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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 5, 2014 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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12345 >> good evening, thaung. >> for the first time we are hearing from the father of a young man arrested with the death of a 16-year-old in campbell park. even though this young man and his four friends didn't kill anyone they are all charged with murder tonight. kimberly has more on that and an exclusive interview with the father of the young man about what happened march 16th, the
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night of the failed stabbing. >> he said his son is being vilified and came to talk to us and tell his side of the story. >>. >> translator: he's like any other kid his age. he goes to school, hangs out with hi friends. he's not like how everybody is quoting him. he's not a criminal. >> reporter: he is talking about his son brian who is facing charges for murder in connection to the killing of his friend ivan diaz chld police say the 24-year-old man stabbed him. he admits he stabbed the teenager but police released him supporting hi claim he was acting in self defense. he claims diaz and five other young men attacked him. >> when he got to the park is when the accident happened and he was there but he never touched the person. nor did he get close to the person. so that's why i feel it is an injustice he is called a gangster. >> under the pro-vok five act
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doctrine, a person whose accomplice is killed in the course of a crime can be charged with murder. his father says his son went to the park to meet friends but arrived after the incident and after a man ran off he stayed to help his friend get to the hospital. >> everywhere he is seen as a criminal. people are seeing me as the parent of a criminal. right now hee being blamed for a crime he didn't commit and it's affecting everybody, me, my family, my younger son. >> dooes despite what the father and friends say, police claim the teenager and other four men have gang ties. his dad says he talked to his son that maintains his innocence. if convicted all five suspects could face sentences of 15 to life in prison. live in the newsroom, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. two men working at a 7-eleven took matters in to their own hands in the east bay and instead of giving up the
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cash they fought off an armed robber. look at this video from the store in san leandro. you can see the clerks fighting off and disarming the man they say attempted to rob the store last night. the clerks tried to pin him down and during the struggle they got ahold of his gun. while police say it was a brave thing to do they do not recommend confronting anyone with a gun. >> if someone sees something like this occur, try not to take it in to your own hands. the ultimate goal is to make sure no one gets hurt and we apprehend the suspect safely. >> the gunman might be responsible for similar crimes in the area. a case of out of sight, out of mind. the senate deleted the on-line archives of suspended senator yee and two other democrats facing charges. go on the senate website you
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won't find any mention of their names. the website has the staff members there but pictures and voting records are gone. yee's former district is represented by jerry hill. a vaccine clinic opens tomorrow at uc berkeley after a second confirmed case of the measles there. they are reached out to those exposed. doctors diagnosed the student with the illness yesterday and he's in isolation on campus. according to the daily -- health workers will be available to give vaccines and if a person receives it within 72 hours of exposure they can usually avoid getting sick. measles was declared eliminated in 2000 but there's been a spike. this year there have been 49 cases in california compare that to four for the same time last
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year. new information about a homicide investigation in oakland. we now know what killed a woman whose body was found near lake merit this morning. the victim died of blunt force trauma to the head but are not sure what she was hit. her body was found at park boulevard at 7:00 this morning a few blocks from the water. her identity has not been released. police have not released a suspect description or motive. this is oakland's 26th homicide this year, similar to the homicide rate last year. eight people had to be rescued after their boat caught fire in san francisco bay today. look at these photos given to us by firefighters. officials say three children and five adults were on board when they called for help. because of billowing smoke, firefighters told them to abandon ship. nearby pleasure boat arrived and pulled them from the water. no one was hurt. new at 11:00, the fallout after a teacher and student ended up in a brawl. several students recorded the fight on their phones and it's
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raising questions. did the wrestling coach go too far? beverly white has more from los angeles. >> jessica, i just got that on video. >> reporter: students at santa monica high school came running with cell phone cameras when commotioning broke out this morning in the coach's science class. students claim coach black confronted their classmate about alleged illegal activity. >> the little boy was selling drugs in class and the wrestling coach told him to stop. i guess he didn't listen and tables were thrown, they started fighting. >> the kid said get off of me and he pushed the coach and the coach pushed him against the wall. >> this superintendent confirms that pending a full investigation the teacher caught on video is now on administrative leave. >> we really don't want teachers putting their hands on students and we want everyone to act in a way that keeps each other safe. >> this parent believes coach black could have handled it better. >> the teacher was in a position where he could have controlled
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the situation without violence but i understand being frustrated with the children, being out of compliance. >> school security and santa monica police intervened. the student was detained. many think that coach black got a raw deal. >> i think he should be back first day after spring break. he's old, like 50, 60, something along those lines and about to retire. >> what's a teacher supposed to do let a student beat him up. he was trying to restrain him. >> i hope it doesn't happen at our school again. he should be able to come back. >> that is beverly white reporting. there's no information on the condition of the student. new developments in a complex rescue mission at sea for a california family. the u.s. navy ship has arrived to pick up the family. 300,000 miles off the coast of cab bow san lucas mexico. the girl became sick with salmonella poisoning this week. the family was sailing around the world when they lost power and the ability to steer.
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a california air national guard team rushed to the scene. they parachuted in and give the girl antibiotics. >> this is what we train for. the we are specialized in this capability. >> the bay area guardsmen stayed with the family until the navy arrived. the girl will be transported to the hospital for more treatment. we are following new developments about the missing plane from malaysia. search crews may have the longest lead yet. the chinese are reporting one of their ships heard an electronic pulse yesterday with the with same frequency emitted by a plane's black bochblgs they said the ships circled a second time and detected the signal again for 90 seconds. australian officials responded to the reports an hour ago. >> obviously we take any reported leads in the search very seriously. that's why today, royal australian air force resources
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will deploy to assist in further examining the acoustic signals in the vicinity of where the chinese ship has detected the sounds. >> experts say if the sounds can be verified it could reduce the search area from 84,000 square miles down to four square miles. millions of people went to the polls today in afghanistan despite threats from the taliban to disrupt the country's presidential election. election officials say 7 million people voted today. that's a 45% voter turnout. voters waited in long lines today. some polling stations ran out of ballots. afghan military forces say there were 146 attacks at voting locations. last election they responded to 600 attacks. this marks the first election they secured on their own with u.s. soldiers on standby. >> the people are committed to go to the polling stations for many reasons. number one, they want to say no to the taliban. >> eight candidates are
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competing to replace hamid karzai. the results are expected to take six weeks to come in due to the country's rugged terrain. up next at 11:00, a dad in the bay area is asking help to bring a thief to justice. we will show you what they stole and what the dad is asking for tonight. plus, thousands of pounds of chicken nuggets recalled. what you need to check for in your freezer. after three storms this week, we're finally drying out across the bay area today. as temperatures go up we have a risk of sneaker waves at the beach tomorrow. we will break down the forecast and let you know when 90s could hit the bay coming up in a bit.
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>> take a good look. do you recognize this woman? a homeowner hopes someone will help catch this thief. you can see the woman walking her dog, grabbing this package from amazon, taking a detour from the sidewalk there. police say the homeowner filed a police report on-line. investigators are going to follow up on this on monday. the homeowner says the package contained books for his children. he wrote on facebook, quote, the lady who took our package return the books by noon on sunday so my kid can study and promise not to do it again. after a two shootings in ft. hood, texas m are asking if enough is done to make sure troops are getting the help they need. they say specialist lopez snapped and killed three people and injured a does en this week.
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after the shooting in fort hood in 2009, the defense department did an independent report on the well being of service members. among its findings then, we must be alert to the mental, emotional and spirit church balance of colleagues, civilians and cowork withers and respond when they appear at risk. there have been several violent attacks at military posts in the past five years. in the east bay, emergency responders were out in full force taking care of hazardous materials and victims in preparation for the real thing. the fictional catastrophe was held in fremont. police and military personnel practice what to do in the event of an armed insurgent attack or the detonation of explosives. >> civilian agencies and we have the army working together on a mass casualty exercise. our goal is that we anticipate these disaster whs than happen. when they do happen, we work together to minimize the loss of
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life. >> multiple public and private agencies took part including fremont police department and washington hospital. now to the latest on the mudslide in washington state. the first of many funerals was held today. hundreds turned out to mourn the death of three of the victims. the search effort continues. there are new questions if officials should have done more to protect residents. before the most recent tragedy there were five others. and after that the county placed barriers in the river to stabilize the area. many thought they were safe. >> we thought the problems were fixed and we were done with it. >> you thought the problem was solved? >> yeah. >> the death toll stands at 30 and 13 people are missing. crews say they will search until everyone is account canned for. we have a health warning that may have you checking your freezer tonight. thousands of pounds of chick cannen nuggets are being
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recalled after some complained of finding small pieces of plastic in the nuggets. tysons is recalling the chicken nuggets sold at sam's clubs across the nation. it applies to frozen white meat chicken nuggets. chicken nuggets sold at oh retailers are not part of the notice. anthony is here now. a nice day today but it will feel like summer before you know it. >> oh, yeah. temperatures near average. we saw the rain the past week, you guys. temperatures in the 50s a few days. may have felt like today was a little warmer, and it was but today we were near where we should be for this time of the year, in the mid to upper 50s. not overly warm but tomorrow temperatures warm up. you will find the seven day scroll at the bottom of the screen, monday and tuesday the warmest days of the week. we will talk more about this coming up. we have clear visibility in every microclimate zone this evening.
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clear skies and that will allow the area of high pressure to move overhead the next few dans allow for temperatures to soar. the forecast for tomorrow, back to 77 in san jose after up to 67 for today. morgan hill 78 for tomorrow. palo alto 76. san francisco you will be in the 60s tomorrow. you will notice on the seven day mid-70s headed your way as early as we head through the middle of the next week. even in the north bay you will notice temperatures tomorrow, livermore 78. pleasantton 78 and danville at 79. again tomorrow, we will begin the warming trend through the next few days. it won't be overly warm tomorrow but above where we should be this time of the year. again across the rest of the board you will notice the warmest locations inland valleys where we will see highs close to the 80. look at what happens as we haepd head through monday. winds shift off shore and major warming. mid-80s and for tuesday we will continue on the trend, walnut
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creek, petaluma, and even nap pennsylvania close to 90 degrees. in the santa clara valley 87 by tuesday. it will be very warm. in fact, record-setting warmth expected across the bay area. you will find as you look at the records here, some areas like livermore, san jose, san francisco, while it will be warm still have to get a little warmer to break the records. places like santa rosa, oakland, no problem. you will see 80s smashing the old records. it will be hot across the board. the next few days take it easy and drink plenty of water and carry the spf. back to you. >> a winning combo at oakland coliseum today. it started with the first pitch before the a's game against seattle. >> throwing out today's first ceremonial first pitch representing autism awareness is
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evan. >> he is pitching to josh reddick. his dad is a photographer here at nbc bay area and has been for decades. part of the proceeds from the game will go to help fund autism research. all major league baseball teams are also helping out this month. it's another reason we love baseball. and the a's. >> one of many. >> and we love henry, too. >> we're in a loving mood tonight. >> everyone is in a loving mood. >> a big hug all the way from san francisco. >> oh, thank you. we got it. >> love you guys, too, especially when you give me all the time i want in sports. >> go for it. >> coming up in sports, the warriors dismiss another assist and we have the details. it's another edition of giants dodgers in l.a. we have the must-see highlights from southern california. it's all next from the x finty sports desk.
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welcome back to nbc bay area. in recent memory, the giants are known for their pitching. cane, the freak and now baumgartner. through the first five games of the season their offense has been the dominant force and a hopefully it's a trend that will continue. today, the giants taking on the dodgers in southern california. robin thicke and magic johnson at the game. pregame homer for michael morris. last time i checked that doesn't
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count. hold your horses. this one does count. 2:14 p.m., morris goes yard. 2-1 giants. top of the fifth, swing hard like you mine it, big fell l.a. three-run shot to left. that would make it 5-1 giant s. they weren't done. posy, he has to take a trip around the bases, back to back jacks right there. giants win 7-2. the offense continues to produce. ms and a's on the diamond. dan making his season debut. fifth inning. dustin ackley with the shot to right field. seattle takes the 2-0 lead. one out later, abraham ail monty, even deeper. mariners score three in the fifth allow two homers in the inning. mariners hang on to win 3-1. what about the sharks.
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second period, patrick slams home the rebound, number 19 of the season for him. a former sharks prospect carter hutton was on fire. he made all 35 saves today. first career shutout for him. they win 3-0. over to the basketball court, warriors assistant coach has been dismissed from the team. it happened earlier today. general manager bob meyer says let go for a violation of policy. last month, assistant brian was reassigned to the santa cruz warriors. here's mark jackson from earlier today. >> he made a mistake. he owns it. he's done a lot for me and this organization. i'm pulling for him to make a comeback. >> one other note before we get
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out of here, best of luck to the stanford women's basketball team. tomorrow, they will take on undefeated uconn in the final four. winner goes on to the championship game. much more coming up tomorrow. >> thank you very much for that. we'll be right back. avo: safeway gets that staying on budget can be a real bear.
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up $30 million. >> that's a big difference. >> only one number. >> wow. >> thank you for watching nbc bay area news. an all new "saturday night live" up next.
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>> you're watching c-span. at 4:00 it's "biden's 10 best april fool's pranks." but first, we go to the congressional hearing for the general motors ignition switch recall where the ceo of gm, mary barra, is concluding her opening remarks. >> finally, i would just like to apologize to everyone who has been affected by this recall.


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