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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  July 15, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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prosecutors are argued that five major paint companies knew about the potentially harmful impact lead paint has on children. but continued to sell the product. but the paint companies argued harmful product. in santa clara county, an estimated 400,000 homes were built before 1978. and experts estimate 70% of those houses contain lead paint. they link exposure to lead to learning disabilities. which is why ten california counties and cities are now joining forces to ask that five paint companies pay a total of a billion dollars to remove lead paint from older homes. billion dollars to rcdc in 201d that there is no safe level of lead for children. and we have data showing that in 2010 alone in the ten jurisdictions that are suing,
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there were over 10,000 children that had elevated blood lead levels. >> reporter: the five companies contain sherwin-williams and dupont. some question the merit of the lawsuit. >> this is a claim for a public nuisance, and there is no public nuisance. california's blood lead levels are at a historic low. they're lower than the national average. >> reporter: and she argues that cleaning up lead paint may cause more harm than good by creating lead dust. >> the reality is that disturbing in tact lead paint could actually increase the risk of exposure for children. >> reporter: prosecutors representing san francisco say the city has a significant problem with lead based paint. >> we do believe there are over 300,000 homes in so that were
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pre'78. that's very widespread in san francisco because it is an old city. >> reporter: today during opening statements, the prosecutors accused the companies offing aware of the harm their products caused and selling them any way. they said minority families are most impacted. in oakland, 90% of the homes in the city could have lead paint. they say there is still a lot of work to do to protect children from lead. santa clara county say it is was the first to file a lawsuit. now that was back in the year 2000. it has taken 13 years for this case to reach trial. and that is because the paint industry has issued so many different objections. reporting live in san jose, nbc bay area news. another concern stemming from this lawsuit, it could eventually lead to homes built before 1978 to be declared a public nuisance because of the possibility of having lead paint. real estate experts say that could be devastating to the real
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estate market and for homeowners. >> this would hurt homeowners, severals, the entire real estate market. it would affect insurance. it would affect mortgages. it would affect property values. >> that agent says it would force homeowners to pay thousands of dollars for inspections before trying to sell their home. now a followup. it was the first day back in business at the san francisco gift and jewelry mart today after friday's chaotic and frightening double murder. tonight we're learning more about the suspected culler and his alleged victims the what we still don't know is what prompted the bloodshed. cheryl heard joins us. a lot of frayed nerves there today. >> reporter: that's right. a lot of people upset and rightfully so. a man comes in here to the san franciscod- jewelry mart and tw women who worked here for a long time end up dead. police aren't saying why. the only thing that the police chief said today is that the
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killing was not random. san francisco's police chief felt it was necessary to hold a meeting to calm merchants'iv% fs on their first day back to work following the deadly shooting. >> just from the way it looked on friday, it doesn't appear the robbery was the motive. >> reporter: police believe 23 year old barry white junior killed two clerks. the store owner was injured. >> saw a guy running away from the place. i told everybody to hide. close the doors. then i waited for that he came through. then i follow him outside to let people know what's going on here this the building. >> reporter: police arrested white jr. outside the store. he was covered with blood. >> we gave out information friday that this wasn't the first time he'd ever been in the store. >> reporter: according to police records, it is not the first
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time white jr. has been in trouble with the law. he was involved with police in august 2009. at age 19 court records say that he got hostile when he was deniedentry into a party. he was hit by gun fire while trying to get away from police. he was caught and charged with assault with a deadly weapon and resisting arrest. in 2011, he was also charmed with resisting arrest in another case. today, jewelry mart workers wore pink ribbons in honor of the two people killed in friday's shooting. >> good people doing their job. we don't know yet what happened or what was the reason. >> reporter: police say that they recovered a semi-automatic rifle in the suspect's car. white jr. could be arraigned as early as tomorrow. reporting live in san francisco, i'm cheryl heard, nbc bay area news. he's pleaded guilty to first degree murder, but he's not
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going to prison. the man who went on a ram page in 2006 and ran down several people in his suv will likely spend the rest of his life in the state mental institution. a judge found him not guilty, declaring him insane at the time. investigators say he hit and killed a 54 year old man as he walked down the straight. he then drove to san francisco where he targeted pedestrians, hitting more than a dozen people. well, the accusations and name-calling are flying. the depsies who work for sheriff loshi smith have had enough. their union overwhelmingly endorse her opponent in the next election. this election's a year away, but it's starting early, isn't it? >> reporter: it's going to get ugly. this is the first time in 35 years that the deputy sheriff's association endorses someone other than the encouple bent calling lori smith a bully.
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but tonight, the sheriff and her team are fighting back. >> and years later. >> reporter: they gathered in force. the union representing deputy sheriff and the union representing jail guards. and they took shots at their boss. he is talking about the 100% of jail guard whose voted to endorse sheriff's captain jensen over lori smith. the deputy sheriffs voted 90% in favor of jenson. >> can she be a bully at times? >> absolutely. >> reporter: the sheriff did not want to go on camera for this report. but on the phone, smith told me no small group of special interests can hire or fire a sheriff. the unions accuse smith of driving down morale. they say she will intimidate her staff and ship out those who go against her. >> when you sigh some of the retaliation if you want to call it, the bullying that comes out of her. and you look at it, and you sit
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there and go, my goodness, why are we going this direction? >> reporter: in this memo to the jail guards last month, smith called the endorsement a sham. and her consultant called the leadership a bunch of keystone cops and said the sheriff will wear the badge of bully if it means being a strong leader who want does make her department better. >> i'm at a loss of words for comments like that. >> reporter: comments that might continue flying for another 11 months as the union hope as new sheriff comes to town. and the sheriff did say she has the best rank and file in the entire country. jenson will make his official remarks at 2:00 tomorrow. we' we're live in san jose. some more details on captain kevin jenson. he holds a master's degree and a bachelor's degree.
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he serves as press for -- still no word on where baby daphne is. she was allegedly abducted from a parked car in oak hand last week. oakland police joined dozens of volunteers in looking for the baby. the father reported her missing. he said he left her in his suv as he went into a market, left her with his elderly mother who has dementia. that when he came out of the convenience store two minutes later, the little girl was gone. they are creating a missing poster feature the baby and her father. the california supreme court is refusing to order the state to stop issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples. supporters of prop 8 had asked for an emergency order that would have required the state to keep enforcing the voter induced
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ban on same-sex marriage. the court said it would not do that. the supreme court declared prop 8 unconstitutional, clearing the way for same sex marriage to resume. he has the support of his predecessors. governor brolf -- in it, republ wilson, and arnold schwarzenegger said springing more inmates threatens the people of california for increased crime. the lower court has said reducing the population is necessary to improve medical care for inmates. now to the latest on the asiana crash. there was a blood drive for victims who remain in the hospital and to replenish the supply that was used following the crash of flight 214.
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san francisco ran this blood drive. 95 donors took part including many airport employees. >> i came to help people that they need blood and i can give it to them. so i feel good inside my heart. >> they're looking for people who are 0 negative, which is the only blood type that can be given to anyone. a music legend attacked in the bay area. the new video and the connection to the trayvon martin shooting. and a serious warning that has santa clara county taking action. how thieves managed to pull this off despite 24 hour security. mild and cool summer day for us. and a live look outside shows fog across the goaden gate bridge. we'll have your fog factor forecast. also details on a major warmup
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in the seven day forecast.
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more than 100,000 dollars of jewelry is not in those glass cases where it's supposed to be. police are trying to track the goods down along with the thieves who stole it from that new outlet mall. we explore how the thieves made off with the jewels the and this is not the first robbery at the mall. >> reporter: think smashed through the front doors and smashed through the display cases replacing the sparkle of all of those guy mond and gems with the sparkle of broken glass. smash after smash. captured on surveillance video between 3:36 and 4:00 this smorng at the kay jewelers at the livermore outlet mall. before they spashed nearly half of the jewelry cases they smashed their way into the store, driving a vehicle into
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the front doors and pushing the metal curtains in just enough to get inside. >> once inside, according to the surveillance cameras that we've seen, they used a sledge hammer and stole a lot of the jewelry. >> reporter: it was four minute job. while the surveillance camera captures the thievery it doesn't capture the identities. all three were wearing masks and hoodies. the police spokesman says the time figure will be more than a hundred grand. a spokesman for the parent company of kay jewelers says we work with local authorities to assist in their investigation and provide all relevant details to them for reference. the livermore outlet which just opened last november has 24 hour security. the guards did not hear this commotion in time. instead, a glass break alarm alerted the police department. they say that mall security did
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get a good look at the suspected get away cars as they sped from the scene a scant four minutes after the smash and grab began. one is a white station wagon. and the other is a white over tan sedan. >> we're hoping somebody will recognize these vehicles or at this time of the morning maybe saw something going to work that seemed out of place. >> reporter: now we also reached out to mall management to see if there was any surveillance from the outside of the store looking in so wr# could better identify the vehicles, but they did not respond to our go for request for an interview. there was another theft at the livermore outlet mall. and that was when several folks whent into a true religion jaep store and stole about $5,000 worth of denim. not big but big fluff to give you a shake. an earthquake felt, a 3.4 quake
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was centered northeast of san jose. on our facebook page, one viewer described it as one big jolt that felt like a train. there are no reports of damages or injuries. the discovery of a new pest in the south bay has state agriculture officials launching a mm eradication. it is called the guava fruit fly. two male flies were found in san jose on july 3rd. the first line of attack will be setting up bait stations on trees and power poles to lure these male flies to their deaths before they can mate. homeowners can have their trees stripped if they're found on their property. ground spraying of an organic
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pesticide could be implemented. a fire broke out just before 1:00 at the bridge apartment complex. crews were able to put the flames out within an hour and a half, and luckily though one was hurt, but dozens of people were forced out of their apartments while the fire was being put out. >> lost out on a lot of sleep. don't think i've ever seen this many fire trucks in one spot before. >> firefighters tell us the fire started in a utility space inside a wall. that the flames spread quickly to all three floors. a special movie, fruitvale station will offer a behind the scenes look at the film. the story of oscar grant follows a strong opening weekend and awards picked up at this year's sundance festival. it opened in seven theaters this past weekend, including tryq&z the bay area. it will open in another six
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cities this weekend before opening nationwide july 26. that special airs tonight at 7:30 and will reair on friday at 10:00. let's bring in our chief meteorologist on this monday. it is beautiful. >> a little bit of a cool down across the bay area. it probably felt refreshing after the 80s and 90s across the tri valley. 10 to 13 degrees kiecooler. it was the biggest in the east bay where we only topped out at 76. some of the warmest weather was 82 in san jose. and of course a very cool 69 in san francisco. now the determining factor in our weather, no doubt over the next two days, is going to be this widespread fog. it's stretching from eureka. we're going to have more on the fog forecast coming up. we'll get you out to the eyes in
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the sky. you can see in san jose as we get a view here, looking off towards the east, plenty of blue sky at this hour. but we're going to notice some radical changes as we head off to the north. most noticeably in emoriville. that marine layer. that is going to allow the fog to roll in and areas of drizzle at the immediate coastline. and you can see in downtown san francisco it looks very typical for this time of the year. that flag blowing out of the west at 10 to 20 miles per hour. let's get a look at the tuesday forecast. fog yet again at the immediate coastline. watch out for very low visibilities. temperatures in the mid to low 50s. and for those of you back into livermore, pleasanton, pekt the cloud cover for wake up tomorrow. then plenty of sunshine. temperatures in the mid-70s. might even need the jacket right up until lunchtime. let's get a look at the fog
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factor forecast for tomorrow. not only the coastline, but arias toward alameda and contra costa county, we've outlined that. and even right up into the north bay. by the afternoon, here's the great news, plenty of sunshine expected for the interior valleys. if you're heading to the coast, we have expecting that fog to stay put at this point. let's get a look at the three day forecast. 80s inland. by thursday, low 90s. it will stay cool at the coastline. but temperatures are going to be getting even hotter. good news right now. no airport delays due to the cloud cover moving in. but by tomorrow morning we do expect the possibility of a few morning delays. at laguardia cloud cover is there. and those are increasing at this hour. we'll have more coming up on the seven day forecast. still ahead, a deadly
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incident involving an iphone that has apple investigating. plus. i'm scott budman in the east bay where the cost to fight hiv and aids just dropped dramatically.
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a berkley police officer found a man lying on the road around 5 cla:00. there are no witnesses. so the search for the hit-and-run driver may be difficult. the police found car debris which leads them to believe it was a hit-and-run. it happened on university avenue between fifth and sixth streets.
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the road was closed for about five and a who have hours this morning. police are going to nearby businesses to see if they captured any video. a train derailed this morning in north san jose. they are trying to determine what caused this train to derail near the intersection of north first street and tassmin drive. 12 passengers were on board and no one was hurt. ready to roll. a long awaited bike sharing project is ready to roll. stations in san francisco, san jose and three peninsula cities will be part of the $7 million bike sharing program. bay area quality district will start. it will expand to include another 300 bikes in 30 additional locations. signups started today. if you want to sign up, go to our website. still ahead. new developments in the wake of
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the stunning death of a popular tv star. also coming up, reducing the chances of alzheimer's. why president obama met with former president george h. wrnlts bush. the new charges that could be filed by the federal government. and the simmering tensions over the trayvon har continue verdict lead to an attack on a music legend here in the bay area. we have the video. we're back in two minutes.
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the mayor says the vandals who hit businesses this weekend says they dishonored the memory of trayvon martin. >> hundreds marched upset with the verdict of george zimmerman. by nightfall vandals set small fires, and broke windows. >> it happened very, very quickly. and what we had to do is move police officers from all over the city and bring them downtown. but by then, most of the vandalism was already done. >> they will check security videos to see if they can identify anyone. another protest is currently taking place. new at 6:00.
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he dedicated a song to trayvon martin, then was attacked on stage. you see the video right there. it's posed on fuse tv. it shows a woman shove lester chambers. he then fell down. it happened on saturday night. the mercury news says the 73 year old has been taken to the hospital but since released. his son says he has a bruised muscle, rib and the woman was arrested for battery. the justice department confirms now it is looking into the george zimmerman case. nbc bay area has more. >> reporter: the issue of race continues to be at the center of this debate. and tonight there's pressure on the federal government to charge george zimmerman with a hate crime. acquitted of murder and manslaughter in a florida state court, george zimmerman cannot be retried on those charges, but
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the neighborhood watch volunteer could face federal civil rights charges for allegedly targeting trayvon martin based on race. some demanded that today. >> george zimmerman identified trayvon martin as a potential criminal because he was black. >> reporter: the pressure on the federal government to act is spreading across the nation. attorney general eric holder has not made a decision yet whether to file charges but did acknowledge the growing outrage. >> surrounding the tragic, unnecessary shooting death of trayvon martin, the justice department shares your concerns. i share your concerns. >> reporter: the federal government has intervened before, in 1993, two los angeles police officers were convicted in federal court for violating the civil rights of rodney kick. the motorist who was beaten by police after a high speed chase. the year before, those same
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officers were acquitted of assault in state court. but the george zimmerman case could be tougher for the feds. no witnesses. and the justice department must prove zimmerman chose to shoot the teen based on racial hostility. >> they're going to have to convince them beyond a reasonable doubt that when he targeted trayvon martin had trayvon martin's race in mind. >> reporter: president obama says he will not be involved in the justice department's decision on whether to file charges. martin's family has not made a decision yet whether it will file a wrongful death suit against zimmerman. snowden may call russia his new home. vladimir putin says snowden is shifting his position on whether he'll stay there. nicaragua and venezuela have offered asylum.
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the u.s. is charging him with espionage for leaking information on u.s. surveillance programs. a meeting of two presidents at the white house today. president obama and george h.w. bush presented the award for the points of light foundation. the ceremony doubles as a celebration for the former president who founded this award. >> on behalf of all of us, let me just say that we are surely a kinder and gentler nation because of you, and we can't thank you enough. >> first, thank president and mrs. obama for this wonderful hospital. >> the award was presented to a retired iowa couple who started a nonprofit that delivers meals to hungry children all over the world. cleared for takeoff, the air force thunderbirds will be back in the skies. they've been grounded since april because of the sequester.
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but the military reshuffled its spending priorities to get the pilots training again. it affected the precision team and about one third of active duty combat aircraft. but if you want to watch the thunderbirds, you're still out of luck. they still canceled all air show appearances for the rest of the year. that is your world tonight. the investigation into last week's fire on a 787 dreamliner jet at heathrow is expanding today. the investigation will now include honeywell, the maker of the airlines' transmitters. could those have caused or contributed to the fire on the parked ethiopian airlines 787. earlier you will recall that all dreamliners were grounded while the plane's batteries were investigated following a number of mishaps the death of cory monteith, his fans around the world remain stunned. an autopsy was conducted today with the results to be expedited
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and released later this week. toxicology tests will also be performed. ma his body was found saturday at the hotel in vancouver after he missed hit checkout time. he had been very open with his struggle with substance abuse. it's unclear if those struggles had anything to do with his death. there is no evidence of foul play here. he was 31 years old. same sex marriage in england and wales closer to becoming a reality. it's on its way to both houses of parliament. that could happen by the end of the week. the same sex weddings could take place in swourt. still ahead, a bay area experiment featuring a drug to fight hiv. >> also the bay area to los angeles in 30 minutes.
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the latest idea from the silicon valley tech titans. and a lot of fog, plenty of cool weather for summer. but we're going to talk about hotter weather in the seven day forecast and when san jose could have temperatures returning into the 90s in a few minutes. it starts with something little, like taking a first step. and then another. and another. and if you do it. and your friends do it. and their friends do it... soon we'll be walking our way to awareness, support
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and an end to alzheimer's disease. and that? that would be big. grab your friends and family and start a team today. register at she has been around corn her entire life, so she's probably been around corn longer than i have. [ jeannie stonebarger ] i shop at safeway quite a bit. i walk around the produce department a few times, just to see that box.
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i'm like...yes! really, really proud. to know that they're buying locally is important. [ female announcer ] safeway works with hundreds of local farmers because local means fresher. ♪ a claim is being investigated that a woman was electrocuted by her phone while charging it. the woman's sister warned other people about the incident on a chinese blog service. local authorities have confirmed that the woman did die of electrocution. china is apple's second largest
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market. an intriguing tweet from tesla founder who promises on august 12, he'll unveil a new mass transit method which will revolutionize travel. he calls his ininvestigation the hyperloop. it could be a series of pneumatic tubes that move passengers along a river of air. did you get all that? he has lock been critical of the proposed bullet train and predicts his hyperloop will get passengers from the bay area to l.a. in 30 minutes of the bullet train would take three hour does make that trip. ' back in a lower calorie version. sort of. twinkies hit the store shelves today in what they're calling the sweetest come back ever. they are spaller than before and the new recipe extends the life
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of the twinkie from 26 days to 45 days of shelf life. other hostess favorites will also hit stores. i have to confess, i have some dingdongs and some twinkies in my freezer from when they went out of business. frozen. i was saving them for a special occasion. now that they're back -- >> i thought you were going to say in your desk. if you like cooler weather -- we'll hotter weather coming back. i'll pick you up. party at her house. deep in the home run derby. we'll update you on the cuban sensation. we've got full team coverage on the ground in the big apple. we go live from new york next
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from the xfinity sports desk.
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in health matters, a promising breakthrough in the fight against amount i dchl aid. >> a partnership between the university of california and a bay area biotech giant to lower the price of a drug for hiv, improving access and health. it's a drug shown to help prevent the onset of hiv and aids, made by foster city bay scientists.
6:44 pm
truvada is promising, but super expensive. out of reach for many high risk people in the east bay. >> oakland has been in a state of emergency for going on 15 years now. >> until a just announced grant from gilead and the university of california, which will allow one hundred young men to be part of a program to test truvada. the reaction is very opt mess particular. >> the important thing about doing a study in the east bay is this is going to provide a core group that is going to be able to demonstrate for their peers that this can work. >> the feeling is that truvada along with safe sex practices can prevent hiv, cutting back on
6:45 pm
the number of new aids cases. >> when young people see this working for other young people i think it is going to improve. >> raising the odds by lowering the cost. the test will involve a hundred young men. it will be overseen by the medical center in oakland. work as long as you want and as long as you can, not just for the money. french researchers looked at half a million french people and found that each additional year of work the risk of al siem zhe is lowered. >> you've got an idea. you, me and jeff. you keep doing the weather.
6:46 pm
the temperature also row flekt our age. so it will be perfect. >> especially as we head throughout this upcoming weekend. we'll get 90s in there. don't want to call anyone old. we've got a long way to go on that front. persistent marine layer. all the way down into los angeles. a little bit of green showing up on the doppler radar right there. that will likely even continue the drizzle at the coastline throughout tomorrow morning. and that cool flow has been with us over the past 48 hours. in fact, numbers way down for the interior valley. santa rosa just 69 degrees for your daytime high. san francisco at 69. all those numbers the same because that air is so uniform that's coming in from the pacific. here's the thing. by friday, we're in store for that warmup to begin. all the way up to 87 degrees. and definitely some 90s coming in that seven day forecast.
6:47 pm
our first look at tuesday, we will stay fogged in at the coastline. cloud cover by the bay and for the interior valleys, yes, low cloud cover for you in santa clara and the tri valley. right across the interior valleys, sunny. and foster city looking gorgeous tonight with that marine layer up to about 2500 feet. that's going to continue across the peninsula over the next three to five hour, even including palo alto. and we'll take you right on down to down town san francisco. it looks pretty typical. some of the roadways are wet as you get closer to the golden gate bridge with the drizzle we are tracking. let's get the fog factor forecast for tomorrow. when we high height the areas, it's the best chance for low cloud cover and fog. all the viewing area is
6:48 pm
highlighted. you're expecting plenty of sunshine. the only spot we're highlighting, all the way counsel to santa cruz, that cloud cover not going anywhere. it looks hike the coolest air is going to stay away from the santa clara valley. san jose and gilroy, the warmest. palo alto will be cooler with 72 degrees. and for the east bay, it's a mixed bag. even the castro valley with 76. but you hop over the east bay hills. temperatures will be five to six degrees warmer. dublin with 80. live more with 80 degrees. santa rosa, 72. and napa, not too bad. and we'll keep the cool, foggy onshore flow with this.
6:49 pm
temperatures are going to be going up. friday and saturday, mid to low 90s coming back. we even may have a few low 1 hundreds. friday and saturday. and as we head through monday of next week, maybe some moisture moving up from the south which could produce some thunderstorms. so tomorrow, looking pretty good across the east bay. let's get to sports. we're spread out all over today. bay area and new york, right? >> you've bott at that right, brother. the all-star game is tuesday in new york city. and the home of the metropolitan. bay area baseball well represented in the game. four giants, plus manager bruce bochy for the athletics. we have balfour eligible to
6:50 pm
play. but there's other news in the all-star game. starting pitchers have been announced. bruce bochy still handing the ball over to mets' harvey. he has a -- for more, we welcome in ahmed fareed. >> been a whirlwind so far for them. they've been talking to us quite a bit. they are a handful of local all-stars here, four of them here for the very first time. that is not the case with bruce bochy. he has been here twice now with the giants one time before. with the san diego padres. we were able to catch up with him and a couple of his guys earlier today. >> it's not easy, believe me.
6:51 pm
because you have to try to win the game and do it the right way. and you're going to rook at your guys. >> i'm definitely excited. i hope he gives me the ball. no matter what situation. just to be here, it's a huge honor. >> definitely excited. extremely blessed to be here and be a part of it. it's been fun so far, you know, from the siem we left san diego. they flew us in on a private plane. so that was pretty ah. so. first time i've done that. it was fun. we get here and get to meet all the guys, you know. so it's fun. >> now of those six all-stars between the giants and the a's, none of them will be starting the game. it's jet to be seen how many of them will play. one that is sure to play is the reigning mvp, buster posey. he was nice enough to stop by on
6:52 pm
the field with our vary own amy gutierrez. >> reporter: take us through your travels of last night leaving san diego and arriving and the whirlwind that's happening. >> a long flight last night. got in around 3:00, i guess. yeah. it's a whirlwind here. it's a lot of fun here though. it's fun to be here with giants coaches and teammates. it's a different mentality when you're playing against them in the season. try not to form too much of an opinion of anybody until you do get to know them. but everybody here has been, so far, has been great. >> reporter: you were an all-star last year. you have been again this year. any chance of, i mean, is it like you're a little more relaxed this year because you know what's coming at you? or is it still the same excitement? >> i think i'm a little more relaxed, having an idea of the schedule, and how crazy it is, how to manage my time more.
6:53 pm
and soak it up. you look at 2010 and 2012 for us opening up at home for the world series, played a crucial role i think. >> all right. so a's sensation wanted to compete in this year's home run derby. he was the last man added to the american league rosster. he hit 17 home runs at his first at bat. great to see the local guys competing and succeeding in all-star festivities. so the bay area really having an impact on the all-star couple of days that go on and no better place to do it than from new york. we'll have more coping up at 11:00. good luck to the giant whose are playing in the all-star game. >> i like their new hat. >> what happened?
6:54 pm
amy's at the field. >> that's how they treat me. they keep me locked in a cage. ahmed sounded like he was at studio 54. outside the ballpark over here. >> does anyone even remember what studio 54 is? >> thank you. >> we'll be back in a moment.
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okay. not everyone who cleans out their closet can hope to get $100,000 for a used dress. but this little number? this was worn by judy garland in
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the first weeks of filming the wizard of oz. if the frok doesn't look familiar, it's because it was edited out. the gingham dress sold for $250,000 last year. but we don't know how much this one will go for. >> and one of us will be bidding on it. >> you bet. look at 'em.
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> now on "extra," the haunting last photo of cory monteith, breaking new details on the "glee" star found dead in a suspected overdose. "extra's" in vancouver today tracing his final hours. >> how hotel staff found at the fairmont pacific rim. >> how his girlfriend, lea michele, is coping today. his co-stars in utter shock. >> hi, jane, i'm sorry for your loss. >> weeks after leaving rehab, was cory drinking again? his unending struggle with addiction. >> were alcohol and drugs ever a problem? >> absolutely. >> cory and "extra" through the years way back to his first time here. beyonce's moment of silence for trayvon martin. new outrage over the shocking verdict. george zimmerman allowed to carry the gun he used to shoot trayvon. >> i


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