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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 3, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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right now at 6:00, roadways flooded, cars stuck. we have live team coverage. >> all that rain, nowhere to go and more on the way. we're still getting heavy pockets. take a look at what is ready to slam san francisco. another line of heavy downpours. we've got thunderstorms on the way for today. timely, a bit of a break before heavy rain returns on friday. more rain than we've had since 2009. we'll have the latest in just moments. and the wind is coming in. it's shaking our camera. and let's take a live look outside this morning. it's coming down on this wednesday, december 3rd. this is today n bay. and a very good wednesday morning to you. thanks for for joining us.
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>> let it rain, let it rain, let it rain. the entire bay area is being pelted by sheets of rain and strong winds, as well. >> we begin with our crews braving the elements. in san jose, cars are apparently flooding these days. stephanie is live in san francisco where the rain has literally washed out some city streets. >> that's right. good morning to you. the rain has been on and off. the good news for drivers, some of them are free from the large section of water that was here. the cars were stuck in a couple feet of water at least.
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clear debris. the water went down substantially and the tow truck started to take away one of the three vehicles that was stuck here. about a block away from here on the other side of 101, a stretch of morin street flooded, trapping a driver who tried to go through the water that had pooled. about one 20 two feet over there. the water did start to recreel. you could see a couple of taxis drove right through those puddles. meantime, at 18th and castro wab river of gushing water overflowing, spilling on to the sidewalks. the water was up to the tire line as cars went through the intersection with the wet wh comes the danger of falling trees. video of one pretty big tree on
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the right hahn lanes. the cars are flonger floating in water, per se. we've seen a couple emergency vehicles driving around in the last few minutes. a very busy morning for a lot of folks. the message is to be safe. >> no doubt, a lot of emergency personnel ready out there, as well 37. it's 6:03. flooding in san francisco and across the bay area. this is what it hooks like in petaluma just a few hours ago. look at the cars dreaming along. the southbound lanes closed for several hours as crews cleared out that water. >> and have since been reopened. san jose near the 101 interchange, also under water. you can see cones blocking off the lane. this is sure to make an already
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painful morning commute through the south bay worse this morning. a car couldn't quite make it thigh all that water. >> and we've seen this happen here before. this is the railway underpass here in san jose. this happened about an hour and a half ago. we talked to the woman's son. she made it out okay, but she was just talk about the worst way to end a road trip. she was on her way back from south california. she saw a car successfully get through what wases a much smaller puddle. then she skrix to her son what happens. as she was going through, there was a rush of water. came in, she described like a flash flood. her car actually pushed the car
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back. the car must have come up from the pavement a brief dime. there you see where her car ended up, was able to get home with the police her son was out here trying to retrieve the personal belongings. to the right, city workers have been out here and tahrir trying to find the drains so they can unclog them of what we think are probably leaves. as i mentioned before, i was out here last year and there were two cars at the time that got stuck in this area when it flooded. the city of san jose trying to unclog this drain so it can be reopen. fep, the woman is okay. ? you're driving out there, be
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careful because the puddles do exist. we hope that car doesn't make any more friends this morning. from problems on the road to problems in the sky. the storm triggering delays at many airports. sfo has confirmed more than 50 flights are delayed this morning. yes weather caused delays and cancellations at all three of those airports. >> live look at the beautiful bay bring. strong winds, as well, prompting a high wind advisory. for a look at when we could see a little break in this weather, it is finally green. >> yeah. after this weekend, i think they're going to be luscious like we haven't seen in the past
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three years. give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination this morning. commuters are traveling cautiously. we thank you for that. we want everybody to be safe, to reach your destination safely. we will have a better commute for you this evening. this morning, getting that steady rain steadily. a good looking cell across the golden gate bridge. the heaviest activity is expected to move into sonoma as we move throughout the next half hour to 45 minutes. dangerous conditions over 17 right now. now the wind is picking up with the storm overall. what is happening out there is the core of low pressure is crossing over the bay area. we have the tail end of it left.
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that is going to move out as we head throughout the dayed. our winds pick up and it is strong out there in san jose. sustained at 6 miles per hour. so this is what you can expect as we head throughout your dayed the. scatter rain and thunderstorms throughout the bay earlier. that heavy rain will ease and we can see a few isolated thunderstorms. that chanlsz will diminish. trending dry, keeping that wind going, we are expecting downed trees because it got a lot of trees out there that have just seen that drought. and they've been weakened. their roots are really weak. it's not going to take a lot of wind to take some of those trees down. bring your umbrella, bring your patients and your optimism that we keep getting this rain. look like we're going to as we head through next week, as well. so fantastic. we'll have the totals for you coming up today at 111:00. >> a very slow drive right now
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on the peninsula now. this is complicated by the weather. north 101 at willow avenue, you're jammed from the approach just north of university. there is a crash which has one lane blocked in the north direction. the green all over the bay, wet roadways there. flooding at 280 north ocean avenue. looks like the lanes have started to reopen because traffic flow is starting to look better. we had the red zone, now we have orange. 101 north towards the skyway, some flooding. the rest on your bay looks standard as far as the flow of traffic. the blue down in the lower left, ponding through saratoga.
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a live look shows you fremont and the conditions there. soupier earlier. we have slick roadways. water on the lens, that will be the case for your windshield, as well. watch those puddles even though it might not actively be raining. stephanie showed another one where cars got in there. >> couldn't get back out. >> don't want to have to deal with the fallout of that. >> we have complete team coverage all morning long. track the rain right to your door steps. click on the weather tab at the top of the page. a deadly beating captured on camera. the surveillance video that could lead police to the
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democra suspects. plus, quoting eminem. that's coming up next. san rafael, that is slick out there. dangerous, as well. ponding, flooding, take it easy. weather and traffic continuous here on "today in the bay" as well as your news. 6:11.
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welcome back. this is your realtime doppler radar. you'll notice the showers are not coming in as widespread this morning. we're still going to see pockets of heavy to moderate rainfall as we head through the part of the day. that means the heavy rain will come to an end as of this evening. but there is more on the way. we'll tell you when, where you
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live in just moments. and it's a live look from our pal alto camera. look at all those red taillights we'll talk about your commute, coming up. san francisco police need your help in identifying three men accused of beating a homeless man to death. they kicked 67-year-old thai lam as he laid on the ground. he later died. we'll take a look at the continue official plan to create a bus only lane to designate one lane of the street between the shopping center and santa layer ra university for buses only. in san jose, it will soon be
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against the law to ride your bikes on some sidewalks. the ban will likely go into effect next month. it does not apply to police officers or kids under the age of 12. apple's strategy may be strategy in its billion dollar court case. >> let's take you to federal court where they don't allow cameras. so here is a drawing for you. this dates back to 2005. apple accused of blocking other companies from accessing your ipod. so they could sell you music just line itunes did. that land apple in federal court. apple wanted to keep the ipod locked down. that is when the company called real networks would put your music on your ipod without apple. apple called that software a hack and changed apple software to block it. ladies and gentlemen, it is
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legal to make improvement toes software. it's not legal to make an improvement just to block your competitor. that is the whole court case right there. billboard says this morning it will start counting music streams as it figures out who is number one on the charts. frankly, i'm flat flabbergasted they didn't do it until now. spotify says the most streamed song of 2014 was "happy." what is and is not a threat online, after a guy posted his own amateur wrap lyrics on facebook. he was jailed for making threats. chief justice john roberts asked if eminem would be arrested if he did the same thing. would decides that it's a threat? if it's the person or is her? if it's the receiver, anybody
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can say they feel threatened about anything. if it's the receiver, then the police have to get into his head. the jumgs are flummo x'd on this one. this will be very difficult. >> and anytime you have occasion to say slim shady and the supremes, what a reason to do it. >> and is jan roberts, of all of them. >> scalia, i can totally see it. >> this morning, the rain coming down in buckets. look at that, even our lenses hit with the rain drops. certainly be careful out there. take it slow. that is if you can even get in this. rivers and small lakes overnight. you can see cars are stranded in several feet of water. you never know how deep it's going to get out there, so don't drive into those.
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and if it seems like we haven't seen that much rain since who knows when, there is a statistic we haven't seen that much rain since -- >> 2009 for now, but it's still coming in and we're still tallying it up. we could take it back to 2005. that's ridiculous, right? but it is good news. we're getting a bit of a break for that heavy flooding that is start to go recede in spots. at this point yesterday morning, we had all red all over your map. as you make your way outdoor, going to work could be just as treacherous. that is because it's been coming in heavily all night long and, yeah, all those leaves are falling off from the trees, clocking up storm drains across the bay area. stay alert as you navigate your roadways this morning.
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a lot of da bray out there on the roadways. that steady stream of moisture comes in. we are already watching this start to taper off. you can see this is realtime at this point. heavy pockets from sa moment ma through morin. here in the south bay, we're mostly dry at this point. about 11:00 today is when most of the heavy stuff will clear out of here. that is what your future cast shows you. at 11:00 a.m., we'll likely have a good assessment from the pass week of rain. we continue to move you forward in time. by 4:00, light activity.
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i want to address your attention to potential thunderstorm formation. your roadways are slikt. expect scatter thunderstorms for now. by this evening, trending dry. with that said, you're going to have some battles to get through this morning. an thoughny, you know what drivers are working with because you're out there with them this morning. aren't you? >> yeah. you know, this morning as i drove to work, there are so many areas of ponding on the road. the other thing i want to bring your attention to is the winds. the rain hasn't been too heavy right now, but we're seen trees and branches down. you can see behind me how the branch has collapsed urgent the weight of the wind and rain. uveng of the accumulate legislative effect that rain has with wind. now that we've seen rain for just about a week, the ground is saturated. the trees are stressed.
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because of that with the wind coming in, this is a recipe for disaster. now that we're getting the rain, the ground can't soak it up as far as it's coming. the branch stuck up under the car b with under the hood. so the thing about it this morning, even though the rain is not coming down like it was yesterday in buckets, the whipped is howling down here. take it easy and pack that patience. guys, back over to you. at 6:21, you just saw, he's looking dryer out there than when we checked in with him about 45 minutes ago. that is a welcome sign for commuters. we're going to talk about that
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in just a few moments. san francisco, since sunday, more rain than we've had in the past year. all of last year. we didn't even reach totals significant enough to reach that four-day stretch, mike. overall, that's a good story to tell. but there is hard for commuters across the bay area. what are we working with identity there? >> flooding started yesterday in patches continue to build. so basically, every around the bay has seen the flooding over the last few years. north so 1, b tracked moving better now, just north of university avenue. packed in well loy and going up to marsh. activity there as we look at your map. this is around marsh road where it's jammed up there. on the approach, we have just the close and southbound. flooding earlier around the
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woodside offramp. green all over your map. just be careful in general. your northbound builds, in from the 101 and 87 and 85 from the south bay. tri valley, as well as 680 and the dublin interchange, we've give you a live look out there. oekdland 880 nsh, this camera shakes from time to time as the wind starts to pick up a bit.. the bay bridge metering lights are on. the back up at the toll plaza. it looks like the weather even affected our camera speed. it just froze, but there you go. there's the volume of traffic .those slick conditions. >> thanks, mike. 6:23 right now. the bay area posting its fight again against ebola. we have details, we'll explain next.
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welcome back, everybody. we keep telling you to be careful out there. look at this one. this is on the alameda where a car and driver tried to go under the bridge there. wasn't successful, as you can see. covering the day's news for you, 6:26, government approved ebola treatment centers. this clues uc medical center on
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the list. the bay area news group reports staff was trained by the cdc rapid ebola preparedness team. other hospitals will be assessed later this month. so far, california has not had to treat any ebola patients this year. time right now is 6:27. the opening bell just a few minutes away. we have live team coverage from the bay area all the way to southern california.
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and we are still watching heavy rain this morning in the bay area. the good news, we need the rain to get out of the drought. the bad news, it's right in the heart of your morning drive. there's more rain on the way before we get to your weekend. the latest details in just moments. >> we have puddling, ponding and
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flooding reported on the bay. >> and at 6:30, we are just getting under way on wall street. we'll take you out to the new york stock exchange and over to the nasdaq, as well capitalism gets under way in two seconds. >> as the markets are churning, so is mother nature. today is witness, december 3rd, and you are watching "today in the bay." right now, a look at that doppler radar this morning. strong winds pounding the bay area right now. >> here is a live look outside your window. a squad box as we call it in the business. the golden gate bridge down to fremont and san jose.
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we have crews scattered all over the bay area this morning. >> storms slamming us, bringing damaging rain to southern california. homeowners living in areas recently burned by wildfires are now nervous about mudslides. >> let's bring in jacob. what are you seeing outside? >> we're in a lull right now, but we had a huge waive and we're expecting another one later this morning. when we get mass iive wildfires then the rain, the potential for flooding is so high. in the foot hills, we've had thousands of sandbags and hundreds of these concrete rails lining the streets. they have lost homes before in
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situations like this. we know with all the rain we're getting this week that it could trigger a mud flow immediately or it could take hours, days, weeks, even months for that to happen. so for the folks who live in communities like this, we're watching that third wave of rain they're getting this week. >> buttresing the fort down there. closer to home, a live look outside, this downtown san jose has the sun, what you can make of it starting to come out this morning. >> i want to check the forecast with christina. >> tess rts pieces of information that we're bringing to you now that we're getting the end of the rainfall. that is going to come to a close
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later on today. after this stretch of rain, we're talking about a 15% to 20% improvement to the drought in san francisco where we accumulated almost 4 inches of rain since sunday. more rain in four days than in all of 2013. make sure you give yourself extra time. your animals will want to get outdoors later on today. if you are pets, everything will get better on that front as we head out this afternoon. just getting to work, take it easy out there this morning. we're going to continue to get the totals for you. there is more rain on the way.
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your sunday frarcht, all scrolling right here at the bottom of your screen. let's find out how this rain is impacting your drive. >> even though it may be easing off in some spots of the bay, we have all that ponding and puddling and all that build up over the last 24 hours. here, soupy conditions. unexpectedly slow. northbound 101 with the taillights through university and up towards marsh. we had a crash about an hour ago. they may have finally cleared that slow lane, you about let's consider at least one lane partially blocked. slow conditions all around the bay. difficult spots for hayward and for fremont. this is san jose northbound 101.
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a lot of drizzle and water kicking up into rain in many part of the south bay. you guys showed thor kas that were half covered in water. oakland, the lie shot, the camera shakes from time to time here. wind advisory given over the course of the last few hours for those spans. that water kicking up gets eliminated by the light and that makes things stuffer to see there. that will be the case as it hits your windshield, as well. one or two lanes for 101 close. the off ramp there is definitely flooded, as well. be careful out there. >> that water has nowhere to go. >> nowhere to go. >> bottle it up. >> there you go. 6:35 right now. the market have been opened for
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five minutes or so. >> good morning. markets are hunkering down a bit. dow industrial is ever so slightly higher this morning. they're actually lower now. taezer much lower this morning after a huge jump yesterday. all heck will break through when these companies take their company to the market. their san francisco company is valued at $3.5 billion. they just landed a deep with apple pay, one of their earliest investors is elon musk. >> not a bad guy to have backing you. >> not at all. 6:36. still ahead, a disturbing and bizarre story. more than 1100 human brains missing from a texas university. where they may have gone, next. our heads are fully plugged in right now to what's going on in the bay area on the weather forum.
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check this out. that is a car that got stranded near a giant puddle of water. scenes like this are popping up all over the bay area this morning. more after this break.
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6:39 on a stormy wednesday. hard to tell from that picture right there, though. live shot of the bay bridge this morning, all lit up as the sun coming up on your wednesday. we'll have much more on when you
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can expect more rain in your area, coming up. this is going to break your harlt. this morning, san francisco police looking through hours of surveillance video looking for clues to lead them to three men involved in a deadly attack. here is video released by investigators yesterday. you can see one of the suspects kicking a homeless man as he lay in a sleep bag. a second camera caught the attackers smoking moments before the beating. investigators say the men may have attended a nearby event described as a flash mob and they may have left the scene. hopefully they are cab temperatured soon. >> that is sad. that is uncalled for. a bizarre story out of texas this morning. the university of text at austin says it's missing about is 00 brains. that's about half of the university's collection of brains preserved in jars of formaldehyde. one of the missing brains is believed to be that of cross
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tower sniper charles whitman. a psychology professor says students have been stealing the brains for years, likely for halloween pranks. this morning, a 13-year-old boy doing just fine after getting himself stuck in the chimney. maybe he's trying to play santa claus. the boy says he was locked out of his scottsdale, arizona home and he thought i might be able to shimmy down the chimney. he did manage to call 911 on his cell phone and rescue crews were able to hand him a mask and goggles. he was not hurt, just covered in a lot of soot. up next, the storm causing delays at bay area airports. >> from problems in the skies to problems on the roadways. cars stuck all over the bay area this morning. this time, the san rafael bridge, slick roads.
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we're back with 15 minutes of nonstop news, traffic and weather after the break.
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at 6:44, a weather warning. the rain is coming down in buckets from east bay to san francisco down the peninsula to san jose. >> lots of traffic right now. this morning, problems all over the place from downed tree he to streets turned into flowing rivers. we have a team in plate right now with certain eggs on the roadways. >> right now, we are crews out and about in the elements. chris san chess and bob, but
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let's begin with stephanie. good morning to you, laura. it did a lot earlier through the night in the early morning hours. there were three cars stranded here and one last car getting ready to be towed away from here. there was at least a couple feet of water before the department of public works arrived around 5:30 this morning. the water went down substantially. they took away the vehicles, including a tax yeah cab that had been stuck. about a block away from here on the other side of 101, not too far from here, again, a stretch of morin street flooded, trapping a driver who tried to go threw through water that had pooled pretty deep. he was stuck there for half
6:46 am
appear hour. at 18th and castro, gushing water flowed up on to the sidewalks. with the wet weather comes the danger of falling trees. so a lot going on. back to you live again. there's one more patrol car waiting for this last mini cooper to be towed away. but a very busy morning for first responders and tow trucks all morning long. live in san francisco, stephanie trong. the mini coopers on the world struggling on a day like today. >> even bigger cars, as well. bob is live in san jose where there's a car under water there. >> fortunately this water is starting to go back down. you can where the water used to be based on the number of leaves here. we're on the alameda at stockton. this is the railway under pass. you can see that car there. a couple of hours ago, that water was up to that car's side mirror. so it was probably about three,
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maybe four feet deep. now it's about a foot and a half. and the woman who was driving that car, she's okay. but her son was out here earlier and he tells us that his mother, before 4:00 this morning, was on the way back from a road trip in southern california, a few miles from her home, was coming through this railway underpass. saw there was a car in front of her, knew there was water here, but not that much water. sea saw the car in front of her get through the water. she thought, that car made it through, i can make it through. she described a crush of water. we're not sure where what water came from, presumably from the drain. there must have been some sort of surge. anyway, as that water came in, it overwhelmed her car and moved her car. then she was stranded, she was stuck. she was able to get out and san jose police brought her home. the city has been out here. you can see the yellow poles. they have cleared the drains. this happened a year ago. this is not uncommon here.
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they have cleared a drain. so the issue right now is that water needs to be pumped out. right now, the pumps in the city of san jose are out. we haven't seen them in a long time. >> a water log. christina is figuring this out, bob. okay. a live look at the bay bridge. strong winds prompting a high wind advisory on the bay bridge and the dunbar bridge this morning. >> sfo has confirmed more than 50 flooit delays this morning. no word from san jose or oakland. this is the second straight day of delays. make sure you check ahead. right now, i want to check in with christina for a look at where the storm is hitting right now. >> instant success outs of the rain that we've received over the past week. oh, i can't wait to show this to you. this is the kind of rain that we did not even think we were going to get for this season. and i can tell you right now, we
6:49 am
are watching, is it going to be an el nino year inspect that's undecided. nonetheless, we are getting the rain that we need and boy, oh, boy, did it come in over the past four days in san francisco. 3.71 is the total. and it's still climbing, my friends. that snow is more rain in four days than we had in all of 2013. and i i've got to tip my hat to my weather wizard, david clarkenson. he's the producer that gets these fantastic statistics for you. this is my favorite, though. 18.5% of the total amount necessary to get out of the drought in san francisco over the past four days alone. he's over there working on san jose's numbers right now. hopefully we'll get those for you. i should have that by 11:00 a.m. these statistics are harder to come by than you might think. on your radar picture, moisture steadily streaming in. i set this back for the past three hours. now to realtime, you can see
6:50 am
most of the bay area is start to go trend dryer. but we have this heavy pockets from petaluma south to nevado and that extends south into san francisco. the south bay, we've had these light to moderate pockets. moving onshore just about all morning long. now the wind is picking up which brings me to an tho anthony. >> as you were saying, it's kind of hard to find some of these statistics. i know how that goes. but this morning, it has not been hard to find any of this damage. you can see behind me, a tree actually, a large tree branches falling right near the highway on ramp here on 280. and the thing about this, we saw many tree branches, many trees down in the road on the sidewalk as we were trying to get a live shot off. even this morning, our camera guy, photographer thought we had been scrambling to keep these lights still in place. every time we get a strong gust,
6:51 am
they go swinging around. so it has been quite a treacherous morning. word of advice, if you are going to be taking it into work this morning by car, take it easy. of course, be aware of your surroundings. also pedestrians, you know, you sometimes get locked in in our phones and we don't know what's happening around us, especially as we get into some of those crosswalks. keep an eye on cars and, of course, if you have to work outside today, two words of advice for you. long john. and i'm not talking doughnut. christina, back to you. >> i wish i had the long underwear on right here in the stud yoio right now. that sounds comfortable. wherever you're headed, you probably want an extra pair of socks if you work outdoors, as well. keep those feet dry and warm. we're talking about the rain coming into the bay area. we are getting through the heavy stuff right now. the wind is going to pick up as we head throughout the day. let me show you your future cast and take you through the remainder of your wednesday and the remainder of this powerful storm system. we meet back here for the 1 is
6:52 am
o'clock a.m. broadcast, we are going to have significant totals to show you at that point. rainfall still coming in. as we head between 11:00 to 3:00, especially to 5:00, a much eder commute for drivers as that storm system clears out. but here is the deal. we're going to keep that storm window open. think of it like this. the jet stream is a conveyer belt. we need that to end up here in the bay area. as long as we keep that storm window open, we keep that chance going. so the window stays open, we just don't have any significant storms until we get into your friday. that's when that heavy rain returns again. rich moisture on the way, it's going to clear out just in time for your weekend. and a lot of people want to get outdoors and start shopping, getting their christmas tree getting those lights hung up with rain returning by next week. >> and if you really want to get to the mall s for shopping, see some help and check the computer, as well. that's an option. >> that's an option for work, as well, balls you want to get out
6:53 am
of those wet roadways. 24 hours of rain has been an issue. flooding reported in many patches around the bay. things looking much better than the last hour has been. this is north 101 approaching willow. look at your map. the crash earlier and cleared on the roadway. so did the report of flooding. now it's soupy through the area but no more flooding. we have your build through pal alto. san mateo, that's the peninsula side. green all over your map. showing the weather data indicates wet roadways. we see that, we know that been slowing for hayward, here is your southbound with your northbound starting to build, as well. let's look at this. the conditions out there with our live camera shows you this is 280 come towards 880, 17th. just five minutes ago, we had this whole length covered with rain. wet roadways all over and the clouds hovering around still. flooding reports from 87 through downtown. bob showed you right by s.a.p. center. a smoother drive, auto look at
6:54 am
that water. winds starting to build, as well wind advisory for the dumbarton bridge between the fremont. metering lights are turned on. no drama across the bay, except for a gust or two there. and over on the san francisco side, the skyway getting down towards the 280 interchange. we've had a lot of reports of flooding for that section of 101 as well as north 280 around ocean. back to you. taking another live look outside right now, overlooking downtown san jose. need a sweejy on that lens. >> we were talking about long johns. joining us now from san jose, near the interchange, how are things looking? good morning. >> yeah. it is. it's a big connecter area for folks who are headed north. now, we've seen quite a few cac
6:55 am
traffic. that's where the chp tries to slow things down by getting in front of the traffic and not letting anybody go ahead. perhaps you have seen that on the freeway. they have done that a number of times this morning. this is the reason why. there is a crash that happened right here as 280 goes up and that fly over over to 87. the cars now gone, the tow truck took it away. that situation is resolved. what remains, though, is the big ponding of water that is at that location. it looks like we'll see some city crews trying to figure out where they're going to clear out the debris so that the water can run off somewhere. we do see there in the distance, chp officers starting to pick up those cones and that must mean that they have figured out a way to clear out the debris and get that water flowing off the roadway again. but that's just an understand occasion of how fast that commute can change, even if it is not as terribly difficult crash. it just takes something small to create a huge chain reaction. so as you're hitting the road this morning, make sure that you slow down, you give yourself
6:56 am
enough room between yourself and the car in front of you and if you do have a fender bender, remember to pull as far off to the side as you possibly can. the cac will get there as soon as they can. but their kal volume goes up by four times when it is a rainey event. the rain is starting to fall once again. it is starting to blow sideways. be careful out there. chris sanchez, today in the bay. >> thank you, chris. come in and get something warm. we would like to see what's going on where you are. send your weather photos to ic@nbcbayye ic@nbcb this morning, we are talking flooding after more than two years. ar gangham style, people still flocking to youtube. could this be right? >> google says its counter is broken. >> the counter shows 2.1 billion
6:57 am
views. but google, the parent company of youtube says that's only an estimate because youtube software can't count that high. youtube promises a fix is coming soon. if you're old enough, you may remember mcdonald's used to count how many hamburgers was sold. eventually they changed it to billions and billions and they lost count. >> apple heads back to federal court in oakland to defend itself in accusations it dleb rattly blocked competitors from putting music on your software. apple wanted itunes and only itunes to work with your ipod. the company admits that. but whether they deliberately changed the software to block competitors, that's up to the jury. >> what's an ipod again? >> worth about a billion these days. it is 6:57. our top stories for you, nbc medical reporter nancy snyderman says she is sorry she violated her quarantine after she may have been exposed to ebola. speak to go matt lauer,
6:58 am
snyderman says she didn't realize how frightened americans were of this disease. >> it's out there now. san francisco police need your help identifying three men of beating a homeless man to death. you can see one of the manufacturer severely kicking the man as he lie on the ground. police say the group left and returned for another round of blows. he later died. in san jose, it will soon be against the law to ride your bike on sidewalks downtown. the ban with a approved for the city. the law does not apply to police officer or kids under the age of 12. >> not a lot of people probably out recreationally exercising right now. they're just trying to avoid the rain. is there a break on the way? >> a break on the way later today. i want to show everybody the radar for the past 24 hours. what has come through the bay area. at is one point, we had 705 lightning strikes offshore. heavy rain continuously for 24 hours. as a result, the product of all
6:59 am
that rainfall, oh, yeah, give me the drum roll. most rain since 2009 and those numbers keep on climbing, my friends. we take you into your afternoon, we stop that clock for you. at noon, still getting that heavy rain. it clears out between noon and 5:00 and then we have some mathematics to do to calculate all the totals. >> really good to see. and a little break coming. but for commuters right now, still rough? >> yeah. because the rain having fallen. we saw the ponding, the puddling, the slippery roads. look at the richmond center bridge over there from the east bay over to the north bay. and it's starting to stack up. slick conditions here, water on the lens. water on the roadway. look at your live shot here, as well. we have another one for san jose i believe and it's the north 101. soupy conditions as that rain is still coming through the area. chris just showed you a crash happening. cleared behind her on 87. there's the entire south bay. the build for 287, 2080, 85 and 101. a typical pattern looking like they're going slower like they
7:00 am
were yesterday. the crash cleared. in the north bay, we had some slowing. jordan, our sales manager, says flooding right there in the exit. >> jordan's excuse for why he's a little late. that's what's happening today in the bay. good morning. drenched. record setting rains triggering floods, mudslides and accidents across southern california. it could get even worse with another half a foot of rain possible today. >> breaking overnight a new accuser comes forward and files a lawsuit against bill cosby claiming the comedian molested her 40 years ago when she was just 15. this morning why she decided to finally go public. >> inciting a riot? michael brown's step father investigated for his angry comments moments after the grand jury decision in ferguso


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