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tv   NBC Nightly News  NBC  December 8, 2013 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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't it? [chris] ever try to... [tom] quit?of course! my best time was six days. the worst was ...uh...23.4 seconds. [chris] so can i ask you... [chris & tom] why are you still smoking? [tom] [sarcastic] "it's so much fun." [chris]why not call the smokers' helpline? the program's free,and... [tom]and they'll tell me..."you oughta quit." [chris] not so. just tell them you're ready to quit. then,they'll tell you how. [tom] really? you wouldn't have that number on you,would you?
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>> now we head north to intchester for the manor larchmont. the waterfront estate is surrounded by the open waters of the long island sound. as he will see, the home's interior is definitely beautiful. hi. we are here on this beautiful day in larchmont, new york, overlooking the harbor. i am the architect that designed the reconstruction of this 1950's home. there's a lot to show you, so let's get started. at we deliberately.ouse the simplicity of the portico belies the magnificence of the rest of the home. once inside the front door, the first thing you see is this amazing beer. this -- this amazing view. this writer waterfront estate is
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surrounded with 270 great views of larchmont harbor and long island sound. leads us toairwell a calm and comfortable sanctuary. fireplaceis the big surrounded by really cozy chairs. it's a great place to get some work done or have a friendly conversation. is complemented by this grand living room. it is surrounded by water on three sides and it's really about bringing the outside in. to that extent we designed the room to resemble the bridge of the ship. a lot of this is 20th century modern and the wall paneling details are found throughout the first floor. in the dining room, it seats up to 16 people and is great for formal dinner parties or holiday
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gatherings. this leads right into the kitchen. this is truly the heart of the home. we deliberately placed the island in the middle so the cook could participate in everything going on in the rest of the room. the counter tops that look like black leather are actually black granite. into theen flows family room. we designed the space knowing this is where our clients are truly going to live, whether it is cooking, doing homework, reading, hanging out on the couch, watching a movie. watching the sunrise, watching the sunset. there is nothing nicer than falling asleep in a room like this to the sound of waves. was to capture these terrific views and calm surroundings. crown moldinge
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and the use of the ceiling. the best thing about this bedroom suite is the balcony. it overlooks the grounds, but look at this harbor. speaking of which, let's take a look out back. where everything happens. whether you are walking along the water's edge or throwing a frisbee on this great big lawn or having a cup of tea on the dock, this backyard truly has everything. menk you so much for letting show you this beautiful state in larchmont. but now, if you will excuse me, i am going to go enjoy the rest of this beautiful day. >> coming up, a designer creates a mom's sanctuary in just one day.
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>> welcome back to "open house." an artare headed to collector's dream home in pasadena. this is state features one of the asked restaurant style kitchens i have ever seen. this house will fit any buyer's needs. >> hi. . am gary gold i am the executive vice president of built-in is states. welcome to this example of contemporary craftsman in pasadena, california. this is ideal for art collectors with unbelievable art walls. the house is also ideal for entertaining. we have this beautiful living room. . dedicated area then we have this gorgeous formal dining room. it also opens up to this inner courtyard.
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when i say this home is an entertainer's dream, i was not kidding. check out the kitchen. you have a grill for burgers and dogs. .ou have a hard-core wok green how you make beans and 30 seconds. there is the deep fryer. this is the more refined side of the kitchen. you got stainless steel subzeros. you have all stainless steel cabinets and it is blended with the wood cabinets on the uppers which pull it all together and beautiful cedar countertops. adjacent to the kitchen, you have this informal family room with more note -- one of three informal kitchen stops in the house.
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this is a nice place to grab a nosh, watch some tv, hang out. bedroom just feels right. first a ball you have these windows that open up to the gorgeous backyard. you have vaulted ceilings. you have this bright, cheery, really cool bedroom. the master bath has dual vanities. extra makeup area. walk-in closet. just beautifully elegant, just right. not over the top. this backyard whether you are hanging out during the day or entertaining at night is awesome. you have this expansive seating area. you have a beautiful spot. huge pool. basketball court. placesre just different to lie out here, sit, hang out. as a really cool entertaining area.
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thanks for joining me on this tour of this incredible pasadena contemporary sound out and i will see you soon. sabo coming up after the break, a designer's mission to find a mom a sanctuary in just one day.
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>> welcome back. she is on a mission to give a busy mom in long island her own peaceful space. but can she create a mom's sanctuary in just one day? well, let's find out. >> hi, i'm courtney. we are in new jersey at my client's home. is going to be designed to be a mom's sanctuary. she has a busy husband and 4 -- yes, for -- children. she needs a space all her own. >> my name is sonia. my husband
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and i are parents of four children. house, moved into this he got his office and the children to go over every room with their games, their toys. i just need somewhere of my own where i can read a book or relax and have quiet time to myself. >> we are about to get started transforming this room. but first, let's look at what we are working with. over here we have what was probably a really nice television about 15 years ago. we have a sofa that was also probably part of another home or era. we have a beautiful piano that i know a lot of family members use. over here, a football -- a with very little people. and over here at pinball machine. first of all, we need to clear out everything. let's get started.
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bye-bye. daughter's legos. there is pain and then there is stepping on a lego pain. changing an old lamp can make a huge difference for little money. and this will catch all the light in the room. >> this is amazing. i am going to take some pictures now. i am going to put them in different frames. is allthis, because this four of your children together. sonia has this amazing patio and it would be crazy not to utilize it in some way. you can't treat it like an extension of the room. my favorite feature about this room is it has tons of light. you would be crazy to book and their treatments on these. if you are lucky to have floor to ceiling windows, let them
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lock. no window treatments. right, we are done. i think it looks amazing. i love it. i hope that some you does. we will break it down show you how we did it. i started with one really good piece some of which is what i recommend for any room. in this case, it was the couch. which added an old rug gave it a big pop of color and a touch of modern aesthetic. i wanted to add a little bit of light and a lot of drama. so i went for these egg, bold, and hanging mirrors. of theflect all beautiful trees outside each window. something really easy and
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affordable -- these overlays. i love them. they come in a bunch of different shapes and sizes. they look really cute. least -- certainly not we have the outdoor area. not only does she have a cute seating area, but there is a fire element. it looks amazing. i think it better get her now and show her what i did. wait for it. and open your eyes. >> oh, my goodness. [laughter] i can't believe this is the same room. >> the couch! >> it looks different. it looks like a grown-up room. >> and it continues. ,ou can enjoy your backyard spend time with your family -- >> see the kids. >> we all fit on your new catch.
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do you kids love it? all: yes. >> it is perfect. >> thank you so much. >> you are very welcome. >> i think i could use a space like that. what room in your house would you want to revamp? join our facebook family and let us know. if you missed something on today's show or want to see these fabulous homes again, head thanks for stopping in. i am sara go [chris]still smoking up a storm?
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[tom]yeah.pathetic,isn't it? [chris] ever try to... [tom] quit?of course! my best time was six days. the worst was ...uh...23.4 seconds. [chris] so can i ask you... [chris & tom] why are you still smoking? [tom] [sarcastic] "it's so much fun." [chris]why not call the smokers' helpline? the program's free,and...
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[tom]and they'll tell me..."you oughta quit." [chris] not so. just tell them you're ready to quit. then,they'll tell you how. [tom] really? you wouldn't have that number on you,would you? good evening from south africa. president obama will begin making his way here to south africa tomorrow. to attend tuesday's public memorial service for nelson mandela. for three days now, south africans have been honoring and celebrating the man who helped unlock racist suppression and led his nation into democracy. it was a day of prayer and reflection.
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richard engel is also in johannesburg tonight and has this report. >> reporter: south africans let the holy spirit overwhelm them. they came to pray here because nelson mandela prayed here. fire master tom was growing up. mandela was in prison. they met only after he walk free. >> he was a friend. is he blood and flesh like us? because he was so good. >> reporter: for many here, mandela was more than just a prisoner turned president. he taught a lesson. >> we must always be humble, kind, and we huft love each other. >> the love that is everybody. >> reporter: even the u.s. ambassador got into the spirit singing kumbaya. >> it was incredibly powerful.
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if that singing did not stir your spirit -- >> reporter: this is a very special church. there were race riots here. black residents ran and took shelter in the building. they were chased down by police. it has now become a symbol of defiance against apartheid. and the symbols of joy we saw here were around the country. there were services of many faiths but one unifying message. >> we are greatful for his courage and dignity in adversity. and for his mighty power of forgiveness. >> forgiveness. >> reporter: at churches nationwide, they prayed for two men who forgave the sins of others. >> as he closes his eyes, we begin to believe that now we have someone who cares so much for us, who will open our eyes
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going forward together with the saints. >> reporter: in africa today, they remember mandela and it seems, began to elevate a sanlt. now to developing news back home. much of the eastern half of the country getting hit by dangerous snow and ice. we get latest from weather channel meteorologist psych seidel. >> reporter: the win storm barreled into the northeast on sunday with heavy snow and sleet. temperatures were as much as 20 degrees below average. in wisconsin today, a series of crashes on the state's snow-covered highways. at least one person dead and a dozen more injured. some critically. on this stretch of i-94, first responders arrive to the scene of a major pileup that shut down the interstate. >> there is probably in excess of seven semis and 30 plus vehicles. >> reporter: in texas, the brutal cold has left up to an inch of dangerous ice on the road. >> made it about 10 miles and
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three hours. and by that time, they shut down 35 and we got, we pulled off here and we've been stuck here ever since. >> reporter: also stuck on the side of the highway. a report he from our dallas affiliate kxas. take a look at this. you're looking at about a dozen semis stuck in the road, all over the road. it is absolutely impassable. >> reporter: travel by air wasn't any easier. more than 2,000 flights canceled today. a quarter flying through the dallas airport where more than 3,000 passengers spent the night. >> they canceled me again today. i'm like, wow, i'm trying to see what i can do to get back home. >> reporter: utility company are scrambling to restore power to more than 100,000 customers still sitting in the dark and warning that tree limbs and lines weighted down by the ice could continue to cause new outages for several days. in baltimore, icy conditions as the vikings/ravens game. >> they have to clear the vikings. >> reporter: take a look at lincoln financial field in
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philadelphia where the eagles/lions game was played in heavy snow. >> this is wild. >> reporter: creating a whiteout conditions that hid the gridiron from view. while football fans choose to tough it out today, officials are asking people to stay off the roads for the next few days during one of virginia officials say could be an historic ice event. freezing rain will continue to be an issue. at least until sunrise tomorrow morning west of washington. meanwhile around new york city, an inch or two of wet snow. by monday morning's rush hour, temperature climb to about 40. lester? >> thanks. we're back in a moment with nelson mandela's impact on young people in america. michelle. and we own the paper cottage. it's a stationery and gifts store. anything we purchase for the paper cottage goes on our ink card. so you can manage your business expenses and access them online instantly with the game changing app from ink. we didn't get into business to spend time managing receipts,
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. finally tonight, it was not long after he became president of south africa that nelson mandela returned to washington and paid a visit to the campus of howard university. his presence there is still being felt after all those years. here's nbc's kristin welker. >>ist master of my fate. >> reporter: some of the students here at howard university were not even born when nelson mandela spoke on their campus in 1994, a few years after their release from prison. >> it is with gratitude that we remember the ways in which our university embraced and supported the liberation struggle in south africa. >> reporter: today, the young men and women at this historically black college say those words and then mandela's legacy still resonate. >> he taught that no one is born
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hating anyone. you're taught that. and if you can be taught to hate, you can be taught to love. >> he wanted love. it was his most powerful message. >> i think the most important lesson is just, never give up and just never allow yourself to be defeated. >> reporter: so as people pay tribute to the larger than life leader in south africa and all across the united states today, here at howard, they have come to this exhibit on campus set up a month ago to reflect. >> what word do you associate with nelson mandela? >> courage. >> visionary. >> humanitarian. >> reporter: she hopes to become a teacher and plans to one day pass along mandela's lessons to her students. >> it gives them the tools to think critically about society and what would you like to see? what will you do to fix it? >> reporter: for this south african, a recent graduate, the loss is more personal. >> we have been expecting his
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death but still, when it actually happens, it does something to you. it is a sad moment. a time grieving. >> reporter: but there is also celebration. >> his name is up there with gandhi and martin luther king jr. and we sit and think, his messages, we should apply them to our life like other great peacemakers. >> he is truth in service. >> reporter: a man who united different races, a nation, and now generations. nbc news, washington. >> that's "nbc nightly news." brian williams will be here tomorrow from south africa. i'm lester holt reporting from soweto. have a good night, everyone. i love watching tv outside.
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