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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 30, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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>> i think she would. nbc bay area news starts now. >> right now at 11:00, more fallout from the grand jury decision in ferguson. despite the resignation of officer darren wilson. and san jose gears up to shut down the largest homeless encampment in the country for good. how they plan to pull it off. and on the eve of cyber monday, the tips you don't want to ignore to stay big and also stay safe. the impacts of this very wet weekend. i'm peggy bunker. terry mcsweeney has the night off tonight. the bay area was overdue for a downpour. rain pelting drivers on the roads, causing several spinouts and crashes. this storm brought a few trees and branches down and triggered a mudslide in the bay area, and
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also one in malibu. and the weather made coming home for thanksgiving a major headache for thousands. we do have team coverage tonight of this wet weekend. rob mayeda is in the weather center with all of the numbers. marianne favro is in san jose covering the travel troubles. first, we join christie smith live in san francisco where she has been tracking all of the damage from the storm. christie? >> reporter: good evening to you peggy. the rain has finally stopped coming down here in san francisco after a very wet night. we've seen quite a bit out here. i think you mentioned some of it. we've seen mud in the road. we've seen accidents, trees down. and this rain isn't done yet. as rain fell on and off this evening, trouble spots popped up in places like marin before the waldo tunnel, where mud and rocks blocked the slow lane on southbound 101. flares were set out before the cleanup. and in san francisco and the presidio -- >> a big tree blew down and then it took down the wires and knocked out the power to the whole neighborhood. but now they have the power back
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on, but no phone, no cable. >> reporter: this evening, there were crews in place working hard near infantry terrace which was blocked, a repair under way. neighbor lindy fishburne was there earlier. >> it made a very large boom as it came down and brought one of the pole downs wit. but no sparks and no fire. >> i saw all the wires hit each other. like dominos came down. >> reporter: people grabbed umbrellas and on the roads it was slick. on 880 in the east bay, dexter lavelle had a scary experience. >> hit a puddle and start hydroplaning. the car spun out. >> reporter: and more rain is on the way and conditions can get dangerous. >> people just want to keep driving as fast as they normally do to get to their destinations. but they've got to slow down. >> reporter: now, we did just hear back from pg&e about the outage numbers here in the bay area, and what they're telling me is 300 customers are still without power here in san francisco at this hour. about 290 on the peninsula.
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105 on the east bay, mainly richmond. about 30 in the south bay, and 20 in the north bay. they're working on it and hope to have many people restored in the early morning hours. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> reporter: christie, thank you so much. rain in southern california also triggered a mudslide there, stranding cars and shutting down a highway. take a look at the situation in malibu, california. the mud, rock, and debris all came tumbling down, leaving about a dozen cars stuck. the road was closed in both directions. if you know the pch there along malibu, this is a tough situation. the brunt of the storm not expected to reach southern california until tuesday. that's when things are due to pick up again as well. for more on that let's bring in meteorologist rob mayeda. in southern california, that is tough. >> it is. and a lot of the rock slides will probably be considering through the middle of the week adds we see our own problems here closer to the bay area. so far two-day rain totals around into oakland, 3/4 to an inch of rain. interestingly, some of the
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higher totals you've seen around the south bay. san jose 1.72 inches of rain. this is the wettest two-day stretch going back to february 28th. and march 1. and very likely we'll pass that number. it's headed our way for tuesday and wednesday. right now light rain in san jose. a few showers at times around the golden gate bridge. interestingly, san francisco has seen the heaviest rain throughout the weekend. as christie smith mentioned, closing in to around an inch at twin peaks. 3/4, now seeing the scattered showers lift off towards marin county. and that is going to be the tale of tomorrow's weather pattern. some breaks from the showers at times and a few isolated showers moving from south to north. you see still snowshowers out there towards the sierra. but now our attention is turning to the third storm in the series. and this one will pack a bigger punch. a one-two punch of wind, plus heavy rain at times, tapping into tropical moisture which will increase the rain falling per hour for specific parts of the bay area. we'll show you just how much rain we expect out of the system
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and how long that rain could be now lingering in that microclimate seven-day forecast. we'll look at this coming up in a few minutes. >> certainly affecting a lot of folks. thank you so much, rob. hundreds of people still trying to make it home to the bay area tonight, thanks to flight cancellations and long delays at airports across the country. nbc bay area's marianne favro visited both san jose international and sfo. tonight she has a look at what travellers are facing. >> we talked to one woman who arrived two and a half hours late because she does delayed in denver because of the fog. at sfo we found even more delayed passengers. as air travelers well know, the departure board can make our break your journey. >> you kidding me? >> reporter: at sfo, it showed major delays, including this one, a three-hour wait for passengers catching a flight to austin, texas. >> people watch, i guess. >> reporter: tony, who is headed home to las vegas, is looking at an even longer wait. >> we're going to sit here. there is not much to do in an airport. and everything is atrociously expensive, you know.
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just $12 for a couple of sodas. we're not going to do too much here. >> reporter: his grandson has other plans. >> take a nap. >> reporter: according to flight tracker, sfo had more delays than any other airport in the country. some of the delays were caused by high winds here. but part of the problem was delays at other airports. especially denver, where fog socked in many flights. and if you don't believe this was one of the busiest air travel days of the year, check out this map showing every flight over north america. nationwide, there were nearly 200 cancellations and more than 3,000 delayed flights. at mineta san jose international airport, a much different story. most passengers said they waited only about a half hour to catch their flights. but for those who flew through denver to get here, a much different story. >> our flight was supposed to leave at 2:00. and we left at 4:30. >> reporter: shannon newberry took her two and a half hour delay in stride.
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but she hasn't seen what is waiting outside. gridlock trying to leave the airport. the price of holiday travels. this was such a busy travel day, the u.s. military opened up restricted airspace over some airports throughout the nation. in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> marianne, a tough travel day indeed. thank you so much. an argument in san francisco ended with a shooting this afternoon. the gunman still on the loose. police say the shooting happened near columbus and vallejo streets in north beach about 2:30 this afternoon. the victim is identified as 60-year-old roy matini. the shooting happened in front of busters cheesesteak. witnesses say the argument escalated quickly after the victim hit a car with his cane. >> yes, he did. and then he hit his cane against the guy's car. and the guy got out of the car, yelled at him. and i saw his hand go up. i guess he had a gun. and he shot a gun and got back
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in his car and drove off. >> he is expected to survive. police say the suspect drove off in a gray sedan. they are working on a more detailed description. and 13-hour standoff between police and a suspected burglar ended peacefully today. officers were called to a home on south second street around 2:00 this morning to find a man who had broken into a three-story home. he climbed the up on the roof. he refused to come off the roof. he went back and forth between hiding in the attic and hurling bricks and insults at the officers below. witnesses say the same man got into several confrontations at a nearby bar earlier in the night. >> he started a fight there. and he was going into the women's bathroom. >> yeah, he was messing up. there was a lady in there that was selling flowers. he got her flower, through them all over. didn't pay for it. he was getting crazy already in the bar. >> after several hours of negotiation, police finally use tear gas to get the man down. the suspect is facing several
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charges, including suspicion of burglary, arson, and assault with a deadly weapon. in berkeley, police are investigating the discovery of a man's body in a popular park. officer says the man was found on the south side of aquatic park about 4:00 this afternoon. the victim was a man in his 50s. police are investigating the death as a homicide. for more information on this case, we'll be looking for that as it has not yet been released. and coming up next, after the break, we're learning more about the resignation of ferguson police officer darren wilson. the chief of police opening up now about the threats that played a role. and the rescue at sea all caught on tape after a fishing boat sank off the coast of oregon. cyber monday less than a couple of hours away here. make sure you get what you order instead of holiday fees. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call 1-888-99 of-tips. nbc bay area, we investigate.
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a lot of shaking going on in sedona. a magnitude 4.7 earthquake rattled nerves north of sedona, arizona tonight. the quake struck about 7 miles north of sedona about an hour ago. the shaking was 30 minutes north of the epicenter in flagstaff, and as far north as tuba city, which is about two hours away. so far there are no reports of injuries or damage. and the resignation of ferguson police officer darren wilson has done little to ease protests around the country tonight. those angry about the death of michael brown once again blocked traffic in major american cities such as washington, d.c. the controversy even took center stage for a moment during an nfl game. nbc's ron allen has that story. >> reporter: darren wilson, 28 and recently married to another ferguson police officer, expecting their first child, is no longer with the police force. wilson has been getting death threats, according to his attorneys, who also say he made his decision to resign minutes after hearing from the police chief that others could be in
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danger. chief tom jackson would not go into detail about the threats. were there threats against the department and him as well? >> oh, there has been. >> you take these seriously? >> absolutely. >> what made them credible? >> who is making the threat and carrying it out. that's what has to be assessed. >> and are they still out there? >> oh, yes. >> in a letter, wilson said it is my hope that my resignation will allow the community to heal. today the mayor echoes that sentiments. >> the city of ferguson will not be making a severance payment to officer wilson. now is the time for city of ferguson to begin its healing process. >> reporter: at a church service this morning with michael brown's parents attending, they said the battle has not been about whether wilson stayed on the police force. >> it was not about darren wilson's job. it was about michael brown's justice. >> reporter: today several players from the hometown st. louis rams took the field holding their hands up, as many believe michael brown did when he was shot and killed. >> hands up, don't shoot!
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>> reporter: across the country, demonstrations in cities like portland and washington, d.c., where protesters blocked traffic. >> ferguson -- >> reporter: in ferguson, the annual holiday lights parade postponed because of the unrest, a thanksgiving dinner and toy giveaway for hundreds of families, trying to get into the holiday spirit. >> where is ferguson right now? >> you know, we're still in a point where we're hoping to feel like the worst is over. >> you're still not certain what is going to happen tomorrow, tonight, going forward? >> that's what kind of holding us back from moving forward at this point is that tension out on the street. >> that was nbc's ron allen reporting. a small group gathered at an oakland church today to remember michael brown and other victims. the oakland naacp and two other groups organized the village until honor of brown. they also remembered others who have been killed in police violence. the prayer vigil was held at the phoebe memorial cathedral. and their boat sank off the
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coast of oregon, but tonight five people are back on solid ground safe and sound. this happened in a bay off of the northern part of oregon. now before rescuers could reach the boat, it took on too much water and sank. take a look at this video here of the helicopter crew that pulled three of those crewmembers to safety while the coast guard boat picked up the other two. it's not clear what led up to that emergency. meteorologist rob mayeda is here with the microclimate forecast. we know you have been so busy back in the weather center. >> we're still halfway back. showers into marin county now leaving san francisco into the north bay. and other spots around the bay area. east bay towards the tri-valley missing out for the moment. south bay, you're seeing some of that too. just some clouds passing by from south to north. but the widely scattered showers we're seeing right now is kind of a sneak preview what you're going to find during the day tomorrow. we'll see enough moisture in the air as it rises some of the hilltops. and temperatures are going to be staying fairly mild.
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so right now we're in the mid-50s out there. not too chilly tonight. and for tomorrow morning, we'll see scattered showers, and the temperatures right about where they are right now. mid 50s across the bay area. as we go into the afternoon, despite the fact we have rain in the forecast, that southerly flow aloft is going to bring our temperatures into the mid-60s around san jose, heading into the afternoon. 67 for a high. peninsula temperatures low to mid-60s. we'll see around san francisco also mid 60s for highs tomorrow. low 60s in the north bay with scattered showers at times. the best threat around santa rosa towards the sonoma coastline. and for the tri-valley, you'll see highs in the mid- to upper 60s. things will start to change as we head into tomorrow night as this system right here that is spinning offshore, pulling in tropical moisture out of the south. and as this low deepens offshore, the closer it possibles towards the bay area. that's going to increase southerly winds that we'll start to experience late tomorrow night and heading towards tuesday. what is unique about the last system in the series is how much the tropical moisture is going to have to work with us.
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it pulls it up west of baja, california. pulls it into this area of low pressure and directs a lot of that energy towards the central coast, there is a heavy rain potential. this weekend a quarter inch to half inch rainfall rates per hour. could see a little bit higher than that at times around the santa cruz mountains. watch out as that rain starts to set up and picks up in intensity as we go through midday tuesday. tonight through monday evening, widely scattered showers. mostly around the hills and peninsula. then as we head into tuesday morning, that's when the main event is getting started. we're going to see the winds picking up around the coastline and the hills. rain increasing for tuesday morning. and probably into the early tuesday evening. as the low gets closer to the coast, the chance of seeing isolated thundershowers. heavy rain beginning to taper off as we get into wednesday night. we're not expecting heavy rain for tomorrow. but by tuesday morning, you can see the rain crossing the santa cruz mountains 10:00 tuesday. some pretty good downpours. and a little bit of a break into tuesday night. and one more round coming through as we get into wednesday. so heaviest rain of the week
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coming in. midday tuesday into wednesday. but here is a change now in the forecast. thursday into friday, still enough instability and a trough moving by. we're going to keep showers by the end of the week for san jose, san francisco, north valley and tri-valley. the wind and heaviest rain for tuesday and wednesday. but next weekend after all this rain, it looks like we're going catch a break. high pressure is going to start to build in. temperature is not moving a whole lot. the dryer pattern will take us saturday into sunday, giving us time to dry out as the midweek weather system could bring three to four inches of rain in some of the coastal hill tops and another 1 to 2 inches around the rest of the bay area. peggy? >> good news for the drought, for sure. thank you so much, rob. coming up next, how to shop smart and secure this cyber monday. a few tips to keep in mind when you hit the web. plus, we investigate disturbing allegations of sexual assault inside one of the largest federal agencies, the postal service. we're going bring you two stories of women who say they were assaulted and then punished while their attackers were allowed to retire. that's coming up.
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well, despite all the hype, believe it or not, black friday turned pretty gloomy for many
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retailers across the country. numbers are in and they're down across the board. the number of shoppers and how much they spent also down. there is new hope, though, as retailers get all amped up for cyber monday. this is a premier day for shopping online. experts offer this advice if you do plan to shop tomorrow. shop early. retailers often post their best sales as early as 5:00 in the morning. print the screen that shows what you're buying as well as the confirmation page. and check the return policy. and also other tips. >> first use a rewards credit card. and that might get you 1 or 2 percentage points back. second, make sure you use an online coupon code that might save you 20 or $30 up front. and third, use a cashback website, and that on average will give you 7% back. >> experts there. all right. one last tip to tell you about, make sure your browser is up to date with the very latest version so it will be most secure for making purchases. and have you have made the
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purchases online, it come with some anxiety about getting it delivered especially around the holidays when thiefs are on the lookout for packages. nbc bay area's ian cull has the story. >> reporter: you've seen it before. packages taken right off the doorstep. time after time. parcel pirates around the bay area and country. or if you work during the day, you may have missed a package or two, forced to pick it up at a distribution center. in san francisco, the startup doorman wants to change the way you look at ecommerce. they deliver packages to your home when they know you're there. >> people's shopping behavior online is changing dramatically. people are getting their toilet paper online now. but the problem is they're never home to get their packages. >> reporter: doorman gives customers an address to ship their packages too. then employees like clay pick up from the company's warehouse and drive it home. texting you when reai lives.
11:24 pm
then brings your box right to the door. deliveries are made between 6:00 p.m. and midnight. >> this is our attempt to modernize the last kind of broken piece of ecommerce. >> hello, this is clay from doorman. >> reporter: packages arrive the same day they would if you had ordered directly from a website. the cost is $4 a package, or $20 a month. >> hello! >> hi. >> can i get your autograph really quick? >> reporter: the idea is you'll never miss a package again. >> there is nothing worse than getting a door tag. i would rather get a park ticket. >> i'm not home. we're just returning when i have to take my car and get a package and i lose three or four hours. >> reporter: right now they only serve san francisco. but there are other options in the bay area. you could try the amazon locker, basically a location for you to pick up after hours. or if you ship through the postal service, you're urged to ensure your package and make sure the box or envelope has to be signed for. you can also track its progress online. >> have a neighbor keep an eye out for packages.
11:25 pm
by the way, i'm expecting something. can you keep an eye out for it and i'll do the same for you. >> reporter: the postal service expects to deliver 12% more packages this holiday season than the last one. in all, 450 million of them. and to help, they'll deliver seven days a week to meet demand. >> we have brought a number of what we call city carrier assistance to help during the holidays. >> all ideas to help you keep the holiday package season a happy one. ian cull, nbc bay area news. >> and still to come, it has been tried many times before, but now san jose leaders say they are shutting down the homeless encampment known as the jungle for good. from the animal shelter to loving homes. what a huge difference a haircut makes for dogs in need of adoption. we'll introduce you after this. hey john, check it out. whoa! yeah, i was testing to see if we really can turn any device in your house into a tv. and the tablet worked just fine.
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disturbing allegation are emerging against the u.s. postal service. several women have come forward saying they were sexually harassed, even attacked. an instead of getting help, they were punished when they reported it. tisha thompson has been investigating the trend for months, and we want to warn you some of the details you're going to hear in this report are graphic. >> reporter: it was a frigid morning when we climbed this mountain near albany, new york. >> we made it! >> reporter: to meet this woman, diane caruso ruston. diane said she had to be tough to work more than a decade inside a large postal processing plant where they sort mail 24 hours a day. >> the culture's post office, it is an old boys club. >> reporter: gte good at getting along with the boys working alongside her, diane thought she was going to get a promotion when she walked into one of her manager's offices. >> next thing i know he pushed me up against the wall.
11:29 pm
and he pushes down the left side of my pants, which, you know, the stretchy pants, and he licked my leg. i was like. i got startled. and then he took his thing out and he told me to kiss it. >> reporter: the married mother of two says she pushed her way out of the room and quickly wrote down everything that happened before filing a formal complaint through her union. that she says is when the retaliation began. >> one of those supervisors grabbed me and told me you better keep your mouth shut. if you know what's good for you. >> reporter: diane says the retaliation grew worse as a team of investigators tried to get her to sign an incorrect statement of fax. she refused. and that, not the assault, is what finally broke her. >> it's the cover-up, the intimidation that they do to you. >> reporter: we uncovered a list of reported sexual assaults
11:30 pm
against postal employees across the country never before released to the public, including eight in the california area within the last few years. records we obtained showed the assaults ranged from men groping and flashing mail carriers on their routes to more serious attacks like violent rape. but then we saw this. when we added it all up, we realized one out of every five sexual assaults against postal employees were committed by other postal employees. >> to ask somebody to get down on their knees in the middle of the aisle in the middle of a work room floor to give you oral sex i think is -- if that's not sexual harassment, what is? >> reporter: noel whalen says her managers repeatedly ignored multiple complaints she made about being harassed, stalked and finally sexually assaulted by one of her supervisors inside this processing plant in connecticut. >> this is a person that i had
11:31 pm
asked numerous times not to touch me. not to go near me, not to speak inappropriately to me. and he then attacks me. >> reporter: noel kept all of her paperwork. but when we asked the post office for its records on the investigation of her attack, we received hundreds of blank and redacted pages. but the post office assured us it has a zero tolerance policy for sexual assault. >> when the federal government is an employer and it doesn't follow its own rules, that makes the sense of betrayal or, you know, wrongness somehow worse. >> reporter: sexual violence experts like maya says this list could be much longer because sexual assault is one of the most underreported crimes. and as we reported, noel and diane's cases were investigated by their human resources document, meaning their cases were never reported to the
11:32 pm
postal service's internal police list and never made to it our list. >> if it's unwanted, in most place that's some sort of battery, let's say. >> reporter: to get answers, we repeatedly asked to interview postmaster general patrick donahoe until in august, we were told by a spokeswoman if we tried to approach him, we could be investigated and arrested for threatening a postal employee. which is how we ended up at this news conference at the postal museum two weeks ago as the postmaster general released a new holiday stamp. we counted at least 11 different people in his team scrambling to keep us from interviewing their boss, pleading us with not to approach him. >> mr. donahoe. did you know -- >> reporter: donahoe told us the postal service uses an extensive process to investigate violence against its employees. >> there is nothing ever that is
11:33 pm
left uninvestigated. we prosecute people to the fullest extent of the law. >> some of your employees have told me after they were sexually assaulted they were retaliated against after they filed a complaint. >> the postal service has a number of avenues for employees to air issues, whether it's the hotline, the grievance process, eoc. we have watched these carefully over the years. we have taken it very seriously and acted on it. >> i'm sure as a boss, it also concerns you that your employees are saying that what do you want to tell them? >> our employees are safe. we provide a safe environment. we provide an environment where if there is a problem, we respond to it. >> reporter: that was nbc's tisha thompson reporting. both women in her report say while they were retaliated against until they went on medical leave, their attackers were allowed to simply retire from the postal service. and coming up next, a the growing fallout surrounding ray rice after a judge ruled that his indefinite suspension should have never happened. we'll also hear from jenae rice,
11:34 pm
his wife, coming up.
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the united states' largest homeless encamp stock market right in our backyard but tomorrow they'll be launching an effort to shut it down once and for all. it's near story road. they've been warned about what is coming for months. now but tomorrow crews will post signs that everyone has 72 hours to clear out. the shutdown was planned to coincide with the opening of santa clara's cold weather shelters and also the distribution of housing vouchers. city leaders say once bulldozers tear down the encampment and all the garbage is cleared, an environmental company will work to restore the area. after that, police will be
11:36 pm
assigned to patrol that site regularly. well, on this football sunday, there is new fallout from the ray rice ruling. questions are now swirling about his possible return to the field while others are demanding answers from the nfl commissioner. nbc's kristen welker reports. >> reporter: as the ravens took on the chargers today, it was baltimore's former running back ray rice just reinstated into the nfl who was the big topic of conversation off the field. >> everybody deserves a second chance in life. >> i think, yeah, it's right. let him come back. >> some team is going to pick him up. some team is going the want him for the play-off stretch. >> reporter: today espn is reporting that multiple teams have expressed interest in rice, including the saints and the colts. but no indication they'll pursue him. >> there are teams that have a definite need for a running back. they might be willing to take a chance. i think fans might willing to live. america loves people who can make up for past wrongs. >> reporter: on friday, an nfl arbitrator through the suspension of ray rice, saying the league was wrong to punish
11:37 pm
him twice. in july, nfl commissioner roger goodell suspended rice for two games. then in september, after graphic video surfaced of rice assaulting his then fiancee and now wife, goodell suspended him indefinitely, saying in part that rice was ambiguous in their original meeting. janay rice with an interview with matt lauer. >> the nfl says ray was ambiguous, and the nfl says that it was starkly different sequence of events, is the commissioner lying? >> i can't say he's telling the whole truth, you know. i know for a fact that ray told it's true, that he has been telling from february. >> and you think the league and the commissioner covered their butts? >> i think they did what they had to do for themselves. >> reporter: the nfl declined to comment on janay's account, but wrote in a memo this weekend to club owners no part of the arbitrator's decision questions
11:38 pm
the commissioners' honesty or integrity nor his good faith consideration of the issue when he imposed the indefinite suspension on ray rice. still, the ruling continues to generate criticism of goodell. >> the public has not had the greatest impression of roger goodell right now, and rightfully. so but he makes the owners money. and that's what they care about. >> and you can watch the entire exclusive interview with janay and ray rice tomorrow and tuesday on the today show. that begins at 7:00 tomorrow morning right after today in the bay. first responders who helped the city of buffalo, new york during last week's massive snowstorm were honored today at the game between the buffalo bills and the cleveland browns. if you remember, that area got a whopping 7 feet of snow. even the locals say they have never seen that much. officials representing the agencies involved in storm relief efforts were on the field before kickoff. they were met by a standing ovation from the group. much deserved, that's for sure. now for a look at what is coming up, here is geraud
11:39 pm
moncure of comcast sportsnet. good to see you. >> good to see you too. we'll talk silver and black. the raiders come back to earth unfortunately in st. louis. but a rumor who could soon be running the raiders may provide home. and for now it's the warriors who continue to show up to the bay. the dubs go perfectly on the road. that coming up.
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and welcome back. geraud moncure here in the
11:42 pm
comcast sportsnet studios. as the red and gold's hourglass turns, so are the days of 49ers. coming off one of the worst loss of the year, emerging a story speculating the future of head coach jim harbaugh. according to an espn report, the raiders are the favorites, and the new york jets are a possibility to land harbaugh in a trade during the off-season. the coach's status has been up in the air since he and the franchise stopped contract talks in late july. csn bay raiders insider scott baer with more. >> reporter: it's hard to imagine a scenario where the oakland raiders trade valuable draft picks for 49er head coach jim harbaugh. that's especially true if this personnel department remains intact. because reggie mckenzie knows better than anyone that that team needs young talent that you can only get with higher round draft picks. and i can't imagine he would give up those valuable selections for a head coach. at the same time, i can't
11:43 pm
imagine jim harbaugh authorizing a trade to come to an oakland team that is losing draft pick that he feels like could make them stronger and ultimately force the 49ers hand and force them to fire him if that's what they want to do. >> thank you. rough day for the silver and black in st. louis. oakland looking to build off the momentum from the kansas city win. didn't happen. first quarter, dumping to tray mason. he will do the rest. 35 yards later, the rams take an early 7-0 lead. second quarter now, 21-zip, st. louis. mason breaks free again. this time off the right side. it's a foot race. he is going to win 89 yards later. the rout is on. the rams shut out the raider, 52-0, their worst loss since 1961. patriots and packers. quarterback battle. lambeau field between tom brady and aaron rodgers. second quarter, 23 seconds left on the clock. rodgers fires a strike to jordy
11:44 pm
nelson. he is going 45 yards to reach out and touch the pylon. touchdown, peakers. they're up nine at the break. fourth quarter, and you knew brady would rally the patriots. he finds brandon lafell. deficit cut to two points. brady looking and he is sacked. new england would miss the field goal attempts. warriors and pistons looking for their ninth straight road win, or pardon me, the 50 straight road win and ninth straight win overall. michigan native draymond green a big game. warriors up eight. time wind ducks on now in the half. hits the runner at the buzzer and the dubs lead 13 at the half. green again from a distance. he'll tie a career high in this one. and the lead grows to 20. later in the quarter, little cause for concern. steph curry rolls his left ankle, guarding brandon jennings. he says it should be fine.
11:45 pm
the warriors win their ninth straight, 94-103. and want to basically stay in that groove. >> the mission is obviously to not get ahead of yourself, to not lose focus on what's going on right now. you know, we have big dreams and aspirations and championship mentality. the part of that is just focusing each night on who you're playing against and how we're going to win. >> all right. we've got some college hoops updates. stanford suffered its first loss on the road following 87-72 to depaul. and cal hung in there to beat fresno state, 64-57. that's it on the sports watch tonight, peggy. back to you. >> geraud, a at least a little good news. the raiders loss. people on twitter were suffering through that one. that's for sure. >> they're going to get a shot at the 49ers next sunday at the coliseum. we'll see what happens. >> we'll be watching for that one, geraud. thank you so much.
11:46 pm
checking in with meteorologist rob mayeda. the raiders were not making it rain. >> but we had plenty of it. at least the liquid variety around the south bay. if you factor in the rain this weekend, san jose about 88% of average. so a pretty good improvement there in the south bay. but notice the north bay over towards san francisco and oakland. 40 to 60% of average. there is a chance with all the rain coming in parts of the bay area, including maybe the central bay will be back at 100% of average as we make up what has been a fairly dry fall so far. north bay pick up another half inch during the afternoon. san francisco close to an inch around twin peaks. and up and down the peninsula along the coastal hill top, up to 2 inches falling in the last 24 hours around la honda and the east bay. finally the tri-valleys today to get a half inch or more around the dublin hills. the south bay, the big winner from the rain yesterday and today. hills above los gatos, almost half an inch in the last 24 hours. we'll continue to see the
11:47 pm
showers move on through. notice this morning. we had intense thundershowers offshore. that's what powered up the rain totals. a lot fell this morning. as we made our way to the evening now, you're seeing some of the rain heading towards marin county. more of this on and off at times as we go through tomorrow. scattered showers before more widespread rain comes in. highs tomorrow with the scattered showers mid-60s around san jose and san francisco. low 60s for the north bay. upper 60s out towards the tri-valley. as we go through the week, temperatures staying in the 60s as all this moisture coming in helping to power up some of the rainfall rates. subtropical moisture coming up from the south. we'll see gusty winds at times and rain increasing as we get into the tuesday morning commute. so tomorrow partly cloudy skies. scattered showers. a lot like how the end of today was. and most of the showers will be around the peninsula and the north bayhill tops. as we get into tuesday morning the winds picking up from 15 to 35 miles per hour. strongest on the coast and hills. rain increasing duringing the day tuesday.
11:48 pm
and then into wednesday as the cooler air starts to move through. mate have some more isolated thundershowers. heavy rain beginning to throttle back down as we get into wednesday night. but the extended forecast is going to keep showers actually into thursday and friday now. the heaviest part of the rain for tuesday and wednesday, those will be the days to watch. thursday and friday still seeing a few scattered showers. most of that will be from san francisco northward towards the north bay. a few scattered showers tomorrow. tuesday, wednesday, for santa rosa and livermore. those are the big days with rain beginning to shut down as we edge towards next weekend. we should be mainly rain-free as high pressure returns, which may set us up for foggy mornings as we head toward the end of next weekend. back to you. >> all right. keeping that in mind, rob. thank you so much. coming up, from the navy to beauty school. >> being able to put a smile on one's face is the best thing that i could do. >> he found his calling in a pretty unlikely place. what he is doing now at the
11:49 pm
training will certainly make you bay area proud.
11:50 pm
11:51 pm
something many people do this time of year, but one group of friends in san francisco has been doing just that every single sunday morning. and they don't stop just there. garvin thomas explains in tonight's bay area proud. >> it's all good. >> reporter: inside the jewels and company salon on j street in modesto, it looks to all the world like daniel rita is busy styling hair. from daniel's perspective, though, it looks a bit different. >> to me, doing hair is my yoga. it's my therapy. my life would be so much worse. >> reporter: daniel knows that because his life was much worse. not all that long ago. after growing up gay in the east bay, daniel, in an admittedly
11:52 pm
impulsive move joined the navy. it was an arrangement that didn't end well for him. daniel finding himself afterwards living in florida, hiv positive, battling addiction, and dead broke. >> it was a hard, hard experience. it was a lot of growing pains. >> reporter: daniel says he returned to the bay area with $60 in his pocket and a desire to change his life. learning to cut hair has given him the money and the structure to do just that. >> what's your name? >> my name is daniel. >> reporter: it has also given him a way to hopefully do the same for others. >> yeah, i'll be here next weekend. >> reporter: you see, a few months ago, daniel and his friends decide they'd wanted to help san francisco's less fortunate. so the friends set up a tabletoped with food. >> yeah, just go ahead and have a seat right there. >> reporter: and daniel set up chair with clippers in hand. >> go ahead and wipe your face for me. >> reporter: anyone wanting a haircut. >> okay. >> reporter: gets one for free.
11:53 pm
>> it's a karma campaign. honestly. it's not about the money. it's about happiness. >> reporter: word has spread quickly, and now each sunday on civic center plaza, people wait for daniel to come. >> what type of work are you looking for? >> reporter: daniel says it means so much more to him than what throwing a dollar in a cup because he believes with every fresh look he creates, there is a chance for a fresh start. >> all righty. here you go, buddy. >> that is very cool. well, daniel says he has been so moved by the specious, he would actually like to expand his haircutting service. he is thinking about building a mobile haircutting station in a trailer. good for him. holiday shoppers looking for the extra special something. they headed to san jose's convention today for the annual harvest festival. this event focuses on supporting individual harvest and crafts makers and keeping holiday
11:54 pm
spending local. shoppers have their choice of 25,000 items. >> we have pence. we have jewelry. we have different kinds of lotions. we have stuffed animals. anything you can think of. and a lot of them are personalized. so you can have your name put on them. it's the perfect place to get a gift for christmas. >> reporter: now if you missed out today, you can always go to the website. it is and get in touch with the vendors there. well, coming up, hollywood makeovers for a different breed, you could say. we're talking about pampering for some really lucky dogs. a new look that gives them a second chance at finding a permanent home.
11:55 pm
11:56 pm
11:57 pm
a word of warning tonight before you do any christmas shopping for your children. a new study that tracks toys shows that the rate of toy injuries is up 90%. one toy being blamed, can you guess? the foot-powered scooter responsible for the majority of injuries. one doctor says when they were introduced, he saw an increase of injuries like nothing he had ever seen before. so he's got some very clear advice. >> if you had three things that you could do to prevent an injury to a child on a scooter or other ride-on toy, wear a helmet, wear a helmet, wear a helmet. >> got it? okay. the study found children five years of age and younger were most often injured on scooters and other ride-on toys. it also found an american child goes to the emergency room every three minutes because of an accident with a toy. well, who doesn't love a good makeover, especially one that can change a life? two organizations are giving homeless dogs another shot at adoption by giving them a
11:58 pm
brand-new look. look at these fellows here. of course it can make a huge difference. because underneath all that clumpy matted hair is a dog, a beautiful dog. here is charlie's before and after there. he is a youtube star there from looking at that. nearly nine million views. what is most important, though, he is blind. this dog named maggie here seen by a lot of potential new owners. >> she becomes more relaxed as all of the layer of gunk are coming off of her. >> gets this little strut going. and, you know, you change their life. >> both dogs now have new homes in time for the holidays thanks to the extreme makeovers. really cool. have a good one.
11:59 pm
every day is a new opportunity to help make life better right here in san francisco. whether it's helping local businesses like the fruitguys grow and prosper, supporting nonprofits like juma ventures as they fulfill their mission or helping neighborhoods like the tenderloin become vibrant communities. if there's a way to help the people of san francisco thrive and succeed, we'll find it. that's the power of local connections. that's bank of america.
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