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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 22, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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from the american heart association's my heart my life. it's that simple. >> announcer: from nbc bay area, this is today today. >> good morning to you. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. the king fire continues to rage out of control in el dorado county. >> 12,000 homes are still in the fire's path, which has grown to 82,000 acres. that is about twice the size of oakland. despite a little help from the weather this weekend, the fire is still only 17% contained this morning. more firefighters have also been called up to help fight that so-called king fire. this photo comes to us from the alameda fire department, which
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shows another strike team getting ready to leave yesterday. a team with five engines along with 21 firefighters will be on the front lines this morning. >> smoke from the fire is having an impact on those in nevada. organizers cancelled the i ironman, due to high levels of particulate matter. >> as big of a disappointment it was, we understand. >> some of the people we talked to said they had trained every day for years and booked the trip a year in advance. several events from tahoe or
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reno were cancelled because of the poor quality of the air. >> it's a persistent problem we're dealing with with these fires. let's look at 4:30 on your monday morning, what that forecast looks like for the week. >> i thought that was a smart call by officials to call the ironman off. as we had saturday and sunday some of that smoke drifting into the bay area, all of that smoke pushing back into tahoe and reno. we're going to take a look at that and the conditions the firefighters are up against as that will be a story or us all week. this is our last day of summer. we officially kick off fall at 7:29. we hit that equinox, you're really going to see your temperatures dropping overnight. these are really mild numbers, even through this time of year.
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56 in san francisco, 63 in san jose and 64 in san carlos. we have a lot to go over, including a great chance for rain. i think everyone is going to see a little something. who could measure upwards of an inch. let's get you out that front door. >> over here we don't have that, though, right now. san rafael an easy drive sound. an easy flow of traffic through san reef. we're talking about a nice flow of traffic. top of your screen, let's zoom in offer here, between 121 and 29 was closed this weekend. they got the work done so the morning community should be no problem from vallejo and sears point. a smooth drive right now. there are reports are two or three deer in the middle of the roadway.
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just be careful heading toward that bridge. thank you. >> investigators are trying to figure out what led to a deadly accident involving a pedestrian on an east bay freeway overnight. chp officers were called to the scene just after 11:00 by somebody who had hit the person. investigators say it's unclear how many cars struck the vehicle or why that person was on the roadway. at least one car has been impounded to collect evidence but nobody has been arrested. >> stephanie chuang is live this morning. >> reporter: we're at pier 45. there's a world war ii ship docked behind a submarine behind us. that's where the oil spilled this weekend.
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we're not talking very much, less than 50 gallons, but that fuel is a heavy grade crude found leaking from the "s.s. jeremiah o'brien." apparently it happened from an internal transfer on board. it tried to recover that oil putting up an immediate boom. >> we have contacted an oil response service organization to con it and what was identified in the harbor. >> there is impact outside of just the immediate area. the aquatic center posted a sign that reads "biohazard, no swimming." no word when that will be back
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open or the clean-up overall will be done. they are working to make sure there is minimal impact to the marine life around here. live at pier 45, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> expect the roads to be a little more crowded where students resume classes today. also back in session, santa clara university and stanford university. stanford students can expect to get a lesson in better sexual assault protection. they have put together a lecture in response to finding a better way to respond to sexual assault. the task force will search for ide ideas and then put those ideas forth.
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>> a bay point man is now being held on a string of molestation charges. guzman is said to have contacted his victims at churches. all of his victims are boys and there may be out there. he's currently held on a $4 million bond. >> union city police hope the public can help them track down an elderly man who has been missing for five days. leland prior left his townhouse around 11:00 thursday morning, has not been seen since. the department issued a so-called silver alert. he was last seen wearing a shirt, tie and hat. his family describes him as quite self-sufficient for his age. if you see him, please contact
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police. >> over the weekend, thousands attended a rave event known as beyond wonderland. on sunday police say they arrested more than 60 people, mostly for drug and alcohol charges. the city says there were also far fewer noise complaints. they changed the speakers for this year's event. last year neighbors called police saying it was so loud, it rattled miles away. >> this morning city officials will post up to 4,000 warning signs on so-called quake-risks buildings owning people that the owners have not been evaluated for potential retro fitting. the city gave the building owners a year to fill out screening forms. more than 90% of the people have
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conformed. >> a new report lists earthquakes, floods and cyber threats as the biggest dangers palo alto faces. city official will talk about the report and potential responses at today's meeting. the reports were ranked by how likely they were to happen and how big they would be. >> stay with us here, officials are scheduled to light two fires along highway 1 between randall trail and dog town hoping the barnes will create a break along the highway. the preskreebd burns, weather permitting. >> let's check on those wind and shifting conditions with meteorologist christina lore i don't know. >> good morning to you, laura and sam. happy monday to you at home. calm wind is the story for san jose and those of you in the bay. i think the controlled burns will be able to go on right on
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time. we are talking about a really, really nice day. i mean, just spectacular conditions coming your way. and then by tomorrow you'll notice our clouds increasing, rain on the way for wednesday into thursday. we're talking about some pretty decent totals. wait till i show you what the models are predicting. it's mild, it's overcast out there. we're on our way in the south bayh. and 67 degrees in san francisco opinion now, we hit that equinox at 7:29. we'll talk about what that means for the bay area. also, rain in the forecast and we're going to talk about some air quality issues with that fire burning. there's also some traffic issues. mike is going to go over those as well. >> highway 50 was complete closed at one point.
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eastbound lanes are still open. fire crews are standing by in the area tracking that king fire. it's a huge issue. coming in and out of the altimont pass. let's look at the foster city side. no problem once people get there along 92, 280. the south bay, just a few cars hitting 87. i'm going to track that to make sure there are no problems. we do have a cash in sunnyveil. over on your right, a caty perry concert downtown but no construction. typical overnight road crews but
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laura you have a little more going on tonight. >> starting at midnight tonight the northbound 280 northbound 880 will be closed until 5:00 tuesday morning. southbound 280 to northbound will be changed until 6 a.m. crews will be doing some striking work overnight. >> something to keep an eye on if you're a driver. >> two major automakers issuing reports this morning. >> and an armed man managed to jump the fence and make it into the white house. what we're learning about the subject and the changes that could be coming for all visitors. >> and some of the world's
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richest groups get ready to show their support on an issue you that could impact wall street. we'll show you why.
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you're watching "today in the bay." >> welcome back, everyone. 4:45. a new report out this morning finds what scott mcgrew has been telling us all along. the monthly employment numbers not a true indicator of hour ou economy is recovering. more than 20% of american laid off in the past year are still unemployed. and one in four who found work are only working at temporary jobs. the monthly jobs report put out bit u.s. government on looks for people who have applied for unemployment in that month. however, unemployment services have run out, meaning people whose benefits have expired are no longer counted in the report. >> alibaba, the question is whether the excitement will continue on the second day of trading.
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good morning, hampton. >> we are starting with the futures, which are lower after the marks hit an all-time high last week. the dow and the nasdaq and s&p have closed up in six of the past seven weeks. we get data later this morning on existing home sales and later this week on new home sales and demand for big ticket durable goods. the dow rising 13 points on friday closing 17,279, the nasdaq, the close 4579. and some impalla and chevy sedans are being recalled. and chrysler is recalling jeep
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grand cherokee suvs. >> reports say modular structures are similar to portable school buildings. last year ups was hit by the late rush of online shop, which delayed the delivery in the e t east. >> you kind of kicked it off for us. the holidays already. seems to happy early, hampton. >> the best season for most people is this fall. it's such a nice transition here, christina. and if the weather is going to hold up like it has the last several days, nothing to
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complain about. >> it's the amount of daylight that triggers the chlorophyll in those leaves. they'll change color and eventually fall off the trees. it's really mild out there with plenty of 60s to go around. a good looking day shaping up as we finish off suppertime with good air quality and temps right around average. obviously we had some issues, especially on the east end of the bay area. as of today our winds have shifted so all that smoke is going to be pushing back towards reno, back towards tahoe and away from the bay area. that was an issue for people with respiratory problems and asthma over the weekend. we're going to be in the good air quality range all year long. the peninsula 77 degrees and 77
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for the east shore. right on cue as we usher in autumn, we have a storm system on the way. this will bring about probably some generous rainfall totals in the north bay. i don't think we'll see much in the south bay. the front is organized as we get into thursday. that's what we have the best chance for showers. temperatures will be cooling as the front comes through. we have another one on its heels. we talk about that coming up. and if you're planning on heading towards reno/tahoe, a couple of things you want to keep in mind. >> the army veteran accused of scaling a security fence and getting into the white house with a knife will make his first court appearance today. omar gonzalez is charged with trespassing and carrying a deadly weapon. the incident led to big questions about whether the secret service has done enough to row ticket the president. the agency says it's reviewing security and is even considering
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setting up security check point blocks away from the white house, meaning even people who have not headed for the iconic building, they could face searches. lawmakers say the secret service has a lot of explaining to do. >> how anyone, especially in these days of isis, someone could actually get into the white house without being stopped is inexcusable. >> lawmakers are calling for a full investigation, including hearings on capitol hill. >> hundreds of thousands of people rallied this weekend demanding immediate action on climate chang. this rally drew a large crowd yesterday at lake merit, one of 2,000 demonstrations staged across 1,500 countries. leaders will consider a critical carbon emissions reduction agreement. >> we insist take climate action
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today. we we insist we must more toward a more equitable redistribution of our resources. >> it's an effort that california governor gerry brown would decline. >> and a live look outside. we'll show you free front mont 80. sparkling lights, no flashing ones. we'll show you the peninsula coming up.
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welcome back. the a's are clinging to life. they have seven games remaining on their schedule. the team begin as three-game set against the division rivals, the los angeles angels of anaheim today. game one starts at 7:00 tonight at stadium. >> there was one key giants highlight in sunday's loss. a home run for christian minges.
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it was the little girl's birthday who got the ball. they sent someone to get the ball but they wouldn't give it back until they wrote a little note on the ball. >> let's get a quick check of what is going on with the roads with mike inouye. >> 101, a slower speed still, easy drive northbound. we'll look at the golden gate bridge. from the north day, crystal clear view. look at that. no problems. beautiful drive from the north bay into the city. we're talking about i-27 which was closed all weekend for road work. that has cleared earlier than thought. most people were expecting that
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for the morning and it is there for you folks, highway 37 is clear. the deer are also clear coming over the bridge. >> king fire continues to spread this morning. the impact it's having on events far away from where the fire is burning. >> a brazen package thief caught on camera. police hope it will help identify the suspect.
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the massive king fire continues to grow in the sierra. we'll have the details next. >> and san jose police announce a new arrest in the city's 23rd homicide. who officers have taken into custody. >> summer is out, autumn is in. as we head through tomorrow,
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clouds will increase steadily and showers move in late wednesday into thursday. i have all the details for your microclimate in moments. >> you have it all there, christina. we are going to update you on a crash coming up. >> let's take a peek outside on this monday morning. it is september 22nd. this is "today in the bay." >> from. in -- from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> we begin with the largest fire burning in california. despite help from mother nature, the king fire continues to rage out of control in el dorado county. 12,000 homes are still in the fire's path, which has grown to 82,000 acres in


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