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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  December 3, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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again where that flooding concern came in. tiburon close to 2 inches. san francisco over 1.5. down towards the south bay palo alto over 1.5 inches. this now puts our two-day rainfall average at about 2 to 4 inches down at the lower elevations and anywhere from 4 to 6 inches at the higher levels. the top three concerns will be rain in the overnight hours may produce more isolated flooding. for the morning commute, lingering rain will bring slow travel and we are tracking another storm in the next 48 hours. i have the full track on that in about 15 minutes. >> okay, jeff, we'll see you shortly. a lot of damage in the north bay, we'll start there. the morning commute on 101. this is in marin county. it looked more like a lake than a freeway. at one point the delays got so bad that mill valley police actually tweeted that anybody who could stay home should stay home. on the right traffic moving in san rafael.
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a stark difference for what commuters faced most of the day. mark matthews spent the day talking to drivers stuck in that backup and joins us this evening from mill valley. >> reporter: you can see behind me the 101 here in strawberry is moving pretty well. this morning, a very different picture. the pictures from our helicopter show the worst of it. a man paddle boarding across the football field. traffic at a stand still on 101 southbound. in petaluma state route 12 was closed at state route 121 and when it floods here you know it has been a downpour. the ripple effects felt everywhere in the county. this was the sir francis drake exit off of 580 in san rafael. and here's what it looked like going from corte madera to mill valley on the backroads. there was just no quick way to get from anywhere north to anywhere south in marin county. >> i started out here 45 minutes ago and i'm back where i
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started. >> really? >> yeah. >> reporter: mill valley was one of the hardest hit. >> the whole parking lot was under water. >> reporter: the custodian says at 8:30 the school was an island. >> this exit was completely shut off. a river was right there. >> reporter: and at 1:00 this afternoon, the traffic was still at a stand still. lily cohen spent an hour getting from san rafael to mill valley. we talked for some time about her daughter and the traffic. >> and i wouldn't do this drive if i didn't have to but that's okay, it's an exception. >> reporter: i want to turn the camera around and show how far the traffic has moved since we started talking with you. >> that's how it goes. >> reporter: that's how it didn't go this morning in marin county. every road north heading south was slammed. and we've told you just part of the story. we haven't gotten to the flooding in tiburon that put some businesses out of business. it's a story we are working on
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for 6:00 tonight. reporting from the strawberry neighborhood of mill valley, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. let's head south. a live look at san jose which has seen everything from heavy downpours to sunshine today. right now still some areas of drizzle. on the right you can see the pounding rain at the height of this storm. nbc bay area's michelle roberts is live in mountain view where tonight the city is offering free sandbags to residents. >> they have got the bags and the sand, all you need is the shovel. it's been pretty quiet out here. no major reports of flooding but certainly there has been a lot of rain today both here and throughout the bay area. serious winds ripped through the santa cruz mountains this morning. fog and heavy rain slowed drivers on highway 17. pg&e crews braved the conditions two stories high trying to repair power lines damaged in the storm. >> the rain was coming down so hard that i couldn't sleep.
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>> reporter: this afternoon jim felton stopped by cvs to find the lights off and the doors locked. >> it's got a lot of water in there, 4 to 5 inches in spots. >> reporter: inspectors deemed the building potentially unsafe after a portion of the ceiling caved to the weight of the rain. the wet weather also caused issues for one woman returning home from a road trip early this morning. her sedan was stranded under the railway crossing near the sap arena. she tried to drive through the underpass. the driver had to wade through three feet of water to get to dry land. so many headaches for a lot of people in the last couple of days. coming up at 6:00, we'll head to los gatos and check in with the so ma soma lake that is now full. incredible to see what's happening around our area. this was the scene in san francisco. standing water trapped several drivers under the 101 overpass in the mission district. eventually they were able to clear the debris. crews were able to clear the
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debris and the water subsided. those cars were towed out of that underpass. the chp got more than 550 reports of accidents on bay area freeways today. in most cases, speed and rain were the common factors. this was one crash on the peninsula, 280 near farm hill road. a truck slid off the freeway and landed in a ravine. you can see the damage there. it caught fire. thankfully no one was hurt. >> all this rain is highlighting a problem that nearly every u.s. city is facing. aging infrastructure. old pipes are unable to handle the storm runoff. they burst and create sinkholes. that's exactly what crews are facing at lake and 6th avenue in the richmond district tonight. annette miranda is there. it appears this was started pie a 100-year-old pipe? >> reporter: that's right, janelle. the pipe predates the 1906 earthquake. pipes are just not meant to last that long. repair crews are still hard at
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work here trying to fix that street. they're going on nine hours now. given the pipe's age, residents say it was only a matter of time before another sinkhole showed up. >> when there was just a bulge and then it became a hole and now it's like a massive giant hole. >> reporter: in the middle of this morning's deluge, the intersection at 6th avenue and lake street in the richmond district caved in. the public utilities commission thinks the storm water inundated the sewer system and it was too much for that pipe installed in 1904. >> when a sewer pipe breaks, it sucks the roadway down into it and it causes a sinkhole to form. >> reporter: pg&e also dug up the street to quickly access shutoff valves, in case gas lines also ruptured. city repair crews are trying to fix those ruptured sewer pipes as fast as they can. while they do that, residents on two blocks are without running water.
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>> there's no water this morning. i woke up, tried to brush my teeth. i opened the faucet, i'm like what? >> reporter: in may of 2013 a similar sinkhole opened up four blocks away, making residents wurntd why that wasn't a wake-up call for the city that there could be a danger of more sinkholes. >> we're concerned that this block doesn't seem to be at the forefront of replacing sewer lines. >> we have a backlog. we have hundreds of these. we have a lot of them happening all the time. it's hard to say if we knew about this. >> reporter: residents got water about an hour ago with this temporary bypass at this hydrant. sfpuc says a multimillion dollar project is under way to upgrade the city's infrastructure but there isn't enough resources or money to do all of it at once so they prioritize. i'll have more about that at 6:00. live in san francisco, miranda, nbc bay area news. check out the scene at 18th
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and castro. the storm runoff was so heavy the gutters couldn't handle it overnight. most drivers were smart touf to take it slow but a few found themselves hydroplaning through the intersection. southern california also getting slammed and certain communities are at a greater watch. flood watches have already been issued for glendora and other areas where hillsides were scorched by fire earlier this year. in camarillo springs, gushing water and muddy debris has been sliding from the hillsides into the neighborhoods. there are no mandatory evacuations, but authorities are urging people to leave their homes anyway just in case. this storm is creating quite a stunning sight in yosemite. water falls roaring at full force after being dry for months. rangers say if you plan to visit, the roads are slick but open. we want to see what it looks like in your neighborhood. michael sent this picture from
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oakland, a cyclist trying to tough it out through the rain and flooded streets. to share your photos, e-mail them to us. you can track the weather where you live 24 hours a day at just click on the interactive radar button in the upper left-hand corner of the page. we're following developing news at this hour. in oakland you see protesters are once again gathering but tonight's protest isn't about the ferguson shooting. we'll show you about the case in new york that's fueling the demonstration in oakland and others across the country. plus teens pretending to be assassins for fun and prizes. the warning going out to parents about a dangerous game some bay area high school students are playing. also -- >> reporter: i'm scott budman inside the wind tunnel at nasa ames, one of the places where they're testing a spacecraft that will soon journey to mars. we'll have the bay area angle coming up.
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why this building has been built to handle a wave of undocumented immigrants expected in weeks. that's new at 6:00.
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another controversial grand jury decision is sparking a new rounding of demonstrations nationwide tonight. this is a live look from our nbc helicopter over oakland where one protest is just getting under way. this after a new york city grand jury today refused to indict a white police officer accused of choking a black man to death. eric garner died in july while being arrested for selling loose cigarettes on the street. this viral video of the arrest sparked outrage. garner can be seen with his hands up and heard yelling "i can't breathe." the medical examiner ruled his death a homicide and the nypd banned officers from using choke holds but that wasn't enough for the grand jury to indict that
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officer. a federal investigation is under say it's just a game but police are warning it could have real-life consequences. livermore high school and livermore pd are warning parents of a game called assassin. it involves teenagers pretending to kill each other with nerf guns or markers. police posted this photo of a crash that happened while teenagers were playing the game last year. in this case a girl drove her car into a house while getting away from another player. at least one parent we spoke with says her daughter won't be playing again. >> i think it started as something fun, but i think with all the school shootings and the air soft gun shootings and things that it's really dangerous now. >> police are warning that the game can also lead to false calls of armed people. the fear is that responding officers could have trouble determining if they're facing a real threat or a toy gun. there may be new eyes in the sky operated by alameda county
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deputies. the sheriff's office revealed its unmanned assistant. two new drones will give deputies a bird's-eye view at major crime scenes. they will not be used for surveillance purposes. the department has been working with the aclu and says there are disagreements on how to use them. >> we have a special response unit call-out where we have a device up and we locate a marijuana field. they want us to turn a blind eye to the fact we located a marijuana field with that device. we do not agree the fact that we should turn a blind eye to criminal activity. >> the department is waiting for clearance from the faa before launching these drones. >> new details on nasa's next big thing. >> there's a buzz during launch week, you can feel it. >> nasa scientists in the bay area are playing a key role in the upcoming mission. scott budman joins us from mountain view with more on the plan to send man to mars. scott?
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>> reporter: well, good evening, raj. all systems are go for the planned launch. orion spacecraft with a huge assist from the bay area and eventually plans to take us to mars. it could be the launch of a new era in space travel, and it's made possible here in the bay area. >> this is our next step in the element of human space flight. >> reporter: nasa ames helping to get the orion space capsule off the ground for a very closely watched test, with plans eventually to get us to mars. >> ames has made some crucial and critical contributions. >> reporter: they made and are testing the heat shield here. they're putting orion through its aerodynamic paces in the ames wind tunnel and simulating what it will be like when orion comes speeding through the
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atmosphere at 20,000 miles per hour. >> simulations, we can run different design changes very quickly so it will save us in terms of cost significantly. >> reporter: it is an expensive mission and we won't be actually going to mars for some time. but if tomorrow's test works, we will be on our way. orion is set to launch tomorrow morning from cape canavarel. many employees here at nasa ames tell me they will be up early to watch and cheer. coming up tonight at 6:00 we'll tell you about a silicon valley tech company that will also be watching the launch closely because they too helped build the spacecraft. reporting live in mountain view, scott budman, nbc bay area news. a reprimand for californians tonight from the state water board. despite recent storms, the state says a three-year drought means we have to keep saving water and overall californians are doing a bad job. the state goal is to cut 20%. the water board says last month the savings were less than 7%. but that's not the whole story.
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it appears the north is more water conscious than the south. coastal water customers in northern california cut 22% in october. coastal communities in southern california saved just 1.4%. let's bring in our chief meteorologist now, jeff ranieri. i believe we were both up at la to how hard that rain was coming down and we're on different sides of the bay. >> i know, i saw your tweets. i favorited it and totally agreed. raj was mentioning how it hadn't rained this part on the peninsula in years and he's right. you can see scattered areas of rainfall continuing. the good news for the north bay where we have had flooding concerns is the heaviest widespread rainfall is done. what i'm going to do is take you to the top three zones we're tracking right now. through half moon bay, you could see heavier rainfall across interstate 280. that's going to track towards san mateo, also belmont the next 15 minutes, down to redwood city
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as well. now, the second zone we're looking at is throughout the tri-valley. no, it's not a heavy rain, just a light to moderate rain, but that is good enough with so much water on the roadways to make it extremely slow on 580. if you're thinking of traveling that way this evening, be prepared for a slowdown. the third location we're tracking on the doppler radar is anyone traveling through san jose on 101 through morgan hill and gilroy. some spotty areas of rainfall once again reducing visibility down to half a mile. now let's get into the 24-hour rainfall totals. on tuesday we had totals that rivalled this as well. it's phenomenal when you think about what you have had in 24 hours. to get this in 24 hours is, again, phenomenal. over 2 inches in sonoma. the marina in san francisco, 1.75. towards palo alto, also los
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altos anywhere from 1.5 to 2.5 inches. los gatos in the higher elevations, over 3 inches there as well. so one storm, two very strong impressive rain days for us. you can see over the past two days it's averaged anywhere from 2 to 4 inches for most of the bay area. what many of you probably wanting to know, is there going to be any drying coming our way in the forecast. you can so throughout tonight the good news is no heavy areas rainfall expected at 8:00. you'll also see through 11:00 tonight not too much. just a few areas of scattered rainfall. we'll see that scenario through tomorrow morning's commute and then we'll likely hang on to scattered showers through 11:00. i don't think we'll see the final area of this storm system gradually push out until 9:00 on thursday, but here is the thing. we have another storm system shaping up as we head throughout friday at about 1:00. that's going to bring some rainfall up into the north bay.
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now, this does not look nearly as strong as the storms we have dealt with the past three to five days, but it will bring some measurable rainfall here from the north bay down to the south bay as well. so let's go ahead and get a look at what we can expect from that storm system on friday. you can see anywhere from a quarter to three-quarters of an inch of rain. i think it will move out by the weekend as you'll see in the scrolling ticker at the bottom of your screen. saturday and tunsunday does looo bring us some drier weather. we'll likely have more isolated power outages, more trees that come down and the potential of minor flooding. we'll take you through the microclimate forecast throughout thursday. i actually think we'll see a few sun breaks in the forecast, but once again remember that possibility of scattered rainfall. san jose expecting 66 for a high. pacifica 63. and for most of san francisco, we'll stay in the low 60s. let's bring you to the north bay, east bay and tri-valley. also a little sun up there for you in napa and santa rosa.
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66 in pleasanton. not overly gusty tomorrow, winds out of the south at 10 to 20 miles per hour. we'll take you into the next five days. once again some rainfall returning here on thursday and friday. scattered areas of rain and then that dry weather saturday and sunday. another storm by next monday and, raj and janelle, it's not on here but maybe by next thursday and friday we could see another storm that could bring another 1 to 3 inches across the bay area. >> did he say more rain next week? >> more rain. we certainly need it. thanks, jeff. not the smartest move. the big clue this selfie gave police in the search for a suspected thief. plus it's happened to millions of iphone users, a cracked screen. the new technology apple has dreamed up to protect your phone when it hits the ground.
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every day is a new opportunity to help make life better right here in san francisco. whether it's helping local businesses like the fruitguys grow and prosper, supporting nonprofits like juma ventures as they fulfill their mission or helping neighborhoods like the tenderloin become vibrant communities. if there's a way to help the people of san francisco thrive and succeed, we'll find it. that's the power of local connections. that's bank of america.
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a mini crime spree in san francisco's lower knob hill neighborhood ended with an officer-involved shooting today. police say it started about 6:00 a.m. when the suspect tried to break into a car. then he beat a man on the street and threw hot coffee at a customer at a mcdonald's. police say the suspect was finally shot when he went for the gun of an off-duty police officer who was leaving his apartment. the suspect is expected to survive. well, tonight morgan hill police are asking for your help to find any more victims of a suspected child molester. john arthur lloyd, seen here, was arrested in october of charges of molesting one child. since then, three more victims have come forward and investigators say there are likely more victims. lloyd was a teacher at paradise valley elementary school in morgan hill. he also worked in the gilroy
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school district and as a ymca youth leader in the south bay. investigators are asking anyone who may have had contact with lloyd to call morgan hill police. stockton police are krigt a thief with giving them the best clue in the case against them. he's taking selfies on the -- this is what the suspect looks like. the victim noticed photos uploaded to his icloud account. it's a tool millions of iphone owners are dreaming of. this week apple was granted a patent to build a gravity-defined tool for future phones. it would reorient the phone as it was being dropped. the idea is to protect the screen from shattering. the tune would use air foils like those used in spacex rockets to change shape and cushion the fall. it is worth noting apple has
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secured patents for a number of technologies that have never ended up becoming a reality. up next, a sneak peek at a holiday tradition that lights up the sky and it's happening in just a few minutes. stay with us. sweetie, i'd love a hazelnut.
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mom? dad? big uncle wayne? hot chocolate. green tea. uh, decaf, cuz. wow. i'm dying for an herbal tea. the all new keurig 2.0.
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tonight at 6:00, you may never know their names, but their work helped create the california that we know today. now a bay area businessman has big plans to honor those people 150 years later. that's coming up at 6:00. a big night at 30 rock.
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it is the christmas tree lighting show at rockefeller plaza in new york city, nbc's headquarters. fans showed up early to hear sound checks of performers, including trisha yearwood and leann rimes. the star of the show is a norwegi norwegian spruce from pennsylvania. it's crowned with a crystal star on top. you can watch the tree lighting tonight right here starting at 8:00. >> will it be raining when we're watching the tree lighting ceremony? >> a little scattered showers. we had some side effects from the rainfall, but we really need it, as you all know. you can see on the doppler radar some scattered areas of rainfall continuing in the peninsula, south bay and also the east bay. really some of the toughest commutes might be on 580 and also on 680 where that water just has nowhere to go and just continues to lash up on those cars. the next five days we have a chance of rain continuing through friday and then drier weather this saturday and
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sunday. more rain possibly by next monday. >> thank you for the update, jeff. thanks for watching us here at 5:00. brian williams is next with "nightly news." >> we'll see you at 6:00. on our broadcast tonight, breaking news. no charges after the chokehold death of a black civilian at the hands of a white police officer. and on the heels of ferguson tonight, it's new york city bracing for protests. shrouded in mystery, the murder of an american teacher overseas after a warning from the state department. now video of her killer is being looked at closely. a mother's fight for her rights and the rights of pregnant women in the workforce all across the country making its way to the supreme court. and a good yarn. a heartwarming story right when everybody could use one. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. good eng


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