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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  August 1, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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and right now at 11:00, levi stadium gets ready for its big debut. we are less than 36 hours away from the first sporting event at the south bay's new marquee venue. good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'm kris sanchez. we have live team coverage on the big opening night for levi stadium. mike inouye is going to show us the right way to get to the stadium. but first, let's go to derek shore live at levi stadium. and derek, football, not futbol players are preparing for tomorrow's big matchup. >> i think that's an u and an o in that, instead, just one "o." final preparations here at levi
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stadium are underway for the first ever ticketed game at the stadium. and you can see the players are on the field here, but as you mentioned, these are not football players, not the 49ers, these are soccer players, with the san jose earthquakes, as they prepare for tomorrow's game when they take on the seattle sounders. along with practice, plenty of last-minute preps are underway and reps with the earthquakes expect a sellout, around 40,000 tickets sold, which was the cap. but not the stadium's capacity, which is at about 60,000. reps with the team also say they are excited, but urging everyone to get here with plenty of time. >> the stadium is impressive. you know, if i'm a fan getting here this weekend, obviously, there's traffic going to any event, so if i'm coming to this game, i'm getting here early. i'm going to walk into that stadium a couple of hours before, take a look at what the niners have to offer, all the concession stands, take some pictures is and really enjoy
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this experience. >> and of course, it is really crazy to think about. they broke ground here about two years ago and now the stadium is here. these players, i spoke to a couple of them as they walked out on to the field, very excited for tomorrow's game, and all of this culminating with a game with the 49ers. that's coming up on august 17th, but really an exciting time out here, guys, and we are expecting tons of fans to come out and, of course, root for the earthquakes. that's the latest here in santa clara. i'm derek shore, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, derek. make sure you take lots of selfies tout there. >> yeah, just walking out on to that is awesome. bring back a couple of blades of grass. being in the heart of silicon valley, you would expect the new stadium to be tricked out with technology. the stadium does offer hundreds of wi-fi access points. fans can use a smartphone app to order food straight from their seats, anywhere in the stadium, and there are 1,700 beacons. this is cool. it knows where you are, because it knows where where are cell phone is.
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so it can give you directions to your seat or the nearest bathroom or the concession stand. that's all for when you get there, but how do you get there? >> for that part of the story, we turn to mike inouye. mike, give us a shortcut. >> we're trying to. i'll give you the best way, the best for all, the needs of the many outweigh just your needs. we all know yours are very important. take mass transit, public transit. you can take caltrain to the mountain view station and hop on vta. there's a vta station steps away from the stadium, but if you really want to drive, take a look at this. there are four parking areas, each labeled with its own color on its map. you see them there. and within those areas are parking lots labeled with numbers. they do this to disperse the traffic flow. we'll talk about that in a second. that's different than candlestick park, where you had to basically exit off of 101, the same long roadway all the way to that big parking lot. most people would be in the red parking lots you see here on the maps. there's option 237, and great america parkway, a very popular route. 880, take 237 west, and from
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101, take 237 east. the exit at great america parkway, south, down, follow those signs in towards tasmin. there are also other lots. vip and special access which are green and yellow. let's skip over to the blue, where i hope i get invited to the rv parking. from 880, take 237 west to lawrence expressway. that's a little farther west. take that south. from 101, you take lawrence expressway north. over to tasmin drive and follow those signs. they're routing folks a little bit farther away from the stadium, but they're hoping that keeps the traffic flow from interfering with the folks heading to the red lots and most of the passenger vehicles. they've done big studies and do help that helps. avoid what your nav says and go with what the app says from levi stadium or with the back of your parking ticket says. because that will be the best route for everyone involved. back to you. >> i'm just going to be a backseat driver. >> what, starting now? >> yes! >> 49ers will now play their first game at levi until august
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17th. that's against denver at 1:00. and then the first regular season game next month, september 14th. we are talking southern united football here against the bears. you can see it right here on nbc bay area. oh, that calendar at levi stadium is already filling up. next month the stadium will host a major international soccer match. a lot of us looking the forward to mexico versus chile on september 6. and three college football games will also play at levi stadium this season. cal oregon on october 24th. the pac 12 championship game on december 5th, and then, of course, the san francisco bull game on december 30th. and our levi stadium coverage continues on our website. you can click on levi stadium guide, and will find everything you need to know about going to the game. what, importantly, you cannot bring into the stadium, and what to eat when you get there. and turning now to your microclimate forecast, as we give you a live look at san jose, not far from the stadium. christina loren, opening day should be more comfortable than
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today, which you have said, is going to be the hottest of the next seven days, right? >> that is so -- you know what, thanks to listening to me, first and foremost, but you're right on point. temperatures right now are already reflecting that heat out in livermore, at 87 degrees. meanwhile, 78 degrees in concord. so what's the deal here? well, it's that ocean influence. it's getting cut off before the tri-valley. and that's why it's so hot out there in livermore right now. we're still at 57 degrees. meanwhile, in half moon bay, i want to show you some really cool shots. after all, you know we've got all your microclimates covered. a lot of live action to show you right now. taking a live look, tiburon. mostly cloudy there over the golden gate bridge, but the bay bridge is completely sunny. this is actually coming to you from our at&t park camera, pointing out toward that bridge. but on the ocean side, a lot of foot traffic on the golden gate, but a lot of fog as well. this is the only place you're going to find that fog at this point. and it is burning off quickly. now, it is a spare the air day. i've got to point that out right off the bat.
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east bay, south bay, that's where we're getting the worst pollution levels. and at this hour, temperatures are still pretty mild. this is where we're headed. 90 degrees in the south bay. the peninsula is at 82 degrees. these temperatures really aren't that pad. it's the places where you don't get that marine influence where it is going to be dangerously hot. but like i said, not going to last forever. your full forecast coming up in just a few minutes. a lot going on here this weekend and we'll take you through the forecast. back to you for now, scott and kris. new details about a computer server program that caused delays this morning at mineta san jose international. it made doors and alarms inoperable. the server prevented crews from opening doors with a key kard, so they had to come up a workaround 30 minutes later. sjc says the airline should straighten themselves out bip this afternoon. meanwhile, the coast is clear at the dublin b.a.r.t. station. a suspicious package shut it down for three hours this morning. the bob squad came in and blew it up. that's standard procedure. the station opened just a couple
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of minutes ago. at this point, it's not entirely clear what was in that package. >> just one of the reasons why it was such a rough morning for many people commuting around the bay area, particularly in san francisco today, muni riders had to reroute in two areas after a power outage, then a fallen tree that took out some lines separately. nbc bay area's stephanie chuang is live in the city. steph, these two problems happened miles apart, but it turns out almost the same kind of repair, coincidentally. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. good morning to you, kris. where the tree fell in the northeast neighborhood, we just understand now that the streets may still be closed off there. so quite an impact. but the same muni crews had quite a long morning, starting at midnight, when the first problem happened here. a power outage at the junction, which led to many frustrated riders and it didn't stop here for muni's problems this morning. just an hour or two later, and the impacts of this fallen tree in the northeast neighborhood
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may have been a lot bigger. thankfully, it fell on columbus street at 5:30 in the morning. no car beneath it, no people around. it did, however, take down part of the muni line. they cut off the power before the city's department of public works crew chopped the tree up to take it away. than began the work to get that muni line back up. >> you can see they're working as fast as they can to get this done as soon as possible. >> it was the same crew that worked to repair the major problem that plagued muni this morning. a pent graph, similar to what you see on this muni bus, failed to work, causing a power outage at the debose junction. it kept trains from going past the church street station and forced those headed inbound to downtown to run aboveground to catch shuttles. frustrating especially those whose work involves the stock market. for them, only 15 minutes can cause a huge setback. >> you know, every minute that
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it's late, it's pushing that farther behind to get ready for the opening. >> the market's quite active right now. >> the sfmta says the good news is, they were able to get everything back up before the meat of the morning commute, but does apologize for all the delays that did happen. meantime, it is looking into a cause the equipment failure that led to the power outage here at the junction, but says it doesn't happen often, the last time was well over a year ago. stephanie chuang, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, steph. new developments in the middle east this morning. a three-day cease-fire between israel and hamas militants in gaza appears to have ended just hours after it started. nbc's richard engel has more from goza city. >> reporter: a cease-fire was supposed to go into effect today for 72 hours to try to end this conflict. instead, we're seeing an
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escalation. the israeli military announced that one oifts soldiers is missing in the gaza strip. feared abducted, kidnapped. his family has been notified. a source told nbc news that this happened around 9:30 in the morning, in the southern part of the gaza strip. israeli troops were conducting an anti-tunnel operation when suddenly they came under attack. two israeli soldiers were killed, the third was taken. an intense search is now underway. the israeli forces unleashing an enormous bombardment, all across the southern gaza strip, not far from the city of arafa. they are trying to find this soldier. now there is a lot of pressure on the israeli government, not to find a cease-fire, but to escalate this further, to try to recover the soldier. israel has informed all parties that as far as it's concerned, the cease-fire is over. richard engel, nbc news, gaza city. well, still to come, new details in the case against a mom accused of attacking her daughter's bully. the school says it has proof someone put the hands around the boy's neck.
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plus, a young boy enjoying a nice day in the water suddenly attacked by a river otter. what his mom is telling us about that this morning.
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welcome back. a private investigator says a santa rosa mom accused of grabbing the throat of a little boy at her daughter's school left marks on the child's skin. the investigator's report was paid for by the school district says no adults reported seeing delia garcia bratcher attack the boy, but the school staff took pictures of the marks on his neck moments after it happened. garcia bratcher admits she confronted the child, because she thought he was bullying her daughter, but says she never laid a hand on minimum. she'll be back in court later this month to find out if she'll be charged.
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prosecutors have delayed that decision several times. >> cal transis facing harsh criticism over the new eastern span of the bay bridge. this is a live look at the bridge. the building of this span is subject of a blistering new senate report, following highly publicized construction flaws and delays. the report outlines a pattern of mismanagement and failures in the way problems were reported and tracked. specifically, it accuses senior officials of brushing off criticisms of materials and procedures. cal trans'official malcolm dougherty responded in part saying, this report rehashes issues that have been investigated, reviewed, and in many cases resolved. lawyers say it could be another year before a discrimination lawsuit filed by b.a.r.t. reaches a courtroom. seven african-american men who work in b.a.r.t.'s tracks department filed the lawsuit in december, claiming they have been dealing with racism at the workplace for years. the men report things from being passed over for promotion and having threats and racist
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remarks scrawled on their lockers to actual assault. and they say management did not properly respond to their complaints. >> the first manager approached and told me he was too busy. soy went to the next manager, and he was very slow reactive of handling the situation. >> we are in 2014 and it is unspeakable to have to deal with this. >> yesterday, b.a.r.t.'s general manager said the agency is investigating an incident in which someone wrote racial slurs on the lockers of african-american men. she also said b.a.r.t. hired two outside investigators to look into the relationships among workers in the affected department. members of an east palo alto church say they have been robbed by the last person they expected, their pastor. and now they are suing him. members at the born again christian center say they allowed pastor andre harris and his wife seen here in the picture from the church's website to live in a
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church-owned home rent free since early 2000, but pastor harris abruptly announced his resignation and then put the house and church up for sale. when they pulled the deed, they discovered the properties had been transferred into harris' name. members say he did this by appoinng his own family members to the church's board of trustees. >> it dwindled down to just his family being on the trustee board, which he knew wasn't right. >> the house was recently sold for just under $400,000. church members are now suing to have that sale rescinded and to prevent the church building from being sold. a homeowner in southern california caught a stray cat prowling his yard, a really big cat. take a look at this surveillance video. that is a lion walking through the residential neighborhood about 15 miles south of l.a. the homeowner says or reported it as a mountain lion, but on closer examination, it appears to have some kind of mane like a lion, lion. the lion was not captured. city officials are telling residents, you might want to be on the lookout for it.
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>> yeah! santa cruz officials say it will take days to clean up a ton of anchovies that turned up dead in the harbor. a huge school of fish swam into the harbor wednesday night and there wasn't enough oxygen in the water to keep them all alive. harbor officials closed the boat launch ramp to clean up the fish yesterday. now, not only does it stink, but the chemicals left behind are not good for boats. harbor workers say this is the worst fish kill they've seen since the '80s. we usually think of river otters as cute, playful little animals, but an otter in washington state did not take kindly to human contact. the otter attacked an 8-year-old boy and his grandmother at a popular beach. the boy's mother says she heard screams, then saw the otter attacking his face. she rushed to pull her son and her mom to safety. >> it followed us all the way up the river. it was biting her as i was dragging her, as her legs were dragging in the river. >> both the boy and his grandmother are expected to be okay. fish and wildlife set up a trap
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to catch the river otter, see what is going on there, but they have not been successful in catching it yet. >> no otter. all right. let's check in with our hot, hot, hot friday, that's going to turn into a wonderful weekend, right? tell me, right? >> yes, that's right. but don't get too excited about it. you just going to leave me hanging? good morning to you! just moving in this heat is a little bit difficult. 59 in half moon bay. 67, san francisco. 75, san jose. to be honest, i needed this little magical friend of mine. we call it the clicker, but it does all the dirty work for me out here. it's definitely important. coastal fog, warm everything else. this is what we're working with for today. hottest day of the week. but even when we talk about the hottest day of the week, we're talking about triple digits and low 100s at that. last summer, we are sparing the air. we had a heavy stray on the power grip for the entire state of california. overall, this summer hasn't been that bad. this is going to be the peak of
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it. and we're taking your temperatures down just a touch for the weekend. 90 in the south bay area. 82 for the peninsula if east shore is at 81. east bay valleys, meanwhile, at 101. 66 degrees for san francisco and 89 degrees, sizzling conditions out there in the north bay. so, if you want to beat the heat, you may want to head out of town. if you are going to head up to wine country, good conditions on saturday and sunday. a little hot out there today, close to 100 degrees. looking good for the 17-mile drive. temperatures in the low 80s here. and we're also looking really good for the boardwalk, upper 80s. in the water, you're still at 63 degrees in santa cruz. so let me give you a little preview of where we're headed. mid-80s, all the way from sunday through tuesday in the south bay. we'll hold on to the mid- to upper 60s and low 70s, meanwhile, in san francisco. so not too bad, but today will be the hottest. back to you guys. >> thank you, much. the drought could change the taste of your favorite beer. we'll explain why, coming up next.
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the usc announced new rules for poultry inspections, the first changes in more than 50 years. those new rules focus more on food safety than on quality. inspectors will pull more birds off the line for closer testing, including testing for pathogens. the agricultural department says the move is aimed at reducing the number of food-borne illnesses linked to chicken and turkey, like salmonella. dionne warwick is finding her way back to the city that inspired that grammy award-winning tune. ♪ do you know the way to san jose ♪ ♪ i've been away so long >> warwick will be back tonight to sing her biggest hit at the center for the performs arts in san jose. she recorded it in the 1986.
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one of the song's writers had fond memories of san jose while serving during the second world war and her song became an international hit. warwick says she, quote, cried her way all the way to the bank. breweries around the bay area are waiting to hear if water company restrictions will impose further restrictions that could change the taste of your favorite brewski. dan gordon is the cofounder of gordon beers and he says the lack of water can tweak the taste. his brewery uses 2.5 gallons of water to make 1 gallon of beer. many breweries use 4 to 7 for the same amount. but if water companies impose mandatory restrictions, production could drop. >> if we were put into a position where we had to go into a 20% restriction on the water usage, i have no idea how we would be able to cope with that. >> the concern is statewide, the california craft brewers association says the drought extends another two or three years, prices would jump. my favorite beer is mexican
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beer, lucky for me. could it be the most amazing first pitch you'll ever see? >> we'll show it to you right after the break. [ heart beating ]
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[ heart beats ] so, with the new niners stadium, there's been a lot of sports talk, but some of the sports talk is about what happened at the twins/royals game last night. not because of what happened during the game, but before it. all right, so take a look. todd willis was born without arms, but that did not stop him from delivering the ceremonial first pitch at coffman stadium. so cool! he is no pre-game rookie. he has appeared at 22 different ballparks. it's his pitch for awareness tour, highlighting what people with disabilities can do. he plans to participate in a charity 5k run in kansas city tomorrow as well. >> i like his jersey, it says, tom's feet. >> that's awesome. >> thank you so much for joining us. our next newscast is tonight at 5:00. >> and we'll see you on monday as well.
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