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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 17, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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meanwhile, here in the bay area, onshore flow and a gorgeous day shaping up. i'm going to tell you why we will be the envy of the entire nation weather-wise in your full forecast. traffic wise, looking pretty good now across the bay bridge. we have a crash in the east bay around walnut creek, talk about 680 and 24. that's a major interchange. sounds like a big crash. we'll get details coming up. that is a beautiful look of the bay bridge. another vista this morning for you. you made it halfway through your work week. it's wednesday, july 17th. this is "today in the bay." into good morning to you. 5:00, i'm marla tellez, in for jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. breaking news in san jose. streets near japan are back open as investigators look at what made an officer shoot kill a pit
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bull, 3 trd street. >> reporter: good morning, we thought maybe, based on our conversation, would be winding down their investigation at intersection of empire and 3rd. that's still not the case. that intersection here still shut down. if you see where those squad cars are at, that home right there, that blue single story, that's where all of the attention is being focused. it was overnight that an sj pd officer went to the home to perform a parolee check at that residence. there was a vicious pit bull. the pit bull attacked the officer, bit the officer. the officer responded by shooting can killing the dog. that officer has been taken to the hospital. we spoke with one of his colleagues who tells us he's going to be okay. the parolee take noon custody. it's not clear what crime that person was out on parole for. as far as the investigation, and the response, they responded
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with anywhere from 15 to 20 units here. some units have went back to normal patrols. that street behind me here at empire and north 3rd still shut down. when it's going to reopen, that's to be determined. live in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." a ymca worker accused of lewd acts with a 6:00-year-old girl is expected to make his first court appearance today. "today in the bay" live outside the courthouse in morgan hill with the search for possibly more victims. damien, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this community is shocked by the allegations because nicholas lhermine spent the last four years at least in these day camps during the summer in morgan hill. it was morgan hill police who arrested the 20-year-old on friday, after a 6-year-old told her parents something happened at a ymca child care program. the alleged assault happened at ymca paradise valley elementary
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child care site in morgan hill. after the incident the ymca of silicon valley sent out letters to parents explaining what happened and urging them to talk to their children in case they might be victims. there are still 45 children enrolled in the summer camp. the ymca says he passed extensive criminal background checks with the department of justice and fbi before being hired. the agency's coo says the arrest came as a huge surprise to everyone. >> we're shocked. this gentleman has been someone that has been in ymca programming himself and unfortunately, has been employed with us for nearly four years. we haven't had an indication of any sort of challenge with him. >> reporter: and there's more. police say when they looked in nicholas lhermine's cell phone he found evidence of child pornp investigators have been able to identify one of the children in those cell phone photos, a
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17-year-old girl. police also believe there may be more victims out there. again, facing charges of possessing child porn and performing sexual acts on a child. live in morgan hill. nbc bay area news. >> thank you. it's 5:04. the man accused of kill two women at san francisco's julie mar is still in jail held without bail. barry white jr. will be in court a week from today. yesterday he was charged with 16 felony counts including murder. police say he walked into the jewelry store last friday, opening fire, kill two women. they think he was upset about the value of jewelry he previously purchased at a particular store in the jewelry mart. the owner was critically injured in the attack. at least $300 million, that's how much state regulators are recommending pg&e be fined for the deadly san bruno
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pipeline explosion in 2010. the california public utilities commission's recommendation calls for the money to come from pg&e shareholders and go to the state's general fund. it is the largest fine imposed by the puc and is part of the original $2.2 billion penalty. pg&e responded saying, quote, in its zeal to punish pg&e, the staff of the california public utilities commission has lost sight of our important shared goal of making pg&e's natural gas operation the safest in the country as quickly as we possibly can. the newly revised penalty recommendation takes $300 million away from safety improvements and sends that money to the legislature for general sfind fund spending. the board will vote before the end of the year. 2200 firefighters battling a fire out of control in california. the fire that broke out monday
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west of palm springs destroyed seven homes but there is good news. crews say the fire's burning away from more homes in the area. so far the fire has charred 14 square miles. right now it's only 10% contained. no word on the cause. wednesday brings us a warm-up. meteorologist christina loren here with a look at the forecast. >> good morning. that fire's one that we're going to be watching for. that 10% containment was the case yesterday as well. my mom lives in the area. i have a lot of relatives there. they say there's ash all over palm springs. that is one that we're watching very close. everybody in california as well. 60 san jose. 59 livermore. even though we've got more moisture here in the bay area we need to be on the best of our fire safety as resources are spread thin. it's a good idea to be on the best of your safety. don't leave that barbecue unless it's completely out. flight delays likely.
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wednesday, temperatures warmer by three to five degrees. a better day at the beach. we'll show you which beach is going to be the best. it could be soaring, temperatures could be scorching. 85 inland. bay side plenty of mid-70s. it's going to be comfortable there. you might need that coat all day long today in san francisco. 64 degrees on the way to the coast. we'll have your seven day outlook, weekend forecast. take a look at events aren't bay area coming up. first, check your drive. mike inouye. >> things are calm until a couple of minutes ago. oakland, 880 past the coliseum. live look shows you we're the same volume 20 minutes ago. no problems at coliseum. we have our sensor showing a slow downnorth toward 980, an area where we should have road crews clearing. still, standard. but moving toward walnut creek south 680 a crash, 680 at 24
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near the connecter. sounds like three cars or vehicles involved in a crash. there may be injuries. sounds like a sig-alert issued by clp. chp. commute direction into walnut creek out of concord. main street, word from chp of another crash. i'll get details. alamo. south at dublin interchange, 680 with another crash there. heading toward the 580/680 interchange. doesn't sound like lanes will be blocked very long. we track that, another incident where that portion of the east bay. the tri-valley will see more traffic out of the altamont pass. typical this time for that build as well. west 580 toward livermore. live like, the peninsula. no problems on this side of the bay. 101, light volume. back to you. what do you think about this? california license plates could go digital as part of a bill making its way through the
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legislature. the bill would allow the dmv to test a pilot program that would replace those traditional license plates with digital screens. the technology was created by san francisco based smart plate mobile. lawmakers say the goal to make vehicle registration more efficient. but some groups are concerned about privacy because the plates would have wireless capabilities that could allow police to track vehicles. palo alto planning to chop down nearly two dozen magnolia trees near university avenue. the trees are either decaying or suffering from structural problems and being removed as part of a tree maintenance project aimed at improving public safety. removing the trees will improve the structural integrity of other trees lining the streets. probably a lot of roots they're dealing with. work will start monday, continue through the fall. half of the magnolias expected to be replaced. pretty trees but thick roots. 5:09.
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preventing dementia. what you can do to keep from developing the disease. >> more than a dozen people arrested after a crime spree in hollywood. what police are saying about the brazen robberies. an odd coalition of pot smokers and churchgoers takes on the government. we'll take a look.
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keep working to stay sharp. the study of almost a half million people in france shows those who put off retirement degree creased their risk of developing the debilitating disease. the risk the risk of getting dementia is reduced by 3.2%. the study makes sense because working keeps people physically active, socially connected and mentally stimulated. a new warning for facebook
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users concerned over privacy on the social networking site. the ceo's former speechwriter told the guardian select facebook employees have access to user passwords. katharine says some of the staff knees to have access to user accounts and information in order to do their job. facebook did not comment on the password issue but a spokesperson told the guardian, quote, this viewpoint is that of a rogue employee whose view is shared by no one at facebook into 5:13. coalition of churches, marijuana groups and gun owners suing the government over spying. >> good morning. the group says their constitutional rights of association was violated. so, association, the right to be associated with people you choose. church members or pot smoker. this is a brand-new strategy in a very old fight. civil liberties groups have been
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fighting government spying for years now. this is a court hearing in the 9th district over the jewel case, san francisco's suing the feds for reading your e-mail, this date backs to the bush administration. still hasn't been solved. the latest case filed in court tuesday over the edward snowden regulations the government tracks cell phone records. everybody's phone records all the time. government admitted to as much. washington says it's legal. the trick to the case, the twist, is this idea of association. if the government tracks a church's phone records, for instance, which it does, does that make the person less likely to seek help from its pastor. the group is waiting for its first appearance in court. also waiting for her first appearance, waiting no more, bertha coombs. good morning. >> everybody's tracking, in order trom's tracking what you're doing while shopping via wi-fi.
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there is no privacy. post-privacy era. futures are flat. stocks snapping eight-day winning streak yesterday. markets listening to ben bernanke today, testifying about the economy and monetary policy. what everybody wants to listen for comments about when the fed may pull back on its stimulus program. also data on housing construct starts and earnings from bank of america which have looked pretty good. bank of america trading higher ahead of the open. that should prop up the dow. dow slipping 32 points yesterday. the nasdaq losing 9 points to 3538. scott? >> thank you. also reporting financials today, ebay, sandisik, intel. revenue, amount of money the company made actually continues to grow but this was due to cost savings and cuts. you can only do this for so
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long. you have to have money coming in the other side and that is beginning to sing. actually two quarters in a row at yahoo! >> check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren fresh a few days off. >> the weather has been so nice. you know what? we've been spoiled for the past couple of weeks. think back to three weeks ago when we had the dog days of summer. 108-plus degree weather in the bay area. so far, we tallied that out. yeah, so far, at this point in the summertime, this is the hottest summer we've ever had on record. that can change, of course, as we continue to average out for the next couple of months. but at this point, i want to let you know. i have told yawou you the odds heating another heat wave, not that likely. we'll keep our eyes out for you. upcoming weekend, temperatures are nice and crisp. it's beautiful out there. plenty of upper 50s to low 60s.
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quite a bit of fog to start the day. natural ac. stop the clock on futurecast. plenty of fog through inland valley. tri-valley, mostly cloudy 7:00 a.m. stop the clock, the fog clears south bay and east bay by 9:00 a.m. hugging the coastline. by noon, sunshine for a few hours in san francisco. then the fog will roll back in. two competing weather systems. high pressure to the east. low pressure to the north. microclimates for today. they're going to distinguish themselves. warm and sunny conditions inland. cool foggy conditions at the coast. 20 degrees of separation between the hottest cities inland versus those by the water. 88 inland. 62 san francisco. hey, if you get through today, boy oh boy we're pushing for you, we want you to get through today, you're closer to the all important weekend. temperatures are going to be great for any of your outdoor
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activities not too hot even saturday. 85 degrees bay side. 71 degrees at the coast. a great day to hit the beach. sunday, monday, tuesday, some of the monsoonal moisture starts to creep up. we could see another round of humidity and thunderstorms. humidity will increase, kind of iffy as to who's going to see the thunderstorms. best chance looks like the south bay mountains. we'll keep you updated as we always do when it comes to your drive. >> good morning. a lot of activity, flurry of it, came in, things have calmed down a bit. talked to chp. over here, walnut creek marked on the map. overhead view, south 680, a lot of slowing toward 24 on southbound 680. talked about a crash and sig-alert. another crash on north main street. before you get there in the backup. chp says no, one in the same. single incident between north main and highway 24. currently two lanes blocked in the southbound direction. but injuries, not as severe as
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they were initially reported. people called in. once crews on the scene, someone with minor complaints of main. should have two cars moved to the shoulder quickly. sig-alert issued but things should be cleared within the half hour as the initial definition of a sig-alert. cleared in a half hour, maybe more. srn 680, that crash cleared. slowing for highway 84. we'll give a look towards san jose, northbound route shows good volume of traffic but no big issues of slowing. 101 north of 680, 280. looks like whatever happened has cleared up but i'll track that make sure it's clear for you. 5:19. a city in eastern india outraged this morning after 20 schoolchildren died from food poisoning. people smashed police buss and vandalized police stations as word of the deaths spread.
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more than 50 children became circumstance after served lunch at a government school yesterday. 20 died, 30 others in the hospital. indian government runs the world's largest feeding program with more than 12 million children eating lunch at school. 5:20. the captain of the doomed costa concordia ship is asking for a plea deal. the manslaughter trial for ska toon know resumed. allowing him to plea guilty in he change for a prison sentence. facing up to 20 years on a full trial. the ship ran aground off the coast more than a year and a half ago, killing 32 people into several people behind bars accused of a violent robbery spree in hollywood. the lapd says a mob of 20 men and women attacked innocent people walking on the street. police say the robbers knocked
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people down, took their purses and, phones, and jewelry. first attack after 9:30. several stores were targeted as well. this morning, it's unclear how many victims were there or if anyone was hurt. at least seven suspects were arrested. 5:21. they almost got away with it. the pocket dial that led police to the doors of to crooks, next.
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live look, look at the beautiful blue sky, awaiting the sun's arrival. a warm-up as well. we'll check in with christina, she's back. a look at forecast. 5:23. new list of hollywood highest's paid and ironman, robert downey jr., tops. forbes talked to producers,
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agents, and managers to estimate that downey made $75 million between june of last year and june of this year. in the past year, he starred in six movies that have grossed more than half a billion dollars at box office worldwide. second on the list, channing tatum. >> my man. >> marla's man. hugh jackman. i'll take that one. mark wallburg, dwayne the rock johnson on the list. $46 million. >> 5:24. a not so bright burglar in jail in oklahoma. he led deputies right to him. i don't know how this happens but the county sheriff says two men broke into a home on the outskirts of tulsa, stole money and guns. one of them unknowingly dial 911 on his cell phone from his pocket. investigators listened in and heard the thieves talking about the robbery. they tracked the phone call to a
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local pawn shop. >> i don't understand why you have that in your phone close to where you automatically dial that number. >> yeah. deputies arrested one of the suspects the other one was able to escape. >> crazy. >> crazy. >> crime didn't pay. >> it did not in that case. >> check the forecast now. meteorologist christina loren is back. we welcome you and the warm temperatures, too. >> you know, today's going to be nice. not too hot but warmer than yesterday. good morning to you. temperatures are going to reach the mid-80s in the hottest cities, antioch, livermore. 76 bay side fremont. of 64 at the coast. microclimate making an appearance through the next couple of days. beautiful beach conditions. just in time for the weekend. take a look at forecast coming up. 5:25. first on a good note out the front door before the hurry up and wait happens. >> hurry up in the traffic management center.
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a lot of calls coming in. 880 picking up volume but calls calming down. north of the coliseum, slowing has started clear up toward the speed limit northbound. crews cleared heading toward downtown. highway 13 a crash at redwood. lanes are cleared. there may be paperwork going on. watch that off of the split with 580. south 880, an incident, disabled vehicle around the off-ramp. the northbound sideshows considerable amount of slowing. may have been the other direction, whatever the case, crews have cleared it. fremont, easy drive for the numb number mits. former president clinton gets special honor today. headquarters of the environmental protection agency in washington, d.c., will be named in his honor. a special naming ceremony held with speakers including senator barbara box somewhere former epa administrator who served under president clinton.
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5:26. break news in san jose. officer shoots and kills a pit bull. bob redell gives us a live update, next. keeping hope alive. the family of the 21-month-old missing girl for more than a week continues to try to find new clues as to her whereabouts.
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the state's plan to release a serial rapist who attacks dozens of women in the bay area. what we've learned overnight, next. i'm bob redell. live in the south bay with new information on what led up to an overnight pit bull attack on a san jose police officer. that story coming up. and she seize the day. what we're advising from the weather department. beautiful conditions. temps reaching mid-80s. then we'll heat you up. how hot that heat will crank. firmly seize the steering wheel from the traffic center. sig-alert going on for walnut
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creek. we'll let you know the progress reported by chp and sort out the calls to the single sig-alert crash. a look at progress under way at the bay bridge. things moving just fine along the -- both spans in fact on this wednesday, july 17th. this is "today in the bay." good wednesday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm marla tellez, in for jon kelley. new bfx about tinformation breaking news. officer shot in japan town. 3rd street and jackson streets. those streets are shut down. bob redell joins us live. new information about officers originally showed applause the this particular home. >> reporter: good morning to you, marla. fresh information from sjpd.
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this started around 1:30, 3 1/2 miles from the location. officers were responding to a call of three people breaking into mailboxes on a road about three miles away from where we're at now. the people ended up fleeing. witnesses gave police a description of their car which led them to this house behind me here on north 3rd near intersection with empire. they did a records check of the car and found out that the owner is on probation, and they had a right to do a search. they ended up talking to people in the house, talking to a woman when a pit bull came up from the basement and started biting one of the officers. at least one of the other officers ended up shooting and killing that dog. that officer who was bit has been taken to the hospital and is going to be okay. officers are still out here. we see animal control just arrived, presumably to aremove that dead dog. they have been interviewing people at the home.
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so far, there have been no arrests. so again, three people breaking into mailboxes, a distance away from here. leads them to this home here. a police officer to this home to continue the investigation into that. while doing the investigation, the pit bull attacks an officer. another officer, at least one officer, shoots can kills the dog. the officer who was bit in the hospital but expected to be okay. reporting live, san jose, bob redell "today in the bay." san jose police will release new numbers outlining safety on city streets for the first half of the year. the newest stats on crime and gang suppression efforts come as police investigate the city's 29th homicide of the year. a homeless man was pulled off of life support earlier this week. one month after he was beaten underneath the highway 87 overpass in downtown san jose. so far, no one has been arrested in that case. 5:32. new, despite efforts to stop it a state court ruled a convicted
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serial rapist who terrorized the bay area can be release. an appellate court rejected the plea of hubbart being released ho he's been in and oust hospitals since 1972. in may, a judge ruled that hubbart could be released under fight supervision in los angeles county, where he grew up. hubbart will be released once housing can be set up and approved, which could take several more months. a jury has reached a verdict for one of the two men charged with gang raping a 16-year-old girl outside a high school dance in richmond but it won't be announced immediately. the verdict for peter will be sealed until a second jury is done deliberate in the case of jose montano. the trials both happened at the same time to avoid the victim
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from testifying at two different times. another two are awaiting trial. a summer camp worker who was in charge of looking after kids is now accused of lewd acts with a 6-year-old girl. that work is expected to make his first court appearance today. "today in the bay" live outside the courthouse in morgan hill with charges that that worker now faces. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. yeah, charges have rocked the bedroom community in morgan hill. nicholas lhermine will be here at south county courthouse later this afternoon. morgan hill police arrested 20-year-old on friday. the dhr was performing sexual acts on a child and possessing child porn. it came to light after a 6:00-year-old told her parents something happen at ymca paradise valley elementary child care site in morgan hill. lhermine worked as a teacher's aide. the agency is shocked at allegations and immediately sent
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out a letter to parents and informing them of what happened and urging them to talk to other kids to make sure9.4 they're no victims. there are 45 children enrolled at the day care now. police want to make sure there are no other possible victims. the ymca says, it did its due diligence when it hired lhermine. >> when he was hired to work in licensed child care he was screened through the department of justice and the fbi. >> reporter: the investigation for the alleged assault, police found child porn on lhermine's cell phone as well. investigators say they have been able to identify a 17-year-old as being among those photos in this child porn case on the cell phone of lhermine. this is the latest of several cases against children here in morgan hill in the last year alone. nbc bay area news.
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>> thank you. >> a candlelight vigil planned for the oakland toddler reported missing one week ago. family and friends will gather at intersection of 79th avenue and international boulevard at 6:30 tonight. this is near the spot where little daphne webb was reported missing last wednesday. the family has set up a website, it is to try to find the missing 21-month-old. the girl's father telling police his daughter was kidnapped from his suv last week when he ran into a convenience store to grab something. he left daphne with his elderly mother who suffers from dementia. a tiny pest that could defb tate the multibillion dollar fruit industry. the team stepping up its fight against the guava fruit fly in san jose. crews will gather at 8:30, start spreading a deadly insecticide on trees and telephone poles
5:37 am
bean berryesa road, white road and 14th street. the sticky substance meant to attract and kill the male flies. earlier this month, three guava fruit flies found in several area of san jose but state officials warn that number could be in the millions. the pests feed on citrus fruits and other plants. hard to complain about the weather mother nature serving up in the bay area. meteorologist christina loren, look at all of the blue. >> blue with a bit of haze, an indication of moisture in the atmosphere. natural ac is on. for the past few weeks we had that hot stretch of weather. i got my pg&e bill, not happy about it. i'm happy about today's weather. you will be as well if you're trying to pocket the cash you've been forking over to the power company. 60 in san jose. 62 in sunnyvale. that means it's not going to be too hot, not too cool.
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just perfect for all of your outdoor activities, hiking, biking, running. it's going to be nice, even if you want to hit the beach. fog a factor until 7:00 a.m. at that point it's going to fill in inland valleys out to livermore. between 7:00 and 10:00, a lot of clearing, a bit of a patchy fog left over on the san francisco bay with clouds hugging the coastline. noon, temperatures mild. that fog will clear. this is what we're expecting in santa cruz. 71 degrees in the heat of the day. comfortable conditions there, if you want to hit the beach. it's not as nice in san francisco. 62 degrees. 88 for livermore. 87 concord. you know it's going to be beautiful today but it will not last. i'll take you through the changes, seven day outlook in my next report. kind of a rough drive at 5:38 already, mike. what's go on? >> allot of stuff in the east bay. things are calming down. a big sig-alert and the backup at the toll plaza all cash lanes open but we have the backups on the left as you're approaching.
5:39 am
keep that in mind. pattern will build over the next 25 minutes. metering lights turned on. talking about easy drive out of the maze. south 680 to walnut creek interchange, 24 there, we have the cash. south past main street two lanes blocked by a crash and a sig-alert situation. it's been there over a half hour. if you joined south of the ignacio valley road you're out of the drama. by the time you get to isabel, you're clear. a look at north bay, smooth drive. southbound, san rafael. 5:39. one u.s. senator calling the president asking him to boy kout the winter olympics. details in a live report. the ohio man accused of holding three girls captive for almost a decade returns to court to face hundreds of brand-new charges.
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>> welcome back, everyone.
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5:41. new comments from russian president putin after nsa secret leader snowden petitioned moscow for asylum as a u.s. senator asked the president to boycott the winter gapes in russia. live on capitol hill with what we're learning this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. at this point, edward snowden's lawyer is speaking out, saying he might leave russia or the airport i should say within a week. snowden is seeking temporary asylum there. he would have to first interview with russian authorities, they would give him a temporary i.d. card. that's when he could leave the airport for russian soil. also now hearing from senator lindsey graham who says the u.s. should consider a boycott of the 2014 winter olympics in russia. he's the first senator to speak out on that. for president putin, overnight, he also made a comment saying u.s. ties much more important than snowden though he has
5:43 am
refused to extradited snowden. he's insisting that he does stop leaking u.s. secrets if he wants to stay in russia. >> interesting. thank you very much. the ohio man accused of holding three women captive inside his cleveland home for a decade will be back in court within a few hours to face new charges. this morning, castro will be arraigned on 648 new counts, bringing the total number of charges against him to almost 1,000. last month, castro pleaded not guilty to 300 counts for the alleged kidnapping and rape of amanda berry, gina dejesus and michelle knight. expected to plead not guilty to the new charges as well. the travel continues for asiana airlines. we give you a live look at l.a.x. the airline is now inspecting one of its boeing 777s after leaking oil, forcing the airline to ground the plane before taking off from l.a.x. last
5:44 am
night. in the meantime, 83 passengers from flight 214 that crashed at sfo filed a petition for discovery against boeing. the company that designed and manufactured the plane. the petition asks the judge to force beauing to release information about the auto throttle and evacuation slide that open inside the cabin. information could lead to a lawsuit against boeing. the royal baby wait continues this morning. while no one knows exactly when, we do know what will happen when the duchess of cambridge goes into labor. kensington pal lance plans to announce at rival in london without warning via e-mail. >> hundreds of years ago it was courtiers who were anxiously awaiting outside the birthing chamber. you've got the media fulfilling the role, crowded outside st. mary's hospital. >> the queen and senior royals, the duchess' family and prime
5:45 am
minister must be informed before a public announcement is made. and then the signed medical bulletin announcing birth will be driven through the streets of london under careful watch from the hospital to buckingham palace. that bulletin placed on the same easel used to announce prince william's birth 30 years ago. celebratory shots will be fired from the tower of london. >> wonder if prince william will be in the room or if she wants privacy. >> one we'll have to wait for. everybody's getting excited. you know, we get excited with a new baby around. if you've got your babies at home and it's summertime, today's a great day to get them outdoors. spf 30 plus, advised. it's not going to be too hot. perfect for all of your outdoor activities. a lot of moms taking their kids to the park, good day. not too hot.
5:46 am
60 in san jose. 59 livermore. fog and drizzle expected through 9:00 a.m. by 10:00, though, clear conditions for the greater bay area. it's not going to last all day. as we head through the afternoon, temps warm by three to five degrees. remember yesterday? it was drizzly, cloudy, overcast. we'll see more sunshine today earlier. high pressure breaks down, move to the east today. an area of lay pressure to the north. that's going to continue to drive in the cloud cover hugging the coastline all day long. microclimates making an appearance. temperaturewise, 62 the forecasted high in san francisco. that's versus 88 degrees inland. you're not touching 90s. we're nowhere near triple digits for the next few days. saturday, 96. even then, that's for the hottest cities. san jose saturday, we'll be in the mid-80s. it's going to be nice for outdoor activities. not too hot getting into the
5:47 am
upcoming weekend. things change sunday, monday, tuesday. a slight chance for those thunderstorms. i can tell you now, that heat is going to be warm. also the humanity. it's going to feel warmer than the true temperature. we'll talk about that coming up. first, want to see how your drive is rocking this morning. >> a little bit rolling, better now here. through walnut creek, we had things rocked by the crash. two crashes reported. they were both the same incident. chp sorted that out for us. south 680 about between main street and ignacio valley road we had the crash block two lanes. just cleared a few minutes ago. an update from chp, cleared lanes but it's slow off of 242, 680 slows down toward north main. and now moving down toward 24 passing ignacio valley roadway. all lanes are open. two lanes closed for a period of time. sig-alert cancelled. traffic from highway 4.
5:48 am
out of antioch towards pittsburg and bay point, speeds into the 20s. that is the first spot we see with the amount of slowing. sig-alert in walnut creek. maps farther south, here towards san jose and the northbound routes here, north of 680, that tells a story as far as speed sensors. live looks to give you the feel. fremont southbound heading into the south bay. 880 picks up the volume, you're got the limit but you've got company. hayward and fremont hitting the lights. san jose, that same area slowing. volume bumping up north of the 680/280 interchange. peninsula clear. golden gate bridge, the low clouds hanging out but you can see sky below. no problem for drivers. >> nice shot. thank you, mike. breaking news we brought you yesterday morning, we are learning more this morning about the woman who owns the san jose home that went up in flames, killing more than 90 cats.
5:49 am
the house is a sanctuary that carol miller set up for the feral cats a nonprofit group captured on stanford's campus. there is a five-cat limit. but it comes down to how well you take care of them. >> to do something like take cats away from somebody you have to sus stan a criminal charge, prove they're another caring for the cat. she was clearly caring for the cats she just had a lot of them there right now i just have to regroup and love the ones who have survived and give them the best care. i don't know what's around the corner tomorrow. >> miller had applied to san jose animal care and services to be a registered rescue service but turned down because of the number of cats inside her home. a new wall mar store opens doors in pleasanton. the new walmart neighborhood market will open at 7:30 at the
5:50 am
meadow plaza shopping center on santa rita road. some are planning a protest outside the store claiming walmart doesn't pay its workers enough. because it's nonunion, it can undercut other stores with lower prices. the store will bring in more customers and revitalize the area. more than a dozen tech companies teaming up to benefit special olympic. employees from facebook, google, yahoo! and other companies head to candlestick park for the first ever tech carnival. the event will include live music, carnival games like plinko, jousting and human bowling running from 6:00 to 10:30. >> good cause. a lot of fun. 5:50. late night with jimmy fallon, the pros and cons of being a major league all-star. >> feels good to be picked by the fan. con -- >> my mom voted 50,000 times.
5:51 am
>> find out what the giants' sergio romo had to say about the game next. new way to use google maps. look at 'em.
5:52 am
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sergio romo did not get to play in the all-star game but he did get a cameo with jimmy fallon. >> pros and cons of being a major league all-star. >> next player, sergio romo. pro, if you told these players ten years ago they'd be an all-star they wouldn't have believed you. con -- >> if you told me ten year ago that jimmy fallon would have his own tv show, i wouldn't have believed you. >> hey, come on. >> got you back. for the all-star game, romo didn't get a chance to close things out for the national league because the n.l. couldn't even score. they lost to the american league
5:54 am
3-0. meaning american league gets home-field advantage in the world series. a's grant balfour pitched scoreless sixth inning, only athletic to take the field. for the giants, buster poser the only one to see any action but struck out in the seventh. 5:54. google issuing update to maps app this morning. scott mcgrew. >> ipad users, they get big new maps lots of information on night life and food. and take a look at this. new biking maps for bicyclers, google mapping out thoughts of miles of trails. the map goes past the dog park in campbell. the person in charge of marketing at google glass says the company thought about all kind of ways to talk to the device. you know you're supposed to say okay, glass, before giving a command. google says it thought about listen up, glass, go, go, glass, and clap on. big day for bay area stocks.
5:55 am
ebay, intel, reporting profits. ben bernanke testify on the hill. top question that politicians are going to ask. you keep hinting you're going to stop injecting money into the economy and you don't stop. so which is it? remember, $85 billion a month, a month, is created as the fed buys bonds. they say they're going to slow. they don't do it. what's it going to be. >> everybody keeps watching. >> clap on, mcgrew. clap on. >> check the forecast now with meteorologist christina loren. going to be a nice one. >> i prefer, yo, glass. good morning. you need regular glasses today. sun will break through the clouds by 10:00 a.m. noon, mostly sunny conditions for the greater bay area. up to 85 inland 4:00 p.m. 76 bay side. at the coast today, 64 degrees. stick around, i can't way to
5:56 am
show you the seven day outlook. close to the weekend. check your drive with mike. >> good morning. better news for the bay bridge. we showed cash lanes backing up both side of the fas-trak. it has cleared up. we have the same status, all lanes open as far as toll plaza. look at the other shot. showing traffic across the upper deck. a nice easy drive now. light volume. things will smooth out. east shore freeway, no drama. slow south 680 out of concord. significa sig-alert cleared through 24. slowing through livermore. back to you. >> lithuania's capital city seems to be all smiles this morning. the city leaders are using a mobile app called the happiness barometer which measures mood of residents. special posters are spread across the city where people scan the code to register their mood. there's plansp to install huge video screen to show a real-time happiness barometer.
5:57 am
so far it has an average happiness rating of 60%. not bad. >> not too bad. could use it in other places. we continue to follow breaking news. south bay officer rushed to the hospital after getting attacked by a pit bull. bob redell just talked to police. the live report next. firefighters working throughout the night, desperately gain upper hand on the destructive while fire in southern california. what we are learning. >> one peninsula city says it must chop down nearly two dozen magnolia trees lining its downtown streets. s.
5:58 am
5:59 am
breaking silence in a san jose neighborhood. the confrontation that left a dog dead. south bay camp counselor in court. the charges involving children in his care.
6:00 am
plus, wiping out fruit flies in san jose. we'll tell you if trees and telephone poles in your neighborhood are about to be sprayed with insecticide. a nice mild start to the day. temperatures in upper 50s to low 60s. today a midsummer stunner. we'll see beautiful conditions and then we heat you up. i'll give you the time line and your full forecast. >> sig-alert affecting the east bay that has cleared. the bay bridge and the san mateo bridge. what is going on? >> from the san mateo bridge to the golden gate bridge, clear conditions. people make their way into san francisco. july 17th. this is "today in the bay." good wednesday morning. thank for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm marla tellez


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