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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 2, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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nbc bay area news begins with a micro climate weather alert. >> after a strong round of rain today we're tracking severe weather tonight. thunder and lightning rolling into the bay area right now. >> want to show you video, you can see the lightning in san francisco and marin county right there. >> the latest storm also a challenge for drivers, minor flooding and slick roads. good evening, thank you for joining us. i'm jessica aguirre, we are
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tracking the dangerous weather. >> these storms could push more into the bay area, you can see a wide complex of rainfall also developing down to san jose. we're taking the most severe components down to petaluma and san rafael where some of the heavier rain is. the computer is picking up on at least 11 strikes in the past half hour. we're going to go a step further so you can see who is going to be hit by the rainfall. napa, it is knocking at your door step right now so continuing into the next 15 and 30 minutes it will move into your area downtown. also potentially in vallejo, potentially in the next 15 minutes or so. we're picking up hail as well, a half an inch in diameter. strong winds, heavy rainfall and lightning. now, tips here if you do hear the thunder you're close enough to be struck by the lightning. it is not the time to be outside
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taking pictures. you can also see heavier rain through san francisco, continuing through oakland as we head through about 11:15 to the without the rainfall picking up. down towards the south bay, more of a light spotty rainfall, more where that came from offshore. and of course we are continuing to monitor this heavy rainfall that is on the way. now with that rainfall moving in right now we do want to get you in a flood advisory in effect until 3:45, where small creeks, rivers and streams will be rising. a tip here don't drive through the water, it only takes a few inches to carry away your car. we're not at that point, but remember, it could be critical. the rain has crews in san francisco working overtime to clean up storm damage, downed trees and to get the roads ready for another stormy and wet day. more on the wet work and lots to get done and in the rain, too. >> reporter: lots to do,
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jessica, and yes we have a nice steady rain falling. work crews are out right now trying to prevent street flooding. and this is one of the big problems. leaves clogging storm drains and forcing water into the street. drivers splashed through rain puddles in san francisco. some people on foot are crossing slick streets with extra care. >> slow down, pay attention, look both ways. >> reporter: michael caldwell and jason gamble got soaked on a sales job but didn't seem to mind. >> i think about liquid sunshine, that is how i look at it. you still got to go to work, right? >> reporter: the city street crews have a lot of work to do cleaning up more than a dozen trees that snapped in the storm. on guerrero, the neighbors say that the ficus couldn't stand the weight of the water. >> i heard it crack and crash, i thought it was a car wreck in
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the intersection. it landed on three cars but no one was hurt. hoping to prevent car accidents and traffic backups caused by street flooding, public utilities crews are working overnight vacuuming out storm drains. >> we have had about 140-plus calls today. we're back up at catch basins often, since it has not rained you have debris and leaves ponding around the corners on the streets. >> reporter: crews are vacuuming up pilines of leaves, too, clearing the day for another heavy rain. workers face another wet morning commute and hope that everyone will slow down. >> probably just need to slow down a little bit. be careful, people got kids in the car. >> reporter: the sspcue says there are 23,000 storm drains like this one here in san francisco. they clearly have not gotten to this one yet to clear the leaves. i'm told they are responding to complaints first.
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there is still a lot of work to do. reporting live. and they're hoping for better luck tomorrow because today was a mess at sfo. more than 140 flights were cancelled. in addition, other flights were delayed for up to three hours. well, as expected we saw minor flooding, sewage backups and plenty of accidents and most likely it will happen again tomorrow especially on the peninsula. but there is one spot where major flooding is a concern. $p bay area cheryl herd joins us. and cheryl, the creek flooded just a couple of years ago. >> reporter: yes, it did, raj, this hood i'm wearing is on again, off again, on right now because it is starting to rain. now, we spent a lot of time on the peninsula today and that is because the cities were surrounded by the creek which was prone to flooding. we got a lot of rain today and people are watching with concern. we learned from the mountains it just comes down quick.
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>> reporter: ellen stopped by the creek here this evening to take a look at the water level. it used to be dry, but thanks to the rain water is flowing again. >> i worry, because our back yard has space. >> reporter: woodlands, which is the street that goes to university. >> reporter: in an area that has experienced major flooding before. this creek overflowed two years ago causing damage to several businesses. and forced the evacuation of three dozen east palo alto families. there was another flood in 1998. elizabeth lee lived in a palo alto apartment then, now she lives across the street from the creek. >> oh, i remember i managed to you know, get my shoes on. and walk through the water which by that time it was at least at the ankles. >> reporter: lee has a stash of sandbags on the side of her home just in case. >> we're having a drought so we really need the rain.
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>> reporter: this man's basement and his home flooded in the past which makes these storms something he is watching closely. >> there is a concern that we could have too much. i mean, we're getting a lot right now. and the news says we'll get more in the next two days. so unless we dry out soon it could be a problem. >> reporter: as you can see everyone we talked to tonight wants the rain but they don't want the problems that come with it. reporting live, i'm cheryl herd, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, cheryl, here is the problem that came with it in san jose. the driver spun out and then the car was under 18 inches of water. one of those problems cheryl was referring to. now, our micro climate weather coverage continues tomorrow throughout the bay. you can find our interactive radar. check it out on and veteran police officers say this was a very disturbing
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police case. three young men brutally killing a homeless man on the streets of san francisco. and it was caught on tape. here is nannette miranda. >> reporter: he weighed less than 100 pounds and homeless. his crutches were just three feet away when san francisco police say three men beat him to death. a security camera caught the unprovoked attack the night of november 23rd, lam hiding in his sleeping bag. >> it was one of the worst i have ever seen. all of us investigating this case were personally affected by what we saw. >> reporter: police say the group came back later to 137 sutter street for another round of blows. >> and the fact they left and came back and resumed the attack i think it speaks volumes on how it was. he was unable to defend himself and died alone.
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>> reporter: just before the fatal beating, police say the men can be seen from another camera smoking near the galleria. they hope witnesses will recognize them. they attended an event close by described as a flash mob. >> no, we're never surprised. >> reporter: homeless advocates say it is common for the homeless to be struck. >> the truth is it is a huge danger on many, many different levels. i think this is one reason why people gather in camps. some feel there is safety in numbers. >> reporter: many are homeless and disabled like lam. the suspects are believed to have left the seen by bart or muni. nannette miranda, nbc bay area news. and a suspected driver drove his car on the sidewalk here on the bridge. that is his car wedged between
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the chain link fence and the rail. the space so tight that it took more than five hours and a crane to literally hoist the car out of that inprovized space. by unanimous vote the city council approved an ordinance that bans bike riding on designated sidewalks. cyclists will have to ride their bikes on the street. police officers and kids under 12 are the only people that will be exempt. and that ordinance will likely take place in january. well, next at 11:00, more fallout for the legendary bill cosby. this time a woman claims she was 15 years old and sexually assaulted by him. and a bizarre rescue after a teenager finds himself locked out of his home. and good evening, i'm
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meteorologist jeff fornieri, looks like the heavier rainfall will continue through mill valley as we head through the next ten to 15 minutes. we're tracking more wet weather for your commute in just a few minutes. ranieri, rani
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new trouble for embattles comedian bill cosby. now a southern california woman is suing him filing the suit today, claiming he molested her in the bedroom of a playboy
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mansion when she was just 15 years old. she said she met him at a film suit. she says that cosby gave her and friends drinks and took them to the playboy mansion. there are multiple allegations of sexual abuse. cosby has not been charged. and there is national attention because of a high profile witness. three years after his death, apple co-founder steve jobs is at the center of this anti-trust lawsuit. e-mails he wrote more than ten years ago were used by the plaintiff's attorney to build their case against jobs. on thursday, a videotaped deposition is scheduled to be played for the jurors. the billion dollar lawsuit claims that ipods were built in a way that discouraged consumers from buying competing music
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players. today, twitter announced new tools to make it easier for users to report harassment. the company says it will make the forms simple. twitter says it wants everybody to report nasty behavior saying it would improve to respond quickly and fairly. not all about commercialism here if you heard about black friday and cyber monday. but have you heard of giving tuesday? >> it is a way that nonprofits are raising money to sustain themselves throughout the year. they may need to donate more. >> the day after so many went on line to shop, charities hoped to log on tonight to donate. giving tuesday is lighting up facebook, and twitter. last year more than $20 million was raised. >> we've seen a 90% increase in on-line giving year after year since it started. >> local nonprofits for asian community involvement spent today reaching out to followers.
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they say they're trying to get creative while fundraising for many charities. last year the giving tuesday movement reached 2 billion people on line. >> there is ai] lot of giving during the holiday, i kind of like that giving tuesday falls right after thanksgiving. they will help to renovate and support their women's shelter for victims of domestic violence. >> a lot of families come with the clothes on their back and they have nothing else. so we really provide them with everything. >> another nonprofit is raising money for their program, a camp that brings high school students together and focuses on social and emotional skill building. >> that helps them to learn to get along with people who they think are different from them. help them realize they have a lot in common with everybody else. >> an anonymous donor will match the donations this year up to $250,000. but while donations may be rising, numbers from the chronicle of philanthropist
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shows that california ranks 40th. charities hope this may have a lasting effect. >> regardless of what comes in today for us it us just another opportunity to be able to send the word out about our efforts as an organization to fundraise. >> ian cole, nbc bay area news. how about this, caught in a tight situation. a 13-year-old boy got himself stuck in his own chimney. rescue crews said he was trying to get into his locked house. once the boy realized he was trapped he just got out his cell phone and called 911. a lot of people came out. during the rescue, he was handed a mask and glasses so he would not be affected by the smoke as they pulled him out of the chimney. >> may i suggest a hide-a-key? >> all right, meteorologist
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jeffjeff ranieri has more. you will still find plenty of heavy rainfall, especially in parts of the north bay, marin, napa and sonoma counties have flood advisories in effect until 3:45 a.m. or we could see more streams and creeks and rivers rise, it still remains heavy from petaluma through marin down to san rafael all the way to mill valley. you will see the heavier rainfall is on a slight clip to the north, the east, taking some of it into richmond. we'll take you more off to the south. and it looks like the rainfall is now moving across the bay. and we could see some of the heavier rainfall continue again just south of oakland here across the eastern side of the bay as we head throughout 11:25 in san leandro. now, for the south bay we're starting to see showers pick up. but you can clearly see heavier
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rainfall off to the west. eventually that will move in and affect us here across san jose. so let's get you into the 24-hour rainfall totals. i know a lot of you have been asking how much we picked up. keep in mind this is a 24-hour run. if we added what we had in 48 hours you can basically add an inch to age and a half on the numbers alone. sonoma, nearly two inches of rainfall. tiburon, an inch, inch and a half. past few storms kind of have been missed. menlo park, 2.3 quarters. san jose, 1 and 4/10. now it has been an extremely long time since we saw rainfall close to this. we did the math, it has not been one, two, three years but yes, just over four years since we've seen this much rainfall in san
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jose in a 24-hour period. 1,777 days to go so that is of course why we have the micro climate weather alert going on right now. the future cast showing rainfall across the bay area. as you have probably heard we're not done with this rainfall yet. so we'll go ahead and look at how the forecasts are dealing with the rain in the early morning hours. likely we'll get a break in the north bay. still a complex of heavier weather expected across the peninsula down to the south bay, continuing through the morning hours at 8:00 a.m. we'll likely see more rain continuing in the north bay, possibly more spotty. it will be a slow commute for you. you can see through 11 a.m. we're seeing scattered rainfall. i don't really see the core of the storm system moving on out until about 7:30 tomorrow night. eventually we'll get some clearing, gusty winds, isolated thunderstorms continuing in the next 24 hours. i think at the lower elevations
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we'll pick up another one to two inches of rainfall. that could leave our rainfall averages at one to 2% average. micro climate forecast with temperatures in the low 60s for san jose, all the way down to san francisco. but you want to notice as we head throughout tomorrow's forecast, portions of the north bay where we could see heavier bouts of rain. again, we want to watch that if you're continuing through the north bay. thursday, friday. not nearly as strong as the rain we have been dealing with. saturday and sunday, two days on the weekend to clean up the yard after all this wet yoweather, guys. >> jessica is going to clean up the yard? >> jessica knows how to clean up the yard on her own, thank you. still ahead, the president sits down for a 3-d portrait. we'll show you the high tech process. hey, everyone in the bay
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area, reese witherspoon will be with us, a slow jam with brian williams. you got to watch. we're on next.
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government and health officials met today to discuss lifting the nationwide ban on gay and bisexual men donating blood. the government -- discussed the recommendations, today's hearing led to no official recommendations. and a new study finds that many children are getting unnecessary chest x-rays. researchers at the mayo clinic looked at nearly 700 pediatric chest x-rays over a six-year period, finding that only 12% of patients are positive for a virus or trauma. experts say there are many situations that the chest x-rays provide no benefit, and could provide unnecessary radiation which could lead to cancer.
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and president obama will be at the smithsonian for a month. the portraits, which were created using digital scanning and printing technology will be on view towards the end of the month. president obama sat for the scanning process earlier this year. now, official portraits were a tradition for all the sitting presidents. mr. obama is the first chief executive to have a digital 3-d portrait. a lot of cheering in the bay area tonight with two seconds left in the game. we'll show you more from oakland.
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good evening, here in the comcast sportsnet studios, the dreaded first home game back after a long road trip in the nba has long been known as a tough contest. the warriors and the visitors are ready to battle in the rematch. warriors shoot for a tenth straight victory. it was a struggle, game-time decision, a good call, down nine, four minutes left. curry spotting on the arc. now three minutes to play. doing his part from the distance. the warriors trail by three. next possession.
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again, from downtown. tied at 93. so here we go, under 15 seconds left, dubs down two. >> down the lane, flipping it up and out. long rebound, no time out. six and five, curry for the lead. >> curry finishes with the team high, 22. the last three the most important, the warriors survive and win their tenth straight, 98-97, coach with full trust in his superstar. >> do you know what is going through his mind? do you feel that? >> yeah, that is -- i know call what is going through his mind. he is going to win the game. he has the ultimate confidence. you know, he had just missed three straight three's on the previous possession. and no hesitation. made an incredible move to free himself up. and then -- hits the game winner. but that is why he is steph curry. >> sharks skating for
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back-to-back wins for the first time in over a month. hosting philadelphia. late in the second, 1-0 flyers. vlasic, and we're tied at one. nieto follows, slamming home the rebound. for the winner, nieto's second straight goal. winning 2-1. and free agent, nick markakis, thought to be a slam dunk to go back to baltimore. not anymore, the braves and blue jays in the mix. and brandon crawford, gregor blanco, and sanchez, and
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chicago. and finally tonight, speaking of giving thanks, a a check of the calendar today revealed we have been meeting like this for ten years, and my thanks go to you, without you there would be no nightly news. >> how about that, a milestone for us here at nbc, you just heard him, brian williams celebrating tonight his ten-year anniversary since taking other nightly news for tom brokaw. tonight he described the anniversary as an extraordinary feeling adding it would not have
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been possible without the help of his team especially behind the scenes. he is also very funny and will slow jam the news with jimmy fallon about five minutes from now. >> all right, tomorrow's commute? wet? >> yes, it will be a wet one, you can see the rain moving towards san jose with isolated thunderstorms as well. we'll track that of course in the morning coming up on the bay, at 430 amaril:30 a.m., the showers. >> hope to see you tomorrow. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- reese witherspoon, david sedaris,


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