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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 3, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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get ready for another roipd of rain. it's almost been coming down hard in some spots, causing road closure webs flight delays and a number of crashes on bay area roadways. >> we have issued a microclimate weather alert for the bay area as the third storm in less than a week moves in. let's get right to meteorologist christina loren. >> the most rain we've had since 2009 and we could be seeing totals higher than that.
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we might have to take you back all the way to 2005 to get the kind of rain that we've had over the past week. now, let me tell you about what we're expecting for today. you see this lightning firing off just to the north of san francisco. we've got what we call convective showers. so you might find some light activity. but once you hit the highway, you'll be driving through these areas of orange and red and that's heavy downpours. also, we have areas of ponding, puddles out there. it's just dangerous. if you don't have anywhere to be this morning, you're better off staying put. the showers are going to clear as we head throughout the day today. it's dangerous in morin county. you're getting a break in san francisco. as we head throughout the morning hours, this will continually change. finding out about your drive, it was rough yesterday and with more rain coming in this morning, mike, it could be very tough for commuters. >> there you go, christina. so the active rain is one issue this morning, but also the flooding that we've seen from
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the rain that's been falling has been abdomen issue, as well. you see the sheen on the roadway. look at your map. to the north, the blue, the ponding, the puddling there, farther north, petaluma, we have a full closure. we got word that that reopen for southbound lanes, significant amount of flooding. they're just north of highway 37. coming down in towards nevada. let's move the driver around the rest of the bay. does show you the green, wed and puddling roadways, as well. there is a lot of flooding at north 280, 87, as well as 101 in patches. stay in the middle of the highway, if you can. over here, that dublin interchange, there's a good amount of water in the roadway. from what i hear, maybe those are the ones that have big puddling going on there. you see a live look. shows you there's a good amount
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of water picking up off the roadways. back to you. >> thanks. it does look like a video you would expect to see in a story about a water main break. all of this flooding in the cash flow in san francisco comes from overnight rain. you can see a car struggling to make it through this intersection and there's water coursing through the streets. the rain overflows on the sidewalk. >> driech down the peninsula has been down right dangerous at times. you can see from this video, in addition to dealing with pelting rain on the windshield, drivers have to contend with puddles lead to go hydro plaining. slow down and take the middle lanes where puddling is less likely. >> this verdicto was taken just about an hour and a half ago in north san jose. you hair people talking about rain coming down in sheets. that seems to be an accurate description of was going on overnight. the southbound lanes of highway 101 in north bay, this because
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the rainwater didn't have anywhere to go whatsoever. this right here in petaluma, that video was taken moments before the chp shut down the southbound lanes of 1011 because they determined this to be just too dangerous. the cars more or less wading through pools of water. caltran was called out to get the water off the road. just minutes ago, they were able to reopen all the lanes on highway 101. >> and that heavy rain is causing some major flooding concerns for people living along the peninsula. cities like pal alto are seeing families evacuating and damaged several businesses. after days of heavy rainfall, people aren't sure how bad it may get. >> i worry, though, because our house does -- our backyard does face woodlands, which is the street that goes to university. >> everyone we talked to wants more rain, but no one wants the
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problems that can come with it. >> they will be continuing to follow those. crews in san francisco have a lot to do to get ready for today's storm. that's because yesterday's storm snapped more than a dozen trees. the one case, a 50-foot tall ficus tree couldn't handle all that rain. it tumbled over. thankfully, nobody was injured. crews worked overnight clearing the way for another day of heavy rain. >> that's right. we could see a lot more of the same. the roads are slick. christina hs a look at the forecast. the storms keep coming. it's good, though, we need it. >> we certainly do. it's a great story to tell. but hey, it's coming in all at once and making for a good condition. we want to show you the bridge which is slick this morning. we have heavy rainfall all across the board. but what's different about the rain that's coming in this morning and the rain that we had yesterday morning is we're getting more of what with call convective shower activity courtesy of thunderstorms.
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you can see that lightning fires off just offshore. that's a realtime strike just offshore through kayaks. we had lightning reports, thunder here in the bay area and you can see the roadways this morning, just how heavily that rainfall is coming down. when there's a lot of commuters out there, you know you have to go slow. based on the guy in front of you and the guy behind you. when it's wide open like this and it's dark and you can't really see how deep that water is, it's very dangerous. so please travel cautiously. as you make your way out that front door this morning. temperatures are going to be in the 60s for today. heavy rain comes through during the morning hours. then we'll get a little bit of a break. i'll tell you when we get a good break from the rain, you can get outdoors and your pets can get outdoors, that's coming up in my next report. first, let's check that drive. great note about that fact. light traffic flow doesn't mean you can go willy-nilly out there because your car might get squirrelly. that's a lot of weird adjectives out there. north 101, i kind of zoomed the camera out.
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light traffic flow. but by zooming the camera out, you can see the camera t on lens there, diffusing the light and making sparkles. look at the water picking up behind the cars, as well. lots of issues for the south. as far as roadways where you're going to have to be concerned, watch those underpasses. that is where the water tends to gather. the middle of the roadway, there's a crest there the right and left sides can get more water gathering. a crash north on 101. flooding in the area in the last few minutes. no official closures as far as the south may go. over here, west 580, we talked about the water in the roadway. we still have the fast lane closed from what it sounds like. westbound 580, past that approach approaching the dublin interchange, there was an earlier crash. it's still going on in the fast lane. that is the reason for that excessive water on the roadways and flooding at 3580 at 680 and 680 south through pleasantton,
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an earlier crash. north of the san mateo bridge, that's where we have most of our flooding over the last half hour. getting into san francisco, coming off the golden gate bridge, as well. let's give you a live look at oakland. 880, the traffic flowing here. no flooding reported for that alameda -- those are moving smoothly, but watch that. areas like that, they go under the roadway. and the bay bridge, a smooth ride, but look at that water on the lens. puddling here. watch that water picking up, approaching the side, there's more puddling in the roadway. we've had a full day of rain, it will be an issue overnight. so those puddles, avoid them. you never know how deep they're going to be. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. that's interesting that you build up some water reserve there already on the roadways. be careful out there. the precipitation is padding the slopes up at tahoe, good news for people who like to ski.
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check this out. a video put out by north star at tahoe. you can see the platform goes from empty to almost 10 inches of white powder in just a matter of hours. >> heavy rainfall in southern california, however, making homeowners nervous about mudslides, especially in recent burn areas. parts of southern california are getting inundated, up to 6 inches of rain expected in some places by the end of the day. flash flood in effect for many in the foot hills and mountains. residents in some areas are under voluntary evacuation orders. that includes parts of the san gabriel valley, a major wildfire was experienced there earlier this year. >> stay with us all morning long for the latest on this weather system. we have another round of weather to report and reporters chasing the storm all over the bay area. we'll have live reporting coming up in less than 30 minutes. it is 4:39 coming up. coming up, are they really needed? more on an alarming report about
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whether x-rays do children more harm than good. and here is our doppler radar, this as we track the next impending storm right now over the bay area. what you need to know before you hit the roadways. we'll be right back.
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welcome back, everyone. and a good wednesday morning to you. we're taking a live look outside. much of the same scenes across the bay area. this is the 1011 up near san rafael. you see slick roadways out there. be careful as you head out the door. another day of storms. how repaired are you for retirement? a new study is out. it doesn't look that good. for more on that and the rest of our news, good morning to you. >> good morning to you, laura. futures are slightly lower ahead of the opening bell. stocks rallied tuesday with the dow closing at a record high on the back of strong november auto sales and better than expected numbers on construction spending. look for data today on private
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sector jobs. productivity and the services sector. rising 102 points. nasdaq up 28 to 4755. how prepared are you for your future? a new survey finds 80% of older americans failed the basics when it comes to financial literacy. they were asked things about social security, i.r.a.s, how bonds work. only about one in four having written a financial plan and never tried to calculate how much they'll need to retire securely. really to something that none of us should procrastinate on. on to the music business, big changes are coming to the billboard charts for the first time. the music magazine will factor sales of streaming into its weekly rankings of top songs and albums. the move is aimed at providing a better sense of what's popular reflecting not just sales, but consumption of music. artists that could key a big boost include ariana grande and maroon five. an update on a serious storm
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rolling through the bay area. if you have to fly today, airport officials are calling you, expect to wait a little bit. passengers are dealing with the second straight day of delays caused by this weather this morning. more than 50 flights have been delayed. downtown crews had to work through the night to restore power at terminal a at bob hope airport. some of that heavy rain that hit los angeles knocks out power to that busy terminal. all the passengers were moved to another location. and this was part of the problem, lightning and lots of it. thunder, lightning rolling into the bay area yesterday. look at that. kind of a rare sight around here. you can see it lighting up san francisco and morin county overnight. >> will we see more of those lightning storms today? >> yeah. we're getting that lightning right now. good morning to you. this is the difference between yesterday morning and this morning. the thunderstorms embedded within the heavy downpours. if you get out that front door, in addition to the rain that's coming in right now as you can see imagine, it's been raining heavily for the past 24 hours.
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all across the bay area. more rain than we've seen here since 2009. so it's definitely making an impact. you want to give yourself plenty of time. really, at this point, we're going to be watching for storm reports as we head throughout the morning hours. we're not going to be dealing with this heavy rain all day long. basically, we want to give you a good note. commuters this morning, this is what you have to drive through, very dangerous conditions. likely, you've heard that rain outside your window throughout the night. heavy rain at times all across the board. this morning, you can see the commute just picking up. areas of flooding, you want to take it easy as you exit the freeway. and yeah, it's hard to tell the depth of the water in front of you. if you can't detect that, it's better not to cross it at all. yeah, you want to keep your property and yourself safe with conditions like this. 63 degrees. north bay, 62 for san francisco. 62 degrees on the east shore. let's take you through your day and show you that future cast. as we get into the next couple days, we are going to keep rain going in the forecast. but the good news is, the rev
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stuff, at least for now, is going to start to exit the bay area, which will give us a drying out period before we get more heavy rain potentially as of next week. it's what we need to really start to dig out of this drought. but i have to tell you, my friend, it's coming in heavily this morning. so we stop that clock for you. by 10:00 a.m., you can see from sa moment na south to marin county. you can see at that point a lot of the heavy rain moving over to tahoe where we already picked up two feet of snow above 7,000 feet potentially another foot out of this moisture that comes through today. we continue to move forward in time. a heavy wave returns for friday and a nice, dry weekend before more rain by next week. so we're talking totals in my
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next report. some of these numbers might blow your mind in san jose specifically. one of the best totals i've seen since i've been here. more on that coming up. right now, back to you, sam and laura. >> my head is spinning numbers there. coming up in about six minutes, we'll have a check off your strafk. we have reporters scattered all over the bay area this morning. checking in with them throughout the morning starting at 5:00. switching gears just a bit, a new study finds many children are getting unnecessary chest x-rays. researchers at the mayo clinic looked at more than 700 pediatric chest x-rays over a ten-year period. they found only 12% of those patients were positive for a virus or trauma. experts say there are many symptoms for which chest x-rays provide no benefits and expose children to unnecessary radiation which could lead to cancer. in the meantime, new research shows traumatic brain injuries could impair the brain's ability to clear waste increasing the risk of dementia later in life.
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head trauma can dislodge proteins that slowly build up and reach toxic levels. researchers say almost 8% of americans suffer from moderate or severe depression. but only about one-third of them seek treatment. women, people between 50 and 59 years old and those living below the poverty level are most likely to have depression. 4:49 right now. a bizarre story out of texas this morning. the university of austin says it's missing about a hundred brains. that's about half the university's collection of brains preserved in jars of formaldehyde. one of those is believed to be that of clock tower sniper charles whitman. the austin state hospital transferred the brains nearly 30 years ago. but a psychology professor says students have been stealing the brains for years, likely for halloween brankss, not for science. 4:49 right now. it is a christmas staple for most children, a picture with santa.
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but coming up, why one girl's holiday hopes were put on hold at a southern california mall. we're tracking a major storm in the bay area. this is the third one in a week. we have had reports of flooding and traes down and it is expected to get worse. christina is closely tracking your conditions. she'll bring you the very latest. and that's causing some havoc on the roadways. look, you can see the water kicking up on the eastbound direction of 580 westbound. i'll tell you why it's stopping already at the deb lynn interchange, coming up.
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happy you are watching today on the bay. a live look outside right now in downtown san jose. another round of storms coming through our area. christina is tracking that and we'll be talking with her momentarily. a southern california woman is now suing bill cosby claiming he molested her in the playboy mansion some 40 years ago. she was 15 years old when cosby took her and her friend, gave them drinks and took them to the playboy mansion. a southern california mall is apologizing to a little girl after she was reportedly turned away by santa because of her service dog. the 7-year-old girl has autism and her service dog goes everywhere with her.
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but santa at the mall refused to let the girl sit on his lap because of the dog. even when she had a family member hold the dog, santa still refused citing allergies. the family posted about the j l ordeal on facebook. mall officials apologized saying santa, that particular one, has been replaced. we have issued a microclimate alert. that car out of business right now. a driver contend, heavy rains spun out yesterday, ended up submerged in 1 1/2 feet of water. some of that residual water is still an issue. >> oh, yeah. i saw a few yesterday and i saw one out there this morning, as well, as i was heading into work. i think we're going to see a lot of that. >> i'm glad you saw them instead of experienced them. i got one in the parking lot.
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you have to always be on your guard. this is 580 westbound. this is coming through dublin. you see traffic stacking up jup into the interchange. there was an overnight crash somewhere near 2:00 in the morning that took out the fencing. there is still a closure, but it's not caltran handling it, it is the b.a.r.t. workers. this is not affecting the b.a.r.t. line, but it is affecting the traffic flow because it affects the passing lanes. there are wet roadways throughout the area, so be very careful. flooding was reported in the area, as well. keep that in mind as you're heading down through senoa, as well. on the peninsula, we had a
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couple of crashes. north of 92 is where we saw the brunt of the rain over the last 45 minutes to an hour. flooding throughout san francisco getting off that central freeway, as well. down here, north 87 experiencing as you would expect a lot of rain. scott mcgrew told me the first street ramp is partially blocked. 87 and 280 is expected for the transition. the green on the maps means wet conditions like you see right here. you see the water kicking up, that might be a concern even though it might not be raining where you are. we have an earlier start to a back up with plains off to the left. it looks like maybe three of those lanes are closed. southbound 101, look at that moisture in the air.
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off the roadways and off the to the right in those lights, you see the puddling, as well. >> that's good news at least for the morning commute. thanks, mike. 4:56. so team coverage of this massive storm continues after the break. plus, what all this rain means for those inclined to hit the slopes. the latest from north star, still ahead.
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and we begin with rain this morning and lots of it. overnight, the bay areas roads are soaked making for dangerous conditions for drivers. >> so much rain in such little time. the rain has nowhere to go now covering some of the sidewalks
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in san francisco. and we take a quick peak at heavy rain pushing through the bay area. good wednesday morning. thank you very much for joining us. let's take a closer look at the forecast with christina. >> we have a lot of rain this morning. you don't want to walk out your front door with your guard down. stay alert. we have more thunderstorm activities that we saw yesterday rolling in. but this time they're moving over marin county. a couple things i want to point out here on your rarity pictured. you can see those showers are coming up from the south moving to north. one of the big reasons why we're getting so much heavy rainfall is because this is a warmer system. in addition to that warm, moist air coming in, we've got that atmosphere inge river tap continuing to come


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