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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 3, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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covering some of the sidewalks in san francisco. and we take a quick peak at heavy rain pushing through the bay area. good wednesday morning. thank you very much for joining us. let's take a closer look at the forecast with christina. >> we have a lot of rain this morning. you don't want to walk out your front door with your guard down. stay alert. we have more thunderstorm activities that we saw yesterday rolling in. but this time they're moving over marin county. a couple things i want to point out here on your rarity pictured. you can see those showers are coming up from the south moving to north. one of the big reasons why we're getting so much heavy rainfall is because this is a warmer system. in addition to that warm, moist air coming in, we've got that atmosphere inge river tap continuing to come in.
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this is going to maintain for the morning hours. it comes back as we head throughout friday, though. this is what we're working with. we have heavy rain on the way to san jose. expecting that at about 5:16 in morning. we're going to track the stronger cells all morning long on the bay. this is what it looks like on 180. heavy rainfall coming in before your commute. let's find out what we're working with out there. >> christina, this may have been -- rain may partially have been a factor here. the traffic is slowing up, approaching that dublin interchange. sometimes after 2:00, there was an overnight crash. center device and the fast lane is still blocked. that is one lane.
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the other two are still open. but at the same time frame, ta rig may have been pulled over. that can have played a factor. i'm not saying it did. i'm just saying watching out for those conditions out there and watch out for that slowing. b.a.r.t. stm employees are lying to open those tracks. slick roads are a concern all over the bay. southbound 101, look at the water kicking up in the midst over here. the rain, still a big issue. watch for flooding south of the punl coming in. and also through the san francisco area. we've heard of some of the largest surface trees with issues right now and the central freeway coming off that bay bridge is flooding in spots like yesterday. we're talking about the north bay. at least you guys have some changes up there for the 1011.
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i'll hand it off to you. >> look at that. cars just whipping right through pools of water on the roads today. caltran crews worked through the night trying to clear flood waters off the 101. those lanes did reopen about 30 minutes ago. >> in fact, the heavy rainfall in some cases, stopping cars in their tracks and leaving drivers completely stranded. >> today in the bay, stephanie is live for this itself with tons of flooding this morning. >> good morning to you both. we have a break in the rain, but the damage has been done. this is right below 101 where you can see the water has pooled so deep in this stretch that you've got three cars, vehicles flooding there and stranded. we don't see anything in them,
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so it's very dark down there. this is one example where you can see how much water has come down here in san francisco. nearby, morin street, water was coming up during one of the big downpours and flooded out that section of roadway about a block. probably deepers in the middle of the road. the driver of one car tried to go through the huge secretary of water and got stuck for about a half an hour and his it dried out there. this is something chp has warned people not to do because you simply do not know how deep these large pools of water are. we also shot video in castro where there is so much water overflowing. it's overflowing on to the sidewalks. cars are going right through it. we saw similar scenes north
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fourth and king, by at&t park. so this is something we're seeing a lot of. back here live, you're getting a shot of these cars that are absolutely stranded. looks like they might have tried to drive through and got stuck. we're not sure. but sterts say if this happens and you see this, do not go through these large sessions of water because you simply don't know how deep they are and you could get stuck similar to what you're seeing here this morning. live in san francisco, stephanie trong, today in the bay. >> that rain has nowhere to go. our camera atop the san bruno mountain. the rain causing delays at sfo this morning. reportedly up to 50 have been delayed. check ahead if you're flying out. we'll have the latest details coming up in less than 10 minutes. as you head out the door, we sure to take care on the roads. flooding has not had a chance
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too really clear out. this is what it looks like on northbound 87 in san jose near the 101 interchange. you can see flood waters have closed the right lane right now. more rain is on the way. >> you know what it is helping, though? let's find the rainbow in all this rain. check out this video. that is the snow level at the summit. the platform goes from empty to almost 10 inches of snow in just a matter of hours. how about all these thunderstorms and specifically citing up lightning. are we going to see any more of that today? >> hey, good morning. we're seeing it right now. we're getting these realtime lightning strikes. even offshore from the back of rain that has not yesterday moved in. we're still seeing that
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instability and that lightning firing off. that is that plume of moisture that makes for the game changer. this is what we call the atmospheric river. you can see that extend through the pacific. we're going to cut it off later on today, which means we'll get a break from the heavy rainfall. you can see right here, this cell is on the way to san jose. we'll show you what it likes like in san jose. we've got cameras strategically placed all across the bay area. wherever you're headed, you're lickly to encounter heavy rain this morning and areas of puddles, ponding, dangerous conditions. for today, scattered rain and thunderstorms throughout the area. thunderstorms will linger until we get into tonight. it will trend dryer.
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light rainfall on the way. no marriage storm testimonies coming through. overall, we get another wave on friday. find your polz position here on this map. we've stopped that character for you. at 111:00 a.m., still getting that mid day activity. we'll as a result details for you. but between 11:00 and 3:00, watch what happens. all that heavy start moves into the valley and we get a break. still keeping those light showers in the mix and then another heavy wave for friday. let's check your drive right here and right now. >> mind me, the golden gate bridge. it looks beautiful right now, but click roadways. fran is getting a bit of a break for the time being, but wet continues and flooding. watch the service trees, watch
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theoff ramp and the central highway, as well. yesterday we had a lot of flowing 580 off that richmond bridge. over here today, forcing the flooding coming through. we see that coming in for the morning commute. the pittsburgh light to b.a.r.t., we have a delay reported there. 15 to 25 minutes. some sort of equipment problem going on. it doesn't sound like that's weather related, but there may be. there may be some flooding in the area earlier, but there was a crash, west 580 blocking one lane now with fencing repair. that's approaching that dublin interchange. the commute in the south, talking about that rain coming in shortly. look how soupy t for 88. >> stay with us in "today "bay" all morning long. for the latest on the storm, christina in the weather center.
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busy at work, monitoring the storm's movements. make will have the latest on what you need to know heading out the door. we'll take a look at the controversial plan to create a bus only lane on el khamena m c. the goal is to convince more people to take the bus instead of cars. but some local leaders worry it will make congestion worse. today's meeting will be at 5:30 p.m. it is 5:10 right now. the rain is causing new delays now at sfo. what we just learned, coming up next. >> plus, the orange that you see
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on your screen, some of the heavier rain moving over parts of the bay area. apple is in a billion dollar fight. and we'll talk about ganghan style. when is the last time you heard that? coming up.
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to get in and is out of the bay area? sara is live at san francisco international airport. you would have to imagine they're going to start piling up pretty soon. good morning. >> good morning, sam. well, we know that the storm may be coming right over the bay area this morning. and that may cause some more flight delays here at the sfrant international airport. at this time, we're in the international flight departures. everything seems to be going smoothly with all of the flights departing on time. the situation for those traveling on domestic flights, the situation is much difference. most of these flights are for the west coast. the up to four our delays began yesterday. up to 120 flights were canceled. as we see that rain coming in, we may see more of those flights
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will not be arriving or departing on time. the goal is to have the least a lot of air mines combined. people are having to change their flights after going through security. although there aren't any flooding or be part temperature zones, there are a lot of puddles around the airport. so people are being asked to driver safely when they're headed to the airport and people are being advised to call the airlines before heading to the airports just to make sure that their flight is on time or so that they know whether or not there will be a delay. and also when they're getting hire to drive safely. coming out of the holiday season, two people still dealing with the aftermath of these storms. thank you so much. a live look now at the bay bridge toll plaza. things seem to be pretty smooth right now at that toll plaza.
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appearing is trying to use the work hack in court. >> here is the issue, laura. way back in time during the era of the ipod, a lot of companies wanted to sell you music you could listen to on your ipod. the problem was the i positive was locked up. a company called real networks tried to make its software work with ipod and apple at that time called that a hack, something it had to protect against. but was it a hack or was it just good software writing? apple was never attacked, after all. apple softwares was never affected. so a jury in oakland will have to decide if what apple did in response changing its software, was an improvement or just a way of illegally blocking a competitor. it's a serious case, it seems
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arguing about ipods in 2014 is silly. but $1 billion is at stake. we're going to talk more about music in a minute. but in the meantime, let's talk stocks. good morning, landon. >> good morning, scott. futures are mixed ahead of the opening bell. stocks rallied tuesday with the dow closing at a record high on the back of better than expected auto sales and better than expected numbers on construction spending. look today for productivity and the services sector. the nasdaq of 28 to 4755. back to you. >> this morning's billboard is changing the way it measures music to im pore streaming. most young people use spotify these days to access most if not all of their music. spotify announced this morning this song you're hearing was the most streamed song by 2014,
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"happy" by pharrell. and google says gangham style has broken the counter on youtube. it house 1.2 billion views. google says that's an estimation. google software can't count that high. if you're old enough, you know mcdonald's used to count how much burgers they sold. >> he's a little happy. it's 5:18 right now. it has been a busy morning. not a lot of sleep to be had. >> another round to make its way. >> bad morning to be driving with that ganghan style driving. 5:18 right now. thanks for waking up with us.
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a word of caution for anybody hitting the highway, you really want to take it easy out there. basically, we're getting the tail end of the core of low pressure crossing over the bay area. once it comes through, things are going to start to let up. however, as it's leaving, it's kicking up a lot of instability. as a result, we have whipping wind right now. your sustained wind speed in san jose is 20 miles per hour. these winds just started to pick up. we are expecting gusts up to 45, even 50 miles per hour through your mountain passes this morning. we join anthony. you're looking real happy about being out there. what are people dealing with out here this morning? >> i just want to paint the picture for you. this has been no easy morning because the wind, as you say, has been so gusty.
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i want to show you this behind me, though. this is what we've been finding across the area all morning long. branches down, trees down. flooded roadways and that is going to continue to be the case abdomen was head through the morning hours. the winds, they're not done yet. we're taking that caution, as well, because we're trying to keep these lights up every time one of these guests come through. so thin this morning, a word of caution to the travels and the pedestrians. make sure you are alert before you hit the road. this morning, it is treacherous even on the roadways. just my five minute commute getting to work this morning, there was ponding, there was wind. this is a monster of a storm that's moving through. so we're going to keep you posted out here this morning live as we continue to make sure our lights stay up and about. so we'll accepted it back to you
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over in the studio now. >> you are such a trooper to be out there. anthony, we'll check in with you a little bit later. he is at 280 where it meets with 85 this morning. you can see down in the south bay, we've got a lot of rev rain still rolling through. in addition to the heavy possibilities of rainfall, we're getting these storms. with some of the stronger storms, we've had pea sized hail, gusty winds and brief heavy downpours. it's these thunderstorm downpours that create the flooding because the rain rates come in so quickly, our roads are just not equipped to receive that kind of rain right here in the bay area. let me take you forward in time. we are going to clear up. we will have opportunities to hang your christmas lights, get your christmas vee if that's something the rain has prevented you from doing. at 22:00 a.m., it's still coming in. between 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., everything starts to lient up. as we head through tomorrow,
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because the storm window does stay open, we don't have any storms to come through, but we will see this spotty moisture come through. light activity for thursday. steady rainfall returns by friday at 1:00. it's not looking anything like the system that came through in the past couple of days. as we get into this upcoming weekend, stick around, i'll have your forecast coming up right now. >> and it's a soupy drive. the rain has been coming down steadily until the last day. 101 is all right down here in san jose. you see the traffic flow. the water is kicking up mind the cars and the windshield wipers even if it's not actively raining right here. the green on our maps, that means wet roadways. there maybe more rain coming through in the next couple of
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minutes. ponding coming in up towards 101 and first street. at the underpasses, puddling. 101 and woodside, i just reports of flooding from 101 southbound, as well. west 580, better now as we're looking towards the dublin incident ir change. we'll give you one quick look out there and show you that traffic is much better. back to you. >> thanks, mike. 5:23 now on your wednesday. words of caution mike has been telling us all morning long. the roads are still a mess out there. and a live look at fremont, one viewer calling us saying it was really coming down in his neighbor. we'll have a look at your forecast, coming up.
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poish. 5:25 on your wednesday. >> it is coming down, continued to be the same. we're going to check in with christina. >> the good news is, there's more rain on the way. we get through with this poet ept system and through next week, another storm, maybe even two will come through the bay area. so that is the overall long-term perspective. what's tough for commuters is the fact that it's been raining steadily for the past is 24 hours and it is coming in heavily at times. you want to travel cautiously. you hear that heavy, heavy rain coming down. give it a minute.
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give it maybe ten minutes. it will subside and then you might have to drive to work through some heavy cells. >> they're leaving a lot of puddling, ponding, flooding throughout the bay area. the repair work that was going on in the center divide has cleared all lanes. there is now flooding around the 580 and 680. the toll plaza, look at all the puddling here. now, the central freeway has cleared into san francisco. san rafael moving okay. it is 5:27. two bay area hospitals slated to deal with ebola patients. we'll tell you which one webs next.
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the rain pouring down overnight making an already bad
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situation worse. >> a very good morning to you. thanks for joining us. >> let's waste no time, get right to the weather. christina is tracking that storm. what are you seeing right now? it's still coming in heavily. yesterday at this time, it was basically all red and orange. these are converted pockets, so they're coming in heavily. then you might have some light pox as you drive to work. overall, it's not going to sit and dump pockets of rain at your house today. we've already accumulated over an inch and a half of rain over the past 36 hours in san jose. so over the course of the past 26 hours, all that rain, it has nowhere to go. nadz to that, you've got distractions, lightning offshort that you can see when you're
5:31 am
driving the morning. so take it easy out there. we've got more rain on the way. let's find out how this is impacting your driver, after all. >> so even though the rain may have let up a little bit where you are, look at all the wear on the roadway. we're using that light to illustrate the wet roadways. on the maps, we're show you the greeg on your map. going to get hit with more rain so watch the south bay yeahs as we have a lot of puddling and some floodling reported for san jose. you see slowing there already as a result of that. oakland, soupy conditions.
5:32 am
>> r50i9 now, several roads in the south bay, they are flooded with water. >> those ims are amazing. bobby, you see a car submerged in water, as well. good morning. >> yeah. you can't miss it. good morning to you, sam and laura. we're at the railway underpass here in san jose. we talked to the son of the woman who was in this car before 4:00 this morning. the way he described the conversation with his mother, she was coming down the alameda. she knew there was a puddle there, but at the time when she got in there, it wasn't this big. she then described a wall of water. so where that wall of water came from, does it come from the sewer drain, that is not career, or was she deceived and didn't realize this water wag here all along? we've seen this happen before.
5:33 am
i believe we were out here a year ago. this area is prone to flooding. i did speak with the city. they're probing, looking for the drain because those drains are clogged and they're trying to get them unclogged. there are so many leaves out here that they clog the drain and you have the situation that you have here. but the woman that was in the car is okay. she's back at home. the son is out here and trying to get to that car to get her personal belongings out here. the city is trying to find those drains and get them unclocked. live in in san jose, today in the bay. >> glad everyone is okay. heavy rainfall is stopping some
5:34 am
drivers in their tracks. >> stefmy joins us live right now. they're dealing with a lot of flooded streets there, as well. >> good morning to you both. right now, we're under the 101 where the department of public works has come and relieved this section of the roadway that was flooded. one taxi just got cleared away and the water has been substantially recreating. you see two other vehicles, two cars still stuck on the other side. so the tow truck will probably come back and get those. we got video earlier of a car that was stuck on a second of marin street. water was coming up and flooded out that section of roadway at least a couple feet deep.
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the driver of one car tried to go through and got through ta section of water until the water receded and his car dried out. we did see other vehicles go through. at 18 and castro, we got video of a river of gushing water overflowing, it's spilling on to a sidewalk. the cars go through the internet. there is a scene we've seen a lot through san francisco. this is what can happen if you try to drive through huge sections of water. good movement in the last ten, 15 minutes. and the section is still blocked off, but should be clear pretty soon. >> and thanks to viewers like james for sending in that video
5:36 am
to us. >> korea. so thank you very much. crews in san francisco spending the night getting ready for today's storms. they worked through the night vacuuming out storm drains and pick up piles of waves. more than a dozen trees snapped yesterday. a 50-foot ficus fell over on cars. and not just rain, but lightning over parts of it is pay area. we have seen reported cases of lightning this morning. >> and that can certainly spook you. chris sanchez will have the latest on conditions there in just a few minutes. >> heavy rainful, parts of southern california getting unundated. up to 6 inches of rain is expected in some places by the  end of the day.
5:37 am
flash flood washes are in effect. residents in some areas are under val sear evacuation orders. heavy snowfall is going to impact the roads, as well, in part of the sierra mountains this morning. these are images from the mt. road summit southwest of reno. the first snow of the year covered up. more is expected to fall throughout the morning. a welcome site from people there who would like to engage in skiing. >> there you go. clearing is expected this weekend. but today, we're still in it. >> we certainly are. i know ski resources are so happy with what is coming in. we're going to see that storm window stay open, which means we're fair game for anything that develops and rides that conveyer belt we call the jet
5:38 am
stream. showers are coming in steadily. the heaviest located right on top of m a rin county. we're going to continue to see these pockets of light to moderate rainfall heavy over the area. the thunderstorms, they are starting to ease. here is the deal for today. that atmospheric river, that is our generous fly of moisture. we will get a break from the rain and your dogs and animals will be able to get outdoors without a letation. i can tell you right now, one that rain starts to ease, the wind is going to crank today and the two goois giant could put up more storm reports. that could lead to power outages. we're still not out of the woods for today. let me show you your day in detail. 11:00 a.m., still getting moderate pockets of rainfall.
5:39 am
temperatures will be cool for today. we get more rain on friday and your weekend forecast is coming up. first, let's check your drive. here is mike. >> i just heart about a new crash on the peninsula. look at that, as you're approaching the auto mall right there and the dublin incident ir change, we have a smooth flow of traffic. look at your maps, we're talking about a lower dryer starting to mount because of the commute. clouds still going through the area of the south bay. watch 87 coming into downtown. over on the peninsula, there is flooding reported and northbound at march, possibility all lanes
5:40 am
blocked right now. and a quick look at the north bay where somebody 101 picks he up volume. watch for flooding come out of the waldo tunnel. back to you. drivers will have to slow down this morning. we would like to see what's going on where you are. send us your weather photos to it is 5:40 right now. we continue our microclimate weather ar letter coverage. already flight cancellation troubles this morning. plus, this video shot in san jose just a few hours ago keeps the rain pouring down. we will be back to talk all about it right after this break.
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a live look at the radar right now, rain all over the bay
5:43 am
area. in the south bay, in fact, the rain started a little after midnight. you hear people talk about rain coming down in sheets. that's a pretty accurate way to describe this. and that rain is causing tons of problems for drivers. >> a bus busy thoroughfare on any give day. how is it looking right now? >> we know the call volume increases cart mat cannily. today, probably going to be very similar because even if we don't get the same amount of rain as we got yesterday, we have a lot of st. ragz on the roadways. what you're looking at here behind me is where 280 connects with the 1010 and is 85. that interchange leading up to
5:44 am
near bird avenue, there was a crash here and we saw one vehicle that appeared to have spun out, hit the side of the embankment and it was there. you can see the traffic going on. we know the community lk impacted by this crash. sometimes they crash into other people. we know as this rain starts to fall, there isn't anywhere else for it to go. a lot of ground around the roadway is saturated. there are trees in the same saturated ground area. we could see some trees falling down, as well. make sure you leave with enough time to get where you are going and give yourself plenty of
5:45 am
distance to stop because the roadways are very wet. in some area not only are we seeing standing water, but we saw lots of mud and leaves. this makes things very shipry. now, as we look up, we are feeling lucky that the rain has talled over us. there's tiny rain drops that are now blowing sideways. so where are we go, we are getting rain. you can probably see the drops on our camera lens. do be save out there. >> you, too, as well. it's like you're in a car wash out there, you poor thing.we appreciate et. check out this video right now overnight that a pool right there, an olympic sized pool of water. highway 1011 around midnight, there was too much water on the roadways. chris was describing a second
5:46 am
ago. crews worked through the night and it reopened. >> crews ready need a break, but the rain keeps coming down. >> they're going to get a break later today. we have that saturated ground. your rainfall totals, tell you what's on the ground since midnight. that's almost 2 inches of rain since midnight in mountain view. and a is a hefty total, my friends. over three quarters of an inch of rain in san jose since midnight. our roadways are not equipped to handle this. now you've got this wind kicking up. i think we're going to see numerous storm reports in the
5:47 am
form of downed trees and power outages as you head throughout the morning hours. we are expecting that gusty wind to play a role in your morning. anthony joins us live from san jose. chris showed us how it's coming down. what do you have behind you? is that a downed tree? >> yeah. it's actually a pine tree. a pretty big one. part of the branches come down and you can see the branch is actually dead and that's likely why the branch broke and this wind. when uj of that, winds, 20 miles per hour, we've had days and days of rain. even since midnight, more rain. that has been key. we haven't had rain like this in, what, a year, two?
5:48 am
so you talk about the whole environment, the whole bay area, all the trees, all the ground, everybody has just become used to being dry. so you no we're getting used to that. this morning, it's treacherous. we're here in our live shot. from time to time, the wind picks up and blows the lights around. we've had to hold the lights and hold our hoods. take it easy this morning. we'll be here to check in with you as the morning goes along. christina, back to you. >> thank you, anthony. you brick up a good point, justor normal five-minute drive to the office if that is typically what it is.
5:49 am
this, our atmospheric river, is going to get cut off. that means showers won't be as heavy. but right here in the south bay, it is coming in. all across teeft shore, we're getting heavy pockets of rainfall. forward in time, 1 1:00 a.m., still getting those heavy pockets from time to time. but between 11:00 and 4:00, everything starts to let up. the wind is going to increase, so we will likely see more of those downed tree reports as we get into the afternoon. when the sun comes out today, check out our hillside. spectacularly green. something i haven't seen in the past three years, mike. it is looking good out there. >> and we love to see the green hillsides. right here above the ground, though, the concern is the wet roadways and the slick conditions. off the roadway, willow up to
5:50 am
marsh, look at the map here as we talk about the crash that is just outside of our camera range. right around marsh road. chp is now on scene. a slower drive developing. we're watching for that to be a gone gueston point. coming across the san mateo bridge, more wind, as well. the south bay moves smoothly, but the volume is starting to build now north 1011. wavp those surface streets. a flooded vehicle out there. oakland shows you soupy conditions here in the camera, shaking from time to time because of the wind. the metering lights are on. there's all that rain. back to you, folks.
5:51 am
very good advice this morning. the storm triggering delays at local airports. sfo has confirmed more than 50 flights are delayed this morning. this is the second straight day of delays. down south, crews work to go restore power at terminal a bob hope airport. some of the heavy rain that hit los angeles knocked out power to the busy terminal. all the passengers were moved to a different location in the meantime. stay with us all morning long for the latest on this weather system. we'll have live reports coming up in less than ten minutes. san francisco police need your identify identifying three men accuse of of beat ago homeless man to death. this pictures were captured by a security camera. police say the group left and
5:52 am
then returned for another round of blows. the men were caught on another camera smoking. the mep.attending a nearby flash mob event. 5:52 right now almost. >> the alameda sheriff's department will be showing off its two new drones this afternoon. they will be used for public safety middles like host aemgs or bomb zaur scenarios. last year, people were upset when the department amied for money to buy those drones. the sli's department still needs to apply for faa approval before flying those drones. the government approved ebola treatment centers, the centers for disease control included kaiser in oakland and ucm mel center on the list. the away area reports staff to
5:53 am
hospitals trained by the cdc. other california hospitals will be assessed for readiness later this month. so far, california has not had to treat any ebola patients this year. soon, it will be against the law to ride your biejs on sidewalks in downtown san jose. the plan was approved after doss of reported accidents with cyclists. cyclists have to ride their bikes or right in the street. the ban will likely go into force next month. it may soon be against the law to buy russian rocket motors, as well. that could hurt america's space program. >> our rockets, we made the rockets, but they use motors built by russians, specifically built by the united launch alliance. the new defense bill would make
5:54 am
the purchase of rocket motors illegal if those rockets are lifting defense satellites into orbit. ee long musk testified about this earlier this year. his rockets don't use russian motors. he doesn't use russian technology, his competitors do. and america would be doing this to itself. this is congress's ban, not the russian's. let's talk about the irish this morning. the collison brothers, when you do the math, it gives the company a valuation of $3.5 billion. not bad for a couple of kids. patrick is 26. his brother, john, is in charge and he's 24. that's what they are. what they aren't is american citizens. they're here on a temporary vee
5:55 am
ka. wh visa. >> what does their company do? >> it does online payments. they just got involved with apple pay. they're going to be okay. >> thsh mother would be proud. she probably wants them to come home and they just might with those visas. one of the difficulties with getting out of the bay area is all this ip compliment weather we've been experiencing. >> the roads are saturated out there. when do we get a break, christina? a pretty good break overnight. but i wanted to start with a great piece of information. since sunday, san francisco has seen more rein than we saw all of last year. it is still coming in steadily. we'll tell you how much more is on the way. first, i want to see how your
5:56 am
drive is shaping up. likely rough out there, mike. >> yeah. and an unusually slow drive for the peninsula. northbound 101, you see the willow avenue off ramp there. we have the center lane and the fast lane blocked by a crash, north 101 around marsh road. we're looking towards the issues heading northbound north of the dumbarton bridge. up in san francisco, northbound 280, wet roadways here. flooding for 87. the metering lights are on. back to you. >> brian williams dropping by jimmy fallon to slow jam the news and getting some craigs for his ten years behind the anchor
5:57 am
desk. >> williams took some time to talk about the president's latest immigration bill. ♪ my pres obama don't want none until you pass bills hon ♪ >> sir mix a lot and baby got back, that song -- >> he's so good. >>. making its way into every popular part of pop culture these days. >> taking a look at the weather radar, that storm is moving over the bay area. new data she just shared with us, san francisco has now seen more rain than all of last year.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
right now at 6:00, roadways flooded, cars stuck. we have live team coverage. >> all that rain, nowhere to go and more on the way. we're still getting heavy pockets. take a look at what is ready to slam san francisco. another line of heavy downpours. we've got thunderstorms on the way for today. timely, a bit of a break before heavy rain returns on friday. more rain than we've had since 2009. we'll have the latest in just moments. and the wind is coming in. it's shaking our camera. and let's take a live look outside this morning. it's coming down on this wednesday, december 3rd. this is today n bay. and a very good wednesday morning to you. thanks for for


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