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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 1, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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on levi stadium as santa clara prepares for the first test of the new venue. we'll look at what's inside and plus what you need to know if you're going to tomorrow's match. all right. we're also looking at problems over in the east bay. 580 as the lanes are closed in both directions. in the city we have a disruption for your muni service, latest on that, coming up. and a live look outside at the bay bridge this morning. it is the first day of august, and christina says the hottest of the next seven days. this is "today in the bay." from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." fwoorng, and thanks -- good morning and thanks for joining us, i'm kris sanchez. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. muni power outage threatening to make a mess of the morning commute. stephanie chuang is live at the castro station and stephanie nothing running where you are.
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>> reporter: exactly, good morning to you, scott. service usually starting at 5:00 in the morning. we just got an update from the sfmta which says the power out saj not fixed. what that means is they are running the metro lines to church street station from there it picks up with shuttle bus service all the way to the embarcadero street station. again, could be a serious impact this morning. we did get video this morning around an hour ago when a second truck pulled up. we saw at the junction where crews are working to restore that power lines for the inbound lines. we were unable to see the work because it is an underground tunnel. it's right by the safeway if you're familiar with the area. so you have the jew da and j church lines that meet there. they meet with the k, l, and m lines. this means none of the lines are getting past church. you can't get to downtown, montgomery through to the embarcadero. again they're running shuttle
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bus service. so from the church street station to the embarcadero station. last night they ran them from the castro street station. that's the latest from here and we'll keep you posted, hopefully getting this service back so we don't make as me this morning. live in san francisco, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> we will be checking often. thank you. in just a few hours, the 49ers new home will get its first official test. tomorrow night, the san jose earthquakes will take the field with 44,000 fans watching. this morning, the field is looking more like a pitch for the earthquakes breakfast. >> "today in the bay's" derek shore live at the stadium, final preparations under way this morning. >> reporter: that's right, and it's quiet out here right now. no doubt that will all change tomorrow as 40,000 plus fines file in here to the new levi stadium to see the san jose earthquakes take on the seattle sounders. that soccer game expected tomorrow. it will really be the first major test for the stadium because it'll be the first major
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ticketed event in the billion dollar plus start of the art facility. final touches and last minute preps have been under way all week and know doubt again today. it's hard to believe, but it was more than two years ago levi stadium broke ground and while it won't be the 49ers taking the field, the earthquakes are excited for all of of this. and as we come back out here live, this is frank strandzal. tell me just a little bit. i want to ask you one question, in fact is the arena and are you guys ready? >> the arena is ready. we are pumped. we have four world cup players on the field. over 40,000 fans as you mentioned and it's going to be an exciting time. >> reporter: and we're going to talk more at 5:30 been thank you for your time now. we'll see you again at 5:30. that is the latest at santa clara, i'm derek shore, "today in the bay." day head of the first actual event, levi stadium will unveil its art collection. it houses more than 300 piece of original art work and 500
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autographs from the archived 49ers. people from the bay area along with well-known talent. some of those artists will also attend an opening day celebration later this afternoon. wow. >> art gallery. being in the heart of the city, you expect the stadium to be tricked without technology, indeed it features 680 wi-fi access points. one for every 100 seats. 700 beacons inside the stadium that pinpoint your location using the stadium's new app. that'll give you directions to your seat because it knows where your seat is, it knows where the bathroom is or the concession stand. they have an an and in -- handle that situation. you can watch a soccer game or football game. i know, right. that's all when you get there, but how do you get there? >> for that side of the story, we turn to mike inouye. >> maybe you want to get some
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internet connectivity. park around the street. if you can take public strans sit -- transit. you take vta over there, there's a vta station steps away. if you feel the need, take a look, there's a four parking areas. each labelled with its own color within the areas they are labelled with numbers. we'll talk about that in a second. that's different that candle stick where you had unentrance for the whole stadium. most people will be in the red areas. and great america parkway, and that'll be the most popular route as well. listen from 880. 237 westbound, and 101 eastbound. now southbound you'll follow the signs in local areas. there are other lots. vip, special access. green and yellow on the map. if you have an rv, that's where the party is we're tailgating from 880. 237 west to the lawrence expressway exit.
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that's a different off-ramp. from 101 lawrence expressway. north, follow the signs. a lot of details there for the locals, but keep in mind, two separate routes to get to the same stadium. now your parking pass will have the details on the back, and again, follow the dreks and not your fancy navigation because folks at levi stadium have put a lot of work into it. they advise that's going to be best. we'll follow well, back to you. >> thank you. we continue our levi stadium coverage on our website. click on the levi stadium, you'll find everything you need to know, what you can bring in, what you can eat once you get there and how to get there in the first place. that's at today we could hear from the north bay teen accused of using stolen krrtdss to rent an bright orange lamborghini. he is scheduled to enter a plea today. charged with a 54 counts of fraud and theft. investigators say he used stolen credit cardings to rent this sports car and to ram least --
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rent at least two luxury vacation homes in sonoma county. private investigator says the santa rosa mother accused of grabbing the throat of a little boy left mark's on the child's skin. the investigators report which was released by the school district says no adults reported seeing her attack that 11-year-old boy, but that school staff took pictures of the marks on his neck moments after it happened. garcia bratcher admits she confronted the child. she said she never layed a hand on him. she'll be back in court later this month to find out whether or not she faces charges. caltrans facing hare ash criticism over the new eastern span of the bay bridge. the building is the subject of a blistering senate report following highly publicized construction flaws and delays. the report outlines a pattern of mismanagement and failures in the way the problems were reported and tracked. specifically it accused senior officials of brushing off
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criticism. malcom dougherty responded to the report saying in part this report rehashes issues that have been investigated, reviewed, and in many cases resolved. tech company shut lls have to pay up in san francisco today. today is the start of an 18 month test program charging corporate shuttle buses $3.50 her stop in the city. in turn, they will be legally allowed to share designated muni bus stops. though some will to have change routes to avoid the busiest stops. protesters have blocked them in the past. they keep more cars off the road. well meteorologist christina loren joins us with a look at a very, very hot friday, good morning. >> hey good morning to you. yeah. and we would love to keep as many cars off the road as possible for today. it's a spare the air day, if you can car pool, maybe take your
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bike or mass transit to work today, you'd be helping out the entire bay area. as you can see, we have cloud cover to start, not a lot. in fact none over the delta. sop at this the point, you can already see what's hap shaping up here. hot day, no cooling clouds to start the day, except for at the immediate coast and right around the san francisco bay. as we get into this afternoon, hotter than yesterday. you see from san francisco, mostly cloudy sky here to stop. those are going to burn off quickly even in the city today. you'll be left with the 70s. 59 degrees to start the dma wine country. 60 in san francisco. 62 in redwood city and # 5 degrees right now in the south bay. we're on waur way to 92 degrees. quite a temperature spread for today. peninsula's at 84 degrees. you're going to hit 68 degrees. rapid clearing in san francisco. wine country's up to the mid-90s, 96 degrees for you, the east shore, upper 70s, ian low 80s out there in places like fremont and 100 degrees today in the tri-valley. so we like to tell you what's
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going on around the bay area for the weekend. maybe you didn't get to the go to hawaii this year. well the aloha festival is happening. they're bringing hawaii to san mateo. do you like how i say that? over to you. >> i like that, how do you abide by that standard punctuation. we're looking towards the westbound 580 and this is a problem because of a crash involving a big rig. may be another car. debris, fuel spills westbound. commute direction is vasco is where it has all the debris. continues towards north first eastbound. slowing as well because there's debris on that side as well. two left lanes are blocked in that direction. this is causing a jam in both directions. significant for westbound. look at that m cog out of the alt a month pass. -- altamont pass. that doesn't help much, the back up continues out of the pass. now while this is a horrible situation for folks coming out of that area and in toward north
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first. anywhere past there is bearing benefit because of the folks held up. that keeps the dublin interchange moving better. however, another caveat there. another crash reported west 580 at 680 over the last few minutes. no major injuries and moving folks off the roadway, but that is a problem right near the interchange. we'll watch because that is a distraction. again the big gem, cig alert, a long time at least ae couple hours before they can get this cleared up. we'll track that. meanwhile, 680 and 580 through through the dublin grade is moving smoothly. roads are moving nicely through the south bay. no problems getting over across the san mateo bridge. we'll talk about the city itself. there's the bay bridge itself. i wanted to talk about the issues for the muni lines. we have the power out anl at the junction. still stephanie chuang talking about it. there are bus bridges in place. keep that in mind, we'll track that minute by minute. follow us on twitter. we'll get you the latest, back to you.
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>> thank you very much, mike. it is 5:11 now, investors use interest in gopro. we'll tell you why, next. plus the young boy enjoying a day in the water suddenly attacked by an otter. what the mother is now telling us. ...we need to break up.
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just in, we are learning about another water main break on the ucla campus. crews are on the scene trying to cap it before it gets worse. what they want to avoid obviously is this. you remember tuesday water spewed high into the air flooding the streets and part of the campus. more than 20 million gallons spilling before that main was capped. all right, looks like
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tesla's gig ga factory won't be far from the bay area. reno is the front runner for the factory. tesla confirming its been grading property east of reno since june, but says this is not a final decision. the $5 billion factory will supply batteries for its new electric cars by 2020, the plant could employ 6500 people. gopro shares fell 11% after the san mateo company reported earnings. gopro reported a bigger quarterly los than ever before. opening the nasdaq and the video provided by gopro. last year the company's net loss was more than $5.1 million. gopro says it spent $34 million so far in research and development on new cameras. that's where a lot of the money went in the loss. shares fell. the monthly job's numbers due out in 15 minutes.
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it's going to affect the markets today. jackie deangelis live at cnbc world headquarters, good morning. >> good morning to you, that's right, everyone keeping an eye on the job figures. for a moment, a lower open on wall street. after stocks sold off sharply yesterday. the dow had the worst day since early february. it's worth monthly declines since january. and traders are looking at several things here including argentina's debt default. it continues in russia and israel. there's a lot of fear recently that strong economic data may take longer than expected. the job's report is the a big number to watch. i just to want highlight that we are expecting to see solid hiring for sixth straight month. that could be good news for the market today. yesterday, the dow tumbling 317 points closing at 16,563. nasdaq shedding 93 to go down to 4369. >> jackie, prediction on the
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job's number? 220, 230? >> i think it's going to be strong. definitely over 200. >> jackie delawaeangelis, thank very much. breweries are waiting to hear from water company will impose restrictions that could change the taste of your brew sky. dan gourde season co-founder of gordon beer, he says it can tweak the taste. brewery uses two and a half gallons of water. many breweries use 4-7 for the same amount. if they impose restrictions, production could drop. >> if we're put into a position where we had to go 20% restriction on the water usage. i have no idea how we'd be able to cope with that. >> nor the rest of us. the concern is statewide the california craft brewers association says if the drought extends another two to three years, prices could increase. >> i want you to be honest. you are in your 20s, who here
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immediately thought of lavern and shirley. >> no. >> just me. >> he wanted to work in a bottle factory. i had that dream. >> glove on the bottle. >> let's do that after. hop on a bike together, we'll recreate that scene. i think that sound like fun. beer brurs they take it seriously. >> beer drinkers do too. >> he goes to an a teegs well just to get that well. that's the magic trick, interesting for all you brewers out there. 5:18 now, let's take you outdoors, great part about the bay area too is you have the ability because of our climate here to grow wine, grapes for the wine. just about anywhere, saratoga all the way up to the north bay. that extends all the way out through livermore, that's cool stuff here about the climate and that's what we're known for, our wine. 67 degrees in livermore, 6-7 in san martin. 1i6 in san jose. we're label the more it out in
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the bay area than places like milwaukee for example aheading out towards friday. mild with fog and low clouds to start. basically you get high pressure, it comes in in. any sort of moisture we have at the levels gets just come pressed, and so you get that low level thick foz visibility down to a quarter of a mile in some spots at the immediate coast. it's going to burn off quickly because it's a thin layer out there this morning. temps stay mild at night. clouds return late. this is what i'm talking about. you get that compressed marine layer, you can overlook the fog bank from your high-rise. if you live in one in the city by the way. 91 degrees in the south bay for today. 82 degrees on the east shore. let's talk about your weekend. afterall, you made it this far and it is going to feel very summer like for the first weekend of august. temperatures staying just about where they are for tomorrow. then we'll take them down substantially as we get into your sunday, but if you want to beat the heat, here's some great
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tips. before you hop into your car, close all the blind. also postpone using your heat generating appliances. the drier, even cooking is going to add heat to your house. postpone that until after 6:00 once the temperatures drop. another good one which is gaining popularity out here. bring that sun blocker, i saw a raiders one out thereto, i don't know who you are, but i like you. 91 degrees for today in the south bay, temperatures stay relatively level as we head throughout saturday then we'll drop the numbers into the mid-80s. next week, let's check your drive, here's mike. we're looking towards a big crash in livermore. west 580, commute direction has three of the five down. two on the left and one on the right. folks are squeezing by the distractions there and it sound like there may be injuries. not to the big rig drivers, parts is strewn all over as well as fuel, but maybe to the other car involved. we are checking on those details.
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meanwhile the route is blocked. unusual slowing, unusual closure for a crash on the other side of the freeway. sounds like debris may have gone over the center divide. mean whiem the dublin interchange has indeed cleared to the shoulder. it's a minor distraction but not causing the slowing. now the rest of the bay moves smoothly including the freeways into san francisco. here's where we have the other big issues affecting a lot of folks. there's no power at the junction that affects the metro lines. so what ind, the latest we have from paul rose, metro service top trey church, and then shuttles will take you to the embarcadero station. it stops at embarcadero and buck shuttles to the west portal. we don't have any estimate as to when service will be restored. rest of the bay looking smooth. that's a good flow. we'll send it right back to you. >> thanks mike. this afternoon, 50 families will return to their homes for the first time in days as crews battle a fire burning in
5:22 am
yosemite. flames crept dangerously close. no homes lost, the fire has burned 4200 acres. and they made a lot of progress overnight. they're still worried the fire could make a run for it. it's about two miles away from the fire. the trees have been around for 3,000 years. we think of river otter as cute, playful little animals. a outer in washington state did not take kindly hot to humans. he attacked an eight-year-old boy and grandmother at a popular beach. the boy's mother heard screams and saw the otter attacking his face. she rushed to pull her mom and son to safety. >> it followed us up the river. both the boy and his grandmother are expected to be okay. but fish and wildlife set a trap to catch the river otter and see what made him behave that way. >> weird and scary.
5:23 am
5:2i, familiar face -- 5:22, familiar face back to san jose.
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you're watching "today in the bay." it is 5:25 now, president obama will sign new legislation this afternoon allowing you to unlock your phone and switch to any network you want without penalty. last year, 114,000 people signed an online petition asking the administration to make it legal for people to unlock their cell phones. the president says it'll give americans more flexible when choosing a vn carrier. deana warlock finding her back to the city that inspired her tune. ♪ >> i think i've heard that before. warlock will be back tonight to sing her biggest hit in san jose. now do you know she recorded that back in 1968, one of the
5:26 am
songs writers had fond memories of san jose while serving during world war ii and when her song became an international hit, she cried all the way to the bank. so she will be here, assuming she can find her way. >> i think so. it is 5:26 now. and we certainly love to hear that song. even if it is a little jokey when our friend sing it to us, right. >> for the millionth time. >> if she can't find her way. can you imagine if the you're the person. >> constantly asking and nobody tell her. >> somebody please, give her the answer. i can tell you right now if you're on your way to san jose, from places like sarasota headed up from the south, i can tell you, it's definitely going to be a warnl day out there. if you're headed further to the north along the planes. 84 degrees for you -- along the pence, 84 degrees for you. along the ocean, 68 degrees and 90 for the north bay. today's the hottest of the next seven.
5:27 am
we will take temperatures down for the weekend. and we will show you some of the best places to be to keep cool if that's what you're looking to do. he doesn't have to look far to keep cool, mike inouye. >> my advice, keep cool if you're using the metro lines, there's a power disruption at the junction. you get inbound service to church and bus shuttle toem bark dare row. then you have -- to embarcadero. then you have to go westbound. west 580 causing the jam, and over here, we have a stall for the onramp, we have to use tasaharra. nop drama here, back to you. monthly jobs report comes now the just minutes. we'll have a true indication on how the economy is rebounding. e? stress, fun, bad habits, kids, now what? let's build a new, smarter bed using the dualair chambers to sense your movement, heartbeat, breathing. introducing the sleep number bed with sleepiq™ technology.
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we continue to follow developing news out of gaza where new violence broke out hours into a cease-fire.
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live report, coming up. plus the southeast pay postal work accused of stealing dozens of packages prepares for court. temperatures in the triple digits today. not a lot of marine influence, even in san francisco. and i can tell you this weekend it's going to be a little bit on the hot side, but we'll take your temperatures down. i have all the details coming up. big waves in the forecast as well in moments. and big disturbance for west 580 as you're coming through livermore, both commute and non-commute directions. debris and fuel in the roadway. and if that's not enough in the city we have problems for the muni lines shutting down some of that metro service. and we have a live look outside this morning. it is friday, the first day of august, and this is "today in the bay". from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." good morning everyone, i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. today we have an update to that
5:31 am
breaking news story that may affect your morning commute. the power outage that shut down some incoming muni trains in san francisco. "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang is live at the church street station, stephanie, people are turning to other ways to get to work. we know there's a bus bridge, but now folks may be hitting the road as well, huh? >> reporter: yeah, that's right, good morning to you, kris. mad scramble in just the last few pins. you can see the crowds have built. we have counted about 50 people or so. they are waiting for the shuttle buss to come for the k, l, and m lines. one woman telling me this morning it's horribly impacted her commute. she would be at work by now instead of chasing can the bus. the last inbound moou any metro stop here at church street station will run the station. the power outage, it happened at first junction where the lines converge. the latest from the line, it connects the train to the overhead wire for power
5:32 am
ultimately causing the outage. well anyone who takes the njuda, church lines, along with the k, l, m lines heading for the embarcadero. no trains getting past first street. it'll stop at embarcadero street station with shuttles to the west portal stops. the latest is that the shuttles were in place when service began at 5:00 this morning. it should run ere five to seven minutes morning. hopefully catching people and getting them in time for work. wherever they have to go. the latest also, hoping that the crews will finish. that's the hope for a lot of the people out here this morning. live in san francisco, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> and here we were hoping for friday light, thanks steph. employers added 209,000 jobs in the month of july. another strong number sixth
5:33 am
straight month of strong gains. unemployment rate is 6.2%. this is another strong, strong unemployment number. and right now, team of soccer players getting ready to give new levi stadium its first official test. the san jose earthquakes will take on the seattle sounders tomorrow, but this morning, they will be the first to take that brand new hitch. >> it's a pitch. >> yeah. >> derek shore live outside the stadium, so the first cleats on the ground are soccer cleats. futball. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, good morning you guys. we are here at the levi stadium as the stadium prepares for the ticketed events. 30,000 fans come in tomorrow to see the san jose earthquakes to take on the seattle sounders. this of course will be an exciting time. i'm going to bring in label the of video. frank be the earthquakes, tell
5:34 am
me, are you guys ready for this. is the facility ready? >> the facility is ready to go. soccer lines are painted on, i think the fans are going to be treated to something special. >> reporter: why decide to come to levi stadium, what does this serve as for you and the team and the 49ers? >> this is a great opportunity for both teams. the 49ers goat break in their state of the art. and we have a chance to play at one of the premier sporting spots in the entire world. i think the niners are going to get something great out of this. win-win. >> reporter: and you are working on a new facility yourselves. how's that coming along? >> we're building a new stadium on coleman avenue near the san jose international. it's coming along great. we're going to open up next year. season tickets are on sale and that's going to be another great thing. maybe we'll invite the 49ers to open our building. >> reporter: more than $40,000 fans, this can house more than 60,000. why cap it at 40? >> absolutely. this is a trial run for the
5:35 am
49ers. then also an opportunity for us to get some fans into the stands. and you know, we almost sold this place out. a lotment that we have, 45,000 and tosses in sweet holders as well, it's going to be great. >> reporter: thank you, we'll talk more later on on "today in the bay." now the 49ers will take the field on august 17th, that will be their first game. but again, tomorrow we are expecting the soccer teams from both seattle and here in san jose or near santa clara mere to take the field. that's the latest from the field. >> wouldn't that be something if the 49ers showed up. >> wonderful idea. derek, thank you much. let's check in with mike inouye. you're going to show us how to get there. >> football and soccer tackling different in both. >> yes, very different. >> if you can take mass transit. caltra caltrans, hop on the vta. it's steps away from the stadium where we have all these parking lots.
5:36 am
if you want to drive, we'll look at this. this is a great animation. the folks with the niners have set out for you. there are four parking areas and each are labelled with their own color. you see the red, blue, green, and yellow. label with in your opinions as subcategories there. they do this to disperse the traffic flow. that's different than candle stick park where people lumped in. the whole stadium. most people are going to be in the red parking lots that i did show you. they're off 237 and great america parkway from 880, 237 west and from 101237 east. exit 237 at great america parkway. that takes you to this area. you're going see a lot of surface street traffic. most of the folks will follow the sign. there are other lots though. vip access, those are green and yellow. the other major portion is if you have an rv. you're parking in the blue lot. 237 westbound to the blue lots here and take lawrence expressway exit. southbound and northbound and head towards the drive as well. notice, that florence kplae heading from the other side of
5:37 am
the stadium. what they've done is approached it from either side so the traffic will kind of get around through the area. you have a fancy navigation device, don't follow those directions, follow the directions they give you that you do on the walk through or on the back of the parking pass. heed that, they've gone through a lot of work to mangt traffic congestion, back to you guys. 49 lers not play the first game until. 17th. that's denver. it'll be a 1:00 game. then the first regular season on september 14th, that's sunday night football against the chicago bears. you can see it all right here on northbound bay area. >> love that song. calendar at levi stadium is filling up quickly. next month a major international soccer match. futball. three college football games will be played there this season. cal-oregon, pack 12 championship on december 25th, and the san francisco bowl on december 30th.
5:38 am
all of our coverage continues on the website. right there the stadium guide. everything you need to find out about the game including what you cannot bring into the stadium and what you get to eat when you're there. san jose postal work charged with a stealing mail could enter a plea in court faed. kwan howard was arrested for stealing packages with coins, gift cards, and jewelry. when investigators searched his home, they reportedly found about 18 pound of pot. he faces up to 15 yooers in prison. let's check your weather with christina loren. >> good morning, scott, kris, everybody at home. mild start, happy, happy friday to you. 60s all across the board, except for san carlos, half-moon bay, and san martin. you're in the upper 50s. meanwhile the low 50s out there in the north bay which is really promising because i can tell you, it's going to be hot today. that 67 degrees you're starting with in livermore, easily reaching into the 90s because of that. as we get into this afternoon.
5:39 am
it's a spare the air day. i like to break it down for you and show you where you're going to find the best air quality if you are trying to get away from the bad stuff. the peninsula looking good for today all the way up the coast. better air quality than what we're expecting. the worst in the east bay and the south bay for today. and that really starts to get worse and worse as the day draws on. more and more cars hit the highway. if jour trying to get out there. outdoor plans, take care of this morning, it's your time to do so. it will be hot this afternoon anyhow. 84 for the peninsula. 68 degrees in san francisco today. 96 in the north bay, and yeah, it's going to be comfortable out there on the east shore. especially when the breeze builds tonight, and the a's are back in town. 100 degrees for the tri-valley. that's going to be the hot spot, but not too bad. we're not talking about 105 to 110. that's when it really starts to get bad across the bay area. happy to report today is going to be the hottest of the next seven. we'll cool you off just a little bit for the weekend, we're also going to get really big waves on
5:40 am
sunday. i'm going to talk about why and show you where you're going to get the biggest waves across the bay area. and then next week, the above average heat continues. we're not talking triple digits. we'll talk about that coming up. back to you for now scott and kris. >> thank you. >> silver lining, no triple dingtss. it is now 5:40, we continue to follow the developing news. people fleeing from beaches in gaza after the cease-fire is broken. the latest details in a live report. plus dozens of people kill and hundreds injured by a gas line eruption in taiwan. what we're hearing from the crews, coming up. and live look at livermore and the big rig crash that's backing up traffic on 508234 both directions. mike has on updaten that part of your commute and the muni no power situation.
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and knew to the late's -- now to the latest onltd developments -- in the middle east. live in gaza city where the
5:43 am
stees fire fallen apart. israel and hamas are accusing each other of breaking the cease-fire. "today in the bay's" tracy potts joins us live from washington, d.c., this morning, israel says one of the soldiers has been captured. so clearly this is not a good sign. >> reporter: exactly. and it was a hunt for the soldier in southern gaza today that israel says led to the other events. the other events being tank fire that killed 40 palestinians. we initially heard that two israeli soldiers were killed as well as the one that was abducted that they've been on that massive search for all morning. bottom line, what was supposed to be a three day cease fire barely lasted three hours this morning as all of that unfolded. the question is are peace talks now going to continue? the whole reason for the cease-fire. one of the reasons was to allow the israelis and the palestinians to undergo peace talks in egypt. egypt was hosting those talks,
5:44 am
possibly starting today. the u.s. was sending a delegation from the state department as well, but now with the cease-fire completely falling apart. it's not clear that those talks will continue. kris. >> thank you very much, tracy. series of gas explosions in taiwan killed 24 people and injured hundreds more. four firefighters are among the dead. the explosions tore through taiwan's second largest city in an area where several chemical companies operate pipelines. and that makes it so crews can not put out the flames with water. now they have to wait for the gas to burn off. faa put new restrictions on u.s. airlines flying over iraq. the new restrictions ban u.s. carriers from flying at or below 30,000 feet over iraq, several european airlines have also made alternate flight plans. authorities fear militants could have weapons capable of shooting down planes under 30,000 feet. the move comes two weeks after a malaysian airlines flight was shot down over rebel territory
5:45 am
in ukraine. this morning a second water issue is now being reported near the ucla campus. of a broken pipe leaking water at a target store in westwood. it's fairly small compared to tuesday's water main break that wasted 20 million gallons of water. meanwhile, this morning, tow trucks have been streaming into and out of a parking garage at ucla campus which was flooded tuesday. crews have removed nearly 300 cars that were on the upper levels of the garage and thus, they were not damaged in the flood. now those cars will be taken to another lot where owners can pick them up later today. no word yet on when the damaged car will be removed, nor whether they're owners want them back. >> i would think too that too. pnchts. >> we have this fremont art festival. festival in general over the weekend. let's talk about a fremont specific weekend forecast. >> i can give you that. i can give you that. >> good. >> i would hate to not be able to deliver a special request for
5:46 am
scott mcgrew. you know what else is special about the fremont festival of the arts? mike inouye is going to be out there. they give him a microphone and let men and women go. you can imagine how much fun that is. it's worth checking out. 61 degrees right now, comfortable conditions, we're looking really good in san ohio. fremont, you're waking up at about 60. tomorrow is going to be warm out there. you're going to get better conditions on sunday. 82, then 79 for your sunday. overall, not too bad. and that's where you're going to keep cool over the course of today and this weekend, right by the water. peek heat for today, we're talking triple digits in the hot spots. # 0 degrees for the -- 90 degrees for the north bay, 84 for the peninsula, east shore's at 82 and sunol, pleasanton, livermore, you'll see the triple digits for today. we're going to shave off three to five degrees off of your highs as we get into tomorrow. as we head throughout this weekend, still going to be a little bit on the warm side. i have to point that now the
5:47 am
your inland valley spots. 89 degrees in the south bay down from the 90s today. then we'll take that number to 87 by sunday. and great beach conditions, especially on sunday. we're going get a little bit of an offshore flow. and what happens is when we get that wind blowing in the opposite direction of the ocean, typically our wind come from the ocean. that's what brings in the fog. when you have that opposite affect, what happens is the wind blows out toward the wave and it hollows out the barrel. you're going to find the biggestaways this sunday, san mateo county. overall looking good. temperatures for the next couple days staying steady as promised, here's mike. and traffic atlert morning. huge one for west 580. chopper's over the scene. here's the big rig being overturned. bug the cap away from that. and no major injuries to the driver from what i understand which is surprising, but still great news. over here, this is eastbound,en countercommute, it's not debris so much as the fuel. see this, and it looks like it went underneath the divider over to eastbound side.
5:48 am
that's why they have lanes in both directions blocked. here westbound that's your commute direction. and that is a huge jam coming out of altamont pass, lights going on for miles. that's an issue here. look at the maps, that westbound slowing and eastbound unusual slowing countercommute because the two lanes are blocked there. second issue for them. this is livermore, into dublin, even though there's lighter traffic flow here, there's a 60,000 pound big rig that's stalled or stuck i should say. hop yard onramp. take the boulevard over towards 60 and join up at the dublin interchange or take tassajara. the other alternate is you can jump on from the other side off the area. we're watching that. tri-valley moving smoothly despite there. the rest of your bay has a friday flow of traffic. lighter vol yuchl traffic. we'll talk about that. the bigger issue in san francisco we were talking about. the disruption at the junction. seen there's no moou sidney
5:49 am
metro service. that's the ones you see in the background there, between embarcadero and dlurge. stephanie chuang's out there live. she's showing us the folks waiting out there. none of the other reports reporting delays. the freeways are moving smoothly so far and a live look at the bay bridge shows you the bay bridge. the cash lanes and it's not bad for the fast track lanes. though we may see the lights turn nona few minutes. six people will spend the weekend recovering from injuries after an elderly man drove his car on to a busy sidewalk in downtown palo alto. happened during the lunch hour yesterday in front of university cafe. it included people eats outside and the 90-year-old driver himself. the man may have hit the gas instead of the break. he was trying to parallel park. two people were hurt, worse than others. they have long recoveries ahead of them. >> people here, look to be in very bad shape so much that, we
5:50 am
didn't to want move them. >> impacted on the lower half of their body and he significant broke, bones. one a femur, the side bone, then some other tibia fractures in the lower leg. >> the driver is cooperating with investigators and is not expected to face charges. members of an east palo alto church say they have been robbed by the last person they expect, their own pastor. and now, they are suing him. members at born again christian center say they allowed pastor andre harris and his wife seen here from the church's twoebz live in a church-owned home rent-free since early 2000. the pastor harris abruptedly nounsed his retirement in may and put the house and the church up for sale. the properties had been transferred into harris's name. members say he did this by appointing his own family members to the church's board of trustees. >> it dwindled down to just his
5:51 am
family being on the trustee board which he knew wasn't right. >> the house was recently sold for just under $400,000. church members are suing to have that sale rescinded and toe prevent the church building from going up for sale. home owner in southern california caught a stray cat prowling his yard. really big cat. look at the surveillance video. >> oh. >> that is a lion. >> no. >> it's about 15 miles south of l.a. the homeowner saying it's a mountain lion, but if you really look close, it appears to have a main. the type of lie -- maine, the type of lion you may see in africa. it was not captured and city officials are telling residents you might want to be on the lookout for it. >> i'm thinking the kids are going to play video games this afternoon. and not play outside. >> yes. yes. well it is 5:51. homecoming for the new member's of the oakland a's.
5:52 am
what he's hoping to do this season, coming up.
5:53 am
5:54 am
you're watching "today in the bay." ebay the latest tech company to release stats on its work force diversity. the staffed 95% white and asian. more than half are men. three quarters of those command the highest salaries. women make up less than 30% of management. silicon valley has been under pressure to release diversity data from a campaign launched by reverend jesse jackson and silicon valley responded. live look at at&t, the giants are away this weekend visiting the mets. game time 4:10. trade deadline has come and gone without the giants making any big moves. gm brian saban says he's happy
5:55 am
he stayed out of the trading frenzy. they traded cespedes to boston. >> today the team will introduce the two players acquired for the outfielder including john lester, lester is a huge addition to the a's starting rotation making it arguably now the best in baseball. this thousand breaks down. lester, grey, kazmir. he is slated to start tomorrow at the game against the kansas city royals. >> yeah, it's a return to the bay area as well for johnny gomes. video, he left fenway park in bobs yesterday headed far flight to oakland. this is not the first time he's dawned the green and gold. he had a brief stint in 2012. he's looking to go all the way with this them this. season. >> the record goes to zero you know once you start. so just now getting in. you know who's the hottest. hopefully john and i can go back
5:56 am
to bat. >> despite going from the best team in baseballe to one not in the playoff contention, cespedes tweeting the a's gave me my first mlb home, grateful forever, gracias. >> you never know when you'll come back. like johnny gomes. >> that's right. 5:56 now, time to look at our forecast. christina the hottest of the days is today. >> that's right. kid if you're watching, be extra nice to your parents for today because the heat, as you know, makes people irritable. 91 degrees for the south bay today. 84 on the peninsula. 6 in san francisco. that -- 68 in san francisco. on shore flow le keep you cool. but places like the north bay and the 90s. we're going top cool you off for the weekend. dive into that for a moment. we're going to go to mike with a traffic alert. this makes people irritable as well. this is the jo turned big rig. the rig itself has got an driver.
5:57 am
sounds like they're okay. the field being cleared up from the ib side. both directions jammed. this has just arrived. we saw on the live picture, two larger trucks. they should hopefully tart is to right that rig soon. look at the big jam. looking light. the better news for the muni system. and there's your back up already at the bay bridge toll plaza. we continue help you prepare for the opening of levi stadium. there's something you need to know. there's team coverage coming up. and tesla's new gigafactory does not look like it'll be in the bay area, but not very far away either. we continue to watch developments in the ukraine as well. investigators trying to figure out if the scene of that deadly plane crash has evidence of missiles. we'll be back in just a minute.
5:58 am
5:59 am
breaking news, an overnight
6:00 am
muni stopping in san francisco. what we've learned moments ago about how this will continue to affect your commute. and this also is definitely affecting your commute. two lanes down for 580 westbound has a big back up there. fuel spill, crash, we'll talk about the moou any disruptions coming up. and live picture from levi stadium just one day before it hosts its first sporting event, full coverage. it's going to be a hot weekend, but not as hot as today. we will peek and spare the air as strong high pressure puts a cap over the bay area. i'll let you know when we are expecting better air quality and how long this heat will last in your microclimb forecast this -- microclimate forecast this morning. and we are looking live at san joses a the sunrise -- san jose as the sunrises over the hill. this is friday, this is "today in the bay".


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