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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  December 3, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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nbc bay area news begins with a microclimate weather alert. >> and indeed we are tracking rain in the bay area. here's a live look at our radar on the left and the view from outside in san francisco and san jose, as well. good morning, everyone, thank you for joining us, i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'm kris sanchez. this is video just into our newsroom, a sinkhole that just opened up in san francisco. crews are working on fixing that hole right now before it gets worse, before anyone gets hurt, and now we want to see whether or not they are going to have good working conditions. here's meteorologist anthony slaughter with your forecast. >> unfortunately, couldn't come at a worse time. now we're tracking another round moving into the bay area and some of this is heavy. you can see from our san jose camera it is wet and at times
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blowing sideways, even in san francisco right now, that cell moving right over the sf area. a lot of this rain continues to trail down to the santa cruz mountains, east bay, and tri-valley. the thing about this system, it's been with us for a few days and now the core, the very center of it, is sitting right here off the san francisco bay and is expected to move through today. the other thing, we have more showers and thunderstorms trailing along the core right ahead of it, so this main push is going to come through over the next couple of hours and then after that we will finally start to see our conditions start to improve. until then, you can see the radar lit up through 3:00, 4:00, the heavy line of storms pushing towards sacramento by then and here in the bay area, we'll start to dry out. there will be patchy showers along the santa cruz mountains and some of the eastern-facing slopes, even across the north bay. i think over the next couple of hours the heavy batch of rain will be our final brunt of
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showery activity for today and then we'll hope to see some sunshine over the next couple of days. we'll be tracking this line of showers during this newscast. in the meantime, back to you guys. >> thank you, anthony. >> from the flooded streets and the sinkhole to fallen trees, the south bay not immune to weather-related issues either. >> bob redell in saratoga. big tree blocking the street. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you, scott and kris. this neighborhood here, showing you how powerful this rainstorm has been in parts of the bay area. you're looking at pine tree that came down around 8:00 this morning by the wind gusts. you can see the wind gusts pushing up again. then around 8:15, a second pine came down, leaving that third pine that you're looking at right there by its lonesome, but it will soon be joining its cousins in the woodchiper, safety reasons. what's fortunate about all these
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trees coming down during this storm over the past 48 hours, there's been no reports of injuries, which is especially last night. a large oak came down last night around 6:00, a neighbor remarked to me she couldn't believe nobody was crushed, considering that this was last night during the evening commute, a lot of cars on the road, it gets backed up. that oak also missed any structures. the only thing it took down were phonelines. here's an example of someone who made it home safe, but without her car. a woman returning from a trip to southern california was just a few miles from home in san jose when a little bit earlier this morning she ran her car into three to four feet of water underneath the railway crossing by the s.a.p. center. her son tells me she watched someone in front of her drive safely through, but when she
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tried, she was overcome, her car was overcome by a rush of water. she waded to safety and is doing fine. it took the city a few hours to unclog the drains that caused the puddle, then they had to get the pumps running. you might recall that happened about a year ago, same location during our last major rainstorm when a couple of cars got stuck. back out here live, corner of pontiac in saratoga hills, where workers are -- i'll tell you, taking down two pines so far and will be taking down the third. you can see why, it's windy, they want it to come down in a nice fashion. reporting live, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> all right, bob. stay away from the wood chipper. >> yes. there were also flooded streets in san francisco. a few cars got stuck trying to get through in the mission district. crews eventually came out with
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rakes to clear the debris and flood waters then subsided. >> then take a look at this scene this morning from 18th and castro, gushing water overflowing on to the sidewalks. water up to the tire line as cars drove through the intersection. >> not just flooded roadways, other problems, as well. mike, we are talking potholes and traffic jams. >> yeah, i don't know if you call this a pothole or a kettle. it was bigger than a pot, the bay bridge. over on the san francisco side, still a double decker situation. look at that big hole. it's bigger than the tires going over it or through it and that was the situation, caltrans had to do some repairs. that's part of the issue with sustained storm like this, the second day in, actually the third day in some parts, can't get the crews out to do the repairs they need and things get worse. there's the big pothole. traffic is slowing across the bay bridge. we'll give you a live look out here, this is another problem, flooding up in mill valley. showed the video this morning
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from our chopper, highway 1 near 101 had the closure and here southbound 101 through san rafael, still jammed. very slow because of the activity farther south, mill valley area, one lane closed, off-ramp is closed and surface streets are covered with water. let's look at the maps. we have a slow drive from highway 37 all the way past the bridge and towards the closure at highway 1, then things clear up at golden gate bridge, slow towards the bay bridge, as well. slower drivers because of conditions, but that's made for a later commute in many spots. green shows the road weather conditions, slick conditions in most parts of the bay, 880 slow through fremont, late compression for that commute. san jose, live look out there, show you soupy in this area. you'll have to deal with lower visibility and slippery conditions. back to you. >> good advice. thank you, mike. storm also triggering problems
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at local airports. sfo, 110 flights cancelled and that's still going up this morning. several other flights delayed. fjc and oakland, only minor delays. let's go back to the sinkhole video. it opened up the street in san francisco. here it is. it's on lake street -- i think we have it for you. it's pretty cool. >> the one mike showed us, about this big. the one stephanie's about to show us, way bigger. she is live this morning with pg&e crews are trying to fix the problem. hi there, steph. >> reporter: yeah, hey, good morning, kris and scott. you know, they do believe, the city officials do believe, that it was the large amount of rain water that overwhelmed the sewage line here at 6th and lake and that's what caused the pipe to burst and then you have this, a woman apparently around 8:00 this morning actually drove here, drove here to through the intersection, her car punctured the street, giving way to the
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sinkhole you see. it's pretty immense now. they do believe this section where you see closer to the curb is threatening the foundation of the building on the corner here, so the big concern is they may have to evacuate the people who live there. the sinkhole did cause the pavement to sever a six-inch water main, so if you want to look at the video now, the worry was the gas line in the video you can see some of the yellow pipe that is under the debris and hole, pg&e crews worked fast to jackhammer through four spots. they are still working to do that now. you can hear it in the background, to squeeze off the line, cinch it to stop the flow. water continued to gush out of the broken main, loosening up more dirt. the bigger concern, traffic, and the nearby residential building and those who live there. >> nothing holding that up, however, since they turned off the water, we're hoping it slows
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down the erosion process. if we have to evacuate that building, we would have to find a place for all the displaced residents. >> repeated work on it. you can see all the patching that's there. clearly, it's been giving way periodically, and to my right about 100 yards, right on sixth avenue, it has repeatedly gone down. >> reporter: back here live, you can see, pg&e crews working to get to the pg&e gas line to purposefully cinch it. the sewage line, though, is the real problem here. it can be anywhere from eight to 17 feet deep, more likely around eight feet deep here. that has to be fixed first, then they can determine how to fix the water main and then, of course, you've got the pg&e line last. right now also their focus is on making sure the sewage doesn't get mixed in with water, so they
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are trying to figure how to close it off to make sure that doesn't mix. no one wants that. they are hoping this will take the rest of the day, maybe into the evening, maybe by tomorrow morning, but they are hoping to get this done within a fairly short amount of time. a lot going on here in san francisco this morning. live reporting in san francisco, stephanie chuang, nbc bay area news. >> all right, thank you, steph. noisy group of reporters. >> sure is. lots of work out there. to the north, major flooding in mill valley. this is incredible. look at this video our helicopter got a few hours ago. near mt. tam high school. the police department is asking people just stay home, unless you really have to do something. this guy, yeah, he is stand-up paddleboarding. he is not in the ocean, he is literally paddleboarding, essentially, on the sidewalk. >> i suppose -- i don't know. any time we are not on the air, visit our website,
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that's where you can track the rain right to your doorstep. i know i was watching that radar last night to see what i was coming into this morning. click on the weather tab at the top of the page, you can do the same. new details now about a shooting in san francisco. a suspect in an attempted robbery caused trouble in the knob hill neighborhood this morning, and as reported, an offduty officer just happened to be in the right place at the right time. >> reporter: good morning. san francisco police detectives remained on scene for a few hours this morning while they were investigating the incident. they were dealing with a total of three scenes. first, a man headed to work down pine street was assaulted by a suspect who stole his wallet and cell phone after beating him pretty badly. then the suspect went into another cafe, attempted to rob the place, and threw hot coffee on a customer's face. that's when one of the employees chased him out of the business. according to police, the suspect fled down the street, broke into an apartment, and tried to rob
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the resident, but it turned out that the victim then was an offduty officer, who tried to get him to stop, but instead the man allegedly assaulted him. >> the officer gets bit, it's a really vigorous fight. there's quite a bit of blood inside the area. the suspect goes for the officer's holstered weapon and now it's a life and death struggle over the weapon, and the weapon discharges one time. >> kind of a recurring thing, you know, happened quite often in the neighborhood. you know, it's unfortunate. >> reporter: the suspect was taken to the hospital, where he is in critical, but stable condition. police say they were surprised to know while all of this was happening, no one called police, but the victims and witnesses told me assaults and robberies happen all too often and they feel nothing is ever done. this time it was an offduty officer who took down the suspect and residents from this area hope that that will bring down the crime in this area.
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in san francisco, nbc bay area news. still to come, 100 brains, brains, stolen from a university lab. the reason behind their disappearance. plus, do you spend too much time on your smartphone? what researchers say it's doing to your senses.
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welcome back to you. the markets fairly quiet this morning. we get the big jobs number on friday. we got a peek today at the adp number, that's kind of a preview. wasn't as good as we might expect, but friday we'll find out the real labor department number. a proposal this morning in congress would severely restrict the number of russian rocket motors americans can purchase. many american rockets use russian motors, specifically the ones used by boeing and lockheed martin. the new defense bill would make the purchase of russian rocket
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motors illegal if lifting defense satellites into orbit. elon musk warned about this problem when he testified before congress early this year. he said depending on the russians was a mistake and he said that before the russian invasion of crimea. incredibly self serving argument for musk, he doesn't use russian technology, his competitors do. america would be doing this to itself, this is congress's proposed ban, not the russians. let's talk about the irish this morning. the company strike just got new funding. when you do the math, it gives the company an evaluation of $3.5 billion. not bad for a couple of kids. patrick is 26, his brother john is in charge, he's 24. that's what they are. what they aren't, kris, is american citizens. they are here on a temporary visa. i think we should probably keep them around. >> adding to the immigration debate, right? it will soon be against the
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law to ride your bikes on sidewalks in downtown san jose. last night city leaders approved the ban after there were dozens of reported incidents with pedestrians. cyclists will now have to walk their bikes or ride in the street. the new law does not apply to police officers or kids under the age of 12. the ban will likely go into effect next month. could making one lane of el camino real off limits to cars improve the traffic flow? that is the topic of a pair of meetings today. the plan is to designate one lane of the street for buses only. people in favor say that the goal should be to convince more people to take the bus instead of driving themselves, but some local leaders worry it will make congestion worse. the first meeting is already over, but you have not missed the second. that one is tonight at 5:30 in the santa clara city council chambers. if your child has had an
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x-ray, it may not have been necessary. researchers at the mayo clinic looked at more than 700 pediatric chest x-rays over a six-year period and found 12% were positive for a virus or trauma. there are many symptoms for which chest x-rays provide no benefit and, in fact, expose children to unnecessary radiation, which could lead to cancer. meanwhile, new research shows traumatic brain injuries could impair the brain's ability to clear waste. scientists found that head trauma can dislodge proteins that slowly build up and reach toxic levels. also researchers say almost 8% of americans suffer from moderate to severe depression, but only about one-third of them seek treatment. researchers found women, people between 50 and 59 years of age, and folks living below the poverty level are most likely to have depression. here's a bizarre story out
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of texas this morning. university of texas at austin is missing 100 brains. that's about half the university's collection of brains preserved in jars of formaldehyde. one of the missing brains is believed to be that of clock tower sniper charles wynton. the jars of brain were transported nearly 30 years ago, but psychology professors say students have been stealing the brains for years, likely for halloween pranks. the alameda county sheriff's department will show off two drones this afternoon. the sheriff tells the chronicle the drones will be used for hostage or bomb squad scenarios. critics do have privacy concerns. you may recall last year people were upset because the department applied for federal money but the money was denied and the department used its own funds. if they fly the drones without approval, they are breaking the law. >> yeah. spending too much time on
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your smartphone may dull the senses. >> what? that is the conclusion of researchers at kent state university. perhaps most alarming statistically speaking, they found that 1 of 4 students spend ten hours a day on their cell phones. ten hours. they found that using your smartphone that heavily for things like social media and games can make you more uptight and stressed out. it may also make you more prone to boredom. the results mirror studies done in the 1970s and 1980s, but that time they did the studies on folks who watched tv. >> very few smartphone use in the '70s, yes. well, the red banner means we have a weather alert. let's check in with anthony this morning. he has radar and a total, i see. >> i was just doing the math, in the ten hours of iphone, only 24 hours in a day, you sleep eight of the hours, work the other eight, only eight hours left. >> that's a lot of math.
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>> sleep depravation. >> all right, let's talk about the rain. if you are sharp, you got that. you will notice the rain amounts, really impressive across the bay area. look at this, up in san francisco over an inch and a half since midnight and a lot of the bay area still seeing very heavy rain, even in san jose right now, where we have close to an inch since midnight. we're going to continue to tally this up through the day. strongest winds today, look at this, wind gusts up to 60 miles an hour. even saratoga earlier, about an hour ago, 48 mile per hour gusts. in san francisco and san jose, 30 to 35 miles an hour and that is a gust. that is strong enough to take down trees and topple power lines, as you've seen all morning long. but the strongest of the winds are here right now. why? well, the core, the center of the storm, is making its way right in the coastline right in the san francisco bay. so this is going to be our last main band of rain that's going to move through that you can see stretching in from the east bay.
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san francisco, you're starting to dry out for the time being, but zooming in you can see hercules, martinez, some of the heavier pockets of rain. even berkley and oakland seeing that happen, as well. wouldn't be surprised to see flight delays out of oakland over the next hour or so. the good news, we are seeing some of this lighter to moderate rainfall, not as heavy as it was earlier in the south bay and also the tri-valley, but it is going to continue to come down over the next couple of hours. temperatures today, cool without a doubt, but the flag blowing in fremont as the cars pick up some of the water on the road. still very windy out there. let's put your future cast into motion. about 1:00, the core, it's going to be right over the san francisco bay. what you're going to have is the outflow ahead of it, strong thunderstorms moving through sacramento, tracy, and the band into the south bay and the santa cruz mountains and possibly through gilroy and morgan hill. but after 3:00, 4:00, we do
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start to clear out. we'll see skies open up just a bit, but the thing about it, a few thunderstorms hanging out across the santa cruz mountains and across the tri-valley and the north bay. the rain forecast does stay with us for today. even for tomorrow, a few more breaks of sunshine through the day tomorrow, same for friday. by the weekend, we are going to start to dry out, but it's not going to come completely dry around here until saturday and sunday. next few days, i think we're going to get a bit of residual moisture. nothing, absolutely nothing like we've seen today. guys, back to you. >> sunny on the weekend. >> we need the rain, but need a chance to dry out, too. my fingers are prunes still. still to come, the countdown is on. we'll take you to new york city ahead of tonight's rockefeller christmas tree lighting ceremony.
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lighting of the famed rockefeller center christmas tree is an annual tradition for a lot of folks. it is a kickoff of the holiday season for millions across the country. >> sarah has more from new york as the countdown begins to the big moment. >> reporter: this year's tree has been on the radar for several years, ever since the head gardener noticed it while driving along the interstate. it still needed a little time to grow, but this year it is ready to take its place in the spotlight. just take a look, 45,000 energy
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efficient l.e.d. bulbs will light up tonight, and at the top, the crowning jewel, weighing in at 550 pounds. before the switch is flipped, we're going to see performances from a number of big names, including tony bennett, lady gaga, mariah carey, and leann rhymes. >> so much great energy going on in new york, this is kind of really the kickoff for the holiday season for a lot of people, so, yeah, it's an honor to be a part of it. >> reporter: the tree will stay lit until january 7th, giving millions of people the opportunity to come see it in person. after that, it will be recycled and the hunt for the 2015 christmas tree will begin. in rockefeller center, nbc news. >> always like to see it. two bay area hospitals
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slated to deal with possible ebola patients. which they are next.
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well, ebola is back in the news this morning. fortunately, not another case here in the united states, though. president obama's asking congress for more money to fight the virus. >> nbc's tracie potts has the latest from capitol hill this morning. >> we cannot beat ebola without more funding. >> reporter: president obama toured n.i.h. to draw attention to his $6.2 billion request. money to fight ebola in west africa. >> it's a good christmas present to the american people and to the world. >> reporter: the u.s. is ramping up efforts here. there are now 35 treatment centers across the country, up from just three a few months ago. and n.i.h. says initial safety tests of this vaccine saw no serious side effects, but the president says we need to do more. >> we can't just fight this
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epidemic, we have to extinguish it. as long as this disease continues to rage in west africa, we could continue to see isolated cases here in america. >> reporter: congress has until next thursday to pass a big bill to fund the government, including ebola. >> we'll be ready to sign a bill, hopefully, early next week. >> i'm confident the senate will do that before we depart for the holidays. >> we're not asking them to do anything heroic, we're asking them to do their job. >> reporter: billions for ebola and billions more to keep washington running. now, what lawmakers are running on is a permanent budget, no more kicking the can down the road and trying to get one that will last, through the end of next september. for all parts of the government except homeland security. that's separate. that budget would go through march. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. two bay area medical centers are now government-approved ebola treatment centers kaiser in oakland and uc san francisco
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medical center on the list of 35 treatment centers nationwide. the bay area news group reports that staffs at both hospitals were trained by the cdc rapid ebola preparedness team. other hospitals will be assessed later this month. so far, california has not had to treat any ebola patients this year. well, new details on what veteran police officers call one of the most disturbing cases they have ever seen. three young men brutally killed a homeless man on the streets of san francisco and it was caught on camera. here's nbc bay area's nannette miranda. >> savage is the only word to describe it. >> reporter: 67-year-old ty lamb was only 5'5", weighing less than 100 pounds, and homeless. his crutches a few feet away from him when san francisco police say three men brutally beat him to death. a security camera caught the unprovoked attack at 11:00 the night of sunday, november 23rd. lamb cowering in his sleeping bag as he endured kicks to his
11:33 am
body. >> this is a really awful attack. probably one of the worst i've ever seen. i think all of us who were investigating this case were personally affected by what we saw. >> reporter: police say the group came back later for another round of blows. >> the fact they left, came back and resumed the attack, i think it speaks volumes about how bad it actually was. >> he was unable to defend himself, he died alone after suffering his attack. >> reporter: just before the fatal beating, the men can be seen from another camera smoking. they hope witnesses will recognize them. they attended an event close by described as a flash mob. >> we're never surprised. >> reporter: it's common for the homeless to experience violence. >> the truth is, homelessness is a very, very dangerous way to live on many different levels. i think this is one of the reasons that people gather in encampments, some of them feel there really is safety in
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numbers. >> reporter: also pointing out many people without housing are elderly and disabled like lamb. police are scouring more video footage of the attack. the suspects are believed to have left the scene by bart or muni. nannette miranda, nbc bay area news. >> you can get another look at that video on our website, perhaps it will jog your memory. the supreme court will hear arguments today over how far an employer must go to accommodate a pregnant worker. peggy young sued ups after the company denied her request for light duty during her pregnancy. as a result, she was forced to take unpaid leave and lost her medical coverage. young says the company violated the pregnancy discrimination act, but a lower court ruled in favor of ups, saying that the company's decision was gender neutral. just in time for the holiday travel season, gas prices are plummeting. >> great news, right? well, if you're a driver, but why air travelers are not seeing the same discounts. >> sam brock explains why in
11:35 am
today's reality check. >> the price of crude oil has fallen off of a cliff in recent months. go back to june and it was trading at $115 a barrel. now experts say it could fall as far as $40 a barrel, so why does this not equate to lower airfare? that's what we wanted to know. in the craze to save a buck or two at the pump, drivers often have to look long and hard, but not these days, where no search is necessary, average price, $2.75 a gallon, something consumers haven't seen in four years. >> every penny dropped in gas prices leads to a billion dollars pumped back into the economy in terms of discretionary income. that's a huge amount of money. >> reporter: but this holiday travel season many people will cough those savings right back up. in the form of pricier plane tickets.
11:36 am
nbc news asked fare compare to crunch the numbers. a flight from detroit to san francisco right now costs an average of $591, compared to $508 a year ago. seattle to dallas averaged $403, up from $347 last year, and washington, d.c. to l.a., $464 this year, up from $411 last year. so why is the cost of flying moving in one direction and the price of fuel moving in the other? >> i think the reason is quite simple, the industry is flying full at these prices. it could not generate more revenue by reducing prices. >> reporter: this is robert w. man, a former airline exec turned industry consultant. he says we live in an era of consolidation with three main carriers and explains instead of using savings to bring down airfare, the companies are adding new planes, compensating employees better, and rewarding shareholders. >> when the price of coffee beans fall, you don't expect the
11:37 am
price of coffee to fall. >> reporter: the reality is airlines couldn't keep prices propped up if the consumer didn't have the money to spend, lending a certain irony of sorts to the situation. >> what's different is, every time the customer goes and fills up the car, they have an extra $10 in their pocket, every time they go fill up their heating oil tank this winter with heating fuel, they'll have an extra $100 in their pocket. some of that is likely to translate into increased demand for air travel. >> reporter: there's another element not being discussed, as well, many airline carriers aren't getting cheaper prices on fuel. that is because they hedge their bets on the price of oil and locked in contracts before oil actually sell. the only major airline carrier that didn't do that is american, and it's now reaping the benefits. i'm sam brock and that is this edition of reality check. back to you. more details now at the local pump, gas prices continue to dip as of this morning, san
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jose checks in with the lowest average price, that's $3.03. can you believe it? next is oakland and the average price in san francisco right now, $3.21. experts say they expect prices to continue to drop the next several months. well, caught on camera, a robber making away with hundreds of thousands of dollars. just one problem, he's not strong enough to get away with it. everybody loves pizza, you know, i think it's a warming thing, it's a comfort. >> call it comfort food, the way this businessman is using his pizza to help fill the stomachs and hearts of sick children and it will likely make you bay area proud. and our heavy rain moving through right now is heaviest in the east bay. you can see from our fremont camera it's going to continue to rain this afternoon with thunderstorms likely into the evening. we'll detail the timeline as it moves out coming up after this.
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welcome, there's nothing better than a good pizza, except perhaps free pizza. >> how about free pizza for a good cause? it is the gourmet way one east bay man has chosen to help
11:42 am
others. garvin thomas is here with today's bay area proud. >> in this bay area proud story, you're going to see somebody try something for the first time and become addicted to it. but don't worry, what ron says he is now addicted to is doing good. >> but it creates a convection, this way running around. >> reporter: he is never late to the party. at least not the ones for which he's been hired to cook the pizza. >> the pepperoni put some bacon on it. >> reporter: ron says it takes a good two-plus hours to get his mobile wood-fired oven up to the 900 degrees he'll need for the job, so he's always early. which is interesting, seeing as this whole pizza thing came to him later in life. >> wish i would have done it a long, long time ago. >> reporter: it was four and a half years ago, actually, that ron, with his eye on his kids' tuition and own retirement went
11:43 am
looking for a way to supplement the income from his day job. at an event, he bought some pizza from a mobile wood-fired oven and was sold. >> once i had it, i put my pizza down and couldn't take my eyes off that oven. everything you see fits into this trailer. >> reporter: ron decided to get one of his own and he's been busy just about every weekend since. it was a great financial decision, he said, but so much more. >> it's just, to me, it's enjoyment. i thoroughly love it. >> reporter: which was never more true -- >> my name's ron, nice to meet you. >> reporter: than on a recent monday in palo alto. >> we've enjoyed the success over the last four and a half years and it was time to give something back. >> reporter: what better way to give to the sick children and their families staying at the ronald mcdonald house at stanford than with what he does best? >> delicious. >> reporter: ron says he called the house out of the blue offering to take care of dinner
11:44 am
one night. they jumped at the offer like, well, like people jump at free pizza. >> people like you, i mean, seriously. >> reporter: ron understands that pizza is a simple thing. but made with love and served with compassion, it can be a powerful thing to people in a tough spot. >> i look at it, happiness. proud to do it. >> reporter: although this was the first time ron reached out to cook for charity, he says it was such a great event on so many levels, he's already looking forward to doing the next one. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> probably makes him feel very normal, too. if you know someone doing something nice for others, give garvin a call or send an e-mail. go to, search bay area proud to find out how to get in touch with garvin. a robber armed with a replica gun makes a brazen attempt to steal nearly $300,000
11:45 am
in china, the equivalent there, but fails. >> this surveillance video you can see the robber wait for a staff member to bring in cash from the bank's armored van. as he walks through the door, the robber appears, grabs the bag, but then the nearly 200-pound bag was too heavy to put on his motorcycle. he was arrested by police several minutes later. well, tom cruise had a near miss with a bus while filming in london. it was all caught on camera. >> here you see him looking the other way as he walks into the path of the oncoming bus. fortunately -- fortunately, the driver honked the horn and the actor jumped back on to the street curb. cruise was out filming scenes yesterday for the latest "mission impossible" movie. >> i love london. i am terrified of the traffic. look left on the sidewalks, you know. we are looking right. >> look both ways.
11:46 am
>> yeah. let's take a look at meteorologist anthony slaughter. we're still on this microclimate weather alert. >> yeah, we are still having the strongest part of the storm moving through right now. in fact, strongest wind gusts have come from this storm in the past hour in los gatos, up to 60 miles an hour, saratoga, 48. you can see old glory just hanging on for dear life right there in the wind, even san jose looking at wind, even the last hour gusting up to 32 miles per hour. this rain has been going on really for a week in many places. in san francisco, we have had more rain in four days than all of 2013, and the thing about this is, we are putting a good dent in our drought. we are already at 18% of our total amount necessary to get out of this drought, and, of course, this is just the beginning of our rain season, so we are on the right track. even from san jose, images like this, guadalupe river, ten feet
11:47 am
crested. 15 feet of the action stage. we're talking about huge amounts of rain in just a short amount of time. the good news, though, we are starting to dry out at least in places like san jose, where we will finally start to see this rain come to an end. that core is starting to move over the north bay right now. going to see some of this system weaken, but we have some moderate to heavy rain moving in towards fairfield, martinez, concord, walnut creek. dublin, hayward, fremont, you can see this one cell making its way towards milpitas and towards the san jose foothills, then this is what we have to get through for the rest of the day. once this pushes through, we're going to be done with the heavy rain and this is actually going to probably push through about 2:00, 3:00. after that, we'll start to see skies open up and may get a little bit of sunshine before the day is done here. you'll notice 1:00, future cast has a lot of the strong activity off towards sacramento. by 2:00, 3:00, we'll see skies
11:48 am
open and shower activity, that's going to become more spotty and hit and miss so i think the heaviest is moving through right now. then after 3:00 or 4:00, scattered showers, even by 7:00, 8:00, we'll have a few lingering cells in the area so we're not out of the woods completely just yet. highs today, without a doubt, cool, back into the 60s, even san francisco, as well. i mention we may get a bit of sunshine towards sunset today, but here is the deal. we've got strong winds, we've still got heavy rain, and this is fremont right now. you can see the wind really picking up, even in san francisco. that's what's going to be the key over the next couple of hours. that's why we have that microclimate weather alert in effect, just because even though the rain's not heavy, the winds are strongest, strongest out of the system yet. really over the next couple of days, we'll start to dry out. tomorrow we'll see more sunshine, but still scattered showers. but saturday and sunday, we will be completely done with the rain.
11:49 am
of course, this weekend if you're a sports fan, you're following this. arizona and oregon, taking on friday night the championship pac-12. it's going to be a big deal. i think the shower activity will be very minuscule considering how heavy it's falling right now. >> our boss will be there. i was listening, back to the tom cruise thing, he was looking the right way, it was a one-way street. >> that's why you look both ways. >> yeah. >> to the left, to the right. >> i was totally paying attention. >> right. >> it's raining still, by the way. still to come, apple in court over its music policy. how the testimony of steve jobs could come into play.
11:50 am
11:51 am
did apple strangle competitors with itunes and ipods? the silicon valley tech giant is on trial this week and testimony from the late steve jobs possibly ahead. >> business and tech reporter
11:52 am
scott budman has more on what happened in court. >> reporter: music has been a huge part of apple's business over the last 15 years. ♪ but the way it's sold music ten years ago has landed the tech giant in court, facing a $350 million lawsuit claiming that apple back when ipods looked like this, kept competing music players from getting to music on itunes. >> what apple really did was they opened up the era of digital music and in that particular time frame, they really did protect the musicians and gave money back to the music industry. >> reporter: which given the popularity of sites like napster and lime wire gave the music business a big boost. >> apple is an innovative company, arguably the most innovative electronics company in the world, and i personally
11:53 am
believe the company back in time was pushing the technology forward as fast as it could. >> but was it done fairly or was apple anticompetitive? among the testimony will be e-mails from late ceo steve jobs. apple watchers say jobs reacted arrogantly when competitors came up. >> typical steve jobs, when he was asked about them, he said, are they still around? and, you know, he just didn't even consider it an issue. >> reporter: scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> we'll continue to watch that one. >> it is interesting. brian williams dropped by jimmy fallon to slow jam the news and get a little congratulations for ten years behind the anchor desk. ♪ >> whoa, whoa, whoa. hold up. brian wilson paid the bills. from all of us here at nbc, we want to say congratulations of ten years hosting the 16th hour
11:54 am
of the "today" show. >> oh, excuse me, jimmy, how long have you been behind your desk? >> ten months. plus five years if you count late night. >> no one counts late night. >> is that so, peter pan sr.? >> oh, okay. that's what we're doing. look, in two days' time, my daughter gets to fly, and we couldn't be prouder of her. >> that's awesome. also took a moment to talk about the president's latest immigration reform. take a listen. >> my president obama don't -- my president obama don't -- my president obama don't want none until you pass bills, hon. [ laughter ] >> it's nice to know he's human. >> yes, he is. very funny guy. really funny guy. >> so are we. you can still be serious and do
11:55 am
the news. >> brian is funnier. we'll be right back.
11:56 am
11:57 am
belgium opened up its first cat bar. >> a cat bar is a way to spend time with cats, kris, without the obligation of housing or caring for one. hygiene in the kitchen is separated from the dining room, cats not allowed on the tables when people are eating. the cats have been spayed or neutered. >> we can't go, both allergic. >> no commitment. >> have a great day, see you
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
live," charles barkeley's new interview about race and this one is causing big controversy. >> and taylor swift's most revealing look ever. >> and kit, we have some explaining to do and some apologizing. >> we do. the star who is mad at us. we'll tell you why we're going to apologize? in spectacular form. "access hollywood live" starts right now. >> stand by billy and kit. stand by camera 2. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. ♪ ♪ >> that's the only move you need. ♪ >> you


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