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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 10, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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hearing due to weather. good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm terry mcsweeney. it's not just the hearing being postponed. most federal offices in the washington, d.c. area are closed because of the snowstorm. we have team coverage on the unexpected delay. christie smith live in burlingame where the ca burlingame. steve stock joins us from washington, d.c. in the snow where the hearing was supposed to begin about now. what's going on? >> reporter: that's right, terry, in fact, the hearing was scheduled to begin at this hour, as you can see big heavy snow falling, in fact, it's falling in the washington, d.c. area, you may be able to see the capitol behind me, maybe not. the snow is quite thick. and as you mentioned, these hearings were postponed because of the snow t federal government has shut down for the day, all non-essential personnel. when the hearings start the first day will focus on what
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went on inside that cockpit of the boeing 777 when it crashed, attempting to land back on july 6. three people died and more than 180 were injured when the tail of that plane struck the rock retaining wall, sending the plane spinning. our investigation raised questions about about overreliance of computers in the cockpit as a possible cause of that crash. experts call it automation addiction, and that in fact is the focus of the agenda when this hearing does get under way. scheduled to testify at this hearing when it does finally convene, are members from asiana, the company itself, and boeing and how they designed the cockpit and members of a panel that released a report saying that pilots can become over reliant on computers. that's the first day of testimony. the second day will focus on
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emergency response to the crash. of course when and if the hearings do convene, we expect that to hpen in the next couple of days, as soon as the snow stops we'll cover both days of the hearing. reporting live from washington, d.c. back to you. >> great job. thanks very much. >> let's go live to christie smith in burlingame where a hotel had planned to let victims watch the hearings live. the postponement catching people off guard? >> reporter: we did hear from one family t daughter of a survivor and she said they planned to come here and watch the ntsb hearings this morning but they got word pretty early that there was a weather-related delay so. they are just waiting now to hear. this is the same hotel, the crown plaza where some of the survivors and families stayed shortly after the crash of asiana airlines flight 214. we're talking about the ntsb hearings but the crash also set in motion a number of probes and
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lawsuits. there was a federal review whether the airline itself actually met its obligation to keep families informed after the crash, in addition a complaint was filed on behalf of 12 people on board accusing the airlines and boeing of inadequate pilot training and poor aircraft design. as we said three were killed in that crash, we have photos of two of the teenage girls. nearly 200 more people were injured. we haven't seen any one moving around but i heard from one employee of the hotel and said that they do have everything set up inside and are prepared to try again tomorrow if the weather permits. christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thanks a lot. we'll continue to monitor the hearing postponement on air and we'll bring you live coverage throughout the morning for in depth coverage visit, you'll find links to the hearings on our home page.
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>> happening now with a smoky trash fire burning, broke out about 9:00 last night in a warehouse on tunnel avenue on the other side of highway 101 from candlestick park. chase cain live at the seen. i would imagine pretty smoky throughout still? >> reporter: there were police out here blocking off the roads in the area and they have left, these roads are back open and seems business is getting back to normal here. the fire broke out yesterday evening at a trash pile inside one of the warehouses. it was as long as a football field and eight feet deep so that was quite the task for firefighters to get in there and tackle that fire. the trash was mostly old building materials, lumber, sheetrock, things pulled out of construction sites around the bay area. that fire was deep down inside
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that pile and it was in a warehouse so that dropped all of the smoke and made it very difficult for firefighters see and function inside there. they were rotating crews in and out every 20 minutes. >> i was advised by the company there should be no hazardous material in this pile but with the concern to our members in there is the smoke. that's why we're wearing our cba's and rotating so many in and out of this building. >> reporter: fortunately none of the firefighters were injured despite a difficult fight to get fire under control. and also firefighters didn't feel there was anything dangerous or more than normal smoke coming from this warehouse fire so did not order evacuations. the fire is smoldering. it is under control, seems everything is safe and again, business is getting back to
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normal here at san francisco. chase cain, "today in the bay." >> it's going to be hard to put out. >> the world is coming together in south africa. to mourn the death and celebrate the life of nelson mandela, cold rain not enough to keep people from the service. leaders all over the globe attended including president obama who received a huge roar of applause when he arrived. the president gave a speech honoring mandela's legacy. >> while i will always fall short of madiba's example, he makes me want to be a better man. he speaks to what's best inside us. >> jimmy carter, bill clinton and george w. bush also in attendance. you are going to have much more coverage on the memorial including live reports starting at 6:30. >> it's 6:06. that means it is time to check
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the forecast. taking a live look outside from the south bay this morning, another cold start but this will be our last overnight freeze warning? >> yeah, i think as we get to tomorrow it will be more like a frost advisory. thanks for waking up with us f. you have frost feel free to right a note in that. the peninsula at 30, we're at 27 in the north bay so milder start. we're going to continue to see our overnight lows creep up through the next few days. one of the reasons is because of the cloud cover we're expecting by about 4:00 p.m. today. 53 degrees, mostly cloudy at that point. we'll get a blanket over the bay area out of the clouds. it won't be as frigid throughout tomorrow. then the warming trend continues each and every day all the way through friday until about 61 degrees. so comfortable not just in san jose for the peninsula as well a return of the 60s, as we get
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into the end of the week so that's good news. a lot of people have been complaining about the cold. one thing where we are going to suffer is our air quality. a bridge ridge of hoop moves in. i want to show you that air quality is going to get worse. you can see the east bay and the south bay. then through the end of the week by friday starting to see improvement. back in the moderate range. it is illegal to burn today. if you want your seven-day forecast you want to know what's going to happen, zrount to wait for it. it's here at the bottom of your screen. mike's always thinking about the weekend. we've got to work for it. >> we do. but if you are waiting for the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. we said you will see the metering lights. there you go, they are turned on, no big drama but it's a traffic tuesday.
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we see the volume starting to slow things down. it will cart to dip in speeds the next half hour through the areas. a smooth drive out of the caldecott, earlier debris getting cleared from lanes. across the bay, 92 and 84. 101 shows a sfool flow. we have a spin-out reported. it's on the durand bridge t one we keep warning you about. so there you go. north or south 280, expect a patch of ice. a look at the south bay, san jose, pick up the volume. slowing to 880. typical pattern for the rest of the south bay. fremont live, picks up the
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volume here. you're at the limit. expect that to slow a bit over the next half hour. >> time now is 6:10. still ahead on "today in the bay," the medical marijuana getting smoked out? the strict rule that could affect where they can set up shop. >> a new stadium about to be transformed into a wrestling ring? we'll have new details about today's announcement. >> and we've got a beautiful picture of the bay bridge. take a look. we've got to go to a break right now. we'll be right back.
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welcome back now. taking a live look. high atop san bruno overlooking the bay bridge. a crystal clear start. it is frigid out there. temps in the 20s and 30s. your sunrise at 7:13 a.m. is going to be spectacular. it's a spare the air day. i'm happy to report you made it to the bitter end of this cold snap. finally a warm-up starts today. >> congratulations folks. if you have a car heater going on still use it. it's cold. here is 880, picking up the volume. on the peninsula side as a result of the cold i got a warning for folks traveling across interstate 280 coming up. >> here is a look at today's top stories. the ntsb postponing its hearing in washington, d.c. into the asiana airlines crash. today's hearing will be delayed because the government is closed with a snowstorm head forward the nation's capital. no word on when the hearing will resume. >> nearly 100 world leaders and
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tens of thousands of south africans gathered to honor nelson mandela. the memorial service was held in the stadium where mandela made his last public appearance three years ago. this sunday mandela's burial will be in the village where he grew up. >> crews on the scene of a smoky trash fire in san francisco burning almost 10 hours now finally contained at the ricology waste warehouse. fire officials say they don't think there was anything harmful in the trash and no one was hurt. just in, general motors making a big announcement naming new ceo mary bara. until now she was a product chief. she is the first woman to lead a major automaker, according to forbes magazine she joined gm at the age of 18 years old, now she'll be the ceo. >> san jose leaders consider new rules which would cut the number
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of medical marijuana dispensaries in city limits. bob is live with more details on the plan. >> reporter: good morning to you. right now there are about 80 medical marijuana dispensaries in the city of san jose. for mayor chuck reed that is too many, looking at a reduction, that could happen with new rules he is proposing that the city council will look at tonight here at city hall. under consideration, they'd like to ban dispensaries from 1,000 feet of schools, daycares, parks, libraries and churches. within 150 feet of homes and 500 feet of drug rehab centers. these are much stricter than state law. california lets clubs be only 600 feet from schools. under the proposed restrictions that means only about 1400 parcels of land that could qualify to house a dispensary which could limit them to 1% of the city.
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mayor reed proposed these rules after the supreme court ruled that cities want more say. right now there are no zoning laws regulating these businesses which makes them technically illegal but there is no city law banning them. marijuana supporters said in the past these rules are too tough. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> the san jose council is also scheduled to vote on a union contract with the police officers. the union ratified the tentative contract. it would give a raise of 10.66% over the next 2 1/2 years. and a one-time 2% bonus. in 2010 the city cut police officer bay by 10% because of the recession. officials hope a contract will
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boost morale which has struggled for better paying jobs in other cities. >> the council will also vote to approve an insurance claim settlement stemming from a home outside of happy hollow park and zoo. the kelly house was damaged by a two-alarm fire in february of last year. it belonged to one of the pioneer families and housed historical documents. the remainder will go into the future deficit fund. >> i don't know if happy hollow is open this time of year. >> not now. if you are headed anywhere to take the kids. >> hey, good morning. a lot of people trying to get the shopping done. travel cautiously out there and watch your walk as we have reports of ice on the sidewalks. 35 in san francisco.
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along the peninsula about 30 degrees, breezy conditions. you can see that from the camera. it's going to be one of those days. san bruno mountain temperatures are very cold. 29 in campbell, 28 in sunnyvale. they 6 in air a too ga. temperatures will start to warm up. that's good news for this young man who sent in a picture. this is from david in san jose who writes not again with three exclamation points. the good news the next couple days in the thid 30s, then the upper 30s. finally back to the 40s into this weekend. we have a warm-up headed our way. a ridge of high pressure is going to build in. something else is we get this dense sinking air. our air quality is going to be suffering for the next few days. it was a spare the air day
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yesterday. today the same deal. we'll likely look at that throughout the week. i want to give you an idea. by tomorrow it seats worse, then by thursday it's looking to be at its wurst. we'll start to see an area of low pressure and mix it up enough to where we don't have the unhealthy levels of smoke in the atmosphere. looking pretty good, in the 50s, mid-50s along the peninsula. 54 in palo alto. take you to the north bay, mid-50s and 52 degrees today in fremont so it's cold enough for plaque ice. >> there are reports, i'll point that out in a second. i want to get to the volume of terrific around the bay. so we have slowing. there we're talking about a little slowing north 280 over the durand bridge up to black
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mountain road. like we had last week lack ice reported and a spinout and crash. so they are sending a chanding truck and we do see slowing developing north of 92 on 280 at the 90 side they are going to check that out as well. 92 over the san mateo hills, proproblems for 101 getting in. an easy flow of traffic. good note the b.a.r.t. out of san francisco toward dublin. there may be minor delays but the earlier mechanical problems have cleared. you have direct service into dublin once again. an easy drive with slowing now richard, berkeley, the build for the volume is what causes that. let's look at the toll plaza. we see all the lanes past west grand avenue and slowing off the 880 over crossing and the curve.
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we see some slowing, pretty typical. no lanes blocked and no big issues. the south bay with the build for 101 northbound and now 280 through downtown. the same for north of kertner. and north bay no problems. it's just cold. >> cold. >> sure. >> music fans will soon have an option. >> a contract with live nation. under the deal live nation would have to bring in at least 15 large concerts per year and spend to help renovate the 38-year-old amphitheater. concord will make at least 800 a year plus bonuses to pay back bond debt. >> this morning the official
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announcement will be made, levi stadium will be home to wrestle mania 31. expected to bring $100,000 million. levi stadium is considered as a hoegs location for college football national championship game, it's hosting super bowl 50. >> 6:22. still ahead on todd. police report stealing a puppy. >> corruption behind bars, the scandal unfolding in the state's largest city.
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6:25. and pretty soon it's going to be time to say good day sunshine. we're looking at a live picture of the bay bridge. that is fantastic shot, all those blues and golds. appropriately in california blue and gold. >> that is a gorgeous -- what a beautiful look at the sun coming up. this looks like it's from the south bay this morning. the different colors of the sun over clear skies. another cold start. >> san francisco police are looking for a man they say pepper sprayed two homeless people and stole their puppy. investigators say the victims were sleeping in a van parked on
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buena vista avenue when someone banged on the door. the victims opened the door and the man pepper sprayed them and grabbed the puppy. the man ran off, the victims told police they were temporarily blinded and could not see where that man went. >> federal officials investigate accusations of corruption and abuse inside los angeles county jails. this morning five criminal cases are filed against 18 current and former los angeles county sheriff's deputies part of an fbi investigation into allegations of corruption in the largest jail system. the accusations include beatings of inmates and visitors. unjustified detention and conspiracy to obstruct a federal investigation. >> still ahead a smoky start to the morning in san francisco. an update on a trash fire in a warehouse that kept firefighters on the scene all night.
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>> honoring the life and legacy of nelson mandela. what president obama said during the tribute ahead in a live report. >> let's step outside now here in the south bay, across san jose you can see the sun thinking about coming up. laura tells me it's guaranteed that it will. we have a chilly morning but a slight warming trend. this is supposedly it for the cold. tomorrow plain old cold and in the 60s for highs on friday.
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>> a trash fire burning in a san francisco warehouse. we'll tell you why firefighters can only battle the flames for 20 minutes at a time. >> plus, celebrating the life and honoring the legacy of nelson mandela, we'll tell you how president obama paid tribute to the man who changed the world ahead in a live report from south africa. >> as we approach 6:30 this
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morning we always take a live look at wall street. there is the start of the opening bell. looks like we start the week on the nasdaq, this is "today in the bay." >> good tuesday morning. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. happening now after more than nine hours crews still on the scene of a stubborn smoky trash fire in san francisco. broke out about 9:00 last night in a warehouse that's on tunnel avenue on the other side of highway 101 from candlestick park. a live look at the scene for you this morning where trash still is smoldering. it's 100 yards long, eight feet deep, mostly made up of building material. crews can only stay inside about 20 minutes at a time because of
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the risk of smoke. chase cain gathering new details from the scene. he will join us with a live report. >> we're getting reaction after a worker at a bay area catholic school is accused of having sex with a student. 29-year-old mia cummings and the 14-year-old victim had an inappropriate relationship for two years. officers say some of the crimes happened on campus at the school. police, the archdiocese and the suspect's family are speaking out about the charges. police do not believe comings victimized others. >> outrage, demonstrators are angry that the deputy is allowed to return to work this week but he is working behind a desk. the deputy has been on leave since october 22nd when he shot 13-year-old andy lopez mistaking his bb gun for an assault rifle. the first protest will be outside the board of supervisors
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meeting at 2:00 followed by a march from city hall to the sonoma sthaf's office at 4:00. >> this morning the world is gathering in south africa to celebrate the life of nelson mandela. overnight leaders from across the globe attended a memorial service to honor mandela. a look at the day of remembrance. tracie. >> reporter: terry, good morning. good afternoon here from south africa. the raindrops have been falling all day for some the tears continue to fall but also a lot of joy at this service today. remembering the life of nelson mandela. ♪ despite the rain, thousands of south africans waited outside the stadium this morning told to come five hours early, some came even earlier than that. >> i came early in the morning about 3:00. i here to respect dr. madiba. >> reporter: as we've seen all
6:33 am
week, there was singing and dancing at soccer city, informal tributes from a grateful nation. >> i feel obligated to be here to honor the man that has paid a heavy price for south africa. >> all over the world, about love between every race, a general time for peace. >> reporter: the presidents arrived hours before the service was scheduled to begin. he gave a powerful and personal tribute to the man who inspired him praising nelson mandela as the last great liberator of the 20th century. >> mandela taught us the power of action, also the power of ideas, the importance of reason, and argument, the need to study not only those who you agree with but also those who you don't agree with. >> reporter: mother nature brought gray skies but in south
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africa rain means good fortune. now the focus shifts here to pretor pretoria, the building called the union billing, it's a complex where nelson mandela's body will lie in state for the next three days. >> thanks very much. we'll continue our live coverage with another report from south africa at 6:55. we also have a special section on our website dedicated to nelson mandela, just search machi mandela on >> time to check the forecast. this from the south bay. looks like folks waking up starting tuesday morning. it's a pretty sunrise. >> you have another version of that sun rise? >> i do. i have five versions to show you. we've got every microclimate across the bay area. in san francisco, as i show you all of the various microclimates you can see pretty, the reason why is because we have a lot of
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that smoke and particulate matter at the surface which is not great for our air quality but makes for a pretty sun rise. 30 along the peninsula, south bay at 29 so it's cold there, throughout day today temperatures are going to climb into the mid-50s, we'll see clouds increasing. we'll get a little blanket of low clouds as we wake up tomorrow morning and that means it won't be as bitter cold. temperatures today are going to end up in the mid-50s. 54 in palo alto, 53 in san francisco. looking good in the mid market section of san francisco right around 52 for you. meanwhile we'll see the 40s today in san ramon, 52 on the way to pleasanton. good news, if you are looking for warmer weather, finally we're going to see a warming trend. this is the last freezing cold morning at least to the levels of the 20s we've had. this is the last morning of the cold snap. you made it through. 55 degrees today. in san jose up to 58. 60s return for thursday into
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friday. and the 60s have never looked so good. wouldn't you agree. i cannot wait. >> i'm looking way up. they are way up there. almost double and triple of what we've been having. looking here toward the bay bridge toll plaza. the traffic simmers down after the first burst. fills in all of the lanes. you would be off to the left for the lanes to start easing. the fast track on the lanes to the right. we'll look at the maps. a smooth flow around the bay in fact. we'll get to the peninsula. more urgent issue for 280 northbound. we have a sigalert by chp. major impact, 30 minutes or more. a couple lanes are blocked northbound and because of a crash that happened after the earlier single car crash, another crash northbound 280 at the durand bridge. sanding trucks headed out there. the black sis the source of all of this activity.
6:37 am
up toward black mountain road. san mateo into hillsborough. southbound 880 on the east bay, slow down toward the san mateo bridge. a stall has cleared. some slowing for 84 and 680 south through pleasanton and sunol, typical build and no major surprises here. in the south bay the northbound routes kick in for 101, 85 and look at this, 87 now slow from capital to the curve. it's going to be a tough morning again as is pretty much the usual for 87. looking toward fremont, a smooth drive. northbound 880 all the way up in toward thornton, a new crash and slowing and i'll track that coming up. >> is that a personal report? >> negotiating right now. wants to make everything is going smoothly. >> 6:37. still ahead a frantic search in freezing mountains, coming up details about a couple and four young children now missing
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nearly two days in the snow.
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family and friends are battling harsh weather as they continue to search for a san jose pilot and four family members who disappeared more than a week ago. dale smith reported engine trouble over a remote region in idaho december 1.
6:41 am
searchers have not found the plane or the five people. family members hope the group found a cabin perhaps to take shelter in. weather is making it impossible to resume the search for the missing family. >> the frantic search for a couple and four young children missing in the mountains of northwest nevada will continue at first light. the couple drove into the wilderness outside of reno on sunday. there were four children with them, one as young as 3. all of them were headed out to play in the snow. when they didn't return family members called police. temperatures were negative 16 degrees early monday and just as low this morning. rescue teams will be on the ground and in the air. they hope the couple huddled in the car with their children for warmth. >> time now 6:41. coming up air quality concerns in san francisco. we'll tell you how an overnight fire coupled with a spare the air alert could leave some short of breath. >> a new delay in the
6:42 am
answers in the assiana airlines crash. why today's federal hearing is being postponed. [ female announcer ] for those who love sweets your season is here. let's just call it the baking time of year. you need special ingredients. you need the staples for homemade. you need safeway sugar for just a buck eighty-eight. and that magic thing that makes everyone want another only two ninety-nine for challenge butter. and when hands get messy, quite surely they'll say, yum! wow! yay! what a sweeter holiday. safeway. ingredients for life.
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happening now, fire investigation under way into a stubborn trash fire burning all night long in san francisco broke out about 9:00 last night in a warehouse on tunnel avenue on the other side of highway 101 from candlestick park. chase cain live at the scene. it appears crews are starting to wrap things up. >> reporter: yeah, the police midwest a bit ago opening up the roads in the area. firefighters left a little while ago as the fire is really just sort of wrapping up.
6:45 am
the last few smoldering bits of the fire are out now. you mentioned that we are across from candlestick park. that is sort of ironic because this trash pile was the size of a football field, 100 yards long, eight feet deep so that has a thick pile of trash. it was mostly scrap building materials that caught on fire, pieces of lumber and sheetrock. because it was packed so tightly in this warehouse it made it difficult for san francisco firefighters to really get in there and get this fire out. that is why it burned for nearly nine hours here at this facility off of tunnel avenue. firefighters say that they don't believe there was anything especially dangerous with the smoke so did not order evacuations but the smoke in the warehouse did get thick so they had to cycle their firefighters in and out every 20 minutes until they were finally confident that this would burn itself the rest of the way out. back at the facility it's sort
6:46 am
of business as usual, the trucks have been going in and out bringing materials in, taking materials here out of the building. but they still don't know exactly what caused this fire to break out. they are thankful that no one was hurt in putting it out. live in san francisco, chase cain, "today in the bay." >> thank you, chase. the thing is about that fire, not good air quality around the area and it is a spare the air day. >> on top of that. let's check in with christina. >> unfortunately, guys, on top of that we have this weather pattern that's going to be stagnant for the next couple days. our air quality is going to get worse before it gets better. let me show you wednesday, most of the bay area at that point unhealthy levels of pollution, thursday looks the worst, then by friday we should see a little improvement with an area of low pressure passing to the north where we'll get atmospheric mixing which is necessary. so keep that in mind especially if you have a child who suffers from asthma or respiratory issues or you do, it's a good idea to limit your outdoor
6:47 am
activity. look at what call of that haze and particulate matter does. just spectacular. this is where you get the reds and oranges. so when you think spare the air, think beautiful sunrises. the only benefit that we get out of it. i want to show you san francisco, we're also getting purples. temperatures are cold out there, though, this morning. mountain view at 30 degrees and temperatures along the peninsula are still cold enough for the frost. so take it easy out there where you are headed. it's cold enough for the black ice. 28 degrees right now in foster city. 27 in redwood city and 27 degrees to kick off a tuesday in atherton. throughout the next couple days our lows are going to start to creep up. you can see that here, the trend for oakland. upper 30s. by friday morning the 40s return so it will feel more comfortable here as we get into the end of the week. here's what's happening. high pressure comes in. it compresses everything in the atmosphere. we don't get much wind. as a result we have the stagnant
6:48 am
air mass so that thick layer of smoke hovers over the bay. as i said before friday, a weak disturbance should provide better air quality. remember right here at the bottom of the screen. hi, mike. >> good. trying to get the rest of the signal here. b.a.r.t. confirms no delays for the system. we're looking at no problems for the rails, that's good stuff. this is a traffic tuesday. a little bump up but consider it being a tuesday it's a little lighter than we might see on a typical one. here we're looking at north 280. we have the slowing still but the sigalert has been canceled. all lanes cleared north 280 across the durand bridge. sounds like the sanding brutruc were able to cross. be careful. again, black ice reported as you travel over that open roadway over that bridge. it's raised into the air and it's colder than the rest of the freeway through that peninsula drive. a slower drive northbound routes for 85, 101, 87 also into downtown continues with the
6:49 am
speeds coming down below 50s into the 40s now in spots north of capital expressway. slowing for 28 toward the 87/17 interchange. a crash north 880 toward thornton. reports in lanes now. we see a little slowing into union city. that may be as a result of the crash. with nothing dramatic. we're tracking that. southbound side that sees the volume building so 238 down past 92 in toward union city and fremont. the nimitz starts to slow as well. a pretty typical drive through the castro valley. no incidents. 580, smoothly, slowing for pleasanton toward 84. and the tri-valley your standard flow. a look at the toll plaza. the backups in all of the lanes to the right. we look at the camera, it shifted, the fast track lanes and to the right. a nice drive, the east shore freeway and the folks around this curve here t berkeley
6:50 am
curve, those are the ones packing in toward the toll plaza for the backup. back to you. >> thanks very much. breaking news on capitol hill overnight. the federalings overseeing the asiana airlines crash investigation is abruptly postponing today's hearing because of weather. it's not just today's hearing. >> it's postponed. all federal offices in the washington, d.c. area are closed because of the incoming snowstorm. steve stock is live in washington, d.c. this morning. do we know when the hearings will resume? >> reporter: well, laura, as you can tell, the snow has turned to a little rain mixed with sleet. this is the capitol behind me, kind of a pretty sight and there is no word yet on when the federal government will reopen for non-essential personnel. essentially the entire federal government, at least the non-essential part, is the shut down until the snowstorm blows through here. so, as you mentioned you and terry, this has of course
6:51 am
resulted in the cancellation of this investigative hearing by the ntsb. the purpose of this hearing is to look into exactly what caused the crash of asiana flight 214 back on july 6. when the hearings do start, again we'll be giving you updates as we learn of them, whenny they do start the first day will focus on what went wrong in the cockpit of that boeing 777. three people died and more than 180 injured when the tail of the plane struck the retaining wall, sending the plane in a spin down runway 28 left at san francisco international airport. our investigation first raised questions about the overreliance of computers in the cockpit by some pilots as a possible crash in this instance. experts call it automation addiction. according to the agenda of the hearing there will be a focus on just that topic. the overreliance on computers
6:52 am
and automation in the cockpit, in fact, that is on the agenda for the first of the two-day hearings. the second heart of the agenda is scheduled to focus on what may have gone wrong on the emergency response to that hearing -- to that accident. and of course, as soon as we learn of exactly when the hearing will be held we'll be bringing that to you. for now reporting live from washington, d.c., steven stock. back to you. >> thanks so much. >> we'll continue to monitor the hearing postponement on air. for in depth coverage visit, you'll find links on our home page. >> and this morning much of the world gathered in south africa to celebrate the life of nelson mandela. overnight leaders from across the globe attended a memorial service to honor mandela's legacy. tracie potts joins us live in pretoria with a look at the day of remembrance. good morning. >> reporter: laura, good
6:53 am
morning. good afternoon here from pretoria. today the focus was nelson mandela and the focus also on president obama giving a key note yulg here essentially yoon of a few world leaders who spoke and listen to what he said. it was a personal speech. the president said when he was a student he protested against apartheid. it stirred something in me, woke me up to my responsibilities and he also said he makes me want to be a better man. all of that part of the ceremony today. there was music, dancing, inside and outside the stadium. people were there very early in the morning standing for hours upon hours in the rain just to take part in this final public memorial. now the focus moves here to pretoria where mandela's body will lie at state at the union buildings for the next three days. >> a moving and joyful tribute. thank you very much.
6:54 am
>> the "today" show will continue our coverage of the memorial service, we also have a special section of our website dedicated to nelson mandela. search mandela on >> 6:54. san jose leaders expected to announce a new police chief. bob redell is live in san jose with a look at the major problems, though, this new chief will face. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. sources tell nbc bay area news that acting chief larry escovel will become the permanent police chief. he has been with the department 28 years, eight of those spent on merge which is san jose's version of s.w.a.t. he took over nearly a year ago when chris moore retired. in the short time he has been acting chief he unveiled new strategies, over the summer when the homicide rate shot up, he introduced a so-called violent crime reduction plan and reintroduced the gang
6:55 am
suppression unit. he also suspended the practice of curb sitting. if you're not familiar with this policy, what it required officers to do was document all stops even if there was no arrest or crime, and take note whether or not the person was asked to sit on the curb while the officer conducted their investigation. minority groups applauded this move to repeal that. they said that curb sitting is a humiliating practice that targets minorities. he also then has been criticized for rescinding it. the independent police automatic ter thought it moved the department in the wrong direction. again chief larry escovel expected to be named permanent chief. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you, bob. the san bruno council meets tonight to discuss plans for new homes in the neighborhood destroyed in the pipe line explosion three years ago. the council is considering a development agreement to construct homes on ten lots owned by the city and pg&e in
6:56 am
the crest more neighborhood so. far nearly half of the 38 homes destroyed have been rebuilt. but more than a dozen lots remain empty. >> the final check of the top stories for you. crews wrapping up the scene of a fire in san francisco. the fire broke out about 9:00 last night and turned nearly ten hours. officials don't think there was anything harmful in the trash, no one was hurt. >> outrage over the shooting death of 13-year-old andy lopez is sparking more protests today. demonstrators are angry that the deputy who shot and killed the teen is allowed to return to work this week. the first protest will be held outside the sonoma board of supervisors meeting. >> olympic figure skating champion evan lies 0 check making a maj eve announcement on the "today" show this morning, he says a hip injury will keep him from competing in sochi this february. you can see much more of the exclusive interview with matt lauer coming up next on the "today" show. >> right now a check of the forecast. and you have an idea what it is
6:57 am
right now but we have good news later in the week. >> i think this picture kind of tells the story of the day. this was sent in from david in san jose who wrote in the frost on his windshield, not again. we love your pictures. temperatures are going to slowly start to warm up as we head through the next couple days. and remember, send us your pictures. we would love to make you part of this newscast. you are already part of it. we'll actually really include you. yes, share your grief. 35 degrees in san francisco, peninsula at 30, 28 in the south bay. good news is temperatures are going to warm into the mid-50s so 52 degrees on the way to san jose, 55 for gilroy, 53 in the inner richmond district, 52 mill valley and fremont warming to 52 degrees. by tomorrow upper 50s, the end of the week we're talking 60. so it will get more comfortable f. you miss the seven-day outlook we'll have it for you throughout the "today" show.
6:58 am
here is mike and the morning drive. >> good morning. we're looking toward the bay bridge. the toll plaza, the lanes to the right, to the left a little bit lighter. this is early for a traffic tuesday to show this shift but it's typical pattern. we moved the camera from emeryville to look at the bay bridge toll plaza because there was a crash reported along the area around the toll plaza. i didn't see it from the toll plaza to the metering lights. there is a crash reported. wash for extra slowing. the maps show you that things move around the rest of the bay as well. the maze and the approach to the bay bridge on the maps, our sensors pretty much green. the orange for the berkeley area. typical there. north 28 the slowing cleared but you should slow because the open air roadway over the crystal springs, black ice reported. looking at the southbound 101, 85 and 280 nothing big. 87 hit hard north from capital expressway up toward downtown and continues to build for this
6:59 am
stretch so that's a tough drive. milpitas moves westbound. >> this morning facebook is joining google in getting into the game of artificial intelligence. >> the company hired new york university professor to run its new artificial intelligence research lab. an expert in machine learning and mobile robotics says the goal of the lab dubbed ai group is to bring about major advances in the field which claims to create computers that can see, hear, think, and reason like humans. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg is expected to make the announcement official today. >> changes coming for canadian based lululemon founder chip wilson stepped down. >> you might remember wilson made controversial statements last month saying the company's yoga pants, quote, don't work for some women's bodies. he made the statement after complaints that the pants were
7:00 am
too see through. the board found a replacement for christine day. good morning. honoring an icon. from presidents to rock stars and royals, to tens of thousands of south african faithful braving the rain. nelson mandela is remembered this morning. >> the world thanks you for sharing nelson mandela with us. your freedom for democracy is his cherished legacy. >> in a moment, we'll be live inside that stadium. round two. yet another strong winter storm bringing snow and havoc on the roads for millions up and down the east coast. today, exclusive. the major announcement from reigning olympic skating champ, ev ev ev


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