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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 27, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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i'm going to show you the timeline for the series of stories on the top of the day. >> some major retailers are starting holiday shopping early,
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really early. in hayward some shoppers are happy enough to stand in line and wait but some of the workers are not thrilled about being away from their holidays. >> yeah, a rahal. they had to come in to work on thanksgiving. it incredible to think thursday morning people can start their christmas and holiday shopping. the lines began forming in the wee hours this morning. i counted at least 60 people in lien by the time the door opened at 6:00 a.m. the first customer told me he gotor around midnight
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employees say they had to work on thanksgiving or risk losing l j jobi don't think ho howing a fro. >> it should be a m. i think they should have the choice. >> it said basically we're have to work for thanksgiving or we're going to get fired. >> kmart says this sfchl
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railroad retailers claim it up to customers to decide whether they want to shop today on thanksgiving. ifpuchl that's some stores are resisting the urge to earn and are staying closed on this holiday. >> all tho if a they p and there are quite a few. sport prchlt m. >> all lance are northward interstate 880 in hayward are
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stul clothes krn kplm zpchlt i think a sig alart was cip at this verting trash off windon >> look spn spchlt. officer blocked part prp frmt the cars are gone. it was. same spot like a decade ago. it looks like the tactics might
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the form is just a few feet away. it a completely ditch color where the other drivers m spinning and. . it all began with report of gunshot fired. the police did not find any victims. they estimate there were more than 100 vehicles. some mobsters had their rifles drawn pac walking on the other side of a fence making sure nobody took off on foot. >> special response teams are trained in srn tactics. we were able to use our training
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in this instance to block everyone in preventing alles the escape routes. some people were able to car th appeared to have crashed into a chain link fence fully in flames. >> with at least 1 to 2 people in every week, that leaves 200 people. that's the why i think she's saying they did have intel about this side show and were able to get here quickly. >> live in oakland, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> it amazing no one got hurt. >> for the third straight night,
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a picture of protester, demonstrator and troublemakers were are. >> we're splint splint are groups setting fires, saming breaking windows, disrespecting on each other, what kind you going to prove? nothing. so change what you're doing and do it the right way. >> as opposed to monday and fume trying to keep up with demonstrator sfrchbl protesters
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dwindled last night, if, if. >> we're is better for me. >> and time now to check our forecast as we give you a live florida whether you're hit willing. it can likes like the weather. wool just saw this morning. the gus is,foork did might be a
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little breezy at tiles going into the grapevine. betting back home is where we're really concerned. we have a lot of concern in i twrm stwfrm spfrm motorists hitting the highway so you have to factor in that as well. but you do get the best air quality during the morning hours. if you want to get out there and walk the dog, best parp it's
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above. . show you what's come in on the heels of this system. really, the rain stays north of the golden gate bridge all the way through 9:00 p.m., which is good news because we're lighting up the trees tomorrow in downtown san francisco. i think kpeem. >> we're talking about three to five consecutive days nm that moderate rainfall could potentially bring our totals up until 2 inches before allwe need
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the wran ran frm. >> back to you, chris. >> you measure in nm. >> preparations already under fwachl plus, it a tra did prrng we're going to tack you lack live to new york city for a preview neck. african-american or e-mail the unit yacht ppcalm, too. 31- 1-33.
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>> some of us. the discounted price was handled right on the window. and the salesman injury didn't get paid more if i spent more so i got the car i wanted. it was easy. >> she'd never admit it but she wshs wishes for it. ç3ç3ç3ç3
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welcome back now. if you picked today to travel thor thanksgiving, we have flight delays across the nation. the big story for the next couple days, if people are trying to get home, the story will be on our coast. we have a series of storms headed this way and it will likely hamper holiday travel for people trying to get home. we have a beautiful day on the way. we're taking you into your black friday forecast as well in just moments. >> 6:15 now. here are today's top stories. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg is going back to work
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monday after having a stent put in her heart. the red cross says one donation could potentially save the lives of three people. you can book an appointment at bloodcro bloodcross. >> the goal this year is to raise $1 million. >> and happening right now, preparations in san francisco for what could be the biggest holiday eating event in the bay area, the thanksgiving dinner at glide memorial church. it get started at 9:00 this
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morning. they expect this year they'll serve about 5,000 people of all ages from 9:00 this morning and 1:30 this afternoon. >> and it is almost time for the 88th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade. >> reporter: this parade is officially rolling. they kicked it off a little less than ten minutes ago. you can see behind me they're getting everybody rolling down the street. we just saw the "sesame street" float go by. now they're moving balloons into place. ronald mcdonald you can see just a little bit down the street. he's been in this parade since 1966. i don't know if you can hear the audio behind me but there's an announcer who is calling all of the group in the order they want them to go in.
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so he'll say here comes the "sesame street" float, they'll move that float in and then they'll call for the next balloon. as you can see, they're moving the next balloon into place. there as a group of probably 100, 150 people hanging on to those tether is to make sure the balloon doesn't get away. people here are in great spirits, having a good time on thanksgiving day. some 3.5 million people are out the there. >> and it's a perfect arrival for santa claus at the end of the parade. >> thanks for joining us this morning, chris and happy thanksgiving. you can watch the macy's thanksgiving day parade right here at 9:00 this morning.
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now we know weather is super important on a holiday. you're up watching us this morning. maybe you're getting a casserole or maybe a turkey in the off yon this morning -- >> every time you say turkey, you get so hungry. >> you talking to me? >> yeah, that, too. it's one of those days we all get getis. >> it will be warmer than average for thanksgiving day across the bay area. if you want that fall-look feeling a went ter- -- liver.
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then things start to change. showers coming in to the north of the day area. this front is going to stay to the north until we get to tomorrow. let me show you on your future cast. at 2:00 p.m. tomorrow afternoon, most of the area dry. between 2 p.m. and 9 p.m., we should be able to get by a-okay. but by 9:00, showers start at san francisco command core show ka. we keep the showers going all
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the way. -- we take you into your sunday night. sunday night looks to be the on window of opportunity to get home safely because between monday and tuesday, we get the heaviest round of rain and this is what drives our totals way up pnd we're expecting 5 inches plus in the north bay and around 2 inches here in the south bay. before that happens, enjoy today, joy tomorrow, temperatures really comfortable. that's a forecast to be thankful for, kris, wouldn't you say. >> i'm very thankful. a little concerned about the folks who are travel traveling over the weekend but today super thingful we'll show you what to
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watch for tonight as they. >>
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a commercial delivery truck plows into a bus. as far as federal regulators are
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concerned, it never happened. we investigate why law enforcement agencies across the country have failed to correctly report major accidents. plus the average person consumes about 4,000 calories on thanksgiving. we have some tips if you're trying not to overeat. >> and if you wanted to get outdoors and maybe work it off, i certainly don't, i can tell you lovely conditions for your outdoor activities today. turning cloudy tomorrow and then everything changes, heavy rain, we need it. rain heavy at times. lots to go over, your microclimate forecast just moments away. >> and right now we're looking at a beautiful look at san francisco. this is the day bridge. it is thanksgiving day, folks. it is thursday, november 27. this is "today in the bay." >> this is "today in the bay."
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>> good morning. happy thanksgiving. good to be with you today. an exclusive investigative unt n report right now. what if a commercial driver seriously injured you in a crash and it was never part of that company's record? the investigative unit has discovered that law enforcement agencies across the country have failed to correctly report major accidents involving one of the nation's leading delivery companies. our investigative reporter has more on why those accidents are missing from the record. >> good morning. we're not talking about fender benders here. these are serious crashes involving freeway pile-ups, injuries and in some cases fatalities. but as far as federal regulators are concerned, the crashes never happened. we looked at accidents involving fedex ground trucks. but the same issues here could apply to other areas as well.
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law enforcement agencies are required to notify the department of transportation when a crash involving a motor carrier involves fatalities or requires vehicles to be towed from the scene. we've found 15 major collision involving fedex ground trucks are missing from the carrier's safety record. the d.o.t. tells us law enforcement never recorded the crashes, or recorded the wrong d.o.t. number. the federal government relies on it to evaluate the safety of a motor carrier. that means you may not get the full picture when looking at a company's safety record. for more details on the accidents we found missing from the fedex ground safety record, go to and click on investigations. >> if you have a tip for elise or anyone in the investigative unit, give us a call or send an
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e-mail. >> while counting their blessings today, many people will also be counting their calories this thanksgiving. bob hanson has a few ways you can eat healthier. >> i'm walking through sprouts market with a nutritionist, not to spoil the annual feast but to find a way to cut down on a few calories. >> typically we will consume about 4,000 calories for the thanksgiving meal. >> that's a lot. so should we worry about how much we eat? >> i just want to eat and enjoy. >> we all just sort of eat light throughout the day so we're not as hungry when it comes time for actual thanksgiving. >> i just eat as much as i want. >> you're not going to calorie count? >> no. >> still there a few thing we
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can do to cut back. >> instead of sour cream in the marked potatoes, you can use yogurt and no will know the difference. >> buy fresh yams or sweet potatoes instead of canned. right there you'll save about five tablespoons of sugar. >> what about when you sit down at the table? >> choose white meat over dark meat. that will save you half the fat. >> most people pour one cup of gravy which can run you 300 to 400 calories. >> avoid appetizers. look for lower calorie drinks and dressings. and when it comes to desserts, all pies are not created equal.
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>> you can choose a pumpkin pie over a pecan pie and that will save you half the calories right there. >> and she said it's not good to starve yourself before the meal, instead have healthy snacks throughout the day. christina, i don't have much of a problem on thanksgiving, it's the day after when my mom makes great turkey -- >> tell your mom we love that here if she feels like cooking extra. and we so lucky getting off the hook today not having to cook. if you're waking up, maybe you got to get to work.
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the good news is there's no weather that's going to slow you down today. the only caveat in our perfect forecast, otherwise perfect, is the fact it is a spare the air day. the unhealthiest air pollution will be over san jose. so keep that in mind. a pretty start to the day. look at san francisco, just gorgeous here this morning. what a great way to wake up on a thanksgiving morning. as you're getting yourself ready, your family members ready for a big meal throughout the day today, most of us are going to stay dry. 67 degrees, comfortable conditions on the east shore. then as we head throughout the night, the big 49ers game, love having that thanksgiving game right here in santa clara. conditions will be comfortable, 64 degrees at 5:00 a.m. wind could play a factor toward the end of the game.
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5 to 15 miles per hour, i don't think it's going to do much. should be nice out there for a ball game. and then the rain comes in, chris, and we got a lot of rain on the way. so for you black friday shoppers, you might invest in some rain gears and maybe boots. >> wait a second. before you go. big props to you for kicking off the holiday season. i'm wondering if we should let our friends in on the little secret, it took you a couple tries. >> i can pass physics, got through calculus but i couldn't hit that button to save my life, chris. >> technology got the best of you. you were looking for a mouse click and it was a touch screen. you're a good sport. super cute. it is 6:37 right now. still ahead, a potentially life saving donation. instead of food or money, another way to give this holiday season. and looking live at the haze at
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at&t park this morning, it is football season.
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you're watching "today in
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the bay." >> a lot of charities ask for help this time of year. but there's one that doesn't want your food or money. the red cross wants to remind you the holidays are a great time to donate blood. during the holidays there's a lot more travel on the roadways and sometimes a greater need. at the same time the red cross doesn't always get as many as their regulars into to donate. >> giving blood doesn't cost you a penny. if you are short on cash or you have the grandfather who has everything already, why not give blood in their honor. if you can tell them you helped save three lives, i think they'll be very proud of you. >> you can also get a little rest out of it, which is rare in the holiday, lay down, put your feet up and have a holiday cookie. >> thousands of people will run
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downtown this morning. the goal here is to raise $1 million for charity. it includes a 5k and 10k run along with a costume contest and a kids' fun run as well. an estimated 25,000 people are expected to take part. this all gets started in about 15 minutes on santa clara and market street. it is 6:42 coming up. side show busted. a plus, the holiday and a live look outside san jose. but there is still rain in the forecast. we'll show you the timing when we're back with 15 minutes of nonstop news and weather after the break.
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did you see the kool-aid guy coming down the line? he's my favorite. our temperatures are mostly in the 40s and low 50s. it's nice out there this morning as we get into your afternoon, it will stay comfortable with temperaturesnding up in the 7-- temperatures ending up in the 70s. this one is facing to the east
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where we get that gorgeous sunrise and really, really pretty start to the day with temperatures in the 70s. the exception will be the immediate coast. north bay today, beautiful conditions in wine country, 72 degrees. then for all you shoppers out there, today looks good, tomorrow will stay nice and dry for most of the day. the stanford shopping center, 69 degrees and in san francisco you'll see a mostly cloudy sky for tomorrow and 63 degrees but nothing that will get in the way of you and those door buster deals. until we get into your saturday for most of the bay area i want to show you what's coming my way. i stopped that clock for you, moving you forward in time, taking you into tomorrow afternoon. you can see for the most part that heavy stuff stays north of
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sonoma county. then it starts to press in as we head to the overnight hours. still getting just the light rainfall here in the south bay. but that's when the heavy stuff starts to move in, especially down the peninsula. we move you forward in time and take you in saturday at 11:00 p.m. basically saturday's going to be a washout. sunday at 5:00 a.m., the rain starts to come in. for holiday travelers trying to get back home for the holiday -- after the holiday you're going to get a little bit of a window of opportunity. starts on sunday at 8:00 p.m. and it will continue on 8:00 a.m. between monday and tuesday, the heaviest rond of rainfall comes in. >> let me show you what we're expecting. from the three systems, upwards of 5 inches of rain here and an
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inch in the south bay. especially monday into tuesday and wednesday of next week, those look to be the most active. i know you've got an umbrella. i've soon it, it's cute. and boots, too. >> yeah, i think i'll be wearing them all weekend long. >> thank you, christina. right now bay area shoppers are already snapping up some of the hottest deals from retailers like kmart, who opened up their doors minutes ago. the early work hours not sitting well with some lawmakers and workers as a matter of fact. >> that's right. workers were here in the wee hours of the a.m. they say they're being forced to work today to tend to people looking for those bargains. the doors opened at 6:00 right on the dot this morning, 60 or
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so eager customers. the first guy in line told me he got here at midnight with most of the people coming in the 5:00 hour. kmart seas it's been opening at 6:00 a.m. for the last five years. workers do get holiday pay but what angers them is a memo telling them they'd get fired if they didn't work thanksgiving. the company hopes that the stores -- people say they feel bad employees having to give up their holiday for them but they want every say to help them stretch their dollars for the holiday. >> you want to have a holiday season and respect what's going on so you have to come to work. >> retailers claim it's up to
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consumers to decide whether to shop on thanksgiving. if you think it's wrong, stay home. a group of democrats wants to ban the mandatory shifts for holidays and a move in sacramento aims to make the pay double for mandatory holiday shifts. >> and we should say happy thanksgiving to you. >> thank you, you, too. >> some are resisting the urge to get their slice of the retail pie, they're staying closed this holiday. orchard wanted to make sure their 5,400 employees could spend time with their families before the full frenzy of the holiday season. there are quite a few other retailers closed today, costco,
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freed freed, rrie. >> interstate 880 were closed for hours in hayward as police investigated a deadly crash overnight. the crash was first reported around 2:30 this morning near the west a street off-ramp. there was a si kb. >> and we are learning new details about this side show standoff between police and dozens of people in oakland. it's a remarkable sight. our chopper was overhead as officers blocked all of those cars in so that people could not
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leave. stephanie chuang is there where the scene is clear. there's still plenty of evidence that people were getting out of control. the police had changed their tactics so they really could catch those people and before they would just take off. >> that's right. good morning to you. police had special response teams here just for that. it was very different just before 11:00 last night where people were standing just a few feet away from the cars. there are so many of them, it's a completely blackened section of middle harbor road. most were not able to escape before police got here. they had special response teams
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who are tactically trained. >> to go in here, we have to go in slowly and methodically. we had our airplanes and helicopter jofr head which assisted us by providing realtime video. >> and nearby a car was fully ungulfed in flames. it looks like it crashed into a fence. now, no final tally on arrests. that's supposed to come later today. police say they had to go through about 200 people individually, spending hours here processing them. live from oakland, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much and happy thanksgiving. >> that was the sound for the
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third straight night, leaving a path of damage in okayland. 35 people were arrested on various can can. >> you guys are out hoar vandalizing, jumping on cars, breaking windows, beating up on each other. what point with you it do? officials say the change in tactics was in response to the violence on monday and tuesday night. >> stay with us for continuing
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coverage on the protests both in oakland and in ferguson itself. you can always go to our web site, >> the reasonable doubt cross wants to applied materials' goal to raise money for charity this year is $1 million. and turkey and football, quite a tradition. the bay area will host a game on this holiday. the 49ers taking on their division rifles.
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>> you know what? the 49ers, they have to work today, too. so if you arece. and that game is right here on nbc bay area. you don't even have to change the channel. we've got that beautiful thanksgiving day programmed. >> oh, i love the toy breed. my favorite. >> we have two great new breeds this year.
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we have a wirehaired vees visa love. >> happy thanksgiving woolg. fr from. more than 700 cancelled flights. becould see more we could see more delays today. breaking overnight, new unrest in ferguson and beyond. 130 people arrested in los angeles. the protest now spreading to other parts of the world. this as police uncover a disturbing plot to kill the prosecutor in the michael brown case.


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