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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  July 17, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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right now at 11:00, taking down a pest. it's a tiny insect that could devastate the state's multibillion dollar fruit industry. this morning, an emergency eradication team is stepping up its fight against the guava fruit fly in san jose. thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. jon kelley has the day off. happening now in san jose, crews are working the area near the rancho dell pueblo golf course, busy spreading a deadly insect side on trees and telephone poles. nbc bay area's bob redell is live inn'f san jose with why th little pest is such a big danger to crops. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to
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you, marla. such a concern because the guava fruit fly uses not only guava but all sorts of citrus as a host for its babies. that's where they lay their eggs. once those eggs hatch, that fruit is destroyed. that's why the santa clara county agriculture division has captured three male guava fruit flies in this particular neighborhood. this happened over the past two weeks. discovered in traps that are regularly set throughout the counties to detect this sort of thing. they began eradication of this pest. the process is hardly intrusive, does not involve a wholesale spraying of the area, employees with the division drive down the streets, squirting trees that aren't near cars with a tiny thing that contain contains a f mony to attract the fly.fer rah. the idea is with the population
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dead of fruit flies, it should collapse in a few months. since this insect does come from southeast asia, the ag division says this is a good reminder from anyone, do not accept fruit from foreign countries, especially in the mail or shipments brought back illegally on airplanes by friend he is. the ag division think it is unlikely this will affect california's central fruit industry, given this is happening in central san jose as opposed to the south county where you will find more agriculture but concerned about community gardens and backyard fruit trees that can be affected. what is promising is this particular form of eradication is a proven technique that has worked several times before here in the south bay. live in san jose, bob redell, nbc bay area news. okay, bob, thanks so much. now, we are following breaking news. we want to give you a live look
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at what's under way in san diego. this is in the neighborhood of torrey pines. what you are looking at here is a cliff rescue. you can see a man and a woman there, one on top of the other, potentially went out for a hike and gotten stuck out on this cliff. emergency crews are there. both a man and a woman, they have been stuck out there for some time now. this is all happening in san diego in the neighborhood of torrey pines. this is certainly something we will keep our eye on but does look like they have that help there in front of them. let's hope they get brought to safety quickly. back here at home, a san jose police officer is expected to make a full recovery after a pitbull attacked him early this morning. the attack happened at a home on north third near empire near japan town. the officer was investigating a possible crime when the dog came up from the basement and bit him. other officers shot and killed this dog. the bitten officer was taken to
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the hospital for3w] tr here is what one people had to say about the pitbull. >> try i do pet the dog, he might get mean. i see the dog every day. i don't know what happened. he is not the world's friendliest dog. no. >> a woman claiming to be that dog ease owner tell us that the cops were wrong. they should not have been at her home and should not have shot her dog. officers were led to her home after locating a car there possibly connected to some mail thefts overnight. the shooting comes as te san jose police department releases new stats on crime in that city and so far, whom sides are up from last year. here's a look at those numbers. in the first six month of this year, there have been 24 whom sides. that's up from 18 over the same period last year. in the many time, other violent crimes, like rape, robbery and aggravated assaults are down by
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a 10% drop. despite efforts to stop it, a state court has ruled a convicted serial rapist who terrorized the bay area can be released. an appellate court rejected a appeal by los angeles county prosecutors to prevent christopher hubbard from being released. hubbard has been in and out of prison and state hospitals since 1972, convicted of raping dozens of women, both in southern california and here in the bay area, including on the campus of monroe middle school in san jose. now, in may, a judge ruled that hubbard could be released under tight supervision in los angeles county where he grew up. hubbard will be released once housing can be found, set up and approved, which could take several more months. a summer camp counsellor in charge of looking after kids is now accused of lewd acts with a 6-year-old girl. that counselor is expected to make his first court appearance in just a couple of hours from now. nbc bay area's damian trujillo has the latest from morgan hill.
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>> reporter: nicholas lehrmine will be here at the south county courthouse in just over a couple of hours. the allegations again have shocked this community just south of san jose. policexáí arrested the 20-year on friday. the d.a. charged him with performing sexual acts with a child and for possessing child porn t all came to light after aer 6-year-old told her parents something happened while she was at the ymca paradise valley elementary child care site in morgan hills. lehrmine worked for the ymca the last four years as a teachers a aide. the agency says it is shocked at the allegations and immediately sent out letters to parents, informing them what happened and urging them to talk to their kids to make sure they are not victims. there are still 45 children enrolled in the day care right now. police also want to make sure there are no other possible victims. the ymca says it did do its due diligence when it hired lehrmine. >> when he was hired to work in
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licensed child care, he was screened through the department of justice and the fbi. >> reporter: while investigating the alleged assault, police say they found child porn in lehrmine's cell phone and investigators say they have been able to identify a 17-year-old girl among the porn. lehrmine will be here at the courthouse in just a couple of hours. we are in morgan hill, damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. a jury has reached a verdict for one of the two men charged with gang raping a 16-year-old girl outside a high school dance in richmond, but it wouldn't be announced immediately. the verdict for marsellus peter will be sealed until a second jury is done deliberating in the case of jose montan know. the trials of both men happened at the same time to avoid having the victim to is have to testify more than once. two other men took plea deals and they are already serving prison time. another two are awaiting trial. a candlelight vigil is planned for tonight for the oakland toddler reported missing one week ago.
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family and friends will gather at the intersection of 79th avenue and international boulevard at 6:30 tonight. this is near the spot where little daphne webb was reported missing last wednesday. in the meantime, the family has set up a website to help find the missing 21-month-old. that website is find baby the girl's father tells police his daughter was kidnapped from his suv last week when he ran into a convenience store to pick up something. he left daphne with his elderly mother, who suffers from dementia. now to a developing story in oakland. the port of oakland is closed right now following the death of a woman who worked there. the local union is taking a 24-hour break in honor of 45-year-old joy daniels. she died yesterday afternoon at the tti terminal. the hospital reports daniels died of natural causes. we are told it is standard procedure to stand down for a
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shift when there is a death. so, right now, all seven port marine terminals are shut down with truck drivers unable to access containers until 7:00 tonight. now to an nbc bay area news follow-up. we are learning more about the woman who owns this san jose home that went up in flames, killing more than 90 cats. the house was actually a sanctuary that carol miller set up for the feral cats, which a non-profit group captured on stanford's campus. san jose has a five-cat limit but animal care and services says it comes down to how well you take care of them. >> and really, to do something like take cats away from somebody, you have to sustain a criminal charge. you have to prove that they are not caring for the cat. this was not that situation. she was clearing for these cats, just had a lot of them. >> right now, i just have to regroup and love the ones who have survived and give them the best care and i don't know what's around the corner tomorrow. >> miller had applied to san
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jose animal care and services to be a registered rescue service but was turned down. a large part of that had to do with the number of cats she had inside her home. the man accused of killing two women at san francisco's jewelry mart is still in jail at this hour, being held without bail. barry white jr. junior will next be in court a week from today. yesterday, he was charged with 16 felony counts, including murder. police say hes7 walked into th jewelry store last friday and opened fire, killing two women. they think he was upset the value of jewelry he had previously purchased at that store -- upset about that. the store owner was critically injured in that attack. trouble continues for asiana airline airlines. the airline is inspecting one of the boeing 777s after a planes forced to be grounded before taking off from l.a.x. last night.
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88 passengers from flight 214 that crashed at sfo filed a petition for discovery against boeing. boeing is the company that designed and manufactured the plane. the petition asks the judge to force boeing to release information about the's auto throttle and evacuation slides which opened inside the cabin. the information could lead to a lawsuit against boeing. well, still ahead, new plans to cut down almost two dozen magnolia trees in downtown palo alto. why the city says it has to be done. plus, the queen is getting a little impatient. why she wants that royal baby to come sooner rather than later. and once again, we see the danger of knockoff electronics products. we will take a look, coming up in business news. and while a very potent heat wave grips two-thirds of the nation's weather, we have got it on easy street. we are the envy of the nation. temperatures in the 60s and 70s, but all good things must come to
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an end. we are going to heat up here. i will show you when. your full forecast coming up when nbc news at 11:00 comes right bang.
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palo alto is planning to chop down almost two dozen mag nola trees along university avenue. the trees are either decaying or suffering from structural problems. and they are being removed as part of a tree maintenance project that's aimed at improving public safety. the city says removing these trees will also improve the structural integrity of the other trees, which line the street. the work will start monday and continue through the fall, at which time about half of those magnolias are expected to be replaced. a young chinese woman who was electrocuted while using her iphone may have been the victim of a fake charging cord. scott mcgrew joins us now. fake products are an enormous problem in china. >> yeah, you may recall last year fake toothpaste killed dozens of people. take a look at this chinese
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state television reporting this morning the young woman, who worked as a flight attendant, was likely killed when electricity from the wall outlet traveled directly to her phone. her death was reported a few days ago and apple had been investigating, saying it was saddened by the death. but again if the fault apparently this morning in the aftermarket phone charger. turning to wall street, lots going on, ben bernanke talking to congress today. bay area companies intel, ebay, sandisk all reports profits this morning. yahoo! revealed its numbers on tuesday, showing revenue and ad sales were down. generally bad, or at best, mediocre news but the company shares are up 7% this morning in some of the heaviest trading in yahoo! we have seen is in years. the obvious question is to why. and the answer is darned if i know. back to you. >> if you don't know, we certainly don't know. thanks so much. california license plate does go digital as part of a
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bill making its way through the legislature. the bill would allow the dmv to test a pilot program that wouldg replace those traditional license plates with digital screens. the technology was created by san francisco-based smart plate mobile. lawmakers say the goal is to make vehicle registration more concerned about privacy because the plates would have wireless capabilities that could allow police to track vehicles. forbes releasing its new list of hollywood's highest paid, and mr. ironman himself, robert downey jr., is tops. forbes talked to producers, agents and managers to stint that downey made $75 million between june of last year and june of this year. in the past year, he starred in six move says there have grossed more than half a billion dollars at the box office worldwide. not bad. second on the list, oh, too bad we don't have a picture of this guy, channing tatum, that's followed by hugh jackman, mark wahlberg and dwayne "the rock" johnson.çpgñ
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the great wait for princess kate to deliver that royal baby is bringing out the gambler in so many people. so the question is what are the latest odds when it comes to naming that little bundle of joy? nbc's natalie morales spoke to one expert and a number of par. >>s and has come up with the latest list. >> reporter: some new parents are waiting for the royal lead. at buckingham palace -- >> baby charlotte. >> william. >> diana. >> reporter: upside the hospital where kate is due to give birth, everyone is playing the baby name game. >> hi, richard. >> reporter: at a betting shop around the corner, royal expert richard fits williams is going to give me his take on what's in a name. >> the name is supremely important because it helps to define his or her place in history. >> reporter: and the odds still favor a girl right now and the top name right now that are favored for the girl would be alexandra, charlotte or elizabeth. if it's a boy, these are the top names, george, james or phillip. but it has become such a big
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business here, about $1.5 million and she has yet to go into labor. they expect when that happens that will explode even more. >> thanks so much. seems the keep is getting a wee bit impatient with the royal birth. during a visit you can school children asked theñ she would prefer a boy or girl. she has no preference one way or the other, so long as the baby gets here seen than later because she is about to go on vacation. the exact due date is not public knowledge, camilla admitted this week that the family is waiting by the phone. you cannot make the queen wait. no. bad idea. >> real bad idea. >> one of the things we are f is the bad fire going on west of palm springs. >> west of palm springs, typically, like to stay local, tell you what is happening here in the bay area but i'm really concerned about this fire that is burning in southern california because it is only 10%l; containment and this thi
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has explosive growth development. so, we are very concerned about this. i wouldn't be surprised if we started sending resources from the bay area. we are going to find out about that a little bit later on. let you know here on nbc bay area news. i want to show what you they are dealing with down there if you have ever been to the coachella valley, all this ash is coming down like snowfall over palm springs, palm desert, indian wells. if you note area it is pretty bad down there give you an update. 14,000-plus acres so far. only 10% contained, gusty winds in come bain nation with very dry heat. this thing has extreme growth potential, head through the next 48 hours. for us to be on our best fire safety here as resources are starting to run thin. show kwhau is happening in the bay area, satellite imagery, good site here, see the natural ac kind of lingering from san jose all the way through fremont, up to oakland this morning. that's good sign. we still have those flight
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delays, however. at one hour, should be clearing out as we head throughout the next hour, hour and a half that fog is clearing quickly. 67 in concord, 72 right now in san jose. and that cool westerly flow is going to stay with us for today, so, the last day of temps in the 80s inland, 90s return tomorrow. cloud cover start act 4 p.m. rolling back along the coastline. santa cruz, the choice beach city for today, 71 down there 4 p.m., 86, livermore, 789 on the way to san jose. so get interesting for us. we are not only going to heat you up saturday into sunday, going to head more humidity also. chance for an isolated thunderstorm monday into tuesday of next week. that is what we are watching for. overall, no extreme swings, no triple digits in the near future. yeah. >> more room to buy new shoes christina, or something like that. coming up, "late night with jimmy fallon" takes on the pros
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and cons of being a major league all star. >> feels good to be picked by the fans. con -- >> my mom voted 50,000 times. >> there you go. that always helps. >> coming up, find out what the giants sergio romo had to say about the game. next. [ glenn stonebarger ] we are a family farm. she has been around corn her entire life, so she's probably been around corn longer than i have.
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[ jeannie stonebarger ] i shop at safeway quite a bit. i walk around the produce department a few times, just to see that box. i'm like...yes! really, really proud. to know that they're buying locally is important. [ female announcer ] safeway works with hundreds of local farmers because local means fresher. ♪
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welcome back. the giants sergio romo didn't get to play in last night's all-star game in new york but he did get a cameo on "late night with jimmy fallon." he helped fallon out with the pros and cons of bag major league all-star. >> our next player is san francisco giants closer sergio romo. pro, if you told these players ten years ago that they would be an all-star, they wouldn't have believed you. con? >> if you tell me ten years ago that jimmy fallon would have his own tv show, i wouldn't have believed you. >> hey. come on. >> i love the little shrug.
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>> as for the all-star game, the nl couldn't even score. they lost to the american league, 3-0, americaning the al gets home field advantage in the world series. the a's grant balfour pitched a scoreless sixth inning. he was the only at lettic to take the field. as for the giant there he is, buster pose circumstance the only one to see any action. unfortunately, he just struck out in the seventh. still ahead, a 5-year-old girl uses crayons and markers to help police catch a bad guy. we will introduce doubt you to and coming sketch artist after the break.
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so we leave you with an inspiring story for aspiring pee wee artists. meet this 5-year-old girl from texas who is using her talents to help catch the bad guy. angelina rector was outside her home when she spotted a police chase. she got a good look at the
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suspect and took it upon herself to draw a sketch of the suspect. this is what she came up with. isn't that sweet? her mother says she demand they had take it to police. he did that. now on cis display is at the police department. and for her bravery, police awarded angelina a certificate signed by the chief himself and earned a headline in the local paper, as you just saw. no surprise here, angelina says she wants to be an artist when she grows up. that's sweet story. >> got kind of a picasso thing going there, huh? >> typically the parent puts it on the refrigerator. now it's in the police %./ department. >> maybe she got a get out of free card one day. >> good point. good point. all right. thanks so much for being with us. our next newscast is at 5. you can also get the latest information online, thanks for being with us, everybody. have a great day. [ male announcer ] with at&t,
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