. if you are interested in donating, please make an appointment ahead of time. woo we have more information on our website, a well-known business has been destroyed. flamed ripped through the building just before 6:00 last night. officials say the fire started outside the building in a pile of hay bales and spread to the wooden structure. 100 firefighters battled the flames late into the night. the fire officials are calling it suspicious because the fire started outside that building. no reports of any injuries right now. a wildfire that has been burning in nevada for two weeks is threatening several
11:40 pm
endangered species. it was set off by lightning northwest of las vegas july 1st. several types of blue butterflies and the palmer's chipmunk live there and are found nowhere else on earth. tonight firefighters have the fire 50% contained. one species that is not endangered, that is the mosquito. but these warm summer months are the primetime for mosquitos to thrive. with that comes the threat of mosquito born diseases for people and their pets. >> those are all heart works that the dog was infested with. >> reporter: this heart was once inside a 60-pound labrador retriever. this veterinarian says that regions with large mosquito populations have the highest rates of heart worm in the country. >> once the mosquito bites the
11:41 pm
dog or cat they are infected. if they bite a normal, healthy dog or cat they transmit the disease. >> this is the heart from a dog who had the disease. these are the heart worms themselves going to be about 14 inches long and clogging the artery inside the heart. >> the heart worms cause the heart valve not to work properly. >> reporter: the heart disease leads to heart failure if the dog or cat is not treated. the symptoms are the came for dogs and cats. >> coughing, shortness of breath. exercise intolerant and weight loss. >> a vet can use a special injection. >> we give them an injection in the muscle to kill the heart worms. >> they can be prevented by using monthly tablets or an injection twice a year. one missed dosage, though, could
11:42 pm
have a deadly result. >> the implication of missing one dose could lead to heart worms. the mosquito burden is such a big issue. they are determined to make a difference. >> no matter how small it is that you think that your talent is, that talent can be a big thing to somebody else. >> still to come, what these women have been doing every wednesday morning for more than a decade to help people get through tough times. we'll have a check on the forecast including changes that could impact your morning commute. back out live to hollywood where you can see people are marching. they are marching along the walk of fame in hollywood near vine. we're going to be keeping an eye on this. they're not blocking traffic but slowing traffic. police are there. police are not stopping them. it's kind of a long, scattered
11:43 pm
crowd going two or three blocks down there right now. no violence reported from the hollywood demonstration. we'll be back.
11:44 pm
11:45 pm
following the crash of flight 214 people all over the world wanted to help. some donating money and others blood and some saying a prayer. >> but tonight's bay area proud is about a group of women year
11:46 pm
and year out do what they can for women going through a tough time. and garvin thomas shows us the simple way they do it. >> reporter: sometimes the most powerful of statements can be made with the simplest of tools. the symbol of our country, after all, is the creation of just needle and thread. >> that's beautiful. that's pretty. >> reporter: the best of what it represents, though, is being made in a san jose living room with nothing more than a hook and yarn and the hands of a few dozen women. they immediate for a couple hours every wednesday morning, have for more than a decade. they share stories of family and friends. of tragedy. and triumph. all the while, creating yard after yard of crocheted compassion. it all began years ago when
11:47 pm
boxes of yarn were donated to holy family church after the death of a precipitationer in. >> it took up the quarter of the room. >> reporter: it was left to her to decide what to do with it. >> prayer blankets for church members who lost a loved one. that was the plan until the woman learned just what their creation meant to the people who got them. >> to us it's a simple, simple thing. and yet, it can make all the difference in somebody getting well and somebody seeing the light at the end of some darkness. >> over the years their mission grew as did their output. they have crocheted in the neighborhood of 10,000 blankets. given to anyone from wounded veterans to premature babies from one coast to the other. >> i get goose bumps thinking about it. >> you never know the way is it
11:48 pm
going to touch somebody. >> but you know in your heart that they're going to love it. >> it seems what these ladies have learned over the years is that sometimes the fastest way to someone's heart is with their hands. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. let's check in with mr. anthony slaughter on the weather. >> i want to talk about the drought report. it includes all of the bay area and 95% of california now under a severe drought. we've been telling you all year long about how dry it has been in the bay area. and now just into the weather department we are in a severe drought. this is something we will watch especially in the fall and winter. with it being so dry the allergens have been low. tomorrow everything in the low
11:49 pm
category. it will remain that way for this upcoming week. if you are an allergy sufferer hopefully this puts a smile on your face. we will be fogged in on the coast. a few patches from livermore to san jose. once we get in the afternoon hours we will see sunshine especially at the coast. widespread sunshine for the east and north bay as well. the sunshine will be limited at the coast for the morning hours but it will be cooler as we head toward the day tomorrow than today and tuesday as well. waking up tomorrow temperatures in the low 50s and upper 40s in santa rosa. but still chilly. 53 in san jose to start the day. only 61 degrees in san francisco. so you'll need a jacket if you are at the coast tomorrow. we start to warm up on wednesday. close to 90 inland and mid-60s
11:50 pm
on the coast. this weekend, the temperatures start a warm. 90s across the board. if you didn't like how hot it was today, get ready. it will be cooler tomorrow and back warm by the time we get to friday. a bit of a roller coaster but nothing we can't handle. >> something for everybody. >> we're back in a moment with the latest on the royal baby.
11:51 pm
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royal watchers are on baby alert tonight as questions swirl about when the royal baby will be born. the gender is up in the air and people betting on the name. >> there are new indications that the wait to celebrate might be longer than anticipated. >> reporter: there is new speculation that this royal baby could be days away. >> prince william showed no signs of first-time father nerves during a charity polo
11:53 pm
match. princess kate is relaxing an hour away in bucklebury. her mother told friends the baby could be a leo. and tourists are filing into souvenir shops. >> it's easy to pick up items of the duke and duchess together but little mention of the royal baby. they are holding off on the merchandise out of superstition it is bad luck. once the baby is born they will fill the stores. consumers are expected to spend $400 million. >> waiting for the right thing. >> in the meantime those who can want wait can go to the hotel for about $90, visitors can enjoy an afternoon high tea with pastries and an exhibit featuring royal family photos.
11:54 pm
>> the central photo is this one taken in anticipation of the next royal child. i'm danielle lee, nbc news. we'll be right back.
11:55 pm
11:56 pm
welcome back. continue to monitor the zimmerman verdict protest going on in hollywood right now. this is hollywood near wilcox. as you can see a hundred or so protesters there. and on either side of the street they're on you can see a line of police officers. we have not heard any reports of violence down there or seen anything. we have been watching it in our studios for about 15 minutes
11:57 pm
now. they have been milling about. we have not seen anybody break a window or do anything suggesting violence but police are on both sides of the street hemming them in. maybe they are trying to call it off and maybe they're not. >> and that building is the cnn building and hollywood boulevard is shut down as well. but no violence that we've witnessed. >> before we go. let's get a final check of the forecast. >> temperatures will be cooler tomorrow. we'll feel it in the inland valleys. in the 90s today. mid-80s tomorrow. mid-60s at the coast. and warming up at the latter part of the week. thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday, temperatures return to the hot category back into the 90s by then. cooler for tomorrow. more fog at the coastline. wouldn't be surprised to see delays tomorrow. check your flights before you
11:58 pm
head out tomorrow morning. >> that is good advice. >> you like the forecast because? >> it's nice and warm and something for everyone. >> please the masses. >> thanks for watching nbc bay area news. >> good night. we'll leave you with live pictures from hollywood in southern california where the protest over the george zimmerman verdict continues tonight. no violence as of now. have a good night.
11:59 pm
12:00 am
>> this is "the chris matthews show." >> ask not what your country can do for you. this wall. [captioning made possible by nbc universal] >> today a special edition, we gather our regulars to look back at the big issues in show's 11 great years. chris: hi, i'm chris matthews and this is a very special show. i've got 17 of our best and greatest of all time for this second part of our last three shows. i want to kick back this discussion to my childhood. my grandparents and most of my family lived in a work class section of north philadelphia. they had all good jobs at nearby


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