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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  July 25, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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breaking news out of freemont right now. s.w.a.t. teams converged on a home, in what appears to be a home invasion robbery. a suspect tried to force his way into a family's home with a gun and pepper spray. >> that man is no longer in the house, but police are trying to find him. george kiriyama is live at the scene to tell us what happened. >> reporter: this is the front of the home right here, you can see that the front door is open
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and investigators are inside looking for more evidence. police say the suspect's gun was found inside the home. we're learning the suspect may have left the area before the perimeter was set up, they just finished a yard by yard search in the immediate neighborhood. what led up to this freemont pd says before 6:00 this evening, a man with a long gun rang the doorbell. when the woman opened the door, the suspect pepper sprayed her. while that wahappening, shots were fired, two children were inside when this was going on. they were able to escape along with the woman and the men. we have a description of the suspect right here, as a hispanic man in his early 30s. bushy long ponytail, goutee, tattoos above both eyebrows, he was last seen wearing a zipup gray jacket, gray t-shirt and blue pants. back here live, you can see pd
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arriving on the scene, as they continue their investigation inside. that's the latest here, we're live in freemont with the latest details, george kiriyama nbc bay area news. >> thanks so much, george, he'll keep us posted of any new details. >> we also have details on the killing of a well known oakland woman. judy solomon died wednesday. neighbors say she was caught in the crossfire while driving to an intersection. today they held a vigil to remember her. cheryl hurd was there tonight. she's live in oakland with what neighbors had to say, cheryl? >> this sidewalk was filled with people and their animals in honor of judy solomon, she was known for loving animals, she was also known for trying to keep violent crime out of her neighborhood. >> our hearts are all breaking tonight, but we're appreciative of the people that came. >> they came by the dozens to pay tribute to judy solomon, the 66-year-old oakland woman shot dead wednesday on fern street while driving in her car just
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blocks away from her home. >> she was a wonderful dancer, a wonderful pianist. she loved opera, classical music. and she was crazy about animals. >> solomon was a pet sitter and animal advocate who did everything to keep them safe. she also cared deeply about her neighborhood. >> i'm sure that lucy would say what happened in the car if she could talk. >> reporter: she's thankful that her dog is okay. >> whoever approached her, she tried to get the cell phone. from what we understand. >> those who live in this neighborhood think robbery was the motive behind wednesday's killing, in fact, for the past year, solomon has been working tirelessly to get people to sign up to hire a private patrol here because crime was getting so bad. >> she walked the streets, handed out information, talked to her neighbors about the
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patrol, she was committed to it. >> and people are committed to her memory, placing flowers where she was killed. they believe something has to be done to stop the violence. >> she was never mean to anyone. she was always nice, she cared about animals and she didn't deserve this. i just don't understand why people do stuff like that, i think it's horrible. >> tomorrow city leaders will be holding a news conference at 9:00 a.m. at the location where she was killed. they will be making a demand for public safety nbc bay area will be covering that story for our midday show. reporting live in oakland, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, cheryl. a peninsula man is in jail tonight, the suspect of what police are calling a vicious hate crime. marquez is believed to have attacked the victim saturday morning. beating him in the head with a
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large bike u-lock. the attack is related to his victim's sexual orientation. >> these crimes are taken very seriously. and we make it a high priority to hold accountable people that perpetrate this crime. >> marquez was booked into the san mateo county jail for attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon and aggravated may hem. it is no longer 30. back to 29. a woman's death that was initially ruled a homicide is actually not. investigators do say the 62-year-old woman died after being badly beaten. that investigation is now ongoing. happening now, a mudslide has closed a section of i-80 in reno. check this out, only the westbound lanes are closed right now. people barely getting by there, traffic has stopped right at the nevada/california border. a bad situation at a nevada
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restaurant could have been worse after a car came crashing through the front window. >> it could have been a completely different event. again, just grateful that the timing was what it was. >> the timing of the crash happened to be just a half hour before a children's pizza party was set to begin. they were expecting about 60 people for the party. fortunately no one was seriously hurt, and despite the mess, the restaurant wasn't significantly damaged. tonight we don't know why the driver crashed through that front window. >> system breakdown, two bay area counties are troubleshooting problems with their emergency systems after two serious glitches in just the span of 24 hours. yesterday the evacuation alert accidentally went out to thousands of residents instead of those who just needed to know about a local gas leak. san mateo county today, one part of the 911 telephone system failed and its backup did as well. for about a half hour, the emergency line for agencies like the sheriff's office was down. no calls in or out.
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one mom we talked to says she understands the frustrations, she tried to call 911 four times in the last two months and each time got a busy signal. >> it's pretty devastating as a parent. >> really? there's all these great companies and every day they advance technology. >> san mateo county says part of the cause of the failure today was the heat and the age of the technology, as for the emergency techs and e-mails for yesterday's gas leak, the sheriff's office blamed it on a glitch in its notification system. a new warning tonight about gas stoves. scientists at lawrence berkeley lab say they could expose your family to dangerous air pollution, levels ten times higher than what the epa says is safe outdoors. people who cook at least once a week with a gas stove can inhal damaging and deadly pollutants. that can increase your risk of respiratory problems, heart disease and worse. >> when particle levels are
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higher outdoors we see more hospital admissions, more people getting sick with an array of cardiovascular illnesses and more deaths overtime. >> a simple range hood can dramatically minimize health risks. use the back burner and set the fan on high while you cook. if you don't have a fan, open the kitchen window. harold of the menlo park fire protection district fell off a ladder in his own backyard back in may, breaking his back. he spent 66 days in the hospital and had to have multiple surgeries. he's still in a wheelchair, but said he made progress, and he does plan to go back to work one day. doctors say they estimate it will take up to two years before they know just how much he'll improve. tonight an elderly person in northern california's glenn county is recovering from the west nile virus. the first confirmed human case in the state this year.
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the virus has been detected in birds in alameda county and mosquitos in santa clara county. that's why at this time tomorrow morning, the santa clara vector control district will be doing spraying in san jose. a butterfly that makes its home on n antioch is on the verge of distinction. they've gone from over 3,000 to just 86 last year. nitrogen from the company's power plant is causing a weed to grow and killing the butterfly's host plant. the plan the is one of its cleanest and doing its part to protect the butterfly species. be aware of it, most people aren't aware. >> mountain lions on the prowl on the south bay. coming up, why people who are used to seeing the big cats are a bit unnerved.
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the focus on the investigation of the train crash that killed 80 people is on the driver. find out why investigators think he had a fascination with speed. tonight we know what sparked a big mountain wildfire. details coming up next.
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new at 11:00, cougars too close for comfort. neighbors say they've seen mountain lions for years, now the curious and hungry calves are getting too brazen, wandering right into local's yards. kimberly terry is live in saratoga with more for us.
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>> reporter: the busy road you see behind me leads right into the hills and forest land. it isn't unusual for someone to spot a mountain lion, especially in the summer, they do say it's a reminder to be on guard. >> come on. big smile. >> sophie and tinkerbell are a bit part of linda's world, she does everything she can to protect them from nearby wildlife. >> with a miniature horse being smaller than a deer, and a goat being only 50 pounds. i try to make it as inconvenient as possible for a cat to jump the fence. >> reporter: this area is known to have mountain lions. this photo taken on saturday has been circulated among neighbors. >> i'm not surprised that across the road here, a number of times they usually kill a dear every summer in the yard. >> reporter: a camera in rick's yard captured a shot of a mountain lion. >> most of them aren't aware. there's a lot more of them
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running around in the woods than you think. >> reporter: the mountain lion are coming down to eat the deer because there aren't as many in the mountains. >> we don't see as many mature animals any more. you see a lot more missing pets. >> this is the home to a lot of wildlife. and you have to respect that. and you have to be ready for it, they're not going to give you a warning. >> reporter: if you ever encounter a mountain lion, wildlife experts say make sure you do not run. instead make yourself appear as large as possible. maintain eye contact with that animal and make noise. if possible. slowly create distance and get away. live in saratoga, kimberly terry, nbc bay area. >> no word tonight on what started a 120 acre brushfire in
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bay point this afternoon. it burned on federal land near the former concord naval station. a road served as a fire break. we know the cause of the mountain fire that's still burning in riverside county. electrical equipment failed on private property, sparking the flames that has now scorched more than 42 square miles. the fire destroyed seven homes and forced more than 6,000 people to evacuate. the fire is now 92% contained. halliburton is pled guilty to destroying documents in connection with the oil spill in the gulf. halliburton was bp's cement contractor on the drilling rig that exploded. the disaster caused 11 deaths and triggered the largest u.s. offshore oil spill ever.
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we're getting our first look at the actual crash of the passenger train that derailed yet in spain. the train is moving at a high rate of speed going into the curve and then tumbling over. 80 people were killed. tonight we're learning the driver did little to hide his taste for speed. last year the driver posted a picture of a train speedometer needle at 125 miles per hour, and bragged that the reading had not been tampered with. he also wrote on his facebook page it would be a rush to go so fast past police that the rail company would be fined. the driver is under police guard as he recovers in the hospital. the ntsb says it appears the nose gear hit the ground before the mainlanding gear, sending flames shooting from the fuselage. 16 of the 150 people on board were hurt. the flight data and cockpit
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voice recorders are now being analyzed. newly released surveillance photo show former new england patriots player aaron hernandez holding a gun minutes after a friend was shot to death. the images you see are taken from his home surveillance system. all part of 100 documents released by the court today as part of a motion by media groups. hernandez pled not guilty to the killing of lloyd. the semiprofessional football player's body was found a mile from hernandez' home. freemont got a note worthy distinction today. the top two safest cities in the nation are located in california. irvine was number one on the list, followed by freemont. plano texas, madison, wisconsin and irving texas rounded out the top five. no other bay area cities were in the top 20. it's going to be hectic on bay area roadways tomorrow, with 140,000 ticket holders trying
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desperately to get to their event. this is how it goes down. giants are playing at at&t park. there will be 25,000 going to the a's game, another 53,000 people expected for the jay z and justin timberlake concert. let's not forget, regular friday night commute. your best plan, use public transportation, car pool or leave really really really really early to get where you're going. >> a lot of stuff going on tomorrow. let's get a check of our forecast for the weekend. including the america's cup, it's going to be busy creating a lot of traffic, busy bay area for sure. let's get you into that friday forecast. if you love today, it's going to get a little better as we head throughout your friday, fog at the coastline, though, do expect delays, we'll have more on that coming up, otherwise, the bay temperature starting off in the 50s and 60s. upper 70s by the bay, upper 80s inland. even a few low 90s mixed in.
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we'll have more on that coming up. let's get you outside right now to the live high definition skycam, a little bit of haze from the increased zou points. such a strong onshore flow right now in emeriville, looking toward the bay bridge. you can't see the lights right now, with the marine layer up to 2,000 feet. a thick fog, and areas of drizzle right now in san francisco at this very moment, your fog factor forecast for tomorrow does have that very thick fog expected for the coastline, former marine, sonoma, napa counties, back toward contra costa as well. not too much cloud cover for alameda or santa clara. mainly clear here on the southern end, we're going to hold on to that fog performal this year. if you're headed up to pacifica or santa cruz, expect blustery weather at the coastline. with the fog staying put, i think tomorrow morning, we're going to run into some delay
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issues at sfo. with low clouds and areas of drizzle. likely minor delays that could run as high as 45 minutes. maybe higher if the air traffic continues to get stacked up. here's the good news on friday, the temperatures warming up again, 91 in walnut creek, also 92 in livermore, a little above average there. 86 expected in san jose, a little cooler by the bay, just a slight wind will help to keep those temperatures cooler. 78 in san rafael. 83 in santa rosa. 84 in napa. if you're planning on heading out to the america's cup for tomorrow. decent boating weather, if you're going to be heading out in your own boat, water temperatures in the mid-50s. waves 1 to 3 feet. it's going to be perfect for the louis vuitton series saturday. which will continue for spectators. we're going to get some sun, clouds and awesome san francisco weather with conditions expected in the 60s. you can catch that coverage live on cozi-tv our sister network.
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the winner of the louis vuitton challenger series will go against team oracle in the finals as we head into september. 60s at the coastline. another great way to end the week this week, with that weather. >> you will have a lot of fun out there. >> it was hard to leave, i knew i had to get back to the studio. >> it's all free at america park. hear from former president george bush as he talks about his inspiration to shave his head next.
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today former president george h.w. bush spoke for the first time behind the inspiration of shaving his head. >> jenna bush interviewed her grandfather. the boy is patrick, the son of one of the president's secret service agents undergoing
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chemotherapy for leukemia. mr. bush and his entire security detail shaved their heads. the former president says he's surprised he's getting all this attention. >> well, yeah, it does come as a surprise. you don't think of -- i think of myself as kind of over the hill. out of it. >> yeah, i think of you, when you consider the news, that you're one of -- a great, gentle man. >> isn't that sweet. >> mr. bush told his granddaughter the decision was a personal one for him and his wife. motivated by loss over losing their second child a daughter to leukemia when she was just four years old. at&t is putting its name on another sports venue. at&t stadium is now the home of the dallas cowboys. industry insiders say it's more than the naming rights deal for the new 49ers stadium in santa
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clara. that agreement with levi's is worth $220 million. [ male announcer ] how do you do a summer clearance the dodge way?
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let's talk baseball. we're going to start off with the a's. >> the hottest team in the bay area, baseball team, nothing's touching those a's. they've been in soul possession of first place. could they add to their lead? this question, we're going to find out right now. grant balfour honored for being an all-star before the game. in the bottom of the fourth, it's all tied up. derek norris shot to left. chris young coming around. go home, go home. he did go home, and he's just under the tag. two on oakland. top five, two men on for josh hamilton. j.b. schuch scores a run.
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a pop, this one a double. hamilton, pujols. that would be it for dan straily. a's lose 8-3. >> if i can get through that inning somehow. go out there and keep going, i wasn't able to stop the bleeding. >> we believe and this stems back to last year, we can always come back. so if we get down a little bit, i don't feel any difference in the dugout. that was the case again today. we came back, we took the lead, we lost it again, and then they started adding on. i don't think that for any minute we don't think we can get a couple base runners on, and put ourselves in a position to come back. >> brian wilson continues to make the rounds. looking for a home for the last two months of the season. one scout said that wilson had 93 miles an hour with his fastball at times. the giants and a's were among
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the team in attendance. how about the football. the raiders signed all ten of their draft picks from this year. d.j. aidan the last to sign on the dotted line. the cornerback was the 12th overall selection out of the university of houston. and the 49ers cornerback terrell brown has fired his agent after signing out on twitter he lost $2 million of this year's salary because of his absence from the 49ers offseason workout program. his base salary for this year now $925,000. brown spoke after practice today. said he was a bit distracted by the whole thing on the field. i can't blame the guy. more news after this.
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there's something new on the menu at sfo. meals on wheels. food trucks will be there during
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lunch hour the next month. the selection of trucks will change weekly. most meals will price out about 4 bucks each. if the test goes well, the food trucks could become a permanent mixture. full moon takes the blame for weird behavior. what if there is some truth to the lunar effect. >> it took people five minutes longer to sleep. and spent 20 minutes less during the full moon. if you're feeling tired, blame it on the moon. when will we get our next full moon? >> we had it on monday that was our last full moon. another couple weeks it will be here. it's about 90% illuminated. i'm not sure what that's going to do to our moon. i'm feeling pretty good right now. >> temperatures in the 90s as you head throughout friday. for the weekend, it will stay with that classic san francisco and coastal weather, cool there with some chilly winds, but just
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head inland and you can find all of that heat coming your way. we'll start to get a cooldown as we head throughout tuesday, wednesday, thursday, next week, a system off to the north looks to keep us dry, rain, unusual summer rain will get close. we'll have to watch that forecast closely. >> he's so good, he even knows when the moon is out. >> thanks for joining us, have a great night. bye-bye. [ female announcer ] when you asked us to remove
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