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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 17, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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starts now. >> i'll tell you. >> 25 years ago tonight, the bay area was dealing with a disaster of the earthquake left a wide path of destruction. good evening, everyone. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> and i'm jessica mcgeery. people pause t at 5:0 4 to
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remember the exact moment the quake struck. a call for getting ready for the next big one that still haunts us today. live in san francisco with how people mark that anniversary. and monte, a quarter of a century later and it still feels like yesterday when you see that damage. >> reporter: well, jessica, that's true. and there were some solemn remembrances today. but one of the more uplifting stories to come out of the earthquake 25 years ago involves this building behind me, the marriott marquee. >> reporter: the view lounge was swinging tonight on the 39th floor of the marriott marquee, a celebration of the hotel's opening day that happened 25 years ago on the same day as the devastating 1989 quake. >> we were getting -- i've opened many hotels before. and, obviously, splg that you would nevada, ever expect.
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it's supposed to be a dance sell wrags. >> chris sullivan who now manages the marquee was on the 18th floor when the building began to sway. >> it was very loud, extremely loud. sounded like a train. and it just shook like crazy. >> though there was devastation all around, the hotel was not structurally damaged. guests and employees spent the night in the ballroom. >> pillows, blankets and we went to help get cleaning stuff for all the guests. >> tonight, at 5:04, hundreds of hotel employees bowed in prayer to mark the moment the quake struck. 2 2 4 of them were here on that day and still work at the hotel 25 years later. >> the noise, i remember, of hearing through that kitchen. it felt like the entire building was just coming down on top of the second floor.
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. >> reporter: only one martini glass survived the quake. the rest of the glassware in the view lounge shattered. but the building itself still stands tall, an unmistakable part of the city's skyline. >> since the '89 quake, the city has spent about $9 billion for good reason. experts predict that an earthquake two to three times as strong as the '89 quake is li likely to strike the bay area within 30 years. live in san frachb sis cole, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, monte. more details now about how the loma prieta earthquake impacted. $6 billion with 18,0 0 0 homes damaged. now, we have extensive data on our web site,
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>> well, the second storm this week is moving in and we are seeing some rain on the radar tonight. we see it there in green. the big question is will we actually get any measurable rain down to the south bay. if we don't, we'll call it a storm. jeff rineri is there tracking that storm. >> the south bay area is going to see little to nothing with this storm. it's really glbeginning to brea up. there's just not enough upper level energy. as that rainfall gets close, it hits the coastline first and it's ringing out all of the measurable moisture. the only spot is the north bay, a few spotty showers near bodega bay and we're still looking at a slight chance of some of this rainfall continuing to develop off of the coast looirn. we're going to have details with this coming up in about 15 min you wanteds plus.
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we're tracking another storm that looks stronger than this one. i'll have that again coming up. >> okay. we'll see you then, jeff. tonight, the chancellor of one of the bay area's largest community districts is answering questions about the use of her district credit card. the issue centers on a plane ticket and cross-country trip with her husband. >> reporter: jess, the chancellor has tomd ld us she's done nothing wrong, but a former board president doesn't agree. and records we've uncovered and the time line we put together serve as a foundation for a closer look. >> so i want to make sure you feel every opportunity. >> and i want to make sure you don't get a sealacious headline. she's in charge of the san jose community college district. >> was it a mistake to use the district card to buy plane tickets for your husband? >> you know, i know you're an expert at headlines.
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and i know where you're trying to get. and you're not going to get that headline from me. >> she's defending decisions on these expense reports. a december trip in 2011 to attend a holiday party at the white house with president obama. and a few months later, a conference in orlando. >> this particular incident was a serious problem. >> maria fuentez is currently on the dristrict's board of trustees. she was the board chancellor when she submitted that second expense report. >> should chancellor have known that she shouldn't have done this? >> yes. absolutely. yes. >> did they disappoint you as the board president? surprise you? >> it was unexpected. it was unexpected. >> in this memo obtained by nbc bay area, president fuentez
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questioned the chancellor's use of the district's credit card pointing out the charges were not for official district purposes. >> the issue here is we have a policy that prohibits any purchase that is not district-related with the credit card. >> specifically, the policy states the procurement card is to be used exclusively for district purposes. and i want's also spelled out in the char e chancellor's employment contract, saying the chancellor shall not use credit cards for personal purposes. >> that's my duty and that's how i handled it. >> reporter: back in 20 10, independent investigators found then-chancellor rosa perez violating district policy. recommendations followed giving trustees greater oversight and supervising the charm e chancellor's budget and travel. >> how did you react when board
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president fuentez questioned your transaction? >> i was flabbergasted. >> these credit card statements show the charges, both aparent violations of district policy and the chancellor's contract. >> i did a transaction. i used the district credit card and i immediately reimbursed the district for that cost. >> when you say immediately, what does that mean to you? >> certain whether i before the billing arrived. >> but that's not what the records appear to show. take a close look. on the second trip, chancellor purchased her husband's ticket with the district credit card on february 5th. the bill was dated february 23 223 bd e 22nd and the money order was purchased six weeks later. and on the first trip, she purchased the plane ticket on november 1 1th. the credit card bill was dated noef 22nd and the money order
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was, again, not purchased immediately. the date shows january 10th. >> my question is what happened here? it took two months to reimburse one and six weeks on the other. >> and i indicated it was a matter of sub missal of those records by staff. >> but you're passing the buck. you could have said here's the money back. it seems like you're taking no accountability here. >> i'm telling you that i'm a person of integrity who has followed the rules as best as she can. >> chancellor says internal reviews did not find a problem with her violating her contract and district policy. as you heard, the chancellor believes she did nothing wrong. but she did tell us that she no longer uses a district credit card for personal purchases, a move recommended by her auditors. jess? >> okay. thank you, tony. if you have a tip for tony or anyone on our investigative
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unit, give us a call at 8 8 8 8-9 9 6-tips. >> fire fighters use the jaws of life to save a driver in oakland. the crash happened about 8 :00 tonight. when the two vehicles hit each other, the impact sent one into a tree. rescue crews had to cut the car open to pull out the truck driver. paramedics rushed him to the hospital with critical industries. an anonymous tip has a ucberkley fraternity house. students were drugged and ysexually assaulted add a frat. five people were targeted. that fraternity had its recognition revoked after allegations of hazing, fire hazards and other student conduct violations. >> police say they've arrested a
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man who touched little girls inside east bay stores. but now they're warning that there could be more victims in southern california. this is the first mug shot of christopher german. a citizen recognized him from the surveillance video. she then tipped off police with her own cell phone photos and they located him at his parking job. officers also got an a e anonymous tip from southern california vm sdoskr california. >> apple prepares to change the way you pay. we'll have a sneak preview of the new technology rolling out next week. >> also, ahead, president obama's credit card declined. the surprising situation at a restaurant and the president's explanation. >> then, a serious revelation by one of the biggest names in music. why bono says he has to wear those trademark sunglasses. plus -- >> i'm peggy bunker.
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the incredible history behind travis' home run hit coming up after the break.
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after leading the giants back to the world series with his home run, he led the team in celebrating after the game. the up likely hero forever etched in baseball history. last night's home run was an incredible moment in baseball. but for more reasons than one. japanese americans who played the sport while captive in camps
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say that moment was especially meaningful. nbc bay area's live in san jose right now. his own grand parents were sent to those camps. >> reporter: they absolutely were. it's hard to believe that era in our history ever even happened. look behind me, you'll see some apartments there, some con dopes here on the corner. it's not always what used to be there. this is where the japanese american baseball team used to play when they played here in san jose, every seat was full, sort of like last night at at&t park. >> it's that history who made him who he is.> not ef enknowing if i was in the big leagues again or if i was going to play at the end of this season. to be in this moment right now, it's special. >> it's no secret that he's had a tough year, but he hung onto
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baseball just like his ancestors did. he's in a small club of japanese americans who play for the mlb honing a sport that they once played to survive. >> it was a very traumatic time period quite a bit in camp. and traveling from one part of a camp to another to play other teams in other sections of the camp and so forth. >> in 19 42, after the u.s. government ordered all japanese americans to be ordered to camps, his own parents were sent to the camp in colorado. it was baseball that helped the young kids to make it through. although they were constantly reminded they were prisoners. >> funny thing was, you know, if you hit a foul ball, it went passed the fence, you couldn't go after it because the guards had to go afterit. >> back then, baseball was as important to the japanese as it was to americans. >> historically, you know, japan has had baseball since the 187
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os. >> so to see the pennant won last night with the crack of the bat, a full circle moment for internment camp survivors. now, you can learn more about this incredible piece of history right here at the japanese american museum. both of those internment camp survivors work at that museum for free. it's absolutely worth stopping by to take a look at this incredible piece of history. >> i'm sure a lot of people will now. all right, thank you very much, peggy. one way to show your love for the san francisco giants is to ban the song that shares the same name as its rival team from kansas city. two radio stations declared royal-free programming. station managers removed royals, by lord, from its play list last flight while fans celebrated the giant's win. and coidf.m says it's following in its footsteps, as well.
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you can send them to your iphone is now good for something else. you can also use it as a wall lot. let. some mountain view food spots are taking apple pay out for a little test drive. it's a new mobile payment built into iphones. they hope it's so easy to use that people will leave their cash and credit cards in their wallet. mountain view customers hope their business owners like it. >> you have to wait to say where is somebody? and then when you want to pay, i's like, all right, where's the check? and this amly kax solves those two problems almost overnight. >> can you split a check on ipay, though? the mobile payment system goes live at businesses around the nation on monday. >> all right, let's check the forecast. it could be big news. maybe not right away, but in the next few days. maybe some rain? >> yes, yes. we do have a bigger storm system coming down the bike line. the storm we're tracking right
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now never was expected to be big. it's falling apart, just as we thought in the forecast the past few days. cold front is moving closer to california. we've got the moisture. the only thing this is mising with some strong uplift in the atmosphere to help some of these areas of showers fire off. and i wanted's just not happening. we've seen some measurable rainfall in parts of the north bay tonight. nothing major. trace amounts to about 0.0 3 of an inch. other than that, it is mainly cloudy with temperatures in the 60 s. now, those clouds are helping keep it a little more mild than this time last night. it's bassically putting a big blanket across the lower atmosphere. that's why it is currently still 66 in san francisco. areas of high fog tonight. you can still see the city lights pretty bright. cool weather right now at 6 4 degrees. for the most part, if you're
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getting up a little bit later on in the morning, let's say 8:00, 9:00, 10:00. we'll have upper 50s and the low 6 os. a mix of some sun and some clouds. if you're heading to the coastline, that's where we could have a few areas of drizzle linger. again, we've talked about the storm system. we've mentioned earlier, it's like a car that's running out of gas. as it continues to get closer, there's just not enough energy leftover with this one. as we get a look, it's going to be the same scenario as we head throughout 7:00 and 8:00 in the morning. so, after 8:00, we're pretty much in the clear from this storm system and then we're going to get some sunny guy e skies building by the afternoon. it's probably one of the best days we've had so far this week. so let's go ahead and get a look at the ply kro climate numbers. it is going to be warmer for us by that 3 or 4 degrees and some increased sunshine.
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78 downtown, a little bit hotter in morgan hill. but this is still comfortable. 8 0e degrees. for the peninsula, we've got 68 in pacifica and palo alto 76. if you're heading out to the golden gate bridge, you'll get that classic fog if you're here viting. for the east bay, we'll hold onto oakland for parts of the day. back towards walnut creek. if you're headed to downtown for some shopping, it looks good. we've got 79 in pleasantton and some low 80 s throughout danville as well. sunday is pretty much going to be a repeet. and for the trivalley, no 9 0 s, 0 no 100s. we've got temperatures right
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around 8 0 degrees. it's looking like a moderate thing that i just heard about, continues to head more to the north. that's not what we want. so on the scale of things, it's an all right storm. that's how i rate it. >> and an all right storm is better than no storm at all. >>. >> still ahead, an amazing story. why the credit card of the united states president was declined. >> thank you notes. you eve got to watch. we're on next. it's great. cause of death. only heart disease and cancer take more lives. proposition 46 will save lives with drug and alcohol testing to
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make sure impaired doctors don't treat someone you love. safeguards against prescription drug abuse. and holds the medical industry accountable for mistakes. i'm barbara boxer. let's save lives. vote yes on 46.
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there are new orders tonight for anyone who entered the room of the first ebola patient in dallas. don't leave town. a travel ban is now in place for
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more than 70 health care worker who is took care of thomas duncan who died last week. also, today, a carnival cruise ship was forced to cut its trip short. authorities would not let it dock. dock. >> president obama named ron klain as the so-called ebola czar. the cdc and national institutes of health along with first responders. he soerveed as chief of staff to is vice president al gore. klain is not a doctor. but they wanted someone who could manage and had a strong management experience. >> almost all rock stars wear sunglasses to be cool. u2 front man bono rarely seen without sunglasses.
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he says it's because he has glaucoma. he says if someone takes a picture of him without his dplaszs on, he will see that flash for the rest of the day. he adds he has had glaucoma for 20 years now. but not to worry, he is not going blind. >> time to check in with sports. the royals making a little noise. tonight's warrior's game. sports up next.
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good evening. geraud monotoray. a preparations for the world tomorrow at at&t park. the g-man might be a little partied out after a third celebration in less than three weeks. last night's bash, by far, the best of the three. a party signifying a third pennant in five years. they'll face a royal's team just as scrap pill december piet the wild card winner. >> we sort of operate well with underdog status. we're fine if we're not the favorite. i do think it's something that
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makes us feel like we're going to have a professional world series. in of our 25 men, 14 of them have world series rings. >> it's going to be a tough battle. they're obviously a team that has done it before. they're kind of similar to us and really thought they'd be there again. they somehow surprised a lot of people and got there. it should be a fun series. >> warriors in heat, pre-season action in kansas city. members of the royal sport net al championship trophy. first quart first quarter, sticking his nose in the passing lane. making sure we all know he can jump a little, too. up a point. on to the second, curry showing the midwest how they do it in the bay. the warriors come up short tonight. 115-108. belamine knocking heads with sacred heart can theed yal.
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griffin connecting with mccaully. off to the races, 75 yards for the t.d. bells up. 2 1-7, bellamin wins. one final note, willis out with that toe injury against the broncos. we'll get the start in his place. more news coming up after the break. ♪ i thought it'd be bigger. ♪
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♪ (dad) there's nothing i can't reach in my subaru. (vo) introducing the all-new subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru,a subaru.
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do you have another card, mr. president? a wait res at a new york restaurant had to tell mr. obama that his credit card has been declined. it happened last month when the president went to pay his dipper tab. he was plooitly told it didn't work. the president initially wondered if he was a victim of identity theft. but he got turned down because he doesn't use it enough. first lady, michelle obama, who uses hers more, finally settled the tab. >> how do you tell him? >> thanks very much for joining us tonight. >> have a great weekend. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- bradley cooper, neil diamond,


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