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tv   NBC Nightly News  NBC  September 21, 2014 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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on this siunday night, the fallout. on this nfl sunday, new questions swirl about the ray rice assault case. what did his team know and when did they know it? where is hannah. an emotional plea from the parents of a missing student as the police name a person of interest. a manhunt, police are closing in on the man responsible for a deadly ambush and tonight they have recovered one of his weapons. school scam, bogus bills for hundreds of dollars sent to schools across the country. and queen for a day. a group of high school girls tackle bullying with kindness.
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good evening. the seats were filled as usual at football stadiums across the country on this sunday. but americans continued passion for the sport is not necessarily extending to the man in charge of the nfl and his handling of a domestic abuse scandal. this was the first football sunday since roger goodell broke his silence on friday with a pledge to overhaul the conduct policy by february and his fans sound off about that. and an account about how the team covers the ray rice scandal. >> this week officials will meet for the first time with player represent tifz and other experts to begin rewriting the league's personal conduct policy. roger goodell said he wants the changes implements by the super bowl next february but very few are satisfied with the time line
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or with the nfl's response. >> reporter: on this football sunday in america, outrage and disappointment, many directed at the nfl commission. >> don't get me started on roger goodell. no, i think he has done an awful job. >> i don't think it changes the game as much as it changes the leadership. >> reporter: less than 48 hours after roger goodell delivered apologies and promises -- >> we will get our house in order. >> reporter: -- he is still a prime target for commentators. >> i don't see any empathy for the victims. >> we're going to have some things in place by the time we get to the super bowl, but by the time you get to the super bowl, how many other problems are going to come up? >> reporter: the nfl has become a punch line for comedians. >> i'm no fashion expert but from now on these shirts must be called jerseys and these shirts should be called wife beaters. >> reporter: this week the nfl said they will address an espn
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report that goes back to the ray rice story. the report said ravens executives were made aware that he punched his wife janay within hours of it happening. and changed course when the infamous elevator video came out. >> i think the key takeaway was allegedly how much the ravens knew and how early they knew it and how insignificant they reacted in terms of the information they had. >> reporter: espn reports goodell confided with his inner circle he wasn't sure he did the right thing by initially suspending rice for just two games and seemed to be talked out of rendering another penalty. it says the report contains numerous errors and false assumptions and misunderstanding. >> if a player is arrested tomorrow, we still don't foe
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what the nfl will do? it is do we suspend him, deactivate him or cut him? nobody knows. >> reporter: in the 90 plus years the nfl has rarely faced a crisis like this and now it is clear the damage control has not put the league's problem to rest. lester. >> peter alexander, thanks. the parents of hannah graham made an emotional plea for their daughter's safe return. although she hasn't been seen in a week, for the first time today police name a person of interest in the case. >> reporter: today a parents plea. >> did you see hannah? did you see hannah? somebody did. >> reporter: her mother and father spoke publicly for the first time since hannah disappeared nine days ago. >> this is every parents' worst nightmare. i'm certain that everybody in this room and those watching
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knows that what happened to hannah could happen to their child. >> reporter: they are begging for help from anyone who knows anything about where they are 18-year-old daughter could be and police say this orange chrysler could hold some clues. >> if you saw somebody get into this car at about 1:20, 1:30, 1:40, we need to talk to you. because this is a piece of a puzzle where a lot of pieces are missing. >> police believe jesse matthew is the man in the white shirt seen walking with graham, tracking the college student minutes before she disappeared. >> i believe jesse matthew was the last person she was seen with before she vanished off the face of the earth. >> reporter: investigators searched his house and car but are awaiting on forensic tests. >> we want to talk to jesse matthew. we want to talk to him. wi we want to talk about his interaction with a sweet young
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girl that we can't find. >> reporter: and while police have not issued a warrant for his arrest for the disappearance of hannah, they named him a person of interest and now wanted on two misdemeanor warrants for reckless driving. many tips have poured in over the last few days as hundreds have scoured charlottesville for clues, hoping to bring hannah back home. >> but hannah is also our little girl, she's our only daughter and enormously precious to us a all. now police believe that the man who killed a trooper planned his attack and escape for months or even years. but despite that, the authorities insist they are closing in on him. rob allen from pennsylvania with the latest. >> reporter: today february units looking for combat, backed up state police on the hunt for eric frein who they believe has covered as many as 20 miles
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through thick brush, caves and mountains. leaving clues, an ak-47, and possibly used in the killing of one trooper and wounding another. >> i am confident he will be apprehended. >> you said you are pushing him hard. how do you know that? >> i know the kind of sweeps we are doing, there is no doubt we are pushing him hard. >> reporter: and a sweep here. >> can you see the state troopers looking in the woods because the house that the family lives in is just down the road about 25 yards or so and there are more troopers down there. >> reporter: police say there have been several possible sightings and one close contact. while a two-day shelter in place order has been lifted, a suspected killer is still in hiding in a community where schools and businesses have been shut for days, it is hard to feel safe. ron allen, nbc news, blooming grove, pennsylvania.
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one person is dead and several other injured after a bus overturned in delaware this evening. 40 people were on board at the time of the crash. officials are unsure of the bus's origin and destination. some of the passengers have been airlifted for treatment. this week president obama will join other world leaders the united nations where among other pressing issues will make his case of the threat of isis and how to combat the growing terror group. kristen welker is live with more on that story. >> reporter: good evening. the u.s. launched more air strikes against isis in iraq today as president obama prepares to go to the u.n. general assembly where he will continue to build efforts to degrade isis. meanwhile they are threatening more western lives. a desperate plea from the latest hostage, alan henning doing aid
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work when he was kidnapped last year. his wife barbara called him a selfless man and implored the islamic state to release my husband. and on "meet the press," samantha power said they are only named france and saudi arabia for help. >> and she clarified recent comments bisect kerry who suggested every country, including iran, has a role to play in the fight against isis. >> let me be clear, we are not coordinating with iran and sharing intelligence with iran. >> reporter: meanwhile questions about division between the president and his generals. mr. obama has vow nod boots on the ground but his top military advisors left the door open last
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week. >> it may include the use of military ground forces. >> today the former chairman of the joint chiefs down played it. >> there should not be any question in the end who decides this and that's the president. >> but robert gates said he believes u.s. forces will ultimately be needed. >> there will have to be, i think, to achieve the mission the president has assigned. some boots -- some american boots on the ground and in harm's way. >> reporter: already there is debate about the president's strategy. some republicans want a more robust response. >> i agree with the president's goal they need to be defeated but i don't see the strategy at work. >> reporter: and others are worried about engaging in another middle east war. >> to me the risk is that the united states begins getting involved in what may be a very long-term commitment to a messy civil war inside of syria. >> reporter: secretary kerry already in new york met with the iranian foreign minister for
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nuclear talks and discussed the threat posed by isis. an administration official said the president hopes to announce more specific commitments from his foreign partners in the coming days. lester. >> kristen, i understand there are new developments in the case of the intruder who made it inside of the white house. >> omar gonzalez is an iraq war veteran and had a knife in his pocket when he jumped over the fence. he will be charged tomorrow in court. but meanwhile they have stepped up surveillance and patrols along pennsylvania avenue and ordered an investigation. one of the key questions, why weren't the canine units dispatched which is part of the protocol. the president has full confidence in its agency and the investigation. lester. >> kristen welker at the white house. thanks. hundreds of thousands took to the streets of new york demonstrating for action on climate change. the largest rally but not the
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only one. similar events were held in more than 160 countries. with the u.n. summit this week the message to world leaders was clear, act now. here is anne thompson. >> reporter: some 300,000 people jammed the streets of new york's west side to demand action on climate change. on a hot, muggy day, after the earth's warmest summer on record. for many marchers this was a family affair. >> it is the most important thing when i think about the future of my children, it is kind of bleak. >> reporter: founder of climate parents brought her two sons from san francisco. she wants to move away from coal, oil and gas, driving climate change. >> 100% clean and safe energy and what we like to call kid safe energy. >> this family lives on maine's coast where they can see the effects of the warming. >> more jelly fish and the
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invasion of crab coming up into our bay. >> reporter: near morgantown, west virginia, lydia said getting gas out of the ground by fracking is destroying her community. >> what is the message you want to send here in new york. >> i want to send a message, they consider west virginia a sacrifice, and we are not going down without a fight. we don't want to be anybody's sacrifice. >> reporter: this was marquee event in a worldwide day of action. from melbourne to berlin to london, people took to the streets. rio held christ the redeemer in green lights. al gore and the mayor bill de blasio and bon key moon. >> there is no plan b., because we do not have planet b. >> reporter: the message of the march is aimed at world leaders who will meet later this week at the united nation and again in
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paris next year. >> that is when countries will try to reach a commitment to cut off the gases and the catastrophic impacts of climate change. anne thompson. nbc news, new york. we have a lot more ahead this sunday night. when nightly news continues, the issue that has the white house teaming up with some of the biggest names in hollywood. and later two high schoolers fight back against bullying by making their classmate queen for a day. [ male announcer ] nearly 7 million clients.
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how did edward jones get so big? let me just put this away. ♪ could you teach our kids that trick? [ male announcer ] by not acting that way. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. the white house is enlisting star power to combat sexual assault. it affects one in five college
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women and the campaign is planning to change that with hollywood a-listers encouraging everyone to take a stand. andrea mcfadden has the report. >> reporter: the white house ad campaign could not be clearer, men need to step up. >> it is on all of us. to stop sexual assault. >> reporter: that is just what rutgers university has been calling on its students to do for 25 years. they were cited as a leader in the movement to end sexual violence on campuses. one of the strategies at freshman orientation, an improv performance called scream, in which students act out an escalating attack. >> stop, you're hurting me. >> hard to watch, but effective, said michael anderson, the orientation leader. >> i remember a student who it
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had so much an effect on it, he told me it was weird for him to talk to me. >> reporter: experts say most violence on campus involve alcohol. >> by definition, sex with someone is sexual assault because they are not in a position to consent. >> it is hard to communicate when both people are in that state. >> and communication is key says junior kyle holder, a track star. >> the first time i saw the skit, i thought that is crazy, because someone out there needs that but it is not me. >> when did you realize that it was pert innocent to y-- pertinent to you. >> a year later. >> you see well informed and
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enlightened, are you typical? >> no. but if we have the conversation we can turn the minority into the majority. >> getting everyone involved. andrea mcfadden, new brunswick, new york. coming up, we'll tell i'm randy and i quit smoking with chantix. as a police officer, i've helped many people in the last 23 years. but i needed help in quitting smoking. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is
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voluma adds volume creating contour and lift for a more youthful profile. for up to two years. temporary side effects include tenderness, swelling, firmness, lumps, bumps, bruising, pain, redness, discoloration and itching. ask your doctor. juvéderm voluma®. defy gravity. we're back where a -- with a school scam, and it could amount to an expensive scam if schools aren't careful. here is kristin dahlgren. >> reporter: the kids are back in class and backpacks filled with books but the better business bureau said someone is trying to make a bundle off of back to school. >> it was a large amount so it was something that caught my attention right away. >> in the pioneer school district in washington, the principal got a bill for $647
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for books she never ordered. >> i had this off feeling about it, that something was just not right. >> it was the same bogus notice reported by schools in at least 36 states. the invoices have all of the buzzwords. math practice, common core standards, even a familiar sounding name, scholastic school supply. >> that would trigger them to pay the bill, because it is a trusted name. >> reporter: but this has nothing to do with scholastic inc., the world's largest publisher of school books. they put out a statement saying the two are not affiliated and demanded they cease and desist from using their name. >> as for a statement on the other scholastic. the number is not in service. >> and the e-mail goes unanswered. >> and back at the school, the principal is just trying to get back to school. >> what this does is it causes a
3:53 pm
distraction from what we should be doing on, which is focusing on improving student learning. >> reporter: one lesson learned already this year, make sure you read every invoice carefully. kristin dahlgren, nbc news. after traveling more than 400 million miles, a nasa spacecraft is expected to enter mars orbit. and it will study the upper atmosphere. it is one of two missions to mars that launched last november. when we come back, the good deed that became a crowning achievement. (woman) the constipation and belly pain feel tight like a vise. how can i ease this pain? (man) when i can't go, it's like rocks piling up. i wish i could find some relief. (announcer) ask your doctor about linzess-- a once-daily capsule for adults with ibs with constipation or chronic idiopathic constipation. linzess is thought to help calm pain-sensing nerves and accelerate bowel movements.
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finally tonightk it wasn't the crown that stole the show at a recent high school homecoming, instead a selfless act. one that made a bullied teen queen for the day it. was first reported by kxas in fort worth, texas. >> when they called bullying skinner's name to wear the homecoming crown, something became more profound. >> she deserves it all. there is no way to describe how much good of a person she is. >> there is something unique about the 17-year-old teen. students describe her as a friend to everyone. >> it is what is inside that counts, not the outside. >> she is one of the nicest
3:57 pm
persons in school. >> a group told her she had been nominated to the homecoming court and she hadn't. and that is when two friends hatched a plan to help her. >> we said no matter what, whoever gets it, we're giving her the crown. >> they passed the idea along to the principal and they said these are the kind of kids we want to send into the world. >> in all of my times in school, this is the greatest moment i've experienced as a principal. >> and so it was on homecoming night, lillian was taking photos for the high school paper. >> and the winner is anahi alvarez. >> we are proud to announce, lillian skinner. please step forward and receive this honor. >> she's coming over and she put it on my head.
3:58 pm
>> that is right, at grand prairie high school, the bulliers wouldn't win. >> seeing the look on her face and her reaction, the smile on her face showed it was right decision. the transpormive power of sheer kindness. nbc news, houston. that is it for nbc news this sunday. brian williams will be here tomorrow. i'm reporting from new york, for all of us here at nbc news, good night.
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. charlotte, north carolina, home of the carolina panthers. the reining nfc south champs are off to a 2-0 start. and, tonight, they take on the steelers on "sunday night football." cam newton led carolina to an impressive win over detroit in his season debut last week. he had missed week one with a rib injury, while heath miller and the steelers have had ten days now to wait until a 20-point loss in baltimore. and, tonight, they face a carolina team featuring the