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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  December 5, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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back here across the bay towards berkeley, also more moderate areas of rainfall, so it's very hit and miss right now but it's going to be continuing at least for the next two to three hours in the forecast. we're tracking of course more of this coming up in 15 minutes, but we want our team coverage to continue right now. we're going to join robert handa up in the santa cruz mountains. >> reporter: well, jeff, as you know with rain, you have to take the bad with the good and we haven't run into too many people who aren't willing to put up with a little bit of this rain in the midst of a drought, but the bad can get pretty bad. it was a long day for people traveling in the santa cruz mountains today. the rain came in with heavy fog and made visibility a real problem on highway 17 as well as the notorious winding road. >> it was pretty nice heading up and then like a little bit before the summit, bam, you couldn't see anything. >> reporter: the situation led to accidents. philip elias ended up spinning
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out. he told us he was driving normally but in abnormal conditions. >> well, i hydroplaned so, you know, there's water on the ground and my tires didn't like that. so crashed. >> reporter: the rain and fog that apparently contributed to the accident also led to close calls behind him. >> it was really scary because everybody stopped very suddenly. i think it just happened, you know, not too long ago, so pretty scary when that happened. everybody was stopping really quickly. i was looking in my rear view mirror to make sure somebody wasn't going to slam me from behind. >> you obviously have to drive slow. wet roadway conditions, you never want to drive too fast. in this case definitely speed and the wet roadway conditions were a factor. >> reporter: now, certainly the chp says the situation will probably get worse as the rain gets more intense. we've been saying you have to take the good with the bad with this rain. coming up at 6:00, more about the good. live in the santa cruz
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mountains, robert handa, nbc bay area news. in the north bay some folks are still dealing with problems from the last round of rain and now more is expected to move in. so far so good, though. live look at san francisco on the left and san rafael on your right. kristi smith is live in mill valley. >> reporter: when the rain was coming down a little while ago, but it has been off and on throughout the afternoon but the roads really slick and wet as skies very dark. many people cleaning up from the storm or excess water from earlier this week. same story in san francisco where public works crews are working hard. sand bags were laid out near shops in tiburon by the cove shopping center after water crept in earlier this week. this u.p.s. store was damaged. the owner says he's trying to get back up and running. >> it's a waiting game right now. you know, phone calls and
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appointments have been made. you know, it's going to be a few weeks. >> reporter: at a pump house nearby, a high water alarm was triggered and apparently two of the three pumps shut down. the county still looking into it. in marin county today, more rain fell on and off. in san francisco at 6th and lake, work on the repairs under way to a sinkhole were happening before heavy rains returned. >> everything is being diverted over to the sewer right now so they reconnected the broken storm drain to the sewer line so that water will flow naturally in there. the rest of it they secured the area and compacted the earth and have it shored up so there won't be an issue with the sinkhole widening. >> reporter: he said rain should not exact the sinkhole or the repair. other public works crews were ready for the next round. >> we also have tree crews out taking a look at ficus trees and other trees more vulnerable to failure. we also have been giving out a lot of sandbags. about 3200 over the last few
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days. >> reporter: and that's what we're hearing from some agencies, that they are bringing in more sand because those bags are going fast. reporting live in marin county, christie smith, nbc bay area news. now let's go south and take a look at the peninsula. our live camera and 101 in palo alto. not just the usual friday evening commute but also football traffic. a lot of people headed south to levi stadium because the pac-12 championship game is tonight. this is oregon against arizona. a lot of people coming in to santa clara. you can see the cars at great american parkway. about 45,000 people are expected to attend. kickoff is at 6:00. all this rain is great for our drought but it's also exposing our aging infrastructure. across the bay area the water is uncovering long simmering problems with pipes, roads and roofs. michelle roberts visited a san jose elementary school that's hoping a temporary repair will hold up during this weekend's rain.
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michelle. >> reporter: this elementary actually has tarps covering the school. tonight the rain just moved past here. i'm right along 101 in san jose, the southbound side moving very slowly. a lot of people ready to start this weekend after a rainy week. dorsa elementary was built in the early 1960s. >> pretty vintage buildings. >> reporter: buildings that didn't hold up to the powerful rain this week. two classrooms were flooded and leaks popped up throughout the school. >> we need to take care of this right away. >> reporter: the superintendent wasn't surprised to hear parts of the roof gave way to the rain. there were plans to fix the roof over the holiday break. the project is years overdue, but the money wasn't there until now. >> we were planning to see and speed that up so we can get most of the roof done by the end of christmas. it's a tall order, but we're working thoon. >> reporter: dorsa elementary
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isn't alone in needing repairs. city hall sprung a few leaks this week. today crews cleared storm drains throughout san jose to make sure the expected weekend rain has a place to go. the dorsa elementary roof project was scheduled to be finished this summer. obviously they're trying to finish it as fast as they can over the winter break. in the meantime they're just hoping those tarps hold up to the rain. reporting live in san jose, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. well, the bay area storm is having a major impact on our local airports. it was a tough day for travelers at san francisco international airport. 96 flights cancelled. 420 delayed. far better in oakland. a live look at the airport right now where so far only 4 flights have been cancelled, 56 flights delayed there. san jose's airport reporting 2 cancelled flights and over 40 delays, but not all are weather related. a live look now at i-80 in emeryville. always a hot spot going both directions.
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people heading home from work and maybe heading to the oracle arena for the stevie wonder concert tonight and a lot of people headed to the sierra. it looks beautiful. several resorts are now open. nearly two feet of fresh snow from this week's storm. this is heavenly valley, their webcam in south lake tahoe today. this is i-80 at donner summit just a few hours ago. no chain requirements but you can see definitely a wet ride. well, if you are heading to tahoe or maybe just watching the rain from the comforts of your own home, we would love to see a picture. just snap a photo and share it with us. this is a rainbow over alcatraz courtesy of sandra. remember, you can get weather and traffic alerts from our app. to download it, just go to our website and click on the middle window on the front page. again, that's at new at 5:00, this is in the east bay. an elderly pedestrian was struck and killed by a driver in a
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rental van. police say the victim was pinned underneath the truck. when san leandro fire crews hoisted the truck, the man had already died. he was in the crosswalk on washington avenue headed west from monterey boulevard when he was hit. the driver did stop and is cooperating with police. it is a fierce rivalry on the field and unfortunately it spilled over into the stands before. the raiders host the niners this sunday. the last time they faced each other was three years ago in preseason. things got ugly in a hurry. a vicious beating in a bathroom and shootings in the parking lot, fights in the stands. both teams agreed to stop the traditional battle of the bay in the preseason but now the schedule demands they play each other. the hope is a few bad fans don't ruin it for the others. >> at the ending of the day it's still just a game. i want to be able to come out and enjoy it.
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behind the teams that we love. >> if you are coming down to the coliseum thinking you're going to cause trouble, be a nuisance, be a problem, you'll ending up here. >> oakland police, and deputies undercover will patrol the coliseum on sunday. now to our continuing coverage of the protests around the country in response to the grand jury decisions in ferguson and new york city. one in downtown oakland is about to get under way at 7:00 this evening. right now demonstrations are already taking place in a handful of major cities. this is new york city, where thousands of people are marching through the streets yet again toechbl tonight. one group has taken over an apple store. demonstrations are also happening in miami, boston, chicago and washington, d.c., where protesters continue to block traffic. "nightly news" begins at 5:30, about 20 minutes from now. we go in depth on this story. new revelations about the new
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york police officer involved in that choke hold death. brian williams joins us at 5:30. it started with this surveillance video and led to two san francisco police officers being convicted today. a third already pleading guilty. i'm mark matthews. a very dark day here at police headquarters. the story coming up next. from deep space, it all started here in the bay area. i'm scott budman. coming up, local engineers talk about their role in the orion space flight. and good evening, i'm jeff ranie ranieri. we're tracking heavier rainfall across redwood city and getting close to east palo alto. it looks like that will continue throughout the next five minutes. we'll have details on how long this rain lasts and if it will last the entire weekend in just a few minutes. then at 6:00, police tore down the jungle and forced the homeless out. now we know the answer to the question where are those people going to go. >> they're headed here, and i feel even more invaded. >> that's new at 6:00.
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it is a dark day for sfpd. two san francisco police officers are guilty adds charged. this is part of a police corruption case that's been brewing for years. three more officers are awaiting trial. mark matthews has the new details from the halls of justice. mark, what's the response from the police chief? >> reporter: well, the police chief is, of course, very disappointed, continues to defend his department. we're about to show you one of the men convicted today is sergeant ian furmenger. he's the taller of the two men, he'll be on the left, walking out of the courthouse. the sergeant was a supervisor at the mission district police station, a former police officer of the year. tonight he and one of his subordinates, officer edmond robles are guilty of a host of
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charges stemming from the theft of money and drugs from suspects in police raids. during the trial another of his charges, officer ronaldo vargas testified against the pair, admitting that they stole $30,000 from one suspected drug dealer and as little as a $50 gift card from another. the cases came to light after the public defender found video evidence from surveillance cameras inside cd tenderloin hotels. >> the message that the jury sent today is that if you break the law, you will be held accountable. >> reporter: attorneys for sergeant furmenger and officer robles say their clients will remain free while waiting for sentencing. >> in past cases like this, i've seen sentences from five to eight years. >> reporter: at the hall of justice this afternoon, the chief defended his department. >> it is a very hard day and i'm feeling for the hard-working men and women on the streets right now because they deserve better. >> reporter: in the mission
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district, from furminger, and the others were stationed. relations with police were not always that great. >> whenever you have issues of immigration, issues of race, issues of excessive force, there's going to be a lot of mistrust. >> i think it's deplorable on the individual level but it points to a systemic issue. these kind of things don't happen for isolated reasons. they're not single, bad seeds in my belief. >> there's always the few and that sticks out like a sore thumb. >> reporter: there were nine counts in all that these officers faced. furminger and robles convicted on about half of them. three other officers are set for trial in january. mark matthews, nbc bay area news. president obama announced his nomination for the next defense secretary today. ashton carter.
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>> he was at the table in the situation room, he was by my side navigating complex security challenges that we were confronting. i relied on his expertise and i relied on his judgment. >> carter, if confirmed, will replace defense secretary chuck hagel who is stepping down. carter served in the pentagon for decades. confirmation hearings are expected to begin in january. new details on nasa's historic mission this morning. >> the dawn of orion and a new era of american space exploration. >> a successful launch and landing for the orion spacecraft today and the bay area was along for the ride. scott budman tracked the big event this morning. he's live at nasa ames with the local connection. >> reporter: you're right, bay area technology very well represented on board orion today. local engineers and scientists are already looking forward to a future in deep space. >> we have splashdown.
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>> reporter: the second take was the keeper. >> and liftoff. >> reporter: and from the instant the orion spacecraft took off. >> oh, my god, i just got goosebumpses. >> reporter: it was a success both for the space program -- >> we're tracking right down the middle. >> reporter: and for the bay area. o orion's heat shield and the protective guards. >> we saw real engineering that will get humans further into space than ever has been before. >> reporter: and there was more data to collect and analyze. >> just the fact that the capsule came back and it survived, it splashed down, so that indicates to us that everything went well. but once we get the data, we'll be able to tell details of how well it did. >> reporter: the trip, bringing orion 3600 miles away from earth at temperatures of 4,000 degrees
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fahrenheit has scientists aiming towards a future on mars. >> i think anything is possible. and today was the perfect example of how we can do things that we thought might have been impossible. >> orion is back on earth. >> reporter: with bay area technology leading the way. nasa says there's no timetable yet as far as putting humans on mars. they say step one will be to collect and analyze all the data they'll get from today's flight. reporting live in mountain view, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> a lot of happy people there in mountain view. thank you, scott. let's turn our attention to chief meteorologist jeff ranieri with the microclimate weather alert and things are changing within the hour. >> they sure are. about two hours ago it was dry and now that rainfall is intensifying for sections of the bay area. you can see in san francisco, mainly dry conditions and also spotty rain in the north bay. we'll take you to the top three areas of concern. the first is across the peninsula. anyone doing any traveling
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across 101 watch out for heavier rainfall right now near redwood city. that will likely last the next 20 minutes. we'll take you over here to the tri-valley. you have a heavy complex of rainfall headed your way here in pleasanton as we head through 5:23 and it looks like that could stick around the next 20 minutes. the worst of the weather is across the extreme south bay. heavy, heavy rainfall in morgan hill, san martin, also down to gilroy at three-quarters of an inch her hour so we'll have ponding on the roadway and isolated flooding from some of these streets already backed up from our storm system that brought 5 inches of rainfall this week. we'll begin to see some clearing but as we continue throughout tonight it's going to be the same situation. you'll find areas of rainfall and also areas of drying. we'll take you outside of the sky camera network and you can see temperatures currently in the 60s and the peninsula camera just really says it all. you can see the raindrops here
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on the lens. certainly a beautiful-looking shot, but there's going to be a danger on the roadways again for tonight. if you're doing any traveling, you do want to watch out for plenty of slick spots on the roadways. we'll take you into futurecast, get a look at your weekend and you can see throughout tonight once again some spotty areas of showers. by 10:30 the next rounding of weather will come through as the cold front marchs across the bay area. possibly some embedded thunderstorms through 3:30 in the morning. throughout the morning hours we'll see a few showers linger. i think after 9:00 on saturday morning we'll begin to see things clear out with sunnier weather mixed into parts of your weekend. we'll get a look here, though. as we head into sunday's forecast, what you're going to find is that next storm system is going to be lining up and doesn't look strong but should bring another return of rainfall by 7:30 on sunday. here's how it looks the next 48 hours. overall rainfall totals from 0.1 of an inch to possibly 0.5 inch
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and we'll see scattered rain until 8:00 tomorrow morning. the next storm once again arriving sunday night. your microclimate forecast, saturday a mix of sun and clouds. temperatures staying in the 60s across san jose, 65 for that official high. for san francisco we'll likely see the possibility of a few showers lingering through the noon hour in the marina and also forest hills so we've left the rain icon on there. we'll get you to the north bay, east bay and tri-valley. the possibility of a few showers in santa rosa and also sausalito, but a mainly dry day for the east bay and also the tri-valley with temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. so now let's go ahead and get a look at the five-day trend. what you're going to see on this is we've got more rainfall coming our way. once again not only that chance of showers lingering into early saturday morning but as we head throughout late sunday and into monday that possibility of wet weather stays with us. mainly dry through tuesday and wednesday of next week, but here
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we go again. possibly by next thursday and friday another strong storm shaping up that could bring us another 1 to 3 inches of rainfall it looks like at this point. so we'll continue to monitor this. great news for the fire danger and the drought, but these hazards are just going to continue to stack up as we see storms line up across the pacific, guys. >> thanks, jeff. still ahead here at 5:00, a new problem for the new span of the bay bridge. it has nothing to do with those faulty bolts or rods. plus, bill cosby's image tarnished. the message workers had to erase from his star on the hollywood walk of fame.
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it's a sad sight on the bay bridge. some of the trees are sick.
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take you outside, a live look, it looks beautiful, the new eastern span. the palm trees were installed on the eastern approach to spruce up the view but some of those trees are now sick. the trees were installed about a year ago but one of them has already died from pink rot. you see the trees down below. crews are monitoring and treating the disease that's appearing on other trees. thus far only three of the 37 new trees have been affected. vandalism on hollywood boulevard today after someone defaced bill cosby's star on the celebrity walk of fame. a crew was dispatched to buff the words off the star. it appeared someone had taken a black pen and written the word "rapist" several times on the stone. he has not been charged with any crime but in recent weeks several women came forward saying he drugged and sexually assaulted them. former governor arnold schwarzenegger has had some work done on his official portrait. at the unveiling you could see a
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big smudge on the lapel on the right. it turned out to be a sloppy edit. the painting was never hung in the capitol until today. it has been touched up by the original artist and the smudge no longer shows. >> we'll be back in a moment with new details on the royal visit to america. prince william going to do something he's never done before.
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here's what we're working on
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for our 6:00 newscast. creating opportunity through coding. a bay area school is getting a jump start. kids coding in elementary school. we'll show you the program going nationwide. washington, d.c., is getting ready for some british royalty. the white house confirmed today president obama will host prince william in the oval office on monday. royal watchers may be disappointed to hear that his wife, kate middleton, will not be with him on that part of the trip but she will join him in new york for several events, including a nets game. it will be the second official visit to america. they visited california in 2011. >> he'll have more fun in new york city. she doesn't want to go to washington. >> why not? it's all pretty fun. >> did you see him holding the umbrella for her? >> he's such a gentleman. >> we need the umbrella here. >> guys, listen up tonight. we've got some heavy rainfall. you want to hold your umbrella for your lady here. heavy rain headed towards east pleasanton the next 15 minutes or so. we're tracking more of it coming
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up with team coverage at 6:00 p.m. >> weather and etiquette, thank you. we'll see you at 6:00. >> good lessons. bye. on our broadcast tonight, boiling over. cities are again tonight bracing for big protests. there are new revelations about the officer involved in that chokehold death. and now a new grand jury looking into another controversial case. a bombshell turn of events raising doubts about accusations of a brutal attack on a well-known college campus. discrepancies in the story rocking a big university and a big name in publishing. also tonight, our nbc news investigation. can stem cell therapy really help treat diseases like m.s. and parkinson's? desperate patients being charged big money by doctors for an unproven treatment. and a new era for the american space program. a spectacular launch, the start of our next journey, and it's a long one.


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