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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  December 2, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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nbc bay area news begins with a microclimate weather alert. >> well, good morning to you. thank you for joining us. i hope you're dry. i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm kris sanchez. i was not. it started coming down overnight. it has not let up, from flooded streets and downed trees, to traffic messes and mudslides. the chp says it took more than 400 calls during this morning's commute alone. four times more than normal. and it's just going to get worse. >> we have live team coverage, stephanie chuang is live in san francisco. bob redell up and down the peninsula in the south bay covering the storm from there, but let's start with christina loren. christina, what's going on right now? >> oh, my goodness. well, most rain in years, over
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three years so far, we can exceed that if totals keep coming in, but now, scott and kris, our focus is shifting to another threat, and that's strong thunderstorm development. take a look at this mass. it's still offshore. it's still not expected to move over the bay area until about 1:30, 2:00 today, but this, my friends, is a very unstable air mass and we've had lightning strikes reported, 709 lightning strikes. now what i think is going to happen is as this big mass starts to move closer to the coast, it's going to fall apart and lose some of that instability. nonetheless, we're going to see a few thunderstorms before the day is done. heavy rain from time to time between now and 5:00. scattered thunderstorms for the local mountains throughout this evening, then we'll see a few thunderstorms tomorrow morning, before we bring in another round of heavy rain and some cities have already accumulated over three inches of rain since midnight. so more on that coming up, a lot of rain. boy, oh, boy, we tip our hat to
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you, kris sanchez, for being out there. >> she was out there this morning. >> i tipped my hat and my hair did not recover. let's turn now to bob redell, who has been all over the south bay and the peninsula, following people who are dealing with the rain. what's the latest from where you are? >> reporter: morning to you, kris. >> well, we seem to be having some trouble with bob, but here he sent in video of people sort of sloshing through the weather this morning. i know it's been tough all over and there have been storm trains backed up by water and by leaves. of course, you've had lots of trees come down. i know this is in woodside. fortunately, nobody hurt in this one. it was in a fairly remote area, but these trees have come down. in san francisco they've been cutting some down because of the rain, as well. >> here's where i was this morning. it was a nasty commute for people driving through the santa cruz mountains. highway 17 can be treacherous on a good day, right, so add heavy
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rain, standing water, speeding cars, and you have a recipe for disaster. good news is, though, while we saw a lot of folks driving a little faster than the conditions allowed, we did not see crashes or wrecks, which is surprising on 17 on a day like this. >> well, in san francisco getting drenched this morning, as well. much needed rain, of course, but causing problems. nbc bay area's stephanie chuang is live near the golden gate bridge this morning. stephanie, a really weird crash this morning that may have involved the rain? >> reporter: good morning to you, scott. chp saying it wasn't the rain, it was a man was driving under the influence and this made a sluggish commute slower today. chp arrested a 22-year-old man driving south on to the golden gate bridge. he went through a parking lot over a curb, over a pole, on to a sidewalk, the car got stuck. thankfully, that's the sidewalk closed to pedestrian traffic until afternoon, or this could
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have been far worse. >> this hasn't happened before. this is unusual. this was the puzzle for golden gate bridge engineers, how to unwedge the mustang stuck on the sidewalk. chp arrested a 22-year-old of san francisco on suspicion of dui. he suffered minor injuries when the air bags deployed. it's lucky no one else got hurt, because even at 5:00 in the morning, the bridge can get busy. >> you add in rain, even this morning all the sober drivers passing us this morning are driving at a slower speed, so it's definitely very dangerous. could have been much, much worse. >> reporter: five hours later, crews took the car away after chp cleared the bridge. >> wet day, drivers are already having a tough time on the road, and this guy who pulled his vehicle up on to the sidewalk has just made everything more difficult for drivers and for us this morning. >> reporter: all throughout the morning, pouring rain challenged drivers who had to navigate through deep pools of standing
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water like this stretch of 101 in san francisco. >> especially the curves, because the water tends to kind of build on either side of the freeway, but people were taking precautions this morning. >> reporter: the site of a mini waterfall spilling on to the street below caught him by surprise. >> it's like niagara falls, so i did like a celebratory dance, yeah, i did it. i don't remember the last time we got this much rain, but it's beautiful. >> reporter: and according to the chp, may be beautiful, but makes it more dangerous out here. in the marin area alone between 5:30 and 7:00 this morning, six accidents, mostly spinouts. usually a zero or one at most. as i mentioned before, the chp altogether getting 400 calls for collisions this morning alone. four times more than usual, so the message, of course, is more wet weather on the way this week, be safe out here. live near the golden gate bridge, stephanie chuang, nbc bay area news. >> all right, you be safe, too,
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steph. in san francisco there is concern about some of the older trees and how they'll stand up to the wind and the rain. the department of public works says 2,700 ficus trees are getting a special look. branches on the trees have snapped, damaging cars, even hurting folks just walking nearby. the dpw just signed an order making it easier to have trees removed and replaced. >> with the ficus trees in particular, we want to take an extra hard look at them and say this one tree here, that tree there shows signs of vulnerability, we think it might be time to take it out. >> trees that are at least 50 feet tall or have roots trimmed or have a history of limb failure will be approved for quick removal. >> any time we're not on air, we're always online. we have continuing coverage. also very useful radar at we have christina, meteorologist christina loren and mike covering your traffic, as well.
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you can zoom in on the radar, but we'll have experts ready to help you. well, in fact, we'd like to see what's going on where you are. send your weather photos to i e well, 90 days, that's how much time a task force appointed by president obama has to come up with a way to help ease tensions between police and communities of color. at the same time, president obama is asking congress for $263 million for community policing, including 50,000 new police body cameras, and then rules for when those officers can use military equipment, as well. all of this, of course, is in response to events in ferguson, which sparked protests around the country that continue today. overnight, seven protesters were arrested in new york and others interrupted attorney general eric holder, shouting "no
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justice, no peace." >> what we saw there was a genuine expression of concern and involvement. >> meanwhile, protesters in seattle came face-to-face with riot police last night. the police confronted the 70 or so protesters, forming a line, preventing them from passing. fortunately, the incident ended without violence, though one person was arrested. there's more fallout from some of the st. louis rams players who made a show of support for ferguson protesters. on sunday, five players came on to the field with hands up in what is known as the "don't shoot" gesture. that upset st. louis police. yesterday the st. louis county police chief said he got an apologetic call from a rams executive, but the exec says he did absolutely no such thing. he says he told espn he expressed regret that the players' actions were construed
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negatively, but certainly never apologized. the rams' front office says the players will not be disciplined. the rams are the latest in a long list of athletes to take a public political stance, perhaps the most well known was in tommy smith and john carlos raised gloved fists during the 1968 olympics. more recently in 2010 in response to a state law that saw many people saw as anti-hispanic the owner of the phoenix suns had his players wear jerseys that said "los suns" during home games, and two years ago lebron james and dwyane wade of the miami heat posed for pictures wearing hoodies in solidarity of trayvon martin. martin was wearing a hoodie when he was shot to death in 2012. well, they've shut down highways, malls, entire cities, now ferguson protesters have taken the lead in time magazine's person of the year poll. the readers are asked to weigh in. the winner is thought to be the
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person or people or even thing that influenced news most in the past year. protesters were also on the cover in 2011. also nominated this year, president obama, tim cook, elon musk, and ebola doctors, as well. certainly, these people were definitely not nominated as person of the year. >> no, you're looking at ray rice, who finally is breaking his silence about the night that he hit his wife and maybe changed his life forever. plus, why a man drop kicked a mother with a baby strapped to her chest as she was walking down a busy street. and we continue to track a series of serious storms all across the bay area. you saw the radar earlier. still not looking much different. christina loren will have the latest for us coming up.
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and welcome back. checking your retirement account, both the dow and the nasdaq mildly higher this morning. kind of a disappointing cyber monday. sales were up, but not much. remember yesterday we were talking about president obama's proposal to provide hundreds of millions of dollars for police body cameras? this morning shares are up better than 7% on that news. taser makes these, the over the ear cameras used by bart officers. well, we've had black friday and small business saturday and cyber monday, now it's giving tuesday. he and his wife laurie will give a million dollars to city here in san jose. the city year helps underserved schools in san jose with tutors and mentors, who sign up for a year's worth of volunteering. how about that? cupertino working on its general plan. southern california cities are required to have tells them where to put houses, hotels, and
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offices. the last time cupertino met to discuss the plan, the meeting lasted ten hours. they finally quit at 5:00 a.m. tonight's meeting, the follow-up starts at 6:45. the decisions will be particularly interesting in that they may affect the future plans for value valco. valco bought up by investors who plan changes if cupertino will let them. >> we'll see, hopefully before 5:00 tomorrow morning. we are finally hearing from ray rice for the first time since he was suspended by the nfl for punching his wife out cold. he spoke with nbc's matt lauer after matt lauer interviewed his wife, janay rice, about their tumultuous year and about being a victim of domestic abuse. rice can play football again. he's just hoping for that chance. >> i take full responsibility for everything that i did, and the only thing i can hope for and wish for is a second chance.
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>> lauer conducted a two-part video with janay rice. ray walked in at the end and agreed to answer questions. an arbitration hearing later today may determine when adrian peterson can play again. adrian peterson is appealing the decision to suspend him without pay for the rest of the season. the players union believes peterson's suspension was supposed to end when his child abuse case was revolved. peterson has pleaded no contest to misdemeanor charges. the wife of voynov says she doesn't want him to get into trouble for an incident at their house that put her into hospital. this week his wife's attorney says she does not want the man charged. the couple continues to live together. he was suspended from the kings since his arrest in october. investigators say he abused his wife, then took her to the emergency room. police are looking for the 18-year-old man who was caught on camera kicking a mother.
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she carried a baby. it happened in the bronx. surveillance video shows the man watching the woman. she walks by talking on a smartphone. she had the infant strapped to her chest. that's when the suspect turns around, gets a running start and eventually kicks her in the back. the woman and baby tumble to the ground. the man took off with her phone. they were treated for injuries at a hospital. doctors say they should be okay and there we see the baby, who is going to be all right. >> that was just shocking. well, the men who started the wildfire that burned 1,900 acres and six homes in southern california will pay a lot of money and they'll pay for it with some of their freedom, as well. two of the men are going to spend five and six months in federal prison. the third man has not yet been sentenced. they were found guilty of starting the colby fire. investigators say they were smoking pot, camping, and watching videos on their laptop when they lost control of their
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campfire in january in the hills in l.a. county. they now owe $9 million. taking you live outside san francisco and a live picture out there. the gray skies, the rain, as well. it has been quite the morning, said the guy who spent the entire day in the studio. >> it was a joy to be out with mother nature. actually, i really don't mind it. once you're dressed for it, it's okay. that's why it's so important to listen to what christina loren says in the morning, because if you're ready for it, it's okay. >> it's okay. you know what, you really are a good sport, kris. get up in higher elevations, heavier rainfall as a result, so getting up there on the summit of 17, you know, you had some pretty heavy rainfall coming down. let's talk about some of your totals. now i really want to make sure i preface this by telling you this is since midnight. this has nothing to do with the other rain that we've had over the past few days. so far over an inch in point reyes, that's pretty impressive, right? over an inch an a quarter in san
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francisco. that's pretty impressive. how does an inch in san jose in the last 12 hours grab you? yeah, that's right. we had some amazing stories to tell. south of highway 92, two and a half inches for west menlo park, fremont, just under an inch, and here is the best piece of information i can bring to you today. so far we've had over an inch. last time we had over an inch and a quarter in san francisco was back in 2012. so we've already blown past that. what we couldn't do today, though, is hit a record that we haven't had since 2009. we haven't had rain like this since 2009, if everything pans out. 1.5, inch and a half is the number to beat. we're already at 1.3, and look at the radar. the heavy stuff is still coming in. so basically, you know the rain is coming in. i want to make you very aware of is the potential of thunderstorms later on today. this is a very unstable air mass, as the core of low pressure starts to move closer
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and closer to the bay area, we are going to see lightning strikes fire off offshore for the most part, but a couple of thunderstorms could very well roll onshore. basically, so far 709 lightning strikes out here in the pacific, and right now we are looking towards this air mass to make its way towards the sonoma cost through about 2:10, expecting that over santa rosa. if you live in the area, stick with us at nbc bay area, we'll keep you updated, but we do have active weather coming your way. temperatures right now mostly in the 60s, that's where we're going to stay today. a lot of rain coming in. thunderstorms expected this afternoon, best chance between about 12:00 and 5:00, so right after this broadcast, taking you through your wednesday, another round of thunderstorms likely for tomorrow morning before we get a little bit of a break wednesday afternoon, another round of rain, though, thursday. another round on friday, and finally clearing you out towards this weekend. but i can tell you guys, we're not expecting anything like
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what's coming through today after we get through this system. the next two look kind of weak in comparison. back to you. >> with your help, we'll be ready. >> i like the terminology. >> very scientific. let's go out to bob redell, who is trolling for rain in the south bay. how's it going, bob? >> found some. >> reporter: well, yeah, we found plenty of wet roads all morning long. good morning to you there, scott and kiss. southbound 101 passing through downtown san jose. i've got to tell you, we've been begging for rain, we need it for the drought, but i think commuters are probably enough already. to give you an idea what our morning was like, once the sun came up, southbound 280 to 85, 101, local roads to palo alto. not only was traffic relentless, so was the weather. not just for drivers, but for people taking mass transit, as
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well. this was the scene just about an hour and a half ago. you're looking in palo alto. this is what greeted riders trying to get from one platform to another at the palo alto station. a good four to five inches of water in the pedestrian tunnel. some said to heck with it. they could get to their train on time. a caltrain worker was still trying to figure out what caused the drainage to block. in woodside, the rain took down a large part of a giant 100-year-old oak, sending it down on a road a couple blocks west of the intersection, where a lot of the town shops were located, if you're not familiar. power was knocked out to a few places, including fire station seven, which switched to backup power. traffic was averted to other roads so commuters could make it to 280. a firefighter told us the tree had been rotting. caltrans was charged with removing it from the road.
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busy elsewhere all over the bay area this morning. here you can see them picking up rocks, not much of a rock slide, but picking up rocks that tumbled down the hill. >> we've been having a problem with bob all morning. i think that's a good sign of the rain, but again, he's showing you highway 17, where you were, and our technology with all of this water, my goodness. >> it's hard to stay dry. still to come, we have much more. we'll be right back.
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well, black friday, small business saturday, and cyber monday behind us, charities hope shoppers will take part in giving tuesday. the idea, instead of spending money, you donate to charity today. the online fundraising company crowd rise created an app to track giving and announced a giving tower, a virtual tower that grows with every donation. the number of charities are participating here on giving tuesday. the irs is being generous, as well, at least with advice. the internal revenue service says you should make sure you are giving to eligible charities so that you'll get that tax break for your gift. any financial donation that you make has to have documentation. that could be your bank records or a written statement from the charity. if you plan to give things like furniture or clothes, get a receipt, as well. well, still to come, from
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san francisco to santa cruz mountains, roads were a mess. coming up, we're going to check with meteorologist christina loren for everything you need to know about this storm.
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unfortunately, it's just going to get worse. for more on what to expect, let's bring in plonkts christina loren. >> it's a better/worse scenario. worse, you're right on cue, scott mcgrew, everything coming in all at once with an already saturated ground could create more problems. we are expecting those, but really we need this rain. we need the heavy stuff to fill up our reservoirs, and that is what's happening this morning. in fact, we're going to talk about what's happening near the russian river coming up in just
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a bit. but right now, you can see where the heavy rain is coming through the bay area. still heavy at times, but this batch of thunderstorms i'm very concerned about. we've dealt with the rain in the bay area and the fog. we know what that's like, but when you're talking about a unstable air mass like this so close to the coastline and it looks like it's going to move over the north bay throughout this afternoon, right around 1:30 to 2:30, it is a very dangerous situation. we're talking about hail, potential gusts up to 50 miles per hour, which could take down even more trees, and this is something that we hardly ever get. maybe one to two times a year in the bay area at best. so we'll tell you what we're expecting from this area of low pressure as it continues to churn towards the coast and take a look at that coming up in a minute. i'm going to storm track that for you. temperatures in the 60s. chilly out there, and there's another round of rain on the way tomorrow. we'll have more on that coming up. right now, back to you, scott and kris. >> thank you very much. dropoff times, pickup times,
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commute times. >> get in the car! so, san francisco, as you saw on the radar, got drenched, causing problems on the road. the first with deep pools of standing water like this on 101. >> wait, what just happened there, right? >> right, yes, there was a car that lost control, apparently somebody was drinking and allegedly anyway and ends up on the bridge there. this is just a mess. here you see some of it on 101. just everything splashing everywhere, traffic just definitely affected. sluggish across the area, as well. and also this morning, this was the scene in the santa cruz mountains, and it was a very dangerous, very slippery commute. we saw lots of folks driving too fast for those conditions. highway 17 under the best of circumstances can be very difficult, but when you add rain
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and standing water, speeding cars, you do really have the recipe for disaster. the good news is, we saw quite a few people speeding by, but really no serious accidents to speak of. >> so there are stories all over the bay area, your stories, we would like to see them. you can send your weather photographs to us. certainly, stay with our weather and traffic team for live updates, as the conditions change throughout the week. you can get up to date look at weather radar any time you want on our website, jury deliberations began today in the case of two san francisco police officers accused of corruption. the two plain-clothed officers were members of a narcotics team linked to a series of raids that the city's public defenders office call illegal. they are accused of stealing money and property. earlier this year another former police officer in that same
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group made a plea deal to testify against his colleagues. closing arguments concluded yesterday. the san jose city council will decide today whether to ban bikes on sidewalks downtown. the senior citizens commission are pushing the plan to make sure the sidewalks are safe. many pedestrians have complained about having to dodge cyclists on salks. there are signs asking riders to walk their bikes. cyclists say they are trying to avoid the traffic on the streets. >> crowded, that sort of thing, i'll ride on the sidewalk for awhile. >> all these people getting hit or nearly hit are senior people in wheelchairs, walkers, canes, and so on. and they cannot get out of the way. >> other big cities like oakland, san francisco, and los angeles have all enacted either limitations or outright bans for bicycles on sidewalks. nearly one month after the election, it appears the race for san jose mayor is officially over. merkley news reports sam
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liccardo will officially be declared the winner today. challenger dave cortese did concede about a week after the election, but the margin was so small and the ballot counting so meticulous, the county waited to make sure it had an accurate tally in the end. liccardo won by under 3,000 votes. in all, 180,000 votes were cast. taxi drivers could get a leg up on ride share companies because of a proposal considered today. reducing taxi fees for drivers so they can better compete with uber, side car, and lyft. taxi drivers have complained their fees are too high. with fewer people using traditional taxis, drivers aren't making much money. last month drivers clogged up the traffic loop at sfo trying to get you on their side, protesting the airport's decision to allow uber and lyft to pick up and drop off passengers there. >> i should read that how to
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influence people. apple's late cofounder strive jobs will be a witness in a lawsuit as the company heads to court later today. a videotape deposition of jobs recorded months before his debt will be played for the jury. this is a case, billion dollar class action lawsuit over ipods and it's been going on for nearly a decade. plaintiffs contend that people were essentially locked into using ipods because they could not easily switch their music collections to other portable devices. if apple loses the case, consumers who bought ipods between 2006 and 2009 could be eligible to collect some money. nearly three years after the costa concordia cruise ship -- the captain will testify today, facing manslaughter charges. he was at the helm in january of 2012, causing it to capsize.
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32 people died. greco is under investigation by the government following the largest child safety seat recall in history. greco recalled more than 6 million car seats earlier this year because the buckles could get stuck, potentially delaying a quick exit in an emergency. the company developed a fix for the problem, but now the national transportation safety administration wants to know whether the company followed a law requiring them to report an issue within five days of discovering it. if the company is found in violation, it could face a $35 million fine. japanese manufacturer takeda has expanded a recall tonight. the company previously had limited this recall to include vehicles with states with high humidity, because humidity makes the defective air bags more susceptible to rupture. takeda is scheduled to testify
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tomorrow. one of the top restaurants in the bay area is working on a plan b to stay open during a long-planned remodel. >> the san francisco chronicle reports french laundry closing at the beginning of next year so they can remodel the kitchen, but says the historic dining room will be untouched during construction. the four-star restaurant is trying to build a temporary kitchen in shipping containers. if everything goes as planned, the temporary kitchen will be opened in the spring. >> they can come use my kitchen any time. whole foods is brewing up something other than organic groceries. today the company will open up its first microbreweries in san jose. it is called the mission creek brewing company and it is located next to the whole foods store near the s.a.p. center in downtown san jose. to be clear, though, you can't get your groceries until next tuesday. beer, yes, groceries, no. >> priorities. >> featuring 22 taps, pub grub, and lots of outdoor seating,
11:37 am
which i think we can't get enough of in san jose. >> fantastic, see you there. not christmas yet, but if you're planning for summer vacation, one thing you should consider. and we'll continue to track the series of storms all across the bay area. meteorologist christina loren joins us live with the latest on what this doppler means for you. coming up after nbc bay area news at 11:00, access hollywood live, followed by days of our lives at 1:00 p.m.
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well, new this morning, silicon valley hardware store, you've heard about this, retail robots invading orchard supply hardware near 280 and highway 87 in san jose. the computerized personnel will help customers shop more efficiently, but they are not going to replace human employees. >> so it's actually augments and helps, much like your smartphone augments you, so it doesn't take away from anything, it actually helps and provides not skills, but knowledge and abilities that you don't have. so, for instance, the robot speaks multiple languages. >> kris speaks multiple languages. >> i am a robot. >> this is over near bird and san carlos. the robot is equipped with 3d cameras to scan and identify items, research items you want to buy on the screen, the robotics them to the aisle it is located.
11:41 am
>> i can find it by myself, if they can watch the kids while i get the nails and screwdriver and what not, that would be great. may seem early, but many families are making plans for summer vacations, not just deciding where they want to go, but how to plan for the next get away. bob hanson has some good advice. >> reporter: the goal of a family vacation is simple enough. >> it's important to spend time together. >> reporter: for allison's young family, is spending time together enough? >> as long as everyone's having fun. >> reporter: but having fun can be a challenge. >> we know if you're on a trip with unhappy kids or sulking teenagers, you're miserable. >> reporter: how do you get your kids not to be bored during the family vacation? have them help plan it. >> definitely should get the kids involved in planning it and a lot of times you would be surprised what the kids say they want to do. >> reporter: eileen says today's kids have more online resources
11:42 am
than ever to help research the next family vacation. >> the more kids that are vested in where they are going and what they are doing, the happier everyone is going to be, the more the kids are going to be willing to compromise. >> a kid today is the world is literally at their fingertips. >> travel researcher says millennial families are looking for more active trips. >> hiking, biking, eco, it's, you know, fishing, it's beach waterfront, even culinary. >> reporter: today's families are the most traveled of any generation, including trips to central america, europe, and asia, but the key to success isn't so much where you go, but in helping every family member believe they are helping plan the trip. >> i don't mean that, you know, the kids are going to say you're going to go to paris when your budget is to go to the beach, right? i'm just saying, you know, if you listen to what they want, everybody will be happier.
11:43 am
>> and that was bob hansen reporting. so if your kids are too young to help plan, after you know where you're going, share books or movies with the kids so they can get excited about the trip. and if they still complain, tell them to zip it. >> see this red banner right here? that means we have a weather alert. we'll get a check in with christina. >> i just learned the best parenting advice one could ever learn. good morning to you. such a great story to tell in the weather department. as you know, we need this rain, and although we have had some storm reports so far, nothing incredibly serious just yet. we are still under the gun when it comes to the chance for severe weather here in the bay area throughout the day today, into tomorrow, and we'll let it expire by tomorrow afternoon. i want to show you great sites. you are our weather watchers across the bay area. get out your iphone, shoot a picture and send it to us. you can find that at the top of
11:44 am
our website there if you'd like to give us a picture. take a look at this one, from the palo alto police department. this is what it looked like on the oregon expressway this morning. definitely a rough ride to work this morning. it's likely going to be a tough commute home, as well. you might have to wait patiently for loved ones to get home tonight. this is the san rafael bridge right now, very, very slick, moving at a snail's pace until an hour ago. i want to show you live radar in terms of your rainfall. the heaviest right now concentrated along the peninsula, but we've got a lot of thunderstorm activity before the day is done. as you can see right now, a lot of that moisture is starting to push onshoir. this is going to continue to move into the central valley, where we desperately need rain. farmers are rejoicing about the rainfall, but this could create problems. this is going to be loud. you will hear this thunder. in fact, up in ukiah, you may have already heard the thunder from the lightning that now is
11:45 am
getting closer and closer to your region. what we are expecting is that big mass is going to kind of lose some energy, but we could see strong storms develop, especially along the coastal mountains in marin and sonoma county and tomorrow morning for us here in the south bay and santa cruz mountains. otherwise, we need the rain, we want it to come in, just don't want anybody to get hurt out there. please, take it easy if you're going to be traveling around the bay area. widespread steady rain continues until we get into about 5:00 tonight, then the scattered thunderstorms, heaviest north of highway 92 for tomorrow. today was a widespread south bay event. tomorrow is moves back up to the north of 92. that's where we'll get the heaviest rain for your wednesday. we take you into thursday, on and off light activity, especially into the coastal mountains, then friday, one more wave of light to moderate rain before we get a break saturday, into sunday. but so far, just today, just since midnight, over four and a half inches on the peninsula
11:46 am
mountain. i know, unbelievable, but we've got to believe it now, because finally, you guys, it's the rain we need and it arrived and there's more on the way. it's been years since i've had this kind of activity in my life. back to you. >> as you know, christina, in san francisco, a lot of concern about older trees, will they stand up to the wind and rain. department of public works says 2,700 ficus trees are going to get special attention because of the weight of the rain caused the branches on the trees to snap, damaging cars, hurting people walking nearby. dpw says they've signed an order making it easier to have the trees removed. >> with the ficus trees in particular we want to take an extra hard look at them, this tree there, that tree there shows signs of vulnerability, we think it might be time to take them out. >> trees at least 50 feet tall or have had roots trimmed or a history of limb failure will be approved for removal.
11:47 am
rain impacting southern california. crews were hoping to have a portion of the pacific coast highway in ventura open again today, but this storm could delay things again. rocks and mudslides closed the area on sunday, the same area that burned from a fire may of last year, leaving little vegetation to hold the hillside in place. the storm is going to be great news for ski and snowboard fans. this is what it looked like at north star ski resort earlier this morning. the snow is going to be deeper by this time tomorrow. expect to get two feet of snow in the next 24 hours. whiteout conditions are possible, some areas today. be sure to stay with us throughout the morning and any time we're not on the air. you can find us online, click on the weather tab at the top of the page and there you will find our interactive radar so you can track the rain right to your doorstep. again, that's other news, a siberian tiger
11:48 am
released into the wild by russian president vladimir putin was spotted just over a mile outside a populated area in northeast china today. two people spotted the tiger earlier and said they thought it was a loose fox, then realized it was a tiger. when police arrived, they took this video of the tiger before it disappeared into the woods. he was reported to have killed several goats in the area. russian experts, kris, rescued five tigers, putin releases these things into the woods and the tracking devices show him one of his siblings made his way to china in october. estimated there are 600 siberian tigers left in the world and they are eating goats. >> can you imagine if president obama released a tiger into the world? horror. up next, the challenge that helped a man walk away from his wheelchair. >> the top baby names of this year inspired by hollywood. we'll take a look when we come back.
11:49 am
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11:51 am
well, the top baby names of the year have been released, and do you think you can guess who the winners are? >> not much has changed, jackson and sophia, same as last year, they are number one. jackson, adan, liam top the list for boys, but caden and logan bumped jaden and jack off the list. >> sophia, which the baby center says is arguably the jennifer of the generation is joined by emma and olivia. like the boys, those are the same top three names as last year. names from tv shows like "orange is the new black" and "house of cards" is gaining popularity. the same goes for names from
11:52 am
frozen, specifically elsa, duke, and -- >> which is the snowman? >> olaf. olaf is notably absent. >> go with olaf. well, there is new information for parents who are wondering whether or not circumcision is right for their kids. the cdc released draft guidelines today on circumcision of newborn boys. science increasingly supports the benefits of the procedure, which include lowering a man's risk of hiv and other diseases, urinary tract infections and certain kinds of cancer. the guidelines are not yet final and circumcision is not a mandated procedure. it's a story of tragedy, depression, and survival. the story does not start with a smile, but after ten years of struggling, he's giving a whole new meaning to giving thanks and matthew smith has more. >> reporter: everyone inside
11:53 am
this gym loves mike macintyre. it's no surprise, after all, everyone loves an underdog. as runners fly by, mike's taking it slow. canes in hand, one step at a time. >> it's a long ways. >> reporter: but not as far as he'd come. in may mike was in a wheelchair barely able to move. he tells me he nearly killed himself. >> i didn't want to live like that anymore. >> reporter: instead, he sought help and a psychiatrist didn't just help, he challenged him. despite the fact mike hadn't left his chair in 12 years, he dared him to walk. >> i don't take a challenge lying down. >> reporter: now mike is planning to walk a 5k next year without the canes. not just because of his wheelchair, but the fact he weighed 347 pounds. >> it takes will, it takes gumption, but you can do it. everybody can do it. they just have to have the will to do it. >> reporter: a message he's spreading to everyone around him, including his workout
11:54 am
partners. >> you're rocking it! >> thank you. god help me, thank you. >> wow. >> matthew smith reporting. still to come, we want to get another look at the doppler, because it is impressive. we'll be right back.
11:55 am
11:56 am
nbc bay area news begins with a microclimate weather alert. >> any time you see that, you want to talk to christina loren. make sure why it's red there.
11:57 am
>> that's right. it's not just the rain. it's the thunderstorms. we don't typically get strong thunderstorms here in the bay area, and take a look at that mass coming towards us. i can tell you right now, not all of that is going to reach the bay area, but as we head throughout the next four hours specifically, we do have the threat for severe weather, especially the sonoma county coastline and up through yu chi ya. showers will continue. this evening isolated thunderstorms associated with stronger storms, we could see hail, we could see gusts in excess of 50 miles per hour, and, yeah, a storm system like that could do some damage, which is why i'm going to stay here all afternoon. we're going to be bringing you live updates every 15 minutes showing you the storm as it progresses towards the north bay coast. give yourself travel distance and time to stop and make sure you stay as safe as possible out there. thank you, christina. >> see you in just a bit.
11:58 am
11:59 am
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today on "access hollywood liv live", tori spelling is live. >> so much to talk to her b.babysitter what is going on with dean. is he leaving the show. she looks fabulous. >> has dean gotten the virginia sec tochlt he's here but not come down. ray rice interview and motor awkward christmas card you of ever seen. >> "access hollywood live", card you of ever seen. >> "access hollywood live", live", starts right ♪ fifth ♪ fight love the choir.


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